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VOL. IY. NO. 5.
A Monument r.ir u lleru.
Chicago, August 5. It in propos
ed; on the 23d of August, to hare a
celebration at Ogdcn's Grove, to
raiso funds for a monument to John
Brown. The following, just received,
is apropos:
Saratoga, Cal., July 2?th To Mr.
W.J. W. Washington Dear Sir:
Your'letter to my mother oxtonding
an invitation to attend the monu
mental celebration on the 23d of
August vas received yesterday. I
hasten to reply. Sho is happy to ac
cept an invitation to visit tho East
once more. It has long been her
great dsslre, so please accept her
heartfelt gratitude and that of her
children. (Signed) Sarah Brown.
Gen. Logan, Congressmen Aldrich
of this city, Cox of New York, and
Doolittlo of Wisconsin, and Fred
Douglass will also be prosent. Tho
intention is tohold n similar colobra
tion in all "the -jreat cities in tho
United States, For-'which purpose an
association is to be fornio 1 in every
State, the general headquarters of
which will be in this city, tho
chairman of tho committee on reor
ganization in Illinois boing Dr. W.
J. W. Washington of this city.
Yellow Jack.
Laredo, Tox., August 5. Tho
prevailing fever at Matamoras is re
ported increasing. Seven deaths
occurred to-day. Total number of
cases reported, between 300 and 400.
The disease prevails among tho high
er classes as well as among tho lower.
Many of the stores are open only
part of the day now. It is roported
in all, twenty cases of yellow fover
in Brownsville, are doing woll. Tho
Mayor of Larodo is to take active
measures to-morrow toward a strict
quarantine against fever places, and
an attempt will be made to induco
Nuevo Laredo to do the same, that
connection between tho two places
may not be interrupted. Tho Texas
and Mexican railway officials say if
the fever gets to Corpus Christie,
they will stop running all trains.
Citizons have held meetings and tele
graphed the Governor, protesting
against the contemplated removal of
the troops from Brownsville to their
old post at that placo.
The tJreat Kxnosltlon.
Denver, August 5. Thero was a
goo'd attendance at the National
Mining Exposition to-day, visitors
ueing for tho most part from differ
ent points in Colorado. Some East
ern people are arriving, but tho great
crowd from that direction is not ex
pected for a week or. two. "Disorder
incident to the first week of all ex
positions is being rapidly removed,
und all exhibits will be in place in a
few davs.
A Fierce Itntu Sturm.
Columbus, 0., August 5. Corn
ing, Perry county, was overwhelmed
by a waterspout yesterday. Business
and dwelling houses were swept
away. People were rescued with
great difficulty. Miles of railroad
track wero washed away, and loaded
coal cars vere carried off in tho flood.
The wires are prostrated. Tho loss
to citizens is a hundred thousand
dollars. Much damage reported
from other places.
A Horrible Deed.
Granada, Miss., August 5. Capt.
Thomas Kirkman, a wealthy planter,
went last night into the quarters of a
colored woman with whom he had
been iutimate some years, and brained
Jier and her four children with an
axe. He then took a do&o of mor
phine. He is Mill alive, but there is
in hope of his recovery. It is said
he is the father of three of tho 'child
ren. llallroud Accident.
On. City, Pa., August 5. A large
train of freight cars of tho Cranberry
Coal Railway, coming from the mines,
in descending a decline, tho brake
men lost control of the train and it
dashed along at a ternfio rate and
jumped the track, .killing six miners
and wounding fifteen others. Tho
track was .torn up and ties scattered
for about two milos.
Ottawa, 111., August 5. A pri
vate dispatch from Peoria announces
that W. D. Neff and wife, who had
started an orange grove, 140 miles
from Jacksonville,
i loriua, wero
robbers burned
murdered, and the
tho bodies.
The KlenientM.
Denver, Col., August 5. Des
tructive storms have been raging tor
the past two days in several sections
of tho State, causing floods, land
slides, and consequently loss of life
and great damago to property.
Firemen Injured.
Lowell, Mass., August T. Tho
central bridge across tho Merrimao
was burned this morning. Loss,
$34,000. While working on tho fire
four firemen wero precipitated into
the river and seriously injured.
Kurt of a War.
Little Rock, Ark., August A.
Tho war between tho Creek Indians
is ended for tho present, and both
parties have been disarmed and dis
banded. .More Yellow Jack.
13row.ssvii.lk, Tex., August 5. A
Mexican druggist died last night of
yellow fever. Thero are several njw
A ltix HI arc
Lemooee, Cal., August fi. At
10:15 last night, a lire was discov
ered in tho store of Mock & Darheim,
which spread to the Park House,
Masonio Hall and City Hall; thence
across Fox streot to Ingram's stable,
and Ieinling's stable and smoke
house; thence across D street to
Sohleekheiser's saloon and hall and
dwelling, to Southard's house and
Mooney's gunsmith shop. Losses,
as far as ascertained, are as fol
lows: Mack & Bernhoim loit
$25,000; pork house, $2,000'; Masonio
hall, $4,500; Citv hotel. $19,000; Mr.
Ingrains, $3,000; Heinlen's, $1,000;
Sohlickhuser, $5,000; Mooney's, $500;
Masonio regalia, $G0O; A. O. U. W.,
$100; I. O. O., $000; Eastern Star,
$200; CHosen Friends, $100;
Sohwartz & Brownstone, $100. Other
jossos from moving goods and furni
ture not ascertained. Quite a quan
tity of clothing, etc., wero stolon
after being removed from stores and
An Kutcrnri8ls Faintly.
Chicago, Augusts. The Reading
faniil', consisting of mother and two
daughters and three .adopted girls,
all of tender years, who wero recent
ly arrested for shop-lifting, havo
turned out to bo tho nucleus of a
very bad crowd, who, through their
conlcssios, havo been unearthed, and
appear to havo stolen extensively
from all over the city. Mr?. Reading
is a depraved specimen of femalo
Fagin, who was rapidly becoming
rich from tho pilfering of her brood.
Theatrical Manager Clinched.
Milwaukee, August 5. August
Blondawski, theatrical manager, re
cently arrested here for forgery,
pleaded guilty in tho criminal court
this morning and was sentenced to
thiee yeais imprisonment in the
hoiwo of correction.
Yellow Jack.
Lakkdo, Texas, August 5. Sever
al new cases of yellow fever wero
repotted yesterday.
How tho Money tJoes.
Chicago, August 7. A Tribuno
Washington special, says: Two
years ago tho total appropriations
for tho goneral government wero one
hundred and ninety millions; last
year they ran up to $210,G94,388,
and this year thoy havo been swelled
up to $293,555,489. Tho following is
the tablo of appropriations for 1883:
Legislative, exeoutivo and judicial,
$20,209,209,; sundry civil service,
$24,805,850; army,$2G,258,000; navy,
as passed the house, $15,351,000;
Indians, $,117,000; river and harbor
bill, $18,743,985; fortifications, $380
000; military academy, $335,000;
postoffico, $44,043,900; pensions, $10
000,000; consular and diplomatic,
$1,250,655; miscellaneous; $4,000,
000; deficiencies, $29,000,000, includ
ing $19,000,000 for pensions; Dis
trfot of Columbia, $1,G90,000.
Younir Outlaws.
New York, August 7. A Dallas
Tex., spocial says: A band of young
men who aro well conneoted in Hen
derson county, havo for several
weeks past, boon committing lawless
acts, also plundering stores in the
town of Athens. On Friday tho
leader was captured and jailed, but
that night his companions over
powered the jailor and released him,
when the party fled to tho country,
where thoy ravished a daughter of a
respectable planter. Yesterday tho
gang were overhauled on Red river
by two posses of citizens. Tho lead
er of the band named Alexander Cox,
was killed, and Joseph Stephens and
Bill Brooks, members of the gang,
wero captured. Cox was a noted
desperado, and it is said ha; killed
hslf n dozen or more men.
Stahbtxl In the Jlaek.
San Francisco, August 3. About
3 o'clock this morning a man named
Mojer was found lying on the uidur
walk at G32 Paoific street in a dying
condition. An examination showed
that ho had been stabbed in tho back.
Ho was removed to the recoiving
hospital but died when on tho way
there. Tho murderer is unknown,
but is thought to bo a Chinaman.
Deceased was 51 years of age. He
was an acrobat and trapeze perfor
mer and commonly known as Prof.
A JJallroad llrldco Ilrenks Duwn.
Chicaoo, August 7. A bridge
across the Embarrass river, on the
Peoria, Decatur and Evansvillo i ail
road, near Greenup yesterday even
ing cave way under a freight train,
and the engine and eighteen loaded
. i .1 i in; -ill
cars wjnp uown, Killing unarics
Allen, a coppersmith, and seriously
injuring M. Conlin engineer; Goo,
Farlin, brakeman. The bridge was
Yellow Fever Nprcauiiur.
Sa.v Antonio, August 0. A spo
cial, the latest from Brownsville up
to 4 p. in., says nothing has been
heard from Matamoras regarding tho
fever. Another death occurred in
Brownsville last night, and several
new oases aro roported, and among
them Dr. Happersott, United States
post-surgeon-of Fort Brown.
Yellow Jack.
Galveston, Tex., August 7.
Cases of suspicious sickness, on the
schooner Henrietta, from Matamoras,
in quarantine, developed into yollow
fever. One death.
, Death of Admiral McDoucull,
San Francisco, August ".Rear
Admiral David Stockton MoDougal
died in this city to-day of Brigbt'a
disease of the kidney's.
Holler Itui-Ntril tVarrnll I.omh ori.lfc.
Caiko, 111.. AugustS. The steam
er Geo. Drew blew up and burnt to
the water's edge and sunk near
Hickmon, Ky. Seventeen wero
killed that are known of. Forty
seven wero wounded.
Hickmon, Ky., August 8. The
following is a list of those who havo
died of injuries from the steamer
explosion so far; BiUy Ingraham,
third clerk; Jno. Lyttle, second
pantryman; William Travers, bar
keeper; Captain Watch, W. Howard,
roustabout; Charley Williams, se
cond barbor; Manuel Victor, deck
passenger. The names of the missing
arc not known , as the books were
lost. The exact number of killed
and wounded is not known, but it is
estimated at 24 killed and 48
The following is a list of the
injured: Capt. John T. McCord,
slightly scalded; T. S. Gray, pilot;
Sol. Prince, first mate; John Long
less, second clerk; Williath Ingraham,
third clerk; William Travis, bar
keeper; Pat. Donnell, cabin watch
man; John O'Neal, deck hand; Tom
Beck, deck sweeper; Dick Phillips,
porter; Jim r.ater, second porter;
two pancrymen; two roustabouts,
three firemen, ten deck passengers
and Mrs. Thompson, cabin passen
ger, are severely scalded. D. Dun
phon, second mate; P. Dertried,
freight clerk; James Marohan, sailor,
J. Nichols, barber; Mr. Bridges, W.
Thornton, Mr. Blank and Mrs. Blank,
slightly scalded. One cabin passeu
gor, ono fireman, two coal heavers,
eight roustabouts, four cabin boys
and Joseph Lawson, first, cook, are
missing. Tho boat run to shore and
made fast. It took firo and burned
to tho water's edge, and then sank.
The books are safe, but the baggage
was lost.
Bill Ingraham, William Travis,
Pat. Donnell, P. H. Coleman and
John Jay, have since died.
St. Louis, August 81- -Thero were
no additional particulars of tho explo
sion of the steamer Gold Dust, near
Hickman, Ky., yesterday, received
here. The steamer City of Alton is
reported to have arrived at Cairo last
night with the details and will come
through to St. Louis direct. The
most complete list of those who died
from scajds and other wounds, re
ceived by the accident, is as follows:
Win. A. Ingraham or Ingram, third
clerk, John Lytlo second pantry man,
Wm. Travers, barkeeper, peter Win
ter, second porter, Jim Jerry, captain
of the watch, Walter Howard, roust
about, Charles Williams, second bar-,
bor, Morrell Victor, deck passanger.
The names of the missing are not
known as the books were lost. The
number may be swelled to twenty or
thirtj more.
A COHtly Ilhue
Gardinek, Me., August 8. The
most extensive conflagration that
ever visited Gardiner began a little
before 7 o'clock last evening, in
Messrs. Wood & Brown's plaining
mills, on Bridge street. The wind
blew tho flames into the saw mill
and foundcries., and in a fow minutes
tho factories along Bridge street
wero in flames. The fire depart
ments Irom adjoining towns were
sent promptly. The fire made a
clean sweep of the east side of
Bridge street, then on to High, Mid
dle and Springs streets which con
tained residences. It Spread up
High street to the Methodist church,
which was saved. The fire was
under control at 10:30. About
twenty acres were burned over. All
the manufactories lower down were
swept away. Between 300 and 400
men are thrown out ot employment,
borne sixty dwellings were destroyed.
Loss upwards of $200,000.
A Democratic. Victory.
Montgomery, A'a- August 8.
The election for governor, secretary
of state, attorney-general, superin
tendent of instruction, treasurer,
auditor, and members of the general
assembly was hold to-day. So far
no disturbance is roported. Election
very quiet. Democratic success is
conceded, very .few Republicans run
ning for the legislature.
A Murderer Arrested.
Laramie, Wyo., August 8. Jos.
Paxton, alias Blind Jim, was arrested
hero to-day, charged with killing
Stpncy, railroad contractor at Flag
staff, Ariuona, on July 5th. He is
held awaiting the arrival of Arizona
A Crooked Olllolal.
New York, August 8. Captain
Brackett, special agent of the Treas
ury Department, sent in a report on
tho charges against Appraiser How
ard, most of which are sustained.
Tim I'.lemeutH.
Lancaster. Pa., Augu&t 8.
Yesterday's otorn was very destruc
tive and caused a heavy Toss in the
southern end of the county to bridges,
cattle, etc.
Kentucky nil Jllsht.
Louisville, August 7. A state
election was held to-day for judges
of the superior court and a clerk. It
was carried by tho Democrats.
Tveuty-fHe Jood Indians.
New Yoek, August 9. A dis
patch from Matamoras, Mexico, to
day, says; News has just reached
hern of the execution of twenty-five
Apaohes, who wero captured by
Mexican troops and publicly shot at
Chihuahua Monday, Thoy met their
fate with an expression of the great
est contempt in their fcps.
Accident on the southern Pacific.
Los angelis, Augnst 8. The
south bound freight train, due about
four this morning, was wrecked
eleven miles north of this city. Four
teen cars were smashed and six hun
dred feet of track torn up. ' Nobody
hurt. The San Francisco passenger
train, due at 8 a. in. has not yet
arrived. The east bound special
freight and tho ono coming west ran
into each other in San Gorgino pass
last night. Tho damage was slight.
The regular train was out of time.
Los Angeles, August 8. Tho
damage to the freight train was not
so much as reported this morning.
The track was badly torn, but only
part of tho cars injured wore trucks,
a large number of which were en
tirely wrecked. Freight on the cars
was not injured. A side track was
built around tho wreck and tho San
Francisco passenger train got in
about two p. m.
JKuforcins tho Chinese Mill.
San Fkancisco, August 8. On
tho arrival ot the City of Sydney to
day she was not allowed to dock im
mediately, as she has a Chinese crow
who arc not provided with return
certificates, in accordance with the
new law. Subsequently the crew
were removed to a hulk and the
steamer was docked. It is under
stood tho mail company will make a
test case by procuring a writ of
habeas corpus in the United States
Circuit Court.
A Destructive Htorm.
New Youk, August 8, Heavy
thunder storm in New York, Con
necticut, New Jersey and Pennsyl
vania. Many lives were lost, and
many buildings destroyed by lightn
ing. Great damago is done by rains
and sudden floods.
An Kdltor Stabbed.
Cairo, Auo-ust 8. Geo. W. Tan-
nor, a prominout colored politician,
this morning fatally stabbed A. T.
Leonard, editor of the Gazette.
Tanner is in jail.
A liotilRvltle Failure.
Louisville, August 8. Close &
Washington, retail dry goods mer
chants assigned to-day. Liabilities,
$80,000; assets not known. The firm
hope to continue.
Death of a Juris.
San. Fkancisco, August 8. Judge
Delos Lake died this morning of
hea'.t disease.
Washington, August 4. A court
of inquiry has been ordered in the
case of Colonel Carr, of the sixth
cavalry, in roferanco to accusations
growing out of charges of insubor
dination, preferred by General Wil
cox. The cabinet to-day considered
the question of permitting Chinese
laborers of Cuba, to pass through the
United States. No conclusion
Washington, August 5. The
President signed the legislative ap.
priation bill.
The knit goods bill will delay the
adjournment indefinitely.
The nominations of U. S. Grant
and W. H. Trescott as commission
ers to negotiate a commercial treaty
with Mexico, and John Dillon of
Missouri, as secretary of legation of
the United States in Mexicp, were
sent to the Senate to-day.
Washington, August 7. In tho
Senate tho following passed: House
bill pensioning the widow of General
Ramsey, House bill repealing that
section of the revised statutes which
imposes an export tax on tobacco,
the Senate joint resolution allowing
per diem employees of the Senate an
extra month's pay.
In the Star Routo trials the court
excluded the report of Brady for the
fiscal year 1870, which the defense
offered with the objeot of showing
that Brady offered Congress measures
calculated to protect sub-contractors.
Several similar reports were likewise
ruled out.
A resolution instructing the Secre
tary of tho Navy to convene a court
of inquiry, to investigate the loss of
tho steamer Jcanctte and the death
of Lieutenant-Commander DeLong
was passed.
Tho House joint resolution for a
joint select commission upon Ameri
can ship building and ship owning
interests was passed bv a vote of
40 to 13.
The House joint resolution appro
priating 800,000 to supply the defi
ciency in the appropriation for fees
in the United States District Attor
ney's offico for the last fiscal year.
After somo unimportant testimony
in the olar
said he was
Route cases, Intrersoll
through, arid the othor
counsel for the defense said they wero,
1 his created much surprise and a
recess was taken.
Washington, August 8. In the
House Robeson tried to get his tax
bill through, but only sixty voted on
the question, and Ellis and Cox
raised tho point of no quorum, and
Robeson withdrew tho bill saying he
had made an honest endeavor to re
duce taxation. A recess was then
taken for two hours.
In tho Senato the House bill was
passed for a railway bridge across
tho Mississippi at or near tho mouth
of the Upper Iowa river.
Plumb offered a concurrent reso
lution for adjournment at fi p. in.
Morrill objected to the present con
sideration of the resolution in order
to leave it lie for n day under the
rules. '
Cameron, of Pennsylvania, then
AUGUST 12, 1882.
moved for an executive session, but
yielded temporarily to Morrill, who
applied to the other side to allow tho
tax bill to come up and either be
voted open without further debato
or a time fixed. '
Tho Senate confirmed the follow
ing: Gen. Grant and W. H. Trescott
as Commissioners to negotiate a com
mercial treaty with Mexico; Colonel
Chas. H. Crane, Surgeon General
United States Army; W.H.Hoover,
ot California, Associate Justice Su
preme Court of Arizona. United
States Consuls: Thomas J. Barney,
at San Luis Potosi, Mexico; F. M.
Rice, of Maine, at Aspinwall; Wm.
L. Welsh, of Pennsylvania, at Flor
ence. In the Senate, Blair, Chairman of
the Committee on Education and
Labor, called up his resolution direc
ting an investigation, during recess,
into labor strikes. The resolution
was adopted, with an amendment
offered by George directing an in
quiry into tho division between labor
and capital in their joint production
in me unitea states.
Tho Nicaraguan ship canal was
made a special order for the second
Monday in December. Shortly after
a vote was taken on the pending1 mo
tion of Cameron, of Pennsylvania,
for 'an executive session, Morrill
meanwhilo insisting upon the consid
eration of the tax bill. The motion
prevailed; yeas 31; nays 1.
Saulsbury inquired of Morrill if
he intended to call up the tax bill,
and received an affirmative answer.
Shorman said he would never vote
to adjourn until the tax bill was
voted upon. Black said the tax bill
as proposed only meant an attempt
to take the bill from the Senate.
when it was well known the House
had no quorum. Tho amendment
was lost; yeas 9, nays 19. The
Senate then adjourned until to
morrow. Washington, August 7. Secre
tary Teller emphatically denies tho
report that he advised the passage of
tho river and harbor bill over the
President's veto. It is generally
expected that congress will adjourn
to-day. The house will leave be
hind a callendar of some sixty pages.
There will romain on the senate
callendar about 100 seriate bills and
joint. resolutions.
Washington, August 8. The
Senato voted to adjourn sine die at
3 p. m.
The Senate bill to transfer tho
property of tho soldiers' and sailors'
orphans home to the Garfield memo
rial hospital passed tho House. The
Senate amendment to the House res
olution for adjournment was con
curred in. The committee of three
authorized to wait upon the President
and announce that Congress was
ready to adjourn were Hiscock, Car
penter and Atkins.
Secretary Chandler yesterday ca
bled the United States minister at
St. Petersburg that Congress had
made provision for bringing home
'tho remains of Lieutenant Comman
der DeLong and companions, and
asked that he telegraph Lieutenant
Harper at Irkutsk to have sledges
built to bring tho -bodies to Oren
burg, where metallic cases will be
found in waiting.
The Houso has adjourned sine die.
The Senate voted to adjourn sine
die at 3 p. m. Tho vote against ad
journment came from Republicans
and Democrats, ar.dCmcron (Wis.),
Chilcott, Plumb, Sawyer, Davis (111.)
voted to adjourn. Anthony and
Bayard wero appointed to notify the
President that Congress would ad
journ at one o'clock. The Senate
then went into executive session
The hour of final adjournment
having arrived, Speaker Keifer ad
dressed the House as follows: "This
House" is about to terminate its first
session. It has been an important
ono to the country. With thanks
for generous and kind treatment on
the part of the Houso and with my
best wishes for all its members, re
gardless of party, I now, as author-"
ized and requireebby the concurrent
resolution of the Senato and House
of Representates, declarejthis House
adjourned without day." Loud ap
plause.J After spending about half an hour
in hand-shaking and taking leave of
each other, the members left the
hall, many of them going direct to
the depot.
In the Senato, Pendleton offered a
resolution, which was adopted by a
unanimous vote, tendering thanks to
David Davis, President of the Sen
ate, for his uniformly able, courteous
and impartial manner in which he
has presided over the deliberations
of tho Senate.
President Arthur, aooompanied by
his son, Secretary Folger and Attor
ney General Brewster, arrived at the
Capitol at half-past two o'clock and
proceeded to tho President's room
whero Secretaries Lincoln and Chan
dler were already in waiting. The
President was kept busy for half an
hour or more signing the various bills
submitted for his signature All the
bills presented the President signed
and reported back to Congress before
adjourment. As soon as the Senate
adjourned many of its members
visited the President's room and an
informal reception took place and
congratulations wero exchanged up
on tho termination of tho long ses
sion. When tho doors of the Senate were
opened this afternoon, Morrill's re
quest to pass the tax bill was jeered
at by the Democrats. At three tho
presiding officer mado a brief speech
of thanks and the Senate adjourned
sine die,
The joint select committee to in
quire into the condition and wants of
the Amorican merchant mauiic was
mado up to-day, It consists, on the
part of tho Senate, of Messrs. Miller,
of New York, Conger and Vest, and
on me part ot the House, Messrs.
Page, Chandler, Robeson, Dingley,
McLano andj Cox. The committee
will hold its first session in Now
York about November 15th.
Alexandria, August 511:30 a.
m. Tho object of operations to-dav
was a reconnoisance in force, com
mencing at 4 o'clock p. m. A steady
advanco was made bv the marines.
upon the railway line; tho rifles upon
the west bank of tho Mahmondich
canal and the South Staffordshire
regiment and mounted infantry upon
tho cast bank. Tho enemy were
driven in from all their advanced
positions and compelled to bring
into action all their troops
available in the front. Their
principal line of entrenchment
at Kafrel Dwor, namelv: about four
battalions of infantry, a force of ar
tillery, and several of the guns of
the latter were completely silenced
by tho accurate firing of our forty-
pounder. The Egyptian infantry
held their ground with considerable
steadiness. The marines on tho rail
way, who were under the immediate
command of General Allison, pushed
the enemy back on their second line
of entrenchments, towards Kafrel
Dwor. The marines were supported
by the South Staffordshire regiment
and the Rifles. They suffered some
what, but behaved with great calm
ness and steadiness under heavy fire.
The object of the British operations,
which was to compel the enemy to
display what force and what guns
they had in front of the main
position, was completely attained,
a ijattle progressing.
Alexandria, 0:35 p. m., Aug. 5.
At five o'clock in the afternoon.
tho British troops, with a number of
field guns served by sailors, attacked
the advance guard of Arabi Pasha
near Ramleh, between tho canal and
railroad. The engagement, which is
of a' serious nature, still continues.
This was? ascertained by nightfall
when the British were slowly and
steadily withdrawn. No accurate
return of the killed and woundtd as
yet ascertainable. The enemy's loss
unknown. A large number were
wounded and fell into the hands of
the British. Many dead wero seen.
A considerable number of the enemy
were made prisoners.
London, August 7. The govern
ment has instructed Lord Dufferin,
British embassador at Constantin
ople, to present tho ultimatum to the
Porte, demanding that the sultan at
once declare Arabi Pasha a rebel, and
accept tho English proposals for joint
action in Egypt. In the event of the
Porte failing to comply Lord Dufferin
will be recalled and the landing of
Turkish troops in Egypt bo opposed
by the English. The porte has re
quested a delay for the consideration
of the demand. A dispatch from
Constantinople reports great excite
ment there on account of the
announcement of the ultimatum.
Constaniinople, August 7. An
unpleasing fooling has been caused
at tho Porto ou account"of the posi
tion of English flags on public build
ings, when the British occupied
Suez. Tho Porte has been assured
that the raising of tho flags has no
significance. The- flag displayed
was that of the consulate and was
hoisted in conjunction with the
Egyptian flag. This explanation is
not considered satisfactory.
Alexandria, August 8. Gen.
Allison states that the enemy's loss is
between 200 and 300. One officer
and fourteen solders were taken
prisoners. On being offered the opt
ion of returning to the enemy,s camp,
they all refused, saying there was
great discontent there. The pri
soners reckon the rebel force at
Kaffar-EI-Dwar at sixteon thousand.
destructive fire.
Berlin, August 7. A destructive
fire occurred in Stovepol and along
the Kuma river, in the Caucausis.
Crops covering an area of 80 square
milometres were burned.
Duiiun, August 7. According to
telegrams to-night from every part
of- Ireland the constabulary aro
determined to havo their grieviences
rotnedied or else they will resign.
London, August '!. With refer
ence to the expected acceptance by
tho Porto of the military convention
demanded by England, the Post
prints an unconfirmed rumor that
Lord Dufferin, tho British Ambassa
dor at Constantinople, has been
ordered, in tho evens of the Porte's
non-compliance, to quit Constanti
London, August 7. It is rumored
at St. Potersburg that Russia is
making warlike preparations at
Odessa, is view of possible compli
cations between Turkey and Eng
Alexandria, August 8. Tho
enemy is busv burying their dead.
Late on Sunday scouts numbered the
Egyptian killed at 350.
Rome, August 8. Tho newspapers
continue to display a very hostile
feeling against England. They de
clare tho reconnoisance of Saturday
was really a heavy defeat for the
British, though denied by an official
Sweet Marcaom.
Berlin, August 8. It is believed
tho conference will be adjourned if
military operations in Egypt assumo
a more serious character, and will
reassemble to discuss the Egyptian
question after the campaign has ter
minated. The Xew French rremler.
Paris, August 7. Senator Duclore
has accepted the task of forming a
new ministery.
I'roMlMng Good Positions.
Duiilx, August 9. Intelligence
from various points show that tha
constabulary are determined ttf'stick
to their demands. In manyv places
meetings of members of the f0rce are
prohibited. It is reported thafAmeri
can Fenian agents aro encouraging
the agitation, and promising tho men
equally good positions in America if
they leave the force.
The Steamer MascI Aground.
London, August 9. The steamer
Masel, from Bremen for New York.
ran aground at Lizard Point. Her
position is precarious, as she has a
hole through her bow. She struck
at 8:30 this morning. Tugs were
sent to her assistance. Tho weather
is calm and hazy. All the passengers
have been landed.
Spencer, the ex-carpet-bag Senator
from Alabama, and at present a Gov
ernment Director of the Union Pa
cific, is dodging the subpoena of the
Government to appear as a witness
against the star-route thieves.
The Indiana Republicans met in
State Convention. R. W..Thomp
son was chosen.President. The usu
al platform was adopted and conven
tion adjourned until to-day.
A severe storm extended along the
Pacific seaboard yesterday, doing
much damage.
The Massachusetts Prohibitionists
nominated Chas. Almy for Governor.
Tho Atlantic and Pacific' railroad
has reached Flagstaff.
The company of Pima police at the
Sacaton agency has been disbanded
by order of the Government.
Competent geologists have esti
mated the coal fields of Arizona at
over 40,000 square miles, or more
than half the coal measures of the
United States.
Grading has begun from Williams,
A. T., towards Prescott, for the
branoh, of the Atlantic and Pacific,
which is to be built to that town.
Prescott votes $50,000 county bonds
to secure the road.
The Clifton Hydraulic Company
has made its first clean-up, with the
encouraging result of $1,300 in gold
dust froii dirt that had been twice
worked. Dr. Welsh, tho Superin
tendent of the company, has gone
East in high spirits.
One of the hardest woods known is
the desert ironwood tree, which grows
in the dry washes. Its specific gravi
ty is nearly the samo as that of lig
num vitinee, and its black heart is so
hard, when seasoned, that it will
turn the edge of an axe, and can
scarcely be cut with a well-tempered
saw. In burning it gives ou t an in
tense heat, and charcoal made from
it is of unequaled quality.
Capt. J. L. Smith arrived in town
from Lerdo this week, and reports
great activity and a prosperous out
look at Blythe's sugar plantation.
Stores and cane houses are being
erected, and all the necessary work
requisite to the establishment of a
first-class sugar place under way. A
couple of years hence Yuma will be
a great sugar market, and along with
tho increasing trade of the mining
camps in our immediate vicinity, our
old village will create a Stir in com
mercial circles. Sentinel
The California division of the At
lantic and Pacific road is graded for
forty-eight miles east of Mojave,and
in running order for thirty-eight
miles of that distance. Threo hun
dred Chinamen are grading. Fifteen
miles from $o point where the grad
ing force is at work, and seventeen
miles from Waterman's, the com
pany is sinking a well for the use ef
construction. Material is on hand
at tho end of tho track to complete
it to the Mojavc river, and we are
assured that tho road would be com
pleted to the river in six weeks from
tho present time. We are also in
formed that it is the intention of the
company to put a force on at the
Needles, on tho Colorado river, and
build westward as rapidly as pos
sible. Commercial.
Murder Will Out.
A few years ago "August Flower" was
discovered to be a certain cure for dyspep
sia and liver complaint. A few thin dys
peptics made known to their friends how
easily and quickly they had been cured by
fts use. The great merits of Green's August
Flower became hearldeU through the coun
try br one sufferer to another, until, with
out advertising, its sale has become im
mense. Druggists in every town in the
United States aro selling it. No person
suffering with sour stomach, eick head
ache, costiveness, palpitation of the heart,
indigestion, low snlrits, etc., can take three
doses without relief. Go to 3'our druggist
and get a bottle for 75 cents and try it.
Sample bottles 10 cents. "
. - .'

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