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Farmers Attention!
Dircot from MANUFACTURERS, enables
us to soil at tho VERY LOWEST Prices.
A Few Words in Regard to Groceri
Every Essential Article
MX n.
;From tho Best WHOLESALE
nnteo tho purest stock
Woir Stock is Foil Weight 16 ounces to the Pound.
Corao aud examine- our stock and learn our prices.
W From 81 1 to
Safl ord, Arizona.
,Wo aro Overstocked with Boots and Shoes. Wo defy Competition on
Prices. Boots, Slipew nncl Hats Will bo
- ' H s, , y . .J,,,! i, .I,., .I, f
ii i 1 1 i ii m n .p
ts ;
71-2 Cents Sacli.
They Won,t Last Long.
Mail Us Your Orders.
General Merchandise,
Grnpprip 0r linnrik Hsiv Cralo
1 tJiiOl SPIJl J yyU!gd$ Him UlCtflll
Buying our Stock of
Sold at Cost For CASH.
ce or
) JJ
: I
Solomonville, Arizona.
Collections a Specialty. Conveyancing of Every Nn
ture promptly attended to.
Real Estate Agent,
Those desirous of investing in Mines or Real
in Graham County will find it to their in-
. torest to call at my ofllco on Main Street in
Correspondence- Solicited.
Foot Hills Graham Mountains.
H. W- Ohlarson 8c
Having purchased the SAW MILL in Fryo's Canyon, wo will keep a
well supplied .LUMBER YARD at this place. All kinds of
Regular Cut Lumber, can be furnished at once
Special Orders for
-M Keeking 10,000 Feet,
Can ba filled from
and flooring.
low sri the lowest
W hll MidoRvor t give
iyMUl 7riMFor Ch.
V i , " vH
0H TkAm
!ffT?Sa3EWf &tMKWOUUBXZIIttm )&
Wm& w:
Gents' Pino Shoes, $1.50 to $5.00
ladies' Pine Shoes, 85c to $3.50
JOBBERS, and we can readily Guar-
:5 nor SUIT.
me peace -
P. 0. Thatcher, Arizona.
Sons, Proprietors.
the mijl in ten days, except
OUR PRICES will bo found as
and wo invito tho public to givo
complete satislacHpn to every Uus'
Ghlarson &
Tho only first-class Hotel In Safloid
Situated Com cnleut to Depot
Ah ill prepared to furnish
Commercial men first class
Largo and well ventilated rooms,
aro among its attractions.
Our Tables are supplied with the
Best Pood Attainable.
Monthly Boarders furnished special ratns
Post Office
T. T. HUNTER, Proprietor.
Tho Coziest littlo storo in the Valley
now open
Como nnI Sen our Lino of
Smokers' Articles
Students' Supplies
Confectionery and
Nativo Fruit a Specialty in Season
Dou't Forget the Place
Tost STonn
Bam w atson's
Direct Line Prom
Solomonville to Gr. V. G.
& N. Ry. Depot.
Moots all trains Daily.
Every convenience offered Com-
morcinl travelers.
Sido trips, etc.
"Wines Liquors
Constantly in Stock. Every attention
givon to tho comfort
of Patrons.
JUA1N' 8TItr.KT,
Safford, - Arizona
B, PALM, Proprietor,
Keeps constantly on hand a choice
assortment of
Wines, Liquors -)(--)(-
and Cigars.
Also Ico Cold Beer and Mild Beverages
always in stock.
I am now established lu my large now build
lng, and am prepared to treat ms custjmers
courteously. 1 Xccp tho best regulated and
most orderly housa In Arizona.
1 adies'
Men' Clothing, Boots and Shoes
-:- NOTIONS -:-
Wc Buy Our Goods at Wholesale
Prices, and aropropaicdto givo
our customers tho "benefit
of our cut rates.
Main Stroot, Pima, A. T.
Best Quality of work at Eastern
prices. Mail orders receive prompt
gCUu toll ur - - . .Avli
. fHE
1 W AT
Wo aro in receipt of numerous
letters from largo weekly publications
throughout tho United States
offering us club rates in connection
with tho GUARDIAN.
Among thoso leqeircd wo have
solccted thoso, which in our
will prove most satisfactory
to tho readers.
All subscriptions to tho
ian, where another paper is required,
must bo accompanied with
tho CASH, in order to secure its
prompt delivery.
Wo present tho following list for
your inspection:
York Sun, weekly, - - $2.75
The GUARDIAN and Atlanta
Constitution, - - 2.76
The GUARDIAN and San
Francisco Examiner, -The 8.10
Mountain News, - , 75
GUARDIAN and' .Louis
ville Courier-Journal, - 75
The GUARDIAN and St. Louis
Repupltc, - 2.75
Should you desiro the daily
edition of anjT of tho above papers
wc will furnish the necessary in
formation upon application,
That Peerless Roadster
Will stand at Christian Madson's
corral, SAFFORD.
George A. Olnoy's corral,
Season, SIO
INDEX JUNIOR is tho siro of all
the fine driving teams in tho Salt
River Valley. :: :: ::
rhenlx by George Hamlin and has necbeen
ont of tho Territory. Ho was purchased by
Geo. A. Olney and brought to Solomonlllc in
December, 1893, is a dark bay, wc ighs 11CO lbs.
Record, 2 10. Is by Index, dam, Black Bird,
.jjio by Mack Bird at Cnlco, Cala. Index by
Kcokukruahr45U'liIl1Keokuk hT v ermont
Black Hawk, dam hylil&iaBls HatnDletonian;
Morrcll by tho Jenson Horse, son
Morgan, dam by Heath Marc, by Farrlu J nn
Horso, son of Vance Horse; second dam by
Eastern Mare, and a fast paces.
1 Will JCuy
s1.0Q Casli
Thatcher, - Aris.
No Bettor Stock of Goods in tho
Vnlloy. Prices guaranteed to
meet all competition. A
complete lino of Mens'
Clothing Just Received
Country Produce
Taken in Exchange.
Mrs. Allred is prepared to suit
the ladies of tho Valley in this
line. A beautiful display of Hats
Capes, Ribbons, Trimmings, etc.
All can and will bo pleased in stylo
and prices. Come and see.
Is cine that has the Freshest and Fnllctv
The Completest
And the Best
Such a Paper In the
Los Angeles Times
Bringing Vrlzona In Closest Touch wjth
southern California
Has No Rival in it; Field.
The Times reaches Arizona !uliiH 21 hours
ahead of tho San liauolsco and from is
to CO hours ahead of all papcriNcoming from
the eastward
Ten 24 mail on ..
to pages- -By , V"
ycai'; tfciivorcu oy carriers.' xi 85
cents a month; single copies,, fivo
cental i
With 'the local r Agent?
If your hands havo boon too full
to got grapes and small fruits started
in the spring by all means stop right
now and vow, by tho great horn
spoon, that another year shall not
pass without the accomplishment
of this purpose, yes, and include
tho starting of an orchard. No
farm without an orchard and small
fruits is moro than half what it
should and would be if theso were
added. If by any chanco youi
locality is inimical to an orchard
you can havo all tho small fruits
with cherries and plums, these will
do well anywhere.
But thero is stime for tho
garden; don't let this go by.
You can't afford to miss tho things
tho garden gives, for you get tiic
benefit of them as you go along.
You don't havo to wait a year or
It is best to cofino the brood for
a week after hatching. Should tho
mother hen then become restless,
sho may bo let out during the
middlo of tho day. As tho turkey
retires early and dislikes being disturbed
after sotting down for tho
night, bo sure and coop them beforo
tho sun sets. Tho young turkeys
will not cat much tho first week.
Teed senarato from tho mother,
for sho will dovour all tho food
within reach. For downright
greediness an old turkey hen has
few equals. Dry bread soaked in
sweet milch is one of tho best foods
for tho young turkeys as curd from
fresh buttermilch. A whole flock
has been raised on warm curd. A
custard made Of ono egg to a pint
of milch, thickened with bread (no
sugar) is a good food. When about
two months old feed wholo wheat
part of tho time and mix corn meal
with their feed. This should not
bo fed exclusively. Allow plenty
of liberty, as confinement will kill
young turkeys. Whon tho mother
hen begins tramping wildly from
ono side of tho coop to tho other,
hotter let her out unless tho
wcathor is unfavorable:
When about tho size of partridges
and old enough to follow
thji mother in long rambles tho
young willmeed but littlo attention,
simply a littlo feed morning and
evening. They much prefer bugs,
grasshoppers, insects and seeds to
a moro civilized ration. Do not
neglect to bring them homo at
nigut ana put unuer sneiter until
arnJd enough to fly into trees and
no alwaySSlcet wisoly tho best
resting placoKrSit, henco
virrnin somctimns
Teach them to como at tho sound
oi your voice, it will savo many a
weary tramp in searching woods
and fields. ,
Six weeks timo is sufficient to
fatten for market. Feed twice a
day all tho wholo corn they will
eat, but do not attempt confinement
as a turkey chafes under restraint,
and will lose flesh rather
than fatten. They will not take
more exerciso than is necessary to
keep them in good health.
Once I had the mania to ring
hogs.says a writer in tho live stock
Indicator. Expensive appliances
wero provided, and ovcry hog had
to wear its nasal jewelry. I kept
it up until every porker on tho
farm was provided with a ring. I
had a pasture which was put to
clover becauso it was so foul with
morning-glory that it would not
grow a crop of any kind. When
the hogs wero turned in that pasture,
1 observed that a fow of them
had lost their rings, and thoy wero
constantly rooting up the morning
glory roots. I did not ring tho
next crop of hogs, and havo not
done so to this date. The field is
now f'reo from morning glories.
Ringing is a practice that is fast
going out of date. There aro men
who would not cut tho horns off a
steer, but thoy take great plcasuro
in putting rings in hogs' noses.
When tho horns aro cut off, tho
wound soon heals up and that is
the end of it, but the ring in tho
hog's noso is a sourco of initation
from tho day it goes in till the day
of his hogship's death. Our sentimentalists,
who have wasted so
much energy in coiidcmingtho ovil
and suffering of dehorning cattle,
might touch up this business of
ringing hogs without overstepping
the bounds of propriety. Wo have
no use for lings in hogs snouts.
Thumps is a diseaso of an acute
nature, but may assume a coronic
form through neglect of proper
care, and may permanently injure
tho animal. Tho diseaso is caused
by over-exertion. If properly cared
for at tho begining of disease,
tho chances for recovery aie Very
good, but if allowed to become
chronic, a comploto recoveiy is very
doubtful. As soon as a horse is
effected' with thumps he should be
stopped and all harness quickly removed
and head and nostrils bathed
with cold water, and as soon as
sufficiently to admit of ad
ministering, givo sulphuric other,
one ounce; sweet . spirits of nitre,
ono ounce; fluid extract canabis
indica, two drains. Mix and givo
at one dose in a pint of cold water.
Repeat ovcry two or three hours
until all spasmodic action ceases.
Then complete rest and light feed'
ing for atlcast (xno week, Chronic
casos need tonic treatment. , y"
"'' ,J "
W'ot' the Itow?
"Say, dad, w'ot.s this 'ero bloody
row about fieo silver coinage them
blarsted Yankees arc 'avin'?" said
young Johnny Calf to his father,
John Bull.
"Aw, son," said J. B., "don't V
see it? This 'ore's tho way of it.
Wo British coin hall of 'Hindu's
money. Hit's hall silver. Wo coin
Now Zealand's money, nit's hall
silver halso. Wo don't produce silver,
so wo 'ave to buy it. Wo 'ad
to pay ono dollar and thirty cents,
or somethink over fivo shillings and
four pence per bounce for silver so
Tong as the blaistcd donkeys 'ad
frco coinage This was 'ard hon
bus, causo wo couldn't make
hon Hindia's w'cat, yo know,
nor we couldn't mako nothink hon
Haustralian and New Zealand gold;
but we knocked 'cm, son, wc
knocked 'cm."
" -Ow, dad? 'Oh'd yo knock
"Well, son, wo sent a Britisher
hover thero hamong tho traitors in
tho blarsted Yankee congress, and
'c fixed 'cm. 'E got tho 'olo lot of
bank presidents and railroad pres
idents 'avo 'ired to servo 'em, to
dcmonctizo silver, 'cause yo see,
theso 'oro fellers bein' money men,
wanted money scarce, yo know, so
they cauld loan 'igh and buy low.
Livin' costs less, and money
w, jmpu'i .i'i.l rA'mP
imp. xnc 'sound's,' ler tiio au
fools wat docs tho votin,' but tho
'money's' for the villians w'at does
the 'owlin;' but thoy don't seo it,
the voters don't, so let 'cm vote
samo's ever, and later hon they'll
do some 'owlin' too."
"But, dad, did they demonetize
"Did they? Well, I should say
thoy did. And silver did just w'at
wo wanted. It went down, down,
down, and now, don't yo see, wo
buy tho Yank's silver hat (JO cents
a bounce, coin hit hinto money,
send hit to Haustralia and New
Zealand and get ono dollar and
thirty cents worth of gold for hit,
and wo halso com hit hinto rupees
and send hitto Hindia and get over
twice as -much w'cat and cotton
for tho same money as wo did 'afore
So now wo buy w'eat and cotton of
Hindia, and tho blarsted fool
Yankees is a squealin' 'cause
prices is low. That's 'ow tho row
"But, say, dad, if tho Yanks was
to 'avo free coinage again wouldn't
silver como Imp?"
"Yes, my boy, it would: 'cause
w'en a man can take 'is silver to
tho mint and 'avo it coined hinto
s free, Vd bo a bigger fool
vetn'ttT&JLanKS is n 'o aiunt see
that the silver mirtrGliar is wortli
a dollar, an' a bounce of faiTvr?!
worth a dollar and nine
"But, dad, that would be 'ard
hon bus. wouldn't hit?"
"Yes, my boy, it -would. W'y
we'd 'avo to buy w'cat and cotton
of tho Yanks again same's we did
'afore, 'cause freights from Hindia.
hadded to costs of w'cat samo's bin
America, would make hit 'ighcr
and we'd sure 'avo to go to tho
Yanks for w'catand cotton."
"But, dad, I'd think tlioy'd
silver and 'ave frco coin-ago
again. Why don't they, dad?"
"Well, my boy, I'll tell ye, but
don't yc blow hit. Thoy arc just
blarsted fools. Thoy ain't moro'n
'arf civilized. Thoy never was as
smart as a Britisher anyway. Why
boy, the United States is the only
country as claims to bo civilized
'at don't own its telegraph system
and run it lor tho people. A Yank
named Pinknoy once said, 'Millions
for defence, but not one cent
for tribute,' but 'o's dead and hall
'is kin is dead, too, and tho fool
Yanks is payin' us two hundred
millions of tribute every year in
interest alone, but thoy don't know
it, for same icason I gave ye. I
expect they'd raiso 'ell hif thoy
know, but thoy don't, so w'ot's the
hodds, so long's we're 'appy."
Coming Nation.
A Tiny Itcpubllc.
Among tho tiny republics of tho
world, perhaps the tiniest of all, in
point ol population, is tho
of Tavalora, on the island of
that name, about eight miles from
Saradina. It has a population of
55, and less than two miles in
Sovei eignity was accorded in 1886
by King Charles Albert to the
head of the Bartoleoni family, who
was given the title of King. For
nearly 50 years this monarch Paul
I. was his namo ruled his micros
copic kingdom with skill and judgment,
and enjoyed peace with all
his neighbors.
Ho died May :10, 1882, alter ex
pressing tho desire to his soi rowing
relatives that noncot thcm.siiouiu
succeed him. He strongly wished
his subjects to govern themselves.
No prelendor arose, and for nearly
four years tho simple inhabitants
got along comfortably without any
hand at tho holm of their shin of
state. But in 1866, after lengthy
discussions, in which the
women took a prominent part a
republic was proclaimed. Tho wo
men had a large say regarding the
constitutioiyund they scoured the
right of sufiVrage. Tho President
was elected for si;t years. He and
other officials jjorve "without Salary.
The independence, of the tiny state
was recognized m J 887 by the It
alian uovernmcnt.v.iVi .
! " t y.
See that man a comin' yonder, with-
ins licau a Jiangin' down,
An his clothes all torn in tatter.
trudgin' in towards tho town?J
Now, he's bcaren' of a burdcna1
he's a man that you" once
knew. -?'
What's the matter? I tan fell voli," , &
bit off more than ho c6ulUK1"5
uo was prosperous aoin misincss
was a runnin of a store,,
Makin' moncv Safe and retrlar. b'lit
ho wanted to make more, ?l-
So ho went to spcckilatcii' "I'li
git rich, that's what I'll do,"
But tho next thing ho was busted
bit off more than he could .
chow. ' ,.
Wo git lots of information, when yj
we're wantin' to git rich, i- " '
But tho others git the money, then
thoy throw us in the ditch,
And they stand and watch us tr
scratchen' you just pop your' ?ffc
whip and sue,
lou'io too poor to fight tho
sun bit off moro than you
could chew. - - 4
There's a many a man that's thrifty',
and a doin' very Well, t
But ho warns to buy a carrig all
lrncrt liia lniiflitri.'c irnlfin' .-ft
cssm' m fine linen and a
his cash,
ur car and listen,
it hear tho
There aro men a wrestlin
bear, and a fightin' or
uut tno iirsi you near aoout 'e?
you will hear they've lost their
They'll be willing then to sottte
down to work for bread and
An bo lucky if thoy got it simply
got enough to cat.
I knowjmen u liven hero right now,
livin' in this very town.
That's ashamed to look you in the
eye, just for fear 'twill knocks,
cm down a,. jfa
They're afraid you'd readt their, ',
secret watch em,
thoy will fall,
And the Jonrnal'U git the story
and bo sure to tell it all.
It's all right to let 'cm print it,
vmi'vn run on IiMiACf vonn
But, if not, just cross the border
with your money an' disgrace-1
Thcro's but one way, listen, neigh-?
bor, for a man to git along, , "e?'
It's to givo an tako full measure, - '
then you do no man a wrong.-,
Theso United States is good enough"
if a man jist wants to slay,
Want's to mako an honest livin7
sawin' wood or mowin'hay,
An' will stick right to his business
an' will live a lifo that's right;
Always careful very careful not
.1o take too bar a bite.
V. Maxwell.
The Cattle 3IarltUa
A letter from tho Kansas City
Live Stock Commission to the
Stockman concludes as follows:
"Tho cattle market is running
along all right for tho timo ofycay.
Crop prospects for this season are
favorable. Thero will bo a good
demand this coming fall for stackers
and feeders. All cattle feeders
did well feeding cattle tho past
winter and spring, and when they
make monoy they aro liberal buyers.
Some fow grass cattle havB
begun to como in from Texas, bisfc
arc not good beef yet. We belieye
tho cattle business ig on a moro
sure foundation than it has been
for many a year. Business generally
reviving, and prospects look
favorable for all trade conditions?'
Turned tho Table.
Geo. Parker, a citizen of Alva,
Oklahoma, was arraigned a few
days ago beforo Judge Goodyin for
drunkenness and disorderly conduct.
Judgo Goodwin impancle'd'a
jury of twelve men to try tho case,
who returned a verdict of guilty,
against tho court. The verdiat",
read; "Wo find tho defendant,
Gcorgo Parker, nqt guilty as charged,
but wo find tho judge of tlua
court guitly of tho offense charge'd
against the defendant, and that tha
costs in this case be' assessed,
against him." .jL
SintJe the trial Parker has had
tho Judgo arrested for drunken-1
ness in offico. The jury was composed
of tho best men in town.
Hacked by tbo S. 1".
A special to tho Globe-Demerit
from Santa Fe says that James
Addson Pcraltarcavis nvule adm5i
sion before tho court of private
land claims that the Southern Pa-
cific company had been baeking.t
him in his claim for tho grant tn
Arizona, and was to havo half of (
the grant. Ho brought notion under
direction of the counsel of the
Southern Pacific. W. W, Stowq, a
lawyer of San Francisco,
tho scheme.
A Hoy Held for Itanmm.
The 12-year-old son of Marajwjv
McKain, a rancher in Montana 18 .
been kidnapped by Frank Tumter
a hunter, and several other MlSa"
whose identity is unknown, AA
note has been sent to McKain tly J
Turner stating that the boy "woiTa '
bo hold for ransom. Thfe bojjB
parents are almost distracted. JL
posso of ranchers and e&tUMHp.
started after the robbers, and vM
cd them some distance into tiU
mountains, but lost th trail.
other pojsowa orgaouuwi, aj&d
Kl'llCtiJl US DUdflg CUIIUMN.
,sr:CT licawc . . . -"v .j, i3J. i 1 y i , L J - rAs. My rv? ." i&W"r Wijjjpi !( -n?v
f "!
I III Mill
:- '?ra
- iX
- '' ' SHHBb
r k bHB
' txWmm
-",1 Ms

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