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VOL.-1V. NO. 10.
Wylie Knulm Ingersoll.
Washington, Sept. 9. Judge
Wylie, in further instructing the
jury this morning, said: "I wish you
to believo that if tlieso defendants, or
any of them, aro guilty of this con
spiracy, that one step is settled.
When you reaoh that conclusion sink
a post there, and that question be
comes settlod. The next ono is as to
overt nets, and thoro aro forty or fifty
pages ot tins and comment employod
in scenting out the distinct overt acts.
Any one of those overt acts is cor-"
rectly set out, and if such an act cor
responds with the indictment it is
euough, though all othors may bo in
correctly set out." Ingersoll said:
"1 would like the court to further in
struct tho jury that it is impossible
to make one defendant responsible
for the acs of any other, unless the
-fact of a conspiracy has bcou estab
lished beyond a reasonable doubt."
"And further," exclaimed tho Judge,
decidedly, " I am not going to have
this question argued any more. This
is a talk between the jury and my
self. The time for argument has
passed. In regard to overt acts on
(na 7Arvriillirrft nrwl Qmnv fnll sit.n
iw f .iitiiiiiwii uiiu ciuua iau iuutCi
if there bo a paper in the case re
quiring interpretation, that interpre
tation belongs to tho court, and
there is no question between court
and jury on such a proposition as
that, and it is absolutely tho business
of the court to interpret written in
struments." The counsel for tho de
fense excepted to almost every word
the Judge uttered, nd Judgo Wylio
remarked : " Of course if you don't
like the law, every word I say is ob
jectionable to you; if I make mis
takes, howover, you have the right to
appeal." At 2 o'clock, the jury not
being ready to report, a further re
cestg was taken until G o'clook.
The Jnry Iteport.
Washington, Sept. 9. At ten
o'clock this morning tl o jury in tho
Star route cases reported they had
been unable to agree, and asked fur
ther instructions. Judge Wylio in
structed them at considerable length,
and they returned. They will report
again at two o'olock.
Washington, Sept. 9 Shortly
after six o'clock the jury in the Star
route cases came jnto court and re
ported that they had agreed upon a
verdict only as to some of the de
fendants. Tho court refused to ac
cept such a verdict, and the jury
were directed to retire for further
deliberation, despite the opposition
of Col. Ingersoll, who held that those
persons whom tho jury already found
to be innocent should be discharged
at once. A recess was then taken
until seven o'clock to-morrow morn
ing. Coat of the Trials.
Washington, Sept. 9. It is stated
that the total cost of the Star route
trials will be over $8,000,000.
The Vermont Election,
White River Junction, Vt.,
Sept. 9. A careful computation
made to-day from official returns, by
clerks and other reliablo sources, on
the gubernational vote of tho 240
towns so far received, gives to .Bar
astow, Republican, 35,152; Easton,
Democrat, 14,107; Martin, Green
backer, 1,391; making Barstow's
majority 19,G52. There aro 100
towns to hear from. On the gover
national ratio of these towns, those
to hear from will make Bar&tow's
majority 20,000. In tho first district
with two towns to hear from, Stewart
Republican, 9.58G; second district,
seven towns to hear from, gives
Poland, Republiican, a majority of
The Earthqnake at Panama.
New York, Sept. 9. The New
York Herald's special says: The
effects of tho earthquake are very
severe on the wholc Ten miles of
the Panama railroad are impassable.
Bridges are damaged and abutments
cracked. cTho damage amounts to
over $100,000. Tho rails were bent
in places by the earthquake; in other
places the track was sunken. The
stone freight building at Aspinwall,
is reported destroyed. Ono man was
killed there, and several injurod.
Several small shocks occured during
the day in Panama, yesterday. An
other at 3 o'clook this morning
brought down more ruins. There
were no lives lost in Panama. Tho
ocean at G a. m., at Aspinwall and
Panama was quiet.
A Pretty OrtlcUl.
Putnam, Conn., Sept., Intonso
excitement has been created by the
arrest of G. F. Widom, trial justiee
and deputy United States marshal,
on a charge of burning a block of
stores, to defraud tho insuranco com
panies. The trial developed the fact
that tho accused has for yo.irs been
connected with a gang of bank
thieves of Boston. He confessed
that almost from his cradle he has
been an incendiary and thief.
Progress of Yellow jack.
Brownsville, Sept. 9. Seventy
nine new cases of yellow fever to
day and four deaths, throe Mexicans
and Colonel J. D. Grosly. There are
five cases In Fort Brown. In Mata
moras the fever is decreasing. Throe
deaths thero to-day. Tho weather is
cloudy and a norther blowing.
Phnsacola, Fla., Sept. 9. Thir
teen new cases of yellow fovcr and
wo deaths, within tho past 34 hours.
Denver, Col., Sept. 9. Tho Utah
division of the Denver & Rio Grando
railway was completed to day to
Montrose on the Uncompahgro river,
352 miles from Denver. The link
necessary to connect, the Colorada
and Utah systems is now reduced to
275 miles, for which distance work
will bo vigorously prosecuted.
IHptheriu iu Virginia
Richmond, Va., Sept., 9. Reports
from Spotsylvania county, statu that
dipthena is prevailing to an alarniinjj
extent. In some cases whole families
have been carried off.
The Star Itonte Hans.
Washington, September 11. At
fivo minutes past two tho Jury en
tered and through tho foreman re
ported that they were unable to
agree. Tho court stated it had como
to the conclusion to accept a partial
verdict. The roll of tho defendants
was called and all answered "here."
Tho jury then rendored a verdict of
acquittal as to Turner and Pock and
guilty as to Miner and Rerodoll. . As
to tho others they wore unable to
On objection of Merrick, Pe'ck had
not been arraigned and consequently
could not bo included in the verdict.
The foreman repeated tho report as
to tho others but left out the name
of Peck. Tne jurv were then dis
charged and Henkle and Williams
for Miner and Reredell respectively
moved for an arrest of judgement
and for a new trial.
That public curiosity in regard to
tho Star Route trial has not abated
was manifested by tho large crowd
which throngod tho court room this
morning. Miner, Reredel, Turner,
Vaile and J. W. Dorsey were in at
tendance and the Judgo having
taken his seat tho session of Friday
closed and tho session ofMonday was
enterod upon. The jury entered,
looking fatigued and generally worn
out. in answer to the question of tho
clerk whether thoy agroed upon a
verdict, foreman Dikson said "Wo
report that the jury stands the sarao
as they did when the report was
made Saturday.
Washington, September 12. Af
ter an angry passage botween Ingor
soll and Merrick, and earnest state
ments on both sides, of an intent to
probe the matter to the bottom, the
court adjournod until Wednesday,
when argument on tho motion to ar
rest judgment, will bo heard. Ono
of tho jurors says, as to all defend
ants, with the exception of Turner,
tho vote stood for conviction eight,
and for acquittal four. Tho final bal
lot stood as to Brady, conviction,
Ion, and for acquittal, two. Tho
voto as to S. W. Dorsey, stood nine
for conviction, and three for acquit
tal. The voto as to J. W. Dorsey,
stood ton for conviction, and two for
acquittal. Tho voto as to Vail stood
eleven for conviction and ono for ao
quittal. Tho 3Ialuo Election.
Portland, September 11. At
11:30 o'clook tallies show quarter
of city voto to be standing with
a Republican majority for governor
of 48; in 80 it was 185, so tho pre
sent majority indicates a substantial
At Calais tho election is progress
ing quietly. Robio will carry tho
city by from 300 to 400 majority.
At Damaris Cotta many Greenback
ers are voting the straight Ropubli
can ticket. Dexter reports gains for
tho Republicans. At Gardiner a full
vote will bo polled. Betting is near
two to ono in favor of Robie. Tho
Republicans will probably elect the
representative to the legislature, al.
though there is strong opposition.
3 p. m. Tallies show that two
thirds of the Portland voto stands;
Republican, 2,483; Democratic, 2,
139. A Republican majority of 344
against 185 total last year. The In
dependent Republican and Green
back vote is insignificant and may be
considered simply scattering.
X.KWISTON, Sopt. 11 The vote
at 1 o'clock stood: Robie, 1042;
Plaisted, 8G5.
Auburn, Sept. 11. Four down
town wards give Robie 733, and
Plaisted 577. Brunswick voting is
progressing quietly. The indications
are that about an average vote will
bo thrown with very little gain by
either party.
Augusta, Sept. 11. The election
hero is progressing quietly. Quito a
heavy vote is being polled. Tho
Rtpublican? aro swoeping qvery
ward at tho rate of two to one. A
heavy voto is polled.
Belfast, Sept. 11. The intorest
is very animated here, and a larger
vote than over before is being cast.
The Republicans are gaining largoly.
BiDDKFORD,Sopt. 11. Up to noon
only about ono third of the total vote
cast will be thrown. The vote So
tween Plaisted and Robie is very
close. Very few straight Groenback,
Independent or Temperance votes
being cast.
Suplclous Death.
Portland, Or., Septcmbor 11.
Tho Oregonian's Salem special says:
At about 1 o'clock this morning, the
wifo of John C. Long was shot dead.
Long awakened tho neighbors, who
found Mrs. Long in her night clothes,
with a bullet hole in both temples.
At tho inqnest, the husband testified
that his wife committed suicide,
though the examination showed con
clusively that she could not have
fired tho shot. Long and Bingham,
a lodger, were placed under arrest.
The Pedro Jlinlng; Company.
San Francisco, September 11.
The Pedro Consolidated Mining
Compny of Tombstone, Arizona,
which w.is incorporated List week,
has been organised by electing John
Landers, President; J. Stadfeldt,
Jr., Secretary; Donohoe, Kelly &
Co., Treasurer; C. G.Bilicke, Super
tendent. The following Executive
Committee' was appointed: John
Landers, P. J. McMurray and A. M.
Lawler. Tho company is organized
on a basis of $G0,000, fully paidup
stock. The property consists of "six
Major Iteno Heard From.
Chicaoo, September 11. A Cape
May special says: Major Reno, who
has been lost sight of since his dis
missal from the army, turns up here
as the escort and dovotcd attendant
of a Philadelphia widow, who was
engaged to a Philadelphia broker
named W. C. Howell. Tho latter
compelled his alliance to dismiss
Reno, and was challenged by the
dashing ex-military " masher." How
ell is likely to accept the challenge,
but may be thrashed .openly, as
Reno is very mad and a much larger
man than 1 Lowell.
Alarm In u Church.
Cincinnati, September 11. A
children's mass iu St. Thomas' church
this morning, there was a panic caus
ed by a neighboring fire and several
hundred children becamo involved in
a scramble iu which some were seri
ously biuisod but none killed.
International Controversy.
Roue, September 11. A conflict
of jurisdiction in Tunis, between
Italy and France is considered inci
dent of the gravest character tender
ing aggravated and restrained rela
tions between the two countries.
Itnllrond Inspectors.
Chicago, Ills., September 11.
Forty prominent Chicagoers started
this morning to inspect the Mexican
Central Railroad at its opening from
El Paso to Chihuahua.
nenvy Failure.
London, Septembor 11. Samuel
Clay, a railway carriage maker of
Long Eaton, Derbyshire, has failed;
liabilties 200,000 pounds.
Severe Storm.
New York, Sept. 11. A heavy
wind and rain storm did much dam
age to the river front basements.
The ainlne Election.
Portland, Me-, Septombor 12.
Twenty towns give Robie 46,429;
Plaisted, 38.G85; Chase, G53: Vinton,
192; scattering 163, against in 1880,
Davis, 47,025; Plaisted, 44,593; Joy,
109; Nye, 23; scattering G4. Robie"'s
plurality is 7,744; against 2,232;
Republican gain of 5,312. The
tows to be heard from gave in 1880,
Davis 20,51 9; Plaisted, 19,177; Joy,
20; scattering 8. If tho Re
publican gains in those towns are iu
the same ratio as the vote received,
the total voto will stand Robie 72,683;
Plaisted, G2,924; scattering votes
161, Robie's plurality will bo 8,759.
Of tho scattering votes, Solon Chase,
straight Greenbacker, should have
about 1,000, and Vinton, Independ
ent Republican, about 300. The
Republican Congressmen aro all four
elected by nearly tho same plurality.
A gain of two Congressmen, or net
gain of one, allowing for one lost by
tho new apportiontment. Returns for
Legislature, show a net Republican
gain of six Senators and fourteen
Representatives giving tho Repub
licans the mojority on joint ballot.
Colorado Notes.
Denver, Col., Sept., 12. The
Crescent mills and elevator were
burned this morning,. An estimated
loss of $225,000. Fully insured.
They were tho largest in tho state
and full of grain. It is thought the
fire originated from a spark from the
lime kiln across the street, which
burned early in the evening.
Denver, Sept 12. Arthur Brooks,
a prominent stock broker of Rich
mond, Ind., was arrested hero to-dayrt
ror tne murder o Thomas L. Gauze,
at Richmond, August 29. He con
fessed. George Nosbit, a ranchman living
in Tularosa Canyon, started for Las
Cruzes in a wagon, accompanied by
his wife, Miss Woods and a stranger.
The bodies of the three wero found
to-day. It is thought that Nesbit,
who had been drinking, murdered
them and then drove off, a he has
not been heard of since.
A Sovel ICallronil Disaster.
San Francisco, September 12
Last evening tho traok of the South
Pacific Coast road sank under a
freight train on tho tide land between
Alameda and San Leandro. The
engine was overturned and the cars
piled on it. Brakeman, Daly was
killed. The fireman Dan Dnscoll,
was caught under tho engine. He
retained full consciousness. Tho tide
rising, his comrades tried to move
him, but without avail. They threw
upthelcveo around his head and
bailed out tho rising water for two
hours. When tho levee broke, they
raised his head as far as possible,
while the water slowly crept over his
face and he drowned in their arms.
Mall letriycd.
" New York, September 12. At
half-past 9 o'clock this morning, a
firo was discovered in the mail-room
of tho steamship Alaska, where
three hundred sacks of mail matter
from Australia, which arrived here
from San Francisco on Monday, had
been deposited. Ten sacks of nows
papers and two of letters were par
tially destroyed beforo tho fire was
'discovered. It is believed that the
firo was caused by some combustible
matter included in one of tho sacks.
A lough Wtate or AlTnlr.
Fayette, Ark., 12.--A terrible
stato of lawlessness exists in the
southern part ol the btate. Recent
ly a United States Marshal and a
posse in attempting to anvst two
or three bad 'characters at the house
of Jeff Gillian, wore fired upon and
two of them wounded. Since then
tho members of the posse have been
fired upon mysteriously aud aro in
constant tear. Last Friday night,
an old emigrant camiied on the road
side, with a little boy, and was
killed by Jim Webb without the
slighest provocation. Since then
tho citizens have become aroused,
and tho Sheriff, with a posse of two
nunureu cuizer.s are scouting the
country. Two men have been ar
rested, but Webb has noc been found.
Another Hank Busted.
Richmond, Va., September 12.
The Richmond Banking and Insur
ance Company this morning posted
at their counter the following notice:
' The President aud Board of Di
rectors are compelled to suspend
busine!r for the present. Tiustees
will be appointed, and it is be
lieved that depositors will receive
dollar for dollar. (Signed.) John
B. Davis, President." The bank of
ficers stato that the cause of suspen
sion is duo to a number of large
depositors recently withdrawing
funds, which action so materially
contracted and embarrassed business
that they were forced to the step
The Color Line.
East St. Louis, September 12.
There is much trouble here on ac
count of the action of the school
ooaru in reiusmg colored scholars
permission to enter the white schools
They have built a school house for
colored scholars, but the latter object
to tho location, and refuse to go, ap
plying to the regular school, where
admittance is refused. Several street
fights resulted, and tho schools have
been twice closed, the white children
being afraid to go. The excitement
is increasing.
Searching for Chlpp's rorty.
Washington, D. C, Sept. 12.
Lieutenant G. Harbar writes from
Yakutu, Juno 22: I have reached a
hut called Matvri, near the centre of
Lena Delta, about July 3. Hero I
will establish a provision depot and
at once commence search for people
who were in Lieut. Chipps cutter.
I propose now to make our first
search to westward of tho depot
it will probably occupy tho greatest
part af July. During August I will
search eastward as far as Keanarria
if necessary.
IMekson's Little Piece.
Washington, Sept. 12. Foreman
Dickson, in an interview, urges Mer
rick to reform the department of
justice of its numerous abuses and
scandals instead of attaoking his in
tegrity, tie denounces as newspaper
lies the stories of the jury lunching
and bickering with the defendants.
He tells a long story of the manner
in which shooters and testers pur
sued the jury, and how some of them
were snubbed by the jurors.
Severe Storms tn Dixie.
Columbus, Ga., September 12.
Much damage was caused to cotton
and corn by tho storm Saturday
night and Sunday. Fences were
blown down and forests uprooted.
Lynchburg, Va., September 12.
The rains yesterday and last night,
caused a great rise in the Jamer river
and tributeries. Streams are over
flowing the lowlands and destroying
Political Economists-
Cresson Springs, Penn.. Septem
ber 12. Tho National Convention
of iron and steel manufactureis and
iron ore producers wag called to con
sider the duty on iron and steel
and to adopt a tariff, whioh will be
submitted to the Commission which
meets this afternoon.
An Embarrassed City.
Milwaukee, September 12. The
city is in financial straits owing to
the gross mismanagement of former
officials and concealment by the pres
ent ones of their neglect. There is
no money to carry out the necessary
improvements or pay interest until
next year.
A Ills Hani.
WEsr Brighton, Staten Island,
ocpr. ix. uurgiars got $i-i,uou in
cash and bonds from Edward and
Owen McGordoy, brothers, by open
ing a safe while they were away.
Ten thousand dollars in bondsJJ were
A Communication from Hill Xje.
Laramie, Wyoming, September
12. Kitty Stewart, the Cherokee
brido of Bronco Sam, a prominent
rancher of Colorado, died this morn
ing. While in a jealous mood, Sam
shot her and then killed himself.
A Jersey Cyclone.
Atlantic City, N. J., Soptember
12 A cyclone struck this town
this morning, uprooting trees and
demolishing fences. Considniabft
damage was done.
Hurrah for Tombstone.
San Francisco, Soptember 12.
Contention has declared a dividend
of twenty-five cents per share.
Business Failures.
Concord, N. H., Septembor 12.
Several failures are reported at the
New York Produce Exchange on ac
count of a decline in breadstuffs
and provisions.
Wutchinc the Enemy.
Kassassin, Sept. 12 Wolseley,
by personal rcconnoissance to-day,
got a clear idea of tho enemy's posi
tion. A battle is now expected.
War .Vote.
Kassassin, Sept. 12. The cam
paign has demonstrated the vast
superiority of the Schiapned over the
Krupp Prussian shells. Tho English
fired without haste, as the consump
tion of ammunition by rifles averaged
eight pounds per man. The English
soldiers showed great kindness to
wounded Egyptians. Many gave
away their water-bottles, which,
under such sun, were a prime neces
sity lor their own use. The prison
ers all expected instant death.
A Happy Family.
Lewiston, September 12. James
A. Arnett, a prominent farmer, quar
reled with his wife and son, Jacob,
about his (Arnett's) scandalous rela
tions with a young widow, and as a
scuffle was proceeding, a younger
son, Cyrus, rushed in with a revolver
and shot Arnett fatally. At last ac
counts ho was still alive.
OkAHA, Sept. 12 The State Anti
Prohibitionists met here yesterday
'with a largo attendance. Resolu
tions were adopted against voting
for prohibitionist candidates, and re
quiring all who receive support of
the convention to give a pledge to
work against prohibition.
A Passenger Train Attacked.
Parson, Kan., Sept. 12 Reports
aie received of an unsuccessful at
tempt to rob tho north bound Mis
souri Pacific train in Indian territory,
about midnight. In the encounter
Conductor Chick Warner was shot,
probably fatally. Warner killed ono
More Trickery,
Independence, Mo., September
12 Mrs. Wm. Vail, wife of the
Star-route Vail, has gone to join her
husband in Washington. The resi
dence was conveyed to her to-day
by deed; consideration, about $22,
000, which is about one-third its
England and Turkey.
Constantinople, Sept. 12 The
grand council was summoned yester
day to discuss tho relations between
Turkey and England, and decided
that tho military convention must
clearly indicate the landing place of
Turkish troops in Egypt.
Republican Estimates.
Poriland, Maine, September 12.
The Daily Advertiser makes a
careful estimate of tho Legislature,
as follows: Senate Republicans,
28; Fusion, 3. House Republi
cans, 87; Fusion, 64.
Lost At Sea.
New Orleans, Sept. 12. An
American bark and ship were lost off
Port Eads. The crew ot the latter
were saved. Nothing heard of the
crew of the bark.
A Ilattle In Progress.
London, Sept. 9. The News
ceived the following account to-day
of a light at Kassassin:
Kassassin, Sept. 9, 9:20 a. m.
After G o'clock this morning the Ben
gal lancers and scouts came in
with news that the onemy was ap
proaching in great force on tho north
side of the railway. Our army was
at once put in motion, and by seven
o'clock an artillery duel began with
Arabi's troops. All our guns are
spread over the entiro ridge, and a
mile and a half up the line a train,
heavily armed, has appeared. Close
to where I stand our forty-pounders
and Krupp guns are placed, shelling
the enemy's right. There is a 25
pounder a few hundred yards off,
playing on the same position. We
have the enemy's range exactly, our
shells bursting right over their ranks.
The Egyptian artillery have got our
distance very well, and their shells
aro dropping steadily into our camp.
Up to this moment no casualties
have occurred. Reinforcements are
just coming up from Mishames. A'
Krupp gun recently captured from
Arabi sent a shell nearly in front of
his train. Our infantry is advancing
and the enemy slowly retreating.
The English Account.
London, Sep. 9. Gen. Wolseley
telegraphs the War Office from a
point three and a half miles west of
Kassassin Look, tho following: Sept.
9, noon The enemy reconnoitred
our advanced posts with considera
ble force. All were armed at day
break this morning. General Wills
advanced and attacked them, driving
thom back with loss. We have taken
four guns. Our loss very trifling.
The enemy have retired "into their
forts from which they are now firing.
Kassassin, Sept. 9. The attack of
the onemy has been repulsed, but
firing still continues along the front,
which extends a distance of three
miles. All the troops are out from
tl e British camp, and the wounded
are now being brought in, but tho
total casualties are not yet exactly
known. The British loss, at a rough
estimate, is about 100 killed and
wounded. Many shells fell in tho
British camp before the enemy was
The Chinese Talking a Hand.
London, Sept. 9. Pekin dis
patches of tho 5th state that the Chi
nese have reinstated the king of Co
rea, and seized his father, who had
usurped tho throne, and taken him to
Want It Private.
Limerick, Sept. 9. Tho authori
ties have refused to permit any re
porter to bo present at the execu
tion of Haynes. .
Candidates are getting anxious.
Teitle has taken to letter uriting.
God help him.
The Courier is ono
papers in Arizona.
of the ablest
Delegate Oury will soon
the campaign, at Prescott.
The Independents aro the nymphs
du pave of Arizona politics.
Narrow minds, ignorance and in
gratitude go hand in hand.
Tombstone District is filling up
with now mines and mining districts.
How charmingly disinterested
most reformers are. Quite poetically
Those on the Great Register last
year, cannot voto unless they re
The Republicans of Arizona aro
not suffering from an overdose of
The nominees of the Democratic
convention will be the next officers
of Cochise county.
Nincompoops and cranks should
not be entrusted with tho manage
ment of public affairs.
Wk never take medicine, except
from a competent doctor strong
enough to administer it.
Those indebtod to the Epitaph
will please remember that it takes
money to run a newspaper.
The Epitaph proposes to preserve
its dignity, no matter how heated
the campaign may become.
A good deal is said about
Ring. Who is it, what is it,
what does it do for a livelihood ?
It is rumored that Porter has tho
gout. The shock of Oury's political
battery will soon limber him up.
The Tombstone journals contain
morn original matter than those of
any other section of the Territory.
At the Democratic convention,
the nomination of precinct officers
should be left to the precinct delega- J
The citizens of Prescott are being
badly held up by foot-pads. Thero
is not enough employment to fit the
The clerk of the Board of Super
visors should havo published a list of
precincts in tho county, and the reg
istering officers thereat.
Gen. Crook is polishing up his
sword, preparatory to exterminating
the Apaches. If ho succeeds, the
Epitaph will do its best to write him
into a Major Generalship.
A thorough and vigorous investi
gation of the charges made by Judge
Wylie regarding tho attempted brib
ery of the star route jury is now in
This journal is published in the
interest of the public, and will not
descend to personalties; neither will
it attack the private character of
As soon as the Democratic nomina
tions are made, the editor of the
Epitaph will make a tour over the
county. Ho would have started
sooner, but was afraid that somo des
sicated idiot might accuse him of
electioneering for some ambitious
Now that the Independent has
swung into line, there will no doubt
be a wholesale slaughter of corrupt
county officials and rinjjs. In the
interest of true reform, of courso
there will be no favoritism shown
no predelictious in the way of a
clean sweep of tho Augean stables.
The Miner should not forget that
Wm. M. Buffum, who is a Republi
can, is also a member of the Terri
torial Prison ring. The question at
issue iu the premises, is simply a
matter of official fraud and corrup
tion that should be ventilated by the
press, and investigated by the Ipgis
lature. Some of tho Arizona journals
seem to delight iu abusing each
other. It may be nin'for tho editors,
but the public generally looks for
news. Belligerent journalists should
settle their differences in the good
old-fashioned way, and not annov
their neighbers like a lot of scolding
During our management of tho
Epitaph we have endeavored to so
conduct it, that it might be, to the
public, an exponent of news and
ideas. Under the old regime this
city was kept in a ferment of excite
ment and agitation, that indirectly
led to disturbances of tho peace and
crimes. Tombstone acquired c rep
utation for lawlessness that reverted
against the prosperity of the camp,
and the latter is only beginning to
recover its natural buoyancy. Rec
ognizing these facts, we havo care-
lully avoided agitation
of dead
it the
issues, believing
of a public
and protect the
private and public interests of the
community in which it is located.
Tho result of this course of the Epi
taph has been good in tho fact that
there is to-day nn entire absenno of.
lawlessness throughout the county.
Investors are not kept away through
fear, hitherto idle mines are being
developed and all classes of business
consequently are reaping a good
profit. We have been urged to at
tack various interests and persons,
but have steadily refused because
the requests havo been traced to sel
fish motives, and wo believed the
best interests of tho business men of
this city would be subserved by an
entire cessation of injurious recrim
inations. Tho camp is now in an
exceedingly healthy condition. The
bullion producing mines never look
ed better nor yielded more, and in
almost every direction now and rich
strikes are being constantly made.
With all these facts existing, it would
certainly bo suicidal for this, or any
other local journal to do ought that
would tend to cloud existing pros
perity. Politically, the Epitaph will
sustain the principles it belives in,
rationally 'and reasonably, insulting
no one and fearing none. It will
support or oppose candidates in a
dignified and firm manner, upon
their public records, leaving their
private characters to their Maker.
The jury report in the star route
cases was exactly what every intelli
gent citizen in the country anticipated
since the commencement of the legal
comedy. The jury disagree in the
principal cases. Two of the lesser
thieves, whose money sacks were
not very extensive, aro found guilty,
ono figurehead was acquitted, and
the Dorseys and Brady stand in the
same position they did before the
trial began. It is reported that in
tho case of J. W. Dorsey and Brady
the jury stood ten for conviction and
two for acquittal, and slippery Stove
walked forth, with nine of the jurors
declaring' him guilty, while three
professed to believo in his innocence.
It would be interesting to learn the
exact amount it cost the conspira
tors to buy tho jury. We have no
doubt but that the two or three men
who held out and cheated the peni
tentiary out of a couple of prominent
lodgers were well paid for their labor.
The freedom with which the jurors
and defendants mixed together,
dined and wined, and hsd good times,
was a subject of scandal in Washing
ton for a month back. Even
the judge on the bench found
it necessary to rebuke the
shameful attempts made to
buy the jury bodily. As it is, there
is not a doubt but that thn conspira
tors got their work in on at least
three of them. The record is indeed
shameful. There is not a sensible
man in the country, but believes that
Brady and the Dorseys were guilty
of entering into a conspiracy to
cheat the Government; yet, in the
face of this fact, the are turned
loose, or the next thing to it, for a
jury disagreement now-a-days is as
good as an acquittal. The trial cost
the Government $8,000,000, and all
its powers were introduced to pun
ish the rascals, yet, in the face of
all this, the graceful sliding of a few
thousand dollars into the pockets of
a juror, can defeat the most perfect
legal machinery known to civiliza
tion. Of course, the result of tho
trial, will lessen the respect for law,
and skeptics will again reiterate
that only poor criminals can be sent
to jail. And who can successfully
deny tho truth of the assertions?
How many of us now living haw
seen wealthy criminals whipped In
law ? All sensible citizens will ad
mit that the system is sound in the
abstract, and cannot be impeached
without resorting to corruption.
Tho jury system is slowly, but sure
ly, getting into disrepute, yet who
can suggest a better plan?

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