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aombstoiiH Epitaph
L C.
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iSSJgpgS v j MtWW fegf rPv gH, lv
SAXTV FK. X M. Dei .1 In the
-arrest of sevin mm here todav in
a:: automobile carrins a Colorado li
c-ne and showing igns of bullet
holes, it Is believesl hj authorities
that part of the pane responsible for
thii Mirt holiliip at IJtowr have been
cripturtd The are being held as
su.pe( t?
On. the persons of some of the men
were found n number of new $ 3 notes,
which are. being cheeked up this af
ternoon in an effort to ascertain
whether or not thej are a part of the
lout taken
In the big ear which thev were
driving wero several hole- which
ave the appearance of having been
freshly soldered over, giving indica
tions of having been made bv bullets.
Cash ranging from $11 to $121 was
tound on the person of each of the
-cn suspects. Authorities expected
to receive definite word from Denver
Ite todaj regarding the suspects
The partj were arrested here as
thev drove in from Las Vegas
XOGALES, Die 22 The two army
Officers who left eamp btephen Lit
lie this morning in an automobile to
-eareh the cinity of Covered Wells,
on the i'apago Indian reservation, 73
inllf west of Tuc-on where the bod
i-s of Co! Francis C. Marshall and
Lieut. C. L Webber, missing aviators
vere rumored to have been found,
had not returned to Xogales at a
late hour tonight and no -word had
been received from them, it was an
nounced at the office of Colonel A. J.
VcXab, commanding officer.
The officers were not expected to
jeturn until tomorrow- unless they
made important discoveries today, it
was stated.
DOUGLAS, Dec. 23 Cattle ranges
la California, particularly in the dis
trict around Watsonvllle, are In ex
tellent condition and plenty of win
ter rain already has fallen to insure
good feed until spring, according to
Jack Meadows, ot the O. K. ranch in
nuclcer can) on, -who has returned
from a trip there with 1$ carloads of
cattle which were sold to J. E. Ayres.
Meadows also said that the range in
his district of the county was in good
nape and with only a minimum of
-now would furnish sufficient feed
until summer.
BISBEE. Dec 23. Theodore Llnd
was locked up in the branch county
jail last night by Deputy Sheriff Gip
son and Night Sereeant Harry An
derson pending an examination as to
bis sanity. He was taken from the
Miners Hotel. Llnd baa recently re
turned to the district from Miami.
Pretty Xmas
Cantata Held
Last Night
tlirotif. which packed the First
C ungrei-ational ihurch to overflow
ing last night injoiij the Christmas
Cantata mini bv the ladies and chil
dn n of the congregation.
Ihe title of the amusing Cantata
was anta Claus Entertained,' and
furnished no end of pleasurable
ainuem nt tn the gatht ring Those
n charge of the program and who
ar entitled to endless I raise for
th ir untiring efforts to n'ake the af
fair the huge success it proved to be
were Mrs K M Webb, spoken
parts. Mrs George It. in charge
of music and Mis-. Kmilv Ait. II, ae
More than a score of ehildren, all
trained to the last minute, took part
in the Cantata. A huge Christmas
tree proved an added and highly at
tractive feature of the occasion
I I Ariz" Dec. 2' Alva Smith,
found guilty bv a jtirj here today on
a charge of embezzlement of JGOuO of
the funds of the Aalle Bank of Par
ker Arizona will go on trial again
next Tuc-sda) on one of the three ad
ditiunal counts against him in con
nection w.th the failure of the I'arkcr
bmk of which he was vice president
at the time of its failure last August.
The count on which Smith was con
victed tudav charged that in purchas
ing stock in the alle I tank of Par
ker, Arizona, last spring, he gave
heckx on the First State Dank of
Clarita, Oklahoma, and later trans
ferred funds of the Parker bank to
meet pa)ment on the checks.
Superior Judge Fred Iograham set
December 29 as the date for passing
sentence. Neither Smith nor his at
torney made an statement regard
ing the jurj's verdict.
The ease went to the jury last night
after nine las of testimony, but the
jurors retired for the night shortly
afterward Agreement on the verdict
was reached an hour after delibera
tions were resumed today.
It had not been decided this after
noon on which of the remaining
counts Smith will be tried first. These
counts charge the making of false
entries In the books ot the Parker
bank and tbe misappropriation of
It was tbe opinion In court circles
that the remaining trials will not be
a: long as the one just completed and
that there will be much repetition of
testimony given in tbe emheiilement
Following Smith's arrest on a boat
bound from San Diego. California, to
Mexico last August shortly after the
failure of the Parker bank, a contest
for bis custody was waged in Cali
fornia by Arizona, Oklahoma and Ne
braska authorities, which ended when
Governor Stephens, ot California,
granted Smith's extradition
Arizona Taxes
Delinquent By
Three Million
PHOENIX 1W 22 The total
(amount of tais in the state ot Ari
zona delinquent on June 30, 1922 for
the past six tars was $1,471,225 67,
according to a statem ut complied bv
j Clarence btandage -ecretar oC the
state tax commission, and made pub
lic toda.v b Chairman Charles It '
Howe of the commission The state-'
ment was made from reports to the
lla commission bv the clerks of the
(boards of supervisors in each count;
1 The reiKrt shows that Maricopa has1
the largest amount of delinquent tax
es for Che period The total of delin
quent taxes iu Maricopa count on
June 30. 1922. was $1,632 423 13. Co
chise county is second with a total
delinquency of 224,403.70, while P.n
al with a total ot $219.230 39 is third.
The other counties in order of "Ueir
amounts are, Santa Cruz, $213.922 32,
Yavapai, $200,37122, Yuma. $1S9.073
31 Gila J1SS.139S0 Pima $161.S71 73;
Graham $136,233 IS; MoLave $76 219
32; Naidjo $71,440 40, Greenlee $67.
I2S72. Coccnino $17,.r.'"7ul and Apa
he $31 G97-.ii
Taking up the total delinquencies '
for the state b ear periods, the re
port shows that for the tax jear of
1916. the total deliaquencies were
$S7 9U12!) for the state: for the car
1H7, $13933S7. for the j ear 191S.
$72,73136 for the Jear 191"1 $330.
S0O43. for the vear 1920. $919,330 93,
while for the tic ear 1921. the total
was $1,996 4C2 7'i Teh first half of
the taxes assessed each tar become
delinquent in Xovember of that ear
while the last half becomes delin
quent in Ma of the following ear.
DOUGLAS, Dec. 23. Judge and
Mrs. George Hoark. who have long
been residents of the city, but who
will move to Tombstone, were guests
of a surprise party at the home of
Mr. and Mrs J. M. Sparks on Xinth
street. The party was a farewell giv
en by members of the Christian
church who expressed their regret
over the departure of the famil). Mr.
Roark was appointed as under sher
iff by the newlj elected Cochise coun
ty sheriff.
Mr. Roark and his family have lived
in Douglas a number, of years. He
wa formerly an assistant county
attorney and for the past two years
has had a law office In the First Xa
tional bank building.
James E. Kelly, ot the Huachucas,
has sold an undivided half interest in
th Berner Nos. 1 and 3. the Cold
Bug and the Red Cap mining claims
in the Huachuca mountains.
BISBKK, Dec 23. A freight car at
Osborn on the E. P. t S. W. was en
tered some time Thursday night and
a quantity of merchandise stolen. Ser
eral hundreds pair of overalls were
among the goods taken.
Dan Cupid Has
Been Busy During
.mas Season
Den I lipid has In i n a busv little
bodv this Xmas season and as a re
sult of his holidav activities, seven
teen couples have acted in accord
wita hi bidding, arriving fr licenses
t) travel life's road together at the
oflice of Clerk .1 K Ja-nes of the Su
perior Court Thiv wen
Ceo J Lind. of Los Angeles and
Certrdue Hwle Sherman, of Douglas
Manuel Jimenez and Artemim
Campbell, both of Asua I'rieta
Kafael hall', and Juani Grande, of
Milton R Smith of liisbee and Lo
la 1 Kirkpatriek. of Sailing. Okla
Iticardo Y Sanchez and Ysidra IIo-
jas, both of Cananea, Mexico.
thas T Somner and Xannle K
Rountree. both of Douglas
Frank J. ISovd and Leoni Dalton,
both of Douglas.
Hoscoe Klump and Xora Tuck, both
of Willcox
Vernon G Davis and Duelah II
Br an, both of Willcox
Jos F Scott and There si C Sabin.
both of Pomerene
Miguel I! Moreno anl Concepcion
V Corrcllo. both of Douglas
Chas Mr McGuigan and Matti- M
Hamilton, both of Willcot
M Sands and Virginia M Naught
both of Douglas
I) J Genardlui and Isabel Morie.
both of Douglas
And I' Owens and Virginia S
Hernandez, both of Pirtleville
Ira D Bartle and Luz Spence. both
of Xogales
May the happiness which is theirs
at this merry season of the ear, be
a large part of their many years to
Final rehearsals tor tbe solemn
high mass to be celebrated in Sacred
Heart church in Tombstone promptly
at midnight Sunday have been com
pleted and a packed congregation of
both Catholics and Protestants are
expected to fill the church edifice to
Rev. Father F. A. Collymore, pas
tor, left for Bisbee this morning to
celebrate the mass at the Spanish
Catholic church tomorrow, after
which he will return to Tombstone to
be' present at the hearing of confes
sions to be heard from 3 to 9 p. m
Sunday afternoon.
Elaborate decorations have been
made on tbe Christmas tree exercises
to be held in the parochial parlor Sun
day evening from 6 to 8 o'clock.
Hymns, recitations and violin re
citals will be enjoyed after which
Santa Claus will distribute the sweets
and goodies to the 60-odd members ot
the Sunday school class.
The Christmas morning low mass
will be said at S o'clock after which
Father Collymore will go to Bisbee to
celebrate the Christmas Day high
mass at 10:00 o'clock.
i i
Slayer of Tempe
Rancher Freed
By Maricopa Jury!
l'HOKVIX nz Dee 22 -A jurv
in sup.rior eourt here tonight acquit
ted II Collier on trial for murder
for th shooting of I! C Klliott, a
ram het near Tempe. Ariz, last Sep
Collier admitted that he killed El
licit with a shot gun after a cjuarrel
and fight. He declared on the wit
ness stand that Mrs Maud Coliller.
.'i divorced wife, had admitted inti
mate relations with Elliott. Mrs
Collier corroborated his testimonv
Mrs IJ C Klliott, divorced wife ot
the slain man. an eve witness of the
fight, testified during the trial as ;t
snte's witness
The verdict was returned after less
than an hour of deliberation and the
agreement on acquittal was reported
to have been reached o'i the iirst bal
TUCSON Dec 22 F-irthcr light
tiron the rumors regarding the two
missing airmen Colonel Marshall and
I.ieuL U timer which have stirred
Tucson for the past two davs was
shed bv C F McCormicL. Indian
agent at Sells, v.ho arrived here to
dav from the reservation Mr. Mc
cormick declared that the Indians had
been "talking since last Sundav of the
discovery of the plane in the Gray
mountains, some ten miles west and
north of Covered Wells.
Mr McCormick declared that the
first reports had stated quite positive
ly that a plane had been found in the
Gray mountains, w ith the body of one
aviator lying close beside it. Xeither
the plane nor the aviator's body was
reported as burned, McCormick stat
ed. In an attempt to learn the basis
of truth behind these reports, Mr.
McCormick visited tbe country about
Gray mountains last Monday and was
able to find four men who declared
that thev had heard tbe plane on the
da when it disappeared and two peo
ple who claimed to have seen it over
the mountain. In tracing the rumor re
garding the actual discovery ot the
plane, one of the men who had spread
the report was missing, and Mr. Mc
Cormick was unable to follow the
trail which might have led to the ac
tual discoverer.
Lieuts. P. B. Waterbury, of Camp
Little. Xogales, and J. P. Richter of
Rockwell Field, San Diego, expected
to reach Qnljotoa, near the Covered
Wells country, late this afternoon and
learn what they could concerning the
truth of tbe reports. As there are no
telephone or telegraph connections at
Indian Oasis, or the other nearby
towns tbe two investigators took with
them carrier pigeons by which they
will communicate with the camp at
Santa Claus is coming lure tonight
in a Ford kids'
We pot a messagt j.ist before go
mg to press that he would arrive on
tie last lap ot his joiirntj from tho
Xorth Pole in one of Henrv'-. famous
"croupavts' lit is o!d proof, so he
should worr
The big Coininunitv Tree suro
looks like it would give him plenty
of cause to (huckle with delight when
he sees it. too
The big Santa Claus wagon which
he sent a little ahead of his own en
tourage is Just loaded down with Just
the tilings to delight the lit arts of
Tombstone's juvenile populace
When the band starts blaring aud
the lights starting flaring, there II be
a hot time in the old town tonight.
I Multi colored lights glinting from
the in nad recesses of the big tree
will cast their mellowing ras upon
the gold silver and nib tinsel decor
ations lending highly pleasing ensem
ble to the tiene. while George Crone
plans to arrange powrfut flashlights
from the two sides of the street, con
verting dari-ness into light and af
fording the frolickers amp .. space
and illumination in which In disioil
, More than 6f0 ba's filled to over
flowing with things to touch the
cldint palates of the ehildren will bo
distributed from "sinta's wagon by
the Old Scout himself
Fiftj seven vai-eties of fun will be
m order tonight so gather at the big
tree promptly at 6 30 o'clock to help
greet Kris Kringle so he won't over
look ou either tonight or forget our
stockings tomorrow night
County Assessor Geo R Henshaw
today announced that applications for
auto licenses are coming in by the
hundreds, particular from ISisbee
and Douglas and the north end of the
county, while in Tombstone auto own
ers are lagging a little in applying
for renewals. If owners expect to
get the same number they had last
jear they will have to hurry. Mr.
Henshaw states, since within a tew
days all the small numbers will be
Two insane patients were commit
ted to the state hospital at Phoenix
today by Judge Albert M. Sames. to!
lowing examination by Drs. Hughar.
and Morrison. John Mofaftt, wni
was found wandering near Douglai
after he had leaped from the Golden
State Limited, was ordered to the
hospital for treatment and was taken
to that institution by his broher in
law, R. L. Longmore, ot Mesa. Theo
dore Lind, also of Douglas, was com
mitted and mill be taken to Phoenix
next week by a deputy from tbe sher
iff office
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