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VOL.-IV. NO. 13.
IJoili- of .fTiienil Mmi Found
on tlio I'nbllo Illchvvny.
.Mr. E. M. Benson, of the O. K. Corral
on Allen stui't, arrived in town list
Saturday from fcoldUis Holes, and brought
intelligence of llndltig the dead body of u
man about (Ho milts oastot t lint place,
the paiticulars of which are about as fol.
long: While returning Irom the Chirica
hua mount iln, whitlur he had bieu on
business, he i.iuic upon the camp of an
acquaintance, Captain Jack bhcaier, who
insisted that ho sUould join him in n cup
of tea, to which Mr. Benson consulted.
While partaking of supper, -Mr. Slieaicr,
who has several on the road Iriightiug
lumber, staled that be would have to go
back about two miles and drive iu a
couple of his teams, us he had found them
deserted by their driTcis, Indiun Joe and a
nnn by the name ol Thomas, Mr. t,
icmarked that they bad :t boltlu of
whisky with ibtin, but 111 J not ihlnk it a
sufficient quantity to intoxicate them.
One ol the men In the camp stated that lie
had hcaid tluec gunshots, but as there did
not appear to bo uhy ill-teeling bttwceu
.loo nod Thomas, this infatuation did not
appear to create any suspicion. Afier
Mr. Benson hud tested himself and team,
lie drove on towards tioldicis' Holes, at
which plaeo he was to stop for the night.
When a few miles f loin the camp ho discov
ered a man lying in tho middle ol the
road, with his hands folded across Ills luce
as though asleep. He supposed he n-s
merely sleeping, uud got out and at.
tempted to awaken him. He shook
him several times but received no i espouse,
and he struck a much, which revealed
to Mr. B. the littles form of 'Ihoiuas.
He rntscd his head and found tlmttne luck
of his neck was still warm, giving evi
dence of his having died but a short while
previous. Mr. Benson could do naught
but drive on to the rauch,w litre ho ai rived
alio ut 10 o lock that evening, and slop
ped until 3 o'clock In the morning, when
he ttaitcd lor thUcity,:iriiviug heic about
J o'clock, a. in. Mr. Hitter, tho undertak
er, upon learning ol the lacls employul
, Mr. l 11. Mank. the cxpiossmtii, to nng
the bidy. iSinie receiving thK intelli
gent it vviiseurieiitly lumoied onthestrttt
th..t Thomas wit-, not mimlne'ik. but fell
from the wagon, the whiua passing over
his neck, Musing ids dtnth as above t tt
ed Tho my stety Involved in tho uise is
the nouappe nance of Indian Joe, and as
Sheiili Belmn had iceividno intclllacntc
of the matter up to a laie hour lust night,
theio has been no ifl'.nt made to arrive ci
the true inwardness of the case. The t
pressman will anive with the body about
10 o'clock ihlit morning, when nn Inqtus'.
will be held, when it is expected mine
light will be brought to bear on the case.
t'liaj-M-il 'vlih t'attlo Ntcnlliic
lulatlns the JteM'ime loin.
Prank Gray nnd Billy Wilson
arrived in town Saturday morning and
sutrendered to Sheriff Behan. The pris
oners wtro arraigned lefore Judge Wal
lace til 10 olclock. M. A. Smith ap
pealed for the prNontis and District At
torney Price nnd Wtb-ter btnet lor Iho
deftnse. On motion of the pioseeuiion,
the ease wai continued until 10 o'cli ck
Monday, the prisoners being allowed to de
part on their own recogni.unce.
s In conversation with nn Ehtapii
i reporter, Sptnco stated that he was
' tho victim of persecution on
the pait of Julge Burnt It of Cuarestcn.
Ho Bald that he bought and paid for tvtiy
head of the cUtle In question and thnlBur
ntt was try lug t nru him out of tho counV
try in order lo avoid paying luui $2o0,
which was due to him on n business tran.
taction for several months pnt. Spence
threatened tncoinmeiuo legal procei dings
agnruvsijuiriiii, ns soon a, mo pieent
iwutcrwis tii-pastdjij
Later in the day a coi5uhint w.i, filed
with United Sums Commissioner Drum
by Judge Burnet, charging Sptnce with vl.
olating the revenue laws, by driving caltlc
into Iho country without paying duly.
Tho commissioner placid a wairant in
the hands of Deputy .Marshall Bl.icktiuin
for the arrest ol Spence, Ilovey tnd Grey.
The niarshall went to Clrirlcston.and fioin
there to Srence's rauch, bin did not find
the object of his starch. Reluming to
Charleston ho Itaintd Hint Spence and
Hovey had jmUtaitid lor this city.' Ho re
turned also undarre.-tedSnencoiind lloviy
koou after reaching town They wtro ai
ralgned befur fie commissioner, and an
examination set furMondny morning. 'I he
prisoners were h mantled in tho cusiody ol
the marshal).
A Menial.
The following cird r.atlud this olliee
Inst night from Mr. J. I- Duncan, of Bis
lee, one of the Diinocrallc noinincts for
leprecntntlvo totlio legislature. Wo mtisi
confess entire ignoran e of such n 1011
blnatiou as Mr. Duncan suggests, and
believe that he must no mistaken as to the
facts. However, his piompt and vigorous
refusal to he a party istosuch nn arrange
ment if it exists both cicditablu to hi,
honor, and parly fealty. We trust Mr.
Duncan Is mistaken, lint give his card for
the perusul of the public.
A Cm (I.
Cocinsr, A. T. It having In t u itpreen
ted to mo that a omhin.iilon had lit en
formed, or was being lorniul, lor the
purpura of eliding one Dt niorr.it and
, two Itepublic.in eandldiites to ihu tcni
torlal legishituie, I wish it distinctly
undeisloid Unit I will not s.inLtlon the
use (if my name In a pool, clique or
combination, foi such purpose, u lyint
on the ptople alone. II llicy ehct me
to repn..int ihem I will do il to my ut
most ability. Very respectfully.
J. T. Dl-ncan.
Bisbee, September 23, 1885.'
...I. .-.
What hns become of iho Republican cun
dldate for treasurer? Nobody ever hems
him spoken of.
Firemen lilt'cllon U ui.Ivch I'.lec'cd
Chief Fnglnerr.
At an t.irly hour Tuesdiy moining
groups ol men congrtgattd at the Scuuic
saloon and vicinity, and were actively en
gaged in vvoiking lor tlicit uspetlive
choice foi chief eugiuetr. Boss Blatk
uui n was, ol course, the centi.il figure
aiound which all ibe smaller fry gailur
cd, and who listened with deepest ink lift
to the woids ol political wisdom vvhn.li
How so litcly Iroin his lips when engugtd
n "rthoopmg up'' the uieiits of those
whom he would like to see advanced m
political ltlc. Ever and auon his gn7e
would wander to the immaculate cotk
lail aichiltct, who with aims plated
akimbo on the pollshtd walnut bar, wait
ed p.itiimly until some one would tutu,
ble to the sly glauces of tho "boss" and
set them up. After partaking of the cup
that ihicrs, some othir luckless wight
would luave in sight, and If unfui lu
ll do enough to bclung to either company
would havo to pas tluough tho ordeal ut
bciug buttou-liolcd by tho cunuublutur.
About una o'clock, too polls, which were
locutal at the cily rtcoidei'.s oltice on
i'ouith slreet, opened, and were iu
iliurge of Howuid Lie, who lepresenltd
Iho Hooks, and L. F. Biackbuin whose
vigilant 13-0 was ever icady lo catch on
to nuy atlimpi to stuff the ballot box, or
lopo in .111 opposition vote. Thomas
Huiumil and Billy botilo who tilleis.
Tne voting progiesscd rather slowly mill
it was n difficult m.itiir to tlcicruiinc
who would have tho honor of wearing
the badge of olliie lor the ensuing leiui.
Al U o'clock the votes being all counted,
it was found that of the 108 votes cast,
Monarity had ltteived 71 and Ives 87,
thus electing Ives by a limjorily of 10.
'Ibe fiiiiuls of Morinrity claim that the
voting of many was illegnl.on the gionud
that the louslitition and by-laws of Iho
depaitiueut ilibtiucily .stale tiiut no mem
her shall be idlowtd to vote until llicy have
been a meuiher of iho elepiriment lor thir
ty days, and that several men who have
only bun edmltte t within tneuty-live
days weie allowed to vote.
On the nnnouiictnient of the result of
tho ekction, the fi lends of Ives made tho
air sound wiih then l.urmhs, ami m a
short tune hud the hook and ladder,
manned by about Hi) members gaily trav
tling up Allen stuet to Campbell &
Hiitih's saloon while congratulations
who tmdeicJ lo tho victor, in foaming
glassts of Hoidcur. The Tombstone
baud shonly i.ficr ten lereJ the chiel a
senn.ide, and thus cuded pleasantly the
stcond tkciion for chnf cuimcr of tho
Tombstone iho department.
The following piotest was filed by Mr.
Mm Liny lust ivming. It is undeistood
the mutter will be brought btloie the
county rouit in a lew days:
A OAttl).
ToMiisTOXF. Oct. 2, 1882.
To L. 1'. Blaikbuin and llowaid Ia'C
inspectois ol eieciimi for ilnet euginiei:
I heiiby eiitii my piotest against giv
ing W. .1. Ives :i cerllllc.Ue of election
as ihiel englueer of the Tombstone i?'no
Deputnuiit. My piotest is made on the
giound that the Hook and Ladder Lo.
have on iheir 101I but twinn-cven
members entitled lo vote at an eleciion
for chief, ingimer, and that at tho dic
tion just passed, eighty thiio votes who
polled by Hint ininp.iii.v. I iluim tho o'.
lite ol chill eiigiuicr of the Tombstone
Fiiu Depiirimunt on these grounds
Tho Lngine ci.miiny pulled seventy,
five vit.-s and with the iwiniy-seven votes
ol the Honk and LudiKr com'puny would
make a tot d ot 127 votes, of which I n
ceivid 71,a dear linjoruy of 40 votis.
i; a. MoniAKTy.
I .1 ItllltlM fl.l. llkln. tf.A....tl.......
Judge Bui iv and Coloutl Mike Gray, a
ci ui untie appointed by the Democratic
County Central Committee, rituiiiid Irom
Tiviston Sunduv, while they weie met by
a cominillio Irom Grahiin, iimslsting ol
I J. Holm, George Stevens nnd T. Hints
ton. The object ol the inciting was to
ditoimine on a nominee for joint coun
cilman foi Cochise and Gi.diain counties.
Alter a lengthy consultation il was de.
eidid tint the honor bo coufiircd on P.
J. Bolan. In accepting the nomination,
Mr. Bolan handed a writttn plcdgo to
the Cochise delegates promising, in the
event of any attempt at changing the
boundarv lines at pie-mi existing between
C. chlscnnd Gr.mani, in the legislature,
that, if elected, he would oppo-p to the best
of Ins nbiliiy nuy suth piopoition.
Mi. Bolan is at pri sent district attorney
of Gruhiin (ounti and is u good l.rvyir,
and an able m in guirrdly. He is a pro.
noiinctd D-nimral, .ml his had eonsidei
able legislative cvpericnu; hintofore. lie
is a very p ip'ilar man iu Graham couuly,
nnd will lu elected !v a large majoritv.
Insirmly Tor '!. Mti.hle.
KKewheic in this issue of iho Kimtvvh
will be found the cud of Hugh Hagguty
announcing him-i'lf a i ndc)emlcnt can
tlld.it ) for Constable Mr Hagguty has
bom a Con-table in lliis piecinet lor the
past two ve.n s. mil has bet n a good and
faithful o Hot. lie has bitn a lifu long
Bepublican but leeiivcd such inf motis
tie.itmeut at tho 1 itc picktd convention of
his party, that ho has concluded to jump
palty lines and apptal to tho people In.
tleptndintly. .Mr. Ilagganv biing well
known in every person in liie city, will
give the HuHiblican candidates n touh
To The Votri'M or riiiutiMtmie.
Having smed in the ollleo of Constable
of township No 1. lor tho two jeus lu-t
past and having given suth snti-fnulon to
tho pioplc doing business with ine in that
.ollicelhat in my ask mo to still further
scivo for iinoihcr term I lurtby, tinnounie
mvseir as an independint iiindidate Tor
Constable of sain township un I dciie the
votes of my friends for ic-cleclion
on Nov. 7. Huoii Hauoautv.
Larkln W. Cair is'an honest man, thcic
foro the people will support him.
A Hand of Aimrhen Itaidlntr Throusli
theNnii Jus- JIouutaiuH-Two Jlen
Fioin 31 r. Brian Obcat who returned
Moudav Irom the custom house on the
Sail Pedro, we learn that the band of nn
eg.ule Apaches, who have cairied death
and iksliuition with overwhilming fury
into toe lie irt ot bonor.i, weie again ma.
lauding the (ountiy in the vicinity of tho
San Jose mountains, ami were running oil'
stock, and killing all whom they came in
contact with. Last Sunday n band of for
tj -three Apache bucks laided iho Tiran ito
iani.li, situated about 15 miles lioiu the
custom house. At the time of the nttaik
thcic were five men on ilie lanch. Tho
Indians succeidtd iu running off .iluge
number of entile and horses, of which
number they killed fifteen. In attempting
to save the stock,
Felipe Ciiminc7. and Juan Biptuta,
vvete l utlilesslysl.iuglitercd . The remain
nigthico men nfur having n desperate
running fight sui'cteded in effecting a
loiigeintnt iu a sicure retreat. The band,
Hlttr unsuccessfully utt icking their strong
hold, and knowing thai nt least some ot
them would bite the dust, if theattack was
kept up, gave up the contest, and took a
broad trail leading into the San Jose
mountains whire they ure now supposed
to he. luostof the icnegades are altiitd
in the fatigue uniform of the UniL'd
Slates niniy, andaietquipped with Spring
field rifles, caitridge belts, etc., and are
well mourned. Mexican troops were In
the vicinity of Bucuuchi several das
ago, and ere now arcpiob ibly
in closu runsuiT
of the red devils, aud it is to bo hoped that
iu case of u fight that It will end in theii
complete cxttriumittion. It is moie than
piobablo that in the event of being closelv
prcssi d, tho renegades will take a natar
into this tin it iy. Gen. Crook is now at
ban Carlos, and is iu a very fairway to
gain an insight into the barbaious methods
pursind by iho govcriimtiil pets, when on
a marauding expedition, and will doubt,
less inaugurate n line of action which
will not only end the ficquent incursions
of these devilish pests, but will place capi
talists and prospet tors on a more secuie
footing than they have herctofoic enjoyid
Since wilting tho above, a gentleman
mimed litdfern biought information to
town that si- Mexican custom house
guards wire killed near the San Pedio
Suuday evening. The report could not be
authenticated, and its truth cm not be
vouched for.
A UuHcally Indian Agent.
While the Indians, as a race, aie desciv
ing of very little svnipathy from the peo
ple of Arizoii i, there are times vv hen
they are so mistreated and robbed by those
placed in power over them by the govern
ment, that patience ceases to be uviitue,
and the lCsuli is an euieutc from the lCser
vution, closely lollowtd by the most alio
cious deeds of murder and rapine The
h.tist case is that of IJoswcll J. Wheeler,
agent for the Punas and Papago', vvln.se
heudquaitcr.s were located ut isneuton. Not
coutint wiih robbing tho government
funds, he bus lobbed the Indians of tluii
pitilul salaries as well. The government
allowed him to employ a sahuiid police
foi co, and whin pay day came he iuvariu
bly pocketed the amount due lhim. One
wayol raising the wind was to pi ice mi
luuiaii undii iiiiest for some violation of
his iion-olnd rules, and as a means of pun
ishmeut condemn him to work in his bir
ley tiild, and would reap the benefit ot bis
labnis. Ho also issued lalso vouchirs, and
put in fictitious nicounts, but beioming
inibolilcned by bis continued success he
became reckless, mid Was discovered bv
Dr. Palmii, the agency phvoicLui, who
telegiaphed the dep irnneot. Wheehi
Kiioiving that his game wns up. immedi
atily depanid for Chr.1 Grindo when-he
look tho train. Weie it not for the domes
ticntcd habits of Iho Punas and Pupagos.
who have iu . i measure learned to bo de.
pinduit oe the white man, another serious,
oiiib'eak would undoubtidly bo the clot
ing scene in Winder's caieer ol crime.
-'ew City Hall.
The city council have advertisid foi
bids for tho constiuction of a new city
hall. As it is well known, the silo selected
is that upon which the County Ricordei's
olllcc w. is previous to tho late (lie. The
building is to be !i()80 two stories, with
basement, and is to bo built of brick, and
the cuntnet will epresly stipulate that
the iiinteii.il Used in its construction shall
be of the best quality. Connected with
the building will be ii jail which will be
appiopiimly fitted up and whiuin ever,)
luckliss individual who shall l.tll iiudtr
the displeasure ol Iho citj's pciccmnkci
will llnd a pleasant place in wh'ch to re
initiate ovei tlnir doubles or to armhe
the liquoi whitli Is poeuliiuly adapted to
this (lunate. Plans and specifications an
to be found at tho auditor's olliee, and
bonds will be required in double the
iinio.int of the bid.
Coroncr'M Iii(iiiHt.
The coroner Monday held an inquest
on the body of Joseph Thomas, the team
ster w ho was so foully mtiideicj on Fiithi '
week, rd aIioso lody was discovered hv
B. M. Benson. The jury, consisting of O
D. Pil7hugh, Al Fnnch.J. L. King, r.
Coghlau nnd N.Alexander, after hearing
tli- testimony of B M. Benson and Jake
Shesier, iu whose employ the unfortunate
man was ut the time of his death, found
that deceased came tolns death on thoSOlh
Instint, in the Sulphur Springs valley, at
iho hands ol a person or personi unknown.
On an examination of tho body by Dr."
Matthews, it was found that the muse of
dealh was evidently u 15-cnlibcr bullet
which entered the body below the brcK
bone and passing through the body came
out near I tic b ickbono
The dice ised was about !3 veais of n"p
and his p irents reside iu "Sprini'tieTd"
Mo., and are in affluent clrrumstHnoes. '
A lroih3 luetic Tor Iiutiudeiicu nnd
."Weiiduclty ovull- Handle SIih
L'ditok EriTArn: As my litiei of I ist
Friday morning has been the innocent
cause of subjecting your paper to unmer
ited cntici-m, I tan do no less than hasten
to express myregict then for, nnd depre
cite the incaii and uiilicious j uiiiliilistic
snirtt which discerned in tli.it letter ''a
coverl attack" upon our public school sys
tem. Il is not the pin pose ol "Nnvalis' to
mcitsuie critical lances with the local par
agrapl.ist of your evening conteinpoi.iry.
When he enters the lists lie hopes to nu et
Willi a nobler adversary with one uPleast
who will not desi end to the nunnncss of
exprtssing gratuitous slander. Why did
he not (tnJgo to "Novalis," wl.oni vou
know is no intangible myth, the imputa
tion clnrgcd lo the Ei'ii'APii, and which
you Siturday m irning very piopcrly but
vviakly chnrattcii7ed jw ''inalicioeis.' My
ehai.ieteriz it Ion of il ha I I been in your
place would have bien mnie forcible than
eleuMiit. I nm persitmlcd "secular tduc i
tion did lit le for theuewsp.ipir Bohemian
who so recklesslr substituted table for tact
in order to guilty the spltnctic tendencies
of hi nntuie. But wlialevci may be the
qunliiyol Ins molality and however good
Ins edun tion it is evident th it neither will
ever be powerful enough lo net as piophy
lact'oto his invetei..te mendacity.. Tho
ediicitioii blcmltd with, aud diieitidby
moral influences will never descend to
liilsehoml tviii for subserving his own in
teifsts. Moieover Ilie iducaiion which
studiously igiions religion and 1 nigbs at
morality, is not the sou whiih builds up,
sustains nnd guuantiis the perpetu ition
ol states and empires
These tilings am well known lo every
well letd man in America. and the same
i ould also, were they pnsent, tell the He
publicnii that loi lefigion and the moinl
influences vvIik h evvi go hand in hand
with it, ihis lti'iulilic, in nil piobabtlity
would not hao witnessed the attainment
of the first ceutuiiry ol its independence.
It is 11 very well for superllciil mmdid
squib writeis who prietiee upon t!icBeiub
lie.in, tocry "covert atluek" upon the sac
ridniss of ilie common scln ols, when no
such attack was ever Ihouglit ot or intend
ed. Foi tluse sctiools I have considerable
icspecl, but, even so, as a citizen and lux.
payei of this commonwealth, I claim the
light, as I do the justice, ol pointing out
their defeds when I am sitislinl tliai su.'ii
dcleits exist. But this I have not vet
done, and until I or somebody equally do
siious of aiding to regulate the utilises
stid to hotolerattd will, m their walls shall
i.xpose these defects I would counsel the
UVpublicaii to devote itself to the tik of
ptoving that the want of education and
lack of the efllcitncy it imparts ought not
be made a b ir to the candidacy ot politic
al olliee stekere. This is a new departure
in politics Indeed, and one that is likely t
work no good to the journal or palty that
gives it counicn.intv.
Of wbatsover sins the Ei'iTAPir limy be
utility under its prescni munagcmi ni, it is
not eoirsc or personal and nevei ignor
ant. When it descends to poison il cnti
cistn, it does so justly and squ'iiely in the
inteiesi of its lenders nud supporters For
this I lomniend it. When men sel them
selves up for politic il olliee, tiicy omjhl to
remember that the political picss is not
only Aiguseyed but lynx-eyed as well,
ind witnout their lives lmve been blame
less and puic as Sir Galahad's, they would
havedone beltei lo have tr.iinpliu upon
ambition and thus avoid political dis-ec-tton.
No man, not moi.dly anel politically
honest, ought tobesuppoitcdforolllcc;.in(l
ivithout he is p is-ossed ot mole tUan
mediocre ability, he should remain in so
cial obscurity. Illitci.iey, howevei honest,
is no recommendation loi public olliie
int oven to that of poundktepcr. Hut
stinngo lo sav, m fiontitr scit'emmt, it is
the most illiterate and least competent
who almost invariably put ihcinulves for
ward for public positions. Who that will
take the puns lo inve-tigato thecduention.
il tomptteney of the Republican county
nominees, but must, it impartiable how
utterly unlit many nay, neaily" all of
ilicui uie for the positions to which they
ispire. NovAtis.
Our I'libllc hctioolH.
The city of Tombstone can justly lay
ci dm to having the best organiei. school
system in Arizona. Ci nsideiablo emula.
ti"ii is e.xcttid among the scholars, mid
by judicious training of teachers, the
ti tendly rivalry is kept up and the result,
.is appended below, for the past school
month, is gratifying in the exticme. 252
iihmes have bieii eniolled on the legister
ot the public schools, and the avirage
daily attendance has been 231 'I hose
whose namis apptnron the loll of horn r
have neither btcn absent nor taidyj.iud
iheir scholarship averages DO per cent, or
Advanced grade Jennie Whilcomb, 08;
Lucy Hen ick, DC.
First grade Mollie Daily, !I0; Jessie
Johnson, DO; M. M. Sherman, teachei.
Second grade Maggie Hill, 04; Lottie
JIoscs, 0; Minnie Hill, Oi; C. A. Stuiloii,
Third gi.ule Con Goodrich, 03; Mag.
gie Cosiilli., 02; Lillian McAllister, 91;
Allle Hone, 00; Eddie Dunbar, b0; M. L
G.iston, teiehei.
Fouith grade- Emily Smith, Allie Hunt,
Nora Wixiram, Fiauk Giaf, Buta Ed
niotids, John Brady , Florence l ink. Su
Santee, teacher.
Filth grade Thomas Dunb.u, Iliuiy
CI.ipp, Willie Grist Mis. Price, tciclur.
'Ihc Court Hiiiisr.
'flit new conn house is giadunily loom
ing up, and attaining the appearance of
what it is dcsignid to be, the line t build
lug of its kind in Ai io'i.t. At presinl the
Joy mi boys, assisted by scvci il Mexicans,
mo the onl,' jieisoiis woikmg on die build,
ing, but iu a lew days seveial bricklayers
will arrive from Plienix and Tuc-on, In
icspoiiso lo a tilegram fent several days
ago. fhe vault for Iho county treasure! is
bting built, aud vvhcu llnished will be adc
quatc for all demands that in ty be made
lor sp ice on the pint of county oflL-ere.
The vault proper will be 20il0 leet in size
and will bo protected by one of Hall's
burglar pioof safe doors, which have stood
the lavages of flies and the labors ol but.
glars bittci than any other safe in Ilie
mirkct. Ovei one hundred tliousand nnc't
uro now on the giound, and upon the at
rival of a sulllciiut nuinb.'r of hrliklaycis
work will bo pushed lorwuul ns rapid y as
circemstnnces will permit.
McCarty, to all nppeaiancis, has taken
his medicine quietly. He hi.s found out,
at feast, th it il takes a long sack to make
the boyR think hois njrood one
The.Ooiuilj Coinniittcc .licet and Kn
snee In a IHHi-euiitnlilu Wrmicle
The CoiintrMiicn on Top,
Tiue to hirt woid, Fred Dodge appeared
in town Wednesday, having ridden
fiom Bisbeo to down the cily ringsters in
the llepublicun County committee. The
meeting was called to order at seven
o'tlock at the Rt publican committee rooms
on Fourth street, there being present Web
ster Street, chaiiman, B. W. Bales, secre
tary, and Messrs Dodge, Aycrs, Smith,
Isaacs, Dietrich and Biackbuin. Besides
the above, Fred Dodge and Mr. Ayersheld
tiuee proxies e nh horn countiy numbers
of tho committee who weie unable to at
tend. T o minutes of Ibe pievious meeting
were lead and appioved. and a committee
appointed at a previous meeting "on the
expenses of the campaign," wtre callid
upon for a report. Keno Ike, ( lmirman of
the couimiilee.annoimced that it would re
quirt 3,000 to run the county carupilgn,
and gave the following items: Printing,
1200; old debt, $300; secretary and sla.
tionery, ?200; eleition day, .?1,00U. He
then proceeded to re id what he thought an
equitable assessment ot candidates, but was
cut short by Mir. Dodge who sharply in
formed him that that was going further
than he had any power. Ike said he
would kick if he thought it would do any
good, bill he understood that Dodge held a
full hand, and would consequently keep
quiet. Bates suggested that the icport be
accepted, which was done, and Ike went
to the chaigc again by moving that the
committee proceed to assess candidates.
He was ag dn choked off by Dodge, aud a
good de il of i l.naturcd glow ling ensued.
It was moved that tlnce additional mem
bers tiiim iho city be added to the county
committee, and A. O. Wallace, E. II.
Wiley and Joseph Taskcr were named
Ike moved to m.ike it five, nnd suggested
the name of Dr. Matthews, while Black
bum named John B. Fairel.
Ficd Dodge said that live was too many,
lb it they would keep on increising the
committee until it was like a mass meet
ing, aud wound up by saying that John
U Fan el would not seivc.
Bl ickbuin How do you know?
Dodge 'Tis none of your business.
Blackburn, tine iicmngly You hadn't
better bo too saucy.
Dodge I'll be as saucy as I damn
Heic thechaiimnn rapped for order, and
editor Dunbar, who was sitting near
Blackourn, caught hold of that statesman,
while Ay ers held on to the fiery Dodge.
Sircct and Bates imploicd for peace, and
reminded the btlligtrents that the press
lcprescnti.tives were present and would
give the ruikct away. The question was
then put and the original motion increa.
ing the committee by tlnec, was carriid,
Dodge and Aycis, with their pioxits, vot
ing for, and the city men against.
Mr. Wiley being picsent, declined to
siive on tho lummittie, and U.
S. Bicu was uppoinlcd in his
stead. Another wnngle then
ensued between Dodge i ml Blackburn over
tho appointing of a finance committee.
Di dgo and his followers named the mctn
bctsof the committee entire, m iking Wal
lace, Taskir and Rice the members fiom
the city, and himself mid Ayiesthe mem
bers from the (oumry. While sneaking on
his nut ion, Blaikburn interrupted him,
and Dodge t-ild him to sit down.
Blackburn bhut your d n mouth.
Do. go You can't shut it.
B I'll give you any kind of a game
you want.
D. You can't give me anything, and Ihc
less c lin music you give the better.
Both men were advancing on each other,
but the other meinbcis into ft red and thus
spoiled the low. Stvei.d other questions
came up, but were settled just as Mcssr.
Dodge and Ayies required, against the
heated and angiy protests of Isiacs and
Biackbuin. Several other disgraceful
scenes such as the above look pi ice, and
finally the principal business of the even
ing, the assessment of candidates was
brought up.mninly Ibiough the energy and
perseveiancoof Ike, who said it was time
the candidates put up something nnd
showed a little money in sight. The fol.
lowing ase-smeuts were Anally made.
Shu ill, 500; lojoidtr, 100; trcasuter,
250; district attorney, 250; probitc
judge, 150; public iidmiuistrntoi, 50;
lcpie-eiititives to hgislatuic,?50; council,
75; supcivis rs, 50; coi oner, 150; mr.
veyor, 50; justkes ot the pcico and con
st ible, 23..ich. By an ordei of the1 com.
mine, p issid on mot on of Isa ns.tho name
ol any candidate not pay ing bifoie the fif
teenth of this month will be taken off the
ticket and nnothir subslitulid. Isaacs
then moved that a committee of tluec bo
appointed to nominate a candidate for
joint eouncilm.an with Grahain couuly
Tho ehiiiniiiu suggested that il would be
better to gtveGi alum county a little siy in
the m ittei. and appoint a committee lo act
in conjiiiH'iou with the sitter county. Ike
s dd no, that if Ginh.iin did not like it she
(ould lump it; thai "wc hid the biggest
pie and could tako the puddjng." The
committee were, for the fir.st lime, pretty
un minions, aud Ike's motion prevailed.
The chair apponitid Isaacs, WiJlace and
Ayies the committee, who ictiied, and in
about tbiity-five seconds returned and re
poind the name ol Joseph Tnskei as the
nominee. Mr. Taskcr lciiirne I tit inks for
the honoi CDiiloncd, and said he would do
his best for the intiic Republican ticktt
The question of adjourninci'l was nixt
brought up, and caused a mw row, but
Dodge, us usual, h id things his own way
and ihc committee adjourned until two
weeks fiom lo night.
Bliickburn says ho Is going to move out
to Pick-eiu up, so that he can be a country
man at the next inciting, and have ome
say in Iho deliticiations.
Mr. Wiley tlmibilc-s deilincd t" ftrve
on the eoinunitio, being loo dicuit n man
to nlllltale with such u mob.
American ."tlanorw.
An Eastern newspaper calls atten
tion to tho fact that there niu many
fine mansions with their surrounding
grounds upon the hanks of the Uud
son river which are rapidly going in
to a state of decay. That sucli
should be the case during a season
of general prosperity seems at the
first glance strange. We hear, how
ever, of splendid new mansions be
ing erected, and grounds being mag
nificently laid out and improved, in
various rural localities by men who
have acquired great wealth in the
cities and have an ambition -to found
something like baronial establish
ments. It is a question of a com
paratively short time in all probabil
ity when the latter will be swelling
the number of the former, and it may
be that the process will go on indef
initely. These fine buildings degen
erate into country boarding-houses
for city people in the summer and
go the way of neglected things gen
eral .
The spectacle furnished by ox
Governor Sprague defending the
once elegant Canonchet against its
would-be purchasers furnishes an apt
illustration of the vicissitudes to
which these costly establishments are
subjected, and the fate that awaits
them. The reason for it all lies in
fact that many makers of fortunes
in this country are either
not fully acquainted, with th?
conditions. of American life,
or else that they ure determined to
gratify their own tastes, irrespective
of the welfare of their children.
There can bo no successful tran
splanting of English customs in the
United States that do not ac
cord with the natural effects of our
institutions and laws. We have- no
entail here that will permit such
establishments as have been spoken
of to remain indefinitely in the same
family. It is rare that an average
estate survives two generations with
us. At the end of each generation
there is almost invariably such a
division of property as to place it out
of tho power of an heir to keep up
the homo and manner of living of
his predecessor merely upon what he
receives by inheritance, and it is a
sad fact that the wealth of the parent
usually serves to make an incapable
man of the son. The money-maker
is so wrapped up, as a nile, in his
occupation that he fails to guard his
his children against the effects of
idleness and of the habils of thought
that come from the idea that it will
nuver bo necessary for them to work
for a living.
There are here Lnd there apparent
exceptions to the dissipation of es
tates; but it is nevertheless only a
question of time in every case. And
it is well that it is so. We know no
older-sun or other class privileges,
and the disintegration of esta'es in
volves the opening of the widest
possible field for tho accumula
tion of competencies through indi
vidual effort. A man must have
sense enough to manage his property
wisely with us, or it will leave him
and pass to others better able to take
care of it. 1 hcre is no cast iron ar
rangement placing it out of his power
to part with it. Therefore, anything
like the founding of families on land
ed or any other kind of property, in
this country, is an impossibility, and
there is no use in building castas or
manor houses with that end in view.
The best way to keep up the famiiy
respectability and name in the United
States is to inculcate a practical
knowledge of life and a respect for
the dignity of labor in the rising
generation, which will enable it to
become useful members of the com
munity and transmit good common
sense to its successor. Our society
can aosorb and take cat e of a certain
degree of fine establishments and
fi'inish people to carry them along
consistently. There are constantly
rising men who vvtnt sensible, sub
stantial houses and will pay for them
what they are worth, but these baro
nial irrangements are comparatively
without a market. They rarely bring
more than twenty five cents on a
dollar after their originator is through
with them, from the fact both that
they have cost a great deal of money
and they generally aro constructed
in accordance with some architect
ural or other whim which detracts
from their value.
-Max proposes but God disposes,
which reminds us thpt a "kicker" is
generally a four-time loser.
Tin: Democratic party is a protect
or of the working in in. Tho Repub
lican party vacilates between a
Chinese pagoda and tiio golden calf.
The Traile of Mexico.
A through train from Chihuahua
has arrived at Chicago, which moves
the Tribune of that place to remark
on the Mexican trade. With the
usual Chicago spirit, our enterprising
contemporary concludes that the bulk
of the Mexican trade will be attracted
to that great city, because it makes
the in tides that Mexico particularly
needs as wagons agricultural ma
chinery, dry goods and carpets.
In the same mails which brings
this news from Chicago comes a re
port from New Orleans of the for
mation there of a Mexican Commer
cial Exchange. A committee was
appointed some time since to examine
the matter of increasing the trade
between Mexico and the Crescent
City, and that Commute has now
reported. The exports from that
port to the sister Republic have in
creased over 400 per cent since 1879.
The imports have risen i $1,079,
93G in 1SG7, u 3,317,80i in 1881.
The committee say in their report:
There is really no practical limit
to the coming tr.ide between the two
republics of this continent, save in
the tariff barriers which they have
mututily set up against each other,
and which a reciprocity treaty could
sweep away in a day. This treaty
we arc about to have.
The Mexican Commercial Ex
change is about to be formed, and
New Orleans will make a strong ef
fort to secure to herself tho bulk of
the Mexican trade.
These effjrts on tho part of these
tvvo great cities, and similar efforts
pat forth by Denver and San Fian
cisco, indicate that tho business men
of those cities tegard the trade with
Mexico as susceptible of great devel
opment. Their opinion in the matter
is entitled to consideration, and leads
us to believe that the business houses
of Tombstone should do something
in the direction of controlling the
tradp of Northern Sonora. This city
is in a position to control the trade of
the entire Sonora valley, and tho
mining country adjacent. The roads
leading to Sonora from this city arc
good, and all that is necesrary to lead
a respectable poitioti of the Mexican
trade to this citv, is enterprise and
dash on the part of tho business men.
It is to be hoped that something will
be done to attract the business of
our neighboring Stat5 in this direc
tion. roiaoY.
We understand that some few
cioss-oycd Democrats find fault with
the Ernwrii, because it has made no
attack upon the private character of
Judge Porter, Republican candidate
for election to Congress. In spite
of the ideas of other people, how
ever, wc propose to handle Judge
Porter only in the light of his public
record, as xve shall also treat Mr.
Oury. The former has presented
himself , to the people of Cochise
county, and the impiession he left
should certainly satisfy lovers of
Democracy, without any waste of
time, on the part of the Epitaph, in
burlesquing either his appearance or
condition. Whatever chance of
election Judge Porter once had, was
lost by him in Tombstone, and no
body recognizes that fact better than
Republicans. He is simply a politi
cal corpse which, in charity, should
be buried decently. Remarks con
veying an impression of lack of
fealty to the Democratic candidate
for Congress, on the part of the edi
tor of the EpiTArn, have been re
peated to this office, but they arc
deserving of no notice and will ro-
ceive none. The said editor had the
honor to be in both conventions
nominating Mr. Oury, and voted for
him in those conventions. During
the last election campaign no man
worked birder for the success of the
head of the Democratic ticket, as
every citizen of Yuma county will
testify and Mr. Oury himself ac
knowledge. The political policy of
tliis journal simply embodies an en
tire belief in the principles of Dem
ocracy, and an unselfish advocacy of
the party candidates. In followintr,
this policy it is no considered tieces
saiy to personally abuse those who
have been chosen by tho Republican
party, cither upon the score of expe
diency or respectability. The merits
aid demerits of candidates, in regurd
to their fitness for public office, will
only be set forth to tho people, bo
that tliev m v judge fiom a basis of
public interest.
Savage, the Republican candidate
for the assembly, spends his time
sweetly singing, "It breaks me all
up." "
Moktakity, than whom no man is
more popu ar, is working quietly but
efficiently. He has a political "dead

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