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Tombstone weekly epitaph. [volume] (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1882-1887, September 09, 1882, Image 4

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The PrlmarlCH Saturday A 'alr
Vote and Peaceful rroeeodinns
The Itesult In Temlistone, Charles
ton, Contention, llenaon, Etc.
The Democratic primaries Saturday
wore conducted in an orderly spirit, and
notwithstanding the clashing of conflict
ing Interest!, tko best of good feeling pre
vailed. There was a warm Interest taken
In the election all oyer the ity, and etery
man with Democratic anticedenti and pro.
clivilles -wai more or less anxious as to the
result. There was no heaUd personal
tight made on any one man, though a
number of old time Democrats were anx
ious to take up the maxim of the Ei-mru
that nono but Democrats be placed on
guard. Of course there were many warm
discussions, and tho friends of the opposing
candidates did a good deal of tongue fight
ing, still there was nothing that tho clear
est construction could construe into a
quarrel, and when tho baltlo was oyer, all
were friends again. Tho result in this city
cannot bo called a victory lor any one
man. In fact no man can say that he is
absolutely certain that any one delegate
electtd will rote for him in tho conven
tion. This is really how the matter stands.
Tho delegates chosen are all good Dmo
craU, and will cheerfully vole and support
the nominees of the county convention,
notwithstanding their personal picillHc
tions It rn'iy fairly bo assumed that no
man won n pvisonnl victory. Mr. Ke.igli
will zt liiiu iliecoiivcnlioi vviih rviu vote',
Mi-n-t'dlilm In the second vurU. Ouijitlt !
Uict, wo do n'it kiwtt Hint i.ny tlrttv.it
circuit is pledguf l miy 0110 man, but idl
will feuppoit straight Democratic caudl
dntes, und will not go oulsido the party tor
a nominee.
Tho Third ward was perhaps the most
warmly contested. There were two tickets
in the field, each bearing the
names of honorable men and
steadfast Democrats. Mr. Archer's
name was on botk tickets, and of course,
as maybe lmaglaed under such clrum
stances, he was rushed through with an
Immense, majority. The so called Keagle
ticket in this ward was strengthened by
having the name of such a thorough
Democrat, and universally popular man
as Nicholas Kenealy to float it. It may
be understood, however, that Mr. Ktueal
. ly is a Democrat, first, last and all the
time, and theugh defeated, the use of his
name was a tower of strength to the ticket
with which he was identified. In the
Second Ward the contest was very tame,
and only very little interest was taken Id
the proceedings. The First Ward was
contested rather vigorously for a part of the
day, but towards evening interest in the
proceedings began to lag and there was
no special effert set forth toward the last.
The delegates chosen are staunch Demo
crats and will support only well defined
members of that party for a nomination.
The Fourih WardjWas somewhat compli
cated in consequence of there being two
polling places. '.Una of the clubs was
looked upon with suspicion by many, in
consequence 01 the oincers 01 tne ciud nav
iig hermetically sealed the rolls, and re
fused to shed the light of publication on
the pages. The Second ward club was
organized in accordance with the
suggestion of the County Central Com
mittee, and there is hardly a doubt
but that tho best Democrats in the
ward affiliated with the new organi
zation . The figures given below will show
the reader that a majority of the voters of
tho ward exercised their right ot sufTraga
at Number Two.
Unlike the day on which the Republi
can primaries were held, theie were no
unseemly quarrels; none of tke Democratic
leaders were hauled off to jail, and none of
them will be fined to-day. This Is a con
trast that the average voter may call to his
mind the next time the Republican are
referred to as the party of moral ideas.
Below we give the result of the primaries,
so far as ascertained :
Total votes cast 114, divided as follows:
Johnson 76
Saul.....' 6G
Weeks 66
Lynch 35
Pnrdy 85
Boule 35
Scattering ..... 2S
Osborne 66
O'Neil 51
Tribolet 47
Beverige 31
Campbell 31
Lyneh 81
Roberts 17
Solomon 1(1
Archir 97
Qulgley 55
Muller 53
Kenealy 43
IVck 42
Quald 1C6
Nolnn 166
Daley 166
Flvnn 124
Dugan 124
McArdle 124
The conflicting delegations from the
Fourth will naturally lead to a contest,
which the County Convention will be
called upon to settle. The strong point
against the first club, is the relusal of its
president to allow tho publication of the
roll, and the well founded cqinplaint from
Democrats of tho ward, that they were not
given a chance to sign tho loll. The
strong point of tho new organization U
the fact that it was gotten up at the sug
gestion of the County Committee, after it
was established to tho satisfaction of that
body that everything was not on the square
in the old club. The credentials commit
tee of the County Convention will have to
adjudicate on tho matter, and right will
At Charleston.
(Special to tho Epitaph.)
Charleston, 7:30 p.m , Aug. 2.
Tho Democratic primaries went off with
out a jar. n. Nelson, 0. L. Gulmond and
C. H. Wright were elected delegates to tho
County Coavention. 0. L. Guimond, Se
cretary of the Club.
Special Dispatch to the Epitaph.
Contention, Sept. 2. The Contention
Democratic Club elected Henry Ilause, a.
Marks and Chas. Myers -delegates to the
County Convention. II. K. 11.
(Special Dispatch to tho Epitaph )
Contention, Sept. 2. The Contention
Democratic Club elected Heniy nausc, S.
Marks and Chas. Myers as delegates. A
number of voteis claiming to be Demo
crats, hut refusing to sign the club list,
held another meeting and selected J. B.
Smith, John Dunn and Chas. Spatz. The
delegate of the club go unpledged. R.
A dispatch leceived from Benson states
that the delegates elected will go un
Tho Enaalas Klitctlon-Only Tiri (Su
pervisors and Two Coroners.
The following proclamation by the Gov
ernor was Saturday received by Recorder
Jones. It will be seen that only two Su.
pcivlsors'aro to bo elected, which a good
many people think is an error:
To all whoai it may concern, greeting:
Whereas, under an act of the Legislative
Assembly of the Territory of Arizona, en
titled "An Act to Provide for General and
Special Elections," it is provided that there
shall be held throughout the Territory of
Arizona on the Tuesday after the first Mon.
day in November, A. D. 1882, an election
ror members of the Legislative Ascmbly,
and such other oillccis us may be require-!
by law to lis chosen at such election; ind,
A-hirc, illri turlht'i provided in id act
tL.nl it alull be the duty of the Goveinoi, at
least thirty (30) daya bef'oie any giMieral
election, to issue his proclamation desig
nating the oQlces to be filled .it such elec
tion. Now, therefore, I, F. A. Critic
Governor of the Territory of Arizona, in
pursuance of the duty enjoined upon me
do hereby order a general election to be
held on the day named in said act, to wit:
the seventh day of November, A. D. 1882
and designate the offices to be filled at
said election as follows, to-wit:
One (1) delegate to the Forty-eighth
Congress of the United States.
Twelve (12) members of the Council of
tho Legislative Assembly of the Territory.
Twenty-four (24) members of the House
of Representatives of the Legislative As
semplv of the Territory.
Apportioned under the act of the Legis
lature, entitled "An Act to provide for the
takfng of the census of and in the several
counties of the Territory of Arizona," ap
proved March 11th, 1881, as follows:
Apache county, one (1) member; Cochise
county, one (1) member; Cochise and Gra
ham counties, one (1) member jointly;
Maricopa and Gila counties, one (1) mem
ber jointly; Pima county, two (2) mem
bers: Pima and Pinal counties, one (1)
member jointly; Yuma and Mohave coun
ties, one (1) member jointly; Yavapai
county, four (4) members.
Apache county, one (1) member; Cochise
county, three (3) members; Maricopa
county, two (2) members; Pima county,
five (5) members; Mohave county, one (1)
member; Graham county, one (1) member;
Pinal county, one (1) member; Gila coun
ty, one (1) member; Yumn county, one (1)
member; Yavapai county, eight (8) mem
bers. Also there shall be elected in each
county of the Territory two (2) members of
the Board of Supervisors, one (1) Sheriff,
on (1) District Attorney, one (1) County
Recorder, one (1) Probate Judge, oue (1)
County Treasurer, one (1) County Sur
veyor, two (2) Coroaers, and a Public Ad
ministrator. Also, in each election piecinct in each
county one (1) and not more than two (2)
Constables. Also in each township two (2)
Justices of tho Peace; and where moie
than eight hundred persons reside in a
township, to be ascertained by the Board
of Supervleors, one (1) additional Justice
may be elected. Also, in each school dis
trict in tach county three (3) School
In witnon whereof I have hereunto set
my hand and caused to be affixed the gicat
seal of tho Territory of Arizona.
Dona at Prescottthis29lh day of August,
A. U. 1882. F. A. Tritle,
Governor of Arizona.
Attest: II. M. Van Arman,
Secretary of Territory.
An Arlronn Politician.
Under the above caption tho Sacramento
Record.Union speaks of a well known
Tombstone man. The Record-Union,
however, is a little off, as Pat has not se
cured, the nomination as yet, but is making
an earnest fight to attain that end. The
following is the paragraph referred to:
Everybody in Sacramento almost, espe
cially all the old residents, remember Pat
rick Holland, or Fat Holland as ho was
familiarly called. For years he was con
nected with the management of the thca.
tres, lace tucks, etc. Not long since it
was leportod, and published in the press
that Holland had been killed in New
Mexico. The latest, however, from Ariro
na, says he is not dead, but thinks he has
a dead thing on securing the election o'
Coroner of Cochise county, Arizona, for
which ho has been nominated on the Dem
ocratic ticket.
Tho proposition advanced by tho
Iluaclmca wator company to sprinkle
the streets of Tombstone,should meet
with much favor from residents and
the City Council, 'i ho company pro
poses not only to cover tho principal
thoroughfares, but all tho streets and
ground, bordering business places
and residences. The added comfort
would bo grrat, and there would also
bo an immense having in wear and
tear of mercantile commodities and
household goods, as also in house
labor. It is to be hoped that those
interested will meet tho company
half way in furtheiance of bo desir
ablo a "project. The City Council
can certainly afford to give as much
as was allowed tho old wagon sprinklers.
" For beauty of tone, touch nnd ac
tion, I have never Keen their equal,"
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Sole Agent for tho Only genuine
Guaranteed for ten years
The Most Elegant Stock of Billiard and
Tool Tables on the Pacific Coast.
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Manufacturer of
Ililllnrd, Tool nnd Bagatelle Tabled,
And Assignoe for the Tatcntce of the
945 Folsom St.,Near 6th.,
On account of removing to ray new quarters, an
the Bavinepf rent the property being my onn
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1850 1882
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First Publication June 24, 1882.
Apppllrntton, No. 211 for n J'litcnt to
the Jlolbroolc JIIiiliic Claim
U. H. IiiND Opsin", I
Tucson-, Arizona, .1 nut-1 :, 183,2 1
phouso Lnr7ard and Horace Jons, by 3Irr
Morgan Jbbttpheni, attorney. v. ho epHluiliu ik1
dreyy Is Tucson, vrlznna, hae tltU dj Hied their
nppliu.lio foi u patent fm HI'S dm jI f 'ci of lln
Holbrotik inineor vi in, leuin cfpn r -tnd olh r
minimi, io'itIiei vwih surfan gr m kd, nlwit MS
leit In width, situatidln Warn 11 lli.li rl)ilitd,
County ot Cochlte, Ariomt, nnd Ji:!jii!itid M
the field notes and ofneial plat '.; tile in lhis
olilcj us Lit No 53; said Lot No, fi! bcii;;us
follows, to-wit: Biginnlng on Hie unter monu
ment of the western end of the claim at a pine
fiosi 4x4 Inches square, 4 feet long, painted nt.Itc,
n a monument of rocks, marked 11. V. C , IT. b.
8., from which discovery shaft 4xG feet, 11 feet
deep, bears S 75 E 315 feet distant; stcond, a
black oak 16 inches in diameter hears N 77 15' i.
87 4-10 feet distant, marked B.T. II. W C.j from
post II. W. C. run S S3 35 W 103 6 10 Ret to in
tersect the eastern side line of the Baxter mining
claim, Let No. 52. running N 31 50 V, and join
Inn tw posts, one marked B. 11. C. No. 5, and
NE corner of Hayes M. O , and is distant from
point of intersection (at 163 510) S 3150 E 668
ieet; thence on same course 2V 35' at 255 5 10 feet
to a post 4x4 inches square, 4 feet long, marked
H. S. W. U. S. S. ; thence 8 77 20 E lOo 7 10 feet ;
aaln intersect the alwe described boundary lino
ofthe Baxter M. C. at 1498 feet to SE conur post
of claim 4x4 Inches square, i feet long painted
white and marked II. S. E. U. S. S.; thence N 85
35" K 224 4-10 feet to iat cud center monument of
Holbroolt claim, a pine post 4x4 inches square, 4
feet long, painted white, marked II. E. 0., thence
continue on same couise at 2'J0 4-10 feet from E
egd center to NE corntr of claim to a pine post
4x4 inches square, 4 feet long, mm Kid II. u. E.
U. S. S.; thtnee N 7b 10 V, 1,490 fiet to NW
corner post 4x4 inches square 4 iett long, paintid
white, marked II. N. W. U. S. 8.. from which U.
S. mineral monument No. 1 bears N3225' W,
700 2-10 fed distant; thence S 25 35' W, 2 3 10
feel to the point of beginning. Variation, 12 35
East, containing 17.8.1 acres. Tho triangle cut
otr by the Baxter claim is 10 100, which Is not
claimed, leaving 17 74 100 acres. This mine is
situated about half a mine cast of the Bisoce
Smelting works. 1 he location Lotlce is recoiued
In tne ltccorder's oflico for Cochise county, A. T..
Book of Mines, page 5'J of mines, 1 ranscribeu
ltecords, Cochise county, A. T. Any and ah per
sous claiming adereiiy any portion of said
niine, or the surface ground, are required to tile
their adverse claim with the Register ol tho U
S. Land Office, at 'lncsou, A. T., during the sixty
daj s period ol publication, or they will bo barred
ty virtue of the provisions of tho statute.
Silevt, MonoAV A Steens, Attorneys for
It Is hereby ordered tiat the forcgslng notice
be published sixty days (ten consicutive wrcl.s)
in tho Epitaph a weekly newspaper publlsne
at Tombstone, A. T., which paper is by me
hereby designated as published neatest such
claim. HENRY COUSINS, Remsttr.
Notice to Creditors.
U decevtd. Notice Is hereby given brf the un
dersigned, Administrator of the Estats ol Patrick
MacJlenemer, deceased, to tho creditors of, and
all persons having claims against the said de
ceased, to exhibit them with tho necessary vouch
ers, within ten months after the first publitatlouot
this notice, to the said administrator at his place
ol business at Tasker & Frldham's store on south
east corner of Allen and Fifth streets, in Tomb
stono In the said County of Cochise, Torritory of
Dated July 15, 1882.
Administrator of the Estate of Patrick Mac
Menemcr, deceased. jy22 w lmo
Notice to Creditors.
J Notice is hereby given by the undersigned,
administrator of the estate of JI. E Kellogg, de
ceased, to exhibit them with the necessary vouch
ers, within four mouths after the first publication
of this notice, to the said administrator
at his place of business at tho store of Tasker &
Pridham on the southeast corner of Allen and
Fifth sticets In Tombstone, In the said county of
Cochise, Territory of Arizona.
Dated at Tombstone, July 15th 1SS2.
Administrator of the Estate of 11. E. Kellogg,
deceased. )22 lm w
Notice to Creditors.
It tice Is hereby given by the undcrslgmd, ad
ministrator of the Estate of II. 15. C'lok. ilecen-cd,
to the creditors of, and all ptisors having claims
against the said decastd, to exhibit tin m w itli the
necessary vouchers, within four month" alter the
first publication ol this notice, to the slid admin
istrator at his place of business at Tasker & Prid
ham's store, on tho southeast corner of Allen ar.d
Fifth streets in Tombstone, in the said county of
Cochise, Territory of Arizona.
Dated July ID, 1S82,
Admiuistrntor of the Estate of II. B. Conk, dc
seascd. jjVilmw
(First Publication July 8, 1882.)
Application So. 291 ror a I'ntent for
tho Copper Klnc "lllnliis Claim.
eon, Arizona, jHne 27th, lb82 Notice is
hereby given that Albert Stelnfeld, W. II. Jfartm,
John Ballard and Edv. ard Keilly, 'bue postoflicu
address is Tucson, Arizona, have this day filed
their application for a patent lor nine hundred
linear feet of the Copper King mine or yem bear
ing coppwand other mineral with surface ground
583 feet in width, situated in Warren Jlining
District, County of OochUe and Territory of Ari
zona, and designated by the field notes and official
p at on flla in this office as Lot Number 53, G.
S.R.said lot No. 53 belli'' as follows, to wit-
Beginning at tho southeast corner of ilium at a
Pino postt inches s quare 4 feet long, set In ground,
surrounded by a monument of rocks, marked C.
K. S. E., same point being the southwest corner
ol tho Conner Queen Mining Co.. from this south
east cornei, run on the western end lino of the
survey or the copper linecn, north 1" 0' vvestJ2. (
feet to intersect the north side line of tho "Atlan
ta" 11. C . Lot No. 19. at a nolnt beanus north 81
30 east from northeast corner of the said AtHnia
survey marked A.-M.C.No. 2, at 2JS reet same
course, to ptno post 4x4 inch square, 4 feet long,
in mound of rocks marked C. K. E. C, ; from this
post discovery shift beais south 83 west 4.) feet;
from O. K. L. C. post same course north 1 west
300 ftct to northeast corner post, a pine post 4x4
inch, 4 feet long, in monument of stones marked
C. K. N. E., from which U. S. M. M. No 1 bears
south 85 45 east 1533 feet distant; from post
C. K. N. E. run south 8130 west DOOfcct to norlh
west corner to pine post 4x4 inch square, 4 feet
long in monnment of stones marked C. K. N. W.;
thence south 1' cast 233 feet to a monument,
marked Copper King West end canter, a pie post
4x4 inch square, 4 feet Jong, in mound of rocks,
post inarkid O.K. W. C; thence sumo course,
south 1' east 176 Ieet from said C. K. W. C. post
to pine post 4x4 inch square 4 feet long at south
west corner of claim in mound of locks marked
C K.SW.; thenco south 87 30' cast 900 feet to tho
point of beginning, at 750 feet on this Hue, intersect
thenorth sideline of tho Atlanta II. C. Lot 49, cut
ting off from the said Copper King, in the small
triangle 41-lOOJof bd acre, w hich is not claimed in
this application, leaving irca claimed 10 77 acres.
Jlagnetic variation 12 35 east. The location of
this mine la recorded in tho Recorder's Oflitoof
Cochiso Co., A. T., Transcribed Records.
Any and all pcisons c'aimingaaversely any por
tion of said Copper King mine or surface ground
aro required to file their adverse claims with the
Register of tho United States Land Olllte, at
Tucson, in thoTerritoiy of Arizona, during the
sixty days period of publication heieof,or they
will be barred by virtooof the provisions or the
Statute. HENRY COUHINS, Register.
C. O. STEPHENb, Attorney for applicant.
TtHn hn fhv orderpd that tho foreiroln! Notite
of Application for Patent be published lor the
ferioo 01 sixty aays, ven consteuuvo weens;, iu
ho Weekly Epitaph, a newspaper published at,
Tombstone. A. T . which naner Is htreby deslff-
natd by me as published nearest the claim.
Ilbruil lueainDi Jiesmr;
First Publication, June 10, U82.
Application No. 800, for a I'ntent to
the Baxter lining Cllnim.
son, Arl.oua, May 3. 1883. Notice is hereby
given that Philip Corblu, by his agent, Samuel A
Moore, whoso polollico address is Tombstone,
CochlhO county, Arizona, has this day (lied his
application 101 a patent for eleven huudrerl and
twenty five linear ait of tho Baxter mine or eln,
bearing siher, gold and othei minimis, with sur
face ground about four hundred fiet ayeiaie
width, situated In the Warien Mining District.
County of Cockls and Tenltory of Arizona, auu
disigLatul by the i)cld notes and official plat oh
file in this office as lot No. 52, said lot No. 62 be
ing as follows to wit:
Beginning at h pc st 5 feet long, 4 inches square,
in a monumiut of stones, marked O. JI. Baxtir,
JI. C. No. 1, fiom which Unittd States mineral
monument No. 1 bears north 27 23 east 613 0 leev
distant; thencoiiun north 80 39', cast parallel
with the south end or claim, 45 leot, intersect the
tan end lino of the Atlanta mining claim, lot No.
49, at a point nori h 8 3S' ; west 2.5 feet irom a 4x4
Inch post, marked A. 51. C. No. 4, at 158 feet ln
tersict northeast side line of claim at a point
south 32 0', east 325 tect fiom the north corner of
claim, to a posi 1 Inches square, 5 ieet long. In a
monument of stone, marked Baxter M. C. No. 2,
thence run souih 320', east along the northeast
sldo line ol claim eleenhundred and seventy-four
fiet to southeast corner, to a 4x4 inch post, 4 feet
long, in a monument of stones, marked Baxter M.
C. No. 3; mu thenu" south b039, west along
south line of claim 289 f,et, to south end center of
the Baxter claim and norm endcentir of Hayes
claim, to a pot 44 Inches, 4 fiet long, In
monument of stones, marked Baxter 11. C. No. 4,
from which a shalt 4x0 feet, 10 feet deep. Wears
north 25 St' west 249 feet distant, a shaft 4x6 feet
10 feet deep, j the same line 10 feet distant, at
572 feet to the southwest corner, a pott 4 Inches
square, 4 feet long, in monument of stouts,
marked Baxter M. C.No. 5: thence north 14" 31',
west along southwest nido llncot said claim 785
feet, iuterstct south side line ot Atlanta mining
claim, lot No. 41, at a point south 81 58', west and
73 feet distant Irom a po t marked A. M. C. No. 5,
at 788 Ieet to a post 4 inches square, 4 feet long,
in n monument 01 sione ieet lilgn, inarnca uax
tcr JI. C. No. 6 ; thence run north 3 03'. west 300
lect to place ol beginning, post 8. JI. Baxter 11.
C. No. 1. Containing 9 M) acres, less the conflict
with the Atlanta Jl. C. of .40 acres, amount
claimed 'J 20 acres.
Jlaenetlcarlatlon U 21 east.
The location of this mine is recorded In the Re
corder s office of CocMsc County, A. T., In book
6. page 657 of mines, Transcribed Records of Co
chise Count) . Any and ull perrons claiming nd
verselyan) portion of said Baxt r mining claim or
surf ice ground, arc required to file their adverse
claim with tho liitl'tei of the Unittd States Land
Office at fucou, A. T , during the sixty da) s pe
r'ni1 of pdb icaiitm hereof or Ihiywill be barred
I ) irlui of t'ie pr. !-(oin- of the statu!,) In eiich
ice 111 tile uul prn tiled
HtNUY 1 ol'SIM, Rot.iMir
J. II. Ui, . luhsturi, A.T., attorney for
1 if. he i b cr'e id ihat tin foiegolnj.' notlit of
appiiiiitt' n 1 1 J in nt Li published foi thepiiit.il
nfsKty riamten ojsecutiie weeks), in the Kpl
Uph, a wejvl) Lcw-jiapii piktid in liimbstoue,
A T , which paper is heitby dislcuated by me as
publifched uiarcM -.uih cluii'i
An iKx.triinrdliiurj' Offer.
There aro a number of persons out ol employ
ment In every ioumy,yet energetic men willing
to work do not need to be Those willing to
work sdn make from SK0 to C0O a month clear,
working for us iu a pleasant and permanent
business. The amonut our agents make varies
some making as high as 500 a month while oili
er? as low an $100, all dcptndlng on tho energy of
the a?ent. We have an article oi great merit. It
should be sold to every h use owner, and pays
over 100 per cent profit. Ksch sale is irom S3 50
to $10. One agent in Pennsylvania sold 32 in
two days, and cleared $(4. An agent in New
Yorkminle S45 iu one day. Any man with cuer-
y enourh to work a full day, and will do this
nring ihe year, can make from $2,000 to SM0O a
year. We only want ont man iu each county,
and to him we will give the exclusive sale as long
as he continues to work talthfully for lis. There
is no competition, and uothlngllke our iuven tion
made. Parties having from $2uO to $1,000 to in
vest can obtain a general agency for ten counties
o astute. Anyone can make an lnviBtmn ol
from S25 to 81,000 wilhuiit the least risk ol loss,
as our circulars will show that those Investing
$25 can after a 30 days' trial return the goods un
sold to us and get their money back, 11 they do
not clear at least S100. They show that a general
agent who will take ten countits and invest $216
eiu alter a trial qf 93 days return all goods unsold
ton", and have money returned to them if they
lull to clear at least $750 In tint time We are
not paying salaries, nut want men willing to
work and obtain as their pay tho profits of their
cueigy. Jltnuoi willing to work on our terms
will not work on any. Those meaning business
will receive our largo descriptive circular an d ex
traordinary ofier by enclosing a three-cent stamp
with theii addiess 'lhe first to comply with our
Verms will siture the couuty or counties they may
wish to work.
Address Rentier Manufacturing Company,"!
Smithfield strtet, Pittsburg, Pa.
First National Gold Bank,
l'md Up Capital, gl.5OU.O0O, tJolil.
Surplus Fund and Undivided Profits $2,420.
Vice President D. CALLAGHN
Cashier E. D. MORGAN
It. C. Woolwortli, - Isaac Womser,
V. Callaghan, Peter Donahue,
C. G. Hooker, James Phelan.
George A. Low, Jamts lleillt,
N. Van Bergen.
London Barins Brothers Si Co
' iUl k of Montreal
Paris Hottcngucr& Co
Dublin Provincial Bank of Ireland
Humburg Hesse, Newman & Co
New York National Dank of Commerce
Boston Blackstone National Bank
Exchange on prlntipal cities of the United
States, Great Britain, Ireland and the Continent,
bougtt and sold.
Commercial credits Issued available In China,
Japan and Europe.
Collections made and piompt returns rtndered
nt market rati s of exchange.
Accounts solicited from Individuals, Firms,
Banks and Brokers. m7tf
t-This groat
Strengthening Rem
idy and Nerve Tonic
is the legitimate re
iilt of over twenty
vears of practical ex
perience, and cuiies
Vv,'-vM' rfpKAn tvintv Nervous and
lUi'CaffMtlU Physical Debility,
lit VFWMXm Seminal Weakness,
SlLdUVEffAl Ull EmiVsirl'innn'-
cy. Exhausttd Vital-
it), Premature Decline, nnd j.o or manhood,
iiom whatever cause produced. It enriches and
11 1 i Oca the Blood, Strengthens tho Ncives,
rain. Muscles, Digestion, Reproductive Organs,
and Ph)slcal and Mental Faculties. It stops any
unnatural and di'bllitmlng drain upon the system,
preventing involuutary losses, dcblitatlng
dreams, seminal losses with the nrine, etc , so
destruitilo to mind and body It is a sure elim
It contains no Injurious Ingredients. To those
Buffering Irom the evil effects of youthful Indis
cretion or excesses, a speedy, tnotough and per
manent cure is Guaranled. Price, $2 50 per bot
tle, or five bottles in case, with full directions
ani advice, $10. Sent secure from observation to
auy address upon lccelpt of price or C. O. D.
To be had only of DR. C. D. SALFIELD.at
Kearney street, an 1'iancisco, Cal Consulta
tions strictly confidential, by letter oral office
fiifx. For the convenience .of patients, and in
order to ii sure perfect secrecy, I have adopted a
private millions, under which ull packages are
Notice I will send a trial bottle of the Hejuv
cnator sufficient to show its merit free of
charge, to any one aClictcd, appljing by letter,
stating his sv mptom-i and age. Commia cations
strictly confidential.
16 Kearney Street. San Francisco, California.
mj6-82-115 tf.
The Greatest Blood Purified'
Kno n to the Civilised World, and the
M'jST agreeable tonic
Ever piepared. A positive lemedv for a torpid
liver, chills and fever, and all kidney tioubles. It
elves tone to the stomach, frees the blood from
bile and nil Impurities, stimulates the appetite,
and Invigorates tho general system. No iamlly
should be without it. A wlneglasiful three times
uday biforo meals.
Sole Agents.
First publication, June 10, 1833.1
Application Xo. 100, for a 1'atent to the
Wade Hampton Stinlnc Jlatm.
U sou. Arizona, May 3rd, 1882. Notice !
hereby given that Philip Corbin, by Samuel A.
Jlooie, agent, has made application for patent
to 1374 linear feet of tho Wade Hampton vein, lode
ordeposlt, bearing precious nit tals, together wijh
surface ground 600 feet In width, situattd In the
Warren Mining District, Cochise Couuty, Arl'O
na, more particularly dcstrltid In the field notes
and pint of the official suriey, on tile in th.s office,
dolgnatid as lot No. 50, as follows, to wit;
Biginuing at the initial monument near tho
ciutei- of claim, on the east sloe of discovery
shalt, at a post 4 ftct long, 2x4 Inches square, in
mound of slonts niarkid I. JI. W. II. 11. C. No.
1," from which United btatts mineral monument
No. 3 btars noith 7233' east 47 feet distant;
thence north 22 52 , west.il reet, to shaft 4x6 feet,
3 1 feet deep, and 074 fiet to a 4x4 Inth p'xt near
the center or north end line, marked "(N. C.)V.
II. JI. C. No. 2;" thence north Cii 29' east 300 feet
to northeast corner post, 4x6 iLChes square. In
mound of stones marked "(N. E.) W. II. II. C. No.
3; thence south 22' 52 , tast 1 171 f et, to southtast
corner post 4x4 inches square. In mound ol stones,
marked '-(8. E.) W H. 11. C. No. 4; thence south
66 29. west 300 feet to south end center post,
marked "(S. C.) W. II. M. C. No. 5," and 600 fret
to southwest corner post, 4x4 Inches square, In
mound of stones, mark-d "(S. W.)W. II. M. C.
No. G;" thence north 22 gr west 1374 feet, to
northwest corntr post 4x4 inches square, in mound
of stones, marked ("N. W.) W. 11. M. C. No. 7;"
thtnte north 60 29 299 feet, to post No. 2 and
place of beginning the survey el the exterior
boutdaij of the ciaim. Variation 1122 east;
containing 18,91 acres.
Said claim is duly recoraed in the office of the
Recorder ef Cochise aounty, A rlzona.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
whole or any portion of the Wade Hampton min
ing clsim are required to file their adverse claims
lu the United States Land Office at TucBon, during
the sixty days period of publication hereof, or they
will bo barred bv the provisions of the statute.
ilfiNUY COTTRIM 1I..H.,..,.
J. II. Lucas, Tombstone, A. T , Attorney for
Ordered that tho above notice be published for
me perinu uissixiy oays lien conaccutlvo weeks)
in the KuitaDn. a weekly newsr.nner rmhiii,H
Tombstone, A. T , which paper is hereby deslg-
The Great English Remedy.
Is a never failing cure
f"r Ntivous Debility,
Exhausted Vitality,
Mmira, Weakness.
J ml cd, In.riitoncy,
Paraljsis. ardal! timer
rilli ( fiet ts o: sen nbi.se
v utMul lollio ard ex
cesses in mature )tar
Such as Lo-e 01 Memory,
Ltssllude, nocmral em
issions, aversions to so-
liety, ilimutsiol v lesion, noises in the head, the
vital fluid, parsing unobserved through tne urluc,
and many other diseases t hat lmd to Insanity and
Dr. Jiintle.who i a regular graduated physi
cian, will agree to forielt five hundrtd dollars for
a esse of this kind that the Vital Restorative (un
der his spcclsl devise and treatmant) will not cure,
or ioranyiuingimpuie or injurious lounu in it.
Dr. Mintie treats all diseases success uJly without
mercury. Consllta'ionfree. Thorough examina
tion and advise. Including analysis of urine, $5.
Priceof Vital Restorative, $3 a bottle, orrour
times the quantity, $'0: senl to any address upon
receipt of price, or u O. D , secure from obseiv a
tion, and in private name, If desind. by A. E.
MINTIE. JI. I) , No. 12 Kearney street, San Fran
cisco, California.
Dr. Mlntic's Kidney Remedy, NEFHRETI
CTM, cures all kluds ol kidney and bladder com
plaints, Gonnorrboea, Lecucorrhoea, Gleet. For
sale by all druggists; $1 a bottle, six bottles $5.
Dr. Mintle's DANDELION PILLS are the bes
ami cheapest dyspepsia and billions cure in the
market, For sale by all druggists.
Will be sent to any one applying by letter, statin
symptoms, sex and age. Strict secrecy in regard
to all business transactions. ml3
I notified that we have expended one hundred
dollars in labor and Improvements upon the Mo
zart mine, of gold bearing ore, situate in the Dos
Cabezas Mining District, about two miles north
cast of Evvell Springs, in order to hold said prem
lses under the prov Isions of ectlons 2324 and 2325
of the Riviscd statutes of the United States, and
the act 01 Congresss, approved January
2d, 1631', mendatory thereof; said sum
being the amount required to hold the said mine
for the ) ear ending IbSO. Now, ir within ninety
di)s from the publication of this notice, you fall
or rifuee to contribute yotirproportlon of such ex
penditure as a co owner, youi interest in said
claim will become the propcity of the subscribers
under the sections ol the revised statutes afore
mentloned. JOHN McOREGOK,
Dos Cahczas, Cochise County, A. T.
Assessment Aotlrc.
E. S ROS, their heirs or assigns. You are
hereby notified tnat the undersigned has expended
the full sum ol one hundred dollars ($100) upon
the Chamberton mine, being the assessment work
required by law, for the purpose of holding said
premises for the year ending December 31, 1831.
Now, unless )ou or each of you come forward and
pay to me the sum of twenty five dollars, being
the proportion of each as equal co-owners, within
ninety days from the first publication or this
notice, your interest or the interest of the one
defaulting will be forfeited to me according to
law. Said mine Is situated In tho Tevls Mining
uistrlct, on tho North slope ot the Dos Cabezas
range of mountains.
Dated July 9th, 1882. JyliSm
ParapiAxle Grease.
Grease now in ute. It never gams, and kee is
the axle clean and smooth. Illsunrlvalltdtorcol
lar gall, scratches or other bruises on horses. Or
der it from )our storekcep 1- r, and If he has it not
tell him to send for it to TITCOMB c&CO ,
Sole Agents, No. 225 Sacramento St , San
eclso, California.
Slioe Store
(EtTlELUUEll 1858.)
K.ON.73S nd 7iO JMItllKT .STJtK KT,
lict. Dupont and Kenrny.
-Solcagcntsfortheelegaut DORE, PARIS
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ItUN House Illofl;, San Franrlien 'al.
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On the Pacific Coast. Buyers in the country can
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ed by express, by mall or In person. This honse
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FranclHco. . ml2
San Francisco.
Q. n.
Of Jesse Moore
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Moore, Hunt & Co.,
No, 417 & 419 Market'St.,
Between First & Fremont Streets, San Francisco, California,
Moore, Hunt & Co,, Sole Agents for the Pacific Coast.
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It brand, bbls andhfhbls, per gal 3M
C brand, bbls and hfbbls, per gal 3 00
No. 1 brand, bbls and hf blls. per gal tW
Rye, bbls and hfbbis, per gal 3S04 00
Deduction or 25 cts pr gal on lots of 5 bbls.
AA brand in lis, 1 doz to case, 5 to gal 1100
A A brand, 5 cases, 1 doz to case, S to gal.... 10 50
AA brand, 10 cs, 1 doz to case, do 19 00
AA do pint Basks, 2 dox to case 13 00
AA do Scases, pt flasks, 2 dez to case.... 12 50
C brand, 1 doz, 5 to gal 8S0
C do 5 eases, 5 to gal 825
Judicial District of tbo Territory of Arizona,
in and for the Countyof Cochise, Patr'ck Harring
ton, Plaiutill, vs. James S. Clark, JoLu V. Ronse
and John J. Anderson, Dilcndants. Atlon
brought in the District Court of II10 Flr-1 Juiiclal
District ol the Te rltorv ol Alisons, lu .nu lur Hit
CountyolCochlse, ami" thi- tmnphn'il lllei' In the
said County of Coch se, 11 the othc-o) lK-i lerk
of said District Court. 'ihtTcrntoi) ot Arizona
sends gilding to James S. Clark, John D. Rouse,
and John J." Anderson, DcfuLdiiji" You are
hereby required to appear In an actimi brought
aguii stjouby the above rained Plaintiu, lu the
District Court orthcFirst Judicial District ofihe
Tenlt.ry of Arizona, lu and mr the Cojuty 01
Cothise, and to answer thecoiuplalut filed therein,
within twenty daj s (exclusive of the day of ser
vice), afier the service on you of this Krmmons (If
served within this couuty; or if fervid out ol this
county, but In thie district, within thirty days:
otherwise within forty days), or Judgment by de
laultvvlllbe taken against von aciordingtothe
prayer of said complaint. The said act.on Is
brought to obtain a decree adjudging that docld
aatshold the legal title to certain leal estate In
teCity ol Tombstone, Cochise County, A.T.,
as trustees in trust for the u-e and benefit ot
plaintiff, that defendants within such time and In
such terms as the court may deem just, make
deed of said property to plaintiff, to quiet plain
tiff's title thereto for costs andgcueral relief, all
of which morclully appears by reference to the
complaint on file herein; satd real estate is de
scribed as Lots 23 and 21 in block 17, according to
the original map or Tombstone, made by Solon
11. AUU, March 51 h, 1879. And you are hereby
notified that if you fall to appear and answer the
said complaint, as above required, the said plain
tiff will take Judgment by default and apply to the
Court for tne relltr demanded In the com plaint,
biven under nn hand and heal or the District.
Court or the Fifnt Judicial District or the Terri
tory or Ari7ona, in and ror the Couuty ol Cochise,
this 13th day ot April, in the year of our Loidoue
thousand eight hunrind and eigtwo.
Iseal.J W.II. SbAMANS,
By E. 11. Cauk, Deput
First Publication May 20, 18S2.J
Application Xo. 201 for a Patent , to
the Baker Mining; Claim.,.
U sou, Arizona, May 9, 1882. Notice Is'hereby
given that Albert c. Bilicke, Fordyce" Koper.
Theodore F. White, FhillipJIose, William h! "
Harrison, James 8. McCoy, and John Wasson, by
F. G.Burk their attorney, whose postofllce ad
dress is Tombstone, A. T., have filed their appli
cation foi a patent for 1305 linear feet of the Baker
mine or vttn, bearing gold and silver ui d other
minciais, Willi smtuie giotn d 550 ieet In width,
sltuatulni ihe Timbstou. liming District, Ce
chise couutv, Arizo. a, "na rithl-iuatid by the
field notes und ottiiiul plttnn file in Ibis office is
Lot No 12!. Said Lot No. 123 beingas follows to
wit: BeginutLgat the initial rnonunicnt.u post
4x4 let-us 5 fm lone in mound urstrnes, marked
S. M Bak 1 11. C. No. 1, 'ioui which a shlt4x6
fiet, : feet deep bta-a suuth 10 rut distant;
thtioMuu uorlhSl 08 last ru the line to north
east cenlir. of claim MB lect lo a 4x4 inch post 5
feit long lu a monument of stones, maraedfll. M.
C. No. 2; from which U.S. It. It. No. X bears
north 70 26 cast, 4626 feet distant: thence north
36 37' west 235 feet, loa posx4 Inches 5 feet long,
In a monument of stone and earth, marked B. 11.
C. No. 3: thence south 52 55' west 821 feet to
Intersect wltb the wtst side line of the Sllvar
Cable 11. C, at a point north 713 feet from a 4x4
inch post maikcd 8. C. M. C. No. 3, at 1306 Ieet
samcconise south 52 55' west to southwest cor
ner ol claim to post 4 inches square, 5 feet long, In
monument of stone and earlb, marked li.M.C.
No 4; thence south 3C 37' east, 250 feet along the
southwest end line or claim to a post 4 Inches
square, 5 fiet long, iu a mnuiid of earth and stone,
marked B. M C No. 5; theuce along same lint at
550 feet to southeast corntr to post 4 Inches
square, 5 feet long In mound of stone marked B.
11. C No. 6; lbtr.ee north 51 30' east along
southeast side line of claim '0 5 feet to Intersect
west side line of Silver Cable M.C., Lot No. 92, at
a point noith 24 feet distant, to a post marked S.
C. M. C. No. 3. at 772 reet to east side line of BIN
ver Cable M. C, at a point north 2 if west, 242
feet distant from post marked S. CM. C Nu. 4,
at 1045 Ieet to south side line of Eagle Mining
Claim, at u point south HO' 55' east, 302 5 feet dis
tant from a post mantcd S. W. cor. Eagle, contin
uing on southeast liue north 51 30' east at 1304
feet to post 4 luches square, 5 feel long, in mound
of stone andCkrth, rauiked II M.C.No. 7; thence
north 30' 37' west 283 to post No. 2, to place of
beginning purvey of exterior boundaries of claim,
containing 10 00 acres, or which the followlngcon
fllcts occur: 1st, The Delhi II. C, lot No. 104, of
0 33acns; 2d, The Eagle Mluinrclalm east of the
Silver Cable line, not included In the Delhi, con
flict 391 acres; 3d, Conflict with Silver Cable M.
C.8.31 acres. Total amount coveted by conflict
12 28 acres, which leaves area claimed 3.72 acres.
Magnetic variation 1125' east. The location of
this mine is ri curded in the Recorder's Office for
Cochise Count), A. T., Books, page 63, records
of mines trarsmittcd.
Any anc all persons claiming adversely any por
tion of said Baker mine or surface ground are re
quired to file their adverse claim with the Register
of the United States Land Office at Tucson, Ari
zona, during the sixty days period ot publication
hereof, or they will be barred by v irtue of the pro
visions of the Statute.
F. G. BURK, Att'y lor Applicants, Tombstone,
It is hereby ordered that the foregoing notice bt
published for the period ot sixty days (ten consec
utive weeks) lu the Epitaph, a we-ikly newspaper
published at Tombstone, A. T., which paper is
hereby designated by me as published nearest tucn.
claim. HENRY COUSINS, Register,
Xotico of forfeiture,
County of Cochise, July 1, 1882. To the
heirs, executors, administrators or assigns of
Matthias Vollmer, deceased. You are hereby noti
fied that I have Expended one hundred dollars
In labor and Improvements nn each of the follow
ing namid mining claims: Columbia, Saratoga,
Green Jacket and Vesuvius, situated in Cochise
Mining District, County of Cochise, Territory or
Arizona, and ,owned by said Mathias Vollmer,
C. F, Hauke, and J. It. Kenntay, espies
ol notices of locations b Ing rece'ded In the
records or Cochise Co., Arixona. In ordsr to bold
said premises under the provisions ot aoclien
232), Revised statutes ot the Unltsd States, being
the amount required to hold the same for the yatr
A. D. 1881. And if within ninety days afur this
notice by publication, you fall or reluse to con
tribute your proper proportion of such expen
diture as co owners, your interest In said claims,
will become the property of the snbscrlhw nr.
der saU section 2321. J. R KENNEDY.
Jy6 3m vv
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tcd Price-Lift
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terofl881. Free to any address. Con
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rdtrinrlt. It conUtn If olftd ptU 0 tf(t'lBt,
boat K , mi ol I dweriptto", pilrat sa dlrMttmi fet
flutter lWTUbitiierVpOuaal """ iit, Fll
Fnilt Trui. (te. lnTJkl U sit. Htdff Vrm mtj
will U fousd tium iilusto pbittaf latti 'hmmub
tbou irrawo firtMr Son Ik. Tf mil a ipMltll; f nppljtM
D. M. FBBY W, Detroit, ait.
& Co , Louisville, Ky,
ban Francises.
C do 10 cases, 5togal 800
In bond In Kentucky, Springof '80 J
do do do do do .........
Crown hrind, 1 case, 5to gal $ 8 0"
do do 5 do do 1 'J)
Crown brand, 10 cases, 5 to gal 7 Od
Crown brand, pints, 2 doz to case 8 60
Crown brand, 2 io to case, 5 cases 8 1
Crown brand, pints, 2 doz to case, locates.. 8 00
Anchor Champagne, pints, 5 doz 8 50
do do quarts, 1 do..... 7 60
r ru

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