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I'l'cscott A T
VOL.-IV. . NO. 0.
Tho Drcndcd Sooursc
Washington, August 12. Tho
Surgeon General has a dispatch from
Colleotor Goodrich at Brownsville,
saying that tho first caso of yellow
fever occurred at Matatnoras a month
ago and was introduced through
Bagdad, Mexico, by railroad tramps
from Tampico. Tho averago daily
deaths in Matatnoras for tho past ten
days will bo twonty. Tho diseaso
appeared at Brownsville fourteen
days ago, deaths ten or twelve. Sev
eral distinct types of fever prevail in
both cities. No new developments
to-day. The disease is in statu quo;
02 cases here.
Brownville, Aagust. 12. Two
new cases to-day. No deaths. Cor
tinas Ranoh, twelve miles from hero,
has fivo cases; Matatnoras has COO
case; threo deaths to-day.
Almost Jjynchcd.
Taylorville,- 111., August 12.
Tho primary hearing in tho caso of tho
men charged witli an outrago on
Miss Bond, a school tcaohor at Blue
Mound, is concluded. Tho result is
that Win. J. Montgomery is released,
and Emanuel Clementsx Lee Pettis
and John 0. Montgomery aro hold to
await the action of tho grand jury.
An immense crowd gathored around
tho jail, forced open tho door and
took out Montgomery, Clements and
Pettis. They wero strung up to a
trco for about a minute and then let
down and exhorted to confess, but all
three protested their inuocenco. Mr.
Bond, father of the outraged girl and
prosecuting attorney, appealed to the
crowd to let tho men stand their trial,
and tho men wero returnod to jail.
Campaign Documents in Demand.
New York, August 12. A Tri
bune's "Washington special says:
Officors of tho Republionn Congres
sional Committee report a healthy
interest in tho coming political strug
gle, showing itsolf in evory State.
Tho demand for campaign documents
is almost unprecedented, so early.
Tho Committee already have issued
twonty documents in regard to tho
work of tho Democratic Congression
al Committeo: Rosecrans, Chair
man of tho Democratic Executive
Committoe, says: "Wo aro sending
out a good many documents, but we
havo not yet really established our
selves. I think we shall havo our
work in cood condition by Septem
ber first.'1
Will Not ItFslKll.
Washington, August 12. A ru
mor is in circulation hero 'to the ef
fect that tho National Republican
Committee asked ex-Senator Dorsey,
present Secretary, to resign and that
a reply has been received from him,
that he will do so till his
court is settled oithor ono
caso in
way or tho other. A mem
ber of the Committeo said
to-day the question of asking Dor
soy's resignation was broached, but it
was decided that tho committeo had
no right to take any steps in tho
matter until somo result had been
reached in tho trial.
About those Cartridges.
San Fkancisco, August 12. -Relative
to tho reports of Indians in
Arizona being supplied with car
tridges by soldiers, Charles Sonntag,
agont of tho United Statos Cartridgo
Company, of Lowell, Mass., explains
that all cartridges made by tho com
pany, which is a privato firm, have
U. S. wrought oir them. Tlioy aro
for salo all over Arizona, and tho
United States seivice cartridges used
by tho military have no brand on
Knded In Hloodshed.
Dallas, Texes, August 12. Tho
family feud in Denton county endsd
in bloodshed last night. A fanner
named Green was mortally wounded
by his step-son, named fatecle, on ac
count of Mrs. Steele's second mar
riage. Green also killed his assail
ant. A brother of each of tho com
batants fought lator and a second
Steele, it thought, cannot survive his
Favorable Condition or Crops.
Chicago, August 12. Tho Times
publishes reports on tho condition of
crops from the most important grain
growing regions of tho West. The
tone is gonerally favorable. Wheat
harvest is now in progress in most
sections and good w6ather for har
vest work is reported.
Au Insane Deed.
Little Rock, August 12. In Clay
county, near tho Missouri line, Wed
nesday, a farmer named Neal Harris
shot his littlo son dead; fired at, but
missod, his daughter, then pointed a
pistol at his own templo. fired and
foil dead at his wife's feet.
Palestine, Texas, August 12.
Yesterday Charles Thomas, colored,
was hanged for tho murdor, at Hous
ton, of MoMorro. Thomas had killed
four men during his residence in
Hallroud Completed.
Billings, August 12. This after
noon tho last rail was laid that com
pleted tho Northern Pacific between
St. Paul and tho crossing of tho Yel
lowstone river.
Accommodation for the Desolate.
Falmouth, 12. The steamship
Hermann will tuko 500 steerage pas
stingers of the wrecked steamer
Mosel. Tho cabin passengers of tho
Mosel will await the arrival of an
other steamer.
Old Stove Henny CurciT.
Washington, August 12. Acting
Secretary of State Davis has been in
communication --vith Minister Lowell
at London in efcroncc to the caso of
Stephen J. Mcany of Now York, who
was arrested at ISnnis, Ireland, for ar.
alleged violation of the repression
act. Secrotary Davis yestorday tele
graphed Minister Lowell to give tho
caso immediate attention and repoit
to tho department. An answer was
received ironi .Minister Lowell to-day,
stating .that tho Foreign Office has
no official information on the subject,
but ho understood Meany would be
released. Secretary Davis thcroupon
telegraphed Minister Lowell to got
information as to whether Mcany is
frco or not.
Desperadoes Killed.
Paducaii, Ky., August 12. In
telligence just received that a mob
attacked tho Campbell boys, despera
doos, in a houso in Caldwell county.
Tho Campbells killed ono of tho mob.
Tho house was then fired and tho
Campbells wero driven out and rid
dled with bullots.
Moro I'.xploreri.
Lisbon, August 12. A dispatch
from Buenos Ayres states that a ves-
sol conveying Lieutenant Bovo and
mombers of tho Italian Antartio ex
pedition has been wrecked off Cape
Horn. All on board wero saved.
Twenty Sew Cases.
Brownville, Tex., August 12.
Twenty now oases of yellow fever
to-day, all Mexicans. No deaths for
the last twenty-hours.
A New Mexico Hnnglng.
Silver City, N. M., August 1.
Elijah Franklin was hanged hero
yesterday for tho murder of a deputy
Senator U Ill's Death inspected.
Atlanta, Ga., August 12. Sena
tor Hill is worse. His doath is look
ed for to-morrow or next day.
Philadelphia, Pa., August 13.
The land leaguo has decided not to
assist Arabi Boy by sending money
or troops to Egypt. A telegram
from Parnoll denouncing such action
was received.
Severe. Italn Storms Jtnllrond Wash.
Tucson, August 14. A heavy
thunder and rain storm passed over
this section last night; 3.64 inches of
lain fell. Severe washouts aro re
ported both cast and west. On tho
Southern Pacifio railroad, at Picaoho,
a freight was ditched this morning,
and another at tlw Cienega Not
less than twenty miles of track is
damaged. All available force is out,
and repairs will bo speedily made.
Many thousands of dollars worth of
property was destroyed in Tucson.
Several buildings wero washed down
and many others seriously damaged.
It is still raining.
Honorn Xews.
Tucson, Aug. 14.-Magdalena, So
nora, advices of tho 1 2th, say tho track
of tho Sonora Limited Railroad is
now laid threo miles north of that
point, and graders aro far in advance
of tho track-layers. The gap be
tween Arizona and Sonora divisions
is seventy miles with grading com
plete in Arizona. Heavy rains and
sevore washouts on tho Sonora Rail
way reported.
A A'civ Deal.
Chicago, August 14. A Pitsburg
special says: The labor situation has
assumed a now phaso on account of
the reported salo ot the working
men's organization to old political
parties, it is alleged that the com
ing convention of workingmen at
Philadelphia is to be packed with
"rounders" and "feelers" who can
outsttide tho laboring class, and carry
out the plans of politicians. Garret
is consequently preparing u circular
designed to prevent this scheme, and
it will be signed by officials repre
senting 40,000 workingmen in Pitts
burg. Yellow Fever.
Laredo, Tkx., August 13. Dur
ing the twonty-four hours ending at
S p. m., AuguU 12, Brownsville had
twenty-five new cases of yellow fever
and one death, Matatnoras twenty
three new casos and eight deaths.
Lakkdo, August 14. For tho 24
hours ending at 8 p. m. on the 13th,
Brownsville had twenty-three now
cases of fever and one death.
Matamoras, August 14. Ono new
case and eight deaths.
Heeor Jtobcuoii.
Chicago, Aug. 14. A Washing
ton special says: Privato information
from New Jersey is that Robeson
will probably be beaten for tho nom
ination in his district. It is said
that Sewall, who defeated Robeson
for tho U. S. Senate last year wants
to see his enemy retired to privato
life and kept there. Ho is afraid if
Robeson is re-elected to Congress he
will bo tho successor of his Demo
cratic colleague, McPherson, in tho
JIust Keep Out.
New Voi:k, August 14. The
Graphic's Washington correspondent
says the Collector of Customs of Bal
timore lists forwarded to tho Secre
tary of the Treasury a communica
tion it-king for instructions upon an
application mado for the landing of a
parly of Chinese laborer en route
homo from Cuba. Acting Secretary
Fronch has replied that under the
Chinese emigration bill they can not
Work or tin Incendiary.
Makato, Kittsaj, August 14. A
firo this morning destroyed almost
the entiro business portion of the
town. Loss unknown. It was the
work of an incendiary.
A llrutnl Crime.
Evansvillk, Ind., August 14.
This morning, Alexander Weiber, a
German saloon-keeper, and Lis wifo
and son, seven yoars old, wero found
murdered in their house. The pre
mises were ransacked, but nothing
was apparently taken. Their heads
wero crushed, throats and bodies cut
and mangled in n brutal manner.
Several persons havo been arrestod
on suspicion.
Dcatli of a Prominent Husluess .linn,
New York, August 14. Jesse
Hoyt, one of tit most prominent
business men in this oily, died to
day. Ho had been largoly interest
ed in the grain and railroad interests
of the West, and at tho timo of his
death was a director of the Chesa
peake and Ohio railroad.
An Enterprising Railroad.
Denver, August 14. Tho Utah
extension of tho Denver and Rio
Grando railway is completed toCim
irron, 330 miles from Denver and
400 miles from Salt Lake. The prep
arations for rapid track laying indi
cate the opening of the new lino by
December 31.
Flour .11111 limned.
Winfikld, Ks., August 14. Tho
flouring mill of Bliss & Wood was
burned yestorday; loss $50,000. Tho
mill had been shut down several days
for repairs. The origin of the fire is
Death or n legislator.
San Fkancisco, August 14. A
Victoria, B. C, dispatch says: Pres
ton Bennett, member of pailiaiaetit
elect, for Yalo district, died suddenly
of hormorrhage of the lungs.
Coralline Sympathy for Steve.
Washington, August 14. In tho
star routo case Carpenter began his
address in behalf of Dorsey. His
wife and boys were present.
The Yuma Delegation.
(Special to tho Epltiph.)
Yuma, August 14. F. Laumoistcr
and G. Thurlow elected Republican
delegates to Phenix. The Chairman
appoints threo more from Ehrenborg,
Castle Dome and Silver District.
Dissatisfaction prevails.
A Clever Jlobbcry.
Chicago, August 15. Early this
morning two men entered tho First
National Bank, in Kowaukee, 111.,
locked tho cashier and lady assistant
in a vault, and carried off 20,000.
The citizens aro scouring the. coun
try in pursuit.
Kewanee, III., August 15. Tho
bank robbers were seen this morn
ing near Mineral, 111. Parties aro in
pursuit, with every prospect of ar
resting both men before night. .Over
300 men are scouting in every direc
tion. Mr. Pratt and Miss Palmer are
in bad shape to-day. Miss Palmer is
badly bruised and feverishly pros
trated by excitement. Business
houses and shops aro all closed, the
owners joining in the chase.
A Celebration.
San Fkancisco, August 15. Tho
seventeenth annual exposition of the
Mechanics' Institute was formally
opened this afternoon in the new pa
vilion. The opening address was de
livered by the President, B. Corn
wall, tho oration by Chancellor Hor
ton, and was followed by a recitation
and musical exercises. The attend
ance was quito large at the opening
and tho display very creditable. The
exposition will continue for ona
Murder in Oregon.
Portland, Oregon, August 15.
Particulars havo just been received
of a cold blooded murder, in Clack
amas county. Dav'd Mori is aged 50
years, cut the throat of a young man
named Steiling, au officer, without
the least provocation. Morris es
caped, but was arrested to-day, and
lodged in jail in Oregon city. The
murdered man was only 18 years old.
Intense excitement prevails, and
lynching is feared.
The Dreaded Kpldcmle.
Brownsville, August 15. New
cases of yellow fever, 10 Mexicans,
2 Americans, 1 death. Six deaths in
Matamoras since Saturday. The
epidomio is spreading among the
poor of tho city. Mails will bo re
sumed to all points in the morning.
Tho fever is not so malignant here
as in Matamoras. The weather i
Another I'olitlcal Kunucli.
Quincy, August 15. Gen. Single
ton last evening consented to bo
come an independent candidate tor
Congress, provided tho Republicans
make no nomination at Whitehall
Wednesday. Very likely it will ie
sul in the Republicans supporting
him, as tho district is Democratic by
a largo majority.
A 1'ulr Alternative.
PiTTSiiUKG, August 15. A special
report conies from Matening Valley
that Brown, Bonnell & Co., owners
of one of the largest mills in the
country, whoso payroll is over a. mil
linn dollars a year, have offered their
employes the old wages, and say if
tho offer is not accepted they will
hire non-union men.
Lynched In Iowa.
Lafayette, la., August 15. Bob
Young and Charles Griffin (negroes),
for the murder of awhito man named
McCann, somo mouths ago, were
hangotl by a mob last night. The
case was still in tho courts. They
protested their innocence to the last.
Died Uanie.
Princeton, 111., August 15. This
morning C. A. Welton, a prominont
railroad man and auditor of the Des
Moines & Fort Dodgo railroad, blew
Ins brains out while an officer
was reading a warrant for his
arrest on charge of bigamy.
Suicide ot n Prelate.
San Francisco, August 15. The
Alaska Commercial's steamer, St.
Paul, which anived to-day from St.
Michael, brings tho news of the death
undoubtedly by suioide, of Archbi
shop Nestor, of tho Russian church.
Tho revorend gentleman who has
charge of the diocese of Alaska, took
passage on tho St. Paul for this city,
which is his permanent residence.
Ho was missed shortly after leaving
St. Michaels, and circumstances
clearly indicate that he had jumped
overboard. He had bceu troubled
for some time past with rush of blood
to tho head, and appeared at times
not quiet sound of mind. He was a
native of Archangel, aged fifty-six.
The Dreaded Scourge
Lakkdo, August 15. Ending at 8
p. m. on the 14tli, LSrownsville had
ten new cases and one death.
Matamoras, August 15. Tho fe
ver is spreading in tho Suburbs; six
deaths reported.
Kansas Incendiaries.
Manhatton, Kas., August 15.
An incendiary fire here yesterday
destroyed fiftv thousand dollars worth
of property. This is tho third attempt
to destroy tho town. A reward
is offered for the arrest of the incen
diaries. Heading oir Yellow Jack.
Galveston, August 15. An Aus
tin speoial says: "The government
has proclaimed a quarantine against
Mexican ports and authorized coun
ties on tho Rio Grando and exposed
points to declare quarantine.
An Ohio Ulnae,
Arkon, Ohio, August 15. The
large flour mill, owned by Phil. J.
Chamberlain, was burned this morn
ing. It is supposed that it was fired
by tramps. Loss from $25,000 to
Another Strike.
Boston, August 15. The long
shoremen struck for forty cents per
hour, day work, and fifty cents at
night; double price Sunday. The
steamship companies refuse the de
mand. Democratic Nomination.
Cairo, 111., August 10. The Dem
ocrats nominated Hon. W. K. Mur
phy, of Peoria county, for Congress.
Stanton, Va., August 16. Chas.
T. Oferinall was nominated by tho
Democrats of the Seventh Congres
sional District.
St. Louis, August 16. Tho Dem
crats of the Third District at Cam
eron, nominated Col. A. M. Dockery
for Congress. Tho Democrats of the
Thirteenth at Pierce City, nominated
Judgo W. H. Lyon for Congress.
Montgomery, Ala., August 15.
G. W. Pratt was nominated as the
Democratic candidate 'for Congress
from the Sixth district.
Atlanta, Ga., August 10. H. D.
Condler was nominated for Congress
by tho Democrats of the Ninth Dis
trict. Tho Utah Commission Meets.
Omaha, August 10. The Utah
Commissioners met here to-day, con
sisting of Hon. Alexander Ramsey,
of Minnesota, Chairman; Col. G. L.
Godfrey of Dos Moines, ex-Congressman
Pettigrowof Arkansas, ex-Sena-tor
Paddock of Nebraska, and Judge
Carloton of Torre Hauto, Ind. They
will have chargo of the Utah elec
tions, and will remain until lorao
timo in November and carry out
their special work. Tho first thing
is to attend to registration. They
will receive and canvass votes and
issue certificates of election. One of
their most important duties is to dis
franchise all known polygamisti from
voting and holding office. The elec
tion of a delegate to Congress comes
before tho people this fall, and this is
followed by tho election of a Legis
lature. A Cloud durst.
Madison, Wis., August 10. One
of the most violent storms ever known
here passed ever tho city last night
and this morning. It seems to have
been confined to a radius of twenty
five miles about here, a cloud burst
near Cross Plain, deluging tho wholo
valley. Blackearth creek rose with
such rapidity that two freight trams
were halted as a matter of pre
caution, and it provod a wise step,
for a fifty-foot bridge was carried
away just east of the station, and
carried nine freight cars into a field
near by. Much damage was done to
crops, but tho extent is not fully
known; probably not large.
Yellow Fever.
Brownsville, Tex., August 10.
Twenty-eight now cases of yellow
fever twenty-five Mexicans and
three Americans. Three Mexicans
died. There are eight cases reported
at Fort Brown. At Matamoras seven
now cases are reported, fivo of which
are slight, and five deaths reported.
,i runes Duttcrueiu, oi me iviata-
moras and Monterey railroad, is down
with the fever. Weather clear but
The Hank Uobbcrs Xot Yet Captured,
Kknwakee, 111.. August 10. The
bank robbers, who took $20,000 from
the bank Monday night, are not yet
captured. Parties answering to their
description were seen ncarNopanset.
The job was executed with tho ut
most coolness, the robbers making
out of town in plain sight of a large
number of people, with their booty
in a satchel between then.
A Prominent l'lanter Jliirdcred.
Little Rock, August 1G. Col. N.
D. Ellis, a prominent planter, was
murdered by John Martin, his fore
man, Saturday, on tho border of the
Indian nation. The murderer fled to
tho nation and has not boon caught.
AUGUST 19, 1882.
Killed by Lightning.
Atchison, Ks., August 10.--A
terrific thunder storm passod over
tho Central Branch country, west of
this city, this morning, extending
from Corning to Irvinjj. At Corn
ing John Butler and two daughters
wero instantly killed by lightning.
The elder, aged 15 years, was stand
ing in the door, when a bolt fell, kill
ing both.
A Twelve Y'ear Old Hoy Jlnrderer.
Bay City, Mich., August 16.
John Graham, aged twolvo, was shot
and killed in the neighborhood of the
city to-day, It is supposed it was
done by a bov named Rivardes. of
the same ag'j, by mistake, for one of
the family on whoso steps the mur
dered boy was sitting, as Rivardes
had a feud with that family.
A Destructive Storm.
Bangor, Me., August 10. A most
destructive tornado visited Bangor
this oveninir. Tho wind was terrific.
The rain fell in the streets to a great
depth, und was accompanied by in
cessant thunder and lightning. "The
destruction of property was very
A Cummittce Appointed.
San Francisco, Autsrust 15. At
the semi-annual meeting of the
Board of Trado this evening, a reso
lution was adopted favoring recipro
city treaties with Mexico and Central
America and a committee was ap
pointed to correspond with individual
or commercial and legislative bodies.
Sudden Death or Murderer.
Montreyl, August 10. Jackson
Sweet, who was found guilty of mur
der and under sentence of death,
died suddenly in jail.
A 815.000 Illazc.
Boston, August 15. A fire in the
printing and publishing house of
Duffy, Cashman & Co. caused a loss
of $45,000.
Jackson Kcpubllcaiis.
Jackson, Miss., August 10. The
Republican convention at Hazelhurst
has nominated James Hill for Con
gress. A Touch Customer in Jail.
Kansas City, August 15. Dick
Little, a well known member of the
old James gang, was arrested here
to-day at noon by a United States
marshal, charged with complicity in
robbing tho U. S. paymaster at Mus
sel Shoals, Ala., March 11, 1881.
Tho amount taken was $5,200, and
it is supposed the robberv was per
petrated by Jesse James, Wm. Ryan,
who is now serving a 25 yeais sen
tence for Jtrain robbery, and Dick
Little. Little asserts his innocence,
and says he can prove that tho arrost
was the work of the surviving mom
bers of tho James gang, who have a
grudge against him for tho informa
tion he gave officers which led to
breaking up tho gang.
A Urutal Jlurder.
San Fkancisco, August 1G. A
Yaquima City, Oregon, dispatch,
says: Dr. B. F. Hutchinson, a highly
respected citizen, and his son, aged
3, were found murdered to-day..
Both wore shot. Tho murders are
supposed to be committed by an In
dian for robbery. He escaped, but a
party of armed men are scouring tho
country. If caught, ho will doubt
less be lynched.
Double Murder at Albuquerque.
Albuquerque, August 1G. At an
early hour this morning au unknown
man rode up to the residence of Jose
Rafael Apodoco, called him to the
door and shot him through the head,
killing him instantly. Apodoco's
brother thon appeared at the door,
and ho, too, was shot dead by the
stranger, who made his escape.
S-uator Hill Dead.
Atlanta, Ga., August 10. About
two this morning Senator Hill was
found to be rapidly sinking. His
brtathiug was with difficulty. He
continued to sleep, however, and at
the end of a few minutes after six
his death occurred without a strug
gle. He died from exhaustion.
Hen nillM Death Hcd.
Atlanta, Ga., August 1G. The
funeral of the late Senator takes
place Friday. Thoro was present at
the Senator's death Mrs. Hill, B. H.
Hill, Jr., and wife, Dr. R. P. Bradley
and wifo, Senator I tilt's daughter, C.
D. Hill, his son, two nephows of the
Senator and Dr. Wright, the attend
ing surgeon.
Washington, August 15. In the
Star route cases, Carpenter had not
completed his argument for the
defense when the court adjourned.
The board of audits consisting of
the first and second comptrollers of
the navy, and the treasurer of the
United States, appointed by congress
to consider all claims growing out of
tho illness and burial of President
Garfield, received only threo claims,
viz: Milne & Procter, for furniture,
bed and bedding. $16,255; J. Walsh,
New York, for embalming the body,
8500, and the claims of tho emplo
yees of the executive mansion, which
is for threo months salary. Under
this apportionment thoro will be paid
A telegram from Senator Brown,
received yesterday, announces that
Ben Hill will probably not live
through the day, and requesting that
senators and representatives in
Washington bo communicated with
so that those who desire may be pre
paredito attend the funeral.
Tho Star says government emplo
yees aro responding liberally to tho
request of the Republican committee
for financial aid.
A Holy War.
A dispatch from Tangier slates
that a holy war is being preached
throughout Morrocco against Chris
Constantinople, August 12.
What Dufferin insists upon in order
to secure harmony of action is that
no movement of Turkish troops when
they aro in Egypt sliould take placo
without tho previous consent of Gen.
New York, August 14. The
Herald's Alexandria special says:
Reouff Pasha arrived yesterday from
Cairo and Arabi's camp. He says
Arabi will fight to tho last. Tho
whole nation backs him. He told
me: "1 have the moral support of
France and Italy; the" friendly ad
vice ol Do Lesseps and Jthe Italian
consul, and I havo friends among
tho members of tho Stamboul con
ference. I will fight till tho English
or my countrymen arc exterminated."
Suez, August 14. The rebels, in
great force, have taken up a position
immediately threatening tho canal.
The English admiral occupies tho
front works. He will not allow any
interference from DeLesseps.
Albxadria, August 14. Fires of
considerable magnitudo wero visible
to-dr.y in rear of tho enemy's posi
tion at Kingasman.
Ills Sable Majesty.
London, August 14. The King
of Zululand (Cetewayo) arrived at
Osborne. It is rumored that the
Queen, at an interview to be granted
him, will inform him of the de
cision of her government to restore
him to his kingdom. It is stated
that a British resident will be ap
pointed to reside at Ulaland, the
Zulu capital, in order to advise him
on questions relative to exUrnal re
Constantinople, August 15.
The proclamation of Arabi Pasha as
a rebel, and authorizing an Anglo
Turkish convention, is not yet
fearing an outbreak.
Port Said, Augu st 15. An out
break is possible at any moment.
Ships aro ready for action.
Panama, August 15. The news
from Peru states' that the coming
war will be one of extermination.
Excesses of Chilian troops in tho
interior have excited the populace,
who arc rising against them.
Alexandria, August 15.-
sick list of tho British troops, before
arrival of guards, showed out of a
total of 5,400 men, there wero 76
invalids, exclusive of tho wounded.
Paris, August 15. A banker's
telegram from Egypt confirms the
report that Arabi Pasha will submit
to tho Sultan.
Happy Cetewayo.
London, August 15. Earl Kim
bcrly, Secretary of State for tho
colonies, will announce to tho Lords
to-day that it is proposed, under con
ditions, to restore Cetewayo to his
Kingdom of Zululand.
Complicated Kurope.
London, August 15. The Times'
Berlin special says it is feared the
Russian Cabinet intends to take ad
vantage of the present trouble in
Egypt to renew some old claims which
were declined by the Berlin Con
gress. The Piince of Wales will go to a
German bath to drink water. Tho
fact of tho Times devoting tho first
leading article to tho health of tho
Prince of Wales creates a certain
Itobblns Peter to nay Paul.
London, August 14. It is stated
that half of tho marines, now station
ed in Ireland, will proceed to Egypt
as soon as possible.
Death of a Professor.
London, August 15. Prbfcssor
William Stanley Jevans, philosopher
and professor of political economy,
was drowned while bathing at Bix
tul). Letters from all over the county
express satisfaction at tho action of
the Democratic central committee, in
the direction of an honest vote.
A number of Republicans in
Tombstone aro banding together to
"cinch" Blackburn, but he is not
Tin: apportionment of representa
tion to the Democratic county conven
tion, offers no loop-holes for political
"A square deal and no jobbery,"
is the ultimatum of the Democrats of
this county and Territory.
Delegate Oury will soon shako
hands with his constituents.
county warrants aro
Dibble is quietly stuffing the bal
lot box.
The legislative apportionment has
been made by tho Secretary of the
Territory, and it conveys a sense of
mortification akin to distress. By the
Yavapai fraudulent census the vari
ous other counties havo been literally
disfranchised of representation, un
less there is sorne remedy, and there
can be none without a combination
of nearly all tho counties. There can
be no redress obtained from tho
courts, as they havo no jurisdiction
in the premises, but the Legislature
itself can act, by a reduction of the
number of representatives from Yav
apai county, and a consequent les
sening of tho evil results of fraud.
The Legislature has the power to
judge of tho qualifications of those
entitled to seats as members, and can
reject whoever may be considered as
lacking those qualifications. If the
injured counties will join together
in a determination to robuko the ono
which has insulted tho intelligence
of the people at large, and struck a
blow at the material interests of the
Territory, they cannot help but suc
ceed. It will be necessary to obtain
somo proof of the fraudulent charac
ter of tho Yavapai census, and
there is more than sufficient
timo to secure the necessary
testimony. Then, at the assem
blage of tho Legislature, it can
be readily determined how many
members Yavapai county is entitled
to, and those receiving the highest
number of votes will only be allowed
scats. We recommend, that circulars
be printed and distributed through
all the counties, urging the people
to make this matter a campaign issue
in tho coming election of members of
the Legislature; that .the respective
Boards of Supervisors communicate
with each other, as to tho best plan
of procedure; and that steps be taken
to raise tho littlo money required to
secure the testimony necessary to
prove the fraud. The problem is
easy of solution, and inaction can
only stand in the way of protection.
There is much at stake, in the fact
that the most important interests of
Arizona and her people are jeopard
ized. It is asserted that Mojave and
Apache counties must necessarily
join hands, at the dictation of Yava
pai, but it cannot be believed that
the people of those sections are so
wedded to a pride of geographical
situation as to accept dishonor as
virtue. New interests are springing
up in both those counties interests
that the press of Yavapai havo de
clared themselves hostile to and it
will be found that tho legislative
support of members other than those
of Yavapai will be needed. The
people of the whole Territory should
make common cause against an ap
portionment based upon fraud.
The Republican journals through
out the United States arc attempting
a defense of the late profligato Con
gress, and trying to shift the respon
sibility from the majority to tho
minority. This is the weakest kind
of cant. Robeson, of New Jersey,
who could not be found outside a
penitentiary in any other civilized
country in the world, led the Repub
lican majority by the nose, and was
always foremost in tho assaults on
the Treasury. Tho Democratic mi
nority, under the leadership of Ran
dall, fought spendthrift legislation
with voice and vote, and only tho
strength of the trained cohorts of
Robeson succeeded in extorting tho
millions from the Treasury. The
Republican party is responsible to
the taxpayers for the millions so
ruthlessly squandered, and the efforts
of special pleaders cannot remove
the stigma from where it properly
Jake Henkle has received tho
nomination for Sheriff of.iravapai
county. The Dobson boom must
have suddenly -collapsed. Perhaps it
is best so. A man who has had a
taste of blood is apt to be dangerous
when clothed with the power of tho
law. Wo wish tho Democracy of
Yavapai county success.
It looks as though Arabi Pasha is
a bigger man than tho English gave
him credit for being. The result, of
course, will eventually be his com
plete subjugation, but the struggle
may last for years. A people moved
by tho fanaticism of religious belief,
are hard to whip.
The Albuquerque Morning Jour
nal reports tho New Jersey mine, as
carrying "a streak of horn silver,
about a foot and a half wide, which
assays away up." blrange ! Wo
always thought that horn silver as
sayed about four dollars per ton.

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