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Thk Weekly lownrTovE Epitaph
published every Sundaj, will gun all
Die news and mill be sent to any ad
dress for
Four Month For 91
An Arizona Sonambulist Who fell Into
a Water Ditch and Continues
Sound Asleep
Tempe has a somnambulist, a sltep
walker, one who can sleep to nurd
that even a douche of cold water can
not 'disturb hit dreams It is not
often that eleep nalLers in their
dreamy tours happen to tale ruiteis
or stub their toes, but the incident
that happened in Tempe on Tuesday
night to Frank Palmer, ii the excep
tion that proves that rule.
The Republican speaking nl the
affair says: Nobody knows what
Frank was dreaming about All
that is known is that he was found
early Wednesday morning about two
o'clock just outside the donr of the
residence of William Goodwin
drercbed, hal' clothed and fast as'eep
The barking of Goodwin's dogs had
aroused the master ol the house to
welcome tbe rojaterious suitor.
Palmer, when awakened was sur
Honor of First Arizona Woman
Voter Registered Goes to Fair
Prescott Resident
At Prescott, Mrs Bertha Ro ineon
wi'e of City Clerk Kobinson, enjoys
the distinction of being the Grit
woman in the state Ii affix her name
to the great register, this notewor'bv
event taking place on Monday moru
iag.in order that she might be ac
corded the privilege cf voting at the
In buying baking powder
examine the label and lake
oikly a brand shown to be
made with Cream ol Tartar
A pure, wholesome, reliable Grape
f Cream oi Tartar Baking Yowder.
Improves the flavor and adds
to the healthfulness of the food.
No Alum No Lime Phosphate
Both Reduce the Healthlulness
of the Food.
-1 mm exalte positive that Use ose of elesi baklao
jasseralcr swmU be condemned."
fnC Yatthat, Vtatmiy o! 'Ktiuizx.
itoaaf the Labc! and remember tltz.1
"Alum, sodium alum, basic alumlnaa eclpbaic.
slpbateof alamlnnra. oil mean Ibe same thtaa
awTlri BU1 ALOiX." Kmatu StaU Bai aX&iil
prised to find where he was. The
best thai can be gathered from him la
that he left his home on the Win
chester Miller ranch to wall to ton,
ahppid while crossing the Hajdeo
canal and fell into the Hater. He
must have wandered around a great
deal before he fouud the na to the
Goodwin house.
A.NTEU-lUe Cosmopolitan
Grrup requires the service ol a repre
sentative in Tombstone and surround
ing termor, to look after subcnp
tion reuevt&le, and to extend circula
tion tiy special methods which have
prDtd unusually successful. Salary
and commission. Previous experience
drsirable but not essential. Whole
time or sjare time. Address, with
references. Charles C Schwer, The
Cosmopolitan Group, 331 Fourth Ave.,
'ew York Cltv.
enduing city election, January 7,
Educate I put boweis.
'our bowels can be trained a
our r.iuscloi or our bratn C
jri:5 Candy Catnitic tnrn yc
o U to d- risl.t. Ger.jir.i ,-ib'r
.titnped C. C C. Ktv- 3
nlk ' " of
ii alij ii lajansjaaj
Sunday In
Tombstone Churches
Sunday School at 10a in.
First Mass Sunday morning a' 8:00
a m for Mexicans second Mass at
!): 0; sermon in Kngliah,
Benediction of the Blessed Sacra
ment inin ediately after second Mssa
on Sunday
I Mass at 7:30 a. m. on neck days.
I All are cordially invited to attend
I Kkv. Fatiieb Ge.neviek, Pastor
Sunday School 10-00 a. m.
Epnortb League 7 p. ui.
All are invited.
Tblyor Oktov, Pastor.
Sunday School 10 a. ra., K H
Reoves, Supt.
Preaching 11 a m. Topic: "Tie
Plulosoph of the Atonement."
Preaching 730 p m. Topic: '"The
Call of the Deep."
Christian Endeavor at 7.00 p. m.
Everybody is cordially invited to
attend h'r srv re.
Kl . C. . lli.sc.s, Pastor.
How's This?
Ve offer One Hundred Dollars Re
ward for any case of Catarrh that
cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
F J. Chii.ey & Co., Toledo, O.
We1 the undersigned, have known
r. J. Cheney for tho last 15 jears, and
elicve him perfectly honorable in all
justness transactions and financially
bU io carry out any obligations made
cv bis firm.
WatriKO, Kvutxx & Martin,
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, 0.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken intor
.all, acting direct! upon the blotd
and mucous surface of the ejstem
reatiraoniala sent free. Price 70 cents
per bottle, ft"1-1 - all dueeista.
Would Move Arizona
Deaf and Dumb School
The suggestion his leeo made that
the school for deaf and dumb children,
nowatTuciun.be removed to Fort
Grant. The teachers declare that the
school should not be in the city be
cause the pupils are in constant dan
ger of being run down in the streets
uncalled at the Tombstone Pottoffice
For the Past Week
The following is a list ot letters i
' maining in the general deliei at tn
f -jmUtone poatotfioa for the week
ending December 7, 1912.
Aguuna, Mario- Can terras Filomeno
gerus LaCIore, Mrs Loo
Cal'ahan, Mr
When calling lor above letters, sat
advertised, giving date of adver
ti semen U A fee of le will be collect
ed on each letter that is delivered.?
W. A. Hiwood, Jr.
Judg in Suit 186. F Hocgo Dr,
Ida Bongo Cr, divorce.
Judg in Suit 193. Betsy Morrison
Dr, M C Morrison Cr; divorce.
Judg in Suit 203. J and Maria
ValtoiuelaDrs, J E Bacon Cr, Judg
for $133.
Est H T Fitch; D c 12 day bearing
Est G Scbobert, B W Bjrns, H E
S Dugan, W S Dixon appraiser
Tombstone Town ,
Topics Tersely-Told
Visitors to City; Local and
Personal Items of Interest-
Tomorrow will be change day in tl e
time schedule of the Tombtot.e
branch and also in the ai rival and de
parture of unil.
County Attorney W G Qilmore
left jesterday for Yuma on othcial
Col. A L Grow returned last even
ing from Tucson nhere he spent the
day oo a business vWit.
When Thirteen
Is Lucky
The numeral "13" is not unlucky
when lound on unused United btates
pottage stamps. They are now
quoted at $75 each
Couple United
In Marriage
George A Churchttell of Webb.'Ari-
zona and Miss Nora DoGraw of Cloyis,
Cal., were united in the holy bonds of
matrimony today by Judge Daniel
McFarland, who sent the happy couple
on their way rejoicing.
Fend your wild animal skins to A
II Hilton Mer. Co. San Antonio N
M. They have outlet to manuactur-
ers in Europe and always net you
highest prices send lor pamphlet
Learn how to takecare o your eaten.
Newsy Notes From All Over Arizona
Carefully Condensed for The
Prospector Readers
As a result of the full crew law
which has jast gine into effect, 45
addit'onal brakemen bae ten em
p'oyed by the southfrn Pacific. Ibe
railroads have six months in which to
equip locomotives wi b electric head
lights , according to the provisions of
the law itself.
Harry L Catd er, electric light
man. gas man, farmer, etockgrower
and capitalist generally, this week
transferred to John Henderson a
bunch of two-year-old steers at tl"
per head, or the neat sum of $7040 foe
176 bead Mr Chandler had only
owned the animals for a short time
and cleaned up something like $2,00
fn the deal.
In tbe recent edition of "Tlou
Shalt Not Kill," the organ of the In
ternational Anti-Capital Punishment
Society, contains a full-page picture
of Governor Hunt, together with a
quotation from one of his public pa
pers. On the inside is a lengthy ex
cerpt from an address upon tho sub
ject delivered by Arizona's governor to
the state legislature at the time the
question was first being considered.
Cbairn.au W P Geary of the Ari
zona corporation commission wired
the Santa Fe railroad for information
as to when the investigation of the
wreck on that road at Williams, in
which George J Horner and Elmer
Beverly, two Bpringervilla stockmen
were killed on Tnesday night will
take place. Under the rules of the
commission the railroads must tele'
graph the information of any wreck
immediately to the commission. Io
i'bis case -h' there is afaericus Ioj
Mrs Robert Reed of Fairbank is a
Tombstone visitor with friends today.
Mrs Powers of Benson is visiting
Tombstone friends todaj.
Four young Chinese were Tomb
stone arrivals today in charge ol an
inspector tocbeck up their "chock
gees" ahich is Chinese for certifi
cates. Carried Down
the Line
Instead of te'ng a repairer of dam
age done, a large ttam shovel which
has been in use on the extension work
of the E P & B W proved itself some
thing of a wrecler late Wednesday
wnen it stripped several poles near
Fairbank of the r telegraph wires, shut
ting ttf communication with a number
of state points. The crane of Ibe
shovel, which should have been low.
ered nasleft upright, it ia stated, and
the wires pull.d down as a result.
We desire to increase the circula
tion of our magazine, and have sever
all good offers in connection there,
w.tn. If yru wish to increase your
income and have any spare time to
devote to this work, write us We
pay a very liberal commission and
would be glad to give jou ull partic
f life and the wreck occurred witbin
the jard limits of the Williams
tation, the commission proposes to
have a representative at the investi
E Engstrom,wbo formerly lived in
Phoenix, where he was a steno
grapher, has written to friends in
Phoenix to the effect that he is now
e nployed in tbe office of the Pacific
Mail Steamship company in Honolu
lu and doing well.
Tbe following appointments wrre
made by the Greenlee county boaid
I supervisors at their meeting oo
Mnadsy: J K Bullard to be Justice
of the Peace at Duncan, Geo C Spaw,
'Jonstahle; J M Dally io be Justice of
tie Peace t Morenci, Jim Cash Con
table; W K Bnrns to be Justice of
the Petce at Metcalf, Geo Bnrkner,
ConsUble; C E Leonard to be Justice
.if the Peace at Clifton, Ira Dillioer,
Coottable. The appointments were
made in accordance with the new
law passed bf tbe last legislature.
Mrs Brizzieof Mesa Is seventy years
o' age and blind for three years, but
in vigorous health, and tbe res'ora
tion ot ber eyesight by an operation
by Dr Martin, has brought pleasure
to literally hundreds of friends in
TuJge Sloan io tbe United States
court ordered a lotionam.e ot tbe
bearing of tbe matter of tbe negro
porters of tbe Santa Fe system
against ibe state and county oSeers
to prevent the enforcement ot the re
ferred law repairing that lagman
erring oo trains io this state most
ve bad three years' experienee.
Execution of Goodwin May Take Place
Here Federal Officials in
a Quandry
The hanging of J U Goodwin, con
victed of participation in the murder
of Kibbe and Hillpot on the Apache
Indian reservation in Gila county
will not take place in 1'ima county.
as threatened, if the Pima board of
supervisors can help it.
The federal officers are in aqusndry
as to where the execution can be had
U S Attorney Morrison stated both
Prescott and Globe cannot handle the
execution not having jail yards.
Pima make a serious objection and it
ia not unlikely that the execu ion
may be ordered in Tombstone where
there is not only ample jail yard room
but have the gallows and all the
shuddering equipment for a success
Smallpox of Most
Breaks Out in
Below the Line
Guaymas advices are to the tiTtct
that an epidemic of smallpox in tie
Yaqui valley, a strict quarantine b-
log maintained against people going
into or coming out of trie alley. Itj
Cochise County Has Candidate for
U. S. Marshall-W. K. Meade
After Political Plum
Cochise county has a most formid
able candidate for U S Marshal, who
has shied his political hat into the
ring and tbe prospects are favorable
that he will lead tbe numerous appli
cants a merry race.
W K Meade ol Tombstone, a ho
served u US Marshal in Arizona
under Cleveland's administrations,
will seek tbe appointment again and
he has a boat of staunoh supporters
throughout the state and friends high
in the nation's couacila who will lend
their every influence to urge bis ap
pointment at tbe hands of President
Mr. Meade is a pioneer Arizonan
in tbe true sense of the word. He
served in tbe territorial legisla ure
from Pinsl connty in 1878; was tbe
first prime mover in tbe initial or
ganization of the Democratic party in
Arizona and prominently identified
witb tbe upbuilding of Arizona, hold
ing many positions of official bnoor
Geronimo s Band of Red Handed
Apache Warriors to be Moved
to New Mexico
A Washington dispatch says:
Plant ware made today for the fin
al disposition of tbe famous Geroui
mo band ot Apache Indians, held as
military prisoners at Fort Sill Okla
Ibey have been allowed to choose
whether to remain there, or go to
lhslroldbomo figbtinc grounds ia
Is published every Sunday, and con
tains all the news of the week a it
appears in The Daily Pbospeotob-
P Subicibe Now
NO 97
ful execution, seven condemned prist
oners having already been swung into
eternity on the same callows.
The hanging is not relished here
and may meet official opposition also,
but it is a federal affair and the court
may designate Tombotooe as the
point from which the condemned men
mil go to their doom.
Ten dollars a aay easily made by
local agent. Write for full informa
tion at once. Arizona Sales Agency
Phoenix, Arizona. Ml
ChainBbfiam's uough Remetfr
Out Co -- -Jno -
Malignant Type
Yaqui Country
is said that the disease is of the most
malignant type, and that manydeaths
are resulting.
CdBCHteYojr DoTeli jviii, c.i.cKr.-ti'.
Cindy Cacinrlc. CLre Cinfusrcutai f r-r-ycc
ItC.CC Illl.flruss -. .-J-5
and trust with signal credit and abil
ity. During bis administration as
U S Marshal in Arizona, at a time
vhen fearless courage was necessary,
Mr Meade served witb distinction and
put down lawlessness with a firm
Tbe announcement of Mr Meade's
candidacy will bring many friends to
his standard.
German imported prize winning:
Homers. Inside parlor performing
tumblers. Outside high roller turab
ers Plymouth rock Homer squabs
R.B Krebe,Tombst3l-J, Arizona.
Foe Pale Combined writing desk
and book case, also two parlor chairs.
Inquire 0 G Johnson, Fremont street,
sear Fourth
Sorghum Seed for sale at E H
tteeves' Fed Store. tf
the Msscalero section of New Mexico.
Eighty six elected to stay at Fort
Sill' Tbe remainder, about 200, wilt
be located at permanent homes io
New Mexico,
itE L L.V
.;:' UOUGH SYfiU?
- srsssf

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