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Tombstone epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1887-current, January 26, 1913, SUNDAY EDITION, Image 1

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The Weekly Tombstone Epitaph
published every Sunday, will gho all
the news and will be font to any ad
dress for
Four Montht For 91
Trial Jury to Report for Duty Monday
Cochise Citizens Who Will
Pass Judgment on Charges
Fcllowfogla the Cwbiae trial jury
lUt tubpoened to appear for duty on
Monday next, January 27th:
W A Campbell H G Harsh
P J Neenan W R Slaughter
Wm Hugbra John 0h
J 0 Ashley J W Neenan
Wm Aylward M K Hodges
J J Boyd W G Hansen
W C Hudapelb A L Lofgreen
F 8 Bennett J G Harmon
B L Seney L M Cyreoius
J A Bom A Bedua
J P Cummings J B Cuok
Arizona Assessments to go on Tax
Rolls at Full Value Hereafter
At Phoenix, the atate tax commis
sion issued an order requiring all
county assessors hereafter to assesa
property at full value. The order
Tombstone Rabbits to Compete
With Belgian Jare Honors
J F Lee is the .rabbit kiDg of the
Salt River Valley, Mr Lee lives on the
Tempe road and bat between 200 a.nd
300 Belgian hares. From these he
raises 1UU0 hires a year, for which he
finds a ready sale right at borne.
At the poultry show last week Mr
Lee bad nine rabbits entered and he
Sunday Services
Houses of
No morning services.
Benediction at 7.33 p m.
Saoday School at 10 a m.
Mats at 73) a. m. on eek dys.
All are cordially invited to attrnd
Bar. Fatjieb Genxetier, Pastor.
' Sat day School 10HX) a. m ".
'- Epworlb. LeaguaJ7 p. in.
All ara invited.
Tbevok Obto.t. Pastor.
K35ET '- "
Hnndar School 10. a.
Beavea, Sopjt.
PrechiDg II a. m.
Eteniog services 70 p m.
Christian Endeavor at 7.00 p. m
Everybody ia cordially invited to
r' ,r rf VS4
-a ' fit ." -v?-xa
S Uti
ftTsm.ajWJL.WM ,J-aTi ii . - m
Our fee rctarnetl if vre f jil. -Any one sending stetch anddcscnpUon of
say invention trill jnwnptl- recei vo our opinion free concerning tho patent
ability of sane. ''Aovr t ')ltain a Patent" sei- upon request. Patent
scared tfc-ough cs ad verti il for eale at onr expen. e.
Patent taken ost through s receive special mile without charge, in
Tnx TATENT RE-cr.D,an ill atrited and widely drcuhtc-i journal, conulto
W Manufacturers and In.tora.
Sd for sample copy FREE. Address,
(Patent Attorneys,)
r . r
I ulldlntT,. -
Wm Gtriett
John Perkins
W A Brown
C S Monmonier
A H Gardner
C A Taylor
A J Cleveland
B C Sterling
L B Chamberlain
C A Peckinpaugh
Ten dollars a a ay easily made by
local agent. Write for full informa
tion t orce. Anzooa Sales Agency
Phoenix. Anions.. Ml
merely enforce a law long on the
atatute books bat always unobserved.
ja.w S v.ur LltlJr
.T Hctba'Emrwu.Pt'JitTTO-tiaHnnUl- ii
took nine priies. Six were first prizes
two were second and one third.
Tombstone may alao shortly share
Belgian hare honors with Maricopa
Mr W P Thompson of tin; ciiy is hav
ing much eucceaa in raising 'he. rab
bits and baa a large numter of pens
at bis home on Fourth street-
in Tombstone
attend these services.
Bev. C. W. Dcscas, Pastor.
uncalled at thelTombttone Postoflice
For the Patt. Week
The following is a list ot letters ri
naming in the general deliveiy at thr
fomlxtone poatoffice for the week
ending January 18, 1913.
Atiicsor,, Miry Bsrg, A O
Gregg Baldado.Augnstine
Pigueron.Jacinto Lyon, Ella
Ramirez, Simon Bamsett, Chriato
Vega, Juan pbe r
Wallace, EW Saminiogo, Con
someico When calling lor above letters, saj
a'lreitised,' giving date of adver
tiemenU A fee of 1c will be collect
ed on each letter that is delivered.
W. A. Hakwood, Jk.
A "A Wilton
B McKinney
J H Jones
O Williams
C A Newman
J B Wylio
W Y Stoval
W Garrett
J H XIcGinnis
Summary Of
School Report
The following ia a summery of the
lomuaionc uign scnooi inu grammar
grade reports for 19 days of January
-filul ti BntufinUnilan P IT
High Grammar
School Grsde
i Number ol days tauebt.. 19 19
I Whole number of days
attendance 241 210DJ
Whole No days absent - -11 166
Whole No Ta-dineas ... 4C 146
Whole-No of boys enrol
led on register 10 70
Whole No ol G-rls enrol
led on register ... . C 65
Total No enrolled 16 135
average No belonginc. 15 120
Average Daily attendance 13 111
Per cent of attendance
on average No belong
inj; 84 93
No pupils entered 2
In this epistle you will find
The fancier of a vagrant mind;
Imprisoned in a tno'J of clay
From which, at times, it loves to stray
To revel in some fairy dale
'Mid eceies ot some fantastic tale.
Orelae.on such a night as this,
(Twould be indeed a source of bliss)
Around tome festive board to sit.
That sparkles both with wine and wit.
I truly think my soul I'd damn
To eat roast pork with Charley Lamb!
If Alexander, Pope and Steele,
Were also there to share the meal
'Twouli be indeed a timo of joy.
"Ofr'eaeure pure, without alloy.
Edwakd Ly.vch
Tombstone, January 25. 1913.
To Survey in
Tombstone District
J B Wright, United 8ta'es survey
or, accompanied by bis staff, com
posed of Porter Rector. Charles
Crancb, Edward Thompson, Frank
McSberry and Eric Flannigan, ar
rived today from Silver Creek, where
they have been doing government
work and will make Tombstone their
headquarters lor several weeks on the
same mission. They have been sur
veying government school districts
near Silver Creek for the ptat three
Sues Pullman Co.
for $3000 Damages
The Pullman Car company has
been aned by Mrs F W 'Randall, wife
cf Ccssty I"iJ.'c;D Randall, for the
sum ot$3XK), for injuries alleged to
have been sustslnsd by her on ac
count of being pot off the train al
Berino.X M, when her ticket called
for Mesillo Park.
The station of Messillo Park was
called in place. of Berino, and the
mistake was not noticed by Mrs
Randall until at'er tbe train bad pull
ed out. She was forced to spend the
night in tbe cold station, as a result
of which aba contracted pneumonia
and was confined to her bed for some
time. Richardson & Pattee are rep
resenting Mrs Randall in ber suit.
We desire to increase tbe circula
tion of oar magazine, and have saver
all good offers in connection there,
witn. If yon wish to increase your
inc-roe and have any spare time to
devote to this work, wnte ni We
pay a very liberal commission and
would be glad to give you 'nil partic
Tombstone Town
Topics Tersely! Told
Visitors to City; Local arild
Personal Items of Interest
Statistics show that there were 271
births in Cochise county and 295
deaths) recorded between January 1
and June 30, 1912."
JttT Milton. Chinese Inspector,
landed a Chinaman in Tombstone
this morning who was without bis
papers. The Chinaman was a strang
er who had evidently escaped the
vigilance ol other officers and sought
to hide in Tombstone but failed to
let by the watchful Jeff.
B Maier of Benson, the merchant
prince of the junction city, was a
Tombstone visitor today.
Mrs S M Barrow returned to her
ranch holdings the the Dragoons to-
day, after teveral das visit in the
county seat
Reports from Phoenix are to the
tilect that a decision in the Cocbite
judicial precinct case will be delayed
about 30 davs in the supreme court,
further time h&viog been granted to
filo briefs. Arguments were pre
sented and after filiog of briefs a de
cision will I rendered.
A pleasant surprise rarty wis given
last evening in honor of Jerry Hol
land at the home of bis mother on
Fremont and 10th Sts, by a number
ol his friends. A merry time was
bad by all and delicious refreshments
were served. About 11:30 the crowd
departed all having spent an enjoy
able evening.
Newsy Notes From All Over Arizona
Carefully Condensed for The
Prospector Readers
On tbe charge of killing range cat
tle belonging to other parties, Wilco
Crockett, James McKelvey, Henry
Pitman and Robert Wagner were de
clared not guilty by a jury in tbe
superior court at Flagstaff, Tbe
charge brought aeaiost the prisoners
was having killed a steer near the
John Woody ranch last fall and hav
ing divided it among themselves.
Tbe case waa a hard-fought one.
In a mass meeting Friday evening
the progressive party of Phoenix
adopted resolutions drafted by a com
mittee ot 14 appointed earlier in the
tik, pledging iue party to work lor
the elimination of partisanship in tbe
nomination of candidates for tbe offi
ces to be filled at the general elec
tion. Two crops harvested and a third ia
the ground under cultivation ia the
record made by Peter Godfrey on bis
ranch in the Hermosa district near
Pboenix, during the year 1912.
Tbe school board and superintend
ent of the Douglas schools urges the
teachers to get out of the "old rut"
and to be more original in their teach
ing. The teachers are also requested
to write out their original ideal and
present tbem to tbe office ot tbe su
perintendent. Two private post office boxes at tbe
Globe post office were opened by a
combination Saturday night and tbeir
content stolen.
It is reported tbt Canasea isiajuiet.
George Young, secretary of the Fonr
C Copper company ol Canaoes, was
ia Douglas a few days ago aad stated
It ia reported tbat JTowneley and
Oldham the two convicts who escaped
from Florence, the latter a Cochiae
county prisoner, made their way
across the line through Pima county.
Reports were current that the two es
capes at one tlmo were in Cochise
county were without foundation as
investigation proved. Oldham is
wellknown in this section and would
be easily identified.
Wm Huebea of Biabee is in the
i city on a brie! visit.
The Tombstone City Band Orches
tra will furnish theTnusic at the
f Scliicffelin tonight when Professors
Chandler and Willis will deliver their
Further confirmation ol the report
to the effect that General Jose de la
Luz Blanco ia still alive was received
at EI Paso in telegrams from Sonora
and Arizona points to private iodi
viduals. According to onu message
received Blanco was at Sahoaripa, in
the ptate of Sonera, last Monday, and
has a large force of federal soldiers
with bim. He was reported in the
early part ot January, to have been
raptured and killed by Bed Flag ban
dits near the Babicora ranch in west
ern Chihuahua.
GiianHicriain's Cough Remetjr-
ru r.1 a a0 i
tbat ihe output of tbe FoorC smelter
would be approximately 9.000,000
pounds of copper.
The Phoenix Indian school will re
ceive tbe sum of $131,400 from tbe
government. This sum will be given
because of tbe passing ot tbe Indian
appropriation bill. Tbe bill nrovides
1330.000 for Arizona and New Mexico.
Five thousand dollar, is set aside fir
nomadic Papago Indiana in Pima
For th? purprse of arranging a rac
ing meet, T-ddy Tetzlsff, bolder of
the Phoenix track record and wbode
feited Barney Olilfie'd in Los Angeles
Kill probably be the feature ot Ihe
j track meet to conclude the feetivities
attendant upon tbe festival at Pboe-
n x February 16.
With tbe freabman class in the lead
and tbe other three teams tied for
second place, tbe interclass basket
ball league at the University of Ari
zona has closed. Tbe first year men
played straight through tbe season
without a defeat being registered
against tbem They had two narrow
escapes, one from tbe seniors and one
from tbe sophomores, bnt won both
ot these garnet by one score. Tbe
games were uniformly close tbroogb.
At Miami, last Saturday nigbt at
the Miners' Union ball, tbe cook and
waiters organised a local of tbe Motel
and Restaurant Employees' Alliance,
to be known a Miami local No 880
and to be affiliated witn the American
Federation of Labor.
Governor Gives Legisature Ample , Au
thority to Make Laws for All De
partments of Government
Sixteen new laws are recommended
and the revision of fifty.seven now on
the books is made possible by the call
for a special session of the Arizona
legislature Issued by Governor Geo,
WPHunt. February3, at 10 am, is the time
set for the legislators to meet. The
most important of the laws recom
mended are to provide for the main,
tenance of the state government unt il
the next legislature meets; a mini
mum wage for persons engaged in
hazardous occupations; provisions for
cutting into effect the constitutional
amendment permitting the state to
Lectures at the Schieffelin Tonight
-Illustrated Views of Arizona
Points of Interest-Tombstone
Orchestra to Play
"Earth Sculpture" will be tbe rub-
ject of tbe lecture of Professor Cbarlea
t Willis, of tbe Universtiv of Arizona
tonight at Tbe Schieffelin.
The lectnra will be illustrated with
about 60 steropticon views, most o'
wbich have been taken by Profanr
Willis himself in the course of his
travels to remote mountains and des
ert points in Arizona and will be an
excellent geological study ot tbe vari
ous formations of rocks and earth
wblcb are generally passed unnoticed
by tbe ordinary person.
Here is a Smooth
Bunco Game
Local persona ase warned to be on
tbe lookout for a smooth customer
who is supposed to bave beaded for
Arizona from Memphis, Tenn.
Letters giving a description ot the
'ellow and describing his method of
doing business bavo been received.
In Memphis he bcugbt two pieces ol
property, ostensibly for a sister in
Chicago and gave two drafts. Each
draft was for several hundred dollars
Rebels Reported Near Arizona Line
in Sonora -Agua Prieta Reports
A small detachment of federal sol
diers, wbo bave been scouting in the
Ajo mountaios, returned to Agua
Prieta yesterday, bringing with them
two rebel prisoners wbom tbey claim
to bave captured in a fight with a
band of rebels wbicb occurred day be
fore yesterday near a town called
Coebaviacbi, 50 miles southeast of
Ago Prieta, mostly made up of ranch
people. Tbey report tbat tbe federals
aad rural came upon tbe rebels
"-C ' v;
la published erery Sunday, and con
tains all the news of the week as it
appears in The Dajlt Pbobpectox.
Subscibe Now
NO 103
engage in Industrial pursuits; aboli
tion ol capital punishment; road ap
propriations and a law to pay con
victs a small compensation for work
ing on the state highways; transfer of
the Industrial school from Benson
to Fort Grant; farms at the prison
and the asylum for the insane; pro
hibiion of the eale of cicarottes to
minors; a state appropriation for a
bridge to be built acroia the Colorado
river at lunia.in connection with the
It waa the desire n! (lie roii.rA
and hi9 call waa (rampH ait), .n-l, ;
view that co limitations should be
piacea upon the legislature.
Professor Chandler, an equally em
inent educator and of the faculty of
the University of Arizona will lecture
on "The High Cost ol living." Some
interesting pbazts of the subject will
be brought out.
The Icrabstone City Band Orches
tra will furnish the music and tbe
lecture, under tbe ausoices of the
Tombstone Publio School will be
without admiesicn charge. Cordial
welcome is exttoded all and a large
attendance should greet tbe distin
guished Arizonans.
One Headed for
He Works His
more than tbe payment tbat was to
be made. The customer took tba
change and faded from view. The
drafts were worthless.
Following ia the description: Age,
3.; height 5 feet e inches; medium
complexion; iron gr bair and blue
Sorehum Seed for sale at E H
Keoves' Fe4 Store. tf
camped near the place mentioned and
attacked them with Ihe result that
fonr or fire rebels were killed and tbe ,
two they brought back captured
Dilligent inquiry failed to disclose the
number of rebels engaged in (he fight
bat the incident baa aroused tbe Agua
Priete. garrison, and it ia probable tbe
commander will snd reinforcement
southeast and increase bis fore of
scouts as a result.
" "v. -

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