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'.' i Ml i i mi aTOIiTigrllfWT
G I RAG I BROTHERS. Publishers
Publishod Every Sunday at thu County Seat of CochUe County
ConUiniup; News of Week Gleat.u.1 from "DAILY PKOsPECTdK.
One year
Six months ..,
Single copies
The Tombstone Epitaph, the weekly
edition sf the Prospector, comes out
with its current edition as an eight i
page sheet, just double its former sire
and is very creditable to the publishers
the GiragiBros. We congratulate them
on this evidence of progress. Benson
Signal. Tombstone Will
Come Back Strong
Mayor W. F. Kuchenbecker is here was a beautiful and delicious cake, dec
with bis wife in connection with muni- orated with a tiny candlr for each ear
cjpal business of Tombstone. That city , that Mrs. Parker has lived up to date,
heard proposal and accepted terms of but before anone could count them
fered this week by the Phelps-Dodge the hostess extinguished and removed a
company to provide electric current to ' part of them so that it could not accur
a Tombstone City distributiug plant, j ately be said just how many first
The mayor and his engineer are now i adorned the beautiful ahd toothsome
working out the details of the plan in,cake. It was a jolly crowd that bid the
association with engineers of the com- hostess good night along towards the
pany. Under the latter- offer. Tomb- ' wfe sma- hours 0f moming and wished
stone will be able to get light and pow
er at lower rates than in the past and
also to have a much more extensive
service, which, it is felt, will be needed
in very short time. Mayor Kuchen
becker feels very optimistic about the
future of Tombstone and in this has
the company of others of his town.
"The fact that we are offered elect ric
light and power service by the con
pny." he Said, "is in itself a very
strong indication of the fact that k has
sufficiently advanced with its investi
gation of the old Consolidated Mines
properties, which it now owns, to feel
confident that there is a long period of
profitable work ahead We of Tomb
stone have always felt that such would
be proven to be the case just as soon as
mining ability and abundant funds be
came interested in the camp, and we
are more confident of it than ever.
Tombstone has much growth in mining
activity and population ahead. She is
going to "come back" with a vengeance.
Watch us grow." Bisbee Ore.
Shannon Co. Will
Resume Operations
NEW YORK. Jan. 31. Orders were
issued from the headquarters of the
Shannon Copper Company here to the
manager of its property at Clifton, Ari
zona to resume operations at once in
at once in both mine and smelter. The
property has been closed down 'for the
past three months on account of the
low price of capper.
The company has over 1,000 men in
its employ when in full operation. The
future prospect of tie copper industry
is quite encouraging as the metal has
shown a steady increase for the past
few weeks.
The outlook for the resumption of
tbt Shannon Copper 'company's mines
at Gleeson is now brighter than ever
and it can only be a matter of time
when a large force of men will be en
gaged in delving for the precious metals
f that district.
..axing Children Think.
There U do end of discussion aa to
what courses of study shall be taken
op by the schools. Different rewa
are expreased, ranging from the bare
outlines of the old-time "three R'a" to
the most elaborate idea of culture
tody, or more practical forms of
teacnlnr band work and borne- arts.
Meanwhile, there is one rat essen
tial running; tor all instruction. That
U. that children be taught to think
thlnga oat for themselves. Almost any
course or study Is good if this power is
given. St. Joseph News-Press.
An exception.
k will try often enough a man
asm sneeeed In doing almost anything
aalesi be 1 trying to be original by
epylnf somebody else.
A. F. Parker
Entertains Friends
Mrs. A F. Parker entertained a few
of her friends at her home on Toughnut
Street last Saturday night, theonasiou
being in honor of her birthday, which
was Sunday the 31st. The eveniug nas
very enjoyably spent by all present.
The hostess, assisted by ber sister, Mrs.
Pepper, of Pearce, had arranged tome
very novel contests of brain skill A
delightful luncheon of home made can
dies, sandwiches, cake. Lot chocolate
and mock ice cream were sered. There
for her many happ) returns of the day
Those enjoying the hospitality of the
hostess and ber sister, were: Mr. and
Mrs. Earl V. Sands, Mr and Mrs J. F.
Ross, Mr. and Mrs. II P Johnson, Mr.
and Mrs. W. A. Fowler, Mr. and Mrs.
John Igo, Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Wilson.
Huachuca Pipe Line
Is Out Again
The storm which swept down on Co
chise county brought another flood
Saturday down the San Pedro river
and did a considerable amount of dam
age. A bank of Water eight feet high
struck the pipe line of the Huachuca
Water Company at the San Pedro
crossing and pulled the pipe out of the
1 exbansion joint at that point and al
though the extent of the damage is not
known it is not thought it will require
as much expense or time to get the line
running again. Manager Gardner
states' that it is not the intention of the
company to shut the town down to a
short supply each day until the repairs
are completed but he believes that with
care on the part of the users and the fact
that everything is soaked that the sup
ply in the reservoir will hold out until
the repairs are completed. He also stat
ed that this thing will probably hap
pen at each flood, should any more.
come, until the dry season when the
line at that point will be put down like
it was originally and it was twenty five
years before any trouble was experienc.
ed at that point.
Benson Signal on
County Seat Removal
The biennial county seat removal bill
has bobbed up again in the legislature,
with an emegency clause attached to it.
This county' has not yet advanced to
the poiut where it is neccessary, to the
masses thereof, to either divide the co
unty or remove the county seat for
economically transacting the public
business. The scheme is simply to force
the divison of the county on a compro
mise so as to provide a certain set of
Douglas and Bisbee politicians with
lucrative official positions disregarding
the pockets of the taxpayers entirely.
Benson Signal.
Dr. H. R. Hitchins is now in Tomb-
stone and prepared-to attend to the
needs of the local public in the dental
ins If vntir leln nri atlantmn rtttl i
at his office on Fourth St. between
Allen and Touehnut Sts.. as he will re- '
roain only a short time. Adv 2t
PHCENIX. Jan. 30. -At 3 15 this
j aftemoou the Senate finally passed the
mine tax bill by a vole of fifteen to
four Senators Claridge of Graham.
5 I Colter of Apache, Munds of Yavapai.
5 'and Webb, of Maricopa, voted in the
05 ! negative.
! A. A. Johns, for the Yavapai dc-'e-,
gation, presented Speaker Brooks with
j a handsome guvel made from the door
j sill of the first territorial Capitol in Pres-
I cott. where the first legislature met and
, where much of the state's early and
thrilling political hUtory was made. 1
, The speaker responded and hoped that
j a tnichty superstructure would be
1 uilded upon the firm foundations laid
I y the pioneers.
Petitions relative to the proposed
I amendments to the game laws were re
eived tti 1 fii;l
I A communication from the governor
a-tnounccd that the chief executive has
signed the tax extension bill, which cx-
. tends the time for the payment of 1914
taxes until Apnl next and remits pen
alties accruing. The goernor said
llmt h rrrretteil the pmrrrcnrv rlauct-I
, , . ., t,. , I
and hoped that it would not establish -
a nricpH.nt Ttii ic ttii- first mpnEiirn
- ..... .... -...- ... .... ...... ........
of the session except the legislative ap
propriation bill to be extended into a
completed law.
No. 51, by Lanxford, of Greenlee
; amends Section -401 of the revised
statutes and provides tnat boards of
1 supervisors shall meet at their resiec
1 tive county seats on the first Monday
I in June next preceding a genera! elec.
i tion for state and county officials and i .
j divide their several counties into thne
1 supervisorial districts as nearly equal
j as possible in area, considering popula
I tion and assessed valuation. Such re.
districting is to be voted upon by the
! qualified electors and taxpayers not
less than two weeks nor more than 3U
days after such action. Should the re
j districting plan be approved by a ma
jority vote the county shall thereafter
elect supervisors from such districts.
I The bill, it w ill be seen, does away with
I the "at large" elections of supervisors
; and practically applies the ward sys-
tern to county affairs, giving each dis
trict its own representative on the
county board.
No. 52, is the offer of James L. Ed
wards, of Yuma, and seeks to amend
civil code paragraphs relating to fees
to be charged and collected by certain
county officials.
Senate bill No. IT, known as the
state fair emergency' deficiency bill,
ane carrying an appropriation of $21,
OC0 passed its third reading, and non
goes to the governor for his signature.
The measure pros-ides S19.30S to meet
a deficit and $1602 for current expenses
until the end of the current fiscal year.
June 30.
PHOENIX, Feb. 2 In the Senate
hief interest centered in the introduc
tion by Senator Stapely, of Maricopa,
! OI a Dm a'S"ta lo ao away wn e
" """fission and concentrate the
' Pwers and du,i of that board in thc
I corporation and creating a board of
'equalization consisting of the state
I treasurer, the state auditor, and the
I hairman of the corporation commis
I sion. The bill takes the title "Senate
B.m No 48" Thc in,roduion f
'Villi ar4t ( Vi4 wtf rl iniirri intar
bill was receisad with much interest
and upon the request of Senator Webb,
1 of Maricopa.it was O'dered printed
without the usual day's hang over. It
is a measure which is certain to pro
duce fervid debate when it comes on for
consideration, but the indications are
that it will pass the upper house.
Befcre adjournment the Senate took
occasion to flatten out the Powers
House Joint Resolution No. C, creating
a committee of five; three members
from the house and two from the sen
ate to visit the various state institu
tions. Sheldon Reed, of Pima, occupied the
limelight for an instant to Introduce
House Bill No. 53, which pryvides f r
the establishment of a State Bureau of
Mines- Under the terms of this meas-
ure the bureau will be under the di-
rection of the Board of Regents of the
Univjitv of Aril0na ,xrving thout
compensation. The board shall appoint
director of the bureau who must be a 1
mining engineer, and such assistants
and emploes as the boatd as may
deem necessary.
The sum 01 J5000 annually; or as
i much ther.'of as may be necessary, is
1 appropriated out of any fund in the
treasurj not otherwise appropriated for
, tli- purpose of .aming out the pro
visions of the act
PHOENIX. Feb. 3. The ciuivy
seat removal bill came out of the senate
committee of the whole with a recoil -
incndation that it "do pass."
The measure has already passed the
house and when the senate has take
its final iling, anil barring further
amendments, it will be possible for the
people of a comity to place skids be
neath their temple of justice and tote
it whither the wind lisjeth.
A proposi.iort to divide Gila count)
was defeated at the November election
but under the provision of the bill in- ; one 0f .,i,oi a' pior eer residents. Al
troduccd by Representative Lines, ol ; though rreally outnumbered Judgt
Graham, the supervisors or any county ' i)Uncat, pu, up a gallant fisht against
must call au elecliuii upon petition of j
33 1-3 per cent of the "qualified elec I
tors" of the county. I
The term "qualified 1 lectors" both
ercd some of the solons who draw a line
between "qualified electors" and "reR- :
istcred voters" on the ground that an
elector may be qualified to vote and ,
still not be able to do so because he is
still not be all
not registered
r...i-: .1 . 1
ur"iaui aim s.ucnie -.c " i" .
counties most vitally interested in the j
removal bill. Cochise proposes to at-
tempt the removal of the county scat
from Tombstone tu Douglas or Bisbee ,
A communication from W. K Meade.
of Tombstone, tQ Senator Drachmanof '
Puna, was read by the Senator. Thv
Tombstone man feared that the Co- '
chise delegation represented "private ,
interests." Both of the senators from
Cochise declare' that the measure is '
perfectly fair and drawn in the interest ,
of all the people, although Senator
Riggs explained that he was placed in ,
an embarrassing position because he
comes from a portion of the county 1
which will be affected by
the county
scat removal law. ' 1
Senator Webb o7 Maricopa, protested
against the 33 1-3 per cent clause hold- '
holding out for the constitutional state
requirement of fifteen' per cent to init - .
ate a measure. Senators Claridg' ,
Sims, Drachman, Stapley, Riggs ai d
Martin took part in the debate.
The committee;
Senator Garsin of 1
Yuma in the chair, also favorably r - bis measure was for the protection of
ported Senate bills Nos, 30. 3J. i;7, and I ,fce public health, peace and safety.
' I The argument is too far-fetched to be
Two new senate bills were introduced I touched upon here.
Jv. 51 by Colter of Apache establishes j After discussing the bill for an hour
a registration board and regulates the , or moze jn committee of the whole it
pjblic service of stallions, the board to Mas decided to refer the bill to the judi
bs composed of the professor of animal j ciary committee in order that certain
husbandry at the University, as chair- ' changes might be made in it Wt may
man; the state veterinarian and the j bt mistaken, but at the present time it
university live stock specialist. ' Icoks as if the bill would pass but not
No. 52 by Kinney of Gila provides uj,h the emergency clause. AS LONG
for a party primary; voters being re j AS THE REFERENDUM IS IN THE
quired to state their party affiliation CONSTITUTION IT IS NEITHER
and being permitted to vote only in thc j RIGHT NOR PROPER TO PLACE
house. No. 51. by Cla pool, of Gila, j SUCH LEGISLATION ABOYE ITS
PROVISIONS. Dunbar's Weekly.
Cheverton NameJ
Bank Examiner
PHOENIX, Ariz.. Feb. 2 Harold
A, Cheverton, forrr.tr! cashier of thc
Pnscott Nctionel Lank, Las been ap
pointed state bank examiner and will
assume the duties u that office this
week. Announcement of the appoint- I
ment was made yesterday by State ,
Auditor Callaghan.
Cheverton, who was formerly con-.
nected with a large Chicago bank be- 'unch of capitalists, among whom were
fore coming to Arizona, has had a wide ' Henry Lardner. representing the J. G.
experience in banking, and was highly : White Engineerinj company, of New
recommended for thc position by bysir ! York and London, and II. M. Datigh
ness men of the state. He succeeds J. '"'V. an engineer who has promoted
J. Gillen, who resigned as bank exami- I railroads in Alaska and the Northwest,
ner to become assistant cashier of the , rbf n,en 'ned to f"h M'
Valley bank. During his residence in ' Spreckle with -1! thc money necessary
Prescott. Cheverton has taken a nromi-1
nent part in the work of the national
LOST One Eastern Star Past Ma-1
tron breast pin. Finder will please cat '
at Flach's Drug Store and receive re- I
ward, Adv tl
FOR SALE Potted house plants
Anolv to Mr.. K. V. Sands. Corm r
Toughnut and 3rd. Sts. Adv 3t
Plotting Against
Old Tombstone
Oirinthe house Morday niorni g
bill v.i s veder discussion tLat brought
1 ack rwrrories rf 1'iiclc Jim Uuncanof
the Fulling Firtt. The bill was on
drav. r for ilie t-rjo i.f making eas't
! tc j)f,.trt rets: lie', ol reuniting couui
j se?ts. its provisions are aimed at tvi
i rj0P1) t(rans Solomonville and
1 Tombstone
I Doj.-n in Cochise some of the peopli
vart the icuuty eat removed fron
Toult ..nc, thil in Giaham thesenti
tr.cnt i
greatly in fasor of changing
the county capital from Solomons ille
This saire measure was up in the First
Legislature. Scluiuonvillc had no rep
tesenta'ive in either house, while Tomb
stone hj.d but one -Uncle Jim Dunccn
the con: I seat enoal bill and was
not hi. rwt until the ery end or th
session I eu after the pasage of tht
bill he r'i ' not stop fighting Aided b
other T" ' 1: 1 r ifltntsa refcrendun
uss filed against the bill ar.d t be
voted upon at the last state election it
Kas ,cfeauti by over three thousand
The bill under discussion Mondas
,nc.rning was almost identical with that
,,aMcd by tte ..-,, T1c samf oId
Hnes w j and lhf samc oId Mgu.
mtaXs wvtc made in its favor. The
only t.iiiiiS missing was the impassioned
arKUment of Jude Uancan against the
The author of the present bill, profitT
ing uy the 'e fat of the old measure at
the polls, has attempted to dodge pub
lic sentiir.en by attaching to his meas
ure the "emergency clause " This
much overworked "emergency clause"
provides that a bill is not subject to the
referendum provision of the Constitu-
,;oa The Constitution says that the
emergency clause may be -attached to
bills necessary for the protection of thc
public peace, health, or safety, but
loth the lett r and the spirit of the
Constitution ate evaded almost daily
in order that measures may not besu!
jected to the referendum. This point
was brought up Monday morning by
Mr. Powers of Maricopa, but the au
thor of the bill spent a gol many dol-
Jrs. or,h ot tilr.c trying to show that
Money Available for
San Diego Road
New comes from San Dieso that
the money is now available for the com
pletion of the San Diego and Arizona
railroad and that the road will be com
pleted within thc next fifteen months.
Louis J Wildt president of the U. S.
National bsnk at San Diego, was the
man who brought out from the East a
,0 ""nP'eie me roaa.
When completed Yuma will be its
terminus. The road will come into
Yuma over the Inter-California from
El Centro.
I have just received my big line of
Spring and Summer samples, and would
be pleased to show you the line.
late stvles and models, and classv pat-
Civil Acions Brought and on File
With Clerk of Court
A Mar'inez; order estab notice to
U7U .Mary Axford s A Axford; ac
non for divorce.
6S0. J Wheeler et al vs J Arm
troi.?, action for debt.
0S1. Grace Dossett vs W Dossett;
iction for divorce.
910. J Calhoun, Dr. E King, Cr;
9fiS. O Durkee, Dr. Anna
Cr; decree of ilisorce.
W. Inita Eldrdge vs W Eldridge;
ction for disorce.
0i2. Pearl McKinney vs Earl Mc
Kinne) ; action for divorce.
l'S3. II .Scott vs White Swan Laun
dry 8c Mfg Co; action for debt.
JS4. D McKce et al vs .Coct.ue Co
923. Bessie Nasser, Dr. liars ey
Nasser. Cr; decree of diorce.
92S. A Milhelcia. Dr. Vinccslov
Milhtlcia, Cr; decree of divorce.
9SC. J Troxell vs Sadie Troxell; ac
ion for divorce .
Judgment in Suit
w9. It Billingsly ct :
.'r; J1.3S2S4.
il. Drs. J Parks
949. I. Carter et al. Dh. Fidelity
;& L Ass'n, Cr; SI 133.61.
904 W Hartifield. Dr. J Couling.
Cr; title quieted.
C'll T R Jordan, Dr. Ansper .Min Co
et al, Crs; action dismissed.
919. Title Guarantee & Trust Co,
Dr. Fidelity Sav & Loin Ass'n. Cr
title of interest quieted!
Estate of
Margaret Collins; Doanc Merrill ap
pointed admr.
J Castcneda; decree allowing acct.
J Jack; order confirming sale of
S Sakota; appointment of admr.
R Miller; appointment of adinrx.
Edna Brown; amendment of inven
tory and appraisement ordered.
Wiley minors; appointment of guar
dinn. Edna Brown; decree of final acct and
D Hiatt; notice to creditors.
F Juliff; notice to creditors.
J Hartlind; final discharge of ndmr.
R Huron; Jan 30, day hearing appli
cation for sale of personal property.
G. W. Cheyney returned home today
from Phoenix.
Tom Davis was a passenger on the
incoming coach today.
Three Indians on foot were seen last
week near Santa Cruz, Sonora.
Dan Ming and his free whiskey arc
getting in their work on the newspa pet s.
J. H. Slaughter and family have Rone
to the San Barnardino ranch, to remain
a fortnight or more.
T Haberstek; order confirming sale
of property.
J V Vickers; Feb 15, date heitrihg
petition for distribution.
Guardianship T Cowen; petition for
restoration to competency denied.
Estate of
E Hoffman; decree estab notice- to
C Potter; decree estab notice to
A New Ford Story
Here is a new Ford Story we saw
somewhere, but have fargotten just
where. A man in California writes to
the Ford company and tells them they j
should feel very much exalted for the
I r ason that the Ford is the only car
mentioned in the Bible and to prove it
cites hem the nassaee in Isaah which
'5 ,hera ,he passage in Isaah which
says: "He went up into Heaven on
I"n and ,sk5 wnat other car but
Ford could do that?
Dies From Sting of
Deadly Gila Monster
TUCSON, Feb. 2 The bite of a
Vadly Gila monster captured in the
iciuit of Tucson and sent to the
Univejsity of Kansas some time ago,
has caused the death of L. L. Dyche.
nsh and game warden of the state of
Kansas, and a well known scientist of
the University of Kansas, according to
rews received by a friend in this city.
The animal bit Dyche and in ten
days he died from heart failure. Physi
cians declared that his death was due
to the bite of the Arizona reptile.
Dyche was a well-known specialist of
fi-h cjpurc r.nc! anima protection laws.
1.1 S9.i Prof Dvche was one of the
,.arty whith rescued Lieutenant (now
iear Admiral) Peary iu the artic reg
ions, sailing from Gloucester. Mass , in
the Golden Hope May Hi, of that ear.
He found the party near death from
cold aiid starvation.
He also accompanied Dr. Frederick
A. Cook on the Cook expedition to Mt.
McKinley. After they had reached
the foot of the mountain Prof. Dyche
j continued his hunting expedition, leav
ing Cook to climb the mountain.
Big Mining Deal
Closed In Bowie
I BOWIE Ariz.. Feb 2. One of thc
j most important mining deals that has
I been closed in the Bowie district far
I some time is the sale of eighteen claims
lb. Thomas Quillian to T. K. Mitchell
I of Willtox The price for the entire
lot wis $30.(100. The claims are located
I at .pache Pass. They have proven
I kood pnducersin gold, silver, audi -id
Mr Quillian has been working on ther.i
' for the past twelve years. The transfer
of the property was made before W I
' Crawford 01 Dos Cabezas last Thnrsday
I Mr. Mitchell, the new owner of the
! mines, has purchased a three-stamp
mill arid is preparing to move it to the
mines at once from Willcox. He wilL
begin operating the claims as soon as.
he can install the mill.
Mr Quillian reserved his claims in
Long canyon, uear the ones sold. These
are known as the "Silver Strike," and
have been proven very valuable. He
will be in the employ of the new owner
of the mines until things are running
smoothly at the mill which is to be in
stalled. TUESDAY
Bowie Bank Was
"Talked to Death"
PHOENIX, Feb. 3 Because the
Bowie Bank and Trust Company was
"talked to death" and a run was being;
made on the institution. Cashier G. J.
Armstrong, locked the safe, closed the
bank building and took the next train
for El Paso. The reasons for thc sud
den closing of the institution were set
forth in a letter from Armstrong to
State Auditor J. C. Callaghan yester
day. In his letter Armstrong says that the
bank was one of the strongest in the
state, but that enemies of the institu
tion circulated reports as to its condi
tion. Heavy withdrawals, which prac
tically amounted to a run on Friday,
followed. In view of these circum
stances Armstrong said, he thought
that the best thing to do was to close
the bank and leave town. Armstrong:
said nothing in his letter as to whether
or not he expected to return to Bowie.
Deputy State Auditor James B. Or
mond and Assistant Attorney General
George Harben are at Bowie, and are
investigating I lie condition of the bank.
While no statement has been issued as
yet. Deputy Ormond, in a telephone
message to Auditor Callaghan yester
day said that he thought that the de
positors were well protected, and that
the affairs of the institution would be
adjusted without serious loss.
"The suspensions in this case is are
due entirely to local circumstances and
do not in any way reflect banking con-
ditions in the state. ' said Auditor Cal-
.ltghan yesterday
' V--M0!'U&.3ms& ..aa

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