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Graham guardian. (Safford, Ariz.) 1895-1923, May 11, 1895, Image 2

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! "$
ILvnuY 13. Fox, - - Soorotary.
1 TV-1 T ? ",- . ..'A
wtc ifcnjmwnu
1 ' ' '
Dollar tif 1873.
published every Saturday
nv tiii:
" (Incorporated)
John J. Birpno, - - Manager.
dustrial interests of ihat city makes
i tho ovent ono of national and oven
international importance. It is a
stinging body blow given to tho
financial policy of tho administration
at Washington. It is more
than that. It is a dcclarationof
r,warmadoby tho masses against
!'Hho monoy lenders who r.i this
;... A!ii n..,i r.. tiin ia. ...
vtllliu uiuiuiu, cum icji liiu i,uoc nvv
decades have dictated tby adminis
trations of thoso highest in author-
v ity. It id a cheoriiig buglo blast
all tho frieiub'of silver coinage
!r " on cquul terms jjwitli gold. It is
tho rallying cryAto arms, and will
bo responded tox by stout hearts
and patriotic souls ovorywhoro
throughout tho lanik as promptly
and earnestly as did ijio homo
sons ol iionnv Sootland re
spond to tho rallying cry f their
comrades in tho days of BrucO and
Tho voice of Chicago for free
coinago makes it absolutely certain
that tho Illinois Democracy
on tho 5th of June, in Stato convention,
will emphatically doclaro
? for Treo ooinairo. It is rronornllv
S recognized that tho declaration of
candidaoy of Adlai H. Stevenson
for President in 1896. It is safo
to say that no man in Illinois is
dearer to the masses of that Stato
than Stevenson, and
lin fiitm lino o a4vrnrr Tml1 iiiintt 1ir
I ' sympathies and conlidonco of tho
common people throughout tho
ontiro country. Ho has novor
sympathized with tho gold-bug policy
of Clcvoland, and has generally
boon rogarded as an
tration man upon financial legisla
tion and policies "Whilo occupy-'
ing tho Vice-Presidential chair as
L'rosident of the Senate, during recent
fitiancial legislation, ho has
never failed in cases of a tio to cast
his voto in favor of frco coinage.
FVilfo has always beliovod that tho in-
torests of tho masses demand moro
monoy in circulation, and years
ago was threo times eloctodto Congress
from a strong republican
being elected as a greenback-
Dbmocrat. lie is tho man of tho
thtfur for tho ireo silver Democrats
of the land, and, if nominated for
tho Presidency upon a frco silver
platform, tho combined powers of
tho gold-bugs cannot provont him
from SAveoping tho land from
ea to' sea, with tho possiblo exception
of a few boroughs east of
the Snsquehanna.
There aro many mon, who, if
elected, would bo truo to tho in-
toiests of Iho people, but among
thorn all there is no truer homo-loving
American than Adlai E.
The short paragraph appearing
in our columns last week referring
SATURDAY, MAY, 11, 185)0.
Per yoar, lnnd.nco...
IRIX Month '
Addreu all Comtmmlcatlona
The Guardian Pnb. Co.,
SArroisn, Amz.
The prompt action of tho Domo
crats of tho great city of Chicago
itJQlt vno u nisi, m pronouncing ho
' omphaticallj' in favor of tho froo
coinage of silver at a ratio of 1G to
1 marks tho beginning of a
glo in American politic1) greater
than any other sinco tho eloction
of Lincoln to tho Presidency in
1800. Tho commercial magnitude,
population, great business and in
n V;, vQ rosuient oiovonaoH auuuiu
-:,. IT' - II !. CM 1 1.1
havo been credited to tho BqcI.i
Mountain XTews from whioh it was
i v
Japas has done well, but'sho will
n o t'bacCa 1 1 cdiupo n to civilize ftho
In an intorviow published in tho
Oouiie) Journal, Senator Blackburn,
in unmistakable ternib, outlines his
position on tho bilvcr question and
boldly throws down tho gauntlet
to bis opponents for similar candor
on tho fcamo subject. Senator
Blackburn has written with his
own hand tho staloment of tho position
on which ho oxpects to stand
or fall in tho Senatorial r.ico. lie
doclares his position as follows:
I novor had, havo not now, and
novcr intond to havo any secrets
in politics. I am at a loss to understand
how any ono, especially
in Kentucky, can remain m
as to my sentiments upon tho f
silver question, il'thoy feel .enough
intorest in tho matter to desiro such
"For the last twenty years, in
Congress and on the stump, at A
and everywhere, I havo
oarncslly and persistently insisted
upon tho restoration of tho silver
motal to that placo in tho monoy
systom of tho country which it hold
prior to tho passage of that
act of demonetization in
1873. If there is one man in public
lifo in all .tho country whoso views
on tho subject were entitlod to bo
known to all inoii by reason of his
acts and utterances I had reasons to
beliovo I was that man.
I am in favor of opening the mints
of this country to the unlimited
coinago of tho silver metal on an
equality for tho coinage of gold.
1 am a bimetallism I want and
moan to continno to insist upon tho
uso of both motals on even terms
as tho redemption monoy of this
I am opposed to this Govern
mont waiting for any confcrcnco to
act. Our oxperionco with such
agencies has not boon such as to
giv"o us either confidonco or hope a
of tho attainment of this purpose.
"In 1792 this country, with only
4,000,000 of pcoplo, was bold
enough to prove its self ablo to discard
tho monotary systom of Great
Britain and established ono of its
own. which for nearly a hundred
years mot every demand and stood
ovory strain that tno growin ana
development of tho country put
upon it. I beliovo tho destruction,
entailed upon us by this
polioy, of one-half of our redemption
monoy, has contribuated
moro than any cause to this shrink-ago
of all values, tho depreciation
of all tho stagnation of
trado, the paialysis of industry, tho
financial troublos in which wo now
find ourselves.
"I havo an abiding faith in tho
capacity of 'this parity motal to
work out and maintain its permanent
intorgrity with gold provided
tho oppressivo hand of tho law
is removed and tho mints of the
country aro thrown open to its
coinago. I beliovo and always did
boliovo tho act of 18(3 was an un
constitutional measure. I beliovo
that tho act of 1873 would havo
been so hold by tho Supremo Court
of tho United States had not partisan
spirit dominated the action of
that body. This conviction I havo
stated in dobato on tho floor of the
Sonato as broadly as I put it here.
"I beliovo wo should tako this
action at tho earliest day possible,
independent of tho policies or views
of other nations. I havo an-abiding
faith in tho ability of my country
to establish and maintain its own
monatrry systom. In my judgment,
wo aro independent of foreign
dictation or domination in tho
ono as in the othoi.
"In August, 1893, when tho bill
proposing to ropeaHho purchasing
clauso of what was known as tho
Sherman act was before the Sonato,
I said in a speech thou and there
that I wanted tho right of coinago
for silver, and without limitation.
Lot thoso who will seok to distort
and provont tho issue ponding, tho
effort will fall. Tho American pco
plo aro not to bo hoodwinked or
decoivod further.
"The peoplo aro rapidly coming
to know that tho issue beforo them
is a contest between tho advocates
of a single gold standard upon tho
ono hand, and those who demand
tho uso of both silver and gold upon
tho other.
"For ono to claim that ho is a
bimotallist, coupled with tho condition
that bimetallism is to be
brought about only as a result of
an international conference, is a
mere ovasion of tho situation. That
is simply tho work of a lawyer who
files an affidavit for a continuance.
Sonator Blackburn's interview
has called forth an editorial from
tho Evening Post callingupon
tarwCarlisle to corao out and an-
''' I III in II1 Wlllll lllll II II II 111 HMHIIIW III II ) I llh IW.IL HJtM.mil1 Ji ., , iuuiuui.li..i.'T..,i " s 1. "V "WuS? JjffiA, t E3
swor tho'Seilatdr. 'Uho
I"'"- " i
Port say L,nMAN. c, ANn pANn.p ART fil.RS (W INHnRPOR ftTTM I5 - .;- - mm
"Senator Blackburn's challongo to
tho Administration and to the
fiiends of tho Administration is a
challongo which Mr. McCrcary cannot
mcot and which must bo met
tho gentleman from Kentucky,
who is by invitation of Mr. Clove-land,
Secretary of tho Treasury.
"It should havo been met befoie.
Under tho dofianco of Mr. Blackburn
and Proctor Knott tho siloncu
f tho Secretary savors too much
timidity. The fight for sound
principles, for reason, for Democracy,
must bo made and made
before tho mooting of tho State convention a
in June. Tho hard money
Democrats havo Avaited for Mr.
Carlisle to speak, they havo waited
r some indication tha tho was in
earnest. Ho is tho natural leader
this contest, and ho cannot open
tho campaign too soon, nor put into
too much of his lighting qualities.
crisis is upon the Democratic
party in Kcntuck' and it cannot
bo averted.
It is indeed unfortunate that tho
Supremo Court of the United
States could not have oomo to
some definito conclusion on the
tax. An equally divided
court means nothing except that
the decision of one circuit judge in
favor of tho law holds good, except
as to incomes derivod from ronts
on real estate and from inteicsts
on federal, state, county and municipal
bands. If "anothor circuit
judge should decide that tho entire
law is unconstitutional, this decision,
under existing conditions,
would havo equal weight with that
of tho other circuit judge wjio decided
to tho contrary. Tho only
points regarding tho income tax
that were finally decided arc that
the Astors, Goulds Yanderbilte, ct
id omne gonus, cannot bo reached
by an incomo tax. A motion for
is now pending and if
granted the constitutionality oftho
law, in all respects, may bo fully
determined if Associate Justico
Jackson is ablo to participate or
his successor appointed.
ltcports from the Carlisle camp,
aro to tho effect that tho camp
presents tho appearance of an in
cipient boom and those interested
aro oncouraircd to believe that
many who havo been attiacled
thorobv tho ronorts of the vast
wealth of tho mines, havo come to
stay. "Whilo Oarlislo i3 in Grant
County New Mexico, its prosperity
is a matter of deep concorn to
tho peoplo of Graham. Some of
our best citizons havo intorests
thoro and if it prospors a homo
market for tho propucts of this
valloy -will bo found there.
Clipped and Condensed Prom Late
Ilnppenlnga Tliioughout tlio Territory
Edited "With tlio bclsors.
Thousands of men aro oxploring
in every direction and there is an
unusual movement among golu
prospectors, and 1895 gives promise
of wonderful discoveries of gold
bearing ledges. Arizona will,
the picsont year nearly double
last year's output. Profitablo pros-ncctinc:
will bo done in this territo
ry for many years to como and there
aro many areas that havo novor
been thoroughly prospected. Tho
prospector who, with a
mounted party "traveled all over
Arizona ton years ago and saw
nothing worth stopping for," is usually
heading for somo where else.
Hiding through a region is not
prospecting it. Men may travel
through a section and afterwards
condomn it, though thoy never dug
a five-foot holo in any ono spot
Mohave County Miner.
Attornoy General Sotterwhito
was seon by a reporter Saturday
aftcrnon and asked regarding tho
construction ho had placed on tho
now law regulating tho election of
teachers. Ho said that lie should
hold that tho teachers must bo
oloclcd by tho boards of trustees
after tho now trustee has assumed
tho duties of his oflico, and not by
tho old board.
Tho Board of Trustees of Tucson
district had submitted tho question
to District Attornoy Lovoll, who
prepared an exhaustive analysis
of tho law showing that tno oiu
boards may elect teachers Star.
Gus Hoyman did himself proud
and represented tho early in
Arizona at tho Los Angeles carnival
by riding a burro in full prospector's
dress and leading anothor
burro loadod a la prospector. Gas
really attracted as much attention
and elicited as much applause as
any other feature of tho great
parado Vidette.
M. E. Oinmcn, Eev. D. Roberts,
Pastor Service held every Sabbath
morning and ovoning. Sabbath
school at 10 a. m. Class
meeting after morning's sorvico
ovcry othor Sunday. "Weekly
nraver. meotincr on .Thursday at 7
riiUNCir women put their perfumes,
not on their clothes and kerchiefs, but
on their slcin nuil hair.
Maiiib Hansen is the onfy theatrical
woman known to history who hates
candy. All tho sweets that the gilded
youth send her go to her maid, oraie
bestowed on members of her company.
Ki.i.a WiiLni.nn Wilcox is an untiring
patron of manicurists, giveis of
fncial massage, chiropodists, and
She says she believes, on principle,
in being as good looking as she
Ai.ici; Fallen, "Octave Thanet,"' the
btory writer, said recently that she bj
took gi eat comfort in tho fact that she
could, if necessary, earn her living
either nstits'pcwritcrnml btcnographer
or as a photogi apher, or, best of all, as
'Om; rery big reason why country
girls glow old faster than city ones,
despite all their advantages, is because
they arc so much more in the habit of
washing the face with cold water.
That hardens and roughens the skin;
it has the effect that any exposure has
upon almost any surface.'' So spoke nn
able deimatologist.
Jlns. Wimjc K. VANDEimiLT is going
in for cycling; at ilrst she w ent to an
"academy" for her lessons, but now she
piacticcs under the same tuition, in the
great ballroom of her own house. "1
haven't yet found a costume I'll wear
in public." sheViid the other day, "but
I'm having a lot of people make me designs,
so 1 expect to get something
before summer comes."
As n.uu.Y as 1S40 tho Connecticut
legislatuie passed n law abolishing
grade crossings. ed
Fonrv thousand tons of steel wire
will be used in building tho bridge
across the Hudson river at New York.
Tun Southern railway will lm-e a
building on tho grounds of tho Atlanta
exposition. The buildings will
be used as a depot, and will have space
for exhibits by the railway company.
Rcrnr.sr.NTAm c Doxov vx has
a bill in the Michigan legislature
to lequiio railroad companion
in that state to isue mileage
books which shall be good on all loads
in the state, and shall also be redeemable
and interchangeable. '
At Plattsmouth, Nob., Judge Chapman
has declared the transfer sw itch
law, passed by the legislature two
years ago, unconstitutional, the principal
reason being that it fails to properly
amend and repeal tho old law pertaining
to tiansfer sw itches.
Tun first car load of cattle shipped
on a raihoad was from Elgin 111., to
Chicago, in 1851. As there weio then
no stock yards or chutes, planks w ero
laid from the car door to the giound
and stiips of boaid nailed across. Tho
rato was three hundred per cent, in excess !
of tho p'resent rate between those
Never lean with tho back against
anything that is cold. I
Nuvnn begin a journey until tho
breakfast has boon eaten. I
Knm the back, especially between
tho shoulder blades, well covered; also
the chest well piotccted.
In sleeping In a cold room establish
a habit of breathing through the nose,
nnd never w 1th tho open mouth.
After exercise of any kind never
rido in an o'pen carriage or near the
window of a car for a moment. It is
dangerous to health or even life.
When hoarse speak as little as
until the hoarseness Is recovered
from, else tho voice may be permanently
lost, or difficulties of tho throat bo
Mlkei.t warm the back by the fire,
and novcr continue keeping the back
exposed to tho heat after it has been
comfortably warm; to do otherwise is
debilitating. i'hiladelplna Tunes.
Lucicn Baker, the now senator from
Kansas, is 18 years old and is said to be
wot th about 5100,000.
Iris said that J. Jlorrison Tuller, a
young millionaire of Boston, and a
Harvard graduate, is an enthusiastic
Joshua M. Sears has regained his position
as tho heaviest individual taxpayer
of Boston. His tax Is 48,019.02
on real estate assessed at $3,751,000.
W. A. Clarke, the Montana mine
owner, is building a million-dollar
palace in New York. His fortune is estimated
at from S20,OO0,00O to 840,000,-000.
Thirty years ago Mr. Clarke arrived
in Montana with a pick on his
handles for umbrellas are
new. Those of Rookwood pottery, too,
arc much carried.
Banoles are again to the front, and
aro in tho form of stones set on a mere
wiro of gold, which look as though
they weio sot in the arm Itself.
A novelty for a fob Is a small gold
dictionary containing a number of
words over which is placed a glass
which magnifies the infinitesimal letter.
Oval miniatures on porcelain, or with
thatcitest, are late Trench novelties,
seen In Now York shops, and aro w oru
as belt and neck buckles, cuff-button
and corsage ornaments.
Jeuejiy TAYi.on adored bake'd salmon.
Ho once said that a man who did
not like salmon could be guilty of treason.
Robert Herrick said he could live
on rosebuds and cherries if they were
served by the hands of the woman ho
MuitlLi.o said that no man could cat
coarse food and havo tlio soul of an
artist. His ow n diet w as generally very
Vernet enjoyed a soup made of
"dripping" and onions. With this and
a piece of black bread ho was quite
Tiie editor of tho Now York Sun
Charles A. Dana, says that there
is no such a thing as a Democra
tio party, still no ono sues him for
Sixteen to one is the standard
upon which tho free coinago con-
toot -roil! Tn fnnrrVit. In. Jl .finish. .. .
( just p f'teJL
i - -? " mwm.
and IVroi'diiiuclise
V,e, the undersigned, X V. leebc, John W.
MorrI,C Mn(in, A. I'erMni, and A T West,
Director and Incorporators oftho fcaltbrd Mill.
Ing nnd Merehandio Company, nre authorized
the share-holders to Incorporate said com-pa
n 5
The principal place of buvincji shall be In
thetonnorsafflml, Count) or (Jrilmin, Territory
of Arizona
The time of commencement of tills corporation
(.hall be tho day oflillnR thee articles of
Incorporation in theoIlce of the County'
draham Countj, and a hall continue
fill ) ears thereafter.
Tho business of thli Incorporation shall be
the grinding of Wheat, I!arle and Corn, and
the buying and silling of heat, I lour, lJarloy,
Corn, Hay and Meichmdle, and shall bo
known as the Pairord Milling and Merchandise
1 he Capital Stock shall be $10,000 00. dhided
Into 2,000 slmes, of the par alue of $5 00 each
The highest amount of Indebtedness that this
companj shall contract at anj one time shall bo
limited to S'i.OUO (XI
1heprUatppmpert ol the stockholders ol
this incorporation shall be exempt from corporate
I Hoard of Iho Directors, who shall be stockholders
ofthls lucori oration, shall conduct Its
alhiirs and lhe shall be elected at the annual
meeting of tiie stock holders, to be held on the
first sninrda) of June In etch jcar, bj a major-it)
te of the stoc k presei t
These articles of Incorporation ma) be amend
at anj time b) a two-thirds majorit) ote of
the stock represented at any called meeting.
1 ho following share holders shall constitute
the Hoard of Directors for the present ) ear, Iz.
x. i'. iiEnnn.
TMtKITUBV Ol Arizon ,'
llefore me, W . 1) Fonda, a Justice of the
Pence in and for l'rccluct No 1, in said
Graham County, on this 2Gth day of tprll, A. 1)
1T). personally appeared N I' ISeobe, J V .
Morris, C Madson, Terklns and A T West,
known to me tho persons hose names aro
subscribed to tho foregoing Instrument and ac
knowledged to me that the) executed the same
for the and consideration therein ex
In witness whereof 1 hae hereunto set my
hand on this 20th da of April, V 11.1893
W U Fonda,
Justice of the Peace. Precinct No 1
and uiRars,
Private Club Room for patrons
Drop in
Read gf
1 X Photographer
Has completed 'arranijoments to
furnish a fine lot ofPhotographs
I am now making my photographs
on a now system and guarantee
E. ML Curtis,
Main Street, THATCHER, A. T.
Manufacturer of all kinds of
Repairing promptly and Neatly
done at Reasonable prices.
Contractor T"'" T"1
)(o)( uMer
is rnErABED to
Do All Kinds of Building.
Bids accompanied by plans and
Furnished on Short Notice
Correspondence Solicited
Choice Liquors and Fine Cigars.
Comfortable Club Room Attached.
McQinty & Whitewings, Propr's
Pima's Barter Shop
Cor. MAIN and First WEST St.j
8halng and Latest Styles of hair cutting neatly
executed. Razors In first class condition.
T. E. NORTON, "Prop.
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry,
Clifton .v . . - . Arizona
Jim ra rn r n ir ''Hvi
Lead Them All 1 1 & :
i , , , , , , JwBw j45. ' ' M
iJZ&X'J3Pii!te?yi Xar , 3S
mML&fWTmrM&Mr' .; X
s13i reMtf Hi Dinucfo) . rjv g
lixlls OTV3E IIOK,Sl:iisrlitev ' dg&S
' (
Tlum a,ii- Otliei Kuoavii ,vitfls5b
jMacliine ..... A.lsto ? ' t8Bt.
trmTj h n n r39 V f M 1 iJBHt
Hand find SolT I)mni. wm J?mKL
BBF9 ff&B BBF1 E Efi"? w. n. tomin j.r. ration, 'liiHK
Wo are in receipt of numerous
letters from large weekly publications
throughout the United States
offering us club rates in connection
Avith the GUARDIAN.
Among those received have
selected those, which in our
will prove most satisfactory
to tho readers.
All subscriptions to the
where another paper is required,
must be accompanied with
the CASH, in order to secure its
prompt delivery.
Wo present the following list for
your inspection:
The GUARDIAN and New
York Sun, weekly, - $2.75
The GUARDIAN and Atlanta
Constitution, - 2.75
Fiancisco Examiner, - 8.10
Tlie GUARDIAN and JRochj
Mountain News, 75
The GUARDIAN and Louis
ville Courier-Journal, - 2.75
The GUARDIAN and St. Louh
Repupltc, - 2.75
Should you desire the daily
edition of any of tho above papers
we will furnish the necessary in
formation upon application.
(gS4it i
In SenHon.
Hives, Smokers, Sections, Honey
Extractors, Comb Foundations
AM) All KINDS OF- - -
Manufactured by the LAItY M'F'O CO.
rftn for rsiImRtfs on larce Quantities. Send
for my Bee Book; by I'rof. J. M. Rouse, and
''l.ffrrt sIa" f4itnlnriir Address.
"W. T. Jefferson,
Safford, Arizona
Dress Goods Silks, Satins
and Notions, and Volvots
SpciYcnt"tion Hat Trimming
and Dross-Making
Dresses Made to Order, fcatUfactlon Guaranteed
Mrs. L. M. Gustavison,
Maitfstrcot, v , PIMA. .T,
v. m. ' ''f""V At wttjy
X IT! r .... ?J'r 5jMittaIlBHSSS3ffi2A.afii
a i,.
" "-'-i' f '
&5r .i f flag.
General ;l ClifililliSe
Saffcrd and Globe, Ariz.
Also Agents far
The White Sewing Machine Go. ,
Tho W hlte Is King The White Is Kin '
The White is King$ ..
The White ii King 1 he White Is Kins j
Highest Cash Prices paid
for Hay, Grain and all
kinds of Kanch I'roduce
We Make a Specialty of Ranch '
5l?eap Jol?r floods-
At Low Prices.
Unsurpassed in
&raham County
I AVish to Annonnco to tho
Public that I have Refitted
and overhauled my
Picture Gallery,
And am now prepared to
do Good "Work.
at my new location on V '
Beobe's Corner. Vji
'.. ,K

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