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Tombstone epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1887-current, August 23, 1914, SUNDAY EDITION, Image 2

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Published Eery Sunday
One year
six months
Single copies
La9t weelO Ernest Renaud
and sister, Miss Bertha, of this
camp, departed for California,
where they go to join theit
mother, and later Miss Rennud
will enter school for the winter
Miss Minnie Lintz, out for
the nomination to the office of
county school superintendent,
lrtft for her Home in Douglas.
While here she made many
friends, and expects lo poll a
large number of votes in this
The Pearce baseball team
was defeated last Sunday in
an interesting game with
Roy English went to the
county scat yesterday on busi-
nes? and will return home to-!.
As a result of tho closedown
of the mine and mill here over
half ol the Mexican population
of the camp have bidden adios
to Pearce, and the people are
now hiking toward Mexico
Cm the eighth level, however
shifts are employed in cutting
a station and sump. The
large electrical pumps will be
put in place soon.
Many people have great
laith in the ultimate fucure of
Pearce and feel greatly . en
couraged by the announce
ment. The company recently
cut its force to a minamum.
stopping all ore extraction and
keeping only a small force at
work cutting the 400-foot
station and sump, preparatory
'cinetalling electric pumps
The community in general
; feeling much more hopeful
xhan at anv time during the
last two weeks, as a result of a
notice po ted by the Common
wealth Mining and Milling Co.
which states that account of
the encouraging tone of the
silver market, the company
will endeavor to resumo oper
ations on Us usual scale within
a few days.
C. M. Renaud the merchant
nrince ofthis section made a
trip to his Courtland and Glee
son stores this week, and
reports that wh'le the camps
are a little dull at present
business has been good accord
ingly. The Pearte nine will go to
Wilcox tomorrow, where they
go to cross bats with the team
there. While they were de
feated Sunday last by a score
of 5 to 7, some of the srongest
men were absent, and with
the full line up tomorrow, it is
expected that the local team
will carry off the honors. At
least, they expect to.
Dr H A Hughes, candidate
for governor, and Miss Minnie
Lintz, candidate for county
school superintendent, were in
Pearce last week electioneer
ing. Dr Pestal, ofthis camp, and
his companion, the "Stork,"
have been rather busy of late
as two bouncing boys were
delivered at Courtland last
G I Van Meter is experienc
ing quite a little trouble m
raising fruit this year. Between
the bugs and the birds the
fruir lias been considerably
damaged, and while the crops
are large very little of the fruit
is allowed to ripen, the bugs
and birds eating or destroying
it even long before it is ready
for picking.
Joseph H Gray, candidate
for the state ssnnte. J Sparks
and V M Johnson, candidates
for county supervisor, were in
Gleeson Monday, seeking
Jack Cliftord with his own
team, and Tommy Cole with
a pioneer Liver) rig returned
home yesterday from Tomb-
ctnna uliora lrifv fimilprl tllf
, ., . ., c ..
household furniture of Roger
Saunders and family.
John Gleeson, the pioneer
mining man of Gleeson, ac
companied by hia wife and
daughter and Mrs Ball motor
ed over to the county seat to
day, returning home this
Miss Lizzie Krics, who
been for the past two months
in California with Mrs W G
McBride, returned to Gleeson
last week and is staying with
her sister, Mrs P W Newbury.
Dove shooting is a popular
sport these days with tha local
ni in rods and they are bring
ing home the limit almost
every day.
Dej uty Sheriff Howe was
a visitor here Wednesday, hav
ing in custody Manuel Ortega
charged with burglary, at
Courtland, whom he was tak
ing to the county jail at Tomb
stone. The Copper Belle is working
only live days a week since
the price of copper went down
Sundays and Thursdays of
each week are lay-off days, and
this gives the miners two holi
days each week, with the full
force on day and night. This
plan was considered better
than laying off part of the force
and is meeting with hearty ap
proval. Judge Sidney Ridgway sen.
a wagon load of peaches from
his orchard above town, to the
county seat Friday, and it is
needless to say the fruit found
a ready sale. The fruit is lus
cious, well flavored and far
exceeds those impirted from
Cali fornix
Norman Abell and Alex
Preston, of Tombstone, passed
through Gleeson today enroute '
home from the Cochise Strong-
1 u v. i t. l
hold, where they have ben
visiting for tbe past several
davs. ihey wf-ie travelling
on bicycles, and report thi
roads good for that kind' of
John ulceson, mining man
of this camp, after spending
several days in Los Angeles,
returned home Saturday.
R G McBride has recently
moved some houses onto his
property in this camp from
I News of
I in Condensed Form I
Cochisites Marooned in Germany
S V Frnch of Ooaglai, general
manager of tbe Copper Queen Con
solidated Mining Company, U among
the Americans marooned in Europe
on account of the war. Word to this
effect bai b-en received by 'friends of
Mr and Mr French in a dxpa'eb
from Carlsbad, Germany, where tbe;
ara now being detained
Are Awaiting Trial
There are sis murderers in tbe
Florence county jail awaiting tria's.
which hate been tel for October 5
1914 The murderer are CuaaO'Seil,
for the murder of Jack Burns on tbe
3rd of June; Carlos Rodriguez, for the
rnuider of Caiimiro Ve ga Torres at
doooraonthe 7ih of July, and Pur
firio Veltrao. for tbe murder of Jose
Maria Jimenizat Souora, on July
7lh; Edu.rdo Mala, Manuel Franco
aud Joe Johnson, for the murder of
Jinitt Eventlat Kelvin on the night
ol July 11th. "
Big Ranch Deal
A big ranch deal was consummated
in Phoenix last week by which tbe
hraf.ua Branaman ranch near Haydn
in Pinal county, passed., into the pos-!
session of Joseph Anderson of Phoenix.
The coosidera'ion in the' deal 'was
$25,000. Etery one of the old. timers
in Arizoca knows the famous Braoa
mao ranch on the Gila river for
years it was the stopping place for tbe
cress country travel and tbe stream
of overland travel that went np and
down the Otla river, from Florence to
Pboenix and beyond.
To Report Cases At Once
Cases ending in prison sentences in
tbe federal courta will henceforth be
reprrted directly and at once to tbe
board of paroles, according to instruc
tion received Wednesday by United
States Attorney Tom Fiynn from Pres
ideot F H Dubrayol tbe parole board
Io explaining the change, Mr Flynn
said that in many ca-ei of pardons or
paroles being applied for, tbe records
were separated, tbe prosecnlor tnovid
or ded. and tbe farts dispersed in such
a way that aet'on by tbe board wa
delayed. Tbe effect of tbe system will
be to accelerate decisions on p.rolea.
Aviatior Goes Back to Fight
Didler Matson, tbe aviator, wbo
dripped bombs on tbe ships io Gory
mas barbor during tbe seige of Quay
maa by tbe constitutionalists aid
who was indicted for smuggling bis
aeroplane from Arizona to Mexico,
sailed from New York Smday en tbe
steamer Adriatic for France to offer
bis services to bis native country in
tbe war against Germany. Maetoo
i a daring aviator of fortune wbo b
had actual eiperienre in aml war
fare and his services will und inbtedly
prove invaluable to his native coun
try. Withdrew Their Complnint
Id compliance with tbe terms of
their agreement with tbe Southern
Pacific and Santa Fe railroads, tbe
Farmers Union of tbe Salt River val
ley and tbe dealers snd shippers of 'be
Gila valley Wednesday formally with
drew their computet in tbe matttr of
bay rales, and tbe case will be dis
missed by the c operation comlssioo.
Arizona Farm Labor Well Paid
The farm laborers of Arixona wo-k
on an average of 9 boon and 26 min
utes psr day, according to a report
which bss just been issued by tbe
United State Department of Agricul
ture. The monthly compensation of
Arixona farm laborers is 135.00 with
board and $48.60 if tbe laborer board
himself. These figures rela'e to tho
er 1913. Toe Arixona farm laborer
is irell paid, corapsred with tbe renum
eratin in otber states and hi hour
jf labor are comparatively few.. Tbe
farmr of tbUatate employ 7,742 farm
Ubcre. The average wage for farm
labor in Continental United State is
per onth -,,, M aDd
119 97 without board
Serrsw Accident
Riding a bicycle on tbe Fifteenth
street road Saturday night at Dooglas
L M M Cham Jr., 16 years old , ran in
to a barbed w.re fence and received
painful injuria'. The accident bap
twoed af8 JO o'clock at tha mm of
tbe road east of the city water
Onan'izatiM Keeti. Held
A prelifi-iary meeting of business
and professional men, looking toward
tbe organization of a board of trade
the State I I
for Nogaie was held n that place
Thursday evening, at tbe Santa Crux
club 103ms. There waa a Urge turn
out of those who are iste-esld in tbe
matter and enthuiiasnt for the form
ing of a life organisation wa easily
Take Pictures In Tucson
All picture made by the Eolair Co.
in America hereafter tri'l be msce in
Tucson. In pursuansa of his inten
tion, the company has shipped it
players and effects irom the studio at
Fort Le. N J. The nlavers will ar
rive this week. Including tbo work
ing staff, tbey are 21 in number.
Webster E Cullie'jn, wbo returned
Thursday morning, says that 22 tons
of scenery-are on tbe way.
Escapes from Hospital
Clad only in pajamas a young man
whose name is given as Abel, escaped
from tha Rodger Ho pttal at Tuc-oi
Friday at nine o'clock while tbe nurse
who was attending him was absent for
a few momen'a. As yet. be bss not
been apprehended.
Soon Be In Operation
September 1, or a few days there
after, will see the new gin of tbe
Terape Cotton Growers' exchange in
operation. Ten gins have been re
ce.vd and are now being set np
Fixtures and gasoline ecgices are now
on the way.
Cantaloupe Shipping Over
TbeGlerdale cantaloupe shipping
season is over in Uleodale. A total of
220 carloads was shipped to Denver
and eaitern markets. This is 10 car-loads
less than last year's crop, but
tbe growers received 'much higher
price. They netted $1 a crate, or a
total of $66,000. Tbe area devoted to
cantaloupe production waa approxi
mately tbe same as last year, 933
Automobile Overturns
Monday evening Carl Wllking
and J W Watsco of Williams weie
out automobile ridiog end iu attempt
ing to round a curve at great speed
tbe machine skidded and nterturnc d(
throwing SVukins several feet from
the car, and pinning Watson under
neath It is claimed tbat tbett-ering
gear was out of order and Wilkin lost
control in tbat way. Wilkina was
Another Arizona Power Project
Application lor permission to issue
$2,000,000 worth of bonds was filed
ytsterdy by the Arixona Hjdranlio
Power company with tbe corporation
commission. The company contem
plates tbe installation of an extensive
piwer plant on tbe Verde river, and
the furnishing of power to a number
of communities io Yavapai county
Cuts Up Intended Bride
Pedro Lopez, who was engaged to
ba married atTuccn, got drunk and
proceeded tocarve on bis intendid
bride with a large knife as a token of
what sbe bad coming op after tbey
bad joined io double harness. She
was badly cot across tbe arm before
Officer Webster interfered. Lopes now
has a guarantee of 30 days' work, re
gardless of conditi.ns in tbe metal
Will Start Up Again
Once more tbe famous Rich Hill
filacer field, a few mileB north of Wick
enburg, will be the scene of activity.
Edaard and Harry Shumate, of Pres
cott, and asyndiiate of Bridgeport,
III., capitalist hav purchased from
tbe Klch Hill Placer company 67C0
acres of land. In tbe pioneer days
over a quarter of a million dollars'
worth of coarse gold ws wasbeJ
from this ground, but dry washing
methods were ihen so erode tbat it
was not pos-ible to reclaim tbe fine
gold at a profit.
Fine Flowing Well
J W sad Frank Lee have complottd
be drilling of a well on J C Lea's
place in Lebanon. Tbe well i 1,120
feet deep and tbe water la flowing
above the 8 inob pipe at tbe rata of
400 gallon a minute. Graham
Ants Rms Into BuffT
While driving an automobile be
tween Glob and Miami aboot 8 JO
o'clock Saturday night Pet Morphy
accidentally itrook a rig on the high
way. Weiley Sean we thrown out
of the baggy and soSerad a dislocation
of tta knew eap. Hi injuria are
painful but ar not considered seriovs.
Virgil Shrigley, who was driving. "'
mained in tbe buggy, but finally uo-
teeded io (tipping the h r.e. which
had started 10 run away, without ad-
ditional aerious damage.
Prescott Store Robbed
One night last week the store rf
Bam Dreyer in Prescot.was robbed
by thievta wbo gained entrance by
breaking a tranvme iiver the rear
door ot the store. Tbe burglars help
1 d tbemseive to a considerable quan-
ti'y of merchandise, whioh they are
said to have carried away io sacks.
Among the article stolen were about
thirty pair of shoes.
Best for Violin Making
That tbe climate of Arixona with
its thin dry air. and high altitudes
offers advantsg in tbe msking ol
violin, which can be found no where
else in tbi- country, is the opinion ol
W C Stenger ol Chicsgo, a manufact
urer ol the e instruments, wno na
come lo Tucson with a view lu local
Ing hi plant there if conditions ae
Captures Chicken Thief
John HbCkett ot Tucson captured a
chicken thief at the point ol a gun
8unday evening in bi chicken hou-e.
Tbe man gave bis name a F Flores,
He bad had wrung the necks of two
Plymouth Rock pullets, which dee p'y
grietcd Hackett. Flore has tx-en in
Tucson three months and Hackett
bss been missing chickeog just tb.t
length ol time F.ores hid to climb
a seveo- foot fence to get at tbe
birds He ssya tbat be was drunk
and that be didn't know what be
was doing.
Decrease In Arizona Horses
Tbe Arizona horse is only worth
$73.00 per head . accorJing to a report
juit Usutd by tbe United States De
partment ol Agriculture, while a year
ago bis aversge va'ue was $78.10
There are 112,000 horses 00 tbe farms
of this state and tbey are valued at
$S,176,uOO. In 1910 tbe number of
horses in this state was 100,000 and
bad an aggregate value of $0,200,000
In the entire United States tbero are
20,962 ,00U horses and thev are worth
$2,291 .6J8.000 or $109.32 eat h.
In Arizona
A Pboenix dispatch says:
Tbe prohibition cause io Arizona
suffered a severe slump ouringtbe last
week d.ie largely to tbe growing
knowledge as to the drastic 1 ature of
tbe nrobibit!on amendment. Here
tofore ardent prohibitionists are de
nooncicg tbe amendment because of
lis interference with tbe ceremonies of
cburcbea, which require tbe u.e o
wine and tbe Catholic organizations of
tb atate will probably make an open
Sgbt on tbe amendment forthatreason
In prohibition circle much antagon
ism is developing toward U F II oe
bsrt. superintendent of tbe "Temper
ance Federation," wbo drafted the
arneudrr.eut and who-e arguments in
its favor border very cloaelj on A. P.
The prohibition situation i an an
amolous'one. Cbafio, tbe prohibition
candidate for U. S. Senator is said to
be well 'heeled'' with tbe sinews of
war otherwise "dinero," wnile the
Kinebart cruad is down to tbe beans
stage. But Chafin won't "cime
through" because tbe Rioebartites re
pudiated their endorment ot his
canJilacy and Bloebart ioaid to be
bavmg bard scratching to meet bis
own salary, no meager one at tbat
and those cf hie assistants .
The Prohibitionist have dec ded
nut to "must" upon taking part in tbe
Labor Day celebration here, but tbey
will bare a celebration all their own,
the f am week. Bat tbe anion people
are till sore because of the attempt ol
the"drs" to take possession 0! tbeir
annual celebration.
Teachers Examination
Tbe regular quarterly teacher ex
amination ia being held today io tbe
school building, under tbe direction
of Superintendent Hutchins, about
15 applicant bsing present to take
th exam. Tbey are from all parts
ul (be county and following is tbe lis
of those present: Alice Armstrong,
Bowie, Etbel Davie, Nacoxari, H eoe
Emery, McAllister, Mr O T Bnch
Bisbee, O E, Usrt, Bisbee, Nellie
Cowan. Wiilcox, Frank Gulmby. Will'
cox, Anna Kmery, McAllister, Ethel
Jamas, Joplin, Mo., He'en Thompson ,
Don Cabexa, Mr Cba Reynolds,
Tombtooe, Mrs Anna Carrier, Ban
Simon, Edith Worthlnloo, Douglas
P E Trotter, Fr.Wertb.Texa, Mary
E Dmvi, Ft. HoaehDM.
CijDerVjSorS FJX
Cochise Tax Rate
Tbe Board of Supervisors was in
session today for the purpose of fixing
the in rate for the 1 nsuing year rl i h
was plaoed a 94 cents This is a cent
less tban it va at tiret tb ught that
the rate could be fixed at and is bscd
a follows: .17 o;nts for schools .225
for general funds and .10 cent; for
rotds. This with the Btste rate o!
.n't makes tbe total ol .'J cents on
the $100. valuation. Tbe placing
of tho rate at 91 cents letlrcte with
credit on the present members of the
Board ol Supervisors snd will give Co
chise County the loaeit tsx rate ol
any county in the state. Tbe tax
rate of Cochise county has been rr
Iu:ed gradually during the put four
years. In 1910 tbe rate was $2 55
per hundred ; In 1911 $2.75; In 1912,
$2.35; In 1912. $1.05 and in 1914, 94.
During that time lb Board has dis
posed of a filiating indebeledness ol
over $210 000.00. In 1910 that in
oebetedne s was$2IO,03S.79, In 1911.
$192,137.83; In 1912, $195,2-5 87 and
in 1913 it wa entirely pa'd off so at
tbe presi-nt time the County I- strict
ly on a cash baieas far as a floating
indebtedness is concerned-
Tbe assessed valuation of tbe c nn
ty ha' iucreased dur.ng tbattimecon
siderable but tbe increare in tbe lalu
ation ba' nnt bfenthe means of in
creasing lite taxes ol any of tbe small
taxpayers but was mainly on the rail
road and mine assesaragnts.
Tbe schools of Cochise county have
b en tbe Urges! increase in ezpenee
during the-psst tour ears and have
increased from $129,691.56 in 1910, to
$229,534.02 la-t war, an increase tf
nearly $ICO.OOO while the estimated
expecs9 for the coming school year
has been ptactd at $266,459. 50.
Large Suit Filed
In Pima County
A Tucson diipatch eays.
A suit involving tha title to the
pr.tp'Hy of the Copptr Be'le Mining
company in Cochise ounty. said to be
worth $5 .000.000, was filed in tbe
United states di-trict court at Tucson
today by John B Wright of Tucsi n
and James F Mack of New York, at
torneys for James B Ril-y and J Ed
ward Michel, stockholders of the Cop
per Belle Mining company, acd irns
tees for the minor ly stockholders ol
tbe company.
Tbe defendants in the action are
Shannon Coppr company. Copper
Belle Mining company, Leonard Cop
par company and Nathan L Amiter
The oill in equity filed in tbe Uni
ted States court alleges that the de
fendants conspired to drpiive tbe
minority stockholders of tbeir interest
in the property and atks tbat ihey b
al'owed to redeem the property under
a 'oreclonre sale on a mortgage held
by Martin Costello; that Ami e', tbe
Leonard Copper company be required
to render an accounting of all ore ex
tracted frum tbe mines and that the
defendants Am ter, Leonard Copper
company and Shannon Copper com
pany be required to convey all tbeir
interests in tba property back to tbe
Copper Belle Mining company.
ine orea 01 tbe uopper Uelle com
pany are sulphide 1 said to ba necessary
to tbe treatment cf the ore of th
Shannon Copper company, where tbey
are being used for fluxing purposes,
and this was the Shannon Copper
company's reason for acquiring the
Copper Be le property.
Arrested Charged
With Being a Spy
A Ft Huaeboca dispatch s.irs:
SE Ram-ay, an Englishman cor
respondent for the London Tim '8 and
nephew of Sir William Ramsay, the
great English scienti-t, wbo i travel
ing in Arixona and who has been
representing several newspaper in
tbi s'ate at tb National Guard en
campment at Garden Canyon, was ar
te ted yesterday after be had donoei
a uniform of tbe United Stales regular
army, charged with triog a spy, and
placed in the guard hou-e. Later he
was escorted from the military reaer-1
vatioo. 1
Court Cases Filed
Suit No
827. F Booker vs Mary Ann Faust;
appeal lium J P court.
S28, E Lebay is Y Davit; appeal
from J P Court.
831. U Hampton etal.Drs, U 1
TiiAcr.Cr; J 113.
832. Mines & Supply Co vs J Hill
et al;debt.
833. Alma Trembly vs F Trembly ;
Estate of
J Crowley; discharge of sdmrx.
II Kelso Street, minor; order ap
pointing II Street guardian.
Jennie Hockley; pubnotice tocredi-
J Hagan; petitien ofalmr for sal
of mining claim.
T Cowan, incomietent; petit'on ot
guardian to sell mining claim.
Doings In The
Superior Court
Jndge Cooper ol Tucson, who has
been here the past several days hold
ing court in the abteica of Judge
Lockotd returned to his horn at the.
Old Put bio this morning, having:
clean d up all matters before tbe cour
among abich were the following:
Thomas McUunigle, charged with
grand larceny, and awaiting trial in
the county court here, chang'd his
plea from not guilty. (lev as lent
enced lo one to tbrte years in tbe
5'ate penitentiary.
Two insa:e mtn were heralded in
the court for examination and each
was judged a lit inmate for tbe s'ate
asylum at pboenix- Jarr.es Nrgri,
well kzown about Bisbee. was one or
the men The other was known a
J R Lonez.
A 1
MONDAY v ' ;
Some Details of
Battleship Arizona
Senatrr Marcus A Smith has fur
nished the fol'owing details of tbe
battleship Anions, which is now be
ing huilt at tbe nayy yard In New
York and is a sistersbip of tbe Penn
sylvania; being built at Newport New,
Length on designel waterline, CX
feet; length over all, 008 feet; breadth
over all, 9T feet J inch; draft. 23 fee
10 inches; displacement. ,31,400 tone;
spesd,21 knots.
Battrj: Twelve 14-inch gnn;
four submerged torpedo tubes; twenty
two 5-inch rapid Gregnns.
Complement 915 officers and men,
Tbe machinery will consist of blgb
powered turbines with smaller cruis
trg turbines geared to the propeller.
The Aritooa will have turbines of the
Parsons type.
Battleship 39 was authorized by act
ol March 4, 1913. Limit of cost $7,.
425,000 Constructional period, 30
mon'bs frcm Sep'ember 15,1913. Keel
laiJ March 10.1914.
Ang 1,1914, 1 he vessel was reported
to be 24.4 per cent completed.
Rain Causes Big Flood
The revere rain bad in iheionthern
pari of the state on Monday evening
"mi to have been general, and from
reports, the Chinese gardens, lcated
about a mile from'Fairtank "offered
heavy losses from tbe flood. Their
entire crop of vegetable we-e entile -ly
mined lytbe waters, which up
rooted trees and left a layer of mud
and water over all the land Tbe San
Pedro, which most -f the year is only
a small stream of water wa tbe higb
etitreen for the pa-1 20 years
according to repot ts received from eld
tmer in that section.
Tbe water came np to the bottom of
tbe new state bridge at Fairbaok and
much ot tbe approaches were washed
away and are being repaired. Tbo
railroad bridge at Contention was also
washed away and yesterday and today
no train ba been ruo from Tombstone,
It ia expected tbat by tomorrow, bow
ever, the damage will be r.pairid and
train ervioe between Tombstone 'and
Braioa mooted.
- -
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