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Tombstone weekly epitaph. [volume] (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1882-1887, July 01, 1882, Image 2

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Epitaph Printing and Publishing Go
Samuel rurdy. Editor and Blnnager.
Office, S25 and 337 Fremont Street,
Toraltatone. Arliona.
niBscnirTiov rmci:
Ds'ly .(deKvired by carrier). ...25 cents per week.
Dally, one year , $10 00
Dally, six months 5 00
Daily.thrce monthi 3 00
Weekly, one yew 5 00
Voekly, six months 2 to
Weekly, three months ...... 1 CO
tV Entered it tbe Tombstone postofflce ai sec-oild-clasi
The Territorial Democratic Central Committee
i thoroughly reorganized and made ready for the
fa!, campaign As now constituted It Is as fel
ons: .
Pima Ooutty Fred O. Hughes
Cochise County M.Gray
Maricopa County A. C. Baker
Yavapai County E. J. Cook
Pinal County P. R. Brady
Apache County..... 0. S. Cooloy
Yuma Connty A. E. do Cotse
Gila County. Alonzo Bailey
Mahaye County Herman Bucksbauni
Graham Cointy Geo. II. htcvens
W. W. JONES, Chairman.
A. D. Lins. of Phmnlx, Sccrctay.
For the Democratic Nontlnnllon
As lielegate t Cam
:oa in re-
o'ft by the law. The assassin-
of a great statesman and a
man, has found its sequel
within the awful shadow of the gal
lows, and beyond the portals of the
grave. The murderer's life has been
taken by man in payment for his
unprovoked and terrible crimo, and
it only remains with God to fully
balance the ledger. Whether Gui
teau was sane or insane, is of no
moment now, except to the Supreme
Judge. If hid soul was darkened, in
life, by the shadow of a clouded in
tellect, it rests only with his Maker
to weigh the moral responsibility of
his dread act, and to tender him
Divino meroy on the great day of
judgment. Tho curse resting upon
his memory to-day, will bo reiterated
in history until the end of time, for
the record shows that he was given a
fair trial even to tho last resource
known to law. Good mon should bo
glad that the curtain has dropped
upon the final scene. Each succes
sive act in tho drama developed new
and terrible phases of horror, sicken
ing to contemplate and repulsive to
civilization. Now, at the end, the
one prevailing .thought, in the minds
or all, must be how littlo tho life of
a Guiteau compensates for the death
of a Garfield.
Tiieee is a vacancy in the County
Republican Central Committee,
caused by tho doparture of one of its
members to Alaska. He needed
cooling off, after tho ''monkey and
parrot" time inaugurated by tho boss
hot-house committeo men. Nearly
all the promiuent Republicans of
Tombstone are hunting tho north
pole. Even the illustrious deputy
clerk ef tho District Court is wend
ing his way thitherward, to cool his
blow, heated by his wearisome exer
tions over the acquisition of a modest
The attention of tho Democrats
of Coohiso county Is called to the
necessity for registering at once. All
names must be on tho great register
twenty days before election, and vo
ters will save much inconvenience by
registering at the first opportunity.
Whenever business calls a Democrat
to tho neighborhood of the register
ing officer, ho should register, and
not wait until it becomes necessary
for him to make a special trip for
that purpose. Republicans can stay
away altogether if thoy choose.
Tho scheme at present in courso
of perfection by which the Irish
landlords, with tho aid of a syndicat
of heavy capitalists, propose to ro6
tho Irish tenantry from the soil of
thoir ancestors and transplant English
andScotch farmers in thoir plac, will
not succeed. The plan is 'nol only
brutal, but impracticable. The Irish
peasant is more attached to his
native soil than any other mem be
of tho European family. It is this
spirit of affection for his native land,
that has kept tho warm ftro of
patriotism burning in the Irishman's
heart for seven hundred years. An
Irishman's interest in Ireland is not
whooly because ho has property
there, but becauso it is his mother
land. With such a spirit, it is im
possible to completely conquer the
Irish people. Landlord leagues are
nothing new; for nearly three hun
dred years tho absentee lords of the
Irish soil, were a unit in any sohome
whereby tenants could be robbed
and laborers plundered. When tho
new landlord crusauo runs a
the Land L
Tieci organization, ii me
landlord's scheme is carried out and
HarcourtV, repression-bill becomes a
law, it is impossible to conceive
what the result will bo. It will
mean either wholesale assassination
or rebellion. Of these the latter is
preferable, though such keen Ameri
cans asJames Redpath and"Petroleum
Nasby" excuse tho former. What
ever tho result may be, it will bo
justly attributablo to the British
Ministry and Parliament. In this
advanced ago of progress and civili
zation tho world will excuse any
mode tho Irish people may adopt to
rid themselves of their tyrant.
Objection is being taken to the
employment of Chinese upon the
new court house. It seems that a
sub-contractor is tho employer, and
ho claims he cannot find white mon
to do tho work. Certainly, it is
strango that tho erection of a public
building should constituto the only
occasion making the employment of
Chinese a necessity. Upon none of
the many privato buildings now being
built arc thoy engaged. Tho four
Chinamen laboring for the contrac
tor aro used in tho manufacture of
brick. Wo suggest that white mon
desiring employment present them
selves in an offer to relieve the im
ported labor, and thus leave no
excuse for its retention. The Epi
taph is heartily opposed to Chinese
labor, when made competitive with
white labor, and its columns are
always open for condemnation of tho
employment of the former.
The Hon. John C. Fall, of Will-
cox, is not indignant, as claimed by
ourcontemperary, because the Demo
cratic convention did not send him to
Phoenix. Thero is no better Demo
crat tliau Mr. Fall, and no truer
gentleman. He was tendered a seat
in the Territorial convention, but de
clined on account of press of busi
ness. Falsehood is not logic, neither
is it wit.
It is a sad commentary upon re
publican institutions, when it is
urged that a Territory must send a
Dolegato of tho same political com
plexion as tho administration, or
recognition will 1 refused. Yet
such a proposition is seriously ad
vanced by the Republican press of
Arizona. Ono would naturally be
lievo that the great Congress of the
United States, the members of which
are supposed to servo only tho best
interests of tho people, would be
actuated only by motives of justice
in listening to tho demands of any
section of this republic.
Arch Assassin Swung
into Eternity.
Denounces Arthur and Cork
hill and Dies Game.
Graphic Account of the Scenes
ami Incidents of the
Special Dispatch to the Epitaph.
Washington, D. C, June 30. The morn
ing opened bright and clear, and the un
usual crowds thronging Pennsylvania
avenue was proof positive that something
of unusual Importance was about to occur.
Tho morning trains from Baltimore and
Richmond brought thousands to tho city ;
and about 8:30 a special train anlvcd twin'
Kepublicans aro constantly in this
office oursing other Republicans.
The Epitaph impartially sympathizes
with them all, and is particularly
well contontod when a bad Republi
can kicks a good one.
The Democratio party believes in
free labor, and advocates its protec
tion. The creed of tho Republican
party favors the rich at the expense
of the poor, and advocates the im
poitation of Coolio labor in the inter
est of the former, without regard to
its distressing effect upon the latter.
Republicans openly assert that white
laboreis aro to bo driven to thoir
support, whether they will or no.
Democrats have faith in tho inde
pendence of freo labor, and appeal
only to tho reason and intelligence of
Una neighborly neighbor states
that the Republican party believes
in the "greatest good to the greatest
number." It certainly advocates tho
policy of making tho rich richer and
the poor poorer.
Tiik Republican high-binders aro
industriously engaged in plaoing
rings in the noses of tho rank and
filo. The round-up presents tho ap
pearance of a Chinese rodeo.
The letter of Geo.Hearst,published
in tho Examiner,gives forth no uncer
tain sound. Ho announces plainly
and oinphatically that ho will work
as hard tor tho successful oandidatc
as if ho was himself tho nominee.
That is tho kind of timber true Dem
ocrats are made of.
The blackmail domanded of gov
ernment employees by tho Republi
can Congressional campaign commit
tee is meeting with few favorable re
sponses. Tho civil service reform
association has stiffened the backbone
of tho officials and they rofuso to
contribulo to the corruption fund.
The present burden of excessive
taxation should be taken off tho min
ing property of tho Territory. Taxa
tion should only meet the require
ments of rovenue, and be equal.
According to our contemporary,
all those who attended tho Fourth of
July meeting, excopt the stalwart
ring, are saloon bummers.
Daniel II. Pinnky, tho new As
sociate Justice of tho Supreme Court
of Arizona, is a Democrat. It is need
less to say his appointment was unsolicited.
KfcrroRlnce Hayes was in
augurated President was such a crowd
seen in Washington. Pennsylvania Ave
nuo trom the Treasury building to the
Capitol was one seething, surging mas of
humanity, all as merry and jubilant as if
they were attending a picnic.
It was to be expected that a crowd of
such dimensions could not roll along
smoothly without having some squab
bles. In Lafayette Square, near
the Arlington hotel, a long-haired individ
ual began to declaim on the enormity of
the crime about to bo committed under
judicial" sanction. He had not the field
long to himself when an Ohio man, who
had only arrived in the city a few hours
before, knocked him down with a well
directed blow, and then commenced to
kick him unmercifully. They were
finally paitcd by the crowd and
the long haired man badly belated went
off threatening to sue the Governrmwt for
damages. On Pennsylvania avenue front
ing Willard's hotel another row took place,
that were it not for the immediate arrival
of a couple of policemen, threatened to
end in blood. A drunken follow said he
was glad Garfield was dead and Oultcau
was a hero. An excited individual who
heard the remark knocked the
ftllow down. He got on his feet immedi
ately and produced a pistol. The oilier
paity did likewise, und serious results
were imminent, when policemen collared
them both. Near tho Naval Monument,
ut the upper end of the avenue, a little girl
was run over by a runaway team and
seriously hurt. Other accidents are re
ported, hut none of them fatal.
at the jail.
An immense crowd assembled in the
vicinity of the jail at an early hour in the
morning, and continued increasing until
word was sent forth that the unfortunate
creatuic was before his maker. The eoun
try people were much disappointed because
they could not witness the execution.
Warden Crocker and the officials of the
jail were roundly cursed because the
ghastly scene would not he put on ex
hibition. TUE ASSASSIN
spent a troubled night, and did not go to
sllecp until about four in the morning.
He spent the night apparently in contem
plation am, prayer. When no awoke in
the moraine, his spiritual adviser, Dr.
Hicks, was at bis side. They held a long
consultation and prated together. Hicks
is the only man with whom (itiitcau hud
ftequenl intercourse since the ujiuu
tion with vihoni he did not quuirtl. lie
made Hicks the legatee of his body, with
certain conditions, the principal of which
was that It should not be used for motet -nary
His poor, heart-broken sister, whose devo
tion to his cause should endear herto hu
manity the world over, made application at
the jail gate about 11 a. ra.,for permission
to enter. Warden Crocker, anticipating a
scene, gave instructions that she should not
bo admitted. She pleaded pityingly with
the guards, but they were inexorable. Sho
cried, wrung her hands, and tore her hair
and scented like one entirely devoid of
reason. Her screams were piteous, anil
wrung compassion from tho hearts of the
multitude who witnessed her sorrow,
though they could enjoy beholding her
brother undergoing a torturing death. Her
screams were piteous and were continued
for fifteen minutes. She then raged and
called down the curses of God upon the
olllciuls that denied her a parting with her
biothcr. She was Anally admitted inside
the gate and Guitcausent for. He pacified
her and an affecting farewell took place.
The assassin was stolid, but hlesscd her as
they parted.
THE last noun.
Tho tmie of the execution was fixed by
Marshal Henry at fifteen minutes to one.
About noontime Guiteau began to feel un
easy, but was borne up "by his
spiritual adviser, aided by his intense
egotism. He was very anxious to have
the gallows arrangements perfect, and kept
asking about tho different details contin
uously. He sent Dr. Hicks to examine
the scaffold, test the trap, and try the
noose. The doctor's report was favorable,
and he seemed satisfied. He denounced
what lie termed, Arthur's treachery in un
measured terms, said he made Arthur, and
that he bUould not forget him in this
hour of dire necessity. He warned Hicks
whom lie termed his literary executor, to
be careful and eliminate from his works
anything that had a tendency to glorify
Arthur's administration. He said he was
not sorry that he removed Garfield, from
earthly scenes. Ordinary people might
think that tho country could cscapo over
tho chasm he was preparing, hut his vi
sion had been extended by .lod, and he
knew different. Ho said he was at peace
with God and mankind, and feared not
death. He would like to live, not so
much from the pleasure of living, but he
would like to instruct his countrympn rc
lifciously and politically, ,His entire ncr
vous system was strung up to bear the
ordeal. He looked pale and haggard, and
said his countrymen would one day raise
monuments to his memory.
When tho awful moment approached,
the death warrant was read to 1dm, and he
was ordered to prepare for the last scene
of his earthly career. He shuddered at
the announcement, but retired to the cell
without a murmur. He was accompanied
by Dr. Hicks. He soon reappeared dressed
In a sombre suit of black, the coat tightly
fitting and buttoned within six Inches of
tho chin. He wore a rosette on the left
lappel of his Mat and had on an immacu
late pair of white gloves. He wore a soft
slouch hat, indented in the center and pro
truding low over his forehead. Two mar
shal's deputies walked in front of him and
two behind. Dr. Hicks walked at his
side. He walked steadily and unilinch
ingly to the gallows, and cast an eager
glance at the instrument of execution
when he reached it. He stood on the trap
and tapped it with his heel ; examined the
noose carefully and tugged at the rope
to test its strength' of fastening. He then
itc'e.axow.i'HJided his arms and began
spiritual adviser. The
iJwiiraBSpicALi.Y rniVATE.
BiY. IVw offlciais'and newspaper corres
pondents being present. Dr. Hicksaskcd
him if he was ready to meet his God He
said he was ; that he was a chosen child of
his Creator and dreaded not His presence.
He was asked if he forgave his enemies,
and did not answer. He stood for awhile
in evident study and answered slowly, that
there was some men in the world whom
he could not forgive. He said he thought
Colonel Corkhill bartered away his life to
retain the position of District Attorney of
the District of Columbia, and Arthur,
whom he made President, had not man
hood enough to brave the storm of
demagogues and pardon him.
He was then told to prepare fer death,
and placed on the trap by a deputy mar
shal. Dr. Hicks again began to pray, and
Guiteau followed him silently. When tho
clargyman finished, Guiteau raised his
voice in prayer, and continued lor some
time. He implored God to retain a place
for him in Heaven. Reminded the Lord
that ho obeyed His mandate and asked for
his reward.
His hands were then bound behind his
bark, and the black cap about to be put on,
when he asked for a moment's grace to
bid adieu to the guards. He nodded to
them all pleasantly, except McCall, who
made the attack on him in his cell be
fore the trial. He thanked them for their
kindness and told the excutioner to pro
ceed. The cap was then pulled down
over his eyes, only the lower part ot the
face remaining visible. He attempted to
sing his newly composed poem
but broke down befoie completing the first
stanza. At that moment somebody must
have signalled to the crowd outside the
jail that the last moment had arrived, for a
shout rent the air, as if proceeding from a
thousand throats, and it was repeated time
and again, until the Potomac flats gave
back the sound. The poor wretch com
menced to tremble violently; his whole
frame shook, his knees knocked in agony,
the trap, in mercy, was sprung, and the
assassin of Garfield was ushered into eter
nity amid the joyous shouts of his country
His neck was broken, and he died
almost without a struggle. In seven
minutes and a-half ne was declared dead
by the attending physicians. Thus per
ished the assassin of James Abram Gar
field. A. 31. G.
and exercised for fifteen minutes.
He walked very briskly and made it
rather difficult for the guards to
keep up with lii'ii.
A letter m the nature of a will in
which Guiteau disposes of his body
is as follows: Washington, D. C,
June 29, 1882. To Roy. Wm. A.
Hicks: I, Charles J. Guiteau, of the
city of Washington, in the District of
Columbia, now under sentence of
death, which is to be carried into ex
ecution between the hour? of 12 and
2 o'clock on tho 30th day of June, A.
D., in the United States Jail, in said
District, do hereby give and grant
you my body after such execution,
provided, however, it shall not be
used for any mercenary purposes, and
I hereby, for good and sufficient
consideration,give, deliver and trans
fer to said Hicks, my book entitled
"The Truth and Removal,"and copy
right thereof, to be used by him in
writing a truthful history of my life,
and execution, and I direct that
such history be entitled "The Life
and Work of Chas. S. Guiteau," and
I hereby solemnly proclaim and an
nounce to all the world that no per
son or persons shall ever, in any
manner, use my body for any mer
cenary purpose, whatsoever, and, if
at any time hereafter any person
should wish to honor my remains
they can do it by erecting a monu
ment whereon shall be inscribed
these words: "Here lies the body of
Chas. J. Guiteau, patriot and chris
tian; his soul is in g'ory."
(Signed) Chas. .'. Guiteau.
Chas. H. Reed,
James Woodwaiid.
Washington, June IJO. Guiteau
was hanged at seven minutes of one.
r.ud of the AhmussIii.
U. S. .Tail, Washington, June oO.
H:4o a. M. Guiteau was very rest
less duiing the latter part of tho
night. Towards morning he fell in
to a sounder slpep from sheer exhaus
tion. Ho arose a few minutes after
five and breakfasted heartily. Told
them to bring dinner in at 11 o'clock
promptly. Dr. Hicks, who remained
at the jail all night, was called into
the prisoner's cell as soon as he arose,
and held a conversation with him on
religious subjects at & o clocK. ur.
Hicks saw the prisoner again, when
he made a request to have both there
and asked Hicks to go out and see
tho scaffold. Guiteau desired him to
arrange with tho warden to have the
trap sprung as soon after 12 o'clock
as possible. He also expressed con
siderable anxiety lest some accident
should occur and insisted that Hicks
should see that tho scaffold and its
appurtenances were all in proper con
dition. After Guiteau had disposed
of these matters he read a poem com
posed by himself, which he calls
"Simplicity,or Religious Baby Talk."
After the reading was done ho at
tempted to sing it, but broke down
in the effort. Guiteau then talked
for some time about the future. He
remarkod that his heart was tender.
"I don't think," said he, "I can go
through this ordeal without weeping,
not because of any great weakness,
for principle in mo is very strong,
but because I am nearer the other
world. I hold tho idea that God in
spired me." Guiteau subsequently
asked for his books. All compli
mentary remarks about President
Arthur and his administration he
eliminated. Then ho presented Hicks
the books that have been the com
panions of bis lonely hours. He told
Hicks that he wanted him to offer the
first prayer on the scaffold, saying
that he (Guiteau) would then read
his favorite scriptural passage, 10th
chapter of John, and offer a prayer
on his own account, then he intend,
ed, he said, to read his poem, "Sim
plicity." He desired to have tho ex
ecution so arranged that just as he
uttered the last work tho trap should
be sprung. John W. Guiteau ar
rived at the jail at 9 o'clock, and was
followed in a few minutes by Warden
Crocker. These two gentlemen, with
Hioks, had a consultation as to the
disposition of tho body. At 8:15 the
prisoner came out into the corridor
Halt Lake JottlngH.
Salt Lake, Juno 28. Mary Ann
Angell Young, wife of the late pro
phet, Brigham Young, died here last
night. Fifteen more sorrowing wid
ows remain to follow him.
A singular suicide occurred in Salt
Lake last night. A discharged sol
dier, by the name of John English,
after adjusting a skunk trap around
his neck in an unoccupied building,
fastened the chain to one of the
rafters and then let himself down.
When discovered a few minutes af
terwards, the trap had caught his
There is a meeting of old folks in
Salt Lake gathered here from all
narts of the Territory. There are
1120 of them over 80 years of age.
Tho oldest in the gathering is 103.
They all attended the Salt Lake
theatre this afternoon.
t oiiKi'CMilonnl XotCN.
Washington, June 27.-The House
Committee on Elections decided to
give the seat now occupied by Til
man of South Carolina to Small.
The contestant in the Alabama
case of Strebach against Herbert re
quested to be dismissed, with leave
to withdraw papers without preju
dice. Sbnati: Tho recommendation of
the Secretary of War for an appro
priation of $203,000 for the erection
of barracks, etc., in Arizona was re-ft-rred.
The internal levenue bill passed
the House.
Political Xoten.
Spkingfield, 111., June 29. To
day's Republican Convention was at
tended by the entire 792 delegates,
making tho largest Republican Con
vention ever held in the state. Sena
tor Georgo Hunt was made tempora
ry chairman. The usual committees
wero appointed, and the cotnen
tion took a reeo;. until two
Chicago, June 28. A Decatur, 111.
special says: The fourteenth dis lioi
congressional Republican conven
tion nominated J. II. Howell, of
Toledo, Ohio, June 29. The
Democrats of the sixth district nomi
nated W. L. Hill for Congress.
The Chiraeo ItaceH.
Chicago, June 28 The day is
bright ami the attendance is
good and the betting heavy.
First race, flash "stakes for
two year old colts, five furlongs.
Barnes and Ascender made running,
rest bunched and with varying suc
cess. Ascender and Barnes strove
for the front. The former won by
half a length, Barnes second, three
lengths beforo Pearl Thorn, third;
Gano fourth. Time 1:3.
Second race: Selling purse, 1
miles, all ages Flondors winning
by a half length; Barlow 2d; Church
chill 3d; Barney 4th. Time 1:51.
The winner was bought in by the
present owner for $50,000.
Third race For Greenstakes,
three .year old that have not won
before January 1st, mile, Plunkett
won; Gunner 2d; Gilman, 3d;
Glenarm, 4th. Time 21.
Fourth racp All ages, mile
heats 1st heat Mammonist, favorite;
100 to 35 on Pride; field 25. Belle
Bay took the track and was never
headed; Mammonist 2d; Goodnight
3d. Time 1:04. This race was run
in a driving rain at the second heat.
The track was deep in mud and
water. Mammie won in gallop.
Time 1:08. Third heat, Mammie
sold 100, Bell Bay 30; Mammie won
in gallop. Time 1:113.
The Wrecked Crew
San Francisco, June 28. The
captain and crew of the British ship
Lammermoor, wrecked on Badega
reef, arrived in town to-day. The
captain refuses to make a statement
regarding the disaster. From mem
bers of the crow it is learned that
the ship at the time she stiuck was
booming along under full sail and
leading wind; also stated that there
was ho lookout on duty at tho time.
Three boats were launched, and all
hands were taken to the schooner,
which was laying at a short distance,
waiting to render assistance. The
ship and cargo were auctioned this
afternoon at nominal figures.
San Francisco stock exchange to
day decided to adjourn from Friday
afternoon to Wednesday morning.
ConcrcsHlonnl Items.
Washington, Juno 27. The
House took up the bill to regulate
immigration, and passed it as agreed
upon by tho committee on commerce.
The bill to :educe the internal reve
nue taxes was taken up. The House
by a vote of 125 to CO, refused to
recommend internal revenue bills
with instructions to the ways and
means committeo to report the aboli
tion of all internal revenue taxes ex
cept on bank circulation and distill
ed spirits.
An Intensive Strike.
New York, June 28. The freight
handlers' strike still continues peace
ful but stubborn. Steamboat lines
aie doing a lushing business, but
rail freight is absolutely stagnant
since the couditian of affairs that has
prevailed in Jersey City, though
some freight is being moved west
with tho aid of clerks and
ofiice boys. The Pennsyl
vania lailroad company has more
men than all the rest combined, and
they experience very little delay.
A Vital (location.
Des Moines, Juno 28. The pro
hibition election proceedings passed
off quietly. Vote comparatively
small. Anti-Prohibitionists claim the
election by 8,000. Tho prohibition
ists think tho amendment will re
ceive 30,000 majority. Ladies aro
active at tho polls. Money seems,
however to be on the other
side, and is l.ivishlv u.ed.
bharts. Amt
21E0 124 OJ
100 08
100 00
M 00
1250 00
125 00
California Republicans.
San Francisco, June 28. Repub
licans are said to be losing confidence
in the short campaign theory, and
now desiro the nominating convention
to be held before tho date already
fixed upon at Sacramento, August
15th. The Republican Stato Cen
tral Committee will probably con
sider the matter. Mayor Blake, ex
Chief Justice Rhodes, M. M. Estee,
John F. Swift, Congressman Page
and C. N. Felton are mentioned as
candidates for Governor on tho Re
publican ticket. Henry Edgerton
and lion. J. McM. Shaftcr arc talked
of as candidates on the Republican
ticket for Congressmen-at-Large.
A riuffsrliic Slntch
PiiTSiiURG, Juno 27. A brutal
prize fight took place near
Hantzdale, Carbon county, early this
morning. Thos. Reese and Daniel
Reese, local pugilists, were the prin
cipals. Fourty -three rounds being
fought in 45 minutes, icsulting in a
victory for Thomas Reese. Tho van
quished pugilist was terribly pun
ished. A Ship Stranded.
San Francisco, June 27. A tel
egram to tho Merchants Exchange
says tho British ship Lammermoor,
Captain Duncan, from Sydney for
San Francisco, is ashore on the Bo
dega Reef; probably a total loss.
Seven feet of water in the hold
and the sea rolling heavily. The
crew were saved by a schooner.
Flood In Kentucky.
Mount Stereino, Ky., June 29.
Tho rain yesterday Hooded the
streets of Freachburg from eight to
ten feet deep. Three dwellings were
Sfept away and six persons drownod,
all women. Tito postoffiec and con
tents diappeared.
A Happy Stalwart.
Washington, June 27. Charles
M.Graham was to-day nominated by
the president to be coiner of the
Mint in San FrancKco.
Delinquent Notice,
Tombstone consolidated gold and
Slher Mining Company. l-ocatlon of princi
pal place of business, San Francisco, California.
Location or work', TombtJne. Cochise county,
Arizona Territory. , . ,
NOTICE. There are delinquent, upon the fol
lowing acscrlbed stock, on account of assesment
No. 2, levied ou tbe 10th day ot May, 1632, the
sevcnl amounts set opposite thona:cs ol the re
spective snaienotacrs, an iouous:
Namei. Certf.
George S Montgomery, 130
Geo S Montgomery 131
Geo S Montgomery 132
Geo 8 .Montgomery 135
Geo s Montgomery 213
Charlee A Morse, true tee.. 18
WF Smith 11
F Warner 47
C A Herbert lis
ITFlsk 119
Spencer C Browne 48
Spencer C Browne 49
Spencer C Browne 60
Spencer C Browne 61
Spencer C Browne 181
FF Weston, trustee 79
F F Weston, trustee 81
F F Weston, trustee 82
F F Weston, trastce.it. . 83
F F Weston, trustee..?.... 81
F F Weston, trustee 91
F F Weston, trustee 92
F F Weston, trustee 93
F F Weston, trustee ... 91
F F Weston, trustee 93
F F Weston, trustee M
r r wcsion, irusiee iui
F F Weston, trustee 101
F F Weston, trustee 105
F F Weston, trustee 10S
F F Weston, trus'.ee 107
F F Weston, trtstee 108
F F Weston, trustee 189
F F Weston, trustee 110
F V Weston, trustee Ill
F Y Weston, trustee 11J
F F Wcstuii, trustee Ill
F F Weston, trustee Ill
F F Weston, trustee 115
F F Weston, trustee 118
F F Weston, trustee 117
F F Weston, trustee l'JJ
F F Weston, trustee 121
F F Weston, trustee 122
F F Weston, trustee 123
F F Weston, trustee 124
F F Weston, trustee 125
F F Wt-ston, trustee 126
F F Weston, trustee 127
NCCarrell 78
J Hamilton 153
J Hamilton 154
J Hamilton 155
J Hamilton 15(t
J Hamilton 157
J Hamilton 158
J Hamilton 159
J Hamilton ISO
J Hamilton 11
J HanUtou 162
h Hamilton Ill
L Hamilton 142
LHomllton 141
I. Hamilton 144
L Hamilton 145
L Hamilton 146
Oil McDonald 174
GH McDonald 175
Gil McDonald 176
O II McDonald 177
Gil McDonald 178
GH McDonald 179
Gil McDonald 180
U 11 McDonald 181
GH McDonald 182
OH McDonald 183
Dennis Cullinan 7
FF Weston, trustee 71
T S Atherton, trustee 8
T 8 Atherton, trustee lCii
T S Atherton, trustee 107
T 8 Atherton, trustee 168
T S Atherton, trustee 169
T 8 Atherton, trustee 170
F F Weston.trustee 88
George n Perry, trustee... 164
George H Ferry, trustee... 165
E Neale 10
J W Phillip 20
IlBYorkr 21
Henry Roberts 22
WLMcCray 23
C A Morse 24
HLaeey 28
W II Drayton 31
WHBrayton 63
WHBrayton 66
Adele Chase 33
Nancy Barlow.... 36
KmllteM Walton 216
Gnstave Peterson, trustee.. 105
Gustave Peterson, trustee.. 206
Gustave Peterson, trustee. . 207
Gnstave Peterson, trustee. . 208
Gustavo Peterson, trustee. . S)9
II T Eggers, trustee 217
HTEifgers, tiustec 218
II T Eggers, trustee 219
H T Eggers, t.nstce 220
II T Esgcrs, trustee 221
H T Eggcrs, trustee 222
J C Remington 172
J M Bufflngton, trustee.... IN!
.1 M Bufflngton. trustee.... 190
i M Bufltngtou, trustee.... 191
J M Bufflngton, trustee.... 193
J M Bufflnijtoi, trustee.... lti
J M Bufflngton, trustee.... 197
J M Bufflngton, trustee.... 198
J M Bufflngton, trustee.... 199
J M Bufflngton, trustee.... 2U0
J 31 Bufflngton, trustee.... 201
J M Bufflngton, tiustec... 202
J M Bufflngton, trustee.... 2P3
JM Bufflngton, trustee.... 204
I, Prosper 151
1. Pmj.p. ... 152
And in accordance with law, ana an oracr oi
the Board of Directors, made on tho 10th day of
May, 1882, so imany shares of cacn parcel of
stock a' may be necessary, will be sold at public
auction at the office of the company. Room, 1
and 2, No. 100, I.eidsdorf street, San Francisco.
Wt'Mtly Cote for tSovrrnor.
II.u:i:imu:iu:, P.i, June 28. Sena
tor Co.xe lt slated he will accept the
notniuatio'i of tbu Jnniocratic con
vention forfiovernor if tendered him.
The announcement has made consid
erable stir, and it is stated that if
nominated a suit will be brought to
tost his elegibility as he publicly
said that he violated the election
law which disqualifies h'm for hold
ing ofiice.
The .Maine lrmocracy.
Lewiston, Me., Juno 28 The
Democratic State Convention nomin
ated Harris M. Plaisted for Gover
nor. Lewiston, Me., June 27. The
Democratic convention to-day made
tho following nomination for
congressional candidates : Sam
uel Jorderson, First District;
Daniel H. Thing, Second District;
Geo. W. Ladd, Third District; F.
Murch Fourth District; J. II. Ri-sns,
Fifth District. The convention then
Jtevf Mexico l'laasnnlry.
Chicago, June 29. Charles J.
Guiteau was hanged yesterday at Las
Vegas in effigy, as a celebratiou of
the victory achieved by tho Ameri
can residents over tho Mexicans, in
tho contest over incorporating the
rolltlcnl .XondesicrlptM.
San Francisco, June 28. On the
11th of July there will bo held in this
city a State Convention of the Pro
hibition Reform party. The object
of the meeting is to nominate u tem
perance ticket.
Wholennle .Murder.
CiNCiNNATi,.Iune 28. S. L.Kohen,
living at the corner of Miller and
Young streets, this morning ihot his
wife, and afterwards his daughter,
aged sixteen; he then shot himself.
All died.
Colored UnielitH ortlie ulll.
Washington, June 28. The col
ored journalists of the United States,
met in convention to-day and were
addressed by Frederick Douglas.
Hynipathy with Strikers.
Jersey Citv, June 27. Tho
Board of Alderman passed resolu
tions of sympathy with the striking
longshoremen and denunciatory of
the railroads'.
2i 10
3 75
250 00
coo at
25 01)
50 00
50 00
12 50
12 50
40 00
BO 00
10 00
It to
100 00
100 00
50 00
5 00
1 25
2 50
2 50
2 50
2 50
1 2.
I 83
1 X
1 25
50 00
' 500
50 00
50 00
50 00
23 00
15 10
5 00
S 00
300 00
10 00
10 00
10 00
10 00
10 00
S9 0J
123 00
50 00
25 00
25 00
100 00
50 00
60 00
50 00
50 00
50 00
10 00
15 CO
15 00
5 00
5 TO
500 23 0.1
48800 2110 OS
5000 250 00
5 W)
5 CO
5 0
5 0(1
5 10
5 00
5 00
25 00
25 01)
Cal., on Tuesday, July lltb, 1882. at the hour of 2
o"clock, p. m., ot said day, to pay said delinquent
assessment thereon, togethtj wih costs of adver
tising anu expenses of the sate. WEgT0W
Je2l-2t Secretary.
1850 1882
I2J First St., San Francisco, Cat..
Mining Machinery.
. embracing the latest and most Improved ma
chlnery and processes for base and free ores.
Water Jacket Smelting furnaces for sUrer, lead
and copper ores, with new and Important Im
provements, superior to any other make. Hoist
ing Works, Pumping Machinery, ChlorldUiag
Furnaces, etc. Wc offer our customers the best
Vesults of thirty years' experience In this special
Hue ol work, and are prepared to furnish the most
apnrocd character of Mining and Reduction Ma
chinery, superior In design and construction to
that of any other make, at the lowest possible
prices. We also contract to deller. In complete
running order. Mills, Furnaces, Hoisting Works,
etc., In any of the mining States and Territories.
Send for illustrated circular. Je24-wtf
Parties rcsidine: at the cen
tres of capital, East or West,
who wish reliahle information
in regard in actual develop
ments in the great Southwest
ern! Mining region, should not
waste their money on the so
called Mining Journals," is
sued in their respective cities
by people who probable never
saw a mine. Subscribe foi
mining news is full and com
plete, and verified bv the per
sonal examination of disinter
ested and reliable experts.
O K Corral,
Having raved all their Stock and Buegles,
arc located at the Arizona Corral. Persons
wishing their teams can order them at the
Arironn Corral, or at the old stand.

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