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Tombstone epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1887-current, January 19, 1913, SUNDAY EDITION, Image 1

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Thc Weekly Tombstone Epitaph
published every Sunday, will gie all
the news and will It; ntnt to any ad
dress for
Four Month For 91
Rendered a Cripple for Life, Injured
Man Seeks $ 1 00,000 From E.
P.&S.W. R.R.$25.000
'TOae handrel thousand dollsrs is
what Walter V Bain ails from the El
Paso and Boulhwestesu Railway com
pany as the result ol having both feet
. severed by a railway train several
months ago. He was apparently not
content with $"5,000. At least, that
is what be indicated when he filed a
motion for a new trial tefore Judpe
Dan M Jackson in the thirty-fourth
district ccurt at El Pasn some months
ago, following a pio's erdict award
Cochise Pays $278,165 Into
j State Treasury-Largest of any
County in State
Bta'e Treasurer D F Johnson has
recently received from tbe county
treasurer of Cocbiee county a cveck of
$278,165.59 in full for 1913 taxes.
The Dates Set for
Cases Before
In tbe superior cratt yesterday.
County Attorney Gil more presented
to that tribunal a number of esses :n
which be bad filed in'ormaiione. Tb
cases were set for trial by Judge Sut
ter on tbe following dates:
George Marlur, murder, set fur Feb
ruary 3.
Ramon Padilla, grand larceny, Feb
ruary 4.
Ramon Andrada, craod larceny,
February 5.
Jeans Hendoza, rape, January.27
Joan Espinosa, murder, February 7.
R E Logan, bo rglary, February 5.
P Gomez, grand larceny, Janaary
Gabs Adams, murder, January 28.
Juan Mesa, attempted murder, Jan.
nary 39,
Paul Sporax, aggravated assault.
January 31.
J H Landis, murder, January 30.
Cbas Grant, aaianlt with deadly
WMpsn, two eoant- February 6.
an .3 1 a
Ij V-3 Royal has no substitute for Co
Vi) making delicious home-baked foods ftu
1 IlflVA I i
1 Bkin? Powder I
- A TTrc only Baking Powder made
Ism ' ' , I f - -; - -t. .,. tW admr,
uw J j) sTCi-i Koyai urape vrcuui ui i as t ti
l Sir. .. i"!r
H JC , n-S"! AfrX:f lt 'UflJZf1 rtu-G -j
HI T'Bsfc - " 'A'TsiiriBsrTvTrrii T 1-1 I j
in mi I. i'f f" m l - -.. -'- - -
ing him $2", 000. He says he wants
the full amount sued for, and a second
trial before a jury is now on.
Mr Bain alleges thst through the
negligence of the railway company
botb of his feet were severed juet
above the ank'e and that he was ren
dered a crirple. His first esse went
to trial before Judge Jackson some
moD'.be ago and resulted in tbt jury
returning a verdict ior bim in tbe
sum of $25,000, wbicb be did not care
to accept.
This is the larcest turn received from
anv of the counties and beats Mail
copa nearly fCO.000. Pboen!x Re
pjhlcan. Trial of Cochise
Trial Jury
F Garcia, selling liquor without a
license, Ftbrusry 10.
Mary Garry, selling liquor without
license, February 10
L C Suggs, malicious mischief, Feb
ruary 10.
Joje Bodriguez, rape, February 8.
Alberto Domingurz, burglary, Jan
uary 31.
Glen Shipley, grand larceny, Feb
rnary.l. We desire to increase tbe circula
tion of onr magazine, and have sever
all good offers in connection there.
itn. Ii you wish to increase your
inenme and have any spare time to
devote to this work, write us. We
pay a very liberal commission and
would be glad to give you 'nil partic
FOUND A handsome gold Elk's
eharm. Owner can nave same by
ra'linrfit Ponv saloon. tiror-ine Drcn
jicrty.ssd pay fnr this notice.
Tbe Blue Lfclge Masons niMl this
evening in the Masonic Hall.
Ben X Williams jeturned to Dra
goon today, baring won bis lawsuit
pending in court.
II S Sims, representing the Los
Angelos Rubber Stamp Co, is' in
Tombstone id tbe iDtereit of bis firm.
Recent Auto Licenses
in Cochise County
The following automobile liceniei
were issued by Secretary of State Os
born during tbis week to Cocbiee ap
plicants: No 1952 to B A Packard;
1913, Charles B-an, Bisbee; 1957, Wal
ter Douglas, Bisbee; 1960, J S Maffeo.
Bisbee, a motorcyole; 19G2, C F Butler
Sad News of
Death of Sister
Ma Harry Wheeler, wife of Sheriff
Wbeeley, left tbis morning for Oak
land, Cal, being called there on ac
count of th sudden il'ness and death
of her sietfr. Mis Wheeler had just
arrived home from a visit to Oakland
wben she received a message convey
ing theysad information and makitg
a return trip necessary. Tbe sincere
condolence of (be many friends of Mn
Wheeler Is extended in ber bereave
ment. Sunday ' In
Tombstone Churches
First Mats Sunday morning a' 2:00
a m in Mexican. Second Mais at ,
y.-OO; sermon in Eniiah,
Benediction ci the Blessed Sacra-
u.;-.tiw mediately iftcr sceccd M:s
on Sunday.
Sunday School at 10 a m.
Mass at 7:30 a. m. on week days.
All are cordially invited to attend
Ret. Father Gesebtieb, Pastor.
Sunday School 10-00 a. m "
Epworth League 7 p. to. .
AH are invited.
Tbetok Ortox. Pastor.
Sunday School. 10. a. ro., EH
Reeves, Supt.
Preaching 11 a m. Topic: "Christ'
Power of Speech."
Preaching 7:30 p m. Topic: "Some
Reasons for Being a Christian."
Christian Endeavor at 7:00 p. m.
Everybody is cordially invited to
attend these services.
Bet. C. W. Duscasr, Pastor.
Court Cases Filed
In Snit 6530. Dr A O Wright, Dr,
First National Bank cf Douglas, Cr;
judg for 11016.67. prin., lot, costs, ate
In Suit 211. Mary Ann Engaaaer
Dr, Denn-Ariz Cop Co, and M J Cun
ningham Crs; quiet title.
In Suit 209. T Fitxeimrooni et al
Drt, Deun-Ariz Cop Co and M J Con
ningham Crs; sjniet title.
In Suit 250. Elizabeth Pray Dr, C
C Pray Dr. divorce.
Est J J Bosby; A J Bosby admr.
Est and guardianship Corpp minor:
order authorizing contract on prop
erty. Est J Hoedt, J Doan specie admr.
Est J B O'Brien; J Doan special
Et E T Hockinbeamer: order an.
proving final aoeoont of admr.
Topics. Tersely Told
Visitors to City; Local and
Personal Items of Interest
A wayward Mexican girl wes com
mitted to the Industrial school yes
terdsy and was taken to Benson this
morning by Deiuty Sheriff Harry
James Marrs returned this morning
from Tucson, where he was on a brief
business visit.
N J Riley and wife returned this
morning fro-n Socorro, N. M, where
tbey were on k brief visit.
A H Wien was a returning paieen
ger to Jobnsoo today.
D'ego Martinez and two Mexican
women will be taken to Nogales tbis
morning by Inspector Colvin, of tbe
immigration service, and deported;
such instructions having been received
at iL? immigration station yesterday.
Tbe manual training department
of tbe Tombstone public school noder
tbe direction of Professor Jenkins, is
o.aking excellent progress and keen
interest In Iheir work ioanifesteda by
tbe Tombstone pnpils. Many sam
ples of handiwork of the pupils show
adtptability and skill. An ordinary
typi planer, of cedar, was made by
Norman Abell, and presented to tbe
Pb(fectok. Tbe product was well
finished and speaks well for the train
in; and ezpertness ol the young man,
to is a bright Tomtstone youth,
ard for whom tbe future holds out
auch promise.
CtiamDbfiains t'ougii Remed-
Newsy Notes From All Over Arizona
- Carefully Condensedjjfor The
Prospector Readers
William Fatlin, accused by the
state of murdering Carl Peterson,
faced tbe bar of the Maricopa county
superiorcourt Monday morning. Tbe
panel of forty jurcra is from tbe out
lying districtB of tbe county. Tbe
state is represented by Frank Lyman
county attorney Struckmiyer ard
Fisber represent tbe defendant.
Bisbee is on more than one pro
posed ocean-to-ocean highway It is
shown that tbe Borderland is not tbe
ooly one that passes through Bisbee
Tbe other route is known as tbe Na
tional Old Trails Road, Ocean-tn-Ocean
highway Secretary Gray of
tbe commercial club, has received
the map issued by tbe National read.
Congressman Carl Hayden te'e
graphed Governor Hunt, Monday
evening, to the elect that the bill
appropriating $70,000 for bridges
serosa tbe Gila and Sao Carlos rivers
haa passed tbe bouse. No trouble in
getting the measure through tbe sen
ate is expected
Tbe thirteenth day of the year 1913
is no good date for the mayor to call
an election to decide on a new city
charter in Douglas, according to the
opinion ol some of tbe thirteen per
sons present at tbe meeting. Tbe
men who were tbe instigators of the
movement stated , however, that tbry
did not believe in luck.
Efforts are being made by tbe Tuc
son police to apprehend a purse
snatcber wbo has been operating
there) the last few weeks. Lone
women are bis victims Mrs E A
Besses o. 709 Kast Fifth street lost
Court Reporter J W Walker was an
outgoing passenger for Tucson tbis
morning an a brief visit.
Ex sheriff Jack White returned to
Phoenix today titer a several days
stay iu the only Tombitonn.
MraD K Arraod of Colorado Sprlogt
Colo , is a Tombstone visitor, tbe
guest ol ber sister Mrs Harry Evans,
wife of Manager Evans of the Moun
Siates Telephone company. Mrs Ar
rand is delighted with Tombstone's
'climate and may remain during the
Jeff Milton, Chinese Inspector, was
a Tombstone arrival today on the
trail of a Chinaman who is illegally
in this country and wbom Uncle Sam
desires to deport back to tbe Flowery
Cbas T Askew of tbe Zellerbacb
Paper Co was in Tombstone last
evening in tbe interest of his firm.
Mr Askew visits Tombstone regu'arly
four trips per vear on bis Arizona
What tbe Ferris Wheel was to tbe
Chicago exposition, and the Eiffel
Tower was to the Paris Exposition,
as an advertising feature, tbe "Aero
scope," a wonderful and novel contri
vance that will raise paiaeogers to an
elevation of 208 feet, which is four
feet higher than tbe elevation reached
by the Ferris Wheel, promises to add
to the attraotiveoess of tbe 1915
World's Fair at San Francisco.
5 on December 30; Mrs E A Clarke
was robbed of $25 January 2, and
Mrs Victor Rapp was s victim to the
extent of $25 January 9.
The Wells-Fargo evpress office in
Bisbee was entered and burglarized
Saturday evening and it is believed
that money and jewelry to tbe amount
or about $80 was stolen.
Governor Hunt endorsed a cbecK
Monday for $89,388.73. representing
Arizona's twenty-five percent of the
revenue derived from national forests
and gots into tbe school and read
funds. J
Tbe business women of Phoenix
will have a place where they can go
and rest an bonr or an afternoon,
when tbey have tbe time, through
the College Clnb of that city.
Residents of Bisbee, nnable -to get
water on account of the many breaks
in tbe water company pipe lines
cacsed by tbe cotd'soap, take water
from tbe fire hydrants.
Tbe Casa Grasde Valley Water
Users' association held its second an1-
nuaUmeeting at Florence last Toes
day. The fight to reduce tbe irriga
tion district to 50,000 acres was lost.
George Ainswortb, the cabbage
king from Juniper, was obliged to cot
a cabbage bead in three parts in order
to ship it by parcels post to bis rela
tives in Los Aogsles The cabbage
Iocs; tne prtte at toe rnneoix lair.
Tbe Phoenix auto enthusiasts wbo
are coming to Tucson will stopatFlor
enre and have lonob at the penitentiary
Tbis will be one of tbe unique features
of tbe trio.
ZT - - ,: m
Assessors Favor New Legislation to
Force Cattlemen to Give Correct
Number of Their Herds on
Bange for Taxation
Among tbe important resolutions
passed by tbe Arizona Assessors' as
sociation at its annual session in
Yuma, was one favoring a new sys
tem of assessing live siock. Another
recommended to the legislature a law
imposing a mill tax on monev and
During the taxation controversies
of tbe last few years tbe mining com
panics have made frequent assertions
that more cattle are shipped out of
Arizona each year than are as-essed
for purposes of taxation. This is not
quite true. Lnt it is a fict that tbe
state exports 300,000 cattle a year
ana taxes are paid on onlr 400.000.
The naiural inference is that the stock
men do not return all tbeir cattle to
tbe assessors.
Tbe resolution passed by tbe Asses
sors' association favors a law compell
ing cattle inspectors to made reports
to tbe county assessors as well as to
tbe live stock sanitary board. The
information would have to be much
more detailed than is e-ibmitted to
Two Noted University LfinturArs tn
Deliver Addresses in Tombstone
Next Week
'rotrssor Chandler and Profes or
iliis, both of tbe University of An
na, will lecture in Tombstone on
he 25th inst. Both will address
mbstonites nn tbe same evening
nd,arraDgemente are being perfected
sW Professor Stover of the Tombstone
pubfe schools for the event, further
-- ii
Tombstone Visitor Who Sees Little
Hope for Early Improvement of
Sonora Troubles
Henry Forester, a mining man of
Denver and inte-ested in mines in
Sonors, is in tbe city today on a brief
business visit. Mr Forrester states
his company has ceased cperatiooern
their Mexico properties pending the
present revolutionary activities. He
Arizona Convicts Find Road Build
ing in Mountains Too Cold and
Return to Penitentiary
Tbe convicts on the Globe-Ray road
will be moved to Florence for th win
ter. Tbe eoU weather and deep snow
has hampertd tbe road building to
raeb an extent that it ws tbongbt to
be best to discontinue the work until
warm weather comes in. Tbe men
' will $o afoot from tbe point of tbeir
v,y - '----
$3 rtK TEAK
Is published every Sunday, and con
tains all the nens of the week aa it
appears in The Dailt Probfsotoz
w Subacibe Now
NO 102
the board at preseut, however. The
age and sex of each animal sold would
bo required.
It is estimated thst if a cattleman
sells fifty steers in a year, he must
have at least 150 cows and 300 head
of asesable cattle. Tbis is the basis
of estimating a man's herd which the
asreetors favor. Of course there would
be various provisions of the law to
meet certain conditions.
The assessors favor an annual tax
of 3 or 4 mills on the dollar on mon
eys and credits They want to tee a
law similar to that of Minnesota,
where the tax is 3 mills, passed in
that'state In Minnesota it has been
found that men will list there bank
accounts as a matter of pride. List
ing is made on a separate blank and
wben a return is entered on tbe tax
roll, money and properly are lumped
together. Thus tbe amount of cash
a man has is never made public.
Tbe law has not resulted in tbe in
crease of interest rates, as it was charg.
edjlia j&would ,
announcement of which will appear
in these columns-is ti
German imnorted nrfzA Binnttin
Homers. Inside parlor performing
tumblers. Oiitiidft hich rill. t...K
ers. Plymouth rock Homer squabs
. .,..wWJallMIUS -
sees no early prospect of an improve
ment of conditions across the line.
Ten dollars a nay easily made by
local agent. Write for full informa
tion at once. Arizona Salea Agency
Vhoenlx, Arizona. Ml
present camp to Ray and will take tbe
train from Ray to Florence,
Sorghum Seed for sale at E H
Keeves' Fe-id Store. tf
uwra,. j.
-cot- u-3--.;vec 40jMW3sttzO
.- aaututi
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