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VOL.-IV. NO. 12.
Nlnushter or the lniioccutH Varo ami
the Machine The Itcst Men Ilown
ca The Valine ColtH Kick the Old
War Hornet Plenty of Urowlliin-
Only DemocratM Kny It in tilooil
Ticket Full 1'roreeitliiRH,
The Republican county convention In
one s;nso disappointtcl no one, nnd In an.
other disappointed many. The ticket was
cut nnd dried, but tliero was n row expect
ed, henco the conflicting opinions. There
was no row, but no one was disappointed
as to tiio result of tho convention. King
Faro pulled Word through. The strong,
est men up for sheriff were mercilessly
downed. At tho last moment, faro and the
machine got in their work and tho result
is a bastard offspring not gotten of tho Re
publican party. The cxposo of the Eri
tavii caused a new deal in tho treasurer
ship, and Wiley, who would have made a
strong candidate, made way for Carr.
Kverybc.ly is laughing and few nro pleas
id. The EriTAi'ii's expose of the ring
maneuver was tho talk ot the town Satur
day morning, and tho cry of the delegates
beforo the convention assembled was that
theic should be a new deal. The county
treasurcrship was the great contest, antl a
man was nominated who is about as fit to
fill the office as tho Fakir of Toln. Moses,
who is a man possessed of both honor and
self-respect withdrew from tho recorder,
ship contest in disgust. Ho has -been a
life-long Republican, lllledoftlecs of honor
and trust, and struck hard blows for his
party. lie Is also a shrewd man, and saw
the drift of opinion early in tho day. Ho
knew ho was doomed for the slaughter
and was only led up in order to cheat him
into an endorsement of the ticket. But
Moses had more brains in his head than
half the convention, and tumbled to the
deal without much ceremony. He with
drew from tho contest, and has ccitainly
too much respect for himself to lend his
influence towards electing any man on the
bastard arrangement.
Tom Atchison, too was victimized. The
cold-blooded, slippery machine made him
many promises, but at tho last moment
surrendered to Jtaro and offered Atchison
as n victim of its treachery. Ward Priest,
too, the strongest man in the convention,
was put up as n side show for faro and tho
machine. Ho did not get a vole. Denis
JlcCarly, u life long Republican, who has
performed valiant service for his party,
was also ruthlessly downed, reel:, a com.
pctcnt man in every respect, and Woods,
possessed of qualities that would adorn
the office, were all trampled upon to make
both a holiday and a day of vengeance for
faro and the machine. If the Earps wero
lost to sight, their memory was dear. The
spirit of Earp prevailed. Ljttlcton Trice,
tho present incumbent, received tho paity
The convention met at Schieflcliu Hall
at 10:80 a. m. and was called to order by
John Carr, Mayor of Tombstone and
chairman of the Republican county com.
mlttce. The "human bean" said he felt &o
Ho had TMim-.THitEE years political ex
perience, and was by blitb, education and
training n Republican. Ho called this
convention to order, and hoped that its
proceedings would terminate without
bloodshed. Ho asked that tho convention
nominate a temporary chairman.
E. II. Wiley nominated W. II. Savage.
Tho nomination being warmly seconded,
the Bisbco aborigine was elected by ac
clamatlon Tho shouts that greeted the ad.
vent of Savage on the platform, were flat
tering to him, and must have reminded
him of the war whonps familiar to his
ear in early infancy, eio he was caught
and tamed.
AVebstcr Street, of this city, and W.
W. Hubbard, of Contention, were placed
in nomination for Sccretaiy. Hubbard
was subsequently withdrawn, and Slrect
was chosen by acclamation.
W. D. Shearer was appointed temporary
scrgcant-at-arms. This was dono in order
to enable Shearer to collect a bill he had
against the committee since the last clec
On motion of 15. W. Rates the chair ap
pointed a committee on credentials. The
following were tho committee: B. W.
Bates, Ike Isaacs, J. B. Ayers,
J. C. Montgomery, .1. J. Hand.
On motion or Mike Smith, the chair ap.
pointed a committee of permanent organi
zation as follows: Smith, Donahue, Morse,
Collier and Sullivan.
On motion of Mr. Abbot, tho following
committee "on platform oa resolutions
were appointed: Messrs. Joncf, White,
Lane, Waods nnd Hill.
' Ou motion tho convention took a recess
until one o'clock, to enablcthe committees
to report.
aftkisnoox session
The chair announced to tho convention
that the committee on credentials were
ready to report, and asked for attention.
Mr. Bates presented tho following report:
The committee on credentials make the
following report: That the convention
shall consist of forty-live members, being
those originally designated according to
the apportionment of the county Republi
can central committee. While recognlz
ingtbe fact that it will work hardship to
some of the outside precincts, but we con.
slder it our duty to admit nono who did
aot comply wiili tho call of tho central
committee. We also fuither report that
proxies be not admitted except in the
hands of delegates. B. W. Rates, J. K.
Hand, Iko Isaac?, J. B. Ayers, Jas. Mont,
The committee on credentials also sub
mlttcd tho following minority repoit:
Your committee on credentials make
this minority repoit: That they uto in fa.
vor of admitting every ono holding a val
id proxy from a duly elected delegate.
I. M Isaacs,
Member of Committee.
Thomas, of tho First Ward, moved tho
adoption of the minority report. This led
to souio discussion, pro and con, and final,
ly ended In "ICeno's" report being adopted.
This move was In favor of Price, it being
generally known that theie were omo
c untry delegat who wero favorable
to Price, but were unable to
come, anil had sent pioxics. Tho adopt
ion of tho minority report, was generally
accepted by the convention. Tho report
recognized furly-llvu delegates to tho con
vention. Bates said lie wns in favor of
allowing representatives of Republican
communities, not awarded such in the
apportionment of tuo County Committee,
scats in tho convention, hut the suggestion
fell like a wet blanket over the conven.
lion and bore no fruit.
Mr. Morse mt'do tho following report
from tho committeo on permanent orgnni
zations nnd order of business:
Your Committee on Permanent Orgnniza
tion and Older of Business recommend
the following officers: Chairman, W. H.
Savage, of liisbee; Secretary, W. Street,
of Tombstone; Assistant Secretary, Ike
Isaacs, of Tombstone; Sergeaul-nt-Arms,
Ed. Pitcher, of Tombstone.
o raneer recommend that candidates
bo assessed as follows. Assembly, $5 each ;
Sheriff. $10; Recorder, $10; Treasurer,
?iu; rrouato judge, 8-; Uoroucr, 5;
County Surveyor, $5; District Attorney,
$3; Supervisors, $"; Council, ?o; Public
Administrator, ?..
Wo further recommend that nil votes he
had by ballot.
We recommend for Apportionment of
tho County Central Committee: Tomb
stone, First Ward, 1; Second Ward, 1;
Third Wnrd, 1 ; Fourth Ward, 1 ; at large,
2; Charleston, 1; Conteuiion, 1; Bisbee,
1; Benson, 1; Wlllcox. 1; Dos Cabezns, 1;
Russelville, 1; Camp Hnachuca, 1.
j.'. Mouse, Chairman:
M. II. Smith, Secretary.
Mr. Wiley moved that tho re
port be amended so as to read that tho voto
on nominations be viva voce instead of by
ballot. Tho report was adopted as amend,
Still well, of Blsbce, asked for justice for
tho country, saying that tho convention
was not giving a pioper representation
to tho country precincts on the county
committee. Isaacs replied that Tomb
stone hail moro voles than all tho rest of
tho county, and consequently should have
a larger" representation, and moved to
amend the report so that tho committee he
increased to twcnty-flvo members, each
ward of Tombstcno having three. Tho
amendment was voted down and the re.
port of tlfc committee adopted.
Mr. White, of El Dorado ranch, report
ed tho following platform :
Gentlemen-: Your committee on plat
form and resolutions have the honor to
Yeport as follows:
Resolved, That tho Republicans of Co.
chise county are pioud of the uational his.
tory ot the Republican party; that they
imloise the
platform of the Terntoiiai
Convention held
at Pheinx in August,
1882. and indorse tho nomination of Wnn
DeForest Porier for delcgnto to Congress,
and Hon. A. E, Davis for Superintendent
of Public Instruction.
Resolved, That they declare in favor of
an honcit nnd economical administration
of county government, and a stiict ac
countability of all county officers to the
Resolved, That taxation should bo equal,
and that all property, whether belonging
to Individuals oi to railroad or other cor
porations, should bo asji ssed for purposes
of taxation at its actual value.
Revived, That the present fee system
tends to corruption in office, and that, it bo
i-o reformed that excessivo remuneration
in county offices be avoided.
Resolved, That we hold to tho old prin.
clplo of equal nnd exact justice to all, nnd
that railroads and other corporations arc
subject to the pcnplo through the legis
la tu re, and arc amenable to law. Respect
fully submitted, Theo. F. White.
Tho report was adopted by tho Con
vention. Tho Chair announced nominations for
members of the Territorial Assenlbly iu
Wiley got on bis feet awaiting the at
tentlou of tho Chair, who was temporal--ily
engaged with his Secretaries. In the
meantime, Wiley sat down, nnd Woods
got up to make a nomination but was de
clared out of order.
On motion Hubbard and Hammill were
appointed tellers, and nominations wore
received. Geo. MoUee nominated IT. 15.
Ma sin.
Mr. Wiley, iu a lew well ches' u wouls
nominated W. H. Savage.
Mr. Hammill placed in nomination John
O. Dunbar.
On motion nominations were closed, and
Isaacs moved to suspend the rules nnd
nominate the gentlemen nnmrd by accla
matlou. As soon as tho gentlemen came for
ward, subscribed to the platform aud
promised to support the ticket, Mr. Max
son advanced and said that he fully appre
ciated the honor conferred on him; that
It was unnecessary to say that he was a
Republican: that he fully endorsed the
platform and would work for the whole
ticket until election day.
Mr. Dunbar not being present, 12. II.
Wiley put up tho rcqulsito sum and went
spousor for bis Republicanism.
Savago said that ho was habitually
called tho blackest Republican in his sec
tion; that ho was always a Republican
and always would be. Ho had icad botli the
platform adopted nt Pluenix and that
adopted by this convention, and endoised
every word in both, and if elected to tho
Leglslatuic, would govern himself accord,
Nominations for Sheriff being in order,
Mr. McClure, of Chnilcston, nominated
J. L. Ward.
Mr. Lane nominated T. A. Atchison.
Hugh Percy noninated Denis McCarly.
Mr. Bartholomew nominated Ward
Theodore White nominated W. II.
Peck, and Mr. nominated Mr. AVoods
On motion, tho nominations of candi
ddtes for tho Shrievalty were closed, and
Blackburn called for the endorsment of
tho platform and ticket beforo voting.
Peck Miid he was a candidate for Shcr
iff, was always a Republican and if nom.
inated and elected, would endeavor to do
his duty.
Ward went forward and said he endors
ed tho plotform and would support the
ticket, whether nominated himself or not.
If nominated, he said ho would bo elected,
and if ilecled, would make a sheriff of
whom the community need not be asham
ed. Atchison ascended the platform and
was received with a Hum of applause
Ho said ho was always a Republican,
would cmloiso the action of the conven
tion and stand by the nominees. Lived in
Tombstono since birth ot town; would
make a vigorous canvass if nominated,
and if elected would perform the duties of
the office without fear or favor. He then
delivered himself of rhetorical hemorr
liage, in which the words "laurels," "grand
old party," "Democratic steep grades,"
etc. were mixed aud finally ictired to bis
Waul Priest said that he always sup.
ported Republican tickets and would do so
on this occasion. If ho received tho nom
ination ho would endeavor to be elected,
would discharge tho duties of the office as
best ho knew how.
McCarty said that his uamu had n Dem.
ocrrtic ound,but that ho was a Republican
as long as hu conld remember.' He would
support the tiokit, and if nominated en
deavor to be elected, and it elected would
do his duly without fear or favor.
Woods said if the convention honoied
him with its endorsement, ho would work
hard to be elected, and if elected, would
do his duty.
At this point, some one in the audience
shoutod "Kcno!" nnd the well known
boss of that gemo, who was Assistant
Secretary, with headquarters on tho plat,
form, bowed in acknowledgment.
A vote being ordered, resulted as fol
lows: Ward, 20; Atchison, 11; McCariv
8; Wood, 3; Peck, 3. "'
Tho Tellers wero not able to agree as to
the result, having got confused in the
count, aud another vote was ordered, but
beforo it was half over it was evident that
Waul tho nominee beyond all pcradven
turc. Having received twenty-three votes
he was declared nominated by tho Chair
man, amid a storm of cheers. A speech
being called for, he went ou the platform
aud rehashed the former one without
much change.
Nominations for recorder bcine in order,
Philip Morse nominated W. A. Hurwood,
Mr. JMontgomcry nominated Win. Colp,
and B.W. Bates nominated Thomas Moses.
Ilarwood, in his shirt sleeves, ascended the
stage, endorsed the platform, said p was
always a Republican, and if nominated, ho
would guarantee that he would be tho next
recorder. Judge Moses adv. need, and in
a few well chosen words, returned thanks
to his friends, and withdrew from the con
test. Mr. Colp returned thanks for being
brought before the convention, and said
Hint if nominated and elected he would
endeavor to do his duty.
A voto being taken, resulted as follows:
Ilarwood, 83; Colp, 7. Mr. Ilarwood was
declared tho nominee of the convention.
Ilarwood being called to tho platform
made a speech In which bad giammar and
extravagaut assertion were the component
Nominations for county treasurer being
declared iu order, Dr. Barney nominated
John Cut.
Mr. Nichols nominated J. Y. Yickers.
Mr. Bates nominated E. II. Wiley.
Mr. Woods nominated A. II. Stebbins.
On motion nominations were declared
closed, and the candidates wero invited to
the front to endorse the platform.
Mr. Carr, witli swelling breast and
beaming brow, ascended the stage. Ho
said that ho was a Republican, and en.
dorsed the platform adopted by the con
vention. He said he was not much of
a speaker, but a good worker,
and that Cochise county would
icceivo no iiETmtMiNE at his
hands. He said he had not many
qualifications for tho office, but if the peo.
pie would run the lisk he would.
Mr. Yickers said both himself nnd fore-
fathers were Republicans. Re endoised I
the platform, and if elected promised to
do his wliolo duty.
Mr. Wiley said that it cast him ten dol
lars to come up and make a talk and that
was all he wanted. He declined the
office. Ho said ho wanted to
make a personal explanation. lie entered
the campaign at the solicitation of several
delegates. He was approached by many
delegates to allow the use of his riamo be
fore the convention. Not less than thirty
asked him to become n candidate
for tho treasurcrship, and believing
Hint it was the wish of ills party friends,
lie consented to enter the lists as a candi
date. He made an honorable canvass;
traduced nobody and entered into no foul
arrangements. To his surprise, it was as
serted that his honorable candidacy was n
put-up job; that Mr. Dunbar was afraid
to entrust his books to anybody else, and,
finally, that a ring combination was en
lered into, whereby he would become
heir apparent to Hie count' funds. This
was a falsehood. Mr. Dunbar wras an
honorable man, a reputable citizen and an
honest official. The Board of Supervis
sors had full power to examine his books
at any time, and the speaker doubted not
but any reputable citizen conld have full
license to mnku a thorough cxamina
naiionof Hie books, checks and vouchers
whenever they pleased. Mr. Wiley paid
a glowing tribute to Mr. Dunbar, both ns
a man and official, and concluded amid
the cheers of 'all Hie audience.
Mr. Stebbins said that ho had no speech
to make; that ho was always a Republi
can, aud if nominated and elected, would
discharge tho duties of the office to tho
best of his ability.
On motion .Mr. Wiley's money was re
funded to him, nnd a vole was taken, re
suiting as follows: Carr, 18; Stebbins, 13;
Yickers, 11.
On the announcement of the voto a mo
tion was made to adjourn and lost.
The next voto resulted in tho nomina
tion of Mr. Carr. On being called to tho
platform he thanked the "human beans"
picsent for their support.
T.J. Drum was unanimously ninatcd
for probate judge.
Nominations for district attorney being
in order, Quro of Charleston nomin
ated Winlleld Scott Williams, and ap
pealed to bis cousin t rally on Hie center
Mr. McClure nominated Lyttlttou Piice.
The candidates being invited forward,
tho man of cousins said that he stood be
fore them as a candidate for district attor
ney. That Hie assertion that he was a
Democrat was a base lie sent forth by
some men who were not his cousins.
That i:i looking ateutul tho hall ho saw
some men who were no iclatioii of his,
and to them he apncaled to give him a
square deal.
Mr. Price said lie respectfully submitted
his name to tho convention as a candidate
tor district attorney. Mo.-t of the gentle
men present had watched bis official ca
reer for a year and a half past, and ho was
willing to stand on vMs resold. Ho had
heard il said that the Southern Pacific
railroad compiny were b-icKiug his candi
dacy because of suit? the eouuty had
against their corporation. Tie said lie had
nothing to do with the S. P. The board
of supervisors bad appointed Jud'Lcwis,
to represent the county in those aud be
bad nothing to do with them, lie was a
Republican, always was so, and always
would be. If nominated would labor to
reach the office, and if elected would do
his entire duly.
G. W. Swain appeared on the stage and
made a lengthy speech, which was cred
liable both as regards diction and sub
stance. The vote resulted: Price, 20; Swain, 5;
Williams, 20. The next voto was; Price,
22; Williams, 22; Swain, 1. Another
voto being otdered, resulted: Price, 23;
Williams, 22. Mr. Price was declared the
nominee aud being called forward, re
turned HiauKs to the convention and said,
if elected, lie would do his duly without
fear or favor.
Nominations forCoroner being in order,
Matthews, Barney and Guberso.i were
placed in nomination. A couplo o5 votes
being taken, Harney was declared the
E. D. Van Blareom was nominated for
Count' Surveyor.
Judge Alexander Blair, Theodore
White aud J. C. Montgomery wero nom-
inated for Supervisors. J. M. Nash, the
ablest, honcslot and most competent man
that appeared before the convention, was
unmercifully downtd. Fatly Stewart and
Mr. Mclvenzic, of IJouson, botli able men
were also slauglileul, and Mr. Biooks, of
Chnilcston, met the same fate.
Nominations lor members of the Coun
cil being in order, Horace Jones, of Bis
bee, nominated E. II. Wiley. Tim nom
ination was warmly seconded by Mr.
Montarden, of Benson. There was no
oilier nominations, and Mr. Wiley being
called forivaid, thanked tho convention
Ho said he had had no exper
ience in legislative mailers, but
had saiie enough to know whal
was good for Cochise county, and would
always be found at the helm when duly
demanded him. Mr. Wiley's speech was
short nnd sweet, and the convent' r fairly
roared when he concluded. He nceived
tho most fluttering reception on the ticket,
and was unanimously nominated when he
left the platform.
Josiuh Brown was nominated fur public
administrator, Ben Titus being the oppos
ing candidate.
On motion of Mr. Isaacs, the question
of joint councilman between Cochi-e and
Graham counties was referred to the cen
tral committees of botli countic?.
Tho election of a central committee be
ing next in order caucussing wns carried
on for .some time, aud the foil iw.ng were
elected: First Wnrd, Tombstone, Sainl.
Ditrich; Second Waul, Ike Isaacs; Third
Waid, L. I Blackburn: Fourth Waul.M
n. Smith; Bisbee, Fred Dodge; Benson,
13. W. Bates; Charleston, J. B. Ayers; Dos
Cabezas, litn Coiey; Willcox, Hugh
Peicy; Iluachuca, A. C. Hand; liussull
ville, J. L. Bartholomew; Fort Bowie, T.
Chapman; nt large, Webster htrccl, Wal.
lace Corbet I.
The city delegates met and nominated
tho following officers for this picc.net:
Justices of the Peace A. O. Wallace, A
J. Feller, (!. W. Swain. Constables W.
D. Shearer, James Woods.
The convention thrn ac'j mined.
2IeetUiK of the t;-nioer:.tlc fount'
Com mi tee.
The Dcim c.-i.t!c coun y loinmitt'c met
at the office of Judgj Bony last iv ning.
There were present, Judge Berry, the
chairman, Many Quisl.y, secret try, and
-Messrs. Ashmun, Johnson, Otbnnc,
O'Neill, .Mullen, Boarman, Mugan and
The chairman stated that the object of
the meeting was to attend to necessity
business consequent on the campaign, and
fill whatever vacancies existed on the
ticket. On motion, A. O. Wallace was
unanimously nominated for Justice of the
Peace for thh precinct, and recommended
to the voters of this district.
The question of joint councilman be
tween Cochise and Giaham counties being
introduced, a resolution was moved nnd
carried, that the secretary be instructed to
communicate with the Democratic county
committee of Graham county relative to
the object iu question,
Afier discussing some executi work
the meeting adjourned subject to the call
of the chair.
Tho Republican county central commit
tee will meet during the campaign in the
vacant building on Fourth street, formerly
occupied by Harry Baron's harbor shop.
The announcement that quarters were sr
cured on Allen street was premat'iro.
The headquarters of the Republican
county committee will be in tin vacant
building adjoining Campbell ,fc Hatch's
billiard parlor
W'h.it lending Jtonutjllcnim Think of
It Sure Defeat on tlin Seventh or
A'ovcmlipr Iti'onltllrmi Kicking
The sentiment of many leading Rcpub.
licans concerning Hie ticket nominated by
the Republican eouuty convention is one
of supreme disgust. The best men in the
party openly assert that they will holt the
ticket. TUu treatment received by Judge
Moses has incensed tho friends of that
gentleman, and they openly assert that they
will not voto for a single man on the
An EriTAi'K reporter met a prominent
Republican and member of tho late con
vention yesterday, and asked him how he
enthused over the ticket. He answered
vehemently :
"Enthuse be damned : I'll enthuso for
it next November. You may safely gam
ble that every man nominated by the
Democrats will be elected. How in hell
do you suppose wo Republicans can vote
for Hint ticket? Th office of Recorder
requires a man who is at least possessed of
the rudiments of education. If the rccoids
of tho county arc not kept properly, every
thing will be chaos by and by. Your folks
nominated a man who is perfectly capa
ble, has kept the books and records in a
business-like manner, and is personally
unobjectionable to the great mass of the
people of the county. Our nominee, every
body knows, is not capable. If Iiq gets the
office he must depend upou bis deputies,
as Iiia own education 1ms been sorely ne
glected. Now I was a Republican before
Mr. Ilarwood left Cornwall, nnd always
will bo a Republican, hut you can put it
down, that I have self-respect enough not
to voto fir n man who is in every sense in
capable of attending to tho duties of the
office personally. I have nothing against
Mr. Ilarwood peisonally; he is, for all I
know, a very nice gentleman, is personally
rather popular, and I will oppose him
solely on the ground of his unfitness
Judge Moses could have filled the office
acceptably. Ho is a good Republican,
and could attend to the clerical duties of
tho office. It is admitted that Ilarwood is
a shrewd business man, but tiio recorder's
office needs more clerical than executive
The discontented Republican then took
bis departure, and soon after another was
encountered who is known as a very act
ive Republican in local affairs-. "How
dees it suit you? " asked the reporter.
'Well, my son," ho answered, " It is a
cold dav when the Republican party gets
left, and between you and me. I feel cold
chills running through me since Saturday
" What part of the ticket is particularly
objectionable to you?"
"Damn nearly all of it; certainly the
greater portion of it. 1 have always been
i law and order man, and I know that
Ilarwood was a leading member of the
strangles, when some ill-advised people,
of whom he is a good representative, pro
posed to organize a vigilance committee,
subvert the courts tnd take the law in
their own hands. Ward, too, was heard
to declare, in the public street,
that the Earps had done a
good deed when they murdered
the McLowery boys and Billy Clanton in
cold blood nearly m front of your office
m Fremont street. I believe the election
of Ward would mean a reinstatement of
the Earps, and as there has been perfect
peace anil quietness in the community
since they wtro driven out, not a stage
robbed or oilier cusseduess of importance
perpetrated, I am in favor of keeping them
out. And the idea of liominatiugold John
Carr for treasurer of the ounty! Why,
the old demagogue Is not fit to be treasur
er of a chinch fair. Not that he 13 dis
honest, for he is not. 1 earnestly believe
that he is an honest man, but he can
hardly tell a ledger from a bible, and any
smart? he may appoint to do the work for
him, could b th lob him and the county
before his eyes. Quigley has spoiled old
man Carr, but whether he did it for fun or
malice, I cannot tell. He has made the
old man believe that he is not only a great
man, but possessed of unbounded popular,
ity. You ought to sec his writing, but I
forgot, you havo seen it plenty. Ain't he
a dandy? I tell you, when tho people of
this community come down far enough to
elect John Carr to an office requiring such
clerical and executive ability as the county
treasurcrship, 'tis lime to emigrate.''
The above are but samples of conversa
tions that can bo heard between Republi
cans at any time since Hie close of the con
vention. The discontent is universal aud
deep rooted, and promises a full-fledged
Republican Wat -i loo next November.
Helling; Whisky to Indians.
Lieutenant Houghton, Scout Dunn and
Mickey Free and Irish, two Apache
scouts in (he service of the Government,
brought a man named Quirino Roblcs to
town, Sunday evening and turned him
over to Deputy Marshal Blackburn, who
lodged him in jail, on a charge of selling
liquor t Indians. It seems Robles pur
chased several bottles of whisky of J. o.
Manning, a storekeeper residing near Fort
Iluachuca, which he in turn retailed nt a
n ce profit to same of the Indian scouts,
Mickey Free and Irish negotiating the
trade. The Indians, duly filled upaiid pro
cecdeil to kick up a first-class rumpus,
uader the influence of the tanglefoot.
They weic, however, subjected, and Lieut.
Houghton made them reveal where they
got the whisky. Robles was arrested,
brought to this oily, and turned over to
Marshal Blackburn, as staled above. Yes
tcrday morning the prisoner was arraigned
before Judge Wallace, and pleaded guilty.
He was severely lectured by thu Judge,
and promptly sentenced to ix months'
imprisonment in Hie county jail, fined
ir0, or in default of payment, to servo
J50 additional days in jail. Doubtless Mr.
Robles thinks by this time that his specu
lation was not very profitable.
Ben Goodrich lias a walk-over.
Republican bolters are cj tntless.
TnR Republican ticket is strictly
an Earp proposition.
Even the office of Coroner was
not allowed the city.
Al. Jones will be thc next Re
corder of this county.
An Earp restoration is not a
ning card in this community.
Poutbk's speech commenced in the
beginning and ended nowhere.
Tun recent convention
organization of broken
All the oliL.nmo stalwart Repub
licans wero " downed " by tiio small
fry. -,
Ignokanck is at a premium, ac
cording to the Republican conven
tion. Pat Hor.r.AND is as sure to be
Coroner, as the defeat of Dr. Barney
is forcroiio.
Judge Peei, will bring honor,
Iionasty and ability to tho odice of
Probate Judge.
Wiley's withdrawal from his can
didacy for the treasurer's office, was
manly and gentlemanly.
BLACKisunx is now the
tho independent movement,
manipulate it scientifically.
leader of
He will
The Republican ticket is repre
sentative of dead issues part Earp,
part Strangler, part Rustler.
Mayor Caui: is offering to bet
unlimited money that ho runs ahead
of every candidate ou the Republi
can ticket.
Tun city vas entirely ignored in
the late Republican convention, and
yet this town of Tombstono, num
bers many a vote.
Nash deserved the support of his
party, but it was necessary, in the
interest of tho country delegates, to
sit down upon him.
Poutei: is stumping the county.
If lie succeeds as well ns he did in
Tombstone, lie will place Mr. Oury
under many obligations.
Mayok Caui: says the Republican
party is tho party of "eddicashun
and proggris." Himself and Ilar
wood are shining examples.
Ciiaiiity forbade any very exten
ded mention of the grand Republican
ratification mooting on last Saturday
night. Vc may do so later.
LiAiiKix W. Caui: lias mado no
pledges to individuals, but is solely
in tho interest of the people. Ward
is entirely in the hands of the ring.
Tiik nomination of "Lyttletor:
Price was a barren triumph for the
machine Republicans. He will bo
ruthlessly slaughtered next Novom
ber. Contrast the Democratic with the
Republican ticket. On the one hand
is exhibited honesty and ability, and
on tho other nothing but demagog
ism. As the campaign gets straightened
out wc will )iy .particular attention
to the qualifications of individual
Republic-in candidates. Their rec
ords are being overhauled.
If tiio Rcpublicn candidate is
elected sheriff, it is reported that
Wyatt Earp will be under sheriff,
and the ghost of Zwink Hunt a
Tun present secret-ary of the Re
publican county committee an
nounced while the convention was in
sjssion that he would rather support
Dennis Kearney for District Attorney
than Lyttleton Price.
Dnv Matthews, the staunchest par
ty man of them all, and a thorough
gentleman, was treated with con
tempt, while sucii sterling Republi
cans as Stebbins, Dibble, Seanians,
Moses, Atchison and Nash wero not
even noticed. Savage, of Bisbee,
ruled the roost, and forgo! everybody
but his neighbors.
Bkx Goonmcu is recognized by
Democrats nnd Republicans as n
gentleman, a scholar, and a man in
whose keeping the funds of tho coun
ty would be in perfect safety. lie
would not have to intrust his steward
ship to the tender mercies of a dep
uty, and does not spell constitution
with a 'k " and political with an "r."
The ticket nominated by the Re
publican convention has few ele
ments of strength. It is decidedly
negative in character, and represen
tative of tho worst elements of the
party. Outside of tho legislative
ticket, which is respectable, without
being either exceptionally strong or
brilliant, there is not a man on the
ticket who can recommend himself to
conservative people. The nomina
tion of Mr. Ward was the result of
an alliance between tho machine, and
fie faro games of this city. Mr.
Ward is personally a very amiable
gentleman, but his election to the
shrievalty would be a restoration of
the Earps to power aud place in this
jjommunjty'. $he- ardent friends-nnder-all-circumstanccs,
adherents of
the Earps, forced his nomination, and
it is an open secret that
they hope for his election in
order that tho Earps may again put
in an appearance. We mistake
much the temper of tho community
if Mr. Ward will obtain tho suffrage
of the people under such conditions.
Fie has no striking qualificatioiibr
the office, has never distinguiRF
himself as a business man, and
certainly cannot appeal to the
best elements of society with the
same success as Larkin W. Carr.
The nomination of Mr. Ilarwood
for the recordership, seems I'ke a
comedy. The man is absolutely il
literate, and seeks the office with the
intention of farming it out. He
has no qualifications, whatsoever, to
recommend him. As an example of
his ignoranco it may be stated that
while attorney in fact for T. J. Bid
well, he deeded to himself some
property as such attorney, without
any fur.her respect for the niceties
of conveyancing. This is only a
lone, solitary example of what Mr.
Harwood don't know. Judge Mo
ses, a competent man, who could
have filled tli3 office without dis
gracing it, was slaughtered by the
machine, and a poor little thing like
Harwood, who is nothing but a com
bination of illiteracy and egotism,
was made the standard bearer of the
party. Wo certainly have too
much respect for the good
sense and intelligence of the
people, to believe for an instant that
there is a possiblo chance of Mr.
Harvood's election. The present in
cumbent of the office, Mr. Jones, is a
careful, competent official, who has
administered the office to the entire
satisfaction . of everybody, and there
is little doubt but that he will be
called by tho people to continue in
office, on the seventh of November
The more that thoughtful Republi
cans reflect on the character of tho
nominees presented for their suffragos
by the machine, the greater becomes
tiieir disgust. It is admitted by all
that it. is the weakest ticket that
could have been nominated. Thos.
A. Atchison would have mado a
strong candidate for sheriff. He is
known as a careful, conservative
business man, whom nobody could
refuse to support, except on the
ground ot his political principles.
It is nlso a well known fact, that the
better elements of the party stood
solidly bel.ind him, and that the ma
chine combined with faro at the last
moment to down him. This becom
ing known to Mr. Atchison antl his
supporters, it has naturally created a
feeling of disgust and abhorrence
for the methods pursued. Every
body knows that delegates were
bought and sold like cattlo at a fair.
Bates, of Benson, was a strong ad
herent of Atchison and Moses, until
Ward and Ilarwood made a deal
with him, by which ho was to be re
warded with the office of under sher
iiT in case of Ward's election. There
are several other cases of deliberate
purchase iu our keeping, that it is
more than probable we shall edify
tho public with at no distant day.
It is tho universal opinion of
everybody that Ward was nominated
solely and entirely in tho interest of
an Earp restoration. Tho fact is
glowing before everybody that the
Earp whoopers were tho men who
stood behind bun asd forced his nom
ination by a careful manipulation of
delegates and proxies. When the
means by which he secured his nom
ination become generally known, it
need surprise no person to see a
general stampede from the Republi
can standard. As it is, tho best men
in the party have "j'umped" the
ticket, knowing that an Earp restora
tion, which would surely follow the
election of J. L. Ward, would bo the
greatest calamity that could befall
this community.

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