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VOL.-IVtfO. 2.
ARIZONA, JULY 22, 1882.
The Rebellion of Arabi Pnslia
About Ended.
The Pension Bill Passes
Senate by a Scratch.
Davitt Departs for Europe
The Apaches Must Go or
Keep Quiet Congrcs
jdoiiiU Notes. v
The Code of llouor.
Petersburg, Va., July 17. 'A
duol between James Addison of Bal
timore, and Richard Garland, of
Loneberg county, was fought at a
distance of six feet, Addison's pistol
hanging fire four times, only firing
onoe, the bullet striking Garland in
the wrist. Garland's pistol fired five
times, one shot taking effcot at the
last firo and the bullet cutercd the
body near the naval, lodging under
the skin of the back. Addison died
at six this morning. The duol result
ed from Garland tolling a young lady
who resides in Loneberg county, to
whom Addison was engaged to be
married, that Addison was flirting
with her.
MiHsourl Social Iilfe .
Chicago, July 17. Aspecial'from
Mucick Ferry, near St. Louis reports
the negroes in that section scandal
ized because Henry Francis, a Ger
man laborer was living with an un
married negress and essayed to regu
late matters. Francis sfeing a crowd
of ancry colored men about his house
at midnight shoved hi musket
through the window and fired. A.
P. Rogers was killed and Georgo
Morris is believed to bo fatally
wounded. Francis was not seen
ilnce and it is reported that a crowd
took him at midningt and drowned
him in the Missouri river.
Chcycue Indlnnx.
Little Rock, July 17. An In
dian Territory dispatch says the
Gheyono "sun dance" is progressing
with great trials of physical endur
ance. Young buck cut slits dowry
their backs and run sticks throngh.
A rope is tied to tho stick and fasten
ed to a pony. Tho pony is thon
driven off and tears strips from the
back. The strips are tluon at foot
pole in tho centre of the camp. Tho
ceremonies to the sun continues three
Dcfi'ructlon of a Town.
San Francisco, July 18. A Port
land, Oregon, dispatch says: Tho
latest news from Colfax, Washington
territory, in regard to tho destruction
by fire there, places tho total loss at
$250,000; insurance, $50,000. Tho
fire was. unattended with loss of hu
man life or serious accidents. Tho
entire business portion of the town
was destroyed, fifty-eight buildings
being burned, and the peoplo aro
without supplies. Tho fire is attri
buted to incendiarism.
- Knd of n Strike.
Cincinnati, July 17. The strikers
on going to work to day found the
coraproraiso not fully agreed as to
price. Tho boiler makers thoreupon
had conference and refused to work
at the old rate, but did not order a
continuation of the strike. This al
lows them to work if they plcae,
and several have gone to work.
Fire In Hau Franclnoo.
San Franciso, July 17, A fiio
early this morning destroyed a num
ber of wooden Duildings, ncai tho
corner of Market and Shear streets.
The "oss wsll probably reach $10,
000; partially insured.
New York Death Hate.
New York. July 17. Within the
last twenty-four hours 159 deaths
'"vve been recorded; 80 children from
olera infantum, four children died
from heat.
Ilavltt'fl Ii cparture.
New York, July 15. Miohael Da
vitt sailed for Antwerp to-day. His
friends saw him off and gavo him a
purse. He goes to Paris, then to
Loudon, and then to Dublin to at
tend tha convention next month.
F.nd orn Itrllllnnt Man.
bT. Louis, July 15. Alfred II.
Pease, a well-known Eastern pianist,
died on tho streets of congestion of
the brain, brought on by hard drink
ing. He had been hiding from friends
for some weeks.
Xot Drowned.
Milwaukee, July 15. A dispatch
teceived hero denies thatF.B. Pond,
of the Turf, Field and Farm was
drowned, as lately reported, and that
he is well at Steven's Point.
Joe llrown Getting Uoucrous.
Atlanta, Ga., July 15. Senator
Brown gives $50,000 to tho State
University, at Athens, the interest to
bo used in educating poor young
Wealth Clone In Muioke.
New York, July 15. The losses
of the Holbrook Manufacturing Co.
by fice last night foot up $200,000.
Mora Celestials.
San Francisco, July 17. The
British sea tramp, Malsbar arrived
to-day from Hong Kong. She brings
795 Chinese passengers. Tho vessel
has been temporarily quarantined,
pending an inspection of the passen
gers by the health officer.
Xliiety Hornet, (turned.
Chicago, July 17. The livery
stable of Caster & Pomber on Mon
roo street was burned yesterday;
loss only $9,000, but ninety horses
wore hurned.
Fourth or July VoNiialttcH.
Cincinnati, O., July 17. Since
July 4th, six deaths have occurred
from toy pistol wounds which were
generally trifling, but produced lock
jaw. Heath or a Illitcrlc Woman.
Springfield, Ill.r- July 10. Mid.
Lincoln, widow of tho lato President
Lincoln, died in this city at 8:15 to
night. The Indian Outbreak.
Tucson, July 18. Tho Star's spe
cial from Phenix, to-day, says: "A
report from Pleasant Valley last
night says there was a sharp skirmish
between some of tho citizens and a
band of Indians. Tho firing was
kept up nearly an hour. The only
white man hurt was one Higby, who
is probably fatally wounded.
Tucson, July 18. Tho Star's
Globe special says that.tho White
Mountain Apaches were five days out
before Agent Pangburn notified tho
military of tho fact. Thoy attacked
McMillan, and had raided into Plea
sant Valley before the military could
be put on their track. So far as re
ported they have killed eight people.
The agent at San Carlos refused to
provision the scouts but for one day,
although the pursuing party intended
to bo out for two weeks. The latest
intelligence is to the effect that the
Indians have again reappeared in
Pleasant Valley and have killed two
men. Thoy are still raiding.
1 he I'lUKSlng Match.
New York, July 17. Tug Wilson,
tho English pugilist, and John L.
Sullivan, champion of America, had
a glove fight in Madison Square last
night, Wilson to win if Sullivan
failed to knock him out of time in
four rounds. Sullivan knocked Wil
son around like a base ball, but the
latter came to timo and won. A
pruo fight has been arranged.
Tricks or the Trade.
Logansport, Ind., July 18. It
has been"xliscovored tliat Goodwin,
late cashier of tho Logansport Na
tional bank, is a defaulter to tho
amount of $15,000. Goodwin dis
appeared somo time ago, taking with
lam his bond as cashier and tearing
from tho records all roferencc to it.
I'.niled HIh Despondency.
San Francisco, July 18. Theo
dore Shcllcn committed suicide last
night at tho Lindell house by hang
ing. He slipped the noose over his
head'and tied tho end of the rope to
the bed post, and rolling off the bed,
allowing tho weight of his body to
strangle him. lie had been de
spondent for some time.
UeuthleHS Nplrlt or Itevcuue.
Mkllinville, Mo., July 18. Two
yoars ago, Dr. Roberts was murdered
bv Dr. Keyes. The latter was sent
to the insano asylum, whence ho was
released Thursday, when he made
his appearance at tho scene of the
murder, and was shot dead by a sou
of Dr. Roberts.
A Itoat Sunk.
Chester, Pa., July 18. The ex
cursion steamboat, Thomas Clyde,
while returning with a party of Ches
ter excursionists from Camden last
night collided with and sink the
Laura. The crew of the tug
Htrlklng the Popular Key.
San Francisco, July IS. W. W.
Footc, tho Democratic candidate for
Railroad Commissioner of the third
district, has a letter in tho Examiner
this morning of two and a half col
umns, in which ho takes a strong
anti-monopoly position.
A California lllitze.
SifAKT&viLLE, Cal., July 17. A
firo this morning destroyed about
eight buildings. The total loss will
reach $19,000; total insurance $9,100.
Barney McDonald was seriously
burned in escaping from his room.
Acalnst (Sumptuary I.rhs.
St. Louis, July 18. The Nation
al Committee of the Turners Union
to-day issued a manifesto against
sumptuary laws, pledging themselves
to active opposition.
A nsbperado Killed.
Weston, Mo., July 18. A law
less man who killed the son of Gen
eral English yesterday was pursued
by tho shoriff and posse, and killed
while resisting arrest.
A Xecro Ij) nched.
Charleston, July IS. David
Coak, a negro who attempted to com
mit rape in Kershaw county, was
taken from the sheriff Saturday and
Given a Itcsplte.
Yankton, July 18. Brave Bear a
a Sioux Indian who was to be hang
ed on tho twentieth will be granted
a respite of sixty days.
Departing; Kloquence.
Atlanta, Ga., July 18. Senator
Hill is worse. His death may occur
at anv minute.
Illinois Polities-
Chicago, July 18. At tho Con
giesioual Convention of tho new
sixth district at Frcoport to day, R.
Hitt was on the ninth ballot" unani
mously nominated for Congress.
Tho successor of Representative
Hawk for his unexpired term.will be
chosen by a convention of'tho old
fifth district to bo called soon by the
. A Monstrous t'rlmr.
Montreal, July 18. Last night
the abduction of the two year old
child of Mr. Melvin, a wealthy gent
leman of this city was boldly carried
out. A note on the pillow demand
ed 10,000 as a ransom and throatens
to murder the child if refused.
St. Julian Withdrawn.
Chicago, July 18. St. Julian, ow
ing to a temporary lameness, will be
unable to trot for several weeks, and
has been withdrawn from tho race
with Trinket on Wednesday. In its
placo there will bo an exhibition of
speed by Phil Thompson.
A Illondy Illanket.
Santa Fe, July 18. During a
fight about a blanket Henry Jausen
was killed, Charles Bonsteor mortally
injured, and Win. Warton was out
to piecs.
Wheat Weaker.
San Francisco, July 18.
weaker at $1.17$.
Washington, July 15. It is said
that there is'an understanding among
Democrats to prolong tho deoate on
tho internal revenue bill in hopes of
inducing the Republicans to abandon
the bill for this session, and go before
the country this fall without having
reduced taxation. All Democratic
Senators who can talk on tariff will
make speeches on tho bill and may
carry tho dobate along for weeks,thero
being no previous question or any
other restriction on debate in the
In tho House, Page, chairman of
the Committee on Commerce, to-day
received tho following dispatch from
the Board of Trado ot San Francisco,
and will have it read to tho House:
"San Francisco, July 14. Hon.
II. F. Page: England's action in
Egvpt imposes upon us the necessity
for an American inter-oceanic canal
under American control. We pray
Congress to note the warning and
aot promptly. Signed, Board of
Trade of San Francisco, Jacor S.
Tahee, President."
In the House, the Hennepin Canal
amendment gavo rise to a discussion,
nnd it was non-concurred in. Tho
remainder of the amendments were
uon-concurred in in gross, tho whole
uumber being 150. The committee
thon rose and tho Houso non-concurred
in all tho Senate amendments
and adjourned.
Tho Senato proceeded to tho con
sideration of tho pension appropri
ation bill, the internal revenue bill
having been laid aside.
Information, on point of order
raised by Plumb, Commissioner, on
amendment directing tho Secretary
of tho Interior to annually transmit
to Congress a list of all pensions
borne on rolls, was struck from the
bill. Beck offered an amendment,
requiring the Commissioner of Pen
sions onco each year to cause a list of
all pensioners and applicants for pen
sions tor eaen county in tne united
States to be made out and published
in at least one newspaper in such
county. Tho amendment was final
ly ruled out on a ppint of order.raiseu
by Anthony. Tho bill then passed.
On motion of McMillan, the Sen
ate insisted upon its amendments to
the river and harbor appropriation
bill and a special committee was
ordered, consisting of Senators Mc
Millan, Jones (Nov.), and Ransom.
Senate, at 4:50, adjourned until
Tho Republican caucus committee,
on order of business, did not meet
again to-day, as was contemplated,
Robeson and Berry being absent. It
is generally understood, however,
that the South Carolina contested
case of Small against Sillman will be
taken up Tuesday providing a quo
rum of Republican and Independ
ent mejnbers aro present. Sergeant-at-Arms
Tookers says ho has assur
ances that there will be 147 Repub
lican, Greenback, and Independent
members in their seats when the
house assembles on Tuesday next.
The pension appiopriation bill, as
passed tho Senate, makes no change
in tho amount appropriated by the
house,whioh remains at 100,000",000.
Tho Tobacco Association will try
to get tho tax on tobacco reducad to
8 cents, cigars $"2.50, and cigarettes
50 cents.
Washington, July 17. In tho
House Robinson introduced several
resolutions in the interest of Ameri
can prisoners in England, also calling
on the Secretary of the Navy for the
instructions under which Commander
JMichaeison threatened to lire on
Alexandria, nnd whether American
sailors were poriorming police duty
in Aloxandrie under tho British ad
miral, and by what authority.
Quite a stir was caused in church
circles by the publication of a letter
by tho Rev. Dr. McKcnnoy, of the
Wesley Chapel, charging that whisky
cocktails and wines are too freoly
used at tho White House, and tho
President habitually goes lato to
church becauso he don't like tho
Church service in use there.
A Vigorous fanif-nlcu Jeclded On.
Washington, July 15. The trans
for of General'Howard from the com
mand of West Ppint to tho depart
ment of tho Plate has been a good
deal commented upon here in army
circles. The occasion of tho transfer,
however, seems jto have been on
account of affairs' in Arizona being
in a very bad 'coidition during the
past yearand the? War Department
has come to tho conclusion to make
an improvement. Secretary Lincoln
said to-day he vas determined to
stoo Apache ra,ids and disorders in
that TcnitoryT and sent an experi
enced officer to perforin that duty.
On looking around for an officer it
was found General Howard was the
only available one, al.d the first in
tention was to send him to Arizona,
but, .upon considering it was thought
best to order General Crook and let
General Howard take Crooks place
in command of tho department of
the 'Platte, with headquarters at
The President has appointed Jas.
M. Haworth, or Kansas, Inspector of
Indian schools.
Senator Anthony introduced a bill
repealing so much of the army -bill
as retires Shormau and Sheridan.
Washington, D.C., July 18. Tho
House Committee on Foreign Affairs
to-day began tho consideration of
Rosecrans' plan for the incorporation
of the Nicaragua Canal Company.
The bill provides, among other things,
that the. United States shall exercise
such control over the canal as is now
or -may at any time bo prescribed by
a treaty with Nicaragua, and shall
enjoy its freo use for the transpor
tation of troops, munitions of war
and mails, and should tho United
States see fit for national reasons to
temporarily occupy and manage tho
canal the right to do so is reserved
by tho goverment, upon payment to
stockholders of at least five per cent,
upon the capital invested, together
with the necessary expense of main
tenance. Hewitt, arising to a question of
privilege, olaimed that Robeson's
speech as printed in tho Record, con
tained an attack on Hewitt, and
asked that tho sentence bo stricken
out as disgraceful. A controversy
ensued. Tho terms liar, perjurer,
etc., were freely used in a manner
just impersonal enough to keep with
in tho limits of order.
General Barnes, president of tho
republic of Guatemala, was received
by President Arthur Thursday.
Utter indifference to every ques
tion but that of adjournment seems
to pervade at tho capitol. Senators
and Representatives aro alike talking
of ending tho session by the 1st of
The Republican Senators held a
caucus this morning aud agreed to
bring forward the appropriation bills
at onee with a view to the adjourn
ment of Congress on the 29th inst.
Washington, July 18.--In the
Senate a petition of tho Guiteau
jurors asking an allowanco of five
dollars per day was referred, and by
a vote of yeas 39, noes 20 the Senate
went into executive session. The
negative vote was entirely cast by
Republicans with the exception of
Williamson, an old employee in
tho Attorney General's office and
onco a prominent officer of tho De
partment of Justice was found steal
ing valuable manuscripts.
At 5 o'clock tho Republicans suc
ceeded in getting a quorum, and tho
contested election case was taken up
and Calkins allowed two hours for
discussion. Wait opened the debato
in favor of Smalls, the contestant,
bat the House soon adjourned.
A Itcpiibliean t'uii Nptked.
Washington, July 18. The
House rctused, by a vote of 103 to
7G, to fix tho date for consideration
of the bill admitting Dakota.
coNrmoN or Alexandria.
Alexandria, July 11 5 p. in.
All Arabs are carrying white hand
kerchiefs on sticks, and aro showing
great anxiety to he friendly. 1 ho
report has been confirmed that Arabi
Pasha ordered tho murder of the
Khedive and the sacking of the town.
Arab3 have been arested with a large
amount of looting booty in their pos
session. The American landed sixty
marines, under command of Captain
Cochrane. The Egyptian police are
on duty and helping to maintain or
10:35 p. m. Sailors now occupy
all the gates. They have been order
ed to disarm all soldiers, and shoot
looters. Tho populace is being en
couraged to return to their homes.
The firo continues.
order partially restored.
London, July 15. Admiral Sey
mour telegraphed at 11 o'clock last
night that tho firo in Alexandria was
not spreading. Nearly all looting
had been stopped. A forco of Ger
mans had lauded to protect the hos
pital, and also a party of Americans
to establish consulates.
Alexandria, July 15. Tho bom
barding almost exterminated the
Egyptian corps of At tillory, which
was the best branch of the arm'.
London, July 15. In tho Houso
of Commons, this aftoinoou, Cham
berlain, President of the Board of
Trade, confirmed tho rumor that John
Bright had resigned the Chancellor
ship of tho Duchy of Lancaster.
Alexandria, July 153 p. m.
Thero has been three heavy explo
sions on shoro since noon.
Consiantinople, July 15. The
conference today disoussed the
terms of the noto to be addressed to
the Porte demanding the dispatch of
Turkish troops to Egypt.
Alkxandiia, July 15. Tho Eng
lish Consulate and the quarters con
taining the great gram and cotton
stores are not burned. Thero is no
telegraphic communication with the
London, July 15. The Times'
Alexandria correspondent says: I
have carefully questioned foreign
naval officers and they aro unani
mous in thinking that our fleet fired
with grottier precision than was be
hoved possible.
KENT. Alexandria, July 5. The'
American marines were the first to
land and help to restore order. Tho
Germans followed. Both landed
without any instructions from thoir
respective governments. All vessels
in the harbor, except those of Aus
tria and Greece, landed men. A
famine is apprehended; also an epi
demic because of the unburied dead.
The offices of the Ottoman Bank and
Credit Lyounaise escaped destruc
tion. Arabi Pasha appropriated
25,000 from the custom house
before leaving. According to
the acounts of persons who remained
in the city, bands of murderers began
burning after the bombardment com
menced, and forced their way into
almost every house. Plundering and
burning began on tho 12th. Scarcely
any European dwellings were spared.
It appears largo stores were sent to
Alexandria a week boforc the bom
bardment, specially to set firo to tho
town. Tho incendiaries state that
they received instructions to set fire
to houses.
Alexandria, July 14. At 5 p. m.
the marines of the Marathon were
landed. Tho American marines oc
cupy the great square, with head
quarters in St. Mark's building. Capt.
Fisher, of the Inflexible, commands
the forces landing. All Gatling guns
are ordered ashore.
Aldershot, July 17. A battallion
of tho Munster Fusileers wero order
ed to sail for Malta to-day.
ALEXANDRiA,July 17. The North
umberland with 700 mon, Toman
with 191 marines and Solnies and
Agincourt have arrived hero. The
marines will land at Gabaris and
remain at Romleh.
PARis,July 17. The Cabinet coun
sel resolved to accept the invitation
to prefect the Suez Canal jointly
with England.
Marseilles, July 17. Six French
transports have been ordered to get
ready to embark troops.
Alexandria, July 1G. Admiral
Seymour has issued a manifesto an
nouncing that ho has, with the con
sent of the Egyptian government
undertaken tho restoration of
order and nobody will be allow
ed to leave the town after
sunset. During the bombardment sol
diers set firo to the house of a timber
merchant. Tho maid servant escaped
to the garden where she remaiued
surrounded by fire, witii soldiers
laughing at her agony and firing at
her, but purposely avoiding inflicting
fatal injury, preferring to see her
burn to deatli. Finally she rushed
through tho flames, and though
wounded by a bayonet thrust bhe
succeeded in securing refuge, where
she was discovered by marines, and
handed over to the Americans.
During the alarm Saturday 150 Be
douins at Cibaniz Gate fled before
the attack of a midshipmen and 12
Alexandria, July 17. Lieut.
Jackson, who was wounded while
bombarding forts, is dead.
Gen. Stone rode Sunday afternoon
six miles in tho direction of Arabi
Pasha's camp, but saw nothing of
his army.
The Khedivo received notice that
a largo number of Bedouins had col
lected three miles from tho railway
gate, which is oppose the weak
poirit in our defences.
Alexandria, 9 p. m., July 18.
Arabi Pasha still at Kan Dwar. His
force consists of four regiments of
infantry, 1,500 irregular troops, one
regiment cavalry, with 800 horses, 30
Krupp guns, and 12 metriolleuses.
The British cut the Cairo railroad
near Lake Mariotis.
a high toned pasha.
Alexandria, July 17.-Saul Pasha,
military commander at Alexandria,
is said to havo persistently engaged
in looting and arson.
London, July 17. In the House
of Commons this afternoon, Under
Foreign Secretary Dilko said ho had
gone too far in stating that Germany
had expressed approval of the bom
bardment of Alexandria. This de
claration was mado in consequence
of some official contradictions of his
statements to that effect published at
Berlin and Vienna.
Alexanddia, July 17. There is
an immense number of refugees here
and many women and children are
expected to-day. Europeans aro im
perfectly armed with revolvers and
sporting guns.
Several fresh fires occurred last
iroops iroin tho troop ship lemer-
mre aro disembarking and will raise
me total nriusn lorco to ou,uuu men.
The steamer Helicon has intercep
ted two regiments to Port Said from
Cyprus and ordered them to Alexan
dria. Four sailors and two of Mu
diamjs bodyguards rode to JaiTaol
Devia last night and recouoitred
Arabi's outposts.
London, July 15. The Times says
thirteen hundred Christian refugees
were saved in the Coptic church
during the massacre. The fires in
ths town were undoubtedly directly
instigated by the principal support
ers of Arabi Pasha, if not by him
Alexandria, July 18. Last night
was quiet. The line is now very
strongly guarded. Tho fires are
nearly all extinguished. Police ar
rangements are thoroughly effective.
A correspondent has opened com
munication with the camp of Arabi
Pasha, which his informant says con
sists of a little over six thousand
men, who aro intensely discontented
and surrounded by starving women
and children.
London, July 18. The numerous
executions at Alexandria excite some
comment among the liberal party.
Cario, July 17. About 1,000
Europeans, with an escort of soldiers
arrived safely.
Alexandria, July 18. Arabi and
Taulbo, pashas, have both lost pres
tige by their gross cowardice at the
Alexandria, July 18. Intelli
gence has been received from Cario
to tho effect thet the police decline
to permit Arabi Pasha to enter the
city. Very few houses are now on
fire. Refugees from Cario report a
holy war being proclaimed and Eu
ropeans being massacred, at lauiah,
Mansuias ann Scamezig. The con
sul ha beeu killed at tV lattpr
A South American Holocaust.
Buenos Ayres, July 17. During
tho celebration of the funeral of Gar
ibaldi, a curtain in one of the lodges
caught fire. Tho edifice was con
sumed. The wall fell down, burning
many people. Twenty bodies have
been dug out, all prominent people.
F.arnlns: IlisfSalary.
Paris, July 18. Morton, Ameri
can minister at Paris, has gone on a
furlough for somo weeks.
AMitcof Justlcearter a Mountain or
London. July 18. The house of
commons passed the arrears bill
through the committee.
An Unholy Alliance.
Paris, July 18. A correspondent
of tho Times says the idea of a re
newal of the close co-operation of
Franco and England has now forced
itself upon the French government.
A Cabinet Counsel adopted a reso
lution to this effect: That it is con
ditional on three things, viz; Turk
e3's reply to the identical note of
the powers inviting the Porto to send
troops to Egypt: decision of Confer
ence and sanction of parliment to
these conditions. The two govern
ments aro now agreed in regard to
the terms upon which their forces
undertook to restore order in Egypt.
Taffy for Nlckolsou.
London, July 18. An editorial
article in the Evening Post says the
behavior of the American Admiral
and his men at Alexandria is de
serving of all praise.
Itiflc (Sliootlnir.
London, July 15. In the rifle
contest at Wimbledon, Tenet Match
em, a Canada man; won the Prince
of Wales prize by a score of 85.
roouth American Sewn
Panama, July 8. The volution
in Ecudor continues to p. ,ress. Al
fero, the revolutionary leader has de
clared he will shoot all officers he
may capture who fight for Volute
mala, tho actual president. Ho
claims that in sustaining a dictator
ship, they become traitors to their
country, and as suchtdeserve death.
Ambalo, a large city on the road
from Guayaquil to Quito, has fallen
into their hands.
All hopes of foreign intervention
seems to "have died out in Peru.
A serious railroad accicent occur
red on tho latalo railway on the 15th
of Juno in which ten lives were lost,
anc property valued at 100,000 was
It is said that paper can be com
pressed into a substance so fiard that
only diamonds can scratch it. That
will bo the boss paper on which to
print election tickets. Burlington
A bunch of artificial radishes ap
pears upon a new French bonnet of
dark green straw, faced with rose
Slow Much n Man Can
Hinokc in Eight V
Macon (On.) TelegraJ
" I hat is a finely ci
we remarked to a well-,
man of Macon, as he si
stone at one of our i
wreaths of smokei
browned meerschauj
"Yes," he replied,!
me about $500 to gi
' nowso?"
"Well, 1 kept a f
for eight years of all
tures, and as 1 have ncl
what you might calf
moral man, the account
We know the methodic
this bachelor, and hencel
surprised at his statement.
tion to tho itemizing of his expenses
he had kept a full journal of his
doings, and could tell how many
headaches, how many days' sickness,
how many times drunk; and thus it
was an easy task to jot down at the
end oT the day how much whisky he
had drank or how many ounce of
tobacco he had smoked. No old
maid is more preciso or systematic
than he.
"f stopped drinking two years ago,
but have continued to smoke. And
up to the time I let up on whisky I
found that I had smoked up 400
pounds of tobacco in this pipe. I
smoked one pound a week, and at
times, when troubled with neuralgia,
I smoked four ounces a day, which
was a pound and a quarter a week."
"What did that tobacco cost you?"
"Ten yearj ago Durham was ship
ping his tobacco in barrels instead of
bags, as at preaent, and I paid $1
per pound to 75 cents, and GO cents,
but averaging tho price at 75 cents,
the 400 pounds cost me $300 for the
eight yoars, or $37.50 per year."
"How much whisky did you drink
in the eight years?"
"Sixteen barrels. I was paying
$12 per week at a certain hotel in
Florida, and the barkeeper has
boasted on several occasions that for
many and many a week 1 paid him
$4 a day for whisky, gin, brandy,
etc., whioh makes with board, just
$40 a week. Now, sixteen barrels at
$100 per barrel is just $1000, but
that does not cover the cost to me,
as I paid 25 cents a drink for lots of
it. I calculate that my whisky for
tho eight years cost me $2000, if not
The nervous system of this gentle
man does not seem to havo been im
paired by this excessive use of tobac
coand whisky. He holds that but
few men could stand it. and when
his hands commence to tremble he
will cease to smoke. '
This is a remarkable case, and we
need not point out the moral. It is
apparent to all.
Down on Ills .Luck.
"John Chubber, alias 'the charm
er,' charged with visiting a gambling
house," read Clerk Hughes in the
Police Court.
"How is it that this case comes up
at this lato hour? I thought all these
gambling cases had been disposed
of," said His Honor.
"I'll tell you how it comes, your
Honor," said tbo unfortunate Chub
ber. "I was taken in with the rest
of the gang on the night of the raid,
and have been playing in hard luck
ever since. They 'shuffled me up'
with drunks, 'butted mo in' with the
'misdemeanors,' and 'snowed me out'
with the 'potty larcenies,' and the
result has been that I was overlooked
and staid in tho 'box' until this
morning, when I 'singled out' and
demanded of the prison-keeper 'a
square deal.' If the prison door
keeper had kept his 'cases educated,'
I'd 've 'won out' before this, instead
of being 'whip-sawed.' "
"Do vou Dlav a system, air.
ber?" querieo the Judge.
"Yes sir. I frequently play 'em
to 'double out' but l'vo been playing
'colors' lately, for they've had me
locked up with a drunken coon, a
Greaser horse-thief and a Chinese
"It has been broadly hinted, Mr.
Chubber, that you are a 'check guer
rilla' and that your system consists
of taking in 'sleepers.' That accounts
for your no' '"ing taken out of
'hock' before. I think I will play
you to'go through,' and make a turn
of twenty days on you unless you
chage in $40," aud the crest-fallen
spoit was led below,muttering some
thing about "a rough deal" and "the
game being snaked from the out
side." Exchange.
Student, fresh from college, to
conductor: "I wish to get on to tho
penultimate car." Conductor: "We
have no peanut car; you can get on
the smoker."
There shouldn't be much danger
to a foreigner in the streets of Alex
andria. A man should be able to
keep dark in Egypt.
Mr. Ben Williams, superintendent of
llio Copper Queen, and commissioner to
the Denver Imposition from the Warren
district, arrived in town Tuesday evening.
Mr. Williams is on his wi.y to Denver and
has succeeded in collecting a fine lot of
specimens from his district. Helm borne
the expenses of shipping the exhibit, per
sonally, and from ids thorough acquaint
ance with the district cannot help making
an efficient commissioner. Exclusive of
the Copper Queen. Warren district will be
represented by GOO pounds of specimens.
It now transpire that the Yavapai cen
sus enumerators counted up the mesqultos
on the baukeof the Colorado.

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