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Tombstone epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1887-current, January 05, 1913, SUNDAY EDITION, Image 1

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Thi Wtmt Tomiistoxe Epitaph
published every Sunday, will ghe all
the news and it ill tie sent to any ad
dress (or
Four Monthi For 91
Copper State Leads in Red Metal Production-Over
Pounds Last Year
A Washington diapatcb stye:
For 1912 Arizona again holds first
place among tba copper producing
states ol the United States. Th- ouU
put will show- a large increase ovei
the S03.202.000 pounds produced in
1911 and rosy ex cod 35O.rC0.C0O
pounds. This i not only the largest
Arizona Bridal
Protected by
Rice Throwing
Rice is tabooed on the S. P.
Alleged friends of newly married
couples who throw rice as tbey leave
on honeymoon trips may be the cause
of discbarces of Southern Pacific em
ployes. An ordereflectiveNew Year's '
day has been issued by the railroad j
that riee-tbrowiog will not be per-1
milled at stations or on trains of the
Twenty percent ol tie cases of
Vimz Ticks in
Large CattJe
Stopped at Li
Being affected with 'ever lick, 13
carloads of cattle, comprising over
600 bead, were refused admittance in
th United States yesterday at Aeua
Prieta, by Or L J Proper, United
Stales veterinary inspector, who
aade the inspection.
The cattle are owned by Elias and
Andrews, and were brought lo Aeua
Arizona Sanitarium located on
Discovery of Rare Mineral
Water Spring
A 160,000 sanitarium in to be erected
two miles sooth or SafTord at the foot
oftbeGrabam Mountains. Ground
broken last month. and witbin a
(Troatfe patients will be flocking
1st, far tba curative powers of the wat-
rs is said to be equal to the far lamed
water of Carlsbad and Marienbad.
The temperature of tbe waters as it
comes oat of the ground is 121 degrees
Fahrenheit and those upon whom it
kaw haen need claim Ustioj result
Pssf-l 1 Eg, lj .afr.Js'Aajf-,l 1 ?, O IS A
Ov fee returned if we fail. Anv- one sending snatch and description of
tax iatTeation will promptly receive our r pinion free coiiccmin Ihc patent
aWity of same. "How to OLtain a PaterA" sei. upon request. Patents
atiun i il through us atverti3Ci for sale at our ezpen.'e.
Patent taken ont through u receive special noil:'- without charge, in
Tn Patent Record, an illustrated and widely drculaU journal, copraked
Vj Manufacturers and Investors.
SBd for Mmpis copy FREE. Address,
(Patent Attorneys,)
Bwiklin?, -
v s
ever made by the etace, but
largest ever made by any state
one year.
The production of copper from
Bisbee district will show a large
crease over the 130,200.000 pounds in
1911 anil mty exceed 145,000,000
pounds for 1912.
Coupies Will be
S. .P.--No More
on Trains
throwing rice result in some sort cl
an accident, according to statistics
collected by the railroad.
fierce the Southern Pacific intends
to have rule against rice-tbrowirg
stringently enforced. Those who
brng or throw rice when wedding
parties come to a station on that road
will be escorted from .he station
Sonora Cause
Shipment to be
Prieta from their ranch near Fron
teras. Tbey expected to bring the
cattle across and dip tbem, knowing
that they came from an exposed dis
trict, but upon being examined it m
found that they were affected with the
fever tick and cannot be imported.
Sirgbum Sed for sale at EH
Keeves'Fe'd Store. If
The sanitarium will be in charts of
DrGailbraith, for many years chef
surgeon of tba Union Pacific Railroad
now with tbe Harriman lines.
A party of Glote men were drilling
for oil not far from SafTord about
three years ago. After reaching a
depth of several hundred feet, ins'eid
of striking the petroleum, slrnck
boiling water, much to their surprise.
Tbey abandoned tbeir drilling in dis
gust, not realizing that tbey had
struck a liquid more valuable than
tbe longed for oil.
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-Satef" TfwTtsiiila - lraL'
Sunday In
Tombstone Churches
First Mats Sunday morning at 8 .00
a m in Mexican. Second Mass at
y.-CO; sermon in English,
Benediction of the Blessed Sacra
ment immediately after second Mass
on Sunday
Sunday School at 10 a m.
Mass at 7:30 a. m. on week days.
All are cordially invited to attend
lU.v. Father CiEVkKViEK, Pastor.
Sunday School 10-00 a. m.
Epworlh League 7 p. in.
All are invited.
Tkevob Oetox, Pastor.
Sunday School 10 a.
Reeves, Supt.
Preaching 11 a m.
Preaching 7:30 p m.
Christian Endeavor at 7.00 p. m
Everybody is cordially invited to
attend these services.
Kev. C. W. Duxcix, Pastor.
uncalled at the Tombstone Pottoffice
For thVPast Week
The following is a list ot letters r
maining in the general delivei at tb
Tombstone postoffice for the vm
ending December 14, 1912.
Qaloaho, R S Sanchis, Antonio
Vatques, Antonio
When calling, lor above letters, aaj
advertised,' giving date of adver
tiiemrnt. A fee of lc will be collect
ed on each letter that is delivered.
W. A. IIahtooi), Jr.
Lost Command
Is Located
Captain Etcojeda and his rcec. who
have been reported missing from tbe
federal army, marched into Agna
Prieta late Tuesday bringing with
there prisoners, horers sod otLer csp
tured trophies proving beyond any
question of doubt that while they may
have teen "lost" they cannot be said
to have been "stolen." Escojeda took
advantage cf the recent federal orders,
which gave field commanders discre
tionary powers and nsed bis discre
tion by leading his little army into tbe
rebel xone of Ohihoabua, fighting one
battle and getting away with it, Tbe
captain and bis followers had been
given up as deserters until their vie
torioue return, for which Escojeda re
ceived commendation -from tbe Mex
ican government and was ordered bck
into the San Luis country.
How's This?
We offer One Hundred tiollars Re
ward for any case of Catarrh tba
cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
F J. Chxsct Co., Toledo, O.
We the undersigned, have known
F.J. Cbeney for the Last 15 years, and
'elieve him perfectly honorable in all
business transactiona and financially
able lo carry out any obligations made
bv his firm.
WaLDiso, Kantx A Mabtut,
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken inter
lally, acting directly upon tbe blood
and mucous surface of the system
Testimonials sent free. Price 75 cent
per bottle. SnM H all duffgiita.
Kst J F Wish; erder sale real esta'e
at private sale. J B Speed, G C
Whitley, u E Oogan; appointed ap
- ' was11'1'
Tombstone Town
Topics Tersely Told
Visitors to City; Local and
Personal Items of Interest
Mrs J X Miller and diughter lies-
Ida arrived last evening from Bisbee
on a brief visit with Tombstone
John McCarthy and eon Charles
were returning pareengers from a
brief visit to Douglas yesterday.
Wm Rayling as a county seat vis
itor today from Charleston, where be
is employed on the Broncho company
mines, which are continuing work
with energr.
Mrs Mark P lohn and daughter ar
rived today from Lowell on a visit
with Tombstone friends.
Tbe board of supervisors completed
tbeir work last evening and the mem'
bers returned to their respective
homes, ihe board will meet again
Feb 3rd.
Attorneys J M Ross and V B
Cleary returned to Bisbeee tedsy,
having business before Ihe court here
this morning
Word has been received from the
general othces of the Southwestern
that a special rate will be quoted by
tbe road for tbe national Liye Stcck
convention, which is to be held in
Phoenix. January 12 to 15. Tbe
rate will apply oer tbe whole system.
Ihe tickets will bo on sale for all
four days of tbe convention and will
be good for fifteen days. Tbe rats
will be one and one-third fare for tbe
rcund trip
Newsy Notes From All Over Arizona
Carefully Condensed for The
Prospector Readers
Tuck Potter, a well known rancher bit the Globe lodge is the first to
of the Sulphur Springs valley, was come through with a substantial pay-
fired on four times by a drunken Msx
ican as be was driving along tbe state
highway. The bullets all went wild.
Potter says he did not know tbe mis
and can ascribe no reason for tbe
C A Taylor, recently appointed in
spector of trees In Couglas, has just
returned (rum Phoenix. In accord
ance with a new state Isw, all trees
hipped into Arizona most pass in-p-ction.
All those infected with in
sects or disease ol any kind will be
An Association of Egyptian cotton
growers will be orgsnized in Pboenix
shortly for tbe purpose of taking earn
of tbe increased crop of tbat staple to
be grown in tbe Salt river valley next
Ethel Cockman, a pretty girl o
Pboenix, started down tbe street on
an errand Thursday morning. When
sbe did not return to tbe home of her
parents in tbe aficrnoon, the lolice
were-notified After a search lasting
until late Saturday afternoon, the
girl was located. Sbe told a rather
peculiar stor? in wh'ch romaoee and
a marri'ge by her parents figured.
It is believed the girl had some fan
cied grievance, and ran away because
The various Elks lodges thronghout
the s'.ate are coming to the assistance
of Governor Hunt in bis proposition
to get some snre enough Elks in A ri'
zona. A nomber.oj,1 i
fc "''
r- ' -v
i Judge Sutter will deliver tbe "burn
the Mortgage" addiess at the Elks'
smoker this evening at Bisbee. Quite
a number ol Tombstone members of
i the antlered herd will also be in at-
I tendance at tbe big eyent.
Frank C Farle, well known Arizon
an and 'ormer Manager)! the El Paso
Smelters, now manager ot the Chiist
mas properties, is in Tombstone today
on a brief visit, the guest cf Douglas
Gray, president ot the Chamber 'of
Attorneys J F Ross and F M Doao
were returning passengers to Douglas
last evening after attending court
matters here.
J X Riley returned borne yesterday
from a mining trip to tbeRincoos.
On the 13th, 14th and 15tb, the as.
tessera of tbe state of Arizona will
meet in convention at tbe town of
Yuma on the Colorado. Every as
seisor ifi tbe elate will be in atten
dance, and many other people who
are much interested in the aesess
ment ol taxes.
Quite a number of Hew Year loca
tions were made in this district on
New Year's eve.
W K Meade left last evening for
Bisbee on mining business.
FOUND A Laadaome gold Elk',
charm. Owner can have same by
oiling st Pony sslooo, proving prop
erty, and pay for this notice
mentoff200. It bss not been decid
ed just where tbe animals will be
tnrned loose, but the part of tbe Fort
Grant reservation not in use bas been
suggested as tbe proper game pre
serve J A bridge iu which the government
is to bsvea band in constructing is
lo be lecated six miles above the pro
posed lite of Ihe San Carlos dam over
the Gila and San Carlos rivers. It is
to be built underline supervision ol
th Indian boieau and tbe mosey for
it will be supplied by an additional
appropriation of 105,000 for tbat pur.
Dan Coolidge, tbe antborof Arizona
stories is in Douglas and big things
may be expected of tbe writings of
tbat section of Arizona by Mr
Coolidge. He wrote ".The Tex ican
"Hidden Water," and the "Fighting
Fool " He also writes for various
magazines. He writes only Arizona
stories snd declares be thinks Arizona
tbe greatest country on tbe footstool
He la tbe guest of his old friend and
school mate. Frank W Doao, of
Mils Vary Glenn, one of tbe teach
ers at tbe Adams street school in
Pboeoix,is ill with smallpox. Tbe
school bas been closed for tbe remain
der of tbe week lor a tboroogb fumi
ebed Preeoott
vwas al
awa IBB -k-
m sa . v
awam,- -twelve EVWjasaakv aaav -
---iaivas4t. ..V; v-saVl JL 4LmJM1
N -v
Communicates Rabies to Many Horses
and Cattle Which Have Been
Killed to Prevent Spread
Charles Chenoweth arrived in Dnue
lasyesterdsy, enroule from Rodeo to
El Paso, where be goes to take tbe
Pasteur treatment, alter having been
bitten by a mad dog.
Some three weeks ago a dog in ths
vicinity waa bitten by either a hydro
phobia skunk or coyote and bit sev
Proceedings Had in Maricopa Coun
ty on the Justice Legal Tangle
A complaint in the nature of quo
warranto proceedings as filed in tliu
office of tbe clerk of tbe superior court
by County Attorney Frank Lyman
against C W Johnstone and P P Par
ker. Tbe proceedings are instituted
by TT Powers as relator, to oust the
two icatices from office snd compel
tbem to give up Ibeir dockets, casers.
seals and other appurtenances of the
office to tbe recent appointee of tbe
board of supervisors.
The bill re'ates the election ot C. W.
Johnstone and P P Parker to tbe of
Disincorporation Proceedings for
Cochise County Corporations
Petition to Disolve Companies
The following cases were filed in
the Superior court today:
S P Applewhite vs Douglas Street
Railway Co.
8 P Applewhite vs Int'i Land and
Isaorovement Co.
8 P Applewhite vs tbe Gadsden Co.
8 P Applewhite ts Benson Electric
Light, Power & Ice Co
8 P Applewhite vs Douglas Invest
ment Co, disincorporation. Petition
Arizona Saw Mills
of Feet of Lumber Every Month
Northern Arizona sawmills are
turning oat 68,000,000 feet of lu nber
a month, the valae of which is $2)0.-
000. Darinr 1913 the ootout is cer
tain to be iocreased materially. About
1000 men are employed in trie lumber
industry in Coconino county.
This information was given out by
Rebel Manifesto Received in Co
chise County Is Sent to Washington
Two manifestos, one issued by
"General" Inez Salazar, eighteen
other "centrals" and two privates,
lbs other signed by "Tbe Committee"
bars been received in Douglas, Copies
are aaid to have fallen into official
bands, on both sites of the line and
to bare been referred to tbs Mexican
and United Stats governments.
Salazar' manifesto, which was is
sued onder lbs dais of December 15
- A ! --
" Ii
i - i
Is published every Sunday, and con
tains all the news of the week a it
appears in Tin: Daily Pbosfectob-
w Subscibe Now
NO 100
eral horses, cattle und dogs. The cat
lie thus infected developed hydro
phobia after twenty-one days, as well
as a number of horses. About twenty-five
ol the animals have been killed
on thle account within the past few
fices of justices of tbe peace for tl e
Pboenix precinct in the fall ot 1908.
The bill then relates tbe passage of
the act by the first state legislature
redluricting the justice of the peace
and constable districts of tbe entire
state. By this statute the offices of
the justices o' the peace all over tbe
state were dclared vacant by tbe var
ious boards of supervisors, who ap
pointed new justices and constables
for the new districts. Pboenix Dem
ocrat. ChainDbfiams uough Remedr
Cure fvt "-i -r,u -..j,
cites that defendant has no issued and
outstanding stock, nor bas it any
debts or liabilities; that it bas here
tofore sold and disposed of all of ita
property and assets, o plaintiff asks
for judicial dissolution, under act Re
lating to Corporations, etc. Ellin
wcod and Ross are attorneys for the
plaintiff in all the cases.
WEtl l'3 CCI)a,IH - l-OLDS
Produce Millions
W R Lyons, cashier of the Flagstaff
Lumber Manufacturing company.
His company owns and operates a
sawmill within ihe corporation limits
ollhs Skylight City.
IMBittd tcticco t It rru
T- Kld -w, - v t
lis significant in rrany way. It
states in no uncertain terms th.t
"tbe policy of tbe liberal will be tbe
same as previously toward the rail
roads. We (ball continue to destroy
all bridges, depots and rolling (toek
of sucb railroads a lend themealvM
to the aid of our enemies by trass
porting federal troops."
- i.ai oowetr wia 4
-ir Catrrutic cure ceoatlprtioa 1
y ''ClCw ruvjtasaaasl
E&i SWWTi?v':ssM
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