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Water rights bonght and sold.
Draws deeds, contracts and all kinds of legal
Calls answared promptly day and night,
OCflce, Main Street,
Selford Drug Store,
t. PORTER, M. D., Proprietor
are Drugs and Chemicals :-
e Preparations and all Toilet
5'sl. Necessaries
jii)AYj and Night
4CT(tfal Attealtea given toj
iqwsaKyurc vs xwabua
VOL. 1. 3STO. 10.
ie Btomfftimu
r Official Directory Graliam County
Council Burt Dunlap
Legislature Geo. Slimier, Joseph lish.
Henry Hill, Chairman. Clifton
7.,v Hays, Member, Kort Urant
A. 11. Dounotl, Member, Sifluni
II. L Smith, Clerk, Solomom Mo,
Sheriff Arthur A. W Ight, Soloinom Hie
RrxoRnrit Manuel Leon, Solomomllle
TBtiSinrR rraui. Dysart, Solomom Illc.
Adams. Solomomllle
I)isr. Attv lle E Jones, SolomonWlle
Pros vie Ji vat. (leg Clufl", Solomon Hie.
SunE or Samuel Lofjnn, Solomomllle.
A5E.or Pedro Mlchtlona. Solomonv Ulo
Uctw con 10 113 and POUT THOMAS
Taking effect May 1st, at 1,00 a m.
No. 1. No. S.
sir i.v TBowle Ar ca5
9 10 " tO. V. YarJs Ia 6 32
10 20 am Italic) ' Wells 5 11
10 29 a m. JlllK Ind Mill 5 3S
ml 10 40 am. JUallN. Ranch 5 21
LU 00 Arl Lv 4 51
V'tlT. l.vf Ar 4 51
11 bo Art .TSafTord I A 4 40
11 60 I.vf Ar 4..0
12 00m, L tThatcher L 420
fi 12 03 pin" Central i 4 11
, 12 15 Ar Pima Lv f4 00
U 45 Lvl Ar 13 46
12 55 p m lMathcllle Lv 3 36
1 20 pm tt'ort Thomas Ia 3 10
Mountain Timo
Train No 1 connects with Southern raciflc
train No. 19, east bound, passing ltowlo at 810
. m Train No 2conneUs with Southern Pacific
train No. 20, west bound, passing Bowie at
55 p.m. Trains Nos. 1 nnd 2 rim dail) except
Sunday, and connects with stagollneat Fort
Thomas for San Carlos, (Hobo City and Tonto
liasln. X btations ha o no agents T Telegraph
Stations. I). Dlutng Stations
The Company rcsencs tho right to tary this
schedule as clrcumstancei n,ay require.
' 1VM. OAKLAND, President.
Arizona and N. M. Railway,
Time table Mi
Ooing Going
No 11
North a" South
Jan. I 1895
No 2 No 1
12 00 m tLda'burgt 10 20 a in
1 00 im tSuinmit t 5 20 a m
2 00 p m ArDuntau 8 20 a m
1 10 pm Lv Duncan: 8 10 a in
2 35 pin i Sheld'n 7 45 am
2 48 pin I Yorks 7 38 am
3 fti p m t Coronado 7 23am
3 25 pm t Outhrio 7 10 am
3 55 p 111 ts feldlug 6 45 am
4 00 pm tn Siding 0 40 am
4 30 p m Ar Clifton 0 15am
Trains run daily except Sunday
Stop on Signal t Lea e 1 Arrive.
Dr. H. E. Brenner, x
Has finished his r.0rf ofllco,and Is prepared to
make sets of false teeth from 10 00 up. Teeth
positively extracted without pain.
Office Hours; 9 to 12a.m. 2 to 4 p.m.
W. B. Fonda,
Justice of the I'eace,
Special attention cl en to collpctioni
papers, xuics examined anu aosimcm
Barnes & Martin,
Law Offices
Wiley E. Jones,
District Attorney,
Practices in all Federal and Territorial Courts
A general law bnslnces conducted and special
itttrmltnn ptnn tn WAter Klphtn. I.nnrl anil
.''Mining business.
F. L B. Goodwin,
Attorney nt I.aw.
Practices in all Federal and Territorial Courts,
E. J. Edwards,
Attorney at Law,
Attends tho District Court of Graham County
aud practices in all the Courts In Arizona.
. , I. J. Egan,
Attorney nt ijw,
V Office in the Arisona Copper Co's Building west
I'Jos. H. Lines,
JiiBtlce of tlie Peace,
Convevauclng done and all kinds of lecal na-
m t pers drawn.
Dr. L. E. Wigntman,
rbynlclan and Surgeon.
V.i F"iSN airpr A" if -, ?- i,-.-1 f
" w r1tfsv . V;Ttei
P. 170
lunnr smmtiSBm i mj&f
'VBHHHragymSglfllBAMW vw' f
Items of Local Interest Gathered by
Reporters on their Rounds.
ltrerzy I.lttle Notes of General Interest
l'lclcod up Hero and There.
C. Layton started to San Carlos
on a business trip last "Wednesday.
James V. Parks, of Clifton, was
a caller at this ofllco last Thursday.
J. T. Owens kcops tho finest lino
of shoos in town. 4-20 tf
Richards & Fonda have- received
a number of elegant White sowing
Jcsso Coflman, bpothcr of tho
lato Dr. Cofl'mnn, and Misses Rose
and Blanche Solomon wcrcvisitois
in town Wednesday.
A full lino of Millinery Stock at
T. T. Huntor.s.
J. T. Owens rocoivod ono of tho
largest assortments of fancy and
mixed candies and crackors,
ever shipped to Saflbrd.
Thrco thousand head of cattlo
have been shipped from tho vicinity
of Ft. Thomas during tho past
two wecks over tho Valley railroad.
J. S. Eussol, Avhoso ad will bo
found olsowhero in this week's
Guardian is now rca dy to do first
class photographing work on short
Wo wish to call attention to J.
A. Woods now ad which appears
in another column. Ho is now
prepared to do all kinds of watch
and clock repairing.
Dr. Porter has boen tho busiest
man in tho valley for tho lust
month, ho having been kopt busj'
night and day in attending his
many patients.
Tho only placo in town to got
Oranges, Bananas and Lemons is
at T. T. Hunter's.
"Jennings & Kirtland have- just
received a largo quantity of ma-chino
castor oil which thoy arc
soiling at from 75 cents to $1.50
per gallon.
Call at .T. T. Owen's store whero
you can got tho best grado of flour
at 82.50 per hundred.
Wo are informed that Rollins
Bros., two of Pima's popular merchants,
arc filling up their store
with an elegant lino of summer
goods. These boys have worked
to build themselves up in tho community
whero thoy aro doing business
and richly deserve tho patron,
ago thoy aro receiving.
Prest Layton has ordered tho
machinery for a creamery which
it is oxpectod will bo in running
order inside of a month. lie has
also bought an ico factory which
will bo run in connection with tho
crcamory and which will bo turning
out ico for tho market by Juno
Thoro is no doubt but what tho
riuhost mines in tho world aro
located in tho Grand Canvon.
Mining men aro commencing to
this and somo of tho biggest
syndicates in tho country aro making
preparations to locate thoro.
It is tho only undovclopod country
in tho United States where all
kinds of mineral is certain to bo
found and tho men who cover tho
field now aro cortain to reap fortunes
Coconino Sun.
Lubricating oil at tho Drug Store
Tho party that wont on an exploring
trip to tho Cliff dwellings
last Tuesday roturned Thursday
evening very woll satisfied with
their explorations, but with a
worn-out expression on their
countenances that donotcd a hard
trip, and somo unfeeling wretch
was heard to remark that about
half tho party had been compelled
to tako thoir meals from tho mantlo
shelf over sinco their return.
Mr. B. L. Loffgrcen was in town
today from his ranch on tho river.
Ho with his brother P. A. Loff
grcen, is sinking for artesian water,
and wero up after piping for their
woll. Tho Goodman boys aro also
sinking, and aro now down 07 feet.
Thoy expect to stiiko tho flowing
wator at tho depth of from 100 to
200 feot. Mr. Lofitrrcen thinks he
will got wator at about the same
depth. Everybody is jubilant and
happy in that section of tho
country Epitaph.
Silks! Silks! Silks! All kinds of
summer silks at tho Bluo Store
or fifty locations havo
boen made on tho old Fort Thomas
reservation sinco it was oponed for
sottlomonton tho 15th, of April.
So far as wo have learned there aro
no contests and tho locations havo
boon made in good faith by parties
who desiro to secure homes in that
desirablo location. Tho settlement
of that largo and productive aroa
in duo timo will add materially to
tho tax roll of our county and swell
the great' iwgister with desirablo
electors. j
,. s
"To 'Spit' or Not to 'Spit' That's
the Question."
Culmination of n Ball Game Hetweon the
Thatcher "Long Shnnks" and
the Central "Pngs."
Thcro weio rumors of war and
almost war in fact at Central on
May Day.
Tho occasion was a gamo of baso
ball between the Central "Pugs"
and tho Thatcher "Long Shanks,"
and the fun loving of Thatcher
wero thoro in forco to sco that
all honois earned by the "Long
Shanks" should bo properly credited.
If any "blazors" woro to be
run thoy proposed to tako a hand
and stand pat in tho "blazin" business
thomselves. There wasroally
no blood that moistened the soil
of tho ball grounds, still both tho
Thatcher and Central boys sniffed
from tho balmy atmosphere many
a ghastly odor of warm, fiesh, red
human goro that day. Tho fact,
as subsequently disclosed, is that
each ono seomod to feel that ho
could sparo a woll heaped up bucket-full
or two of blood and still bo
able, at an old fashioned rough-and-tumble,
to "do up" a circular
saw or an aero of wild cats without
much difficulty.
Tho wholo business was ventilated
in Justice Coombs' court at
Central last Tuesday and Wednesday.
In tho first case tho Soverign
Territory of Arizona was plaintiff
and 3 ohn Hill defendant, charged
with tho felonious offense of
an officer contrary to the statutes
made and provided. Tho defendant
pleaded not guilty and tho
court immediately "sot as a
magistrate" to dotcrmina
tho issues and equities of jtho caso.
Attorney Jones was
present and declared that tho Territory
clamoied against tho defendant's
libeity, while Mr.
for tho defendant, vociferous'
ly snoi ted back that "Salt Grass
Bill," who had been "resisted" was
not nn officer; that ho had not boen
sworn in as deputy constable; that
many an oath had bcon shied
through tho circumambient
that day but no oath of office
taken by "Salt Grass;" that
"Salt Grass" had" made no effort
to arrest, henco could not havo
been resisted by defendant, and in
fact "sot up" every defenso except
an alibi which couldn't bo "sot up"
as it was too well known that Hill
as well as "S.ilt Grass" was "thar."
After tho first skirmish tho Court
paused, meditated, scratched his
head; "thunk" many a big, long
thought and "yelled" for law from
tho Attorney, who immediately
proceeded to overwhelm
tho Court with citations from
Blackstone, a big slico from Kent's
Commentaries, a few hunks from
Grcenleaf on Evidence and Bishop
on unminal liaw, and sovcral
chapters from tho "Stattoots" of
Arizona. When tho Court had
covcrou irom tnis last . snocic an
adjournment was announced until
next morning, duiing which timo
tho caso was taken under advisement.
Next morning a lengthy opinion
was rendered and tho defendant,
Hill discharged, as shown by tho
records of tho Central Precinot.
Tho next caso taken up was tho
Territory against Cal Harrij,
charged with assault, "committed
in aud upon ono James Cluff, by
spitti?ig at, in and upon James Cluff
aforesaid." Tho James Cluft mentioned
is tho Constable of Central
Precinct and this most heinous
crimo could only bo satisfied by
the majestic vongenco of tho law.
A jury of eight men wasimpanoled
and as tho caso proceeded it
at ono timo that tho defense
wrern trying to rest upon evidence
tending to show that Cal wis not
able at tho timo to "spit" over his
chin. These tactics could not win
though; while it was shown that
the strong oder of tho wino press
impregnated tho entire surroundings
which enveloped Cal, it was
further shown by indisputable evidence
that he was still ablo
over his chin at tho timo of
tho alleged offence. In fact it developed
that Cal simply could not
"spit,' at long range at tho time;
that his aim was directed at Cluff
aforesaid, "willfully, unlawfully
maliciously and forcibly;" that at
short rango tho "intent" would
havo been carried out and tho "assault
would havo become a "battery"
as oxpressod by tho
Thp Court saw the "pint" and
nodded. It is woll to stato that
tho "pint" which tho Court hero
saw was not tho "pint" which Cal
saw on4IayDay, as Cal's pint was
a quart or more. At tins mncturo
several of the jurymen wore seen
to whisper among themselves, and
an outsider remarked through tho
open window that they evidently
woro inquiring or speculating to
gether whether a "pint of that
which Cal had sampled could bo
produced as evidence in the caso,
for the jury to apply tho ordinary
lest. From tho expression upon
tho Court's faco it was evident that
he was "on to" tho desires and
"intent" of tho jury and would immediately
rule that tho competency
of all evidence was a matter to bo
settled by tho Court, and only matters
of fact woro to go to the jury.
At any rate, tho jury ceased
whispering at once; Lawyer Mc-
Cullom jumped up Avith a sort of
"mower and reaper combined
movement about him and moved
to dismiss tho caso, stating that the
evidonco simply showed that Cal
had not spit upon Cluff; that it
never reached him; that no offense
had been committed; that he had
simply spit upon tho ground; that
tho complaint charged an assault
upon Cluff; that tho assault, if committed
at all, was committed upon
tho "baso ball grounds," and not
upon Cluff. Then the lawyer settled
back with folded arms and a
complacent smile upon his faco as
though satisfied at any late that
ho had scored a "pint."
Tho Do estrict Attorney reiterated
that Cluff had been "assaulted"
and that a doublo crime had bcon
committed; that Cal was liable to
an additional prosecution for battery,
committed upon tho "base ball
ground itself." This last declaration
of tho Attornoy
seemed to "stun" Lawyor
who remained speechless, and
tho caso immediately went to tho
jury, just at noon.
Tho jury wrestled with tho caso
during the long hours of tho afternoon,
and as the sun went down
behind Mt. Trumbull, roturned a
verdict of guilty, recommending
tho defendant to the mercy of tho
court. In pronouncing judgment
tho court romarked to the defendant
that in consideration of the
recommendation of tho jury ho
would unposo as light a penalty as
possible in doing justico to tho
community. Cal was fined forty
dollars and appealed. Lawyer
McCulIom was also fined five dollars
for contempt of court manifested
during tho trial of tho caso.
Ho sought to appeal, but the court
ruled that thoro was no appeal in
contempt cases. Tho Thatcher
"Long Shanks" won tho ball game.
Instruments llccorded.
Thos.'Preston to Ella Ballard,
deed to real estate.
P Sullivan to Mrs. Annie C.
Vickors, mortgage real estate.
Ju. r. iianos, appointment as
doput3r assessor.
A. C Aloxandor, appointment as
cattlo inspector.
Lafavetto and O. W. McMiehaol.
to Sarah Bakor, power of attornoy.
J. It. iiuves. Clark minim? dis
trict, location ol mm site.
Safford Milling and Merchandise
Company, articles of incorporation.
N. P. Beebo. John W. Mor
ris, C. Madson, A. Perkins and A.
T. West as incorporators.
Wm. Y. Ilaffan vs T in Gold
Bullion Mining Co., transcript of
A. B. Wattles and Jas. A. Smith.
articles of agreement.
Frank Wilson to M. C. Meyer,
bill of sale.
U. S. Patent to Wr. M. Whipple,
desert land.
5 U. S. minoral patents to the
Aravaipa Mining Co.
Jake Fclshaw to Francis J. Horf
ey, bill of sale.
Leslie webb to Francis J.
ov. bill of sale.
T. J). Morris to J. B. Machlo,
mortgage to real estate
A hero Is lie.
Tho friends of RobortM. Tubbs
aro very anxious concerning his
prolonged absence. He left Central
in this county on tho 2d of
last, with a six-horse team
and two wagons loaded with hay,
flour, chickens, butter and eggs
expecting to go to Coonoy mining
camp, Now Mexico, to bo gone
about two weeks, sinco which timo
nothing has been hoard of him.
Ho had a 3 1-4 inch Cooper wagon,
a 3 1 4 inch Bain wagon, one sorrel
blaze-face horse, four white feet;
small gray-roan maro branded D
on left shoulderj two email brown
horses; small gray horse;
ono gray stallion, weight about
1100 pounds. It is feared foul
play has been dealt Mr. Tubbs. All
information concerning him will
bo thankfully received at the
Guardian Office. New Mexico
papers pleaso copy.
ciirjuun NOTES.
M. E. Church, Rev. D. Roberts,
Pastor Service held every Sabbath
morning and evening. Sabbath
school at 10 a. m. Class
meoting after morning's service
every other Sunday. Weekly
prayer mooting on Thursday at 7
p. m. .
The Chicago Convention Adopts
Free Coinage Resolutions,
The Cook County Democracy Solid in
Opposition to the Administration's
President Cloveland was bitterly
donounced as false to his party in
the Democratic county convention
May 4th. He was repudiated by
McConnell and tho
was indorsed by the cheers
of tho delegates. Ho was scored
by ex-Congressman W. J. Bryan of
Omaha, and again tho crowd howled
its approval. Mr. Cleveland
was violontly assaulted for his utterance
against silver, and Senator
John M. Palmer camo in for a scor
ing because he was billed to speak
in favor of the president's policy
at the Waubansco banquet that
This, tho first monotary conven
tion in the history of Cook county,
was hold at tho North Side Turner
hall. Free silver Democrats were
in control, and guided by tho ora
tory of ox-Congressman Bryan and
McConnell, they adopted
resolutions and selected delegates
to tho state convention at Spring
field Juno 5. Judgo McConnell
presided ovor the convention. Mr.
Bryan made a ringing speech in
favor of tho free coiuago of silver
at a ratio of 10 to 1, and doilt tho
Domoeiatic offico holders who agree
with President Clcvoland, somo
sharp strokes, which brought tho
blood to Postmaster ilcsmg's side
Along toward noon Chairman
Pcabody called tho meeting to order
and Secretary Burko read tho
call. Judgo McConnell, upon taking
tho chair, said in part:
"I tako it as of tho deepest sig
nificance that tho Democracy of
tho county has been called together
to consider tho subject of our coinage.
For twenty years tho party
has stood for an equality of the
metals In 1892 tho nationol convention
solomnly resolved in favor
of a bimotallic system, and upon
that platform wo elected a man to
tho presidency. Tho man who has
received of us our suffrages has repudiated
tho Democratic party, and
now wo repudiate him.
"In 1891 there was a tremendous
struggle at Springfield to elect a
United States senator. Wo had
101 men who stood together and
succeeded in electing him. Later,
those 101 men met in both branches
of tho legislature and passed a
indorsing a free silver bill,
which was then ponding beforo
congress. To-day, gentlemen, that
United btates senator who was then
elected has repudiated tho Democrats
who conferred upon him that
honor. I under, tand that ho is in
the city to-day and will speak here
to-night in favor of tho financial
policy of Grover Cloveland."
Judge McConnell's remarks wero
applauded enthusiastically throughout,
especially his declaration that
President Cloveland had repudiated
tho Democratic party.
Bryan Scores the Gold Bugs.
Congressman Bryan of Nebraska
was called upon for a speech, and
scored Cleveland and Palmor and
other anti-silver Democratic leaders
unmercifully. "Give it to him,"
shouted ono; "Pull Ins whiskers,"
howled another, and again tho
ciowd cheered, but Mr. Hcsing only
smiled. Bryan said ho camo to
bring good news from tho Democrats
of Nebraska, who wero tho
first to raise tho standard of 1G to
1. Ho was not hero, ho said, to
abuse Mr. Cloveland, but ho could
not help protesting against Clove-
land's letter in this morning's paper's
which indicates that no man
has a right to hold offico in this
country unless ho bows to tho head
of the administration. It was non
sense to attempt to read out of
tho party mon who differed with
him in opinion. Ecklcs was per
fectly harmless. Frco silver men
need not fear him. "Thcro is no
such thing as an honest dollar,"
said Mr. Bryan. "There is no
stable standard of value. The best
wo can do is to find a metal which
will comoas near to this as possible
Tho reason I call a gld dollar a
dishonest dollar aud the organiza
tion that advocates such d'doilar a
dishonest monoyJeague, is bocauso
a gold dollar, if there wero no other'
would constantly increase in value,
making the debtor poorer and the
creditor richer all the time. Even
if wo desired a 'gold standard' thoro
is not enough gold in the world to
make all tho money. Whon Grover
Cleveland writes a letter on
sound money, the Almighty himself
could not tell what ho means
by it. Thcro is onty one man in
this country who has had an equal
opportunity in this country with
Andrew Jackson, tho idol of the
Democracy. That man is Grover
Cloveland. Instead of standing up
for tho common people as Jackson
did, Grover Cleveland has chosen
to represent tho plutocracy of this
country." Mr. Bryan thought the
plank adopted by Illinois on tho
financial question would be the
ono adopted by the Democrats m
At the eloso of Mi Bryan's long
speech tho committee on resolutions
made a report, which ended as
"Therefore, be it resolved by
tho Democracy of Cook county,
that wo demand the immediate
restoration of the free and unlimited
coinage of gold and silver at
tho present legal ratio of 16 to 1,
asiit existed prior to 1873, without
waiting for tho aid or consent of
any other nation, such gold and
silver coin to bo full legal tender
for all debts, public and private."
Tho resolutions wore adopted
by a vote of 706 to 23.
Chairman McConnell named a
committee of seven to arango matters
pertaining to tho coming state
convention. A rising vote of
thanks was tendered Congicssman
Bryan and tho convention adjourned,
having selected 342 delegates
for tho Springfield convention, and
declared for free silver at 16 to 1.
Trouble Ahead.
Wo havo information, says tho
Silver Melt, froma reliable source,
that all is not woll among tho San
Carlos agency Indians; that a
strong feeling of resentment has
manifested itself, and a disposition
to do bodily harm tq those who
undertake to grade or construct a
railroad across tho reservation. It
is believed that United States
troops will havo to bo called out
unless the railroad company is willing
to pay big damages for tho
Threats havo been openly mado
and old and
intimate that blood will flow.
and four other Indians "w ill
ask for an interview" with tho
"Great Father," Cleveland, to lay
their grievances boforo him. There
is trouble ahead, unless tho difficulty
is speedily and satisfactorily
On Sunday night last there were
signal fires burning across tho Gila
from tho post and not more than a
m do away. Pow-wows arp almost
nightly occurrences. These aro
among tho inevitable signs of tho
gathering storm. Somo of tho of
ficers and other attaches of tho
agency aro inclined to treat the
matter lightly, and laugh at any
suggestion of an outbreak.
Tho fact that is ret
ported as tjio arch-conspirator in
this agitation against tho building
of a railroad across tho reservation
is no surprise to us.
has always been a disturbing factor
amongst tho Indians, inciting thom
to rebellion, and acts of hostiliy
against tho whites.
Lot the Poor Editor.
A minister wished to ascertain
what influence the hard times had
upon his congregation, and said at
tho close of his sermon: "I would
ask every ono who is still ablo to pay
his debts to rise from his seat."
The wholo congregation aroso with
tho exception of ono man nu.n
parson then asked that all those
who were unable to meot their
bills should rise. Thereupon tho
aforo mentioned solitary individual
got up, a hungry looking, poorly
clad man whoso features revealed
the terrible struggle of ono fighting
hopelessly against tho vicissitude
of this world. Tho minister
regarded him attentively yet kindly.
"How is this, my friend," ho
said, "that you aro tho only one
among all these people who cannot
pay his debts?" "Sir answered
tho man hesitatingly, "I publish a'
nowspapcr, and these, my brothers
who rose just now, aro all subscrib
ers, and " But tho minister inns
terrupted him hastily. "Lot
pray," ho said.- -Exchange.
is hereby givin that any person or
persons traveling over my road
with a wagon or wagons (except
employes of tho undersigned') shall
pay tho sura of$l,00 for each trip.
Wo can no longer keep tho road in
repair for the public frco of charge.
P. J. Jacobson.
Jake Sollars, of
rr t "V w "W"" ' ""'W"Vv " " B
r a i-s i j i n h ft i j i nun
COUNTY classification:
OOlcersof 1'Infft County 1111 Contest
e w Law.
Chief Clerk Chas. F. Hon', of thr
Eighteenth Legislative Council,
came over from Tucson this morning
to investigate IIouso Bill Nn.
9, tho new county classification-
law. Tho original bill, which is
in tho hands of Judgo Birnes, ol"
Tucson, shows two sections that
aro not in tho law as printed.
One of tho sections that were drop-ed
provides that the law should
take effect January, 1897, and thw
other is the repealing clause.
Mr. Hoff this morning traced th
record of tho bill through the house
aud council, finds that the two see-'
tions were in tho bill when it
reached tho council from tho houist
and was adopted by tho council,
and wore still in the bill
when it went back to th
house. In tho house tho bill
was referred to tho enrolling au3
engrossing committr c without thestt
sections being stricken out. When
it was returned to the houso from,
that committee the two sections
had been dropped.
The question now arises wether
tho law is legal, thcro boing twr
material points to bo considorecl.
Ono is that tho law signed by thu
governor was not the law as
passed by tho legislature. Thu
other is that tho law as signed is
special legislation as sot out by
the Harrison act.
Tho officials of Pima county,
will contest the legality of tho law
and it is thought will be assisted
hy tho officials of all the counties
of the territory who, under thn
provisions of tho law find their-salaries
materially lessened.
Willie Daley's Funeral.
On Tuesday evening last at about.
8 o'clock, Willie Daley, tho 15-year
old son of Mjr, and Mrs. John
Daley, of Thatcher, died after
lingering unconscious for 150 hours
from the timo of tho accident on
May Daj a full account of which,
was given in Iftbt week's Guardian;
Duiingjtho entiro timo he neither
spoko nor opened his eyes, only-moving
lcstlcssly and moaning-from
timo to time.
Dr. Porter who attended hisv,'
almost constantly stated that that
unfortunate boy died from concussion
of tho spino aud that ho watsv
conscious of no pain throughout.
A multitude of kind frionds fa
the community wero continually
proffering their services and no efforts
wero spared to assist in every
way possible.
Tho funeral took place Wednesday
afternoon, tho services bcinc
held in theThatchorAcedmy
thronged to overflowing. Services
were conducted by 'P. C. Merrill,
President Layton, W. N. Fiffe
and Georgo Cluff, after which th
remains wero exposed to view for
a few moments and subsequently
conveyed to tho cemetery south of"
townrfollowcd by a procession of
sorrowing relatives and friends-more
than half a mile in lcngtlj ,
where tender hands placed itiuth
Tho bereaved parents havo th
sympathy of tho entire community
in their sad qflliction.
"After llfo's fitful ferer he slesps wl)i
X-Inin llnpjioninKO. "
W. B. Fonda, Justice of tVcr
Peace of Safford, was noticed o
our streets Sunday.
May Day night one of PimaV
young bloods loaded up with whiskey
and started out to do up tb
natives. Ho has sinco deposited
7,50 with Justico Lines as a guarantee
that ho will do so no more,
till he makes another raise.
Calvin Reed, of Si. David, tow
visiting hero Sunday.
Constable James Cluff, of Central
was down this way Tuesday, rushing
James McBride, Jr. and Joseph-
Bull, of this place, have boen doing
considerable prospecting lately
While on a trip to tho reservation,
their liorsos were ran off hv tru
Indians, but by promptly following
thom up they "secured them
J. A. Burns. Captain of tho Prm.
baso ball club, is Irvine hard te
got tho boys to practice up so that.
tncy win do anio to noid their ow
with tho surrounding clubs
TLc freighters in this section &i
anxiously waiting the cxpectwi
starting up of the Globe Mine.
Al. Walch is lavincr the
tion for a now brick house.
II. Wcech started a machinn Jw
work on his alfalfa this morning.
As there are Quite a number y
bicycles in the valley what's tfa
matter with having some bicjei
races on me lourin oi July.
1'he now thrashing machine twrfi
header ordered
imv.miMWmmsmmm4m.mM L?"

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