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Tombstone epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1887-current, January 12, 1913, SUNDAY EDITION, Image 1

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The Weekly Tpmmto'ce Epitaph
published every Sunday, will gne all
the news and will lie tent to any ad
dress for
t Four Months For
Long-Haired Evangelists Tell Arizonans
' That the Millennium is at Hand
Scriptural Warning
. Brother Irvine and Sitter Ruth,
itinerant evangelists of the Ir'Iitf
Hoaie of David, of Bar Harbor, Me.,
areinToc.on on their way to the
coast and hold daily meetings at thn
corner of Congress and Stone streets
The House of David members believe
that the world is on the verge of a
great time of trouble epoken of in the
Bib'e, saying tnat the world is no
entering the tilth day. o day of tbe
-ru' w of measuring being a
thousand years," and consequently,
tbey say, tbe day of the millennium
is approaching.
"We arc entering the period when
the earth sill return to its Eden
atate." said Brother Irving, '-and
Arizona Womans Club Postpone
Federation Meeting in Cochise
County for One Week
Tombstone members of the Federa
tion of Women's clubs have received
notice that the annual meeting o! the
tate federation , whirh was to have
been herd at Douglas on January 21
24 has been postponed until January
28 31, It being impossible for the gen
eral president of the federation to be
Cochise Has Several Estates Which
Will Come Under Inheritance
Tax Law
Reports concerning the eetstes thai
have been submitted to State Treas
urer David F Job nson by the clerks
of tbe juperior courts of Yavapai and
Maricopa counties. The attte is to
gat a share of three Maricopa estates
nd five estates in Yavapai, while Co
chise will also show a targe numter. .
Tbe ioberitsno tax law does not
apply to estates worth less than $10,.
OOO.if leltjlo members o! the deceased's
Absolutely Puro
Males Home BaHcg Easy
With minimum trouble and cost bis
cuit, cake and .pastry are made fresh,
clean and greatly superior to the ready
made, dry, found-in-the-shop variety,
and danger cf alum food is avoided.
therein to be a universal peace on
earth and good will to men. and tbe
secret of tbe scriptures which wis
sealed until these Utter day. is to
find the knowledge by which thfc body
can be preserved without pbjeicsl
deith in preparation for tbe millen
o.um, tbe substance of tbe scriptures
being the ingathering snd rettoration
ctribe tost trib;s, who are to be Ulen
from Jew and Gentile alike."
All members of the cult are strict
vegetarians and wesr.thir hair long.
The Home of David owns sn immense
andbautiful park and springs st
Kenton Harbor, Me. Tbey have
three band, bays, girl and men.
present on the former date. She will
be aeoompanird by Mrs Crocker, of
Boston, a woman of national char
acter, who is just returning from a
visit to the Panama cans, by way ol
. .-v
' arwie'
immecrat8'Tm'nJT'r estates of less
,l, - $!,U00 left to an annt, uncle,
con. in or grardparent. Estates ol
less thsn $2,000 are not saljectTtO tee
tax , no matter who the heirs may be.
Pend your wiltJ animal skins to A
H Hilton Mer. Co. San Antonio N
M. Tbey have outlet to manusctur
ers in Europe and always net yon
highest prices. Send for pamphlet
Lsarn how to t akecare o your catch
gggjtgr-i eg
& fesJ
out bet one
To Abolish
Tax Commission
That mining companies are actively
at work to prevent is possible, any
elective legislation on the subject of
taxation has been forcibly demonstra
ted recently. The rrpwt is current
that one 0,1 the acts to be intrcduced
in the coming legislature will per'.
haps be to abolish the slate tax com
mission From different parts of the
stare suggestions iq tbat effect, are
beiug beard.
The reasons and plao suggested 'are
as follows: That a bullion tax on
soms-spsc fie or definite method will
be provided for taxing mines. There
are already definite laws for tbe tax
ing of express compsnies, private car
ccnipsnies, etc, and need ol a com
mission reduced.
Cattle Rates'
In Arizona
Railroad men are already gathering
in Phoenix for the liv stock rate
hearing, which is to bag in before the
Arjiuoa corporation commission to
day. Among those who will represent
the railrnsd et-t d-frrd tbe present
rates are J O tstuboa, Los Ange'ci,
freight traffic manager of the South
ern Pacific; E W Clapp, Tucson, gen
eral freight and ptssenger gent of
the Arizona Ei'tern; H C Hallmark
Tucson, auditor of tbe Ariiona East
ern; Eugene For, El Pasc, general
freight agent of tbe El l'aco A South
western. There will also be some S.
F. P A P. officials over from Prescott.
The local freight ageo t will also be ou
The corporation commission has
pre; ared a scale of distance tariffs to
apply withTj) tbe state. (Jnlcrs tbe
railroads suicee'd in proving tbat the
present ra'es are not excessive, tbe
distance scale will be ordered into ef
lect. i
It is charged tbat at present there
are no rates between many points in
she state, and practiciily no joint
ra(ea whatever
Sunday In
Tombstone Churches
So services. '
Sunday School at 10 a m.
-.Maee at 7:30 a m. on week days.
All are cordially invited to attend
Kkv. Father Gemieviek, Pastor.
Sunday School lo.ou - m "
Epwortb League 7 p. u.
All are invited.
Trevou Obtox. Pastor.
Sunday School 10 a. m., EH.
Reeves, Supt.
Preaching U a in. Topic; "Cod's
Care for Man.';
Preaching 7:30 p m. Topic; "The
Writing On ibe Wall."
Christian Endeavor at 7.00 p. m.
Midweek bible study and teacher's
meeting Wednesday, 7,30 p m
Services at jail Sunday at 3 p ro.
Everybody it cordially invited to
attend these tervices.
Kev. C. W. Duscax, Pastor.
Court Cases Filed
. Suit 269. State of Ariiona on
complaint of W i Oilmore vt M. C.
High; ac'ion for petition in quo war
ranto; J P cases.
. -Est and Ouarditnsbip Ragan minor
Jan 24 'day settlement account , etc
Ett A Johnson; order setting apart
exempt property.
Eat J M Meyers; A Paul admr.
Est end goardisnibip Paul minor.
' A Paul guardian.
. a as '-
Tombstone Town
Topics Tersely, Told
Visitors to. City; Local and
tf ' tasaT
Personal Items of Interest
Conductor Butt ol Douglas arrived
this morning to relieve Conductor
!oy on the Tombstone-Benson
brunch, tbejatter having a 15 da)s
Ieae ol absence.
Al Godfrey returned this morning
from a brief trip to Bisbee. '
Pink Murray, the well known cat
tleman is in tbe city today from Here
ford, J Curtis, pioneer St David ranch
er is in the city today alter supplies.
He reports'', that the western cold
wi ve also reached his ecction tins
aeek. ,
Porter McDonald, cattle inspector
for this district was in outgoing pts
senger today for Benson on official
Assessor E A Hughes leaves to
night for Yuma to attend.the meeting
o tbe Ariiona Assessors who wilt be
in session at Yuma on Monday
County Treasurer Hicls has called
in all outstanding county general
fnnd warrants and will pay ofT about
flOO.OCOof same. This leaves Co
chise on practically a cash basis, a
d'stinction that no other county en
joys and is another proof tbat Co
chise is the Dinner county of the
Rev Fr. Uenervier left this morning
for Bensou to conduct services at the
Catholic church at that point, Benson
being included-in his district. e,
Newsy Notes From All Over Arizona
Carefully Condensed for The
Prospector Readers
Mr'and Mrt Frank M Applelord.
who arrived in Phoenix in a 1912
model Oakland touring car on their
way io Long Beach , have traveled
ten thousand miles with no engine
trouble and with tbe original air still
in the front tires ol their machine.
left Long Beach last September
and have tDu.d California, W)omiog.
Nevada, Utah, Arlzuoa and .Ntw
A new division, to be known as the
Cananea division, is to be established
by toe Southern Pacific ue Mexico,
with headquarters at N'aco.
At Clilton, the cattlemen are circu
lating a petitiou which will be ad
dressed to Governor Hunt, asking
him to include in his call for a special
session of the legislature a proposi
tion to increase the bounty on lobo
wolves and monn'ain lions.
William A lalcstt and Nathan
Kendall have bought 500 acretof tbe
Knapp and Benedict ranches, 3 12
miles north ol Tucson on the Oracle
road. The new owners intend to
erect two fine suburban hornet and
put tbe entire trartin cnltivation.
Accoidicg to tbe records of permits
issued S207.753 wor;h of bui'dingt
were erected in Tucson last year.
Tbit was '41,621 more than in 1911
Tbe badly decomposed body of a
m in supposed to be Ezra D Bank
bead was found last week on tbe
banks .of the Colorado river below
Mellen,a ttation on tbe Santa Fe
railroad, by three Cbimtvuevis Io
dims, according to letter received in
Preaeett. - V-"
A veacrable Tombstone Cbineae
a t taken to Lis Angeles yesterday
morning accompanied by a foljow
countryman. The aged Chinaman
was very sick and nearly belplen and
was being burred to tbe Chinese
sanitarium at Los Angeles.
The arguments on the moticn in
, tbe Cunningbam-Costellocase it still
I on before Judge Smith today. Tbe
notion is on behalf of defendant! to
introduce some now evidence and
able arguments pro and con have
thus'ar occupied two days.
Clerk of tbe Board A C Karger has
called for sealed bids for road material
and steel bridges, culverts, etc, all
for ui3 on Uothise roads. Bids will
be opened by the hoard on February
Tbe parcels post meets with popular
favor in Tonibstene, judging from the
use of tbenewsysiem by the local
postal patrons.
Sorghum Seed lor sale at
Keevcs' Fed Store.
We desire to incrvftte tbe circula
tion of our magazine, fend have sever-
all good offers in connection there'
itn. If you wish to increase your
inc me and have any eparerlime to
devote to this work, write us We
par a very liberal commistiotland
would be gltd to give you foil partic
ven, VsiL.uiioxu. .---. za.
A pircel pist consignment oftkunk
bides was sent from tbe Verde valley
to the Yavapai county board of super
visors, accompanied by a demand for
the legal bounty. Because of tbe
odor it disseminated the package was
delivered immediately alter It teacbed
the local oiSce.
The First National Banko( Yuma
has increased its capital stock from
50.000 to 1100,000.
Michael McBride of Beligman bas
oougnt irom ueorse U YYaddeli.
group of six copper claims in tbe
Hassayampa dis ret, Tbe price waa
The road-gang working on tbe
0 lobe-It y rnad, it now camped in tbe
wildi of the Pinal mountain and
woiking within about two miles ol
the summit.
Tbe superior court o'. Yavapai coun
ty, banded down a decision in the
case of Minnie Moore tiWO Moore,
giving tbe custody of tbe four year
old daughter to tbe notber.
Oicar A Turner, one of tbe best
known mining promoters and broken
in tbe east, witb offices on Wa.ll St..
bas brought suit against tbe Fidelity
. jmwumtkj vu ui iiev xura lor .,
000. Hit claim it baeed on tbe fact
tbat tbrongb an accident be lost an
eye last July.
Two of Ibe latest model converters
known to the copper industry -were
blown in at tbe Old Pomioioo smelter
at Globe Tuesday. Tbe converter
re knows at (the Great Falls type
and they have a capacity of about, U, representative of tbe Dis
twelve tone to tbe 'blower. patch, and was borne oat by mee-
Rumors of F.P.& S.W. Absorbtion of
"Wife Sprsckles Road to Arizona
-A Hasty Trip
That the hurried visit of
Vice -
President Walter Douglas and
President Schumacher, of tbe El
Paso & Southwestern , to the coast
this week may mean tbe confirmation
ol thd long rumored detl for tbe
Spreckles road from San Diego to Yu
ma, it generally believed among rail
road men.
Much has been written anent tbe
rumored purchase of the Spreckles
Sasco Smelter About Ready to Re
sume Operations on Large
Tbat tbe Saeco smelter will be blown
in shortly to handle between 400 and
500 toot of ore per day is stated in an
announcement made by President
Frank M Murphy of tbe Develop
ment Comnanv of America Tbe
tie. said, la to be shinned from the
comcaoiet properties at Christmas.
And This Happened in Arizona -Is
Frozen tol)eath
Batlentine Lopez, a Southern Pa
cific section baod, wat Iroxen to d-ath
teven miles east of Bowie during tbe
zero weather which twept tbe higher
altitudes, according to a report just
received at railroad headquarters in
Lopez' bedy was found by a track
walker, lying betide the railroad
Rodeo Festival at Los Angeles
Next Month Will Have Noted
Arizona Riders
Elaborate plant to make tbe Inter
national Kodeo to be held et Los An
iilti, February 0-ltf isciciive, under
tbe auspict ol tbe Associated Chari
ties, tbe greatest of its kind ever
given , are fast being completed
Special rates have been granted b
tbe railroads from poiutt within 1000
milet of a fare and a third, and the
list of entries carries the ntmet ol
most of tbe riders of national reputa
tion as well at scoret of those unknown
to fame.
Among the best known riders en
tered from Arizona are Joe Isabell,
Flagstaff, Arizona; Ed Ardunes, Wil
Mexican Rebels Again Turning
Their Attention to Sonora
Tbe rebel movement into Sonora,
follow let; tbe defeat inflicted opon Ibe
red daggers at Pearson, bas c-im-meoeed.
Tbit was officially stated by
Comiaaario Elias CalUa, of Agua
Is published every Sunday, and con
tains all the news of the week as it
appears in The Daily I'bospeotob-
Subacibe Now
NO 101
j line, the first story having emanated
, from a eunposedlv authentic source
in San Diego. Ibat it would be the
logical more on the.part ol tbe South
western is also admitted on every
roUND A handsome gold Elk's
charm. Owner can ha,a tame by
calling Et Pony saloon, proving prop.
erty,and pay for this notice
Mr Murphy stated that tbe work of
renovating the big smelter is now
practically complete and that litilj
remains but to fire up tbe boilers.
Chamflbfiain's uough Hemetir.
track. He lived at Olga Biding, 8
miles eau of Bowie and bad been in
town on business. He was wa'king
home when overcome by the cold. A
coroner's jury was empanelled end
rendered a verdict tbat Lopez froze
to death.
liams, Ariz ; who last year took sec
ond money at the Los Angeles Rtdeo;
fill:: Esldtir, crld's champion
women bronco "bus'er,' and Miss
Jane Bernoudy, Globe, Ariz., world's
champion woman rope spinner.
Daily prizes to the amount of
1,000 will be divided among tbe
winners io the various classes, such
at bronco riding, for men and women,
rope spinning, steer ropiog.
races, fancy and trick riding and
other features. je-f.
Mf(. rar nocu ."tft OMMn:
'andv CaUiirtlc- cure coast!crlloo w,j
--. --v- - w .-.. rffimm,muw
ssges which he had received from Bas
aracand Moctczuma. The messages
stated tbat the commanders of tbe
force ae Rojts, Salaiar and Caraveo.
The number of the reds Is not known.
KLI l3 rOl'OJS t.1- 'OLD

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