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The Weekly Tombstone Emtapii
, published every Sunday, will give all
the news and will lie pent to any ad
dress for
Four Monthi For 91
Close of Remarkable Cochise Murder
Case Insanity Plea of Defense
Testimony Submitted
Much interest is manifested in tb
Cabe Adams esse, the defendant being
on trial on charge of murder of W J
Bruner of this city at Turner on Nov
ember 23rd last.
The prosscution closed their case
yesterday afternoun having brought
oat all of the facts by eye itnetee cf
the terrible tragady 10 which in
nocent Tictim receld a death wound
at the hands ot ths defendant.
The defendant in bis own defense
look the stand and testified he was
drank and did nut knot? the dead man
or realize he-baJ killed biro, he lur
ing acted cueerly at times since hi
received a blow on the bead from a
pistol daring an altercation in Tu
enmcari. N 11, in 1904, On cross- ex
amination it was brought out ibat
Adams had killed two other men be
fore thepresent crime: on one charge
he was acquitted and on the other
plead guilty after first mistrial, and
erred a term in the penitentiary.
Dr Hugbart was called to the stand
by tbe defense, and after preliminary
questioning was called upon to aniwer
hypothetical question involving in
sanity of a man who acted as defend
ant; reciting every peculiarity that
was brought out in tbe trial and
Spineless Cactus a Good Food
- May be Improved for Human
Ever eat any spineless cactu? Well
it wonld not hart you, and you night
like it, A good many of those who
have tried it think the sp!nle a cactus
is an appetixing food, equaling the
best of smsll fruits. It is.being chief
ly grown, however, as fouurr fcr ani
mals. 1 he improved spineless cactu
is fed successfully to bogs, cows and
poultry, showing a wonderful improve
ment over ever, alfalfa feeding. In a
recent test cows which were fed on
" alfalfa, producing thirty-eight pounds
Arizona Womens"
tol Punishment -Vote a Sur
prise on Resolution
At tbe morning session of the con-1 Governor Hunt, which he specifically
vention of Woman's clubs at Douglas Pke -n laror of before them tbe
, .. . .. i other day, and which he so strongly
yesterday, a resolution favoring the " . "
. , , . , . , " . I recommends in his message to tbe
abolishment of cspitsl punishment in j ejtri fntioa 0, ,he ,egUUture.
tbe state of Arizcna was tabled by aj
..rgevote.tbe.pmen.hu. going on tJiamrBr!ajn'S UOUgTl KeiTtefi?
record at against the pet measure oI oc - ' nmw-Ur-o
There Are 222 Autos in Cochise
County-The Number in Each
City of Banner Couity
There are 1,753 automobiles and
tsotorcyle. in Arizona, registered
with the secretary of state, according
to a recently it sued report. The list
rn the order of ownership in Cochise
county total. 222 aotos as follows:
Douglas 111, Bisbee, ineinding Low
ell and Warns 64. Tombstone 16,
! events preceeding and immediately
after tbe kilting. Theqjestion was a
'lengthy one and was on a par with
the famous hypothetical question to
air" alienist in the no'ed Thaw ce.
The aitneee elated under the condi
tions named tto man mas unquestion
ab'y insane lie testified the de
fendant suffered from alcoholic mania,
a form of insanity, when he examined
him at the jail.
This afternoon the arguments of
the ntlorneys in the case began. As
ei.Unt County Attorney Murry open
ened for the prosecution and recited
the facts ot the trageJy, bringing out
the details in forceful and convincing
presentation. In recalling the cir
cumstances in a vivid mental picture
! to the jury, tbe speaker at times
, launched into a bitter arraignment
and waved pretext and excuse aside
in tbe appeal for penalty of crime and
ruthless killing of an innocent victim
The attorney made an earnest and
mast able plea.
Attorney A K English for tbe de
tente follows Attorney Murry and is
addressing tbe jury as we go to pres.
LATER: Tbe jury, returned a ver
of murder in tbe second degiee.
of milk a day, produced sixty poum'a
when fed on cactus.
Lutber Burbank, who evolved the
spineless cactus and numerous other
freak vegetables and plants, discover
ed that the cactns a tn a class by
itself on account of tbe fact that it
defied Used, drought, neat, cc!d sod
all conditions dveree to other nlants
Tbe needles whicb he has removed by
his experiments canted tbe death of
animals whicb were pressed by starv
ation to consume the cactus for food.
Club Favor Capi
Wlllcox 12. Coartlsnd 4, Do. Cabezss
4. Dragoon 2. Pearce 2, Pirtleville Jt,
San Bernardino 2, Gleeaon 1, Benson
1, Bowis 1.
Ten dollar, a aay easily made by
local agent. Write for full informa
tion at once. Arizona Sale. Agency
Phoenix. Arizona. aa ul
-V)j ''
onUi atone
Sunday In
Tombstone Churches
Beuediction at 7.30 p ui.
First Mass Sunday morning a' 8.00
a m in Mexican. .Second Mass at
y.-00; sermon in English,
Benediction of the Blessed Sacra
ment immediately after second Msss
on Suuday.
Sunday School at 10 a m.
Mass at 7:3') a. m. on week days.
AH are cordially invited to attend
Ktv. Father Geklkviek, Pastor.
Sunday School 10:00 a. m.
Epworlh League 7 p. in.
All are invited.
Tiikvor Oktov. Pastor.
Sunday School 10 a. m., E H
Reeves, Supt.
Preaching 11 am. Topic: "Glimpses
of the Transfiguration."
Preaching 7:30 p m. Topic: "That
Young Mi.ii.'
Christian Endeavor at 7.00 p. m
Everybody is cordially invited to
attend these services.
Kev. C. W. Duncan, Pastor.
State of Arizona.
In confor-nity with tbe provisions
of Chapter XV11I of Chapter 77 of
tbe Pessino Laws enacted by the First
State Legis'ature of Ariiona in its
regular session, A . D. 1912, I, George
V. P. Hunt, governor of Arizona, do
hereby designate and set apart thel
seventh day of February, A. D. 1913,
as Arbor Day, to be ODseired in the
counties nf lochisc, Gila, Graham
Greed, Maricopa, Pima. Pinal,
Santa Cruz and Yuma; and Iluitlir
designate and set apart tbe fojrth da)
of April A. D. 2913. as Arbor Day, to
be observed fn tbe counties of Apache,
Navajo, Coconino, Mi have and Yava
pai. I recommend that in all educational
institutions of Arizona, Arbor Day. as
hereinbefore designated, be observed
with appropriate exercises, and that a
portion of tbe day thus set apart bo
deyoted by instructors and pupils to
he planting of trees, shrubs, vines
and flowers lor "he beantification and
permanent Improvement of tbe
grounds surrounding our schools and
And I further recommend that the
people of Arizona shall on Arbor Day,
as designated herein, take measures
to promote forest and orchard hus
bandly, tc adorn public and private
grounds, places and nays, and to
make such other observances as snail
be appropriate to the occasion
In witness whereof, I have here
unto set my Jiand and
caused the Great Seal of
(Seal) the State to be affixed.
Done at Phoenix, the
Capital, this twenty-fir?!
day of January, A. D. 1913.
By the Governor:
Attest: GFO. W. P. HUNT
Sidney P. Osbobx.
Secretary of 8tate.
Eat J McLevy. Feb 13 day hear
ing petition.
Est and guardianship Terrebone
minors. Feb 13 day bearing petion.
Est J C Anderson. Feb 13 day
bearing petition. .
J&9. S c tr Sk.cy
jr Htfbba'BparaPlllte!iriIIt1aeUl- H
Tombstone Town
Topics Tersely Told
Visitors to Oity; Local and
Personal Items of Interest
Dr C 8 Powell of Benson is a coun
ty seat visitor today on a brie' busi
ness visit.
Yes, and again we would like to
know where you can duplicate our
present brsud of Tomb. tone ideal
Secretary J X Oainesof tbe Cochise
Taxpayers association left Ust even
ing for Douglas on matters connected
with tbe association.
Arizona Girl
In the Limelight
A Ne York dispatch says:
Unmarried and still thoroughly
weMern, Mies A Kicyon, whose home
is in Xavtjo county, Ariz , returned
today from Euroie wtere she has
been speeding rtout months, and
created a decider! sensation by sound
ly slapping two titled foreigner,
whose advances, she thought, bor
dered on the indiscreet.
A Navajo Indian coat which Mies
Kenyon wore in Paris, created wide
spread comment.
Send your wild animal akin, to A
H Hilton Mer. Co. San Antonio N
M. They have outlet to manuactor
ers in Europe and always net yon
highest prices Send for pamphlet
Learn how to takecare o your catch
Newsy Notes From All Over Arizona
Carefully Condensed for The
Prospector Readers
The Tom Reed mine, Mobaye cour
ty, made it. monthly shipment of
bu'iiuii liit week, tb bar being worth
$99 500. The company distributed
$65,000, or 7 per cent, among its
stockholders for the month.
At Tucson, tbe attention of local
capitalists is being turned towards
the proposition of Fraokl'n R Max
well and Dick Harding to establish
a vitrified brick plant there to work
their clay deposits on tbe weet side of
the Tucson mountains
W W Bon Dorant.and G F Mc
Canna, two examiners from the de
partment of justice, who ate iSA&icg
tbeir regular trip to check up the ac
counts of the federal officers in tb
department of justice, have been ia
fucson for the past ten days.
Friends of Spider Kelley, tbe blind
Phoenix boxer, have decided to find
out jnst what an eye specialist can do
for him, and they also plan to set up
Kelly in a small business. In order
to do this they have arranged a bene
fit for him at the Elks' theater Thurs
day eveniog, February C.
Several entertainments and dance.
are being arranged for by the Mexican
colony of Douglas for tbe celebration
of the 5th of Febrnary, in honor nf
the adoption of the Mexican consti
tution. The first week in Febrnary
is observed all over the republic of
Mexico, fiestaa of all kind, being; the
rale, at whicb time liberal donaliona
re made to the poor. t
At Douglas, tbe home of Mr Baghy
was entered some tiraeanday, while
the family was away hunting, aad
Wm Garrett was excused from jury
service and returned to Dot Cabesaa
Mis May Chamberlain returned to
Bisbee last evening, having recovered
from an attack of pneumonia and.waa
able to make the trip to the copper
camp. -
January was an excellent month
with tbe mines to the south of Doug
las, the imports ot ore and bullion
being larger than in December, which
was itself a better month than tbe
one previous, by nearly 10Q.OOO
Traveling Gospel
Car in Arizona
Chapel car "Emmanuel" cf tbe
Baptist Publication society is touring
Arizona. It is now in 'Incson and
is expected to be in tbe state for tbe
next three weeks. It will be a new
experience for many Arizona cities.
The "Emanuel is No 2 of six chapel
cars operated by the Baptist Publica
tion Society.
In appearance, tbe "Emmanuel" is
similar to the ordinary railroad coach
only longer, being eighty feet long
and eleven feet wide.
CharnDenains uougfi Hemetfr
n- "Tj-lr -
jewelry ra'aed at $225 stolen. It I.
believed tbe burglar effected entry
with a pass key.
At a meeting Tuesday night, the
rooms of the Commercial elub at
Mesa were crowded with county di
vision enthusiasts. A committee was
appointed to draft a bill to present to
tbe legislature, provided it is deter
mined to ask ior tbe diyiaion. A
meeting is called for Friday nigbt.
oewau a. Bona, who ba been a
resident of Tucson a year, WednesJ.y
closed tbe purchase ot 240 acres ol
land at Case Grande for $3,910.
Th ui.ur.t o! patriotism in the
United Ststes is indicated in tbe .ales
of a New York flag boose which total
$1,000,000 a year. Tbe bulk of this
is spent for United State, flag ever
built by this firm was 200 feet long
and costJfJOO.
Thomas B Marshall, vice-president
elect, has accepted tbe invitation of
tbe men', club of the Presbyterian
church at Phoenix, and will speak and
dine with that organization on Thurs
day evening.
An nnbeard condition of affair., so
far as southeastern citie. and towns
are concerned, is reported from Mi
ami. Tbe announcement of the bond
ing of tbe new $7,500 ,000 Inspiration
concentrator, tbe picture of that im
mense Inspiration are showing mile,
on miles of tbe bigbe.t type of reon
omie effieieney ol Its kisd in tbe
world, tbe faot. that early text May
ao army of highly paid steel workers
will invade the city of Miami, has
attracted tbe attention not only of
I tfaotithoot the entire eonn try.
capitalist., ous oi working men
. .. Il J,
Much Work Ahead for the Solons-
Must Provide Over Two Million
to Run State Two Years
For the conduct of Its affairs durinp
1913 and 1914, tbe state of Arizona
will need $2 .500.100. according to a
preliminary estimate made by Audi
tor Callagban. This estimate is sub
ject to increase and revision, as tbe
Dgures lor some institutions, notably
tbe deaf and dumb tcbool, have not
been submitted.
Incladedjn tbe auditors estimate
are tbe amounts neceseery for tbe
operation of the state and its institu
tions during the two years that will
elapse before another session of ihe
legislature is held. It doe. not In
clude any appropriation for the pro
posed new wing to tbecapitol
Among the items is $50,000 for the
stale fair, together with an annronria-
tioo of $75,000 for a new exhibition
building, and $10,000 a year for improvements.
The Number of Paroles and Com
mutations of Sentences Issued
by Governor Hunt Last Year
Governor Hont issued only seven
pardon, between Febru.ry 14 and
December 31, 1912, according tn tbe
report of Secretary of State O-born.
No pardon, bave been grantid since.
Governor Hunt issued 46 paroles,
147 commutations of sentence, 5 re
prieves, and 18 restoration, to citizen
ship. Two proclamation, of award
and ten holiday proclamations were
issued . Seven corumisioneiw of deeds
Work of Assessing Cochise County
Under Way Next Week
County Assessor Ed Hughes will
begin tbe work of assessing ma! and
personal forooerty on February 3rd.
3 Both will be assessed at the full cash
value as provided by law and ordered
by tbe state tax commission. Asses
sor Hngbes will make collections of
personal taxes or receive boi ds for
tbeir payment in the fall after the
Frozen Oranges Brought to Arizona
Must be labeled Hereafter
Frozen California oranges are being
sold in Arizona as first clas, nnfrrst
ed frcit. The practice must stop,
say. Dr Wm H Sargent, health nfficer
of Phoenix.
Dr Sargent will notify a'.i dealers
that in displaying tbe frozen 6'anges
from California they must place a
placard above atating jast wbst they
Great quantities of frosted and
frozen orange, are being shipped from
Pomona, Cal. without labels More
than a carload of these bave been
shipped to Phoenix and many boxes
bave been sold at Arizona points and
it is probable tbe froit has alee rtsch
ed Tombstone.
Outwardly tbe oranges look good
They have thick .kins and are falri
'joiey. Physicians declare, however,
Is published every Sunday, and con
tains all the news of the week as it
appears in The Daily Pxobfxotob-
Subeclbe Now
NO 103
The state debt is in the neighbor
bood of $3,500,000 and $55 ,000 a year
is needed to meet interest charges.
The actual cost of maintaining the
siate government for tbe two years is
estimated at $1,750,000. while the
improtements on state institution,
will cost $571, 095
Hard work and unceasing bicker
Ingfor three long months is what tbe
Arizona legislators expect the special
session, called by Governor George
Hunt to convene next Monday, to
"I don't 'ool. for this session to end
within less than 90 days," said a
member of the Maricopa county dele
gation. "It ingoing to be one long
fight, to. We will be Lcpt here till
we ere aorn out "
- oiccr.
and C78 notaries public were com
missioned. The number of ex
ecu live appointments made was 104,
and 51 official bonds were approved.
The report that goes to the legisla
ture will point oat tbe absolute neces
sity of revising the election U.S.
Various changes in other laws affect'
ing the secretary's cf&ce will be ad
vocated strongly.
trate has been fixed by the tax com
mission. Under the classification of
personal property is included mer- ,
chants' .locks. -
The period of assessment extends)
to tbe first Monday in Jane and any
property that the assessor find, in
tbe county between tbesedate. ia as
sessable. that they are injurious to bealtb.
In Tucson 'rozen oranges were be
ing sol'i and they were brought to the
attention of M A Bx, United State
ford inspector. He stated that the
sale ot the oranges could not be stop
ped under the federal pure food law,
because they still contained juice.
Tbe city authorities then took a hand
and wo carloads were confiscated.
- 1
We desire to increase tbe circula
tion of our magazine, and bave sever
all good offers in connection there
witn. If you wish to increase yoor
ire me and bave any spare time to
divote to this work, write as. We
pay a very liberal commission and
would be giid to give you 'oil partio
. i

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