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Tombstone weekly epitaph. [volume] (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1882-1887, June 24, 1882, Image 4

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Perhaps it is nut in bad taste to
call attention to one fact in reference
to the conduct of the Epita I'll, since
its change of management, that may
be considered as redounding t to its
credit. It has not catered tJ any
morbid excitement, or kept inces
santly before the people and the out
side world past sensational occurren
ce, tho happening of which worked
great injury to the welfare of this
community in retarding the develop
ment of the resources of this county.
It has endeayored to relate only
facts, and to draw 110 conclusions not
warranted by existing circumstances.
Cochise county is but in its infancy in
point of development, and its re
sources need only fostering care and
cultivation t-j produce a giant mucin
up of wealth u'nd pro-pwity. It is
second to iiti section of cunutiy in
mnifrdl mp-thilities, and has pro
ij .iced luwie bullion tliun any other
portion of Aiioin. An immense num
ber of undeveloped mines only need'
capital to become produativo of fab
ulous" wealth. The presont policy of
the Epitaph is to so treat of current
events that such capital may not be
kept away, by a misunderstanding
on the part of inrestors of tho true
condition of things'. Nothing shall
bfl concealed, and nothing .set down
in malice or through love of sensa-,
tional fiction, In other words, we,
propose to let Cochise county work
out her destiny unimpeded by1
falsehood and unchecked by misrep
resentation. Past local troubles are
dead and buried, and will never .be
nsurreeted by the Epitapii. The
success of a journal depends upon
tho growth of tho country wherein it
is located, and any policy not
founded upon a determination to aid
such growth o.in only be suicidal.
By the account published in the.
local columns of this uumhor of the
Epitahi, the mystery connected
with Jtlt'e Grand Jury report of the
recorder's office thiokens, It seems
that two reports are missing', that
upon the conduct of the office of tho
clerk of the district court, in addi
tion to the one bearing upon the re
corder. These two reports, taking
the account to be correct, were writ
ten upon opposite sides of the
same half-sheet of paper. One was
favorable to tha.iecorder; the other
condemnatory of the clerk.'al QlTice.
It is also asserted that the sub-.oom-mittee
that examined both tha above
offices had an u,nJerstandirig-with L,
W. -Carr, thej foiewan
flf. tj;
na jury,
rihnt,lbi-2pricralTeport"pf thatJ body
would recommend the discharge of
the olerk of the court. The high
sinoss and social standing of Mr.
Carr precludes any thought that
there could have bnn any design
upon his part in not rendering to the
public the exact findings of the
grand jury. He has, however, one
clear duty to perform. The reports
of the sub committee should be
placed upon record, where they prop
erly belong, and not remain in the
private custody of the ex-foreman.
Pkof. I. E. James, who lias held
the suporintendenoy of the Conten
tion mino during the absence. of Mr.
Silas White, takes his departure to
day for the'eastern states, where he
will remain a month. Prof. Jamos is
widely known on the Pacific coast, as
a mining man and a scientist. He
has arbitrated alone, 'numerous min
ing disputes, involving hundreds of
thousands of dollars, and has never
made a mistake. His judgment is al
ways born. of thought, and his hon
esty is as. impartial as sunshine. Hejis
true to his friends, but just to all.
With a heart as gdntle as a woman's,
his manhood is without flaw. The
writer of these lines has known him
o long and well, that he has a right
to wish him God speed on his jour
ney, and express a hope that he may
find the "loved ones at home
good health and happiness.
The New York Mail and Express,
notices the arrival of Col. Forsythe,
"the great Indian fighter," in that
city; and gives an account of that
warrior's "ter.'ible" conflict with Juh's
band. As Col. Forsythe was alwavs
a day behind the Indians, and Capt.
Tupper did all the fighting, the
former's heroism must lie principally
on paper. It certainly U most un
just that tho laurols belonging to a
brave and modest officer should be
appropriated by one who has not the
courage to resist the effect upon his
vanity, of cheap and fiatitious no
toriety. The Daily Republican, founded
upon the mateiial of the defunct Dos
Cabezas Gold Note, will start up ou
Wednesday. We wish the new pa
pei every succss, and extend good
journalistic? fellowship.
and Lead Comnanv.
iiu .Montgomery si..san nuncicco, e,ai.
ol the Pacific Hulllon Exchange, we
have removed our office to No. 410 Montgom
fry street, where deposit of Gold anil Silver nil
bo received for melting and assaying or for coin
age, as heretofore. Urea assayed, lead bullion
purchased, also, the Hlghct price paid for
Manufacturers ot
Lead Pipe. Sheet Lend, bhot. Uar
Irou, Kte. nil!
Traveler and l'rospertoi'H Attention.
Moulta, Nooorn, Mexico.
Merchandise and Provisions.
X ctsco, and the raot elerantlf appointed
hotel In the world, over Svw,uuu nave been ex
pended by Mr. Baldwin In Its construction and
furnlsbln;;. Headquarters of the Army and Navy.
Special accommodations for tamllles and large
parties. Prices thc,ame as other Hm-class ho
tels From tut to S3 rer day. Special con
tracts will be made lor permanent boarders. The
hotel has coaches and larrlagcs In waiting at all
boats and railway depots. CeRooms can be re
sirved before arrival by telegraphing the lialdwiu,
13. .1. BALDWIN,
ml3 Mole Owner and Proprietor.
2fTbl8 groat
Strengthening Rem
edy aid Nerve Tonic
Is the legitimate re
sult uf oer twenty
years of practical ex
perience, aud lunxa
with cnpailinu cxn
taiktv Nervous and
Physical Debility,
Seminal Weakness,
S pcrinaiorrhoca,
Emission-, Impotcn
cv. Exhausted Vital
ity, Premature Decline, and is or wnhood,
Irom whatever cause produced. It enriches and
pmlfies tho Blood, Strengthens the Neivee,
Ilratn. Muscles, Digestion, fieproiliictlve Organs,
aud Physical and Mental Faculties, u stops any
unnatural and debilitating drain npon the system,
preventing Involuntary losses, dcb.lltatlng
dreams, seminal losses with the urine, etc., bo
destructllo to mind and bodv. ItH a sure elim
inator of all kidnit and blapvirh complaints.
It contains no Injurious Ingredients. To those
suffering from tho evil effects or youthful Indis
cretion or excesses, a speedy, thorough and per
manent cure is Guaranted. Price, S3 50 per bot
tle, or live bottlcB In case, with full directions
aud advice, $10. Sent secure from observation to
any address upon receipt of price or C. O. D,
To be had only of Dil. CD. SALFIELD.at
Kearney street, 8an Francisco', Cal. Consulta
tions strictly confidential, by .letter or at office
frkk. For the convenience of patients, and In
order to Insure perfect secrecy, I have adopted a
private address, under which all packages are
Notice I will send a trial bottle of tho Rejuv
enator sufficient to show 1(3 merit free of
charge, to any one afflicted, applying by letttr,
stating his symptoms aud ago. Commun cations
stilctly confidential,
1G Kearney Street. San Francisco, California.
rayo owia-iiv
MONDS NABOB WHISKY is a safe stlra
itlantand very wholesome., can he safely used by
all invalids; all whovalne their health should use
and the best in tho market; being analyzed by the
most eminent professors and pronounced by them
free from any adulteration, and recommended for
medicinal and family nse, Lurgc bodies coming
from erirywhere for barrels and half barrels.
Shipped direct from the distillery In Kentucky. It
has a very fine flavor, aud is mild from old age;
give It a trial, you then canjudgo for yourselves;
sold by barrels, half barrels and cases by my
agents on liberal terms. Endorsed by all leading
physicians; kept by all druggists, grocers and
first class saloons. Beware ofcountcrfeits; none
genuine unless labeled with my signature, Q.
SIMMONDS, across the cork, and braud on the
Hliuuioud',' Montiicky Xabob Uourbon
Has been known for many years, being unsur
passed for lis excellent quality and delicate flavor.
Agents for Benson.
The Great English Remedy.
Is a never falling cure
for Nervous Debility,
Exhausted Vitality,
Stmina, Weakness,
Speimetarance, Lost
Manhotd, Imt.ot oney,
Paral) sis, ancfall the ter
rible effects of self abuse
youthful follies and ex
cesses In mature years
Such as Loss ol Memory,
Lassitude, noctnral em
issions, aversions to so
ciety, dimness of vlsslon, noises in the head, Ihe
Vital miltl, passing unooseneu uiruuu uir unm-,
and many other diseases that lead to liftanlty and
Dr. Mlntle.who Is n regular graduated physi
cian, will agree to forfeit five hundred dollars for
a case of this kind that the Vital Restorative (un
der his special devise and treatment) will not cure,
or for anything Impure or Injurious lound In It.
Dr. Mill tie treats all diseases success'nlly without
mercury, i o.islltalonrree. rnorougn examina
tion and auvi'c, including analysis ui urine, $..
Pilceof Vital Restorative, $3 a bottle, or lour
times the quantity, J10; sent to any address upon
receipt of price, or C. O. D , seenre Irom observa
tion, and in private name, if desired, by A. E.
-MINTIE. M. 1)., No. 12 Kearney ktreet.San Fran
cisco, California.
Dr. Mlntle's Kidney Remedy, NEPHRETI
CTM, cures all kinds of kidney aud bladder com
plaints, Oonnorrboea, Lecucorrhoea, Gleet. For
sale by all druggists: $1 a bottle, six bottles $5.
Dr. Mlntle's DANDELION PlLLS are the bes
aud cheapest dyspepsia and billlous cure In the
market, For sale by all druggists.
Will be sent to auy one applying by letter, statin
symptomt, sex and age. Strict secrecy in regaid
I business transactions.
Importer uml Manufacturer.
221 Jlontsoniery Street,
llunH IIuuho Illoek, Man Vranrisro.t'al.
Keeps the Largest Stock of
On the Pacific Coast. Bnyeis In the country can
rely on getting gooas at one price, wnetucr oruer
ed by express, by mall or In person. This house
by lta square dealing, ha gained tbo confidence of
the country. vEO JloutiromeryNtreot.Hnn
FrunclMCO. m12
Jl 9 Geary St. I
ParasoHlilB Urease.
I. (lreaeiiovv tn use. It nevergunis, and keeps
tho axle clean and smooth. It Is unrivalled for col.
lar gall, scratches or other bruise on horses. Or
der It Irom your staril.ee per, and If be lias 11 jot
tell him to send for It t 'i'lTC'O.UU dt Co.,
Sole Agents, No. SiS Sacramento St , San Fran
celio, California
Sii? JPrV .t
if &i . t
" ,Sd8
Teamsters & Farmers
on the night of the
SKJd OP JUNK, 1882,
And will continue to the close of the night
A magnificent illumination oi FIRE WORKS,
surpassing anything produced heretofore, wll. be
one of the leading features ol the programme.
Manv other attractions, not less expensive, will,
In addition to the above, make It the
Parties conespondlng by mali with the view ol
purchasing locations will be promptly attended
to, and are requested to send In their applications
before THE Iti'h OF JUNE, so aa to heve suffi
cient time to arrange their fix ures.
VISITORS will receive a cordial Invitation and
every attention look'ng to their convenience will
be given.
Will be large aud commodious and
Has been set apart by our citizens for a full en
joyment of all the pleasures aud attractions the
Fiesta may ofl'er.
Met unions'.
IN THE DiyntlCT 0011111' OF THr. FIltST
Judicial Dl.lrlctof the Territory of Arlnut,
in and lor the County .if Uoihlru.
Jubn Ruettner, plalntltl, vs. James (. McKean
and Isaac Knight, composing late thru of McKean
Jt Knight, and Bella Wellmau, defendants.
Action brought in the District Court of the First
Judicial DUtriU of the Territory of Arizona, lu
and Tor the Conuty ol Cochise, and the complaint
tiled in the said County or Cochin', in the office ol
the Cleric of said District Court.
The Territory ot Arizona sends greeting to
Janics C. McKean and Isaac Kuliiht, composing
the late firm of McKean Jfc Knight, and Bella
Wellman, defendants: Yonarehereb) required to
appear In an action brought against you by the
above named plaiutifl, In the District Court of the
Hrst Judicial District of the Tenltory or Arizona,
In and fur the County of Cochise, aud to answer
the complaint filed therein, within twenty days
(exclusive of the day of service) after the service on
you of this eiimmous(if served within this County;
or it served out of this county, but In this district,
within thirty days; otherwise within fully days),
or Judgment by Ut fault will be taken against you
according to the prayer of Bald complaint. The
said action is biought to recover of McKean &
Knight the sum of two thousand dollars on note
for $2,000, with interest thereon at 2 per cent per
mouth from April 30th, 1881, until paid, costs ot
suit, statutory damages, and 10 per cent tor attor
neys' fees; also to foreclose against all the de
fendants & mortgage given by McKean & Knight
to secure said note, interest, attorneys' fees, Ac,
on a certain parcel of land situate on the corner of
Allen and Sixth streets, being 30 feet front on
Allen street by 93 feet deep along Sixth street,
being lot IS In block 19. according to the official
survey or TomDsione, oeing pan or tne Burtace
ground of tho Glided Age mining claim to
together with all Improvements thereuu, and In
Cochise County, Arizona. Said action Is brought
on a certain note and mortgage executed by said
.McKean & tungm to piaiutiit, uateu April sum,
1SS1, due oue year alter date with 2 per cent per
month interest from April 30th, 1881, until paid;
said mortgage la of record, Cochise County
Records, Mortgages Real Estate, Rook I, pagc5A,
And you are hereby notified that If you fall ta
appear and answer the Bald complaint, as above
required, the said plaintiff will take judgment by
default for $2,000 with 2 per cent per month Irom
April 30, ltssl, costs statutory, damages and 10 per
cent for attorneys' fees, and will apply to the
Court for the further relief demanded in said com
plaint. (liven under my hand and seal of tho District
Court of the Hrst Judicial District of tho Terri
tory of Arizona, in and for tne County of Cochise,
this ltJth day or May, in the year of our Lord one
thousand eight hundred and eighty-two.
fsxAL. W. II. SEAMAJ S, Clerk.
By E. M. Caiir, Deputy Clerk. myiTwlO
tiooumcii & Uoodmcu, Plalntifl's Attorneys.
First publication, June 10, 18bj 1
Application Xo. 100, for a Patent to tii
Wade Hampton ailnlus Claim.
sou. Arizona, May 3rd, 1882. Notice Is
hereby given that Philip Corbin, by Samuel A.
Moore, agent, hai made application for patent
to 1,174 linear leet of the Wade Hampton vein, lode
oi deposit, bearing preiious metals, together Willi
surface ground C00 feet in width, situated in the
Worrell Mining District, uocniso uounty, Arizo
na, more particularly described In the field notes
and plat of the official survey, on file in this office,
designated as lot No. &0, aa follows, to wit;
Beginning at the Initial monument-near 'the
center of claim, on the east side trf discovery
shaft, at a post 4 feet long, 2x4 Inches square, in
mound of stones marked " I, M. W. II. M. C. No.
1," from which United States mineral monument
No. 3 bears north 733' oast 47 feet distant;
thence north 22' !!', west HI feet, to shaft 4i6 leet,
111 feet deep, and ti,4 feet to a 4x4 inch post near
the center of north end line, marked "(N. C.)W.
11. M. C. No. 2;" thence north Ui 29 east 800 feet
to northeast corner post, 4x9 inches square, in
mound of stones marked U(N. E.) W. If. M. U. No.
3; thence south 22 52 , east 1371 feet, to southeast
corner post 4x4 inches square, In mound of stones,
marked "(S. K.) W. II. M. C. No. 4; thence south
GG 2!)', west S0O feet to south end center ftost,
marked 'S. O.) W. II. M. U. No. 5," and GOO fret
to southwest corner post, 4x4 Inches square, In
mound of stones, marked "(S. W.) W. 11. M. C.
No.U;" thence .north 22 51 west 1174 feet, to
uorthwest corner post, 4x4 Inches square, In mound
of stones, marked ("N. W.) W. II. M.C. No. 7;"
thence north G6' 23' 29a feet, to post No. 2 aud
place of beginning the survey el Ihe exterior
bouidaiy ot tba claim. Variation 1122 east;
containing 18,91 acres.
Said claim Is duly recoraed in the othceofthe
Recorder of Cochise county, A rlzoua.
Auy and all persons claiming adversely the
whole or auy portion of the Wade nampton min
ing claim are required to file their advuise claims
In the United States Land Office at Tucsou, during
the sixty days period ol publication hereof, or liny
will be barred by the provisions uf the sUtiiie.
J, II. Li'cas, Tombstone, A. T,, Attorney for
Ordered that the above notice be published for
tbe period oflsixty days (ten cousecutlvo we'eks)
In tbe Kpltariti, a weekly newspaper published at
Tombstone, A. T., which paper is hereby desig
nated bv me as published nearest stich claim.
First Publication, June 10, 1882.
Application Xo. 200, for a Patent to
the Baxter SIIuIub Claim.
son. Arizona. Mav J. 1881. Notice Is herebv
given that Philip Corbin, by his agent. Samuel A.
Moore, whose postofllce address is Tombstone,
CochUc county, Arizona, has this day filed his
application lor n patent for eleven hundred and
twenty-live linear leet of the Baxter mine or vein,
hearing silver, goiei ana otner minerals, with sur
face ground about four hundred feet average
width, situated In the Warren Mining District.
County of Cochise and Tenltory of Arizona, and
designated by the field notes and official plat on
tile ill this ottlce as lot No. 'si, said lot No. M be
ing as follows to wit:
Beginning at a post S feet long, 4 inches square,'
In a monument of stones, marked U, M. Baxter,
M. (!. No. 1, from which United States mineral
monument No. 1 bears north S7' 2.1 east 611.0 leet
distant; thenccjrun north 80' it; east parallel
with the south end or claim, 4.1 leat, Intersect tbe
east end line of the Atlanta mining claim, lot No.
4'l, at a point north 8 30 ; west 3.5 feet from a 4x4
Inch post, marked A. M. C. No. 4, at US feet in
tersect northeast side Hue of claim at a polut
south :U' 0 , east :W." teet from the north corner of
claim, to a post 4 Inches square, n leet Inntr.in a
uonament of stone, marked Baxter M. 0. No. S,
ihencerun south tli'O'. east alomrtbe northeast
side line ol claim elevenhundred and seventy-four
leet to sontheast corner, to a 4x4 lucb pot, 4 feet
long. In a monument of Btones, marked Baxter M.
C. No. 3; run thence south 80' 39', west along
south line of claim SM feet, to south end center of
the Baxter claim and north end center ol Hayes
claim, to a post 4x4 inches, 4 foet long. In
monument of stones, marked Baxter M. C. No. 4,
Irom which n shaft 4x6 feet, 10 feet deep, bears
north 25 35', west 249 feet distant, a shaft 4x0 feet
10 feet deep, on the same line 10 feet distant, at
STifcetlo the southwest corner, a port 4 Inches
square. 4 feet long, in monument of stones,
marked Baxter M. U. No. 5: thence north 14' 31',
wist along southwest Hide Uncut said claim 785
feet, intersect south side line ol Atlanta mining
claim, lot No. 49,atu point south 81 .18', west and
73 leet distant Irom a po-t marked A. M. C. No. 5,
at 783 leet to a post 4 Indies square, 4 feet long,
lu a monument of stone 2 feet high, marked Bax
ter M. C. No. 8: thence run north 3 0.1 , west 300
leet to place ol beginning, post H.M. Baxter M.
C. No. 1. Containing V.W acres, less the conflict
wllh the Atlanta M. C. of .40 acres, amount
clalmedtl.20 acres.
Magoctlcvnrlatlon 1121 east.
The location of this miners recorded In the He.
corders ottlce of Cochise County, A. T., Inhonk
0, page C57 of inlne, Transcribed Itecords of Co
chise County. Any and all persons claiming ad
versely any portion of tnld Bavter mining claim or
surface, ground, arc required to Pie theii adverse
claim with tbe Register of the United States Land
Ofllce at Tucson, A. T., during the slxtvdavs pe
riod of publication hereof, or liny w III' be barred
by virtue of the provisions of the statute In such
case made and provided.
HENKY COUSINS, ltcclsler.
J II. I.cims, Tombstone, A.T., atturuey for
herebv Oldered iliat the foicgnlug notice of
moil or niient ue nuuitsnen ror tne uer oi
of sixty days (teu consecutive Kirks), In the Epb
taph, a weekly newspaper printed In Tombstone,
A.T., which paper is hereby designated by me as
published nearest such claim.
HENRY COUSINS, 1 eglsler.
Judicial District of the Territory of Arizona,
In and for the County of Cocblae, Patrick Harring
ton, Plaintiff, vs. James S. Clark, John D. Ronse
and John J, Anderson, Defendants. Action
brought in the District Court of the First Judicial
District of the Territory of Arizona, in and fpr the
CountvofCochlse, and the complaint filed In the
uid County of Cochlsc.tn the office ol the desk
of said DiBtrict Court. The Territory ot Arizona
sends greellnc to James S. Clark, John I). Ronse,
and John J. Anderson, Defendants. Yon are
hereby required to appear In an action brought
against you by the above named Plaintiff. In the
DUtrlctCourt of the First Judicial District of the
Territory or Arizona, In and for the County of
Cochise, audio answer thecoraplalnt filed therein,
within twenty days (exclusive uf the day of ser
vice), after the service en you or this summons (If
served within this county; or if servod out ol this
county, but in this district, within thirty days:
otherwise within forty days), or Judgment by dc
Mult will be taken against you according to the
nr,vi, f sntri (nn,nllnt Thp paid ACtlOn IS
brought to obtain a decree adjudging that defend
ants hold the legal title to certain real estate In
the City ol Tombstone, Cochise County, A. T.,
as trustees in trnst for tho life and benefit pi
plaintiff, that defendants within such time and in
such terms as the court may deem Just, make
deed or said property to plaintiff, to quiet plaln
tifi's title thereto for costs and general relief, all
of which more iully appears by reference to the
complaint on file herein; said real estate Is de
scribed as Lola S3 and 24 In block 17, according to
tho original map of Tombstone, made by Solon
M. Allls, March Mb, 1879. And yon are hereby
notified that U you fall to appear and answer the
said complaint, as above required, the said plain
tin will take Judgment by default aud apply to the
Court for the relfef demanded In the complaint.
Given under my band and Seal of the Dlstrlc.
Court or the First Judicial District oftheTcrrit
tory or Arizona, in and for the County ol Cochise,-,
this nth day of April, in the year of our Lord one
thousand elrrhl hundred nmt cip-two.
. - . vr. 7r r.p. ....- ,ii..i.
I tr. .vi,. J
W. 11 DbAJHA.CT, Vll-,
By E. M. Caiir, Deputy Clerk.
.feHNiiir-iit Xotloe.
JL D. E. Estes, or.their.lielrs or assigns: Yon
an-hereby notified tttat fhe undersigned, J. W.
Beard, ias completed thu. assessment work for
1881, as lequlred bylaw oip the Mountain Oueen
mine, situated In Huaehuca Mountains, In what It
known as Montezuma Canyon (located March 8,
1880) Cochise county, Arl.oua Territory, and that
your proportion of the cost of said assessment
work, amounting to $00 ($20 each), and the lost
of publication of this notice li now due aud poy
able to me. And notice Is hereby fuitlicr I'lvcn
that, If before the expiration of ninety (90) days
irom the first publication of this notice, yon do
not pay your portion f said expense legal, all
your right, title and Interest In and to said mine
will be forleited to me, as provldid by law.
J. W. 11EARD,
Tombstone, A. T., December 31,1881.
ABHcsHiueut Xotlrr.
City ol Tombstone, County of Cochise, Terri
tory of Arizona, Marcn 'JO, 188.1.
To Alfred McAllster your heirs or a-lgus, you
are hereby notified that we have expended one
hundred dollars on the Aunt Sally mine, lode or
ledge, located lu Tombstoue mining district,
County of Cochise, Arizona Territory, In order to
hold said premises under ihe provisions of the re
vised atatutes of the Unitod States, section 2324,
being, the amount required to be done to bold the
same for the year 1681. And if within ninety
days from Ihe sctvice of this notice (or wnnin
ninety days after this notice, by publication you
fall or refuse to contribute your proportion of
such expenditure a- co-owner, your Interest In said
claim will become the property of the ubaeribers
under saU section. .I.D.ADAMS,
0. F. REPPY,
mchStMm ' 1 REPPY,
Probate Xotice.
of Cochise, Territory of Arizona. In the matter
of the estate of Joseph Manandas, deceased. Pur
suant to an order ot said court, made on tbe 8th
day of April, A. D. 1882. notice is hereby
given that Monday, the 8lh day of May.
A. D. 1582, at 10 o'clock a. in. ol said
day, at the court room of said court, In the Mining
Exchange Building, in Tombstone, said county,
nave been appointed as the time and place for
iirmlnc the will of said Josenh Manaadas., de
ceased; aud for heatingthe application of Laurent
Bnrnda for the issuoucc to hnu of letterB testa
mentary, when and where any person interested
may appear and contest'the same.
J. II. LUCAS, Ex-OBlclo Clerk.
Dated Apill 8, 1832.
slatTonal Gofd Bank,
Paid Up Capital.' l. 500.000.. Uald.
Surplus Fund aud Undivided
Profits $2,420.
Vice President
..It. ('
It, C. Woolvvorlh. Isaac Woruser,
V. Callaghan, Peter Donahue,
(). O.Uookei, Jamea Phelan.
Heorge A. Low. Jamte Mefflt,; )
N. Van Berge'n.
Baring Brothers & Co
Baik of Montreal
Hottenguer & Co
Provincial Bank of Ireland
, Hesse, Newman Jt Co
National Bank of Commerce
Blackstone National Bank
Paris... '.'.'.'.'.'
Now York...
Exchange on principal cities of the United
Mates, Great Brltaiu, Ireland and the Continent,
bouget and sold.
Commercial credits issued available in China,
Japan and Europe.
Collections made and prompt returns rendered
at market rates of exchange.
Accounts solicited from Individuals, Firms,
Banks and Brokers. m"tf
are the best and cheapest Organs ever offered
in the West. Every Instrument warranted for
six years, and satisfaction guaranteed. Ulua
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015 Olivo Street, ' ST. LOUIS.
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IhcOiguinotte. Catalogue free. Agents wanted,
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tilS Ollvo Street. ST. LOUIS
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Also, Manufacturers and Ini pollers of -
Military. Masonic
. .
418 & f420
Han KruiiclHcu. ml.
Al 1. SlZEl.9 Oil CilOKlNO,
Neu J for firciiinr aud
IV V-'w Montgomery Nt.,
3au Franrisco, Cal1
First Publication May 20, 1882.
Application Xo. 201 for a Patent to
the Dak or Mining t'lnlm.
Bon, Arizona, May 9, 1882. Notice Is hereby
given that Albert C. UilicLe, Fordyce foper,
Theodore F. White, Phillip Mouse, William II.
Harrison, James S. McCoy, aud John Wasoou, by
F. U. Bnrk their attorney, whose postofllce ad
dress is Tombstone, A. T., have filed their appli
cation for a patent for 1305 linear leet of the Baker
mine or vein, bearing gold and silver and other
minerals, with surlace ground uSO leet in width,
situated In the Touibston t Mining District, Co
chlse County. Arizona, and designated by the
field notes and ofilclal plat on file In this office as
Lot No. 121. Said Lot No. 123 being as follows to
wltt Beginning at Hie Initial monument, a post
4x4 Inches fi feet long in inouud of stones, marked
S. M. Baker M, C. No. 1, from which a shall 4x6
.feet, 30 feet deep bears south 10 fut distant;
thence run norm oi-us east on me line io norm-
east center of claim C18 feet to a 4x4 inch post 5
feet long la a monument of stones, marked!. M.
C, No. 2; from which U. S. M. M. No. 2 bears
north 70- 26' east, 4G2C feet distant: thence north
36' .17' west 235 feet, tn a post lit Inches n feet long,
In a monument of stone and earth, marked B. M.
C. No. 3: thence south 52 SS' west 821 feet to
intersect with the west Bide Hue of the Silver
Cable M. C, at u point north 711 feet from a 4x4'
Inch post matkvd H. C. M. C. No. 3, atlSOCfecti
same course south 52 55' west to southwest cor
ner ot claim to pot 4 Inches square, 5 feet long, In
monument of stone and vartb, marked B. M. C.
No. 4; thence south 30- 37' east, 2W feet along the
southwest end line or claim to a post 4 Inches
square, 5 feet long. In a mniiiid of earth and stone,
marked B. M.C.No.5; thence along same line at
550 feet to southeast corner to post 4 Inches
square, 5 feet long in mound of stone marked B.
M. C No. 6; thence noith SI 30" east along
southeast side line of claim '0.1 feet to Intersect
west Bide line of Silver Cable M. C, Lot No. 92, at
a point north 24 feet distant, to a post marked S.
O. M. O. No. 3. at 772 feet to fast side line of Sil
ver Cable M. U., at a polut north 2 4V west, 242
feet distant from post marked s, C. M. O No. 4,
at 1015 feet to south ttde line of Eagle Mining
Claim, at :i point south 80' 55' east, 302 5 feet dls
tant from a post mariccd S. V. cur. Eagle, contln-i
ulngou southeast line uoitli 51 30 east ut 1:101
feet to post 4 luetic square, A feel long. In mound
of stonc'aud ti.ttb, maiked B M.C.No. 7; thencn
north 3(i' 37' wcsWS.) Io post No. 2, to place of
beginning survey of exterior boundaries of claim,
containing lfi.00 acres, of which the fiillowlnirion
filets occur: 1st. The Delhi M. C.lot No. 1U1, of
0:tl acres: 2d, The Eagle Mlnltif claim east of Ihe
Sliver Coble line, not included lu the Delhi, con
Old 394 aens: 31, Confiict with Silver Cable M.
C. 8.31 acres. Total amount covered by conflict
12.28 acres, which leaves area claimed 3.72 acres.
Magnetic variation 11 25' east. The location of
this mine Is recorded lu the 'Recorder's Office for
Cochise County, A. T., Book 3, page 68, records
of mines transmitted.
Anvanc all persous'claimlng adversely any por
tion of said Ilaktr mine or surface ground are re
quired to flic their adverse claim with the Register
of the United State. Land Office at Tucson, Ari
zona, during the sixty days peiiod or publication
hereof, r they will be barred by virtue of the pro
visions of the Statute.
F. O. BURK, Att'y lor Applicants, Tombstone,
A. T.
It Is hereby oidircd that the foregoiug notice oe
published for the period of sixty days (ten consec
utive weeks) In the Epitaph a welly newspaper
nnhllshed at Tombatone. A. T.. which Darter Is
hereby designatt d by me as pub) isbed nearest such
claim. HENRY COUSINS, Register.
First Publication May t, 1882;
AppllrMltMi'.N'o. 107,' for a rateut to
tbe Tonibstbde MlBlnsc't'Ulm.
son, Arizona, May V, 1882.. Notice is hereby
given that Philip Corbin," Samuel A. Moore, his
duly authorized agent, has made application lor
patent to 1,430.5 linear feet ot the Tombstone
mine, vein, lode or deposit, bearing precious met
als, together with surface ground 600 feet In width,
situate in Tombstone Mining District, Cochise
county, Arizona, more particularly described In
the field notes and plat of Ihe official survey on
file In this office, designated as lot No 115, as
follows to wit: .Beginning at the Initial monu
ment, at a post 5 feet long and 4 Inches square In
a mound of stones, marked "IM Tombstone MC
i.u. 1, PUUUiei, i luc ,'r, run e.ui,-( w, e,aiu,,
from which AJax Hill bears N 7835' E, 4782 feet
distant; thence 8 1802' E, 300 feet to the SE cor
ner post, marked "TMC No. 8" j thetce 8 9'53'
W, 14:10.5 fett to 8W corner post, marked TMC
No. 3"; Thence N 1802' W, 3eO leet to the west
end centerof claim, being also the point of the
Initial monument ol tbe Carbonate M. C, to a
post marked "TMC No. 4," Irom which a standard
corner of Sections 32 and 33, Township 2U S,
Itange 21 E, bears S 18'3." W, 11053 feet distant;
thence N 18'lr- W,30U feet to NW corner post
marked "TMC No. 5"; thence N 953' E, 1430.5
li-et to NE corner post, marked "TMC No. 6";
thence h 18'02' E, 303 feet to place of beginning.
Tbe said ululng cla in Is duly recorded in the
ofllce of the recorder of Cochise county, Arizona.
Auy and all persons claiming adversely the whole
or any portion of tho Tombstone mining claim are
requited to present their adverse claims to be filed
In this ofiicuduilng the sixty days period ot pub
lication hereof or they will be barre'd by virtue of
the provlaons of tbe statute.
J. II. Lucas, Tombstone, Arlrons, Attorney
for Applicant.
It Is hereby oidercd that the foregoiug notice
be published sixty days (ten consecutive weeks)
In the Tombstoue Epitaph, a weekly newspaper
published at Tombstone, A. T., which paper Is
hereby designated by me as published nearest
said claim. HENltY COUblNS, P.egtster.
(.First Publication May 6, lSai.)
Application So. 100. ror Patent to tbe
ifard Up Mining (Mains.
aon, Arlona, May 3d, 183.!. Notice Is hereby
given that Philip Corbin, by Samuel A. Moore,
bis duly authorlred agent, has made application
for patent to 777 3 linear feet of the Hard Up vein,
lode or deposit, bearing precious metals, to
gether with surface grou dbCOfectln width, situ
ated in Tombstone Mining District, Cochise
county, Arizona, mere particularly described in
thu field notes and plat of the ofilclal survey ou
file in this office, designated as Lot No. l.M, as
follows, to wit:
Beginning at the initial monument near the
centre of claim, at a post marked "I M Hard Up
MCNo. 1," from which USMM No. 2 bears S
4141' TV, 18C8 feet distant, and the section cor
ners of 1, 2, 33 and 38, township 0 S, range 'ii E,
bear N 1439 E, V1U7.10 feet distant; thence N
34 '.TJ' E. 3D7.3 feet to a post at tbe Intersection of
the SW end Use of the "Herald M C" with tbe
NEendllueot tbe Hard Ud. marked "H U M C
No.3"; thence H t7'.W 388 leet to intersection of
SEside line of Herald M 0, from which point tbe
8W corner or "M M C" bears S S324' IV, 184 feet
distant, and at 300 feet to NE corner post 5 feet
long, 4 Inches square, In a mound of stones,
marked "n UM C No. 3": thence S 3640' W, 777.3
feet to SE corner post, marked "HUMC No. 4,"
which point is also the NE corner ol Indepen
dence M C; thence N 6730' V, 274.5 feet to -I M
Independence M C," and S W end center of Hard
Up MC, to a posts feet long and 4 inches square
in a moand of stones, marked "n U M C No. A,"
5.ti.3leot to intersection or HE side line of East
SideMC, and 651.5 feet to SW cor post, 5 feel
long, 4 inches square, In mound of stoues, marked
"HllMCNo. 6": thence N Sl'lfi' E, 7.3feetto
intersection of the NE end line of nast Side M C
and H W end line of Tribute M C. from wh ch
point the NE corner of "E S 'M C and SW cor
ner of "TM J" bear. H S6'U5'- E, 6i feet distant,
and 769.3 feet to NW corner post, 5 feet long 4
Inches square in mound ot stones, marked "II U
M C No. 7"; thence S 0730 E, 203.5 leet to the
intersection of the SE sideline of the Tribute M
C, from which point tbe SE corner of "T M C"
bears S 5313' W 130.4 feet and SW corner Herald
M C be ars N 6315' K, 64,b feet distant, aud 300
feet to posfmarkcd "II U M C No. 2," and place
of beg nnlng or tb( exterior survey of claim ; va
riation 11 '2J fi. containing 7.72 acres. Said min
ing claim la bounded on the bw by the Indepen
dence; on the NW by the East Side and Tribute,
and on tho NE by tbe Herald M C, an Is duly re
cord I'd In the ottlce of the recorder of Cochise
county, Arizona.
Any and all persona claiming adversely the
whole or any portion of the Hard Up mining
claim, arc required to file their adverse claims in
this office during the sixty days period of publica
tion hereof, or they will be barred by virtue of the
provisions of tbe statute.
J. II. Lltab, Tombstone, A T Attorney for
Applicant. v
The foregoing notice Is ordered published sixty
days (ten consecutive weeks In the, Tombstone
Epitaph, a weekly newspaper.published at Tomb
stone, A. T.. which paper is hereby designated as
that Issued nearest said claim.
HENltY COUSINS, Register.
ki.ectiox xoth;-:.
At a mectlug of the School Trustees of Tomb
stone School District, Cochise Countv, Arizona
Territory, held ou May Cth, IBS", it was resolved
that notice be given as required by law, for an
lection to be held on
Wednesday. 31st day or Hay, A.D.1HM2.
Iu raid School District, to submit to the
qualified voters of said school District, A. T.,
the question -whether a tax shall be levied tu kee p
the public schools open for a longer period than
the ordinary funds of the district will allow, and
for building additional school houses, etc. lu
pursuance of said lesolutlon and in accordance
with the statutes of the Territory of Arizona tn
such rases made and provided, notice Is hereby
given that an election will be hold In the city of
Tombstene, Cochise county, Arizona Territory,
and in said r-chool District.ou said Wednesday,the
31th day of May, A. D. 1882, to submit to tbe
qualified voters of said School District, Cochise
county, Arizona Territory, the question whether
a tax shall be levied to keep the schools of said
district open for a longer period than tbe ordinary
funds will allow, and for building an additional
school house. The am punt of money proposed to
be raised by said tax, and tn be used for the pur
poseeabovc atated, is the sum ot six thousand
dollars. Hy order of the Board of School Trus
tees of sulci School District,
T. J. DRUM, Secretary.
Dated Tombstone, May 6, 188.'. niy7-suw-3vr
all person.8 claiming under you that you have
falleil to perform your proportion nf the assess
ment vvoik on the Altamont mine, Dragoon
Mountains, Cochise County, Arlona Territory,
furtbeveur ending December 31, 1881, and the
same having been done by the nuclei signed iu ac
cordance with law, this Is to notily you that if
you fall to pay your pioporttou of said work
uithiu the llnicuresvrlbed by law, your Interests
In said mine will ceae and become the property
of the undersigned by virtue of section 2324, Hi
vised Statutes or the United States.
Tcmbstone. A. T., March 11, 1683. ml3 3m
First Publication April 24, 1882.1
Mining Application .Xo. 1D1 for a
Patent to the Topper King Hlnlng
son, Arizona, April 21, 1882. Notice Is
hereby riven that the Husrell Hold Silver Min
ing Company, whose portofllce addrisi Is care
of T. L. Stiles, Tucson, Arizona, nas this day
tiled its application for a patent Tor 1500 linear reel
of the Copper King mine or vein, bearnlg silver
and copper, wltb surface ground bOO feetln width,
situated In Cochise MluiLg District, County of
Cochise and Territory of Ailzona, and designated
by the field notes aLd official plat on file in this
office as lot No. 38, In said district, said lot No. 38
belntr described as follows, to wit: Becluulnr at
the Initial monument of the claim at the center
thereof, on the outcropplugs of the vein, at a pine
post 4x4 Imhes square, 41,, f-'ct lougand marked
!'C. K. No. I"; thence north CO 48 west 750 feet
to Ihe middle of tho northwest end of the claim to
a pine post 4x4 inches square, 41i feet high and
marked "C. K. No. II,'' whence United States
Mineral Monument No. 1, Cochise District, bears
south t3 28' west, distant 1714 feet; thence north
29' 12 cast 300 feet to northwest corner of claim
to a pine post 4x4 Inches oquair, 4i feet high, and
marked "O.K. No. Ill"; thence south t.0- 48'
east 1210 feet to the west end of the Highland Mary
mining claim north 29-12' east and 92 feet rrom Its
southwest corner, and 1500 feet to a pine post 4x4
ins', square, 4Ji ft. hlgh.and marked "C.K.No.IV" ;
thence couth 29 12 west 92 feet to the Inter
section cf Ihe side line of Ihe Highland Marv
xlalrn. Lot No, 37, south CO- 48' east from its
southwest corner feet dlttant, aud 300 feet to
the center of this claim, to a pine post 4x4 Inches
square 4! i feet long and maiked "C. K. No. V;"
thence south 29' 12' west 300 feet to the southeast
corner of tho claim, to a pine post 4xi Inches
square 4'-i feet long and inraked "C. K. No. VI :"
thence north GO 48' west 1,5110 feet to the south
west corner of the claim, to a pine post 4x4 Inches
tquaie4K feet long and marked ".'. K. No. VII :'
and t bonce north 29' 12' east 300 feet to monu
ment No. I, already described This claim lies
about five miles uorthwest of Ihe Southern Pa
cific railroad at Dragoon Summit, Cochlfe county,
aud On the 'south slope of a flat bill of the Lime
alone mouutains. Magnetic variation 12 M'east,
containing 2U.lt acre,?, outside of the conflict
wltb the Highland Mary claim, 55 aetes, which Is
not claimed. The locatjwof this mine 1. recorded
in the recorder's office x Cochise county, Arizona,
In liooks 7 aud B of mining claims, at pages 31b
and 410 respectively, trauecilbcd records. The ad
joining claimants are the owners ol the Tycoon,
lllehhind Mary Hill hide, Republic and Blue
Bird claims.
Any and all persons claiming adversely any
portion uf said Copper Kin" mine or surlace
ground are required to tile their adverse claims
with the Register of the United States Land Office
at Tucson, In the Territory of Arizona, during the
sixty da s period of publication hereof, or they
will be barred by virtue of tbc provisions of the
Btatute. HENRY COUSINS, Register.
It Is hereby ordered that the foregoing notice be
riubllehid lor sixty days, ten consecutive weeks,
n tbe'Epltaph, a weekly newspaper published at
Tombstone, Arizona, wblcb paper Is hereby dca
fgoated by me as published, nearest such claim.
First publication April 17,1882.
Application Xo. 1S5 for a Patent for
tbe Hilvrr Table I.nde.
Arizona, April 8, I8S2. Notice Is hereby
eiven that Theodore F. Whlto, Philip Morse, John
Wassuuand William 11. Harrison, whose poet
orUeeaddiess lain rare T. L. Stiles, Tucson, Pima
county, Arizona, for purpose uf this application,
have this day filed their application kir a vateut
for fifteen hundred linear feet of the Silver Cable
mine or vein bearing silver and gold, with surface
..nil alv tmiiilrpfl ft ft' 1h width, situated in
Tombstone Mining District, County of Cochise
and Territory of Arizona, and designated by the
field notes at,d official plat on file In this otfcce as
lot number Mi, lu said district, said lot No, U2
being as follows, to wit: Beginniugat the Initial
monument of the claim described in the notice of
location, at a post t feet long, 4x4 Inches square,
set one loot in the ground, in a monument oi
utanpa V. feet hlph. and marked " I. M. S. C. M.
C. No. 1"; thence ran south M 30' wc3t along
the northerly end of claim 265.4 feet to a post 3
feel louj.', 4x4 Inches square, set one foot in the
grouuC, In a monnment ol stones 2JI leet high,
and marked "S. C. M.C.No. 2"; thence Bouth
along the west line ol claim 1500 leet to south est
corner of elalm to post 5 feet long, 4x4 Inches
square, set one fool in the ground, lu a mound of
stones 2!f leet high, and marked " S. C. M. C.
No. 3" ; thence run north Cs 36' eiEt alonu the
southerly endo: claim WW leet to southeast corner
of claim to post 5 feet long, 4x4 Inches square, set
one foot In tbe ground. In a monument of stones
214 feet high", and marked " S. C. M. V. No. 4 " ;
th.nri nnrth 2 44( wrl 1474.1 feet Io a nost 5 feet
long, 4x4 IncbcB square, set ou foot tn the ground,
in a monument of stones 2 teet high, and
marked "S. C. M. C. No. 5, wheuc United
States Mineral Monument ,No. 2, on e-iu icy ejuss
Hill bears north 75-15' east 4657.6 rcet distant;
and thence south C8' 36' nest along tbe northerly
end of claim 258.7 feet, toaoost, being post No. J.
fhnli,ri nf iM-frlniilnp. Mapnetlc variation. 11
JO east, containing 18.01 acres. The location of
this mine is recorded iu Ihe 'recorders' olucc's or
Pima and Cochise counties, Arizona, in books D
and I or mines, lu said counties respectively, at
pages 901 and 28 respectively. The adjoining
claimants are the owners of the Valentine and
Sultan mining claims.
Any aud all persons claiming adversely auy por
tion of said Silver Cable mine, or surface ground
are required to file their adverse claims with tbe
Register of the United Slates Land Ottlce at Tuc
son, in the county ol Pima, Territory of Arizona,
durlngthe sixty days period ol publication hereof,
or they will be barred by virtue or tbe piovlelous
of the utatnte. ,
HrJMlY tUUMSS, negisier.
It Is hereby ordered that the forego
ing notice of application for patent be pub
lished Tor the period or sixty dajs-tcn
consecutive weeks In the Epitaph, a weekly
newspaper published at Tombstoue, Cochise
county, Arlrons, which paper is hereby designated
by me as published nearest such claim.
J notified tbatwehavu expended erne hundred
dollars iu labor and lmnrovemeats upon the Mo
zart mine, of gold bearing ore, situate In the Dos
Cabezas Mining District, about two miles north
east of Ewell Spilngs, lu order to hold said prem
Ises under the provisions ol eetions 2324 and 23V
of the Revised ntatutes of the United States, and
tbe act oi Congressa, approved January
2d, 188, niendatory thereof; said sum
being the amount required to hold the said mine
Tor the year ending 1880. Now, If within ninety
day from the publication of this notice, you fall
or refuse to contribute your proportion of such ex
penditure as a co-owner, youi Interest in Bald
claim will become tbe property of the subscribers
under the sections ol the revised statutes afore
mentioned. JOHN McUREGOK.
Dos Cabezas, t'ochlse County, A. T.
The Greatest Blood Purifier
Known tothe Civilised Wcrld.andthe
Ever piepared. A positive lemedy for a torpid
liver, chills and fever, and all kidney tionblea. It
gives tone to the rtomach. frees the blood from
bile and all Impurities", stimulates theanoellte.
niooa irom
he appetite,
and Invigorates tbe general sjstem No lumily
should be without it.
A wlueglas-ful three times
u day before meals
Sol' Agents,
S-iin Frtnrlsco.
G. n.
Of Jene Moore
Moore, Hunt & Co.,
No. 417 & 419 Market St.,
Between First & Fremont Streets, San Francisco, California.
Moure, Hunt & Co., Sole Agents for the Pacific Coast.
A A brand, bbls and hf hbls, peu gal 4 00
II brand, bbls aud bfbbls, per gal, 3 SO
C brand, bbls aud hf bbls, per Eal 3 00
No. 1 brand, bbls and hf blls, per gal 2 60
Ityc, bbls and hf bbls, per gal 3SO4 00
Deduction ol SSrls pr gal on lots of S bbls.
AA brand in lis, I doz to case, 5 to gal 11 00
A A brand, 5 cases, 1 doz to case, 5 to gal..,. 10 SO
A i brand, 10 cs, l doz to case, do. ..... 19 00
AA do pint flasks, 3 dox to case 13 00
A A do S cases, ptflasts;2doz to case.... 12 50
C brand, 1 dor, to gal 860
O do Scaiei.Stoga' ,....,..,.., 9
Application No. 1H9, for Patent to tUe
Penbody Kilning Claim.
U son, Arizona. April 19, 1882. Notice is hereby
given that the Russell Gold and Silver Mining
Company, whose postofllce address is care of T.
L. Stiles. Tucson. Arizona. h thla Hav fl1i.H a,..
plication for a patent for 1S40 linear feet ut the
Peabody mine or vein, bearing silver, gold and
copper, w 1th surface ground 600 feet In width, sit
uated in Cochise Mining District, Conbty ot Co
chlse aud 1 errltory of Arizona, and designated b
the field notes and official platon file in this office
follows, to wit: Beginning at the Ini
tial monument at the northwest end or the claim
at a poet 4x4 Inches square, 4 feet ? TncAes lone
marked " I. No. 1 "; thence north 5J eA 184 tetl
to intersection of west line ol Delta "claim, I ortb
34' wcst38Jfeet from its southeast eorbrt aud JCO
feet to northeast corner of this claim, td pojt 4x4
inches square, 4 feet 9 Inches long, and markeu
" P, No. 2"; thence south 31' east 440 feet to in
terscctlon of south Hoe of Delta claim, north 88
30' east 139 feet from Its southeast corner, and l!Mu
feet to southeast corner of this claim, to a post
4x4 Inches square, 4 feet 9 Inches long, and marked
"P. No. IIP'; thence south 58 west 300 leet to
Ihe center of the southeast end of claim, to s post
4x4 Inches square, 4 leet 9 inches long, marked
" Post No. IV"; thence south. 56 west 400 feet to
southwest corner of tbta claim to post 4i4 lucho
square, 4 feet 9 leches long, and marked ' P No
V; thence north 34' west 1340 feet to the north
west corner of the claim to a poet 4x4 Inches
square, 4 feet 9 Inches long, and marked 1 No
I"; andtbencenoTth5Seast300reet tolhenlact
or beginning. The' Peabody claim lies on the
north slope of a high ridge, about 5 miles north
east of the Southern Pacific Railroad denot at
Dragoon Summit. Magnetic variation 12 14
east, containing 17.3H acres, xmuide of the conflict
with the Delta claim, I 03 acres, which it em
claimed. The. location ot this mine la recorded
In the Recorder s office ol Cochise County Ari
zona, In books and of Mining Records at
pages, and respectively. Tno adjoinlu"
clalmauts are theownera of the shod Fiy, DeltaT
Peabody No. 1, Florence and Columbia mlniua-claima.-
Auy and all persons claiming adversely any
portioned said Peabody mine, or turiaec- Krouni
are required to file their adverse claims wlthibe
Register of the United Mates Land Office, Iucmju.
in the.'Jerrltoiyof Aijzona, during the'slxty day.'
period of publication hercer, or thoy w ill be barrrd
by virtu, of the provisions of the statute.
f.t i, . WBNKY'COlTSINt.. Register.
It Is hereby ordered that the above and furgolue
notice be punllshed for the' period of sixty days
(ten consecutive weeks) In the Epitaph, a weekly
newspaper published at Tombstone, Arizona'
which papcrls hereby designated by me as pub
lished nearest sdeb claim.
First Application April 24, 188t
Application Xo'.'lUO for a Patent to tlio
Turn 0H!-auter Sllntn-r Claim.
son, Anoua, April , 1881. Notice is here
by given that the Russell Gold and bitver Mining
Coinpae,y, whose post office add:ess Is in carw
or T. L. Stiles, Tucson, Aifzona, has this day
filed his application lor a patent fur 1353 linear
feet of the Tarn O'Shauler mine or vein bearing
silver, gold and copper, with surface ground OS
feet lu width, sltnated lu Cochise Mining District
County of Cochise and Tenltory of Aifzona anct
designated by the field notes and official plat eu
file in this office aa Lot No. 41, in said District
Said Lot No. 41 being described aa follows, to wit
Beginning at tbe initial monument of the claim
al a piue post 4x4 inches square. 4 V feet lone, ana
marked -T. O. S. No. 1." whence a ahalt beats
north 2 56' west 38 leet distant; thence north 87
44' east 4W feet, to the east end of the claim to a
pine post 4x4 inches square, 41; feet Ion?, and
inarkid "T. O. S. No. 2." whence United Slates
Mineral Monument No. 2, Cochise District Deal s
south 25' 14' west 142 feet distant; theuce soma
2 6ii' east, 300 feet to the southeast corner of
claim, to a pine post, 4x4 Inches square. 4"-; feet,
long, and marked "T. O. S. No. 3." whence
United States Mineral Monument No. 2 bnu
north 27' 31 west 185 feet distant; thence soul.
87 41' west 1355 feet to the southwest corner ot
claim la a pine post, 4x4 incnes square, 4i inches
long, and mat Lett "T. O. S. No. 4;" thence north
uorlb 2 56' west 300 leet to west end center ot the
claim, to a pine post, 4x1 Inches square, 'i feet
high, and marked "T. O. S. No. 5," whence
United States Mineral .Monument No. 1, Cochise
District bears north II lb' west about lour miles
distant; thence north 2 66' west 30uret to north
west corner of the claim to a pine post, 4x4tnche
square, 4?. leet long and marked "1 O, S. No. 6,"
thence north 87 44 e-ast WO fett to the northeast
corner of claim, to a pine post, 4x4 Inches square..
4'i re-el long, aud marked "T. O. h. No.lv'and
thence south .V -11' east 480 feet to monument No,
2 already described. This claim lies abeut am
mile northwest ol Ihe Southern Pacific Railroad
depotat Dragoon huuimlt.undupoutwosmall hills,
separated by a flat. Magnetic variation U' la' east.
Containing 17.37 acres. The location of this zuln
Is recorded in the Recorder's Office of Uccblco
County, Arizona, In Book 7, of Miulog Claims, a
page 321, Records transcribed Irom Phoa County.
The adjoining claimants arc the owners ol th
Daisy, Atlanta aud Fortunatus mining claims.
Any and all persons claiming aaverselysny per
lion of said Tarn O'ahanter Miue ut. aurlacv
ground are required Io file their adverse claims
with the liegistcrofthe United State LandOffica
at Tucson, in tbe Territory of Arizona, during the
slxtydays period of publication heieof.orthey will
be barred hy virtue oftbc provisions of the HialBte.
Ilishircby ordered that the above notice b
Fmbllshed lor slxtydays itcn consecutive' weeks)
n the Epitaph, a weekly newspaper published at
Tombstone, Cochise County, Arizona, which la
hereby dcMtniated by me as the newspaper cub
lished nearer! to said claim.
HENltY COUSINS, Register.
Xotlro to Creditor's, u
Notice Is hereby glve-n by the undersigned.
Administrator of the estate of A. Deloacb, de
ceased, to the creditors of, and all persons having
claims against the said deceased, to exhibit them
with the necessary vouchers, within Tour months
after the first publication of this notice, to tbe
said Administrator at the store of Tasker & PrlJ
ham, corner ef Fifth and Allen street, iu Tomb
stone, in the said county of Cochise.
Administrator ofthe Estate of A, Deloaro. dV
ceased. N
Dated at Tombstone, March 16 1882.
Partnership Dissolution.
Charleston, A. T.. Is this day dissolved bv
mutual consent. All liabilities of the said 8n
will be paid by Samuel Katzensteia, and all In
debtedness owing to said firm will be collected by
Dated Charleston, A. T., Jannary 24, 1882.
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