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PiibUaHwcl Ewary Sunday '
WILLIAM HATTICH. Editor and Proprietor
One year. .. $3 00
oix monms
Single copies
To prevent human burial alive a Dresden scientist has
invented an airtight chamber to hold a body, from which the
air can be exhausted, his theory being that signs of life, if any
exist, will manifest themselves as the air pressure lessens,
A rural mail carrier in Iowa has suicided because he could
not understand the workings of the parcel post. Many people,
including express company heads, will sympathize with his
malancholy bewilderment.
Bogus stock brokers had better give Arizona a wide
berth, as the corporation commission don'l propose to permit
any more swindling ofthat kind in the state Good for the
Arizona, for the first time in its history, today cast its vote
for president and vice president of the United States, and it
honored itself and its people by voting for Wilson and Mar
shall Ambassador Calero, who has just resigned his position at
Washington as the representative of the Mexican goremment
there, says he was compelled to do so by the errors of his gov
ernments policy. He still proclaims his loyalty to the estab
lished Mexican government, however and warns the Mexican
nation that any failure or collapse of that government would
be but the signal for continued revolutionary activity, and even
the deepest-dyed revolutionist in Mexico must be near the
point where he is prepared to concede that Mexico has had
revolutions a-plenty,
Merely to prove his theory of education by presenting a
concrete case. Professor Boris Sidis worked it out on his sona
William. As a result the youngster became one of the phe
nomenons of the age, attaining a mental stature at ten that
fairly astounded the educational world. The Professor writes:
"My William is now fourteen years of age, studies at
Harvard, has taken many advanced studies with credit, and
will graduate next year. He is quite tall, five feet seven and
one-half inches, and weighs one hundred and thirty-three
pounds He is physically far superior to the average boy of
his age. He is a strong, sturdy boy, with a complexion that
any girl might enyy. The boy is full of animal spirits, lively
jolly, overbrimming with merriment and humor,"
The three chief duties of a man are to smile, swat flies and
howl for good roads, A recent legal decision relieves him of
the duty of taking care of his family
There appears to be considerable trouble because the law
doesn't allow the wife to testify against her husband even in
cases of non-rupport when the wife would be the only person
to know the circumstances. Fortunately this is one of the
things that can be unscrambled, says the Tucson Star.
Eugene Chafin ol Tucson is attending the Prohibition
conference at Indianapolis and has advanced a plan for raising
one million dollars for a campaign fun for the Prohibitionists
in 1916. His plan was adopted. Now if he can get it ar
ranged so that part of that sum can be spent right here it will
be considered a good financial move by Arizonans.
Getting back to the weather: Did you ever see anything
finer in the way of midwinter weather?
y v- If you have stood firm in that resolution made the first of
1 the year you "deserve credit; if you have failed you can console
yourself with the thought that it is better tojiave resolved and
lost than never to have resolved at all.
Hint to Mr raft: Less than fifty days remain in which
the republican administration will remain in office just about
time enough for the president to take a trip to Honolulu Jand
return for the big doin's March 4.
Mr Bryan holds that cabinet appointments should not not
be bestowed for purposes of reward. He contends that the
future, not the past, should be considered, A great many
prominent politicians never thought ofthat it's too deep for
many of them; especially some of them who think they should
be in the cabinet because of work they did during the cam
paign or because they gave to the campaign fund.
Bill Rockfeller and a lot of other high finance men who
are wanted by the money uust
"dignified silence." mere are a lot 01 men in every peni
tentiary who are doing the same thing.
Gen Antonio Rabago is headed now direct for Chihuahua
where he is to take personal charge of the campaign against
the remnant of the Red Flag rebel bandits, and it is to be hoped
that his efforts inrthat direction will be crowned with a greater
measure of success than attended his immediate predecessors.
Missouri is to have a "Blue
the Arizena law, but the weather
attention to it and if the Mtssounans want to see blue sky
the winter time they will be obliged to come to Arizona.
Speaking of inconsistent things; What do you -think
Harry Thaw from an insane asylum to appear as a witness
a civil suit.
Green is said to be restful
noticed this in looking at a roll
John Pussafiszanas has just died at a great age. He
lived with that name more than 100 years. He'wasn'ta soda
water clerk or a Balkan as the name implies, but a Chippewa
Indian who drank nothing but water fire, mineral and pure
Castro had been refused admission to this country. -The
principle objection made to him by the immigration officer
, waa that Castro was an awful liar, Lucky for a lot of us we
are already in this country, i
1 50
committee are maintainting a
Sky" law after the order of
man will pay no particular
to the eyes. Many of us have
of "loug green."
I News of
in Condensed Form
The proposed Lever land leasing
bill wbith came up before tba Lira
Btook Association tor discussion will
not, according to the president, Henry
A Jestro, work against tbe small cat
tie nicer. The presUent stated to
talk 00 hie arrival in Phoenix that be
believed the high ooat ol liting wae
not caused by Sree meat ao much aa
by the clentifio raising ol cattle.
He lurther ttated that tbe ranges
mutt be conserved il belter cattle
were to be raised. Witb tbe raogee
open, overstocking baa become she
lule aod many cattle die every year.
H H Hotchkiae, county school
superintendent ol Cochise county,
calls tbe attention to the need ol tbe
school boards in the various districts
conserving the lunds, which bare
been apportioned to tbem. He gives
one example where be aays the county
was charged mora than doable tbe
price troni which CocblM merchant
would have furnished tbem. Ha
wrote a circular letter to tbe various
districts, in which be offers bis assist
ance in obtaining supplies at fa much
cheaper rate than has been paid.
Mexican Consul. Manuel Oueeta,
located at Douglas, claims that be is
constantly being bribed to join tbe
revolutionary army; Recently he
received a letter from tbe revolution
ist located in Sonora in tbe Ajo
mountain, offering him inducements
10 betray bis government and join
their ranks. Tbe letter was referred
to tbe Mexican government for its
The St Joseph's hospital ol Fboenix
graduated five fall-fledged nurses
Saturday evening. Tbe gradaatiog
class was tendered a reception by tbe
sisters of tbe school.
Chief of Police J A Moore, of Phoe
nix is looking lor a home ford young
msn, who says be is twenty.one, but
looks about seventeen or eighteen.
He is now in the Pboenix city jail lor
Tbe first annual show ol tbe Art
xona poultry association began Wed
nesday in fboenix. About six bur.
dred birds have been entered and J
William Whitney ol Upland, Cal.,
one ol tbe most celebrated poultry
judges in tbe United States began
judging tbe fowls Tuesday.
Mrs and Mrs Walter H Meyors of
Prescott were married and have lived
unhappily ever afterward, according
to Mr Meyers, who wants a divorce
and claims hi wile amused herself by
breaking down tbe door and healing
bim over tbe bead.
A W Kdwsrds, past president of tbe
Yavapai dob at Prescott received an
ovation at the club Tuesday evening.
Tbe mothers ol the state held tbeir
annual conference in Pboenix, Among
the speakers present were Dr Wilde,
who gaye an address on "Tbe Rela
tion ol tbe High School to tbe Com
munity;" Mrs J C Nor too, president
ol tbe association Secretary Otburn
Mis GUcbrest aod others.
Another gold nugget was picked np
by Mrs J E O'Xeil of Globe at tbe
same point at which she fouod the
first a fs w days ago.
Mrs Fannie Graham, wile ol O D
Urabam ol Douglas, died at her borne
from tubercular trouble. Tbe de
ceased was 45 year old and bad suf
fered from tbe white plague for year.
The family hava been raaidenta ol
Douglas lor ten years, being among
tbe first settler there.
There is every reason to believe
tbat in tbe near luture Pboenix will
have a crude oil refinery. George
Calboon.a leading California oil man,
with headquarters at Bakersfield, waa
in Pboenix last Tuesdar for tbe Dar
poee ol holding tbe annual meeting
ol bis company. He stated tbal il be
received the proper encouragement be)
wouiu erect m pisas.
Thomas E Flann'gan is preparing a
writ of habeas corpus for Goodwin,
which will be presented to the United
State district court at Pboenix ia
tbe near luture.
Fifteen petition will be eireulatad
by the pupil ol tbe Globe high cchool
asking tbe authorities, to call aa else
tion to decide tbe question ol leasing
bonds lor tbe erection ol a Globe high
Perhaps tbe most unique effet ol
cibsim ww aaiw uuiuv vafvi sja a
tba present record breaking sold I
weather waa apparent at tba Calaaet J
the State
& Arizona smelter at Douglas Wad.
nesday. when tbe furnaces hsd to be
cloaed down lor aeveral hours during
tbe morning, tbe ore in tbe car be
ing so tightly Irosen tbst it was im
possible to dislodge it lor uie any
Frilx Beevers, 17 years old , a par
agraph olerk lor the Randolph lines.
fell nut ol a second story window in
tbeHittioger block at Tucson and
broke bis right wrist. He fell twelve
feet and landed on a pile ol ashes in
the rear of the buildiog. He was
playing with another boy at the time.
His companion was trying to stick a
piece ol gum on Beevers' band and
the latter btoked through the win
At Tuoson, poor people living in
tbe vicinity ol tbe old cemetery have
stolen most ol tbe wooden headboard
tor fuel. Two boy admitted to the
chief of police tbat tney bad t'ken
some of tbe boards aod led tbem to
tbeir home, where tbeir blind grand
father sst over a tiny fire fed with the
wood Other families, it is learned,
end their children to tbe cemetery
for wood. No action has been taken
Jesus Floras, aod old timer living
in the San Joss district, was found
dead in his home. One of bis legs
bad been btdly burned. He wa sub
ject to fits and he probably put his
foot in tbe fireplace during one of
his attacks. Solomonville Bulletin.
The tax suit between tbe county ol
Greenlee and the Arizona Copper
company, for tbe payment of taxes
baa now reached tbe (upreme court of
tbe state on an appeal and will be
tried in Phoenix.
Coogreasman Carl Hayden has been
elected third vice president of tbe
National Rifle Association of Amerl
Tbe work'ot installing bnnks in jail
at Douglas has been finished. Bunks
are now placed in tbe various cells
and shatters are fastened on the win.
Plans and specifications for tbe
new depot to be erected at Agua
Prieta have been sent to tbe Citj ol
Mexico lor approval.
Tbe automobile chauffeurs ol Pboe
nix have formed a union, about 30
chauffeurs joining.
Tbe next convention ol the Nation
al Livestock association will be held
Mr Melville Greenlea! accompanied
ber husband, tbe sheriff of Yuma
county, to Pboenix recently for the
purpose of placing in tbe Florence
Orittendon home for girls a girl who
waa sent there by the Varna juvenile
court lor delinquency. Mrs Greenlea!
is the only woman police officer in
Tbe mayor ol Philadelphia will he
asked to allow the car bringing tbe
eld liberty Bel! to the exposition at
Ban Francisco to stop at Douglas in
order that the Douglasite may see
the historic old relic.
Anewelectrio current tester wss
nrderrd recently lor City Sesler
Quick ol Biabee, and be will begin
making testa very ahortly. A water
tester also waa ordered at the tame
Four hundred men are now em.
ployed in tbe little heard ol Ajo dis
trict, according to DrC A Scbrader,
who made a visit to Ajo, eighty miles
southwest ol Tucson, a lew daya ago.
Tbe Calumet and Arixona Mining
company I prospect:ngSactivedeyrlop
ment work in tbe district and a nam.
ber of smaller companies are operat
Leonardo HcDnieI,a 14-year-otd
boy who was Blabbed in tbe back by
.nine-year, old Don Jack Fong, tbe
son ol Don Cbon Wo. mayor of China
Iowa, at Tucson, was sent to the re
form sebool by Judge Cooper alter a
bearing of tba case in the juvenile
court. It waa abown tbat MeDaniel
tarted tba fight.
Hotel crowded aad rooming booses
doing a fine (ratine, Tucson ia now
declared to to accommodating more
winter visitors tban ever before in tbe
history of tba city.
Tbe annual meeting of tbe stock
bolder of tbe First National bank of
Globe wa held at tba bank, and tba
vaawesv wax a aaweaiax) awaanw www
resignation ol J DCoplan aa director, I
wa receive M attest upon, j t
Brown was elected a direetor to fill
tbe vacancy.
Until late Monday night scarcely
any water was to te naa ty toe resi
dents ol the business section of Lowell
owing to leakage in the pipes caused
by bursting.
George Piper, a miner in the Fata
gonia district, agedeevnty-ooe, wss
shot and probably fatally wounded at
Gresterville by Slue N Coolay, a
school teacher. Piper bad been out
in ihe hills and returned after dsrk
and mistook the house occupied b)
Miss Cooley for that ol one of his
friends. Miss Coo'ey shot twice
through the door with a Colt's .45
six-shooter. One bullet brcke Piper'a
left wrist and the second shot passed
through bis lungs.
At Tucson, Pax Bills, an aged
Mexican woman who begs for a liv
ing, appeared at the police station
with a dog and 11.60, Tbe price of a
dog license is 12. She extended tbe
money with a crippled right hand and
asked until Saturday to pay the bal
ance. Tag No 18 was issued to ber.
the collector taking a chance on tbe
t'ty cents.
Hsp Hogan is In Phoenix He is
there for the purpose of looking over
the Salt River valley with a view to
establishing spring training 'quarters.
Hogan is the mansger olthe Vernon
team ol tho Pacific Coast league, and
asked JZ.UOU to help pay expenses
and while his offer has not been acted
on, be may make another proposi
tion. V A Fortner of Ch'oago waa in
Douglas a few days ago and preeenttd
a mammoth scheme with reference to
tbe borderland route. It includes the
establishment of two large club houses
one near El Paso and another near
Los Angeles, with the route a ma
cadamized boulevard.
Tbe iron flagpole on one of the
school bouses in Douglas hss burst.
During tbe weather it filled with
water and during tbe recent col J snap
the water froze and burst tbe pole.
Does Not Want
Geronimo's Band
New Mexico wants co more Indians
than it has. It is not elated at tbe
idea of the return of tbe Geronimo
tribe to tbe Tularosa reservation and
will have none of it if Ihis can be pre
vented. J V Tully, representing Lincoln
county, has presented a resolution
protesting to the department of tbe
interior against the return to the
Mescalero reservation, or any other
reservation in New Mexico ol Geroni
mo and his band, Tbe resolution wss
referred to tbe committee in Indian
Etale ol Arizona.
Ia conformity with the provisions
ol Chapter XVIII ol Chapter 77 of
tbe Session Laws enacted by tbe First
State Legis'ature of Arizona in its
regular session, A. D. 1912. I.George
W. P. Hunt, governor ol Arizona, do
hereby designate and set apart Ike
seventh day ol February, A. D. 1913,
as Arbor Day, to be observed in tbe
counties of Cochise, Gila, Graham.
Greenlee, Maricopa, Pima. Pinal,
Santa Cruz and Yuma; and I further
designate and ret apart the fojrth day
ol April A. D. 1913. aa Artor Day, to
be observed io tbe counties of Apscbe,
Navajo, Coconino, Mohave and Yava
I recommend that inalieducational
institutions ol Arizona, Arbor Day, as
hereinbefore designated, be observed
witb appropriate exercises, and tbat a
portion ol tbe day Ibns set apart bo
feyoted by instructors and pupils to
the plaotiog ol trees, shrubs, vines
aod lowers for tbe beautification and
permanent Improvement ol the
grounds surrounding our school and
And I farther recommend that tbe
people ol Arizona shall on Arbor Day.
as designated herein, take measures
to promote lorest and orchard hus
bandry, to adorn public and private
grounds, places and ways, and to
make such other observance as aball
be appropriate to the occasion .
In witness whereof, I bare here
unto aet my band and
caused tbe Great Seal ol
(Seal) tbe State to be affixed.
Done at Pboenix, tbe
Capital, this twenty-first
day of January, A. D. 1912.
By tbe Governor:
Attest: GKO. W. P, HUNT.
SidsitP. Osbobh,
Secretary ol Bute.
Capt. Kelton Opposes
County Seat Removal
Capt 0 B Kelton was in Douglas
Monday Iroui his ranch home at Kel
ton in the Sulphur Springs valley.
In speaking about the next session
ol tbe legislature Mr Kel on eaid to
an International reporter: "I have
no idea what Governor Hunt will in
clude in bis cal1. lam inclined lo
believe he will issue a general call,
which will enable us to lake up any
matter that we may see fit "
As to the speakership, Mr Kelton
said: "I have no more idea who will
be the rpeaker than you bare II the
senate re-elects CunmrT as president,
I believe Brsdner will be re elected
as speaker. Personally! believe the
old othcers should hold over, as this
ia a special session en8 not tbe open
ing of a new sefsion.
"In regard to the proposed county
seat removal bill, I am strongly oc
posed lo it lor several reasons. In
tbe first place . county division is sure
to come in Cochise County sooner or
later and why not have it now? My
idea Is to divide the county in three
parte and then let each division settle
tbe question of the location of tbe
county seat for itself . It is true that
tbi strength of the county would be
greatly reduced, but tbat must come
some time anybow. I think tbe
lines proposed by your chamber of
commerce last fall is about tbe beet
that can be done and will divide the
taxable property as equally as possi
ble I favor that plan."
Arizona Will
Be Represented
In adopting tbe woman suffrage
amendment to the Constitution tbe
people cf Arizona brought down op
on themselves one blessing which
could not then be foreseen, tbe giving
to this state a more conspicioua place
on the map of the world than it would
otherwise have had.
Tbe conprees of tbe International
Woman Suffrage Alliance which will
meet at Rudapest next June will i
elude I we've delegates from the United
States. They will ccme only from
those states which have adopted
eqnal suffrage, to that Ar'zona will
have representation. Many o tbe
leading suffragettes of tbe state have
requested Governor Hunt, who has
the designation of the delegate from
this state to appoint Mrs Frances W,
Munds, chairman of the Arizona
Equal Suffrage Central Committee,
and he has done so.
Two Good Lectures in
Tombstone Saturday
Tombstone will have an opportun
ity of beariag two excellent lectures
on Saturday evening next, January,
25th , at Tbe Schieffelin.
The lectures are part cf the cites
sion work undertaken by tbe Univer
sity of Arizona and tbe course here
will be held under tbe auspices of tbe
Tombstone Public School.
Prof Chandler will lecture on "The
High Cost of Living," and the speaker
will give an interesting phsie of this
all-absorbing topic Prof. Willis will
lecture oo "Earth Sculpture or the
Scientific Basis of Scenery." This
lecture will be an illustrated one.
Prof. Willis having an excellent pro
jectoscope, which is operated by
acetylene gas and carriea tbe entire
equipment witb him on bis tour.
This lecture is also of absorbing in
terest witb striking illustrations.
Both lecturers will appear tbe same
evening at Tbe Schieffelin and Prof.
Stover of tbe Tombstone Schools an
nounces no aimission fee will be
charged; a cordial and hearty welcome
being extended tbe Tombstone pop
ulace to attend, as guest of the
We desire to incresse tbe circula
tion of our magazine, aod have sever-
all good offers in connection there,
witn. If yon wish to increase voor
income and have any spare lime to
devote to this work, write as. We
pay a very liberal commission and
would be glad to give you full partic
Sorghum Seed lor sale at E H '
Reeves' Feed Store. tf
. '
f i . -.m'
-VSA? . 1 i 4iaai
L iuiiiTtt
Tucson Realty is
the New Jerusalem
Geographically, topographically, and
hydrographically Tucson is tbe New
Jerusalem, according to Ex-Governor
Hughes Tbe ex-governor, who is a
thorough student, hss teen looking
over Ihe globe and noticed tbat Tuc
son aod Jerusalem are only about fif
teen miles apart latitudinally con
"This fsot can be essily sscertained
by looking at a globe," said Mr
Hughes. "It is also interesting to
note that the vegetation tbst thrive
ia tbe vicinity of Jerusalem can also
be eaiily grown in tbe vicinity of Toe
son aod tbat tbe climatic condition
are similar. Both places are well in
land and are not affected by other
factors that sometimes enter into
climatic conditions."
While no systematic experiment
witb dates and olives have been con
ducted in this section, they are grown
at Yuma witb great profit and doubt
less could be grown here, as they are
at Jerusalem. It may be betide tbe
mark but it is also a fact tbat some
of Tucson's foremost and ablest citi
zens aie Jes. Tbe comparison
pointed out by Ex-Governor Hughes
is extremely interesting. Star
Auto Truck Tire
Judge C H Rutherford, of Jerome,
hss patented another invention. It
is an anto truck tire that is practical
ly indestructible,
A year or so ago Judge Butberford
patented a device to fit inside a wo
man's hat and do away with hat pins.
Arrangements are now being made to
manufacture tbe device and place it
on tbe market. It cannot be as big a
money-maker as tbe truck tire, how
ever, if the tire is what he claims it is.
The truck tires now in use are sol'd
rubber. Rubber is neceatary to give
reeilliency, hut Ihe wearing surface is
rubber and tbe life of one is compari
tiveiy short
Judge Rutherford has effected a
combination with an eastern inventor
who has compounded a liquid tbat
makes wood very tough and resistant
to wear. Hit new truck tire baa
blocks cf this wood set upon a base of
rubber and held in place by an iron
band. The rubber cin be as thick a
desired. It furnishes the resiliency,
but all the wear ia on the wood block
Should Not Furnish
Convicts With Liquor
"Within two years every state in
the union will be working convicts on
its roads; but il the system is con
tinned here in Arizona, some law
must be passed making it a felony to
give or sell a prisoner liquor."
This statement was made by
Governor George Hunt in discussing
the escape of George TuWDBley and
John CIdham from the Higley road
camp last Friday nigbt, alter Towns
ley bad made a drunken attack upon
Foreman Gibbs.
"Both Townsley and Oldbam wera
?ood men , good workers on tbe road
till someone supplied tbem witb
whisky," continued tbe govercor.
" Hsd not some misguided or malic
ious person given them whisky, they
would have served out tbeir sentence,
less time off for gocd behavior and
work on the highways; and might
have become good citizens.
" This is not the first trouble ol tha
kind that we htve bad. It should be
made a penal offense for anyone to
furnish a convict with intoxicaoing
liquor. I understand that several
state bavs sueh a law."
Cochise officers are on tbe lookout
for tbe two convicts who escaped from
Florence Friday nigbt. Oldbam, who
was convicted in this connty, is fami
liar witb this section and know all
trails to Mexico. Notwithstanding
this, should tbe two come this way
tbeir capture is very probable.
At a meeting of tbe director of tbe
Arizona Oil company, held at Bisbee
recently, the affairs of the caganiia
tion were goce into and director
chosen. The property of the company
is in tbe Lost Hills aod farther de
velopment work will be dona at One,
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