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HEmlT 'fcMMimi imwiwitmiiixviii i nwTinin iiiinuiiirrrTiti
wc - '..iTrnT t vr o
Hm, F ...!
HBvv 'a.m.
jhsb. -; ".' . , Jin r.i
fiB '
,. .- ...-" ..
v i1
&-? ,
l;A: v
vAttends.thoiDistrict .Court of Graham County
and practices in all the Courts in ArUona..
J. J. Egan,
Attornoy nt Liiw.
iOfllc In tho, Arizona Copjior Co's Ilnlldluv est
V v-.i-J JL Xs V- .
e (guatftiaiu
py official Directory Graham County
Council Butt Dunlap
LEaisLATVREOeo. Skinner, Joseph rish.
"" -Board or SUrer.visoKS
Hcury Hill, Chairman, Clifton
F. W. lla, Member, ltl Clrant.
A. H. Bennett, Member, taflord.
11. L, SmWi, Clerk, Solomon illc.
Sheriff Arthur A. Wight, Poloraonvlllc
ItKCORrtcn Manuel Leon, 8olomon llto.
Tr.EV5UKER'Franl Uysatt, Solomou llle.
District Clf.p.k H. B, Adams. Solomomlllo
Cist. ATtT Wiloy E. Jones, Solomomlllo
ritOBATE Judge lioo. t luff, Solomom 111c.
8i)RLVon Samuel lvgau, Solomoni llle.
Assessor IVJro Soleriomillo.
'i fi. Y. G."& II. RAILROAD
Between BOWIHtiiul l'OKT THOMAS.
No. X,
I.V . ltowlo . Ar.. so
.Btlloy's Weill
inns'.' ' Rail N. Kancfc " . 45
Solomon .
Saffiml. " -3 40
31 . " ........ Thatcher , " . a ig
42.." , . - .Central
60..Ar . .. . l'ima. . . Lv-3 00
1p.m. j m
Tnklnp Satnrdav. (Octolwr 20th. 1WI at
la.in. Trains N01. I and 2 run dally xeeit
Sunilav, 'this Company TCerci tho right to
Vary tills eciedulo as circumstances ma)
Xni. OAKLAND. Prwldcnt.
Arizona and 8. M, Railway,
a 5l
71mc table t'Z,
' doing' Going
No 11
"North a-" South
Jan. 1. ISM
No -2 No. 1
12 00 ir. tUls'burgt 10 10 am
I'OO pm 20 2 tSummlt T -CO 9 20 am
- a eo p m 40 -3 ArUiinrmit 8 20 a m
, ,2J0'pm Lv DuncaUl s 10am
Vf 35 p in 47 l tShchl'iif 7 t'lam
2 v48 p in ) 1 tYorl.s .1 7 33 a m
3 03 p III f 6 fCoronadoi 7 2S a m
3 2.5 p in 4J 7 T tluthrie T 7 10 am
:1 .V. p m 61 a tsfehllucH 0 45 am
A 00 pm Gd 0 tn MdliiKti n 40 a m
4 80 p m 7U 10 Ar Clinonf 4 6 15 a m
'(Trains ran dally except Sunday
Stop on Signal t Leave J Arrive
;Dr. M.-'E. Brenner,
Has finished his i.jw ofllraand Is prepared to
malosets of falsa teeth from (1000 up. Teeth
ositiveiy extracted uitnout psun.
Office Hours : 9 to 12 a, m. 2 to 4 p, m.
.W. B. Fonda,
Justice of th IVjico,
Special attention gheu to collections
Water rights bought and sold.
I Draw's deed', contracts and oil kinds of legal
papers. Titles examined. and abstracts furnished
Barnes & Martin,
Iuw Ofltees
-Wiley E. Jones,
District Attorney,
'Practices in all Federal and Territorial Courts
A general to business conducted and special
mttcniton gncn to tt titer jtignts, i.anu uiu
.Mining' business.
F. L ,B. Goodwin i
Attorno) at I.aiv.
.I'ractlccstln all Federal and Territorial. Courts,
E. J. Edwards i
Attorney nt Lair,'
v.x.vv. ..w ...uti
Jos. H. Lines,
Ji. ,vJuatlne of the Pence,
1 F1MA, ' - .. ..ARIZONA ,
ConvcyanciUB done and all kinds of legal papers
. drawn. t
Dr. L E. Wightman,
J'hyslclan and Hurtreon.,
Calls nusttered promptly iay and night,
Office, Main Btrcct,
I. S. Coffman, l. D.
County I'lbysiclan und Surgeon
Jill calU will bo answered promptly.
Office, lain fetrcct.
Safford Drug Slor
C. H. PORTER, M. D., - Proprietor
-: Pare Drags and Chemicals :-
Jace. Preparations and all Toilet
RgroRiiSOrKN Day and Night,
A Careful AHeaUon given to r
frrvTi tte"wpBgniffyi:TJtfifT
Items of Local Interest Gathered by
Reporters on their Rounds.
Brccjy l.lttlo Notes -of Ocnoral IiYtorcst
Ticked up Iloro and There.
Tho terminus of tho railroad is
now at Thomas.
If you want a good suit of cloth
inc co to J. T. Owens.
Contractor llobbs iinishod the
improvcinonta on J.T. Owens store
last Satnrday, Mr. O. has now one
of tho InVgest and neatest stores in
tho valloy.
Judgo Cluff of Solomonvillo Sield1
down 2d base for tho Thatcher'
team Saturday in good stylo
Goo. U Kelicy, of tho bulletin
TOt? a visitor iff tho Guardian oflioo
Everybody shut up shop and
wont to tho 'celebration on lay
Day. '
Judgo and Mrs. Clufl", and -John
MeGowan, of Solomonvillo, qpent
May Dayat Thatcher.
Call at J. T. Owen's storo -where
you cannot tho best grade of Hour
at 2.50 per hundrod.
TIio only placo in town to got
Oranges, Uananas and .Lemons is
at T. T. Iluntor's.
Tho first hay cut this season was
baled and brought into town last
Vedllcsday for the Ohiricahua
J. T. Owens and fimily took a
holliday last "Wednesday, boarded
tho cars and went to Thomas, returning
tho samo day.
Stock certificates, receipts, etc.,
for tho mill, of this
place, havo boon placed with tho
Guardian to bo printed.
J. A. Woods, of Thatcher, purchased
a first class hay press ifrom
L. Fryc, last wcelc, and is now prepared
to balo cay on short notice.
Walter Fife, of St. David is visit,
ing friends m Thatcher and SaiTord.
Mr. Fife waj under sheriff in Cochise
county during tho
of Scott' White.
Jennings & lvirtland'.aro raising
tho walls of tho old indobo Jail
building, at this place. Thoy in
tend putting a modern roof on it
and put a hard finish -on tho outside.
Mr. Lambert Fryo has just receiv
ed an excellent lino of summer
shirts. Tho' are all of tho latest
patterns, and airy person desiring
a nice and stylish shirt should 'call
on him.
A full lino of Millinery Stock at
T. T. Ilunter.s.
Mrs. Georgo McDonald, of Mesa
city, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred
Clufl, of Contral, returned to
her home last Monday., after spending
fivo wcoks in tho valley among
her relatives and frionds.
G. W. Williams informs us that
ho has made arrangements with
tho raihoad conulany to placo a
platform at tho track opposito his
hotel in Pima, and that hereafter
tho passongcr will htop thcro 30
minutes for dinner.
Tho Theonix JlearaUl oi'tho 30th
ult. says "Ex-Territorial Gcologi
st, J. F. Ulandy, arrived this morning
and will leave this evening
for Graham Count-, whore -lie goes
to look into mining properties for
Now York parties".
Mr. Cliarles Wild of Cochise
County is nor in tho Gila Yalloy
whoro ho will spend his summer
vacation. lie has taught school
for a number of years in Cochiso
and is ono of tho leading educators
tjfthat County.
.On tho 2.'5 of last month Parly
P.. Sabin of St. David .struck a
flow of artesian water on his homestead,
at a depth of 190 ft. Tho
wflll ilowcs 225 gallons per hour.
Tho .time worked on tho well was
(JO hours. So that tho cost of the
well, ,pipo and all did not exceed
Madeline Pollard, who recovered
15,000 damages in her suit
with Colonel W. (J. P. Brcconridgo
but who has not been able to collect
tho amount, sailed on tho
oampagne last ftaturuay as a com
panion of a charitable lady, who
will make a lour years trip around
the world.
J. T. Owens keeps tho finest lino
of shoes in town. 1-20 tf
Among tho crowd who visited
Central to witness tho ball gamo
on May Da', were a few who tipped
tho bottlo too frequently for
their own good. And wo regret
to say tho vulgarity and profanity
indulged in was sufliciont to outrage
common decency and met no
interference of "tho oflicecs. Some
havo sinco complained on
'paid thoir
liiW TluTtill in the constable's
oflltsfiH Central 'is"now filled Avith
.shekels as turcsult.
' '3Rr ' TIS5K:','W?K"
L,3 ' i?rwft'stflf -
; , .,T ' tS1fcVr -
" -, '
17" fcVsZAlrKM Vs Hi ,;4S
Bolto of 1070 - '?'
WttWYmmwl H ' ia ;5S
A UUle History Osuncctcd Willi It
No other season returns to "us
with such freshness and beauty as
spring-, and no othor month brings
such burst of bftd and leaf as May.
Woifcel tho rmickening touch of
now lifo and our being responds
with tho fullness'of joy and song.
'This sympathy, with 'Opening
life, is not common to ns nor to
'our ago.
If wo look throutrh tho vista of
years, we shall sco that the ancient
.Romans were accustomed to
jbrating tho "growing season,"
Mams, vrnh iloral games and
Our word, May, comes
from tho Roman word down to us.
Tho first of May becamo tho season
of festival at a 'later date perhaps
among tho old Celtic people
During tho middlo age May Day
was observed in various parts of
Western Europo.
It was at this timo that tho custom
of "going-a-Maying" had its
During tho reign of Henry Till
May Day was moro generally ob-
j served by both nobles and peas
ants. It was then that tho -May
polo becamo a feature of tho celebration.
Tho May Queen probably
figured in tho old Roman festival,
though it is doubtful.
During tho Puritan period May
Day festivities in England received
a blow, but after tho restoration
they wcro revived.
QMio first of May is still loosely
observed in parts of England, Germany,
Franco and our own Amori-ca.
at layton.
The May Day celobration given
at Layton was, in every way, a
success, and a credit to thoso who
wcro instrumental in arranging for
Tho morning was given to literary
sxorcisos, which were most enjoyable
Tho crowning of tho May
Queen, Miss Birdie Olson, was a
pretty feature of tho program.
The Queen and Maids, tastefully
draped with garlands of roses,
mado a dainty picture against the
dark festoons of the wall.
The afternoon was devoted to
out-door oxcrciscs, and a dancing
part' for the children.
Tho day was closed by a pleasant
party at Packer's hall, whore
dancing was tho pastimo till tho
"weo hours" broke
Tho Safford Sunday School had
a very pleasant outing and
at McCall's ranch.
May Day was colooratcd in
Thatcher with as much enthusiasm
as was over exhibited by tho rus
tics of merry England. Tho custom
of joining in ilowery parlance,
dancing round the May polo and
crowning as Quoou ono of tho fair
daughters of Atlas, has been
thoro from timo immemorial.
By ten o'clock tho Academy was
packed to its utmost with tho loyal
subjects of the kingdom -waiting to
pay homago to her who was soon
to bo crowned their Queen. When
tho Queen first mado her appearance,
tho eagerness in which tho
malo side of tho house involuntarily
strained thoir necks and pushed
themselves forward,
on hysteric insanity.
Tho crown could not have fallen
on a moro beautiful lady.
We see no reason nor can find
any pretext for refusing allegiance
to her. If her good senso and
magnaminity are only half equal
to her beauty, tho writer wishes
very much to bo commended to her
An appropriate program had
been airangod for tho occasion in
tho foiin of songs, recitations, dialogues
and instrumental music.
Tho selections were well executed
and most highly appreciated by
those fortunate enough to have
front seats.
The acoustics of the room was
wcro bad, and thoy who wcro in
tho rear end complained of not being
ablo to catch any moro of what
was going on than is possible from
a pantomime performance. However,
the applause was loud and
frequent, and wo beliovo well merited.
Immediately under tho room
where her Majesty sat upon her
ilowery throno was disponsed all
kinds of refreshments to thoso who
had monoy or could borrow from
thoir friends. Wo couldn't got any
A children's party was given in
tho afternoon, and at night tho
grand ball was well attended by
thoso fond of skipping tho light
fantastic. Tho Queen still reigned
in all her regal splendor. She had
now put off Homo of her dignity,
and oven joined in tho mazy -whirl
yrith her admiring subjects. Ono
who was there said ho liked tho
dance because, ho said "It is dead
on tho square" Our thoughts regarding
this aro very unsatisfactory.
Wo aro reminded, however,
that tho dances were of most exceeding
It was half past one in tho morning
before tho dancers reluctantly
Said good-night and separated. All
expressed themselves as having
had a highly enjoyable timo, and
abide tho coming of tho next anniversary
of May Day.
Here tho usual May Day program
was had.
Miss Minnie Cluff was crowned
May Queen and a nice liltlo program
of songs, recitations was
by tho Sunday School children.
In the afternoon a party
was givon tho juveniles, and their
elders participated in a grand ball
at night.
May Day passed off very pleasantly
at this place It was tho
childrens' day out and thoy enjoyed
tlicmsolves without stint.
Tho literary entertainment in
tho morning was a complete success,
and reflects great credit on
tho committee who arranged it. A
danco was givon tho children in
tho afternoon where all enjoyed a
a pleasant time
As variety is tho source of life
.it "would seem that our valloy must
needs receive a bit of vitality from
this merry May Day. Let us not
forgot it and its significance
The busy -hum of harvesters will
soon bo heard in this section.
Weech and Joseph Eoscberry
have ordered a now Buffalo Pitts
threshing machine, and a header
which will be hero in time for tho
season's work.
Mr. & Mrs. D. W. Wickersham
of Bowie wcro visiting in
last Wednesday.
Tho Railroad bridge across tho
Cotton Wood wash at this placo
is finished and tho bridge carpenters
havo gone on to Thomas.
D. J- SimSjWm. Ransom and Wm.
E. McBrido returned, from a trip
to St. David, last Wednesday,
thoy roport smallpox at Benson.
Wilford T. Webb has lately
his stock of goods, he now
cairics a full line of general merchandise
' Bicycles aro getting to bo quito
a common sight on tho streots
The largest run yet mado at
Hunt Bros, distillery was 25 gallons
of good whiskey from G bushels
of grain.
From now till tho last of May is
the best timo to plant sweet potatoes.
Tho first regular train from
Bowio to Thomas went down Wednesday.
Thoro wore two dances here
Wednesday night one at Masts and
0110 at Nuttals Hall tho ciowd was
quito evenly divided between the
two; East had tho danco and
had tho dancers.
Kcelproiity With llanuil.
Reciprocity between the United
Stales and Hawaii in shipping reg
ulations has recently beon brought
about by tho action of tho treasury
department in giving to Hawaiian
merchant vessels tho samo advant
ages enjoyed by American ships,
Tho Hawaiian government has al
ready placed United States ships
on the same terms as its own. Mr.
Hastings, tho Hawaiian charge
here, says tho now arrangement is
proving very satisfactory to ship
masters in both countries. He has
prepared a full summary of our
shipping laws for transmission to
his government, as tho treasury
decision practically makes them
operativo in Hawaii
A dispatch was received by Marshal
Meado last Tuesday stating
that Grant Wheeler, the notorious
Arizona cowboy and train robbor
was run down by U. S. dotcctives
near Maucos, Colorado and killed
but tho killing N he did himself.
When he found that he was surrounded
with no possibility of
he shot himsolf and died instantly.
The whereabouts of his
partner and accomplice in crime,
ai ueorgc, is not Known. Wheel
er was a resident 01 thobanHimpn
valloy and prior to his Willcox exploit
passed for it wild and wooly
but fairly good citizen. His friends
always dcclaiod that ho never
would bo taken alive, and they
were correct. It will be remembered
that this is one of tho men who
held up a Southorn Pacific train
near Willcox thrco or four months
ago when tho express car safe was
blown open with dynamite and its
contonts looted. Citizen.
A corps of engineers arc surveying
the extension of tho North and
South railroad, eastward
Tho proposed route is by
way of Tempo and Mesa city, to
Florence. , -
Who Has Dono a Great Deal to Pae tho
Wny for Clvlllxation in Arizona.
Col. Wm. N. Fife, ex-city marshal
of Ogdon, Utah, is visiting
relatives in Thatcher.
Mr. Fife is an old settler in Ari
zona, having located in tho Sul
phur Spring valloy in 1882.
It was near Mr. Fife's ranch that
tho first murders wcro committed
by Gcronimo's murderous band of
About seven miles from his
ranch two of his men wcro attacked
and killed by tho Indians. His
son John, hcarine tho firing went
to their assistance and a desperate
battlo was fought, tho two hired
men being killed and Mr. Fife
wounded three times, being tho first
of tho long catalougo of crimes recorded
against Goronimo and his
This ranch lies directly on tho
trail tho Indians used to travel in
going from tho reservation to Mexico,
and tho consequence was that
Mr. Fife lost a great' many head of
stock,tho damages for which he is
now presenting to tho government
through his attornoy, Miss Sarah
I. Herring, of Tombstone. Mr.
Fife is in receipt of a letter from
his Washington attorney in which
he states that there is no doubt
about his claims being allowed
at an early date, which is mainly
duo to the way in which Miss Herring
mado out tho caso and submitted
it to him. Tho lottcr also
states that tho cvidonco had been
taken and tho facts grouped together
in a scientific way, making
it tho clearest Indian doprcdation
caso ho has yet had to handle
Mr. Fife has always been a pioneer,
whoso doors were never
closed against tho hungry, footrsoro
traveler; and it was at his ranch, in
1884, that an appcarantly starving
Mexican stopped and asked for
food. Mr3. Fife immediately began
preparing for him tho best fare
siji had in tho house, and wnilo
she vasit,.Hng, the dining rvom
to enter tho kitclnMieidelliborf(tely
dint lmi flnn'n in nnlrl lllnTwl
out causo or provocation and with;.
out a moment's warning, and thon
escaped. Tho country was immediately
aroused and every ablo
bodied man within a radius of 40
miles joined in tho search for tho
murderer. When thoy found him
ho was taken back to tho sceno of
his crime, and there identified by
Mr. Fife's daughter, the only eye
witnoss to tho dastardly deed.
After ho had been identified ho was
promptly tried, convicted and
strung up to ono of the giant oaks
with which tho ranch is surrounded,
by Judgo Lynch.
Coin's Financial School
Through the courtesy of Judgo
Barnes wo havo received small publication
of 0110 hundred and fifty
pages, bearing the above title It
is a book which tells its readers
moro about gold, silver and currency
generally than any other publication
wo have read, and in a
way that every man or intelligent
child can fully comprehend. It
mercilessly scourges tho meney
changers in the Tomplo of tho Republic,
and is dedicated to thoso
who arc trying to locate tho scat
of tho diseaso that threatens tho
lifo of tho nation. It is well written
in the form of a story aptly illustrated,
and facinating. We read
it through in three hours, without
leaving our seat, and when tho
last lino was l'cad, wo wonder how
any sane man, who understood
and appreciated the financial distress
prcvading our entire country,
could havo sympathy for tho teach
ings of Cleveland and his school of
financiers. This littlo book, which
has created a profound impression
through tho country, is published
by Coin Publishing Company of
Chicago and mailed for twenty
fivo cents.
Dr. Goodfollow.
Iii the Territory of Arizona there
is no moro accomplished physician
and skillful surgeon than Dr.
Georgo E. Goodfcllow, tho Territorial
health officer. At an early day
the Dr. located at Tombstone,
where he at once secured an im-mouse
practice and became county
physician of Cochise County.
The lato Dr. J. C. Handy, stood
at the head of the medical profession
in southorn Arizona. After
his death Dr. Goodfollow removed
to Tucson, whero ho now resides,
and becamo thosurgcon of the S. P.
R. R. which position ho now
The recent visit of the Dr.to the
county scat, on official business
as health officer, added to tho
number of his friends in this county.
M. E. Church, Rev. D. Roberts,
Pastor Service hold every Sabbath
morning and evening. Sabbath
school at 10 a. 111. Class
mooting after morning's service
every othor Sunday. Weokly
prayer 7
Bank Cashier In Vermont Converted by
Beading "Coin's Financial
Some timo ago II. M. Porter, of
Denver, sent a copy of "Coin's Financial
School" to an old friend.
He is now in receipt of tho following
letter from W. II. Allen, cashier
of tho Merchant's National
bank, of St. Johnsburg, Vt. tho old
friend in question:
"Tho fact that I havo not soonor
acknowledged tho receipt of Coin's
book docs not imply that I did not
enjoy perusing its pages. On tho
contrary, I have not read a book
for a long timo which held my attention
so closely to the end as did
this samo little volume, and will
you accept my thanks for having
favored mo with a copy? It is'the
best argument I havo yet read in
favor of silver, and of courso to a
silver man liko myself, it appeals
quito strongly, and will, I beliove,
bo the means of converting a good
many who aro now outsido the
fold. I make tho prophecy that
silver is remonetized inside of
three years, possibly two. Do you
not agree with me llocly Mountain
With many toots, rumblings and
growlings, tho long looked for railroad
arrived at Thomas last Wednesday.
President Garland and
his G. B. Fox, aro
seen aLevery point rustling things
s There aro not many strangers in
townyet nit wp. aro looking for a
good'rush. t.' ,
M. A." Leahy has1 "his meat delivery
wagon.almost cons'tantly on
tho go, filling his. numerous beef
All tho stores havo taken on a
moro appearance
Tho genial conntinaucc of our
old friend, E. A Cutter, was seen
on our streots last Friday.
There is some talk of a Fourth
of July celebration here. And it is
said that Alexander Bros, will head,
tho subscrintion list nuito hand
somely for that purpose
Wilrrtho railroad also comes tho
bicyclo, anu'oxv.scvcral of our
young men can be seenMddinming
uuiig on uiuir muumiics.
Wo havo at present tho following
business houses located horo 2
stores 5 saloons 2 restaurants 1
hotel, 1 blacksmith shop 1 butcher
shop, 1 carpenter shop, 2 barber
shope, 3 public corrals.
Depty Asscsor, Hayes has been
hero for tho past fivo days doing
tho work connected with his office
Mrs. L. Rupkey the popular
and enterprising propriatores, of
the Graham House has had her
hands full for tho last week entertaining
tho rail road magenatcs.
Tho big round up is over near
Black Rock, but aro expected in
here on tho Gth when they will ship
cattle from this point. R
A Sad Accident.
Last Wednesday, Willie, tho 15
year old son of Mr. and Mrs. John
Daloy, of Thatcner, went to Central
to see tho gamo of ball played between
the Thatcher and Central
teams. On his return in boyish
sport, he road alongsido a buggy
occupied by Georgo Hoops, and
Thomas Moody, and carelessly allowed
his horse to step through
ono of tho wheels of tho vehicle
This caused tho animal to fall
heavily to tho ground with the
boy underneath. Thoy fell in such
a position that tho horso was unable
to rise until tho occupants of the
buggy could stop their team and
rash to tho boS assistence, and in
raising tho animal planted two of
its feet squaroly on his stomach.
Tho boy was picked up unconscious
and tenderly carried to tho
buggy and convoyed homo. No
ono thought ho was seriously in
jured. But at the end of about
two hours- as he showed no signs
of consciousness Dr. Porter was
summoned, and after a very careful
examination pronounced that
ho was suffering from concussion
of tho spine, and also expressed
very grave doubts as to his recov
ery. However, the doctor is in
constant attendenco and is using
every posible means to relieve his
suffering and to save his life Tho
neighbors and friends of the family
aro also lending every assistance
in their power. At the timo of
our going to press ho had not revived.
Base Bull.
Last Saturday the Thatcher base
team ana a picKeu nine piaycu a
match gamo on tho Thatcher ball
grounds. The game was not remarkable
for any brilliant plays on
cither side, but considering this
being their first game tho boys did
very well, and with continued
practice will boablo to hold their
own with any team in tho valloy,
Tho Thatcher team also played
a match gamo with Central on
scoro fetood 24 ito
31:'m favoVofjriialchcr. , Jm
IlLji!4ijBli .,.,. ti i .. "ii-,- .
SfcSStt 'I. ""5- j4.t ;
TWXtf - SXni jfcf
There is an old saying that if yori,v?;
want to hear homo news you must
go abroad. I never know, nntil I
saw tho last Bulletin, that I belonged
to tho Guardian staff. Tho
manuscript written for tho Guardian,
and purchased from me made
no proper occasion for a squib from
the Bulletin.
This of San Jose
seems to havo furnisned
with a small-pox stare. It
does not occasion any xright here.
Tho conditions and surronndings
aro such that, with ordinary crc
it will not prove epidemic. Poople,
will no doubt bo surprised to'hcar
that herotoforo there havo been
many cases hero in San Josos ' I
konw of such and all came out
Hlirt wni'lr nf linvinf, Pfy nnnl nncf'''
of this place, still goes on, but the
deposited strata has not been passed.
Thoso in charge of tho work
say that tho conditions aro favorable
for tho discovery of coal-
Tho chango mado by the A. C.
Company at Clifton, from wood to
coal on thoir baby guagc R.R. will ,
effect tho peoplo there moro than
a little Many of tho men working
there havo their homes and
families hero and much of tho hay
and grain consumed by tho stock
engaged in packing wood, is raised '
around San Jose
In digging a well near hero, at
a depth of sixty feet, thcro havo
been found some pieces of pottery
very different from tho ordinary
ciay scattered au over tue sunace ,
of tho Pueblo Veiio. Thoy 's.
. . .. w .' &-
bio "terra cotta ware and
tho deposited layors of - soft
material, and in an earth which
heat had hardened to a rock strata.
If tho marvelous story of structur
al geology, bo true, this handiwork
gfman was left here earlier than
the timo when Christ and his apostles
walkedj.be earth. It is startling
to think that hero under tho
matchless blue of these skies, and
beside tho samo mystic, ever shifting
Nile of Arizona, beings lived
and wrought and died in tho dpys
when Homer sang of Gods and
men and wares wcro bonghl and
sold in tho streets of ancient The
J, H. Vaughn.
May 1st. 18G5.
Lieut. Alshirc, who forio.Jast
three years has been Quartern
tcr at Grant, has just received his
promotion as Captain and staff
Quartermaster. Tho authorities
mado no mistake in his selection
as ho is ono of tho most practical .
men for that position in tho army.
Through his untiring efforts while
A. A. Q. M. at this post he has succeeded
in making this one of tho ',
most delightful as well as tho best ( "'
appointed post in the department.
The troops at Grant arc await-
patiently for their time orders
which will removo tho 1st U. S.
cavalry from here As telegrams
have been received that tho order .
has been issued at Washington for
four troops to proceed to Ft. Ri- '
ley, Kansas, and tho balancoof thcK
regment will leave some time this
summer. Four troops of the 7th
cavalry will bo stationed at this
post. It will bo tho first timo the
7th has ever been in Arizona.
There is a round-up going on '
hero at present. Cattlo aro looking
fairly well but tho calf crop is
rather short. Thoro is plenty of
water in the mountain but tho grass ,
is very short. The valley is badly, ,,
in necu oi ram.
Parties on the round-up are
simply gathering steers for shipment.
Those that were contracted
for some timo ago. Tho prico to
bo paid for tho steers is S8, 11 and
$11 per head.
The Classification law will
ono good effect. It wll stir
up tho county officials to sco that
all property will be assessed
something like a fair valuation, andv !
if all property is assessed at what
it would bo appraised if to be sold
for a just debt of a solvent debtor,
all counties would como within the
first three classes, and tho county,
officials whoso salaries havo been
reduced on account of tho reduced
classification of their counties,,
could thus be restored to their'
fin,.,nm il.tticrlfino i trt, Tt. Ini- Al,. t!i!.
aw,,..v, uuoaiuiAiiroii, aw 11 JV-l. lilt, 4
county officials join hands and see
that all property is assessed, and
that at a fair valuation Star. "
Hon. Mnreus A. Smith, . V1
since tho adjournment of Congrcsss
has uecn sojourning tn Los Ango-1
les, tho guest of his former law
partner, Ben Goodrich, has return-
cd to his homo in Tombstone,
where ho will remain and practice
his profession until a generous-constituency
commissions him a '
United States Senator.
Judgo W. H. Barns came to Sol
omonvillo on Wcdnstlay niorniusj'a'
tram and leu m tho afternoon for
Tombstone He will retHrs'fM
IS .,'.,.1 ...... i. - '" UK IB
J ,ywii. ik ngwurHj
cu icrm oi the ijistn
" psas
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