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rr "f aunday, will give all
the news and wilt be sent to any ad-
. published 1 T.ry Sunday, sad cob-
.aine all the news of the week as it
appears in The Dajlv Paosj-ncrrcit-
One Year For $2.50
No. 14
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Mayor W. F. Kuchenbecker Visits Bisbee and Conferres
With Walter Douglas; Terms and Plans Prove
Favorable; Expert Here Next Week
Tombston 's activities grow apace1
Yesterday V. K. Kuchenbecker.
mavor of the count y seat and one of its
leading business men, called on Walter
Douglas, head of the Phelps Dodge
Company in regard to electric lighting
for Tombtone
In the conference with the mayor,
who represents Tombstone's city coun
cil in the matter. Mr Douglas stated MaHCOpa Lead With 2109
that the Phelps-Dodge Company would p WkiloPI-, fnmi
shortly start the mill and would furm-h
electricity to the city of Tombstone and
the people of the town at a nominal
According to the Tombstone man,
the figure quoted for the supply of elec
tricity was nominal and appeared to be
entirely acceptable to him.
The mill, from which the electricity
will be derived, is more or less in the
form of an experiment to determine
what results arc being had from the
mines of T-mbstone.
The mayor expressed the wish to Mr.
Douglas that an expert be sent to
Tombstone for the purpose of making
an estimate on the cost of wiring the
city and other costs nee ssar to the
installation of electric lights therer Mr.
Douglas told the visitor he had no such
expert. Accordingly, C. S. Thompson,
manager of the Bisbee Improvemert
Compan. was called upon and Klec
trical Expert Rosi will leave next
week for Tombstone to make the sur-
vev of the town and estimate the cost
of wiring-
Two hundred and fifty miners arc
now emploed by the Phelps Dodge
Compan) in Tombstone, according to
Kuchenbecker. In addition there are
many leasers who continue to hold
their work Two new stores have been
started in the jcouuty seat during the
past few months and there is a bitter
feeling generally in the famous old
camp than there has been for many
j ears.
Kuchenbecker returned to Tomb
stone feeling that his mission had met
with a great degree of success. Bisbee
Congregational Church
Bible School at 10 a. ra., E. H.
Reeves, Supt Public Worship 11 a.
m, theme "Worship and Pra.er."
For the Juniors "Building higher '
Anthem by the choir. 7 p. m Christi
an Endeavor. 7-30 p. m. The first
.message in a series on the Book of Job,
Theme "The Wrench of Unexplained
ilisfortune;' Special music by male
quartette. H. A. DECK. Pastor.
Board Meets Monday
The board of supervisors will be in
session Monday, being the regular
monthly meeting. Besides the regular
routine business the board will open
bids (or supplies for the ensuing year.
Back From Miami
Walter Mcllgren is back again from
Miami, where he went for a several
weeks visit with his sister, Mrs. J. E.
Probate Matters
There were several probate matters
. . ..A Tvctwfsnd of theSu
HO PeJOJC JU"6s -.-
riorcourt loday. Today was also
T.aw and motion day in the court.
On Inspection Trip
Cattle Inspector Porter McDonald re-
turned home today from Naco where
he has been to inspect a shipment of
.cattle crossios the line,
JtlLiDf (I 1111V A Hilt VJVlllV-O
Third With 564
PHOENIX, Jan 30 Out o a tola!
registration of 30111 cars, lilO1 bclorv;
in Maricopa county Cochise is second
with TiiG gasoline driven vehicles, and
Pima third with 5M Gila and Yava
pai follow with 345 and 2."l respective!)
The table showing the number of
cars in each county last year follows:
Counties Cars
Apache o
Cochise ToO
Coconino 107
Gila " . .. Sl.-i
Graham 130
Greenlee-. ...-. . . - CS
Maricopa .'. . . .. .210'!
Mohave .". 12!)
Navajo 1 .V
Pima 36 1
Pinal 10.1
I Santa Cruz 110
1 uma . . .
Washington, D. C. Too Re
mote From Center of
PHOENIX. Jan.. 30- A rumor was
floating around the slate house today
that the- Hon. Chailrs T. Francis, the
orator of the Cochise county delegation
in the House, had sent urgent wires to
Senators Smith and Ashurst, and Con
gressman Hayden. urging them to at
once git busy and get Congress to pass
a bill removing the United States capi-
tol to a point nearer the central part
of-the United States. He is reported
to have wired them that an emergency
exists and that the Emergency Clause
should be attached. He '.s said to have
wired that the "emergency exists be-,
cause the place is too remote from the
center of population and that the sani
tary condition is "rank" owing to the
sewer connected with the Senate and
House buildings being stopped up wit.i
bill! that have been pigeon holed."
Mr. Francis could not be found to
verify the rumor and the Western
Union officials only smiled when asked
(r -n...-t. ............... 1.-.1 -....- M'-.l.
, ,iuj juvu iik3m iiau Bum- iu t.asii'
, There is as much reason for the fore-
' going z enacted into a law as there
, j, for piacjn2 ,he Emergency Clause on
jthe ijin for cunty ,. removal now
I before the Arizona state senate.
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I'auu-e of Ilorti'-ulturp. look.im tliruli Hie ( unrt ot I"alm Tlii m-aiiini.1 trn. tiirt- n.is a m.is (inme l'i
feet hub and l.VJ feet In diameter t'row tiini; tn" lunu. I 11 hiue tnket Tilt t.'eiier.il t ie or tin architecture
I- the r'roiich reual- jiuc. witJi aravlli. inii.liln ,111.11 The exireuiv length ol ihe mI.icvis;7:I feel anil tireacltu
KM feet
Describes tho Place Where Mig hty Amies Clashed in Death
Struggle as "the Kingdom of Desolation" Prussian Sol
dier, Wounded to the Deat h, Pens Farewell Letter
Full of Subtle and Very Beautiful Emotions
By MAURICE EARRES of the French
The other evening, leaving the
trenches 'of the first line, we Tent
about to pre3 the hands of our sol
diers through the shelters flanking tho
hill, where they came every three days
to He. And then, after I had seen a
little teasing; of the Prussians. ! wa
led Into a little wood, COO meters dis
tant from their line. One of them
was station'' ' advance, standing be
tween two apple trees. We looked
at him He gazed back at us. And
no one on either side moved.
Twilight was descending. Between
that man and us lay the bodies of dead
men which could not be gathered up.
I shall never forget the sinister spot,
and the harmony between living br
ings and lands-cape. Is it possible that
our rich plains have come to such
desolation, that the best, morally and
physically, of France, are hidden In
these kennels of beasts, and that ideas
of hate and of death alone occupy the
minds of the millions of indilduals
who face each other along this im
mense line of battle? Of what drcara3
that Prussian before me, as he
watches me through the mist of eve
, nlng? He thinks of annihilating me,
and I, in the same way, think of de
stroying him. These are circum
. stances In which the most particular
spirit loses its Identity In all the
others, In which no soul Is kept apart
I That duty is evident, certain. But
j how deep do Its roots strike down Into
Facts and Mysteries.
In vain did my companion no one
better experienced In the affairs of
this war continue to give me Interest
ing details by the thousand. Behind
the facts there raises Itself a barrier
of mystery And while we" went back
through the stretch of country to
which this campaign has come, I nev
er ceased to ponder upon it.
From time to time we came upon
people of our side, cooking In the llt-
tie hollows of the plain. They were
laughing, chatting- amomj themselves.
Then we went on again Into the si
lence and Into the thickening night
That ending of our visit to thc ad
vance posts resembled a return of
late hunters in autumn, but mingled
with It was an extraordinary disquiet
of heart. Never have I known such
a vital feeling of brotherhood as on
that Journey; never a'more profound
sense of the mystery In which our ex
istence is bathed.
All srsund cs notr there reigned un
imaginable silence, and one distin
guished objects 50 paces away with
j "Be careful!" said my companion
to me- "You have the river on your
We arrived finally at a point whero
f the plain Is cut away abruptly into
a deep valley, and leaning over, 1 saw
far below me. at the foot of the cliff
on which we stood, little pools still
beneath tall poplars. Their waters
shone with a sinister light through
the rifts of a shroud of fog. Mournful
vapors rose and grouped themselves
in great moving masses.
"There," I wild, "1 the kingdom of
Wounded Man on the Marshes.
During five days we had seen and
had listened to a wounded German,
nnom no one could relieve. He was
one of a patrol upon which we fired.
His comrades had saved themselve
without a thought of carrying hlra
with them The poor devil lay there
with a broVen thigh Asyou can- see,
it was not easy to go hunting for hiia
in those ravines and concealed
marshes At last on the fifth day, we
were able to carrv him to our ambu
lance, where he died, thanking iw
Vou will be interested I behec. In
the emotions which animated that Ger
man, wounded and abandoned
What emotions?
Very subtle and quite beautiful.
One hour afterward, when we had
arrived at our quarters and. before
evertMng else een before I had rid i
myself of my uniform and of the
mud which stained me to the shoul
ders, I asked my friendly guide to
mark our course for me on a chart,
and then to give me the last message
of the Prussian of the marshes.
The Letter of Farewell.
Here Is the page upon which are
mingled. In startling manner, the
mists of Germany and ot the French
valley, which he with his companions
came to desolate I have changed notn
Ing. I have transcribed exactly the
final written pages of the little cote
book which he carried in his pocket:
"If that be the will of the All-Power-lul
let this be my last farewell. A
French ball struck me while on patrol.
It wounded me In the right knee 1l
such a way that I can no longer walk.
It Is now- five days that I have been
In this obscure forest I can no longer
endure my hunger which up to now- I
have appeased with water Often I
have implored God to send me aid
None ras come to thi3 hour. Mean
while. I rest resigned: 1 am not irapa
(..-. ft Kn.w.an t In n A r ftfT Th JiTl
. , ,, I . J p,,wr,'nV ,.
i shall be again In my Fatherland, at
home, with my brothers. In that beau
tlful country, where we may reach
each other new hands anew, beside
streams of silver and crystal.
"Farewell, farewell; here on earth
cr beyond there. In the light
-Signed, Wilhclm Baumer"
This Is what he wrote. In the si
lence of death, his eyes, bright with fe
ver, turned to the heavens the Prus
sian soldier. Wllheln Baumer And
at the moment, as I transcribe that
A liiiuavitue ..
jtrauge pao- r. full of delirium and of Jcally in our country, we continue, on
religious fervor, I see again that sky our side as well, the one and the other,
wirtiout a mwu wi.i'eli, the otssrcTC to be ac-nmnanled by our cods, as a
Sing, strelched solemnly above those man Is followed by his shadow,
marshes. What Germanic thought ( The profound instinct which
transported tint invader, upon the bor- breathed In that rider of the North
dcr of a Trench river! Do the fairies takes form, finds words. Near to death
zi the Rhine accoupany these barbarl- beneath the poplars of France, his
ans? Did the water nymph weep be- spirit already half-separated from his
tide him, when he was abandoned by body, he returned to the vague poesy
his brothers? Did she dry his face, of the Germans. He drew away from
with her green tresses? Ono thing is his labor of the field of battle. And
certain, that ho v.as picked tip and we, too, we French, have also a re
cared for by the generosity of the erve force, which completes and
Trench. makes perfect our warlike vallance.
Cods of Germans and French. I mean that generosity which drives
What Is It that I wish to prove by n to rislr oar lives to succor an cn
Uils short quotation? Nothing pre-' emy disarmed and In agony. Trans
cisely In the order of logic. It Is an lated for fJie New York Evening
mpresslon which occupies my mind Post, by Julcalm W. Davli.
Interesting Items that Ap
peared in the " Prospector,"
this Date, 1891; Remin
iscent of the Pioneer Days
The Barhatomari cuttle company
will begin rounding up 2' CO herd of
cattle next Mondav for e, driw to Kan
as This will be the first attempt eve i
irade- to drive eastward, and wi.l i
watched with much intresl b rc.tll
rren generally, as it will dcterrrine t
fcaobility -f thi nc w- departure "1 e
route will lead north to Fort Thou
anJ acrosi .he San Car). ,,
tl'jti eastward to Albuquerque-. aftM
which the dric is characterized as a
The population of Pima county is
I5.C00, the population of CochiscisIes
than 7000 Wh should Cochise be
dnided and Pima left intact?
The man who went to the Legislature
pledged to economey and now seeks to
p.ra)zc what little industry there is
left in Cochise county by dividing it
hotdd be forever spotted and in the
future branded N. G C. which stands
for no good citizen.
Bob Hinnes) has closed his butcher
shop on Fremont street.
C. W. Pugh has purchased the Wil
cox Stockman and will in future gnc
that paper his whole attention The
Prospector wihes man )ears of pro,-
I fnty to the Stockman and its owner
. .Mrs C. S Fly returned yesterday
rrom Bisbee where she spent thc sabbath
ma wtrich 1 Have reia-uc-a au-.i ..'.. u.
a thousand Impressions of the field of
battle. Perhaps I shall not find, in the
haste of my work of the day, the
words to express all that It holds of
motion. But it is manifest to me,
that, among all the horrors which the
Germans have come to create method
Bill Introduced In House to Change Name of Tempe
Normal School to State Normal College of
Arizona; Several More New Bills
President Von Klein Smid
of II of will Sl)Gak
Also Miss Minnie Lintz
The Count) Teacher's Association
ii in c ssion at Willcox today, and al
ii ost ecry teacher in the county is
present at the meeting, Willcox has
made much preparation for the event
and among the list of tht adresses an
nounced as Dr. K B VonKlien Smid
of the University of Arizana, Miss
M nnir Lintz, county school superin
tendent will also address the asso
ciation, and the program, as
i c h'ii. H-..I. c, ,i
Morning Session, ilcox. High School
; Teachers'
Organization, Parents and
, ... ., ...
.? ..it.,.,,...., ...., -
Lintz, Nationcl Ifcnsiotiins.of Teachers,
Prof McFadden. Pearee, I. E Mat .
teson. ilcux.
Afternoon Session, Addrts-rA. J-
Bjkcr, Willcox. Miall Arizona Adopt
he Countv Unit IW'-Opcn D:r
! . , , . r, ... !.,. i- it
ci stun l J. A linn Benson; t-. U
-f--r i t t ., d.;-i ,.:.,i
Tilford. Tcral.tone, rratical Agncul-
ic- in :he Spools. Prof L O Parke. , " ""' " '"c """"
n:tmty Amon.-t. Discipline School , of control, was reported favorably by
room, PUsground, E C Bunch. Prin ,he committee, and an important bill
tipal Schools, Benson, Miss Fields. was passed in form as introduced by
San Simon; Minimuii Requirements i Kinney, which abolishes all elective of
for High School Entrance. W K. I.titz. , ficcs in cities not operating under special
Douglas; Prof. Reed. Cochise; The ' charter except the ma)or and council
Teachers' Individuality. Prof. White, men, by those officials.
San Simon; Basket Ball. San Simon vs Rinchart head of the state temper
Willcox. ance league, was before the joint com-
I Evening Session. Morgan's Hall, In-
strumental Sulo. Selected La Amour
jValse-'by Edward Scott Miss Parm-
' ley; Vocal solo Slave song, b) Teresa
I Del Riego Mrs. II A. Lowdcrmilk;
! Vocal duet Selected. Mcsdames Lew U
land Rottman. Leeture, Dr. R. B Von
Klein Smid, President University of
Arizona, Tucson
I Recently an Irate subscriber came
I into a newspaper office and told the
! business manager that it made him mad
! to reeeice a dun from the paper. The
j manager told the irate subscriber that
I it made him mad to receive a dun from
! tl.e paper houcc and the inkmaker, but
I the ; aper bouse and the inkmaker kept
I on senmng the duns just the same. It
is a business proposition, and all should
1 abide with patient good humor the cts
' toms of busi.iess.
j The man who owes may aswriimaicc
I up his mind first as last that his dignity
isn't i,o'.ng to sae him from duns
Dignity is all right in its place, but if
I you are not too dignified to make use
of your credit jou are not to dignified
to be asked to pay. The only man who
has a right to be peeved over thc re
ceipt of a request for pa)ment is the
man who doesn't owe what is demanded
ofhim. If he owes it he's got no kick
I coming. If he doesn't owe it he it en
titled to kick but after he has rejister-
To determine at first hand the exact
needs of state institutions, a legislative
lommittec consisting of three repre
sentaties and two senators will visit
such at an early date and report to the
legislature if a resolution adopted by
the house today on motion of Powers
of Maricopa, is approved by the senate
There was ome talk of numerous com-
raittces ton named following out the
..unket scheme of former years, but as
agreed to, one committee will visit all
There were many new bills in the
' lmu"- One was by MacLain to change
the name of the Tempe Normal School
to State Normsl College of Arizona.
The bill proposing to abolish the
taking of the state school census was
kUlc-u in the house
The seini-aiinual tax payment bill
by Johns came near following after the
school census, it being argued by Good
win that the legislature should not
rnnii!ir iRCiclntinn ifiii-li hH Ko.-t r,.-
ijectcd by the ote of the people. How-
eer, the bill was sent to the wajs and
means committee for certain amend.
(ileitis jeucu uuou
Graham, of this count), called up the
'bill giving extensile powe'rs to justices
I of the peue'e in examination of witnesses
prior to tiling of information which has
i been. .iruc-d by prohibitionists, and the
'"il! was. withort debate, killed.
i In the senate, a new bill presented as
a substitute creating a state board of
"''"ees today urging the passage of
Drachman's bill which carries drastic
, search and seizure provision in prose-
I ration of violation amendment. The
, committees' report is unfavorable to
. thc passage of the bill, cut through
minority reports, the measure will g
before the committee of the whole in
eacI' house-
Return from Bisbee
-Major W. F. Kuchenbecker and wife
returned home this morning from Bis
bee where the- Ma) or went on a visit
connected with the electric light pro
position for Tombstone.
Let us not be premature in our ex
citement over the county seat. It will
be early enough after we catch the
coon to lift his hide. Douglas Daily
Yes. IF you get it
ed his kick it behooves him to be satis
fied without any Big Iking. Probably
I thc time will come when he will want to
use his credit right where he nsed his
month too freely. Credit is a valuable
asset, but fragile. See that you do not
brrak 5 ours down by overloading it nor
impair its usestilness by making it puar
telomu WANTED to hear from owner of
good farm for sale. Send cash price
and description. D. F. Bush. Minne
apolis, Minn. . Adv

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