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Tombstone weekly epitaph. [volume] (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1882-1887, September 23, 1882, Image 3

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.4 jfiinly ISoU'm Htace J. Inc.
O.Uo"40l Alloa street, In TtlbolttV building.
StaM lc''o Tombst one at 5 A M. for Contention,
to connowilti Eastern bound train, mid at Vi
u'clock Mr, to connect with Western bound train.
Ace KiimoiUtlon cU'Cs leave at 7.30 A. .M., also at
30 1. M. Stazo leaves every clay for Charleston
and Ilaachnca, at2.S0 1. M., and Mondays, Wed
nesdays and Fridays at 7 A. M, for Charleston,
Hereford and BUbee.
Opttosltlon Jilno.
N. Smith's Opposition Stazo Mnelcavos Tomb
etouo every day at 8 a. m. and 1:S0 p. m and con
nects with tho morning and evening trains at
Contention. Fare, SI. 00.
Eastern Mall Including all points east or Ben
Ion closes 0 p. m.
Western Mall Including all points west of Ben
on closes 11 :30 a. m.
Money Order business closes 3 p. in.
Rosin tor business clones 8:30 p. m.
No Money Order or Register business transact
ed after otrfco hours.
San Francisco leavo at 8 :30 a. m. every day
Los Angeles leave at 7 a. m. second day
Botison Iveat8:25a. m. third day
Doming leavo at 8 p. m. third day
Kansas City leave at 0:30 p.m. sixth day
St. Louis leave at 7 p. m. sixth day
ow York arrive at 10:30 a.m. eighth day
New York leavo at C p.m. every day
St. Luis leavo at 8:50 a.m. third day
Kansas City leavo at 10:15 p. m. third day
Doming lcav at 7 a. m.-alxth day
Benson leave at 3: K p. m. sixth day
Tucson leavo at 6:30 p.m. sixth day
Los Angeles leavo at 8:15 p.m. seventh day
San Francisco arrive al3:3S p. m. eighth day
Benson has a smnll-pox patient and is
greatly excited in consequence.
Sam Biron will bo home in a few days.
Having too good a time at Frisco.
Assessor McCarty and Deputy Breaken
rldgearo hard at work assessing city prop
erty. Confusion reigns in Pima county, in
consequence of tho non-arrival of J ml go
Hoover to opeu court.
Tickets for Monday evening's entertain
ment at ScUcitielin Hall can ho purchased
at Bourlands cigar store.
Don't forget the great festival under the
auspices of the ladles of the Catholic
church to take place on the Ctli of October.
Ho voted for him for lamily teas
on3, one being named Wlnfleld Scott Han
cock, and tho other Winfield Scott Wil
liams. The quartermaster at Fort Huachuca
writes that ho has no further need, of car
penters, plasterers or other artisans. It
would therefore be a journey for nothing
to go to the fort in search of employ
ment. Lou Cooley, ot tho Santa Maria mining
company is in town. IIu rcpoits things
booming in the mining cwilCM along the
Sonora valley, and discredits tho recently
reported wholesale slaughter of Ameri
cans near thcSierra Madras.
Con Cutler will take a trip to look after
his, mining industries in Sonora in a
few day. Ho will bo back in tlmo to cast
a vote for the Democratic candidates next
November. Thero is uo truth in the re
port that Con Is going down to kick up a
Another Aimc.lio Victim.
Tho St. Louis Globo Democrat of a ic
cent date has the following account of tho
death of another victim of Apacho cussed
ness :
Col. A. G. Brackett, of tho 3d Cavalry
is a guest at tho Southern Hotel. Ho was
) Intimate friend- of Capt. Fergus Walk
er, of tho 1st Regiment of Infantry, who
died Friday night at the Planters' House
Yesterday the Colonel was asked tho man
tier in which tho Captain contracted the
disease that lead to his death.
Capt. Walker had been associated with
Col. Brackett in Western campaigns against
the Indians, and he describes bim as a
brave and fearless boldier. During the re
cent Apache troubles Capt. Walker, with
two companies of tho 1st Hegiment of In
fiintry, was ordered trom Fort Grant to the
San Carlos sub-agency. Ho started on tho
10th day of July, and at night reached
Cedar Springs, "leaving tho following
morning for Fort Thomas, n distanco of
twenty.ono miles.. The weather was in
tensely warm, the'thcrmometer registering
110 dees, in tho shade at the fort. At that
time Col. Brackett was at Fort Thomas.
Several slragglprs reached thereon the 11th
of July, and icported the condition of tho
suffering soldiers, who, not more than a
mile from tho fort, wcro sadly in want of
water. Col. B;ackctt immediately sent a
water wagon to the relief of tho men. and
in company witli Capt. Frederick Yan
Vllet. started to investigate tho condition
of the soldiers.
"They were about three miles from the
fort," continued tho Colonel, where wo dis
covered them in a pitiablo plight. Wo
found many of the soldiers before wo
reached the main body, lying on tho sand
in the shade ot tho mcsquite trees, suffer
ing torments for want of water. Several
were deliiious. We filled the canteens,
and pnally got the men into Fort Thomas.
A number of the soldiers wcro so badly
used up that they never recovered from tho
effects of the march. Capt. Walker was
one, and he apparently never rallied, for
his sufferings increased until relieved by
death last evening."
Col. Brackett added that ho knew of
many marches in warm weather, but none
equal to theonc rclcrred to. Tho route
was through a , sandy territory, covered
with cactus, and at no point could water
be obtained. Tho soldiers started out witli
filled canteens, but their demand for water
was so crcat that tho supply was consum
ed shortjy after the fetart for the fort.
Honora 3Iattera.
Thursday afternoon Col. J. D. Henderson
and Hodman M. Price, Jr., tho former from
New York, and the latt'.cr from this city
nrrlved from a trip to Sonora, aud judging
from the weather-beaten appearance of the
parties, they must have had a hard, not to
Bay eventful, one. They went via tho clas
sic shades of Calabtsas to Magdalena,
thence to tho lovely Hermosillo, thenco to
tho future- San Francisco of Mexico
Guaymas. From hetc they went direct
via Saunpa,Gavilanand Bla to Trinidad,
the center of tho ereut Alscuer and llepa
burn mining district, in the hcait of the
Sierra Madres. From therothcy examined
tho ''Pais" to the Chihuahua line, re
turning via ;Ures and Mngdalcua. They
had to endure the delights of tho rainy
season high waters and storms, together
with standing guard for Mr. Apache.
They speak in glowing terms of tho coun
try, and tho great mineral advantages it
possesses. Wo understand that Col. .Hen
deron enounced several mines and pur
chased one. They ridicule the reports of
n revolution in tho State of Sonora, and
speak in tho kindest terms of the generous
treatment received from Governor Ortiz,
And all officers they transacted business
This week's review can reveal nothing
strange nor startling in tho mining world.
Everything pursues 1I19 even tenor of its
way. Tho work of development in tho
young and partially untried mines is con
tinued with vigor, und tho number jsdaily
augmented. The great producing mines
aro running along without visible change,
the mills arc' all pounding away, bullion is
being produced, and everything wears a
cheerful aspect. Thero Is hardly a doubt
left now, but that the sinking of the com
bination shaft on Contention Hill will bo
commenced ero long, 'litis will bo a work
of v.t magnitude, and cannot fairto givo
a stimulus to all branches of mining in
dustry In tho district. Below wo givo tho
latest information from the working mines
of tho district:
t. .m. & m. cb.
The west side has improved immensely
within the past few weeks. Some of the
richest oro ever extracted from a Tomb
stone mine, is now being taken out of the
slopes in there. The two shafts
arc still continued, one of which will be
used for ventilation and tho other for
hoisting purposes. Tho latter is now
down to the third level, and n station is be
ing cut out at that point. No. 1 incline in
the Uoodenough is still in ore, and looks
very promising. They are slill taking out
manganese ore from tho Lucky Cuss,
which they hope to utilizo as a fluk at the
smelter at Charleston. They have already
shipped 137 tons, and hope tohavotho fur
naec ready to start by tho latter part of
this, or the beginning of next week.
Tho usual amount ot ore is being ex
tracted from this mine, principally between
tho first and third levels. Tho quality of
tho oro is improving, and gives every in
dication of turning out better as depth is
attained. They arc still at work straight
ening tho shaft. No prospecting work is
being done.
Main crosscut wcstorlyls now extended
2 19 feet in porph yiy. Tho drift at 300 feet
is now 101 feet from main shaft, and with
in a few feet of tho 400 loot level. It will
make connection this week. They con
tinue to ship the usual quantity of ore to
the Boston mill.
The crosscuts on the COO level are being
pushed forward vigorously, and continue
to improve. Tho mine is in excellent con
dition nil through, and yields up tho usual
amount of ore. Tho sinking of the com
bination shaft jointly by this company and
tho Grand Central, may be set down as ft
certainly of the near future. All tho de
tails of tho woik aro completed, and it
only remains to select the exact location
and get tho necessary machinery on tho
ground when tho work will commence.
This promising mine is still booming.
Tho work being done is mostly in the way
of explorations. A crosscut is being driv
en across the 80-foot level, and already dis.
closes twcnty-flvo feet of vein matter,
without yet encountering tho hanging
wall. The ledge matter Is, generally, low
grade ore, with occasionally streaks of
high grade. The Board of Directors of
this mine will meet soon, after which it is
oxpectcd (that it will bo worked vigor
ously. SEA SUKOE.
Still driftiug east from Shaft No. 2
Somo very nice ore is being extracted and
the prospects are flattering in tho extreme.
Tho now double compartment working
shaft Is now down thirty-six feet in hard
limo rock. About fifteen tons of oro is ex
tracted daily from tho stopes in the old
works. Thero is no exploring being done
at present. Huachuca water is now serv
ed at tho mine, being conveyed there in an
inch and a quarter pipe from the Huachu
ca Water Co's main.
They aro still sinking ou the three
shafts. The west shaft has an immense
body of ore, aud is now down about fif
teen feet. Tho other shafts are still going
through good oro bodies and give every
indication of continuing.
Only one shaft has been at work on this
mine for the past few days. The work is
confined entirely to development, mostly
on tho 400 and 430 levels. The mine is
looking very good, aud some very high
grade oro is being extracted.
Tho new hoisting works arc now run
ning along smoothly. The cage was put
in a few days ago, and everything is m
good shape. Taking out considerable ore
between tho 100 and 300 levels. The mine
never looked better, aud now that the
hoisting machinery is in working order, it
will bo worked to its fullest capacity. Ten
stamps of tho Girard mill are still at work
on second class Contention ore, and tho
other ten have boon working on Itandolph
ore for tho past few days.
Commenced to drift west on the ore
body. Flic ore extremely rich and prom
ising to disclose a largo body when prop,
erly explored. The vein is going down
nearly vertical. Drift following the toot
wall. When the drift is extended fifty feet
will crosscut north to the hanging wdl.
The drift lias been started from the shaft
at a depth of seventy-live feet. 'Every
thing looking in excellent order. A whim
will bo placed in position for hoisting pur
poses early next wccjjj.
Tho riosbcut on tho GOO level is still be
ing driven forward. The indications of
ore aro excellent and there is every proba
bility that mineral will bo struck in a few
days.Tho stopes through the mine aro look
ing well and tho usual quantity of ore is
being shipped to the mill.
The main shaft is in a fine body of ore;
not of a very high grade, but still of n fair
quality. Tho quantity in sight is encour
aging in the extreme, and gives hope that
tho Eaglo will become one of the great
mines of the district at no distant day.
Winze No- 2 near the main shaft is now
down 110 feet, all the way in a solid body of
ore. No. 3 winze is down thirty feet, with
n drift running from it, in 00 feet. AVinzo
No. 4 down 70 feel, in a salid ore body.
The southwest drift from the winze hns
been extended CO feet, and tho northeast 7o
feet. An upraise has been started from
the level near winze No. 4, and is now up
thirty-live feet, witli drifts each way about
fifty feet. Hauling fifteen tons daily to the
mill, principally taken out of winze No.
1. No striping is being done. Shipped
ISO lens of on,' to Girard mill within the
past few days. Ore a fair average of the
dump, not being sampled.
Main shaft down 100 feet. Crosscut
lrom tho bottom extended 80 feet, and a
line vein of oro cut. A winze sunk on the
ore body to a depth ot 100 feet. Drifts
started both ways from bottom of the
winze. The mine is in a very promising
condition and everything looking well.
Main shaft now down 00 feet. Struck
a nice seam of ore yesterday morning.
The ground is not so hard as formerly,
and work is progressing rapidly. When
the shaft has been sunk to a depth of 100
feet, a crosscut will be started and pushed
forward rapidly,
Crosscuts and drifts are being advanced
raidly. Tho wo tic being done is mostly i n
tho way of explorations. In the upraise
from the 80-foot level to tho sulfate, is be
ing forwarded rapidly. Lois of ore in
sight. The mine is looking in excellent
condition aud able to yield up 100 tons
per day on demand.
Are extracting and hoisting live tons of
ore daily, following vein in the south drift
on tho 100 foot level, vein five feet wide)
and making wider as advanced. Have CO
tons good milling oro on the dump. Drift
43 feet in length; at 83 lectin this drift
have crosscut west through vein of five
feet ore making a ledge of over 11 feet
wide between walls, both walls well do
fined dipping on an angle of 15 degrees
from west to east, showing a true fissure,
oro body making southward towards
Threo Brothers miuc trend, due northeast
to southwest. A winze will be statted to
day on this ore bojy at footwail. Will
put up a whim shortly which will hoist
fifteen tons daily. Working seven men.
Everything about the mine is in good or
Shaft No. 1 now down 00 feet, and drifts
have been started both ways, all in high
grade ore. Shaft No. 2 down 73 feet, in
oro from the grass roots; still sinking.
Tunuel to eonnact with No. 2 is in CO feel,
and cut two stringers of very fine ore. A
very promising property, yielding up large
quantities of first-class ore.
This mine improves with each blast.
The ote extracted is of a very fine quality
aud is carefully sacked ero it reaches the
surface. A couple of hundred tons will
lio milled towards the end of tho month.
Working the usual number of men. The
whim running Uny and night. Every
thing looking well aud the prospects of a
bonanza excellent.
The main shaft dowu about 53 feet, and
right on the edge of the ore body. The
shaft was perpendicular for the first twenty
feel, and then followed tho vein for
twenty feet further, when it was concluded
to sink a little straighten The bottom of
the shaft is still near tho footwail. Will
start a crosscut through the oro body in a
few days. The miners employed at tho
mine think the ore body is not les than
twenty-fivo feet wide.
The Gladstone, Hope, Vigil. Uncle Sam,
Surprise and Cave, promising claims on
Miilitary Hill, will be worked vigoiously,
commencing with tho beginning of next
week. These claims arc owned by F.
Wald and D. J. Healcy.
This promising claim is being worked
vigorously, the main shaft now having at
tained a depth of 78 feet.
This mine is still worked steadily and
is still looking well. When a few feet
more i3 reached in tho shaft, a crosscut
will be started for the ledge, which is
about thirty feet distant.
C. O. D.
Tho main shaft is down 100 feet, follow
ing the vein close to the foot wall. It is in
tho midst of an extremely rich body of
ore, from threo to four i'eet wide. The
mine never worked better, and promises to
be the great mine of that section at no dis
tant day.
The mine is looking in excellent eondi
tion. The drifts, crosscut?, aud winzes arc
looking good, and making fair progress
luck sum:.
The mine is being worked steadily, and
is turning out some lino ore. The ore
body Is continuous and N improving with
Prof. James, of the Contention, took a
trip to Now Mexico during the past week,
and made an informal examination of a
couple of mines near Lordsburg.
Alf. Trojiidgo, superintendent of tho
San Pedro will reach home to-day.
E. A. Wiley, of the Grand Central, is
spoken of as a Republican candidate for
member of the council.
Superintendent Batlcrman, of the Head
Center, took a trip to the Huaehucas Tues
day. Foreman Leach and Superintendent
Gage, of the Grand Central, made a visit
to the Mcrrlmae ycstcukiy.
The Contact is showing up well, and
will be a great mine one of these days.
The Thunderbolt Consolidated is im
proving daily. It promises to rival its
neighbor, the Little Devil, nt no distant
Jim McCaw, one oF the owners of the
Thunderbolt, aud a sluewd, careful min
ing man, took hrv departure for California
Thero are more mines being worked in
this district at picseut than ever before.
11. C. Cavill has sevcicd his connection
with the Empire. Mr. Cavill is one of the
most competent mine managers in the (lis
trict. If there is Anything in a mine, he
can show it up.
Wo bet that E. II. Wiley will be chair
man of the Republican County Convention.
Ideas CntijtUt on tlio Fly.
SeVerril candidates for the' favor of the Re
publican convention, have entered into
combinations which our esteemed evening
contemporary most heartily condemns.
Positively, it is most ditilcult to determine
why. How the deuce can those things be
helped? Of course it is rather unfortunate
for thoso who are on the outside, but most
delightfully pleasant for tho fellows in the
rinsr. Eaeii individual has a tangible idea
that he would like 10 win, and it is natur
al that lie should enter into any sort of
combination that may lead to the realiza
tion of his ambition, without much
thought as to who that combination might
cyneh. There is but one remedy, and that
lies in making another and stronger com
bination. Better take the remedy.Dun
bnr. A Tucson Republican contemporary sug
costs that Larkin W. Carr cannot be elect
ed to tho oflice of Sheriff of Cochise
county, becnuso lie is too honest. Such tin
opinion, coming from tlie leading Repub
lican journal of Arizona, is characteristic
of the tenets of the party it advocates, in
leaning directly aud advisatonally towards
tho candidacy of dishonest men. Well
dishonesty may bo at a premium, but the
Democracy of Cochise have camped on
the other side of the fence, aud propose to
besiege said dishonesty, even if it be a
"kick against the pricks."
Tom Fitch is tryng to gobble the Grand
Central mine, and has found the '.e al net,
with which he proposes to perform that feat
in one of the cells of the Territorial pris
on. Tom is a versatile genius in his way,
and bus mingled during his sky
rocket career, in company of all
guides and fashions, but that ho would 11.
nally hob-nob with a convict, has, prob
ably, never entered the imagination of even
tho most sanguine of his friends. Tins
last act caps the climax of our curiosity
about him, and we arc curious no longer.
There is nothing he may try to do, that
wjll hereafter strike us as extraordinary
in, its nature, or at all sensational. The
Grand Central is safe enough, and, of
course, Tom's suit is but iu the nature of
a quack advertisement, but that is nothing.
The Arabian Night idea, and the illumin.
ated cheek of the proposition, are what
fills the mind of an ordinary being with
a sense of littleness aud awe. We had
formed an opinion that the St. Jacob's oil
fellow could" get up sensational advertise
ments, but he can no more bo compared to
Tom Fitch, than a Mexican clown can to
D.m Rice.
Judge Porter lias taken the stump, in
defense of himself and against tho present
administration. It is a split stump, and
ho is bound to get his foot in it.
The Porter boom is an anti-administration
bladder, badly pricked by a federal
pin in the hands of Zabriskic.
It is currently reported that yellow
fever has broken out in the Territorial
Trison, owing to the quantity of corrupt
ion scattered all over that institution. Wo
recommend that the editor of the Yuma
Sentinel bo employed as physician.
The clink of Republican coin is
meirily sounding on the bar of Black
burn's Senate saloon. It is a mere ques
tion ot drinks as to which candidate re
ceives tho endorsement of the Republican
When fh emau meets fircmau, their
conies the tug of war.
Our evening contemporary nlludes to
some man with a bulge. 'We are ac
uequainted with out ouo individual in the
county who wears one, and it adds very
much to his appearance. Ho carries it on
a wager.
Republican combinations are still flour
ishing, and, following the advice of the
EriTAi'H, counter arrangements arc spring
ing into life. From present appearances, it
is safe to assert that the country will be
badly cinched.
An hone. I man is the noblest work of
God, but, according to our Republican
contemporary, it is only the work of the
devil that should bo pationized by the peo
pie. Poor Carr I How unfortunate it is that
lie is honest. According to the Republican
press, the jjravo misfortune that resis with
him, in a life of probity, cannot, help but
militate against his political success.
Better go sm a little, Carr, and become
A letter was recched to-day at tho En
tai'ii olllce, seeking information as to what
support Tombstone might afford a Massa
chusetts schoolmaster. Wc have not the
least idea. A sober and industrious one
might bo able to support himself, with an
occasional raid on the faro games, but an
intemperate one would be in a bad fix for
support, r.s there are no lamp posts in the
Tombstone is shortly fo bo furnished
with gas by the Republican convention.
Would-be District Attorney Williams
had a good time kissing all his" female rel
atives. It is lucky for him that his wife
is a long way oh". The votes of his rela
tives will be about all he will receive, al
though Ins nomination is secure enough.
The war-horse of the Huaehucas has not
yet thrown up his tail, but is breathing
easy, aud his skin is as loose as though he
had never run a licit. They aro trying to
hobble him, but bis heels nretoolively for
safety. His old Virginia blood, ciossed
with his army record, makes a tough strain,
and he is bound to run, even if he is dis
tanced. A now drink can be found at the Senate
saloon, called "the convention latch-key."
What has become of Dibble, the manip
ulators1 Is he disgusted, or working in
tho dark? If tho latter, thoso candidates
who think they have a dead tiling had bet
ter looic out.
Dibble is the Tom Filch of Cochise
The Senate saloon is doing a splendid
business iu tho patronage of Republican
candidates. Some of the most persistent
in leaning up against Blackburn's bar
aie already troubled with the colic, and
two or three of them have rubbed all the
buttons oil' their vests. Most of them will
be skinned alive before the campaign is
Atchison says he can carry every ward
in tho city, ifnlcss ho works hard tii'.tc is
one Waid that will surely get away with
Tom Fitch is retained, as a slump
speaker, in behalf of the Republican party
of California. It would bo well for the
Democrats, if he would make a Republican
speech or two in Cochise county. His
present Grand Central reputation would
give the party a wonderful boost.
Mrmlinei- ."Woven Again.
The Los Angeles Herald of a recent
date has the following concerning
the great newspaper starter of the
Pacific Coast: "Mr Thomas Gardiner,
an accomplished gentleman, who is
known Trom Kansas City to Tombstone,
and from Los Angeles to Sacramento, pub
lishes the following in the last issue of his
paper in this city:
The Lbs Angeles Evening Telegram
will be removed immediately lo Portland,
Oregon, where it will bo continued under
the name of the Portland Evening Tele
gram. To-day,s issue will therefore be
tho last publication here. Money for the
unexpired term of subscriptions anil ad
vertisements will bo returned to tho par
ties oa calling at tho business oflice, 134
Main street, where all bills against the
Telegram will bo paid.
T. II. Burns, a well known mining man
arrived iu this city Wednesday, from
Guvilantl, Sonora. Ho reports the people
in that section somewhat demoralized by
the frcrinit Apache ra'.tls.
The i'rccluctOMcera.
The gentlemen nominated last Saturday
for precinct officers, aro in every way
worthy of tho suffrages of Democrats. In
fact the convention could hardly improve
its work in that particular. The nominees
are known to be men of sterling character,
and peculiarly adapted to discharge tho
duties to which they have been breveted
by the Democrats of this city. Judge
Felter was Comity Judge of Trinity
count', California, for four years. The
court met every six months and ho never
missed a day. His studious attention to
his duties can be perceived here daily.
Both the bar and tho public recognize in
him a sensible presiding justice. His
knowledge of law is extensive, and his
honesty is admitted by all. Mr. Smyth,
the other candidate for Justice, is a hard
working honest miner. He is a well
educated, intelligent man, who will take
to his new position a wealth of common
sense, that will be of vast more importance
to the community than the profound
knowledge of Kent and Blackstone. Tho
candidates for constables, James Kcnney
and Isaac Roberts are peculiarly fitted to
discharge the duties of that iuconsqueutial
but important oflice. Mr. Kcnney is at
present a member of the police force, and
is a careful, courageous and efficient offi
cer. Every one knows him to be fear
less iu the discharge of bis duty, cour
teous in his treatment of everybody, and
possessed of more than ordinary ability
and intelligence. Ike Roberts fills the
oflice at present, that he aspiies to for
another term, and he wilt undoubtedly be
elected. He has discharged tho duties of
the oflice promptly and well, and all who
have transacted business with him, will
vote to retain him in the olllce for another
term. The local ticket is a strong one
and will be elected without a doubt. It
merits the approval of every Democrat
and shonld receive a hearty, earnest sup
port. 9
Contention A Jloinanttc Wedding
General Notes.
Contention, Sept. 10, 1882.
Editor Epitaph: Thinking a line or
two from our town would bo acceptable
and interesting lo some of your many
readers, I drop you this. The mills are
all working steadily and yielding the usu.
al amount of bullion. Business is also
about as usual.
We had quite a romantic wedding in
our town last night, the parties to the con
tract being Mr. Ed. S. Armstrong and Miss
Sarah Spence. They were youthful admi
crs in Old Ireland twelve years ago, when
Edward left for America. Miss Spence
arrived in Contention three days ago, and
so last night, after twelve long years the
happy couple were made one by our genial
Judge, J. B. Smith. Pete Ruflley and Chas.
II. Taylor acted as managers during the
evening and by their untiring efforts made
things pass pleasantly to all present
About nine o'clock Mr. Armstrong's
friends, headed by the music marched lo
his residence and serenaded them. The
boys were all invited inside aud after mu
sic and drinking to tho health of the bride
departed. The happy pair were the recip
ients of many useful prestnts.
Our ticket as it stands is well liked on
the river and will bo elected by a large
majority if the river sentiment can bo
taken as a criterion. Nemus.
i)eath ot .Indue Jilndley.
Judge Charles Lindlcy, a well known
aud respected citizen of this Territory,
died between nine and ten o'clock last
Tuesday at the residence of Major Earle,
on Bruce street. Judge Lindley was one
of the best known men on the coast, and
was at one time a prominent factor in
public affairs in California. He was one
of the codiliers of the compiled laws of
California, to which work he contributed
so muoh mental labor that his health broke
down and he never fully recovered. In
his younger and more vigorous, days, he
was considered one of the ablest members
of the bar in California, but for several
years back lie was forced to abandon prac
tice in consequence ef ill hoalth. He was
engaged iu mining enterprises in the vi
cinity of Nogalcs, Sonora, for some time
back, and 'tis reported that he was the
owner of some very good properties there.
He had not been confined to his room for
more than a week, and the announcement
of his death will shock many old friends
He was the lathcr-iu-taw of the late M. M.
Corclla, Mexican Consul at this place, and
those who knew him best assert that the
judge never fully rccovcied from the shock
occasioned by the death of his beloved and
respected son-in-law. His son is on the
way here from California, and until his
arrival there will be no arrangements for
the funeral made.
meeting of the Democratic County
The newly elected County Committee of
the Democratic party met at the Court
House on Sunday afternoon. Nearly all
the members were present. An informal
discussion took place as to the conduct of
the campaign, and the views expressed Iry
the members were of the must hopeful na
turo ns to the result of the coming con
test. The only business transacted was the
election of officers, which resulted as fol
lows: Chairman, G. G. Berry; Secretary,
Henry Quigley; Treasurer, Mr. J. P
After instructing the chairman to call
the committee together whenever lie con
sidcred it necessary, the meeting adjoin
It was mean on the part of the Repub
lican to give Williams's racket away. Wc
knew it long ago but kept a discreet si
lence. AVliy it isn't more than a few weeks
ago since lie proved to tho writer he (Wil
liams) was a lineal descendant of Brian
Boru. Since then wc have heard him
prove that lie was a near relation of Oliver
Cromwell, Cortes, Montezuma, Pocahontas,
Queen Elizabeth, George Washington,
Scipio Africanus, Denis Kearney, Ben
Butler, St. Patrick, John Knox, Robert
Emmet, Charles Sumner, Mickey Free,
Uriah IIccp, Arab! Pasha, Arabi Bey and
Arrah be Jappers. He also proved thai
his wife was a reative to all tho Moomons
in the United States.
The Los Angelos papers publish fre
quent accounts of receptions and merry
makings in honor of J. C. Fitzhcnry and
his newly made bride. The happy cou
ple will start for this city next Monday.
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t Receivedf
fl I I 1 f
an an
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