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Tombstone weekly epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1882-1887, June 24, 1882, Image 3

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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Mainly Ilolt'M HtHC( I. Inc.
O.llce, Well's Forgo & L'oinpiuj'" ttiiild
lug. SUgtM lcak Tombstone fur Coutcn
Hon nt 5 a. in. to ouuneU with the eaMern-bmtud
trslu and at 1 :4U p. ni. to connect with t bo wot
irn bound train. Accommodation stage lor Con
le ntloii will tcae uery day at 8 o'clock a. m. owl
3-OU p. in.
Ol0Mltl0ll l.llHl.
X. SMltU' Opposition Stage Lino loaves Tomb
lono ury dav at 8 a. m. ami 1:30 p. in., ami con
nects ilkl ilia morning and evening trains at
Uoutemm. Faro, Wl.OO.
J. 3Iu11h.
Eastern .Mull Including all points cast of Ben
son dotes ii p. m.
Western .Mail Including all point uet uflleu
srttr cIosc II :3U a. in.
Money Order business cloc3 p. in,
id-glstcr business closes 3:30 p. m.
No .Money Order or Itoglstcr iinsliie. transact
id after oltfco hours.
San Francisco.
Los Angeles...
Benson ,
Kansas City....
st. Louis
Sew York.... ,
. ....leave at 8:30 a. in. every day
leave at 7 n. in. second day
leavo at 8:25 a. in. third day
luMoaiap. m. intra uay
leave at 6:30 p. m. sixth day
leave at 7 p.m. sixth day
..arrive at 10:30 a.m. eighth day
New York ., leavo at 0 p. m. every day
M. Louis lcaeat8:S0a. m. third day
Kansas City leatcat 10:15 p. m. third day
Dcmlng leave at 7 a. m. sixth day
llensou leave at 3:1 J p. in. sixth day
Tucson.... leave at 6:30 p.m. sixth day
Los Angeles leavo at 8:15 p. m. eovcntn day
baa Francisco arrive at 3 :35 p. m. eighth day
'lbo Democratic Territorial Convention will
ueet at Phenlx, Arizona Territory. July 11th,
IStfi lor tho pnrpoo of nominating a
candidate lor Delegate to Congress; aUo
n candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruc
lion, and other business.
Tho several conntlea of tLe Territory are en
titled to representation In said convention eqnal
to the whole number of their representative In
ooin nouses oi inoicrruoriai i.egisiainrcM u ;
. Yavauat.
...,S Maricopa.
....'! Yuma....,
...a Pima ....
. uocblse.
W. W. JONRN. Chairman.
A. Dt Lemon, Secretary.
Paled at l'henlr. May X, 1883. . unCtd
California Htock .Market.
MN Fiuncisco, June S3, 1SS2.
California 15c
Uould & Curry 'ill
Mexican Cw
Ophlr U
Uliion ?.
Nevada .
Belcher .
The stages enter Tombstone loaded every
The Democratic county convention will
meet nt Scliltl'elln Hall at two o'clock this
An ordinary plain drunk paid Judge
Wallace six dollars yesterday morning,
and went on his was rejoicing.
Don't forget to attend the meeting to
make airangetnenisto celebrate tho Fourth,
nt tho Court Ilnuu', this evening.
The I look, nud Ladder Company will
atve u grand lull on ilin night of tho
fourth ol'.)ul. fteinue (o attend.
The thanks ot tho Kfrrvi'ii ore (eutk'ied
Dick Dcadcye" r-uman for a nice chunk
ol ice preseiiUd to tlielioxs last eveulng.
The SyCnmotu water company 'Uneaten
to dump a ton of ico in their tank every
morning and supply the city with ice
water. Opposition is the life of trade.
Superintendent Abbot, of. the Kmpiie
mine has left tho city on a short vacation.
Mr. It. J. Qavill will bo acting supcrinten
clcnt'of tho Kmpiie during .Mr. Abbot's
1 nee.
J. J. Lane, the I'acitlc Coast caterer, will
shortly start it saloon in the building ou
Allen street; for a long timja 'occupied by
Mrs. Alexander, dressmaker. Mr. Lane Is
a suavo dealer of cordials.
' Captain Tevis or Tevistou, and V. II.
Igo, ofUnrbacomarl, met each other accl
dentally and for the first time,
nt the Oriental saloon last night,
They wcro not ui conversation more than
ten minutes when they discovered that
they were first cousin.
Suuimvrileld Bios., Itiecnterpiising mer
chants, ate oiTerlng rate bargains in dry
good's, clothing, boots and shoes. If you
want to be well treated don't full to givo
thein a call. They have just received u
large assortment of it links and valises.
Lieut, llanna, with his company struck
flie trail of 15 men and 45 animalt, south
or Camp Price, near San Bernardino, and
supposing them to be Iudlan, followed
them to within two miles of Charleston,
when ho found them to be Mexican smtig
litoM. They acknowleJged to hira they
had been playing Indian to avoid custom
house official'..
. llesiild the luipoilunt sale of tloweilng
fclatiH ti'-dnv at 11 o'clock by S. C. Uagg
& Co, 008 "Allen Mrect, they will aUo
lip((! ol" lo the liigheM bidder, n largo as
houmtut of household fuinltute,comisting
it bcl room sets, mattresses carpet, cooU
itig Move, crockery and glassware, ele.
JJoii'i fail in attend.
Kepott comes from llibee that Hilly
Claiborne, uonimonly called "Hilly the
Kid,"!wliovrw iclcncd from lull heiuat
the last keslon of tho court, is ngalu in
trouble. This time the "Kiel" got away
with twenty-sl.v head of stock fioin lhe
Sau Pedio'vallry belonglug to Pele Spen
rer. The latter is after hlni, and ir ho
comes anywhere near will doubtless umke
It serious business.
To-day (Satutday), .June S4th, at 11
i'clock, will bo sold at auction, at the
moms of S. ('. Bjg & Co., SOS Allen
Hreet, the largest and choicest collection
of flowering plants ever offered inAii.ona,
comprising 100 each of Englljh auil er
man ivy, wandering Jew, Muilax, erhena,
tuba lOsc. while Jassamlu. alnaryllis, lau
fana, -Madeira vlne.'geraninnis In endless
varicty.hejiotropcerisftnlhenum and hang
lug" baskets tilled with the choicest and
rarest of, climbers. 232t
' A man named Henry Worley, employeil
jit 'Wehrfritz's new building on Fifth
street, had a narrow escape with his life
yesterday morning. Ho was raising up
ono of tho heavy door frames when by
fouio mischance it slipped and caught him
on the small of the back,- bearing him to
tho ground. He was picked up and taken
to tho hospital. He is not dangcroulv,
but painfully wounded.
Gcorgo Osborne, a young man in lhe
employ ufP.V. Smith & Co., killed a
bugo rattle snake near tho powder house,
yestcrdayeventng. Il measured four feet
in length and had sixteen rattles. Notic
ing its extremo. stoutness, a spectator took
out his knife and slit open his belly, when
lo and behold a full grown, gootl sized
jacK rabbit, almost whole, was exposed lo
the gaze. With tho exception of the head
tho rabDn wai in n perfect state of preser
vation j
Ho fur AInHUii!
Yesterday morning Alfted St. Louis,
Andrew Banning and .John Shaugh
nsy departed for Alaska. It is the tin
doubled iutentinn of these gentlemen to
return millionaires within a very short
time, as they arc perfectly certain of strik
ing n region where the Ullls anil gulches
are teeniing with gold. They all left good
Jobs here, Shaughnessy being shift boss at
the Grand Central, aud St. Louis carpenter
ut the santo mine. It Is their intention to
proceed dltcct to Sitka, where they expect
to join the Slieill'elin party, who left San
Francisco by special boat some few weeks
ago. The parly will probably bo rein
forced by a few others at San Francisco.
Miny here, who are silent patties in the
scheme will await development? with anx-Jtrlv
Fiirllior liirornatlou Couccrnliit; Hie
.Ml ms I lie rortlon r tlie (Ji-nml
Jury Jlrportt
That poiilou of tho Giand Jury rcpoit
yet unfiled, is still occupying a prominent
place in the minds and thoughts of the
people. It was expected that Mr. Carr
would promptly file tho npoit, when ho
learned of tho almost unanimous detnund
made for it by tho people of this city. So
far however, ho has lulled to do so, anil
from tho present appearances it looks as
though he Intended taking tho bit between
his teeth and making a btcak that himself
and friends would long be sory for..
Yestciday a gentleman in this city receiv
ed a letter liom the late foreman of the
grand jury, ftoin which wo arc ucrmittted
to tako tho following exttacl:
"I did fail to file or hand into the coiut a
committee report, and I shall hand it to
tho court at tho proper time, but certainly
shall tako no advice as to mv actions in
tho matter, from any one. I
think I know my duty in the matter fully
as well as some of my would-be advisors."
z torn uio nuovc it will Uo seen mat Jir.
Carr intends to fteczo on ta the document
for some timo longer.
In order to keep abreast of the popular
demand for information concerning that
famous Grand Jury report, an Epitaph
reporter girded on his interviewing armor
yesterday and tackled Mr. Alexander
Wight, n member of tho late Grand Jury.
Meeting Mr. AViolit at Hart's cun shop.
tho reporter sung out : Mr. Wight, might
you nave a copy oi mo uranu jury
report on tho Recorder and Court Clerk's
ofliccs in your pocket ? If so, you will
oblige me by letting uie hayc a look at it
for a lew moments.
Mr. Wight I am just as anxious as
you nro to see that lcport. I was chair
man of tho commlttco that investigated the
offices named, and turned over tuo report
of tho committee to Mr. L. W. Carr, the
foreman of tho Grand Jury, and have not
seen it since.
RuronTEii Do you know the substance
of tho report?
Mr. W. Yes, sir; it was very favorable
to Mr. Jones, the Recorder. His office
was found to bo conducted on business
principles; his books kept In good shape,
and everything properly arranged. The
Clerk's olllco was found to bo exactly the
contrary, and extortionate fees charged in
every instance. Tho committee examined
six lawyers, and all of them swore to pay
ing outrageous fees, and it was our opinion
that n thorough, systematic investigation
snouici 03 niauo anu mo uicric mulcted.
R. Had you any conversation with Mr.
Carr on the subject?
Mr. W. Yes, sir j I. requested to be
sworn aud examined myself, as I could
testify to paying extortionate fees j but Carr
showed that ho had -a job put up 'with
Seamans, for he said that the latter ex
plained away that matter.
R. Then, why didn't tho grand jury
tako hold of tho matter bodily; Jho fore
man counted but ono?
Mr. ". It was understood by tho grand
Jury that a report should bo mado to the
Court calling tor the removal of Scamnns,
and on that condition we let tho matter
drop. Wo thought if bo was regularly
indicted ho would J'reczo on to tho ofllco
for several months more and rako in many
more dollars that he was not legally en
titled to. Under these circumstances,
when Carr suggested calling on tho Court
for his immediate removal, without indict
ment, we thought it better to let it go that
R. Had you any communication with
Mr. Catr since? . .
Mr. W. Yes; I wrote to him for the,
report a few days ago, aud ho said he
could not give it, but would send' me a
cony, I am, therefore, expecting a copy
dally, and when it comes I will let you
sen it.
R. Is that all you know about tho
luultet ?
Mr. W. That is all. Good evening.
Xotcs from JSInIici.
I$isiiKi:,Juno2i) 1882.
Lieutenant Sleever and a smtll detach
ment of Company F, Third Cavalry, pitted
through heie about ten o'clock this morn
ing, on their return to camp near Sheldon's
ranch, which they would reach eaily this
afternoon, Lieutenant Steevcr was accom
panied on his trip by Mr. Bglauf, of tins
placo. Tho Lieutenant's object was to ex
plore tbo Swisshelm mountains, principal
ly with reference to the locatlqn of water,
and also to look out for Indian trills. His
naity marched across Sulphur Spring val
ley, but could find no water there, the first
day's march therefore terminating at Silver
creek, which, Mr. Eglauf informs us, has
much more water this ycarthan last, its
distauco from Bisbce being about thiity
elght miles. From there Lieut. Sleever
went to San Reniardino; thence lo Stnd
Springs, wheio tho water is low; thence to
Solomon's Springs, aud back to Bisbee.
By tho lime of bis return he will have
traveled between 130 and 1-10 miles. Mr.
Bglauf was surprised to find no water in
tho tanks along tho drainago Hue of the
Sulphur Spring valley; but It was found
Hint tho recent rains had bceu iu the foot
hills of both the Mule Pass and the Swiss
helm mountains, but none in tho middle of
the valley whero the water could collect
had the lain fallen.
Tlio County Convention.
The Democratic county convention im
tho election of delegates to tho Terrltotial
convention and the appointment of a
county committo will assemble at Scheiff.
lin Hall nt two o'clock this afternoon.
Last evening Democrats were as thick iu
Tombstone, as augcls in heaven.,
Tho action of the California con
vention hi nominating General
Stoncmau, met with their hearty ap
proval, and a glorious victory was
picdlctcd. Among those fiom the outside
we noticed Mr. J. I). Dyer ami Judge J. I).
Brittain from Bisbee, Judge Lurty and V.
H, Igo from Barbacomarl, J. R. Dunn and
J. B. Smith or Contention, Gen. W. IC.
Wardwell of East Huachuca. Capt. Jas.
Hart, Erastus Johnson and Richard Mc
Gregor of Dos Cabezas, J. C. Fall of Will
cox, W. W. Roman of Benson, David
Humphry of Neptune Wells and M. -Me-Dowcll
of Charleston. The remainder of
tho Charleston delegation will at rive to
morrow, and Mr. Fall of Willcox has a
proxy from Messrs. Appel and JoIiumju his
colleagues from that town and from Major
Downing of Chiricanuas.
Tho country delegates say that if there
ate any Republicans in their section a
scaich warrant could not find iliein .since
the veto of the Chiueso bill.
Oillclal JtecorilN
The following instruments have liecn
tiled for record In the County Recorder's
1.0C.V110-N sotici;s.
G B Yiiti Xordin et nl., Solt Shell and
dkeds'io .mim:s.
D B Redd to P Corbin, lhe Mammoth,
f 100. L Brock to P Corbin, one-sixth of
Mammoth, $3. W Brock to P Corbin,
one-sixth ot Mammoth, $5. F Roper lo
P T Colby, one eighth of Wiutlcld, tfl. F
Roper to F G Burke, all interest In the
Wlnlleld, $5. Colby and Burke to J B
Johnson, all their interest in the Wlnlleld,
$5. K Tilden to Intcrvenor Milling Com
pany, the Assurance, $3.
DKEDS to uk.il- r.sr.viK.
11 M Kingsbury to E Kingsb'iiv, lu'.
T 1) Byrne vs. RAculey etui
J N Peek et al. vs. II G Hoi ton. H E
Gray and A C Hlllcke, to.lo'woik
onuiin ok kai.i:
JlMate of W Buck.
,Tke 4.' Irani Company.
We aie indebted to tho Engineering and
Mining Journal for the following, which
will doubtless interest many Tombstone
"Tho ktockholders of llio Giraid Gold
and Silver Mining Company, held their
annual meeting on the lilth Inst., at Cam.
den N. J. Thcircpoit.ot the boatd of di
lectors, tho superintendent and tho treas
uier were lead. From them it was ascer
tained that the mill of the company, con
taining twenty stamps, U in good working
order. It worked up all the company's
oro in a couple of months, and then stop
ped for n while. It is now grinding with
the oro of other companies in the vicinity,
and nets from ten to twelve thousand dol
lars a mouth thereby. This company owntf
Hie water power In thoTomb5.touo District,
aud will be able to make a pretty good
thing out of it, as the reports said. The re
ccipts of the company last year were $171
878.92, and there is a ballance of ?154.40
in tho treasury. The entire debt is placed
at 78,121.40. Of the 250,000 shares autli-.
orized, all have been disposed of, Tho
company's claim covers over eleven acres,
and of this surface but a small portion iu
the northwestern section has been worked.
It is said lhe oro in the lower part of the
claim is richer. It was staled that tho
reason why the company was not
woiking its own oie was because
it could not bo produced fast enough
in paying ouantities. It was decided to
appoint a committee of three to audit the
accounts of the treasurer, and the incom
ing board was requested to arrange, if
possible, to use ono third of the net receipts
for the development of the mine and to pay
tho debt witli the balance. The following
named gentlemen wcro chosen directors
for the ensuinc year: Messrs. Hamilton
Disston, William II. Wright, William IL,
ni.-vmi nn...i t p Tin.iA '"VVil.
Ham Cochrane aud Charles Disston.
Lieutenant Stephen C. Mills, the young
infantry officer who so distinguished him
self in command of the Indian scouts
duriug the recent unpleasantness, was in
town yesterday morning. He will depart
to join his company at Prescott in a few
Jos. Tasker, of the old and reliable firm
of Tasker & Piidhain, departed yesterday
for California. Mr. Tasker will rusticate
and enjoy a much needed rest among tho
oraugo groves of Los Angeles, and will,
we hope, return in a few weeks enjoying
more robust health. '
Captain James II. Tevis, of Tevistou,
on the Southern Pacific railroad, is in
town to attend tho Democratic County
Convention. Captain Tevis is the leading
merchant of the town that bears his name,
is an old Arizona pioneer, a large-hearted
man and a thorough Democrat. He will
remain in town for several days.
Judgo Henry C. Dibble, the big white
elephant of Arizona Republicans, arrived
yesterday from San Francisco, where be
had been for the past ten days.
P. W. Smith, tho senior member of the
firm Of P. W. Smith & Co., arrived yester
day from New York. The many friends
of Mr. Smith were glad to see him enjoy
ing good health.
Frank Lowry, foieman of the Tran
quility, departed for San Francisco on
yesterday's stage. Report has it that when
Frank lelurns a lady bearing the same
name will be leaning on his arm. Many
ftiends unilo in wishing him Joy.
Of Interest to Suffererw.
Editok EriTAni: Please allow me to
make known a few fads through your
valuable paper, which it is hoped will
provo beneficial to your many readers.
What I wish to say is this: I came to this
placo very sick about two months ago, and
with my sickness I was also afllicted with
the piles, and have been so afllicted for ten
years past; and tho loss ot blood caused by
tho latter and thcexcrutiatiug pain charac
teristic of tho former disease, were so great
that I became so weak that 1 could scarce
ly get about. I have becu troubled with
piles more or less for ten vcais, as beioto
stated, giowing worse and woioe all tlie
time, aud have bceupionouuced incurable
by several prominent physicians within
the last teu years, unless the knile or liga
ture wcie lesorted to. Eut through the
advice of a friend I applied to
Dr. CV P. V. Watson, of this city,
for Ueatmcnt. He took my case, say
iug he could straighten me up
all right, and lemove the piles without the
use of the knife or ligature. So he went
to woik, and I am proud to say that I am
a well tnau. I make tills statement be
cause it is a fact, and in making it I feel
that it will bo a matter of as much inteiest
to the unfortunate sufferers of this commu
nity as bis treatment has been to me. II 1
can be able to point out to even one poor
sull'ciei1 the tree that will produce the lruit
that will relieve his pains, I will be amply
paid for making these truths known. My
sympathies for tlie suffering are the only
incentive winch prompts me lo ask this
publication. Respectfully yours,
L.J.F. rvtinu.
A Cai-1.
The following card lecehed yestciday
morning lrom Jack Martin, will explain
its-elf. It willbo lcmembcred that lu our
notice of the prospective fight, Mr. Martin
was annouueed as tho Coinish backer:
Dihtou Ei'iTAi'ii : I sec iu your paper a
c.rd from Mr. Garrett, stating that there is
somo mistako about tho challenge to fight
any Cornishman in Tombstone. I wish
to state to the public how this challenge
originated: Two days after the light be
tween Art Charlis and Bob Small, a party
ormtneis were discussing the matter of
the recent fight and ono of the parly stated
that Jim Garrett had declared at tlto Grand
Central mine that he had a man that could
beat any Cornishman in Tombstone. I
thought it was a bold challenge and I told
tho parly to inform Mr. Garrett to put up
his money and I would find a man to fight
him " Yours, respectfully,
Jack Mum v.
I'ouiiUl Hrlcnee.
Sugar cane, when perfeotly ripe,
contains 1G to 18 por cent sugar.
Colonnl spots on decaying food are
caused by animal or vegetable
The dazzling effect of the electric
uro is a source of objection to its
use as a' locomotive liead-liglit by
the French engineers who havelHeu
trying it.
Strawlieiries contain 5.80 per cent
of their weight ot glucose, and hot
house giapes 1S.J5T.
Tho paroxysms of those suffering
ftotn lockjaw are always more fre
quent and violent by day than bv
Whete birds fly veiy little their
feathers never acquire or else soon
lose their distinctive quill-like char
Phosphor bronze haa an eleotrio
conductivity two and n half times
that of iron or steel, and otip-third
that of copper.
Tho rub, sapphiie and topaz aie
dimply modifications of, one sub
stance, alumina, which, 'as clay, forms
a gteatcr part of the earth's surface
.Scientists now concede that parts
of Kansas, the adjoining states of
Missouri, Iown and Nebraska were
onco covered by a freshwater lake.
Stonexnan Wins.
is Nominated on the Four
teenth Ballot.
IreMi-tictlvo Stonus-Arilvul of ilie
Coi'ivin-CowboyH In linnsnu.
JlipoelluiieuiiH feiiprnl yvh.
From Washington.
Washington, June 22. The fol
lowing is the vote on the banking
bill: Yeas .Aldrieli, Allison, Blair,
Call, Chilcott, Conger, Davis (V.
Va.), Dawes, Ferry, Frie, Gorman,
Groome, Hampton, Harrison, Haw
ley, Hill, (Col.), Hoar, Jonas (La.),
Lapham, Logan, McMillan, Mahone,
Miller (Cal.), Miller (N. Y-), Morgan,
Morrill, Ransom, Rollins, Saunders,
Sawyer, Sewell, Sherman, Van Wyck,
Windom 34.
Nayes Brown, Cockrell, Coke',
Farley, George, Grove, Jones (New),
Maxey, Pugh, Vance, Voorhees,
Walker, Williams 13.
Many pairs were announced, with
The House, iu Committee of the
Whole, devoted the entire day to a
general debate on the bill to reduce
the internal revenue taxation. More
than a dozen speeches were made by
as many members- Little of general
interest was manifested. Most of
the members have already made up
their minds how they will vote on the
different propositions involved in
the bill and other propositions which
it is proposed to add.
The Democratic caucus to-night on
the question of party action on the
internal revenue bill was of no prac
ticable benefit to the party. There
was apparently too much division of
opinion in the Democratic ranks. A
fight may be made to secure the
adoption of certain amendments lo
the bill, so as to make campaign ma
terial, but the bill will secure a large
number of Democratic votes; enough
to pass it by a good majority.
Washington, June 22. The Sen
ate proceeded to dispose of the
amendments to the banking bill
without debate, pending a propo
sition offered by Morgan, which was
rejected, 17 to 21, a party vote, ex
cept that of Jonos of Nevada, who
voted Tiye with the Democrats, and
Hampton, who voted no with the
Republicans., Davis of Illinois voted
no. Vest's substitute directing the
issue of Treasury notes in exchange
lor national bank currency and for
bidding the creation of new national
banks was voted down, 17 to 31.
The bill was reported to the Senate
and passed, yeas 34, nays 13.
Htoueman Captures the l'i-ize.
San Jose, June 23. The Conven
tion at 9:20 a. m. assembled, and in
a roll call for the eighth ballot Ala
meda voted 19 for Stoneman and 1
for Hearst; in Fresno Hearst gained
two. Hearst got three votes in Los
Angeles; Nevada voted solid for
Hearst. Again the San Francisco
delegation voted Hearst 79; Taylor
4; Stoneman 9; Johnson 15; Berry
11. The ballot resulted, Ileaist 159;
Stoneman 13'i; Taylor 84; Johnson
54; Berry ?5. Tenth ballot, Hearst
1G9; Stoneman 147; Johnson 32;
Taylor 93; Berry 11; Murphy 2.
Great cheering hailed the announce
ment of 147 for Stoneman. Hearst,
on the tenth ballot, has gained ono
in Alameda aud two iu Mariposa;
Tayler gained two in Monterey;
Hearst lost one in Nevada.
San Jose, June 23. Ninth ballot
Hearst 106; Stoneman 133; Johnson
44; Taylor 91; Berry 19. On the
tenth ballot San Francisco voted
80 for Hearst; 11 for Johnson;
8 for Taylor; 7 for Stoneman; 2
for Berry; and 1 for Murphy. Stone
man gained two and Hearst lost one
in San Luis.Obispo.
San Jose, June 23. Eleventh
ballot, Hearst 170; Stoneman IGO;
Johnson 23; Taylor 92; Berry 1;
Archer 1.
San Josk, June 23. Twolft ballot
Hearst 174; .Stoneman 189; Taylor
75; Johnson 13.
San Josk, June 23. Enthusiastic
cheering and confusion followed the
announcement of 189 votes for Stone
man. Craig, of Yolo, moved to take
recess until 1:30 p. in.
Stoneman was nominated on the
fourteenth ballot.
Sax Fkancisco, June 2.1. After
the tenth ballot Griffith, of Fresno,
withdiew Berry, saying he would
vote for Stoneman. Great applause
followed the announcement.
On the thirteenth ballot, Ileaist
170; Stoneman 204, Johnson 1(3;
Taylor G5.
Fourteenth ballot Hearst 170;
Stoneman 243; Taylor 32; Johuson 1.
San Josh, June 23. On the four
teenth ballot the following broke for
Stoneman: One-half of the Amador
delegation; one from Los Angeles;
Mono, whole delegation; two from
Mendocino; two from Placer; seven
from Sacramento; one from San Be
nito; two from San Diego; ten from
San Francisco; three from Santa
Clara; two from Solano; two from
Sonoma; two from Stanislaus one
from Trinity; one from Yolo.
The convention adjourned until
to-morrow at 9 a. in.
A letrurtlvc Wind Storm.
Independence, Iowa, Juno 23.
A very destructive wind storm visited
this place this afternoon. The rail
road depot buildings were destroyed,
and in the city a large number of
residences and business houses un
loofed and some demolished. A cir
cus tent was also demolished and
three men reported killed.
A linosier liinxc.
ltrv, Ind., Juno 23. A fire at
two o'clock this morninjr
an eaing house and bote
dangeied the entire block.
Xvai'lns tlie I2nd.
Washington, June 22. Guiteatt
is reported by jail officers today, un
usually serious ana uncommunicative.
One of tho officers remarked, "He has
an anxious, haggard look. I think
he begins to realize thut he is doom
ed." Warden Crocker stated that
the oxecution will be a private one
and only a few members of the press
and jail officers be permitted to wit
ness gtho scene. Tho gallows was
jrected soma days ago in the east
corridor of the north wing. Miss
Chevallier of Boston,Secretary of the
national society for the protection of
the insane, had a short interview
with the President yesterday, in ref
erence to Guitcau's case, and arrang
ed for an audience with him tomor
row, when Dr. Geo. M. Beard and
others will advanco arguments in fa
vor of a short respite in order to al
low a proper commission to fully in
vestigate tho question of Guiteau's
(.'ameron's Stalwart.
Harrisburg, June 22. David Tag
gart W.1J chosen President of the
convention and a resolution was
offered directing the nomination of
candidates for congressman-at-large,
and referring to the stato convention
questions of the adoption of methods
for harmonizing the party. For Congressman-at-large
Marriot Brasius
was nominated on the first ballot.
The convention adopted resolutions
empowering the stato comittee to fill
vacancies on the ticket and ad
journed. Pusdencci'H I'aHblug Voltou.
Colton, June 22. Eli Perkins and
wife, San Francisco; Henry C Dib
ble, tombstone; Mrs & Juraan, El
Paso; Mrs M J Puffer, N Y; Mrs L
B Nolton, Chicago; P Robinson,
London; M K Miller N Y; M Nor
ton, Ckicago; Geo M. Ford, Los An
geles; B Morris, San Francisco; GH
Williams, Benson; Chas Luedke,Los
Indians ou the War l'ath.
A Fort Stanton special says tho
Mescalero Indians have broken out.
The Indian police killed some prison
ers who tried to escape from Fort
Union. Montezela,"the war chief, is
fighting the other Indians. The agent
was fired on and wounded twice.
The Indians killed much stock. The
troops are going to the spot imme
diately. A Xciv Idea.
Cleveland, June 22. Mrs. Sco-
ville, Guiteau's sister is hero to try
to see Mrs. Garfield to tell her a
peculiar circumstance connected
with her brother's birth, as only one
woman can tell another, and ask her
to intercede for a reprieve for him till
Arrival of tlie Corwln.
San Fkancisco, June 23. The
United States revenue cutter Cor
win arrived here to-day from Sitka
with the crew of the steamer Rogers
and proceeded at once to Mare
A Cowboy l'Yte.
Caldwell, Kansas, June 23,
City Marshal Geo. K. Rown was shot
and instantly killed, while trying to.
arrest two turbulent cowboys," The
murderers escaped toward Indian
Territory, and are pursued by a posse
of citizens.
4une to .loin the Angels.
Denveu, June 23. George N.
Woods', who shot and killed M. G.
Buchanan May 12th, was hanged by
the SherifT at Durango, Colorado, at
11 o'clock this forenoon. The execu
tion was public and witneed by a
large crowd.
Sew York AotCM.
New Yokk. June 23. Failuie- for
the week, 95. Eastern States, 10;
Western, 29; Southern, 22; Middle,
18; Pacific, 9.
The freight handlers' stiike con
tinues and thero is a dead block of
freight at most of tho piers. The
strikers paraded this morning.
A Tidal Wuvi.
Cleveland. O., June 23. Theie
was a heavy tidal wave from tho lake
at six o'clock this morning. Some
damage is inflicted, and one man
drowned. Money los-, estimated at
Itui'iHMl to Death.
Cincinnati, June 23. A child
was burned to death iu a tenement
house m East Front street this morn
in''. . t'lzy.li- lion-.
Hamilio.v, Ohio, Juno 21. G.
Olsten and Mis. Foibes were shot
to-day by the hitter's husband, from
whom she bad been separated six
yearn. Forbes then shot himself.
All are dead.
('(Armor ltlaekuum (etM lteliiiiou
Fkanktout, 23. Luke Backburn
professed religion last night.
Tito Niiortins World.
The legatta of the National Asso
ciation will he held at Detroit, Au
gust 8.
Green Morris has bought Creosote
for 5,000.
Elias G, Laycock tnd Robert Wat
son Boyd row about three miles and
a half for $1,000 a side, on (he Toes,
The second deposit ol 50 a side
has been made by Flick and Gala,
nagh for their three-mile scull raco
on the Delaware river, July 20.
Joseph Acton, 'the English wrest
ler, has not covered tho 6250 forfeit
Bibby has posted with the Police
Gazette, to wrestle in New York for
$500 a side and tho championship of
tho woild, Gnvco-Roinan stjle.
The annual cruise of the New
Yoik Yacht Club will tako place
August 2. The races for the prize
offered by I). Cook will take place
at New London, while the schooner
races for 500 and $1,000 prizes will
be decided at Newport.
The Democratic convention meets
to-day, and it is to be hoped there
may be nothing but harmony. The
Ei'ir.u'ii has no suggestions to make,
except to urge 'upon the delegates
thoughtful action and deliberate
judgmont. Particular caro should
be rendered the selection of members
of the County Central Committee,
for from that oemmittee must emi-
nate all that goes to make up a per
fect organization of the party. Rep
resentative and responsible Demo
crats should be chosen those entiie
ly fres from selfish motives, and
whoso judgment will not be warped
by any feeling except for the general
good of the paty. We advance no
opinion as to men, leaving all ques
tions of choice to the will of the con
vention. The Republican is paying con
siderable attention to Gage and Far
rell. We have an idea that those
gentlemen can see through a thin
sheet of paper. Flattery suits a
woman, but don't fit a man. Neither
Gage nor Farrell can be coaxed into
putting up a cent, except upon a
solid proposition.
In the selection of members of the
County Central Committee, a fair
share of representation should be
given the city and country. If poss
ible each precinct should be tender
ed a quota, so that all portions of
the county may be fairly represen
ted. We are being continually impor
tuned to publish the Grand Jury re
port, but it is impossible to do so
until the fragments are gathered up.
We must wait until the wind of pub
lic opinion blows them into tho
clerk's office.-
The last number of the Yuma
Sentinel has a very sensible editorial
upon the question of Guiteau's in
for which we mav credit the
Bodie Free Press.J
As yet there is no provision mado
for the placo of meeting of the Demo
cratic convention. The city delega
tion should attend to the matter.
The Star truly states that country
journals are often premature in their
choice of candidates. Country peo
ple are also fond of Punch and Judy.
We join the Courier in suggesting
W. B. Horton of Tucson, for nomin
ation as Superintendent ot Public
Instruction. lie is a good teacher
and a consistent Democrat.
Tiiep.k should he mote policemen
to patrol tho city during th night
time. Residents living in the out
skirts of town are complaining bit
terly of their unpiotected conditidiir
Tin: Star advocates the nomina
tion ot Granvillu 11. Oury, by the
Democratic party of Arizona.
The Daily Republican has mado
its appearance, and its first number
presents a good appearance and is
well edited.
Stammering may be produced by
sudden fright suffered (luting child
hood. A healthy frog will remain alive
for dayb after the whole of its blood
has been withdrawn from tho vessels
and replaced by common salt.
Lately in London, England, a
modioal society obtained evidence of
severe lead poisoning having been
caused by the. use of fashionable
" hair washes."
Workmen employed in nail manu
factories are liable to contract a dis
ease known as nailers' consumption,
caused by the deposit of iron in the
cells of the lungs.
If the Knglish amateur regatta
committees continue to refuse to
allow the Hillsdale amateur four to
enter their regatta, the latter had
better remain at home. It looks as
if the English amateur oarsmen were
afraid of the American champion
Arthur Chambers ha matched his
racing dog Let-IIer-Como against
George Barlow's Let-Me-Go for $250
a side, the match to take place at
Pastime park, June 2-1. The dojrs
are to run 200 yards, and it has been
agreed to give or take 1 yatds to
the pound.
At Boston, Massachusetts, John
S. Prince allowed Miss Louise Ar
mindo five miles' start in a fifty
mile bicycle race. Prince won by
about one-third of a lap. Prince's
time for the fifty miles was o hours
12 minutes 38. seconds; Armaindo's,
3 hours 13niuutesrl seconds. Prince
made the first 23 miles in 1 hour 19
minutes 3G seconds, which beats the
American record that of D. Stanton
by 8J seconds.
(lAi.fVTii.Li:, Cocuise County, A.
Juno votn, ite-i.
M liner, bis heirs, assigns or administrators,
that we hare performed iho ussissmcut work on
the Ophlr mine, situated in the California Mining
District, County of Cochise. Territory of Arizona,
for the years ending December 31st, 1SS0, andDe
ccmber31st, 1BS1; aiulllie same halng been done
by us In accordance with law, this Is therefore to
notify you if you fall to pay jour proportion of
said work, amounting to S10, and costof pnKIca
Uon of this notice, within the time prescribed by
!av, your iulcrckt In said mine will cease and
become tho property of the undersigned, by virtue
of Section srKI, Jleicd Statutes of the United
County ilecordrr'N Ofllc.
Editoh Epitaph. I seothat con
sidetable talk is being made about
the report of the Grand Jury regard
ing the County Recorder's office,
and lest tin injustice bo done to an
innocent man, I will state that by an
oversight on my part tho report was
left out and not attached to final re
port made to the Court. I did not
discover it until after my return to
this place. I will further stato that
the report on the Recorder's office
was flattering indeed to that officer
and no one regrets more than I do
its having been omitted. As I said
before, it was an oversight on my
part and I alono am to blame.
Yours, Laiikin W. Caer.
Benson, June 10,1882,
5-? C
Bl'EB -O
2 0
39S J2
M ?5Bm
sscs 5
S-2.g-,?SS " U
oos:fH25 5'
. . D-! Kg-PI
U fS 2!B O
2S- g-sS
En 34 tTi
Notice of Sale of Real Estate.
Notice is hereby given, that in
pursuance of an order of tho Probate
Court in and for tho Rounty of Cornier, Territory
of Arizona, made on tuc 20th day of June, lbS2,in
the matter of tbo estate of Louis A.Daves, de
ceased, the undersigned, the administrator of the
ald estate, will sell at pnbllc auction, to the
highest bidder for cash, and subject to confirma
tion by said Probate Court, on Wednesday, tho
12th day of July, lbS2,at 11 o'clock a. m., at the
Cochise County Court-house In Tombstone, in
the said county of Cochise, nil the right, title.
Interest and estate of the said Louis A. limes at
the lime of his death, and all the right, title and
Interest that the said estate has, by operation of
law or otherwise, acquired other than or In addi
tion to that of the said Louis A. Dai 09 at the
tlmoof his death, in and to all that certain lot,
plcco or parcel of land situate, lyir?, aud being In
the said county of CocbUc, Territory of Arizona,
bounded and described as follow, to-wlt: Being
lot (SI) twenty four, Iu block (18) eighteen, in
said city of Tombstone, said lot (21) twentyfou
being (30) thirty feet front on Fourth street, be
tween Allen and Fremont streets, In said city,
and running back same width (120) one hundred
and twenty feet. Terms and conditions of salt:
Cash lawlul money of the United States, ten per
cent of the purchase money to be paid to the auc
tioneer on day of sale, balance on continuation of
sale by said Probate Court. V. E. DAVES,
Administrator of the Estate of Louis A. Daves,
Deceased. '-
Dated June 20, 18S'?. Je21 3w
By buying at dealers' prices. Wewill
sell you any article for famil? or per
sonal use, in any quantity at Wholesale
Pricev-. Whatever you want, send for
or rntaWiTe-f freeLand you will find
ft there. We carry in stocktKTaties
variety of goods in the United States.
837 ft mp Wabash Avenun.GWJaJO
1850 1882
127 rimt NUrSau Frnnelxro, Cal.,
Mining Machinery.
. embracing the latest and most Improved ma
chinery and processes' for base and free ores.
Water Jacket Smelting furnaces for sllrcr, lead
and copper ores, with new and Important im
provemcr.ts, superior to any other make. Hoist
ing Works, Pumping Machinery, Chlorldizlng
Furnaces, etc. We offer our customers the best
results of thirty ) ears' experience in this special
line ol work, aud arc prepared to furnish the most
apDrocd character of Mining and Induction Ma
chinery, superior In design and construction to
that of any other make, at tho lowest possible
prices. We also contract to delhcr, In complete
running order. Mills, Furnaces, Hoisting Works,
etc., in any of the wining States and Territories.
Send for illustrated circular. JeJI-wtf
Parties residine: at tlie cen
tres of capital, East oi West,
who wish reliable information
in regard in actnsil develop
ments in the great Southwest
ern! Mining region, should not
waste their money on the so
called Mining Journals," is
sued in their respective cities
by people who probably never
saw a mine. Subscribe foi
mining news is full and com
plete, and verified bv the per
sonal examination of disinter
ested and reliable experts.
Holomou I.oilse II. I. K. nml A. 31.
Tho officers and members of the above named
Lodge aie hereby notified to attend a called meet
ing thereof this (Saturday) evening,-at 7:10
o'clock for 1 1). All sojourning brethren In good
standing are cordially Invited to attend, lly
order of the W. M.
M. Sl'AKT, Secretary.
The Ittifflii for the elegant Irish Lace Drehs
and bnawl to tako placo at the Oriental Saloon
is postponed until the evening of July 4. Com
mittee of Management: Jos. Tasker, 13. A.
Flckas, Sam, Purdy. Tickets can be had at the
Oriental Saloon or from II. F. Trice. Jtl if
9 r
I 2L
1 KSHBA'ii

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