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Tombstone epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1887-current, December 31, 1922, Image 5

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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Sl'Nl.AY. DEOEMHEIi .11. 1922
I -'.
' v iii iiiTinu eu
lloweu. of Hisbee. Jack; for many years u widely known niin- 1'HOKNIX. Dec. 23.
While drtiuff.a tiidehjtqj-bclanfUt. MSlllriK. Hit-.
Ins to .1
Harris, a l!isbee fireman, was se
verely injured ahout 3 o'clock tliis
afternoon when a front wheel brok
turning the car up a steep embank
ment from which It overturned on the?
driver Harris was severely cut
about the facei and liailly bruised
about the upper part of his lody, al
though he was able to return to hU
home sh.utly after the accident.
Harris had gone With Kill isherrill. I
! employe- .if Itowen, to a point 3v-
eral miles west of Henson to repair
23 W. II. Hosmer.
e'rgins Its
ing jnan in Arizona artd Mexico, died members t(i confer with the senators
n Duranso. Mexico, on December 26, and representatives of the, coming
c cording to a telegram ri-ceived yes-' legislature and oint out to them tlie
I....1.H 1..- .. ..tli.m I T.- St....... ...
I' t'tJ '.- ii'unill !
C'ananea. Metcalf came
i outer with
mil'etl c: iw. ! - Tii r-nnitriw ' Annotine ement oi trie minimum T ... .......... ,. . ,, , -. ,
iie.i..r. ec. j', irie.onj,lrue;-, I'HOh.MA, Dec. 2fi. svinl cS -al
tlon crw has turned ,,v;r the' third aluallorf, for vdrfom. -.,,- prop-l has , ,.,,, ia, ,, .,.
unit of the new mill of the Moetezu j"T h- state as adopted by the m()Dy wU, MiarJ. a,oraoa of
ma Copper company at .N'acpzarl. W "' assessor' In conference Tues- .(sU((, D)m(Tutix. ,,)ntr(1 Januar). 2.
day aria vve.tiies.iay witn tne state' .,,.....,, , , ,,
, 1 lie jit;w null iiiii MllC'ly. n l.C cii
Triv rnnmfccMn In Phoenix- was made I -.-'.'
.jwuBiiiK jwivraaj. iuh unit, was taK-i " - "- i in, and seat themselves. It It expect-
other relatives of Mr. two ars in order to match a html- en over last Monday, and bv the first Mt.ts.lay b.v t naiies I.. Howe, nair. . . ,,!.,,, u.,,i i.
t 1 ' i - - . .. , . ..... ..
Hornier and said last ntht that he lar amount ulv.n bv the IT. s. ldnlnci. nf the ve:ir there will 1... :i l,l nv. man of tlift state tax commission
F. MeJc,alfof jadvantaces, fif continuing the state X. Klippen. reporteil on Ills arrival in "
v - . i . - I , ' n v - g c
i to ltisbtc to . apjiroprjation of JIO.OoO a, jear for .Jlouslas yesterday. The unit was tak-i '
f ,
hail wired to Duranso for complete cal survey to rid Arizona of nreda-idus of American mininr men wlm '
. - . i . " " I.
details of Mr. HnsnicrV lllpcji auditory animals and rcKlcnt. .pests is the have b.eu encaawl cc.nstruction '' ' "'" assessors .lRterd niter , f ,n.llw,rat. in . ,ntained i'i dltion. at a smo'l tovnnl)pcrt ;m mllca
l'th. .menace conveyed in a. .bulletin by ' work at Nacozaii ajjd I-ilares for the'l,", "'" r ""' 'vitr- ln"" w,ml" ln ,hi m..k:.,. ... t... iu,.kim-.. t. .. i. ... c-.. c- ... .. ..... ,....
t . ... .. r " ' .j... ....- ...... i-...tu ... rnil l ill.uiu'f, irxi mS eiAC
iriady for the. appointiw places. It is
iunclerMiKi.l that Cnv. Hunt's address
In setting a minimum' initiation to
li til
I W '"! I
;rcw, Ll.riz.
ayiatiitf,iliwiic hi iWHv5tfei.li ri. now
vifUiilly.. :.t. - ;.iniMilL -w iu ici-.
sirvice. recelic-tl -a ne-'Rc," Jn code
taken from a carrier plfeon which
kus ciiptiired, in ua eth:msteI con
crJs.nl ?'j;ibHtitfc,iijj
ei.ed today when llc-,1 K Hu
local .iygltiaKfoAlii.;Uiiils
were apprehended by custom officer)
' x few days aco. and are in the county
i broken cur ani had taken Hum
ilons to lriv- the Ptrid'tlMiker Iku'k
Harris wj-s foJInwinp Shenll alt-.-r lta- J
pairs hail lieyn jde when the a.-ei-.
dent hiipjwll-.
Tourwts lifted the wr-c-kag- lroui
irri.' lively. .,
The. SttidelKckei -.. badlr nrecKed
iiinrdiiii- to word jeeelt.-ed ,a t.- trcU
., ten Into custody throuKli their lack of i
, ' Iknoweldce tit the? prerailins styles.
The eokircHl Ijilie.s apparently did
"not know- that b:i-tl"s had lon. Ion:
icsace conveyed iij a, .bjillv".in by'workat Nac-nza-i ajjdcl'ila--es (or Jbe;
the Arizona, tattle Crowers associa- past year or two. Most of the meji
lion. ' v.-.II so to Jllsbeo to work in tln-mltie-i
The l'. S. biological survey aunuul-iiind op construction th. re.
Xo minins camp Jn the southwest
has enjoyed more prosperity than
XOCAI.KS. Anz.. Dec i!i -Mariorie .. ". . ,..., ', . ,
' 1 1) appropriates $30,000 for use inAri-
l'avnison nii iraonce .-vnuersnn, wnoi
zona, which is matched by a similar
Jail awaitins thai disagreeable inter-'
K ..- ..i.tlbl '.! il -n J-h--T ' It A tt f
...- -...-. --.v........... ,-..... anlnll,,, mih
which all who tall into the hands of
le aTiiuciriiieE iivih one cause or an-; j.
other, have to st thronch. wore tak-
ramount piven by the state, th bulle
tin stat-'-. The best hunters are em-
ni. cave place a lower assessed val
uation on a c lass of property than in
the minimum "-vftluaiien usretd" uio'n
at the conference.
The minimum vnlaation were flved f
.N'atnzari has .lurins th past year or !-ha!rmau Howe of the tax con-mis- (aiii(:
more, ciippen sant.
i. ... ..... ... ........ ...... ..... .. ,i.. ... i
Construction """' ri"- "' "'"" '"" wnx" "" 4t(!Mi 4,f
rintturtT in th sfnt' will tif aacpstiiil ..
ci-:i hcirtl'ir Tlie iii'ssate was for-
i. The appir.ntment list lias' haM i .i(e:jVi.iUel t l)r. Huffman by an imm
.rial additions during tlio past week, jrrntion insetoi m idiu I'vrnando.
fl.owinc that many Democratic fur-; The sirnat ire .a the bittom of tho
uer ulhc liiN will come back to th.e ni'S:iv-e was amurentlv "McComli."
It. I!. Sims returns as war- Dr. ilufftnan stated, the Laum of a
the mate penitentiary at 'naval oiiiier m uunnmnd of the de-
. ..... i i ..... ..,.. .... .... ..,..,. .i
,pi.iyen to i-oiin and trap predatory -work- ban been in prosress for some ""'" '" ",l """ "l "" " " ' Hon nc-c-. where his parole clerk will ta.hniM.t of four imval i.ln which
DelbrMse. a former b'Kisla-.were ens-'ac.il in the s.-arch here for
as lions, wolves and i time and before it was completed'th- as """oriiucas p.iss....e. ,...- .,-.-.-,,
coyotes. Men ar" also cmplojed to mines reopened, adding more n!enid"! nflt attempt to piae : minimum'
prairie doKs. sophers. jackrab- iin.l women to the Americat. colony ' valuaHon on irrigated. larminc orj aroI(, ror)f , SaI1(lfr!!. . Pr,.s. .,. ,,,. .wo ,,. .lmt
' . I .....:.. ....... . .n .1... n....l....ll. . 1 . n V
!ott. is promoted t" be superintend- some nl which wer relenseil
nt of the state industrial uhool at' Colonel A. J. MiXali of Camp I.lt-
'sr.tEitiK land or upon the productive i
'ininins .laims In to" state.
Valuts Fixed
The minimum values f:.Ml at tlij
'eonf.renco w-re as follows.
IVnces. pit wire mile, J-".
tifud body, believed that of a liandit ! More tnan lU.Wio predatory amnuls ""'"'r ucn. min n to maintain i .uerciiaiiuisB uj i- j-ra i'i. m
kill.d iii a pitc.l duel in any empty P., ' " " ' ., Save been klllisi while ttyckmei, est! -. s..k in .air to ro.,,i eon.n- pernor, va.ue. ..TOUm n, -h:i(-k in trrit(lri:ii ,'a,. A ..w nametbeei, on
bov ar enrcrate from Del Ilio u Ash- "i"n "" w "" !rBate tht !UiM' more were poisoned,""" is the substance ,.f telccraphlctciulroil to acknowl.se rep
f.rk. .Vrit, early this week, was
f.iund when the box car was .-earchd
rittCOTT. .-. IB. -An aniden-
iaco tone (Hit of style and that no
woman who ever looks' at a -fSsfmin
bits and rats. The 30.Cs appropria- there.
tton is divided cipialy betwe. n the.
;.reclatory animal control and the de
partment 111 l harse of.. t'h odet '
ints. . PHciBXIX.
Many Have Been Slair. jact suns-hine
Dec. 2-Th.ct .lbund-
and absence of stormy'
More than lu.001 predatory amnuls weather has don., nun h to maintain!
jKcirr C.rant. James Keen, who willjtl... to wlnun Dr. ilnffma.. forwarded
.'l... " craperhttendca t of the .apitu! ;t!.e code messace this afternoon,
.ulIdlnK and prounil.' was in hefatateil tunisjjt that he lud not vet re-
h"i.,, rl.i.i. i(..-Iti.. .1... fnM... .... n. !.
...... J...- -,u.... ....
.administrations, his
former Hunt cef-.ml tbw message, but believed it
ervice dating !tiBsib!e that the bird misht have
at Ashfork bv SimcJal Ofiicer V. K.I
i-brieiL cu cne. .ccntscjn, zopesa an.i
Santa i'e railr.siil. It was teamed hero
today. i
W'.ilt.'r Krtwnr.t Cilxnn :.rrivin In!
. lielil tnree inn quarts ui teauna.
,. l.U M'OK "J.
sisters with a bus-tie. Kven the ota-
eers ot customs attention was drawn
to the ontisual and passe bump the
'dear creatures wore ln trying sizes
yars aso.
When searched this Iminp i.
of four wbitb he bf.iiself re.
reporLs icfore-.j. ,A a, Krjmfc , i.Mjai)ro.,-j, of he-ns.-.i v.'iile on .. Iim.tl!," Iri,. in
Arl-'n notary w.th copies sent to lbs ta;Nl. ,M ,, ,. ..x:.miner. I Mexico Ui Dc.o.er. ,,! ,b.',br
pat out of existence and c lasse.1 as and western .Vow Mexico to the 'commission. Furniture and fixtures. I,, . , ,,,, ,-i ,,.;.h .i,- tn !. !-.. -n -'.. . .
1 . ( .He was been connected w ttn tne m- stnntur. Mi Nab had been misread
and never found. Anions the animals information from reporters In
weather bureau office in 1'hoenix. Xore not included in the merchandise
-.7 iweatner r
il-1 pre. ipitat
ion lias fallen durinc the 'item.
Xtuiprodui tive
"cow killers' were ill: .wolves, ;
mountain lionr, 5'. bears and the bal
r full
month have improved runses to claim $750.
.... .u..cu. ... u't'.'.. ." I -'- -" -" .-.-. ...... "nn-.in. - .'- .n,. n,... (,f I ,1nt. fnrmi-r terms :.n. 1.. ...:,
o ..... -.. ......... .... .... . ........ ...... r jn.. ... i.k K..!.... W
be local survey nrhie is estimated to .to lo acleciuatn in most sections. The t -Nonproductive patented l'lacrt, , (-..m,,inv -,!ml!i"-itinn till
two ears aso. when he was defeated
lame was made up of covotes. bobiats !" and winter r.n;; arj cntirclyi
''iejc The asoc iation i-stimates the.freo from snow, ntorms earlier in locJe claims, ir acre, f3S.3;
... ........ i , -
mi into a canvas neit anu i.aK wnicn -.., ... ,,, ,,-, .,, ,-,...,,., 1,1,,
.savins t the cattlemen at SSiS.oiio.
ir'rr:? r-rsr:tm!
isurance department of the Itraefy las ".Vc-Comli." None of th four birds
Curtis bank in Nnsales. 'which lie released at that time ever
Of interest is the. iuuuins of Wiley 'reached their destination. Colonel
r'.. Jones as an assistant attorney sen-1; Mc.Vab does not believe that the
.ral. as he was attorney seneral d:ir-iinease will 5 rove to have uiiy in.
Ashfork. irJd authorities !
ins toward Asnrorl; in tne box can 1
when two men approached him andl' ' oujuzation ot noj,iaVH a,1,ll tb :),,lcm,.n ;,nd farm-'weathr r in thu s.Kith continu.sl mild claims includins coal land
ordered him to throw up bis bands. !aV""' "ltf w"m"n hart ''""n 5-n ,00e.-s of Arizona more than $ton.fKXl'and the reporter at Douslas state J10.
A scuffle en-ued. Cibsoa declared.11'"'" S"'"K ,Utk I""1 fr'h "'Un,ln,;tlurin8 the .ar. More than .00ir stock-filial the r.ms shows, sreen in pro I.ivesto.k as follows:
lth, en-ton.s of Innc as., in the farel . . . . . . .1. .... ... . .. ,, . . ...... ...
and one of the bandits started shoot. 'men and farmers nave nien assisted lerieu spots. Desert anil valley, norses per ocju.
ot the officers, which held the
traband and forbidden libation
pr acre.
the search for
the aviators, as Captain Me Comb has
b.-en in touch with the oUicers until
ins- l.ihson drew a sun and ei
chanscd halt a dozen shots with his
assailants, and men ran to tne noori ALLEGED PRISON
of the car. BREAKER NABBED
Ilefore he could jumy out he was
kickeil from behind, he said.
When Special Officer ISartlett
searched the car described by Gib
son, he found the body.
durinc, the ear by the frequent "use ranses ar improvins under the in-.ofk. cJa.ss A. $100: work, class II,
.nt the polls. Frank McC.mn. (UobelcuiU- recentl.v and since endins his
attorney, is to be the second assistant icinti. s here.
and the third may be J.
iloush. of Cochise
W. McCul-j The carrier pigeons which have
jl-ecn supplied to Camp Little this
jot r-isoned srain and sas a-s directed fluen.e of the mild davtime tempera- lU: saddle, class -V. 5100; saddle,, ,. K Mci;siUn veill return to belv.-ar rave pruced unsatisfacto-y Co!
bv the survey bureau, the report says. Jtures .class II. $t..: stallions. Sir; mules, Utbttan hMrrtary o tUW ,:leim D 'MNal, stated', and many of the'blrd-
' Cochise and Craham ...unties re- Crop Progress in Arizona clas A. Slb: mules, class K, t0; f:rallt. who has lwn bookkeeper inlwlilch have been tried oat en vari-
n- Vr nnirin rtilri- livn l.h.n .nm ' With Wltlmiltll t cm r i. 1 ... -.. .. . .itt. T ut V . Ill (ft
-t- pIRTI FVII IT .P"1 t"l liAiiir: ' - ii"ii um-, ...n. (iiuuti 11111 n.iiijriamir.-. u 'i - 1 - -. - - --- t -
Albert K.
ipktely exterminated from their re-
Il()i:i;L.S, Dec.
Caldwel. alleged escaped convict from jP vicinities, accordins to the
..... !....,.....!, ,.,i ,.. rr.... association-s report This in turn.
41J tamt4 1' ' f lan utiXV'. L
thl" afternoon at 1:30 o'clock by
Thro Mexicans also told author.- Constable Dan D.vyer. of 1'irtleville,
ties they had been held up and robbed jan(. identified by the Dousla.s"po'l7re
has reclaimed more than .(V),00t acres
asins .slightly above 72 desrees and Cattle it head: Kancy. includins
100 per cent of the possible sunshine,;311 calves of tbe preceding year. 20;
the past week in the southern v al-1 ranse. two years and up, $30: beef
leys was very favorable to all forms '"" fee-'lcrs. IX-; milch cow, class A,
by two men in a coal car at Del Itto.
Gibson was exonerated of blame for
the shootinc by Justice of the Peac
William Semonr of Ashfork.
t'epartment. The convict, who
ci'ed from Leavenworth November
"Mb of this year, admitted his iden
tity and was finserprinteil carefully
i.v Fins-rprint ExP'TL A. D. Murchj-
s.111. following Jlis arrest
of fine srazins and asricultural land, c.f agricultural attirity While the,lf,0; tmlch tons, ilj-v II. I0; bulls
doubling the amount of srass'on ev- dear nights eff.ted a rapid radia-JsO.
ery acre of grazins'Iand and saving tion of the day's heat resulting in; Pheep, per head, a; rams, $1S.
tivity of these p.-sts The work will Hieing rapidly completed and stalk
be extended to the other counties of 'cutting is now well under way though'
Jh; state treasurer's office, has been ous occasions have tailed to return
promoted to be thief deputy by Wayn to camp.
ilubbs. the new treasurer. The book-,
. .. . -.. .... .... .... ......
ir.eeiic. r iiiace win . w.vu n nun- UNITED VERDE WILL
lartl, J. Smith, of Kingman, sou of An-, puT ANOTHER BLAST
ison II. Smith, a pioneer Mohave eoun- FURNACE IN SERVICE
Ity newspaper man. A. 12. Stvlzer. for-!
nier se retary of the state
.IKUOMi:. Dec. :-..- The camp re
corpora-. :, .,..,., .-i,.t ..... .. .. t,..
. . ... . . . ... . . . -.. -r ' 1 ... i.l L....I i - .........., ft... ..,.
nunuretis 01 tnousanus o: miliars .ei.ni u irosiy nipramg iimperatiires. """, ..,.11... .,. . ........ ,.. "";t,in commission will be deputy state.-,
... . . - t... . ' "it was an
worth of grass and field crops which jilttie damage has resulted, Vieting ; - lauditor.
UAr,. T.,.r...frrt lS.t tliri.f.r. thu flA. fnf the se..SnnS Pim fntttin t rrr 1 Swine. hVV head. $10. ' ..,. . .,., ... r, ..... : i .
" - '' " ... , l.ll..re is saiu u. i.e ...-mocraciu ore, .,, .hs.!(,r ,,.. ,,... 3 ...... s.
The work will being rapidly completed and stalk I'oultry, per dozen. Jlu. .,.,ti ,.v..r the .-..moim... me.it of the' . ". . . " .
... ., , .. i .inrnace in commission wiuun a verv
Automobile Values. .,,.,. ii.r i )-.r.t it !'-nii..v of I
,.. , , .,. jm" ''ur. Kit Lard II. I..1111-J. off-hort t,m prol(auIy uv ,llo ,lrs,t of
..ll"l!l..Uiic-. JJ.. Jl.u-je.-. v ... i sl,,r.,..r...r. th-.t l,o -n-ill 1....... n ntltnb. r 1
announ.e.d that the 1,'nited
plans to expand its operations
thoriues w'ere "immediately notified' 1 ,hp sta,,,!r if ,hL" ?lPP'iatin is con-jas jet not general. Hardly matured:
f the arrest of the escaped convict !,i"""1- ,h,i r,'port :"Ms- " " """"-ntly before caught by the'
cent off list prices; .hcr cars (. sL..I(,(I ... (.!(.r.s
DISTIKK. Dec ;: l'iill Moore was 'and Caldwell Is heb
rrorfl vi.tf.....lv nirtrntn" ftt !, t ... n.lln. 1,. ...,.,,.,...1 ... T .. ......... n.,1. (ONLY SURVIVOR OF
in the city jail
at the ' p. riding his removal to Leavenworth.
Junction shaft of the C. & A. company J The prisoner wa.s first arrested last
in this
i . :-.. (
fth-5th. short. '"" values as sent ..at by the tax ;,.., ,:.0 example of Charb II.
as might 'commission and shown in used car L. ., tthu M,,,H,.,,el. a 1H.nU).
by Deputy V.
stead Act.
Marshal Jack Xeen-niight by Officers Douldin and Pollard i
frcze c.f November
staple bolls are not openin
APACHE FIGHT HAS be expee ted under more normal condi-1 market rejorts if December, 192:
:ln on a bench warrant issued out oflnear the C.mmrv Club, when it was CI.OI1K. II.-. 2-Con Crcmley.-.Rrowers are now pulling these u. er the condit.ein f the machine
.. r...... . tn,..., .h I. ... . .. .'. .'.... ..:.L'.Iet ..lnn....r resi.l.nt nf c.!.,... w hn ' opened bolls which, when specially' The produttic ' mines Is the largest (
i.ttr ..,.i. s.f.tiL ... i ii..ii ..id.n i.ui:iini jer ..-. .u...i. imiuin juum """. . - --- - , -
i.. ....... ........... ,r . i-. 1 ...... .. ., , .. lv.o nv,w in fi.i. .ii...,-. , ,nn.!nnn.,.K. sinnesl. nrodii.e marketable lin The:class ..f property in the
iiiii uiin Mi. i a i..iatiijii ... me ...- iauioinooiie mere, .i.er iicia itirncu , " .-- ... .- ....... . ..... ..,,... . ..- -
for upwards of 44 sears, celebrated '"'"i nights and warm days are ideal in ''-l cases, the assessment of these
his TSth birthday Jlonday. 'tor lettuce; the plants are developin; properties is made by t'n tax torn-
xir cVnw-lev u tli.. onlv uhli.. ,nnn ' rapidly into sweet, firm heads that mission as are
crat in
; the vear and .ertainly immediatelr
. "While the plans are not com
ll'lcte." said tltneral Manager Holier'
over to Deputy Sheriff IM I.eahy and
investigate.1 he
means for his
Moore, it is alleged, .sold a quantity
of liquor in Phoenix last October and
was recently indicte-d by the! federal available at the time.
grand jury In Maricopa county. He
was releaseel, no
identification being)
the uUlle. w. w. "ae.ih:. Tal,v..it is iosit.ve.y ();r.aln tUi.
aiv' shall ojtrat' n tlnul Mast fir-
Ken appcinted assistant state engi-! .Imost ,mm,.,,iaU.Iy. . ,a!1 c0;
ineer am. tuer- is report oi me an-, .. . . ,. ,. ,.. ,.
'" !ii.Stiliiinn -l l li i (iVi ii iluifirfmcnf
"' " "tr- '- v"r blown in. bat it will be wry shorU
thief clerk of tharlt' K. Autl.tms, titr-
liJU.uT oi in Jiii iitri:;iit'i i
TUh ::(!tlitin;i of this furnace ui'!
IJI'l JlJIUtli-T Ul 111'' Jll I It" I Hill's I 1- It ,.,. iv, 1 ,t .- . t
the railroads. I-andF ,,,..,,.....,,,,,. ..,,..,,..,.. ...
; - I --"Iii i. . i - I inut ani1 ""' employment of a . ,r
.now living who helped defend Mc- ar" harvested as soon as ready to and ca.tle are the two large-. Hems f ,, ,a, H f ,jefen rtt,rms
I- . . ...-C.,-J'J sit'eraliie uuniber of r.en men at tue
I . . t . ,.. . .,.. . . . ...1 1... ..... ....in... n..A..'rt. , ...... .. , .. ... .
The f.nviit was nrresloj! :it Pi-rlA. .MUIen apainst an attack by hostile '-PI" .-n at wv rnarKft. warden i""' - luu,uJ -C""BM4B" tthe Hunt w
r. i.i i -.i-- T-t . .. . . tfiiil in th Viimn . nn i i ,. . Aiitomfilillf and- mot on fit? are as- f. .- . i .i . I " r i ' - "
- ' sin iier.
camfe to r.isbee a little over a weck-?ville this afternoon, by: .ConstabU.JAnacl.i-; in 1STG. There were about " in the Yuma section isin very j Automobile and-motor, y.-le.s are as- ,, js rep,rU.u that Ca,. Harryj -
ago and bed put in four shifts-'at thcjllw-jer on account of alle'srcrsuVi-I510 '"Jians in tbe party and the siegeTSood shai generally: harvesting of'Sesscd by the assessors at the time Croa(f. onlniaading a I'lioenlx rifle norsualJy in c,'ery ' ,irpartment a'n
mine when he was ar're'stc-el. lie wllijclc.ti actions and was takeq .trt ,the i.-a-ted about 4o hours. TheipomilationP'a' i" not heavy em-ing u, rather;thc state license fee is collect..! and j,.ln,,anv f lhe ational guard. l'i!thl.'Mt.;ml hll,,.. j BOW imrnwlaieh
be taten to Tucson 'mis morning bycity' j.",if where identification asjf McMillen bad d'indle VolsJeii,sUw filling of iods. - '' ' '-he ''" issued. ;llst.ci for adjutant geavral, "WvtoZj,, ,. ot the :a 'fire s(uIes' an;,
the eleputy niarshal. ' ' -quickly' ejbt'alned through information several women and tli Fee 'V"f o"r T 77 : . . "T" iCV'-.w-lll,'r Il,ci,1K Thp for,ller Hllcs' handling a consldejable quaniity
The women and
reeeivc-tl from the Leavenworth Ttrison children.
.Identification bureau. " .were' Hi.'ld'en in a mine tunnel
.1 iii. ,'. '
duct ion and exportation ,of all kinds
cifineuls has increased y,T' material
ly during the year 1'22. accordiuc to
information m3de public by tbe ,gor-
to serve
eight years in the federal prison on a
-. i y ,i -, . . ' - .
charge gf assault with intent.to com- t
mit rape. Jjaving .been a, private in
the Kighth Infantry of the United
,. .PRODUCTION INCREASES r the .. ctmvict, according to Officer Rnarill by ter men. The wife and ; JSOCUKS, Ariz., Dec- "2S The
.. I..' .. .. . T '.'.- ' ' ' '.... ...-.- tit..." ... . t. -.'..',.-.-' "-.' - ' '
.mkaiip trjY, Wt. 21.-.-1HP pro-lllurchishn, was sentenced
HXin't get worried about the roads tration but fii
appointee, Chas. W. Harris, held over
for a year into the Campbell adminis-
two or three c hi dren ot the late I'at- l;.,2rst sincle consirnm.nr of tr.m-,.1
among thosr
guarded in the tunnel, Y. (i
of Arizona," said Lamar Cobb, former I ,
was unsuccessful
r.A-' ''ii',.,!,. :,,. ,"m'r,r, c r.n.ah-. '. .. ... .." .' '.. ' ' .fhtate hlcliway engineer
..... .......... j --... ...uun ....,. .irecs co nass inroucn ine tiort. or. . , -
1V ' - - !, r..rrBntiV.r' Amriir,.. fcini'Veil
emment denarlment here tcwlav frisltrts 3rr.r at CfJ.ler.2 flermnnv nt
ravu . -t reitf uAs?,
the firt nine months of the year.
the time.
.33iV aA
I.97UIT VIcM s Mawr S
."5TI. . Fit T 3 . JX. - .-. ml-
(lurla:t)'nsrVrHlBIWPsja1 a
ja.s a v feiiiafcJiiJijtifeJ
los Ijfcf jj vj.t 4?i t VtWir,
to the savaces. who continued the ti. ,..nnw.n,
, . , tl x "; m.
.itlack'tintij driven off liy a iie'tach-! h;en more or less
menC of c-a'ralry t rorii ' Kor' Thonias. e'l.
.'''-.?.. -. '.'-......- .T '.,,-..-. "r
r, points.
Estate and hvis cniarrter-rrfti that the
tomatoes ji;3 ZiitiiaJiUXii
bv reason
Lk. I "Tp-.'-ri,ri i . . r- j
rpf f SUSTAINS HORRIBLE cen.ii.i.ai.s were Kiiie.. in w.e iigDui', ,-rop still being on the mark.;t and
igs; ' T' ' 'S INJURIES' IN FALL rTJJn r"I" 'fiurWtl ftVmlians tb'thcTtli.. Sdencr of' Jhis present supply
dH) DOl'Vn.A.S. Dec. "29. Falling frora':"' valle," wfiere 'they'wer'e c-or-'- I6wer"prices of the southern crcp,""
PRa meat rack in his. father's store, 'th railed a'ft'er a fiiiniT.e'r'or''theiir"hael 1 ., The ' threatened embargo on toma-.
em 01 tomatoes n? .-.sioj.uni 1 - -
less r,:tard'e.!. it ls'..''--i'n-irrrn'apparently has JTonr. iears yet
of tlie- America.. tom-.:Cndi,iCn' ' ... . - tserV"' "Ut thero" h 1"'lf"f "at
pears to circumscribe the appomtin
power and to make the office self per-
lar cpuii 1, lormerijn ,h. t(1,Irts. Though thelaw- ap-J
.'THuj e z . ej . , ,1 . , .
per vl Arizona, pcars to circumscribe the appointing!
.i. . . ' . - . .
chin. . .1.1 . 'now representing American concrete nn,,.Pr
hnan-,.KaIes this year crossed oyer the.; . . . power
Icy being 6ne cit them. Fourteen men.T,)r(ier oa 1Ilc s. ,.. ,Ie M.7s -y': '""-rests in Arizona. retuat
bar'ricaded in tlie Sh'anle'y' h6use. ad-T,Vrday afternoon, enronte to 'iTo's n- "CV- "Unt 'S R!DS '" "W t0t:V, ?
jol'ning Kelfner's ' s'iore.'-gave l.attJeTgf'(V.8 and various otheV points. ' ' iwar1 ,he r0a1 bU"d'DK Wrk f the PA"
I'HOKNIX. Vn: 2;. Only six hours
petuating, there is an impression that I ' .... ... . ,.','; .
" CVliiT .'. CjT-i iseparated the deaths f Charles and
governor has almost complete
to name or dismiss.
Water Commissioner W. S. Xorviel
Alice Davis, husband and wife, Sat
urday night, according to petUUins.ior -
letters of administration in their es-
rf tales, filed simultaneously in the lo
nis . ," . .. .- '' ' -. ,
,, ,,,v",- ? ""'"ir ... , ui suiier.eir court. , tic. were liurieu
.,....... - e-. Tenure win m; cut snort in tne nrsi . ,.- . ,. ,
. ... . ..... -i.... . e... m ..C.M.... ..-...-. ... . .......
;iri-uiii.. .!- iiwii . .-. i wf k or tlie lecislatiire. It is nnaer-
i . . .-. : .... . .
sicio.1 an attejtipc win ue iiiaue in re-
7-yearHld 5on of ictor IKknar, pro- b'"'
prietor of the New State bakery, 5.11
V avenue, yesterday afternoon sus
, T'.K. JWiJs) i r-''''! '-- 'i "
tained serious Injuries. A sharp meat
' total metal exportation for mT tained serious Injuries. A sharp
first fr mnntfes' nftfl!? 'ira--j!tni .1hv.lV" was ntrintren half thrn..".. "f..
. ,,,.,,. n,,.., .... ' i, Jtel 1 iTjpd I'.i1? -)'
via jn.pwr ya?rHFyHyrrayH4',lll'c oi.cei.c .es anu rruea i.e. urupciu iu ioe
been killed.
- -" -.- j.., , 'i . ,. .... ..... .
.toes has more or less died away and
. uwi.p v.;.ji:. ....; v.; r .j-.r ...ir i
NCOHCTAX FORMS TDeal the act that now denies the bov-
.. . ; . I" . . ... "
RELEASED JANUARY 2 fprTinp ritrbt t.i rem. .re alt the uniVer-
..-.. . .
iaw:zc2 3fio;
-, i" eventually, be dropped entirely I'HOEXIX. Dec 30. Frank .U.
f3VJ m C SOU. ..:.( ' ja -..H'f t ., u-. , - .T J- lL ... n- , ., I...
OVER O0 ATTEND 'due to the lack of evidence on tlie (Stewart. coJleclor, of internal .revenue,
DINNER GIVEN IN ,.trt of Florida and California. grow-Iave, iioticetoday .tht. Fpnns 4W0-A
.. Cj '. '- jl.'LJ.:v.i .-..'Tzv -au.'.e.tnbz. - tar. l el z S 1 'it., is... ...
w.tnn.jn;, nu.iun;,,, vbo attetn
i v :.a jc. '.. .it
S'a a rTaSjAi obof riJ'?1 Jnf.? Mta!nUV n.
JENGLISHrlKSSjT.O'tt; boVi'to the soldiers of K. Hnar'huca.
: o v I, A Jc. '.. -if
ruor...A, -"vriz. ,.c. j. .More Ltivesiigaiing e-omm..jiee in vyasntng-i incomes o? not more man. live tnpus-s. ..mkxiuo CITY. lec. 2ft, It, has ness. are contined to liie Hospital at
a63-7?T!eaa'MrraoBeiI iflcxw his right leg was broken be- than 600 . friends anil political as-i.tjon. that the Mexican product was J and dollars, for the calendar; leartbeen ofiSclally announced that a syn- the fcrrt.
Oil li:e?W;tf Wpt5jwed tween the knej) aid ankle.lle wai sociates attended a dnner here to.tniected with injurious larrac andilS22. will ie.realesed fln January .2 jdicate of Kngiish bankers will rstab- - .-,
a very tattMaJTncrease owy-SroteTn- rushed to the office of I)r. Dim Smiti, night rn honor oj flovernor Thomas. -ould eventually contaminate thell923 . to each taxpayer tijoughout the ilish a bank in Mexico jrlth a japjtaJ.. COMBINATION KITTV HIS.PET,
11.SWM0 barrels axalnst lTWITeii (tended to the lad's
barrels fur Lb a piKrluus luuutbr; -During
thWMVftfiSMnths of the
&&&&' -e,u ere
bnrnsWjjinto KMinction BMtwico,
Ktflrck criilf'rtrWloB
tjcmr.3 ab al co,i
banr. isrUiiri i&'l
'6T t$ibbc aot'e-r
3tIedr.I tiO T
sfcTfl .acsl-' t',
veifht tore the flesh asart and per-.cnuht-f
i :S. occ Zuar.-'.-.i e.isi
mitted fate to drop to tbe floor.
t-iauofl .
where the latter and IJr. C.reene at- E. Campbell and other Republican American tomato and fruit crons. (state, returns for which can be .filed I of C.OO0.0CO nound sterling TUCSON'. Dee. 19. A ranrer on .
r .a .qcl xu.l ts .ssnoci cwi e:;ioa -js -au. . .8AJ0UOQ l'.CH 1'J tii-.joiq -i.ioui. - .aiTiaAM 33 OT o...lr.i- .,. ..c.c . ,1
the Coronado rorest jejerw baj igundj,
a. settler with a house net. .which had
; Lei. i 1 i--c .1.0...1U...S , .1 rfe .. .
a tabby cat as mother .and sSunk for,
. i.;ou ' ',a'. .mil'. -..... " ' '
father. The "kitten". is described as
' ol -?.!vl .'.Ui:.,! -1-. ..ae c;
baving two sets of ears, one, of them
The youngster was climbing upon tmd of the present year. into Nogales. Sonora. but it is re- up. to and, iDcludlnB arch,15, 1923.
line 'fc'iOIZ. lei .Jls7ii It Tjlon-t. -ban coil . i 'nu?. Anr. 71JOT bnuoTC : nil f ,ft I -wsr. 'n.n, m,.T ..nl'.. .1 .,....fl. .. ,.. ..-.-L. .s. it-JTio. .. T
tbe meat. rack during the. absence of In an address following the dinner .ported that, in the near future that en-1 In case .the taxpayer doesnot. re-
usee. jj .euiijqoil .j-j.i Wot.. tfcjaitna or. '.i.- -ju tn uvr -'Mil j; i . i.cicrt a ill tiri oioir .aall.liDJ loticol K n-'- 3 u'-uir.:. i-- 4-.sii u-u, a
i.i.i- k .. ..i.c ... k. run. .. . -; '' ,.T, . ... . .. .. .i . - .. .. ... .
. .c. ........uii mi.. iv- .CLii.HK .. uir. . ..,, . l.. n ... luauiinn rv r.i.iiT.1. . in n.. i.ni iw inri .iluiip a. ii.iv . im. i in.. mirnrMa nr . n.a rinr-irwi w. i ....
.noiedctoT 1o ,ciicd' .sQirij'jmo iol aniajol vir. Hc.1 umX.tl (,1. . W. ,t. i -soiacunj .1 EiOTrerV KOKW TT. paidifuMi.u r -rbi: .a .i ..;.-...
climbing upon tmd of the present year. into .Nogales. sonora. but it Is ,,re- up. to and, including March IS, 1923. to aid the, mining industry bv making.
jul lit ..- t..,ca -.a . u. a-rjec. tli.
loans to . nroancers nf metals.. Sues
.... a.m.". ..nll.ltn-l l,.,..-.! tr' n... ... I1(,1U-.I. .-..Lt.l 11..I, kil I'.ltT: I.!.... ,.l f.t Ur. .1. ..'.1.. . .
bis father rand slipped. , As .he fell, a Governor Campbell declared, that he tire trains will be .deTtitcd .to.canr-iceive these forms they may be ob- cial aid will he sien silver, prodec
,svrjinov ir:ii-! Cno liniiJ fo-Kcfl -iolw" 'j 'iC9i Ea.ar.12 -jf ci lea li I.v ! ? n.iidJ -i-jo -J.1 ji .'s t; .' .7 T t.'it . 7 s,: .rn. -j' r.Z eEJ ,u ,-,';ial. ... J.j
meat hook Jabbed into, his leg and his would not be a candidate for. any ine that -vegetable and that they .will tained by application to the collec- ers., inasmuch a, England and her)
political ornce tor many years 10 oe coming in o. romc out ot lfortltors omce, or u.e.jtufiaion,cniets jn colonies are sadly jn need, of tnettoat of a polecat and the other of a.
i - - - - I r i (1 V I 4 A SJSJ '! -vriiiii "'vn -. ' -v. . w JM, itbui, 3vl :m u'' ill fV-u.ll "W iii r v
come.- VAflilLliAei Aojrai.es in jarse numDers. 'their respectiTe oiurtcu. ., .
r'.- i ... rr.i;. .. .,r.. ' St.. .-..r. L. . w All i .
sity regents.
of charred timbers. Xo trace's of. ac
tual fire have been Juund-
sU. .". J . J
Tl'CSO.v, Dec :t. A number of.
c - ,
the ladies eif Tucson, who are chapter
members of tbe lied Cross enl ,Xmas, ,
j,"..who, because of Tarious forms of ill-
,acc,3 ri 1 J. ! ' 1. . i, '
sCjrfirtx' , u'ziil'A
ivi. V i.'atf at
- yf. r
white metal.
rl tiojleir eiU seixi rttrr'snin-., i
t .'I Jc rt n f .C re- '
V '''Jt'l
Ji It zi a .. kri-
tin Y
"regular" rat.
gftance.nq ot

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