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Epitaph Printing and Punishing Go
Mamufl l'unly, Killtor and Slnun-xer.
Office, 325 aud 3J7 Fremont Street,
Totubetonc. Arizona.
BiiBscnirTioN rnicx:
Of ly .(JeUvsreil by rrler)....S5 cent per week.
Dally, una year $10 00
Dally, Bix months 6 09
Dally.three months 3 00
Weekly, one year 5 00
vVeckly, six months S 50
Weekly, threo months 1 W
PfKntcredat the Tombstone postofflccm sec
ond class matter.
For Delegate, to Congress,
Granville H. Ourj
For Superintendent of Public
W. B. Horton.
The members comprising tho Tariff
Commission have deoided to hold
their meetings at Long Branch. The
manufacturing and commercial, not
to say agricultural interests of that
port, render it peculiarly suitablo for
the easy collection of the kind of
knowledge that is especially needed
in formulating a model and unex
ceptionable tariff. Perhaps it will
not afford sucli a broad and compre
hensive view of tho subject as might
bo obtained from tho White Mount
ains; but as this is a cool summer it
will, perhaps, furnish a raoro accurate
insight into particulars. Tho prompt
ness and firmness with which tho
Commission seized upon tho Long
Branch idea, and tho harmony which
characterized tho disoussions are full
of promise. R. B. Hayes, for whom, it
will be remembered, John Sherman,
Zach Chandler and others, .stole the
Presidency from Samuol J. Tilden, is
president of tho Commission, ana is
doubtless happy for being a legal
president once in his life. However,
U he proves to bo as big a fraud and
hypocrite as when in the White
House, there is little hopo for tariff
reform. Tho EriTAPu will not be
badly disappointed if tho tariff com
mission proves to be a bilk. We
have heretofore expressed tho opinion
that Congress should regulate the
tariff without delegating its functions
- -tb a nondescript body, without power
ot revision, or aught else than recom
mending. But such a body if con
stituted by the proper men, might
have made some usoful recommenda
tions, but as it is, there is no weight
attaohed to it save a high-sounding
title. How can a body, such as has
been choson, intelligently recom
mend reforms to Congress? Safely
nestled in u New England town, the
hot-bed of protection, how can it be
come aware of the abuses the people
of this frontier country suffer from
the .protective system? Tho com
mission will scarcely take tho trouble
to inquire how much tho stock
raiser, minor, rancher or publisher in
Arizona, California, Colorado, Utah)
Oregon, and the West generally,
is indirectly taxed to support
and kcop afloat a mnaufacturing
monopoly in Pennsylvania and
, New England? People in this
section of tho country are
very liable to growl at railroad mo
nopolies, and wo have no doubt in
many cases with justice, but do they
ever consider that our infamous pro
tictive tariff is tho root of tho ovil?
If Congiess levies an inordinato tax
on the importations of steel rails and
rolling stock", in order to enable tho
American manufacturers of these
commodities to charge four pricos for
them, it must be expected that the
railroads will retaliate on tho people
for permitting tho abuse. But the
timo will como when the system will
be exposed to tho gaze of tho people
and that is all that is needed to wipe
tho present tariff laws from the stat
ute books. But peoplo need not look
for much enlightenment from the
present Commission; that body was
packed in tho interest of New En
gland and high tariff, and it will so
It is said that the Board of Super
visors of Yavapai county aro going
to vote a lifo pension to their lato
census inarshall. It should bo writ
ten on his tomb that ho was tho
" nitlior, expounder and practical
operator of the Yavapai plan."
General Stoneman will bo elec
ted Governor of California by the
,argest majority ever registered for a
candidate for similar honors in tho
Golden State.
The revision of tho codo and other
important matters will como before
tho next legislature, and nono but
competent men should bo elected
The Atchison, Topeka & Sonta Fe
is not a tax-bilking corporation.
This company asks for a square deal
and nothing more.
The campaign against Stoneman,
in California, is as devoid of enthu
siasm as tho effort to defeat Grant
Oury in this Territory. Tho Repub
licans in both places are aware that
thoy are entering on a losing game
and tho chiofs are in no way anxious
to offer themselves as sacrifices on
tho altars of tho party. Even Tomb
stone's singularly modest and retir
ing candidate for the Republican
nomination is weakening on the
racket, and now looks upon Congress
as the fox did at tho grapes.
Chester A. Arthur's message to
Congress vetoing the Chi
nese bill, at the suggestion of
tho Chinese Minister, has loft the
party of moral ideas in a hopeless
minority west of tho Rocky Moun
tains, and tho biggest corruption
fund, wrung by bluckmail from the
employees of tho Government can
not alter tho result. Grant
Oury will bo re-elected Congressional
delegate by tho largest majority ever
registered for a popular candidate in
Arizona. Stoneman's movements
through California aro attended like
Royal Progresses, all classes of people
rallying to tho standard of the gallant
chief. Tho Domocraoy of thePacifio
Coast was nover in better .fighting
trim, and the iJes of November will
witness the grandest victory yet re
corded on tho banners of the party.
Jacob R. Suii-heed, the garrulous
president of tho Peruvian oompany,
has published a pamphlet containing
that portion of his testimony which
ho was anxious his fellow citizens
should hear, but which the investi
gating committee rofused to receive.
In tho pamphlet before us Mr.
Shipherd devotes his energies chiefly
to the task of making it warm for
ox-Secretary Blaine, and the latter's
journalistic henchman, Whitelaw
Reid. -Tho country has long ago
passed sentence on Shipherd and the
Peruvian Compauy, and tho effort
of that gontleman to smirch the
character of othors, no matter how
culpablo thoy may be, will not whiten
him, or increase confidence in his
disreputable enterprise
Considering that the reports of
Arabi Pasha's strength come through
British channels, it may be surmised
that his army is much more numerous
than has been generally supposed. If
ho had but a few thousand demoral
ized troops under his command it is
as nearly certain as a thing could
be without absolute proof, that tho
English would have attacked him
immediately after tho evacuation of
Alexandria. As it is, his army is
being daily recruited and discip
lined, his fortifications strengthened,
and his preparations perfected. The
English troops won't have a pic
, picmo
in Egypt. .
The desolation of Pleasant valley
by the San Carlos wards of the na
tion, is another argument in favor of
wiping out that nursery of murderers.
It is about timo the pioneers of in
dustry and civilisation were awarded
somo protection by tho Government,
and murderers adequately punished,
no natter what may bo the color of
their skin. It is to be hoped that j
General Crook will givo Arizona a
vigorous Indian polioy and not only
punish the Apaches for future occur
rences, but for their past crimes. The
now commander comes to Arizona
with the hearty welcome and good!
wishes of all tho people. Let us
hopo that ho will uot disappoint our
The Cabinet has decided that Jay
Ilubbell is justified in collecting
blackmail from tho employees of the
Government, for the maintenance of
a corruption fund for the Republi
can party. Of course this was to be
oxpected. With Arthur in tho White
House and Chandler in the Cabinet,
political purity and independence is
A glance at our mining review
this morning will show that Tomb
stone was never in such a prosperous
condition, or tho possibilities of her
future moro flattering. From all
quarters of tho district wo have re
ports of now strikes and eager devel
opment. Tombstone is booming.
J. S. Beittain, a well known at
torney, practicing at Bisbee, an
nounces this morning that ho is a
candidate for Probato Judge of Co
chise county. There is no question
ing Mr. Brittain'a qualifications for
tho office, and if nominated ho will
poll a largo vote.
An infernal machine, charged with
dynamito, was recently sent to tho
Premier of Spain. Theso little tools
are gradually becoming tho universal
agents of European revolutionists.
If Dibble should be tho Republi-
can candidate for Congressional del
egate, ho will need all his Returning
Board experience to keep in sight of
The ;reen-Ejcd Montiter.
San Francisco, July !2G. Satn'l
L., son of Louis Sachs and a mem
ber of the prominent importing dry
goods firm of Sachs, Heller & Co.,
shot his wifo at his residence on Van
Ness avenuo to-day, and then left
the house and has not since been
seen. Mrs. Sachs is a daughter of
Thomas B. Shannon, late Collector of
the Port. Tho wound is not danger
ous, tho ball passing through the arm.
Cause, jealousy, which the intimates
of tho family say is unfounded.
Sachs is a Hebrew, his wife a Christ
ain. The marriage was distasteful to
tho parents on both aides, and the
parties eloped. Subsequentlv a re
conciliation took place. Sachs lately
received anonymous letters accusing
his wife of infidelity, and recently
assaulted her, knocking her down
and kicking her.
San Fkancisco, July 26. Sam'l
L. Sachs, who shot his wife this after
noon in a jealous rage, surrendered
to the authorities thi3 evening. A
charge of assault with intent to mur
der was entered. He was admitted
to bail.
Indian Territory Turmoil.
Muscogee, Ind. Ter., July 26.
Great excitement prevails in the
western part of the Creek Nation
over the killing of a light-horse cap
tain named Scott by a party of loyal
ists landmen, who made battle to
rescue one of their members who was
held a prisoner. Captain Scott was
shot and torn in the most shocking
manner, while one of his men who
interfered was fatally wounded.
Chief Chicoto has called for volun
teers to keep the peace. The citi
zens fear a bloo'dy encounter.
Central l'aclflc Officers.
San Fkancisco, July 26. Tho an
nual election of officers of the Cen
tral Pacific Railroad Company ro
suited in the election of the follow-Di-ectors:
Leland Stanford, C. P.
Huntington, Chas. Crocker, C. F.
Crocker, W. V. Huntington, E. H.
Miller, Jr. and E. W. Hopkins. The
Directors elected Leland Stanford,
President; C. P. Huntington, First
Vice-President; Chas Crocker, Sec
ond Vice-President; E. H. Miller,
Jr., Secretary; E. W. Hopkins,
A Lunatic's Freak.
Cuicago, July 26. News from the
Bridewell says that last night two
prisoners, J. Clark and John Pctten
gill were confined in the same cell.
Pettengill was considered an imbe
cile, but not dangerous. This morn
ing, however, it was discovered that
he had unbuckled Clark's wooden
leg during the night, and with it
beaten him to death. There seems
to bo no doubt it was a crazy freak,
though Pettengill refuses to say a
word about it.
Missouri Uemoerat.
Jefferson City, July 26, Tho
State Democratic Convention, to
nominate a Judge of the Supreme
Court, one Railroad Commissioner
and a Superintendent ot Public In
struction, met at noon to-day. L.
N. Lloyd, of Newton county, was
chosen temporary chairman, Hugh M.
Call secretary. After the appoint
ment of the usual business commit
tees the convention adjourned until
2 o'clock.
Michigan fires.
Grand Rapids, July 2G. A fire
this morning destroyed tho binding
works. Loss, $13,000; insurance,
Geand Haven, July 2G. A small
houso was burned this morning, Miss
Anderson and Mrs. Baker being the
sufferers. A young child was saved
by being thrown from a window.
Detroit, July 26. The file at
Spring Weill, near the city last night,
did 'MfiQO damage.
Holler KxpIoHiou.
Dorchester, 111., July 26. Tho
boiler of a steam thresher exploded
on a farm near hero yesterday, and
J. N. Mcin was instantly killed,
throe houses burned and a stack of
wheat destroyed.
San Fkancisco, July 26. The caso
against J. C. Duncan, of the defunct
Pioneer bank, was dismissed te-day,
owing to tho failure of important
evidence, relied upon by the prose
cution. J mice Lynch.
New Albany, Ind., July 26. A
report from Paelo states that a man
named Bandy was lynched and his
body thrown into the river for aiding
in tho escape of a murderer named
Another American Curillnnl.
London, July 26. Most Reverend
Patrick A.- Felter, Arohbishop of
Chicago, will be appointed Caidinal
at tho next consistory.
The Bono of Contention.
Paris, July 26. The Senate to
day discussed the matter of the pro
tection of tho Suez canal.
The Archbishop of Montreal issued
a pastoral letter denouncing the edi
tor of Les Etats Unis, a New York
journal published in French.
Irish police will bo sent to Corocos
to receive O'Brion, arrested on sus
picion of killing Lord Cavendish.
Tho Wisconsin prohibitionists will
run candidates in all the Congres
sional districts.
Camden, N. J., had an extensive
fire yesterday morning.
Arabi Pasha has writhdrawn his
pickets from Alexandria.
Washington, July 26. In tho
House, Washburn, of Minnesota, of
fered a resolution directing the Sec
rotary of the Navy to convene a
court of inquiry to investigate the
circumstances of the loss in Arctic
seas of tho United States exploring
steamer Jeannette, and of tho death
of Lieutenaut Commawdei DeLong
and other of her officers and men,
including an inquiry into the condi
tion of tho vessel on her departure;
into her management; into provisions
made for a safe boat's crow, in leav
ing tho wreck, and into the general
conduct of her officers anil crew.
Washington, July 26. The in
ternal revenue bill will be abandoned
for tho session in the Senato to-morrow,
if the predictions of its friends
aio realized. Senator Morrill, who
has the bill in charge, said this morn
ing that he saw no prospect foi its
passage before the adjournment, and
Senator Allison said he feared that
nothing more could be done with tho
measure this session.
Senator Harris, who has charge of
the naval appropriation, declared
point blank to-day that he would
take it up to-morrow, and the Demo
crats will vote solidly for it.
Washington, July 26. In regard
to the resolution in tho House re
questing the Secretary of he Navy
to appoint a board to make an inves
tigation in regard to the loss of the
Jeanette, it is understood that the
Secretary is in hearty accord with
this movement, and desires a most
searching inquiry into the whole sub
ject. The court of inqury is to thor
oughly investigate all circumstances
attending the loss of tho Jeanette.
The wake of the internal revenue
bill began in the Senato two days
ago, and this evening the lifeless
body was laid out to await its doom
until the next session, probably for
ever. The corpse may be resurrect
ed long enough to allow one more
vote to be taken on the question of
assuring its consideration, but there
is no hope that tho subject will be
regarded as worthy of dissection.
In tho Senato thirty-four senators
voted to consider the naval bill and
twenty senators stood by the revenue
bill to the last. Senators Hale, Hoar,
Ingalls, Kellogg, McDill and Plumb
voted with the Democrats.
The Senate Naval Committee
agreed to report favorably to appor
tion $25,000 for removing the bodies
of Lieut. DeLong and companions
from Siberia to America.
In tho House, on motion of Wil
liams of Wisconsin, a joint resolu
tion pasoed granting tho widows of
S. A. Hurlbut and Judson Kilpatrick,
lito ministers to Peru and Chili, the
full amount equal to their husbands'
salary for one year.
WAsm.NoroN, July 2?. The cab
inet had several discussions over the
river and harbor bill. Nono of the
members have said they favor a veto,
but general sentiment is that the
measure, as a whole, is a monstrous
The Senate threw out the revenue
bill for the session by taking up the
navy bill, which was discussed at
length. After an exeautive session
they adjourned.
Washington, July 27. Secretary
Chandler stated to-day that he was
satisfied Rear Admiral Nicholson,
commanding the European station,
had acted in a discreet and proper
manner in all he had dono for the
protection of American interests at
Washington, July 27. In the
star-route cases, Merrick moved this
morning for & wile upon A. C. Bucll,
editor of the Capital, to show cause
why ho should not be punished for
contempt of Court, for an article pub
lished in that paper July 20d. He
had charged Walsh with perjury,
falsehood, and had used other abusive
and libellous language. Ho also de
sired a rule upon Buell, Helm, Ring
walk and E. W. Brady, representa
tives and trustees of tho Critic, and
upon O. K. Harris, one of the editors
of that paper, for similar abuse of
Walsh and of ex-Attorney-General
MoVeagh and ex-Postmaster-General
James. Merrick wished filed a mo
tion to serve upon the othor side and
would call them at tho proper time.
The Court granted permission.
Washington, July 27. In the
star-route cases this morning Walsh
was re-called and made somo correc
tions in his testimony. He was very
sharply cross-examined.
Washington, July 27- In the
House the Senate bill amending tho
copyright statute, was passed.
ltepuiilicans IMsole.
Richmond, Va., July 27. The
Republican Central Committee
straight-outs met to-day and decid
ed to postpone the call for a State
convention indefinitely, and nominat
ed Rev. J. M. Dawson, colored, of
Williamsburg, for Congressman at
i Settlement.
Jersey City, July 27. The Erie
Railway Company offers to accede to
the striking freight handlers' in
creased demand for wages on the
condition that they abandon their
union. The condition was rejected.
Hnecilv Justice.
Wilmington, Del., July 27. Mar
tin Bockett whs committod to jail at
Hampton Courthouse, Saturdty, for
assaulting a white girl, twelvt , ears
old. Ho was taken from jail last
night andlynohcd.
Hoc Cholera ill Illinois.
Bloominoton, July 27. The hog
cholera wis raging in McClean coun
ty. Theie is great mortality among
swine, and much alarm is felt by the
Xot ArrcMtol.
Richmond, July 26. Neither Wise
nor Ciocku hao been arrested for
engaging ir the duel.
A Detective Fine.
New Okleans, July 26. This
evening the steamboat Yankton, for
Atchafalaya river, soon after leaving
the wharf, blew out her forward flue.
E. Quartrovona, first clerk, was slight
ly injured and blown overboard, but
was rescued. Dava Hawkins, second
clerk, was badly scalded and cannot
recover. Mike Young, first mate, was
scalded and blown overboard, but
was rescued. The second mate also
was scalded (colored). The fireman
was instantly killed. Ten colored
deck hands were more or less injured.
Many of them jumped into the river.
Some were picked up by skiffs, but
it is believed that three or four were
drowned. None of the passengers
were injured.
An International Rpisode.
Fort Totten, Dak., July 27. The
Turtle Mountain Indians, from Can
ada, have crossed tho lino and order
ed off white settlers, aud refused to
pay customs assessed against them
by the Pembina agency. They claim
the right to lands and deny the legal
ity of laws "levying taxes on them.
Their chief, Little Shell, says, " We
recognize no boundary lino, and shall
pass as we please.' At least seventy-five
half-breeds have moved over,
and all are pugnacious. Military in
terference seems necessary.
A JUoney-ninklrJc Clerk.
Lakamie City, Wy., July 27.
Jesse Tannobaum, a dry goods clerk
in the employ of J. Kilmer was ar
rested last night for embc7zlement of
his employer's money. He was de
tected by means of marked money,
thirty-five dollars of which were
found on him when arrested. He
admitted having stolen $3,100 during
his employment. He is in jail here.
Probably a Prematuie lteport.
Chicago, July 27. A statement
was cabled here to-day and published
to the effect that tho Pope had de
cided to confer a Cardinal's hat on
Archbishop Felter, of this diocese.
Tho Archbishop declined to be seen,
but his private secretary stated that
no official notification had been received.
.tuners' Strike.
Cumberland, Md., July 27. A
conference between the strikers and
representatives of the coal companies
ended without any result. The new
Central company notified miners that
unless they accepted the company's
terms by Friday foreign labor would
be introduced.
Fierce Forest Fires.
East Towas, Mich., July 27.
Great forest fires are reported raging
near here. A number of buildings
have been burned, and a great
amount of crops and fences. Far
mers aio driving away stock and
sending their families to places of
A Hallway Accident.
Chicago, July- 27. The Evening
Journal's special from McGregor,
Iowa, says that two freight trains
collided four miles (ram there last
night on tho M.&St. Paul road. The
fireman, M. Hibbard, and two tramps
were killed, and several persons in
jured. het Will Take a Kent.
Boston, July 27. i'he President
has accepted the invitation to become
the guest next month of h. prominent
New York gentleman, at Bar Har
bor, Maine. The trip is solely for
rest, and no formalities will be ac
cepted there or en route.
Unexplained Murder.
Leavenworth, July 27. Last
night John O'Neal, a guard in the
military prison at the fort, shot Provost-Sergeant
John Henry through
the heart. There is no explanation
of the murder. O'Neil refuses to
discuss it.
The Pennsylvania Huddle.
Philadelphia, July 27. The In
dependent Republican committee re
pealed all stalwart propositions, and
aro framing a reply.
Consi-essional Aspirant.
Colonia, July 27. Tho Republi
cans of the fourth district yesterday
renominated Thomas Updegraff for
British Kifle Team.
London, July 26. The following
marksmen have been selected as
mcmbeis of the British team to go to
America to compete in the rifle
match: Bates, of 1st Warwick;
Boulter, 2d Chasseurs; Caldwell, 1st
Berwick; Godsell, Goodyear, and
Heap, 6th Lancashire; McVitte and
Millis, 2d Notts; Oliver, 3d Kent;
Pary, 2d Chasseurs, and Major
Pearse. In Boss match at Wimble
don, shot at 800, 900 and 1000 yards,
under conditions corresponding to
those governing the international
tnatch, the following scores were
made: Caldwell, 78; Goodyear, 65;
Heap, 70; McVitte, 72, and Pary 66.
Alexandria, July 27. Intelli
gence has been received that Dervish
Pasha, on his arrival at Constanti
nople, reported that after tho bom
bardment of Alexandria the English
were engaged in various violences
against the inhabitants, then pillaged
and burned the town. The water in
the Mohmondi canal has not fallen to
any considerable extent duiing the
last thirty-si hours. It is conceded
that the dam burst, or a large body
of water escaped. Through strict
inquiry and a thorough search of
soldiers' kits it is proven the re
p rts that the British soldiers
looted tho palace at Ramleh was en
tirely fake. It is believed tfcat Arabi
Pasha receivos daily communications
from friends in London, with accur
ate accounts of the measures organ
ized to oppose him. Tho Khedive
receives daily intelligence from tho
interior that apart from.Uio military,
the officials and respectable classes
have net watered in their allegiance
to himself.
111! doomed city.
A tremenjous conflagration broke
out in Alexandria at 2 o'clock this
morning, la seen from the harbor
the fire seens to be larger than any
since since (he bombardment. The
fire is belie'ed to have been started
by incendiaies.
Constantinople, July 27. The
Sultan has 'decided to denounce
Arabi Pasha is a traitor. The Sultan
received Der(ish P.asha on his return
from Egypt very coldly, and com
plained becaise ho did not person
ally persuadi Admiral Seymour to
delay the bonbardment.
Alexandria, July 27. Las even
ing an attempt was made to surprise
the British outposts. The Thirty
eighth regiment opened fire and the
enemy retreated preciptately.
Alexandria, Julj 27. A dispatch
states it has been proved that Be
douins and the Khedives servants
really did the looting at Ramleh.
London, July 27. General orders
have been issued for a large portion
of the expeditionary force to embark
Alexandria, July 27. Threaten
ing activity, with Arabi Pasha's line
Alexandria, July 27. An official
telegram from the rebel government,
dated Cairo, July 26th, says: Arma
ments continue on an extensive scale.
Volunteers aro arriving. Another
dispatch says the British have been
defeated in two engagements, leav
ing forty killed.
Constantinople, July 27. The
Turkish delegates declared their
readiness at the conference yester
day to dispatch Turkish troops to
Egypt at once under conditions iden
tical with the other powers. The
first detachment leaves in a few days.
Alexandria, July 27. Arabi
Pasta has written the Sultan as fol
lows: " I trust it is a falsehood of
the enemies of Islam that Ottoman
troops are coming to Egypt, as I
should have to oppose them by
Alexandria, July 27. The gar
rison at Aboukir having refused to
surrender the forts,, they will prob
ably be bombarded Friday.
Arctic Explorers.
Tomsk, Siberia, July 26. A steam
er will start for St. Petersburg to
morrow with Engineer Melville and
two sailor?, lost on the Jeannette.
Lieutenants Berry and Gilder, and
other officers of the burned steamer
Rodgers will return from Irkusk to
the Lena Delta, in order to follow.
During the winter the coast of the
frontier of European Russia will be
searched, completing Engineer Mel
ville's search to Glensk.
Turkey's Position.
London, July 20. The News says:
The statement that Turkey had con
sented to send troops to Egypt is
misleading people. The Porte has
not recognized the appropriateness
or suggestions to send troops, and
now proposes to discuss the condi
tions under which they shall bo sent,
a process which will be carried out
in accordance with the Turkish na
tional diplomacy.
Iteslcnatlon or a Judge.
Dublin, July 2C. Judge Fitz
gerald, Baron of the Exchequer,
Ireland, finally resigned his office,
owing to objections to the duties
imposed upon him under tne repres
sion bill.
Taffy for Old Vic
London, JulyiiG. In the House
of Com mons an address, thanking the
Queen for calling out the reserves,
was approved without discussion.
(KstabllHhed 1830 )
Maiiufao turo r.
Sole Agent for the Only genuine
Guaranteed for ten years
The Moat Elegant Stock of Illll'nrd mid
'001 lames on me jacinc uoasr.
Manufacturer of
IMUIard. I'ool anil Jlneatelie Tablet,
And Assignee for the Patentee of the
945 Folsom St., Near 6th.,
Onaccouutof removing to ray new quarters, an
the saving of rent the property being my on n
1 wlllnow sell goods 20 per cent Use than
any other house on the Pacific Coast-
t2- SK.M) FOK CATALOCSltrr".
Lawrence Collins,
JJX Limerick. Ireland Left Ca t'ornio, where
he worked in tho mines for many years, about ten
years ago to go to Arizona Age, If living, 49
years. Any one knowing of htm or bis where
abouts, will greatly oblige by communicating with
nis Droioer, jiicnaei 10111ns, x.w jicmenune
"Street, han Francisco, Cal. jyl6 lm dw
Notice to Creditors.
jltllAlJa UC UCiUUUL 1, HUOiSI.lJlj, Ui
ceased Notice Is hereby ghtn brtheun
dersigncd, administrator of the estate of George
T. Itusscll, deceased, to the creditors of, and all
persons having claims against the salddecased,
to exhibit tbem with the necessary vouchers,
within four months after the first publication of
this notice, to the said administrator, at the office
of the l'robato Judge, Booms 1 and 2, Uinlng
Exchange Bu lding, at Tombstone, In the connty
of Cochise. E. J. B1CKELL,
Administrator of the Estate of (Jcorgc T. lias
sell, deceased.
Dated at Tombstone, July 22, 1883 jy23 4w w
O K Corral,
Ilalngsacd all their Stock aud Buggies,
are located at the Arizona Corral. Persons
wleblng their teams can order them at the
Arlzonu Corral, or at the old stand,,
First Publication June 21, 1882
Appplication, Ko. 14 for n Patent to
the Molbrook Mining; Claim
U. H. LiND OrticK, i
Tccson, Arizona, June If, 18S2 (
Notice is hereby given hiatal
phonse Larzard and Horace Jones, by Messrs.
Morgan & btephens, attorney?, whose poelotllce ad
dress la Tucson, Arizona, have this day filed their
application for a patent for 1493 linear feet of the
Holbrook mine or vein, bearing copper and other
minerals, together with surface gsfknd, about M8
feet in width, situated la WarrenSrnng District,
Connty of Cochise, Arizona, anVdeslgnated by
the field notes and official plat on file In this
office as Lot No 53; slid Lot No, 63 belcgas
follows, to wit: Beginning on the center monu
ment of the western md of the claim at a pine
pot 4x4 Inches square, 4 feet long, painted white,
In a monument of rocks, marked 11 W. C, U. S.
S , from which discovery shaft 4x6 feet, 11 feet
deep, bears 8 75 E 315 feet dlsti nt ; second, a
black oak 16 Inches in diameter hears N 77 15 t
b7 4 10 feet distant, marked B T. 11. W. C; from
post II . W. C. run S'W W 16a S 10 feet to in
tersect the eastern side line of the Baxter mining
claim, Lot No. 52, running N 11' SO W, and Join
Inn two posts, one marked B. M. C. No. 5, and
NE comer of Hayes M. C, and is distant from
point of intersection (at lb3 610) a 31" 50 K 583
feet; thence ou same conree 25" 35' at 255 5 10 feet
toapoet4x41bchcs square, 4 feet long, marked
II 8 W. U.S. S.; thence 8 77 SO E 10b 7 10 feet;
again intersect the above described boundary line
of the Baxter M. C. at 1498 ft.et to SE corarr post
of claim 4x4 Inches square, 4 feet long painted
white and marked 11 . S. E. U. S. 8 ; thence N 26"
3t E 224 4 10 feet to ca-l end center monument of
Holbrook claim, a pine post 4x4 inches square, 4
leet long, painted white, marked H. E. C, thence
continue on same course at 290 4 10 feet from E
ecd center to NK corner or claim to a pine post
4x4 Inches iquare,4 feet lone, marked II. f.. L.
U. S. b.; Itn-nce N 7t" 10 W1.4JU feet to NW
corner poet 4x4 Inches square 4 feet long, painted
"line, mnrxLU h. . yy. u. a. B irom w hlch U.
S. mineral monument No. 1 btars N 32" 25 W,
700 2 10 feet distant; thence S 2535 W, 200 3 10
icev iu me puiui ui ueKiuuint;. variation, it:
East, containing 17.83 acres. The Irian yln ml
off by the Baxter claim is 10-100, which Is not
Claimed, leaving 17 14 luu acres. This mine In
situated about half a mine east of the lileoee
Smelting works. The location Lotice Is rtcorued
In tne Itecordtr's office for Cochise county, A. T.,
Book of Mines, page 69 of mines, Transcribed
Kecords, Cochise con-ity, A. T. Any and ah per
sons claiming adversely any portion of said
mine, or the snrface ground, are required to file
their adverse claim with the Keglsterof IheU.
8. Land Office, at 'Incson, A. T , during the sixty
days period ol publication, or they will be barred
cy virtue of the provisions of the statute.
Silkm, Mono an & fcTHENs, Attorneys Tor
It Is hereby ordered teat the fongIng notice
be published sixty days (ten consecuthe wreks)
In the Epitaph a weekly newspaper pn blisne
at Tombstone, A. T., which paper Is h? me
hereby designated as published nearest such
claim. HENRY COUSINb, lleinster.
Notice to Creditors.
deceased. No'lce Is hereby given b' the un
dersigned, Administrator of the Katats ol Patrick
jnonwucuiw. ucwaoni, iu me creuuors or, ana
all persons having claims against the said de
ceased, to exhibit them with the necessary vouch
ers, within ten months after the first publication ot
this notice, to the said administrator at his place
of business at Tasker& Prldhain's store on south
east corner of Allen and Fifth streets. In Tomb
stone In the said County of Cochise, Torrltory of
Dated July 15, 1882.
Administrator of the Estate of Patrick Mac
Menemer, deceased. J22wlmo
Notice to Creditors.
Notlco Is hereby ghen by the undersigned,
administrator of the estate of M. E. Kellogg, de
ceased, to exhibit them with tbo necessary vouch
ers, within four months after the first publication
of this notice, to the said admlntstra.or
at his place of business at the store of Tasker t
Prldhom on the southeast corner of Allen and
Fifth sUcets In Tombstone, in the said county of
Cochise, Territory of Arizona.
Dated at Tombstone, JnlylS'h 1882
Administrator of the Estate of M. E. Kello"g,
deceasod. v22 lm w
Notice to Creditors.
tice Is hereby given by the undersigned, ad
ministrator of the Estate of 11. B Cook, deceased,
to the creditors of, and all persors having claims
against the salddecased, to exhibit them with the
necessary vouchers, within four months alter the
first publication or this notice, to tho said admin
istrator at bis place of business at Tasker & Prld
ham's store, on the southeast corner of Allen and
Filth streets In Tombstone, In the said cpunty of
Cochise, Territory of Arizona
Dated July IS, 1882,
Administrator of the Estate of II. B Cook, iV
ceased j)S21mw
The Largest Music House in
Agents for tbo Celebrated
Instruments Sold on Installments
For Prtei Litis, Sheet Music, etc Address
Sun Francisco, Cal.
Smelting and Lead Company,
410 Montgomery St. ban Francisco, Cal.
ot the Pacific Bullion F.xchnncr. we
hae removed our office to No. 415 JI outgo ru
ery street, where deposits of Gold and Silver ull
be received for melting and assaying or for coin
age, as heretofore. Ores assayed, lead bullion
purchased, also, the Highest price pain for
jlunufncuireru of
Lead l'ipe, Nheot
Iron, Ktc.
Lead, Miot, Itar
(First Publication July 8, 1882 )
Application Ao. 221 for a l'atent for
the Copper Kins; Mining Claim. ,
eon, Arizona, June 27th, 1882 Notice is
hereby glen that Albert Stelnfeld, Vf. II. Martin,
John Ballard and Edward Rcllly.nho'o pottofilce
address Is Tucson, Arizona, hae this day file.!
their application for a patent lor nine hundred
linear liet of the Copper King mine or vein bear
ing copper and other mineral with surface ground
688 feet in width,. sltuited Iu Warren Mining
District, Connty of Cochise and Territory of Ari
zona, and designated by the field notes and official
platonfiloln this office as Lot Numbers3, G. A
S. R.sald lot No. M being as follows, to wit:
Beginning at the soatheast corner of claim at a
pine post 4 Inches square 4 feet long, set In ground,
surrounded by a monument of rocks, marked V.
K. S. E , same point being the southwest corner
of the Copper Queen Mining Co , from this south
east corner, run ou the western end line of the
survey of the Copper uccn, north l'O wests' t
feet to Intersect the north side line of the "Atlan
ta" M. C , Lot No, 49, at a point bearing north 81'
30 east from northeast corner of the said Atlanta
suney marked A.M. C. No 2, at 288 feet same
course, to pine post 4x4 inch sqnare, 4 feet long.
In mound of rocks marked C. K. E. U : from this
post discovery shaft bears south tU west 41 feet;
from C. K. K. C. poet same course north 1 west
300 ftct to northeast corner post, a pine post 4x4
lncb, 4 feet long, in monument of stones marked
C. K. N. E , from which U. S. M. M. No 1 btart
south 83' 45 cast ISM feet distant; from post
C K. N. E. rum south 8430 westiWOfect to north
west corner to pine post 4x4 Inch square, 4 fen
long In monument of stones marked C. K. N. V;
thence sonlh 1 east SS8 leet to a monument,
marked Copper King West end center, a pine post
4x4 Inch square, 4 feet long, In mound of rocks,
post marked ". K. W. C; thence irnne couise.
south 1 east 1T6 leet from said C. K. W. C. poM
toplnepo;t4x41nii square 4 feet long at south
west corner or claim iu mound of rocks marked
C K SW.; thence south 8"' SO east 100 feet to the
point of beginning, at 750 ftet on this Hue, Intersil t ,'
the north side line of the Atlanta M. C. Lot 4), cui"
ting off from the said Copper King, In the null
triangle 41-100of an acre, which Is not claimed In
this application, leaving t rca claimed 10 77 acres
Magnetic variation IS S3 east. 'I helocation of
this mine Is recorded In the IteconL'er s Office of
Cochise Co , A. T., Transcribed I'Vcords.
Any Jnd all persons c aiming ftuureely any por
tion of said Copper King mini or surface ground
are required to file their Bdicee claims with tho
ReglBtcr of the United btMes Lind Ofllci, at
Tucson, In the Territory ofr'Arlzoua, during tb
sixty days period of pnbllcitloa bereor, or they
will be barred by virtue of the provisions of the
Statute. HENRV UOUSINS, Register
C. C hTEPHKNb, Attorney Tor applicant.
It Is he eby ordered that tie Torigolng '.ottee
of Application for Patejt by publleLnl lor the
period of sist ds. (ten cousrcutlve wcvU), in
the Weekly P. uiph, a ntv (".paper publish d a
Tooibston A. T. which paper la hereby 'elg
uat"- "-J me as published rear st the claim.
HKM'l COI -HNS., Ri.ter.

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