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SATURDAY, JUNE 15, 1895,
'The Eloronco 7Vi&nc last wook
gavo considerable spaco to an
upon tho now classification
Lw and soomod to havo convinced
itself, oven if convinces no ono olso
that tho law is fatally dofootivo.
Ono point scored against tho
law is that it decreases tho foes of
dffiicals during their lorm of ofilco,
and thoreforo is in violation of tho
Harrison Act". Also that it
'virtually violates a contract".
It has been long established that
an officer porlbrming dutios under
his bond and tho sanction of an
Oath, is not fulfilling a contract.
Tho authorities cmphaticallj dc-Claro
that an ofllco is not a contract.
See Cooly on Constitutional Limitations,
pago 276; Sedgwick on
Construction of Statutory and Constitutional
Law, pages 585, 590 and
60, 10 Howard Rep 41Gj47MoRot
It thoreforo
eight classes, tho stato
iig but fifty-two countios at tho
4?msi TM, rt li,v .una nnn 4 tctt ml no
biiuu. liiu iau vma tuiuiaiuu tia
Class legislation, in tho caso of
Logan vs Solano county, reported
in 2 "West Coast Hep, 493 and sustained
by tho Supremo Court as
not boing class logislatian. The
''Harrison Act" does not forbid
jhapglng a salary during a torm of
offlco, and merely declares that it
must not bo dono by a special act
"Imt by a gonoral law,
All of tho attacks upon tho now
IaM' seem to bo harmless and fall to
tho ground when viewed in tho
light of all tho decisions upon tho
snbjeot. Tho Tribune closes its convulsive
effort by crying: "Tho
jyorst feature about tho whole affair
fs tho disposition shown to tnko an
unfair udvantago, to do wrong, to
bo dishonest," etci
The only ones who havo shorn
any disposition to bo dishonest
ahout it aro thoso who aro bellow-
" ing against formoi decisions of im-
paihal judges upon tho subject.
This territory is in tho far South
-west, but it is governed by
Jby anarchism. ""
at "Washing
ton has issued a proclamation
" warning all citizens against the
violation of tho neutrality laws in
case of Cuba, and instructing
"United Stales officers to rigorous-'"
I3' ctiforco tho laws and punish violators
thereof. This action was
suticessary on account of complaints
having reached the department of
State, through the Spanish Minister
that men are being recruited on
American sou nnu mat ameu ox-
peJitionwo leaving our shores
for tho purpose of attacking tho
Spanish forces in Cuba.
Tub case in Cochiso county filed
about ton days or two weeks ago
to test the Classification Law lias
.gOno over until next November, according
to iho Sulphur Valley Jfeios.
A Graham county is tho first in
this Distiict to hold court in tho
future, it is probable that tho caso
fiom Graham will be tho ono to
first rnauh tho Supremo Court and
tho forthcoming decision will bo
awaited with unusuul interest by
tho fax-pavers to whom it is of
auoh vast importance.
A uynuv little race took place
n Navajo countv last, week. It
between Holbrook and Win-
Cigtow lor the locution 01 tho county
viut. Jtolbjook won mo race.
A man who enteia a community
lwwjind tiovotes his time to creating
-contentions among na citizens
'-ought to ho regarded with distrust.
.I.E. L'atton was in tho city this
xtvuek on business. Jim nays that
1is htHibf is domg,a good business
' -in bfolw, notwithstanding tho fact
that the mines havo shut down.
Jlv aUo MJ"i that Globe will be the
4e,st uuniiig camp in tho Territory
.'when tho Old Dominion min-s are
'jtal into operation again, which ho
thjnhs will not he long.
A .lit:iti'li from
, ,.. i
jwiys ngimng i in m
4hw h.ti van Island, Formosa, whoro
-' (U.OuO black flags, under Gonoral
, Ijmi Ung, at o assembled.
$' t anose are attacking tho fovls at
ji mIhch and tho British warMitp
inirittitu js removing ipreiguers
i'ntti th' town,
T ' I i our you 01 tne inuacco
. w ' . . .
' -.
WbH Km -',50. I guarantee
to our you. '"Call tit my
5i2ii,l Jfitt JMJ worth and if it
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which Dr. Gid mado to him with a
full knowledge of tho latter's char-actor.
On boing further question
ed by Mr. IJoynolds, ho
that ho know this samo Dr. Gid
was a rofugoo from St. Louis on account
of his transactions in certain
land grants surrounding that city.
Mr. Roynolds then asked: "Did
you ever cause to bo issued any
doviso or printed mattor to bo print-odor
circulated by -which you claimed
to havo already recoived a con
firmation of this grant:
"No, sir, I novor authorized any
such statement1"
Tho -witness howovor, admitted
that tho intorviow appearing in tho
San Francisco Examiner was corcctj
that ho was interviewed;' that tho
articlo was written based upon tho
interview, and that ho himsolf furnished
tho cuts used in that
Then ho qualified the donial just
mado by saying that ho saw a statement
or circular to tho effect that a
decrco had been sccurod from tho
court, doclaring that ho did not
authorizo it, but on tho contrary,
at onco published over his signature
a denial in a little town called
Arizola, in tho territory of Arizona.
I3ut, upon being pressod by Mr.
s finally
;tho Exam-
effect of a confirmation of this
grant on holdings under United
States patonts, and that ho in that
donial merely stated that ho did
not intend to molest tho people.
Upon being pressed further, ho
stated that ho had furnish sd everything
in that famous chcular, 'Tho
Decree," except tho cut at tiro' top
of it; this ho said was tho product
of the imagination of somo enthusiastic
printor, whom ho stated curiously
enough, was not interested
in this grant; admittod finally that
ho had nover writton a denial or
detraction of that ai ticlo or circular,
and, although a direct question
was asked him, ho could not ox-plain
tho statement mado therein
to tho effect that tho ''Peraita grant
was opon to sottlemcnt."
Tho circular referred to is tho
ono based upon a certified copy of
tho clerks of tho land court to tho
offoot that loavo had been granted
to Itoavis to amond his petition as
to boundaries, and Reavis, as shown
by Ills own admissions, took it at
onco to San Francisco and form
ulates this circular, which on its
face purports to contain a depreUJis samo nroperty to him, but
of tho court of claims
ndjudicaUmnSlnopcrty to him
writton for
tho purposo of dccoption.
Ho was then asked by Mr. Eoynolds:
"Havo you got in your possession
tho original certificates, of
Father Stockman of f,ho records of
births and deaths of tho San "Bernardino
In reply ho said ho had thom but
not here; that thoy woro in Donvor
with his other papors,but that ho
-would get them and introduco the
samo in evidence.
These certificates are tho ones
that purports to show tho death of
a brother and sister of tho present
alleged heir to tho grant, Mrs.
and also purport to show her
He further stated, in answer to
questions, that ho novor had in his
possession tho original records of
San Bernardino mission, and has
never seen thorn in his lifo.
When asked how ho got these
certificates, ho gavo tho remarkablo
answer, that ho got them through
a Mexican barber in San Bernardino
and then entered into a long statement
of how ho came to got a barber
to go after them, trying to baso
tho action by casting reflections on
Father Stookman.
All tho waj" through tho witness
spoko in a light and
way of this worthy curato. This,
together with tho absoluto
of tho idea that ho would
solcct a barber -whom ho nover
know and whoso name ho could not
recall, to get tho certificates, showed
an ovident attempt to
Hinr, THEionGEiiv
oftheso records behind a trumped
up Mexican harbor.
Ho stated that ho gavo tho barber
a 35 gold pioco and
that ho started him after the
coitificatcs on Saturday evening,
and that ho received tho certificates
on Monday morning. Ho didn't
know cither Father Stockman or
Fathor O'Eoilly; ho had novor seen
thom in his lifo, yet gavo an
for not going personally aftor
tho certificates his fear of thom.
When questioned as to it, he said
he met his wife first on tho train
between Sacramento and San Francisco,
in 1877 or 1878, anyway tho
year President Hayes isitcd Sacramento.
"How came you to bo attracted
to her?"
"Becauso sho was a Spanish
beauty and I was a young man."
At that timo on tho tram he said
she told him her name was Sofia
Tread well, and that sho interested
jhim by telling him that her first
name was'Massa," butthat she was
going under tho assumed namo of
Sofia Trcadwcll.
Uothouahtat e'timo that it
must havo beena mistnko; and that
ho aftcrwttrdsilcurnedLthatfhosns
Ho entered into tho marriage
Contract with hor in 1882, and that
marriago contract was ratified and
tlioy married in Spain in 1883
but from tho time thoy ontorod
into tho marriage contract up to
tho ratification of it in Spain, he
kept tho matter secret and allowed
nobody to know it, and always
passed as her guardian.
Eoturning to tho incident on tho
train ho said that at tho timo sho
told him her birthplaco was Mendo
cino county, California, and that
It was in somo valley, but sho could
not state any inoro. Then, boing
questioned further, ho stated that
all tho developments relativo to
this woman boing heiress to this
tract of land, ho kept strictly to
himsolf, not divulging it oven to
his intimate friends until aftor his
return from Spain in 1884.
At this point ho was questioned
by Mr. Eoynolds as to whether ho
had not taken out a liconso to marry
another woman in Southern Cal
ifornia about tho samo time ho entered
into this sccrot marriago
with tho present wife?
He promptly answered, "I had."
Thereupon Mr. Eoynolds quickly
asked, " What was tho purposo of
taking out tho license'!1"
Ho replied, with a smilo on his
face. "It was to run a bluff," adding
that ho had been engaged to
this woman (tho California woman)
and ho wanted to bring tho thing
to a head.
Th,o affidavito made by Alfred
E. Sherwood as to tho genealogy
of this witness ' wife "was next
called up.
The witness was asked whether
or not he had "hypnotized" Alfred
E. Sherwood in order to get tho
affiidavit out of him, He replied
ho had not, but in what connect
ion, ho might say that ho was
ama,ed at tho ability of tho United
States attorney to get so much out
of him, while ho could got so little.
Ho acknowledged that ho used
a photograph of "Masao " -which
he said ho had procured at Cadiz,
in Spain, with Sherwood. In so-curing
tho affidavit from him, and
and that ho told Sherwood that ho
had seen tho will in Spain, whore
sho was mentioned as boing tho
heir to this property; that it was
within his power to holp tho girl
along by making tho affidavit, and
that it would not hurt anybody.
Ho further acknowledged that ho
thon wrote tho affidavit, and Sher
wood stood besido him.
Mr. Eoynolds then
him to stato whether Ue"Ti(ul told
Slicrwood J10
purported to con-
tho witness could not stato whoth
ei ho had or not, could not remember,
and being pressed about this
Willing dged, tho confession was
finally dragged out of him that ho
did not havo much faith in this
deed, boleived all tho tiaio that it
was a forgery.
Mr. Eoynolds: "Did you -write
tho surveyor general of Arizona a
letter piior to your going to
Spain with reference to his making
a roport ton your grantf"
"I wrote tho survoyor gcnoral
sovoral letters before leaving for
Spain in tho fall of 188C.
Then a littlo later Mr. Eoynolds
asked: "Will you say you did not
write Johnson a letter in 1885, in
which you stated substantially that
if ho would make a favorable report
you would see that ho was retained
in offico?"
"I will not say so; I deny it emphatically,
unless ho can produce
tho letter."
"Did you or did you not writo
such a letter to Johnson in 1885?"
"I deny it emphatically, and
tho pioduction of any such
offer if it is true."
"Did you not in that lottor stato
to him that you knew that you had
influence enough to know who was
going to succeed him?"
"I did not."
"And that if ho would make a
report ho would bo retained
until alter it could bo dono, and
then that ho would not need any
moro offices or public employment
of ary kind?"
Instead of roplying to this question
directly the witness started
off again on the oiation that his
invariable rulo through lifo was
novor io assist anyone into any
or to havo anything to do with
anyone -who was in offico which
had do with his claim
or his business.
Tho witness was then asked as
to his finances .again. Ho said
that ho spent 20,000 a year on his
family. At first he denied that ho
got all of it out of tho grant saying
that ho was a newspaper correspondent
and solicitor, and that ho
made money that way, going into
details as to the rates he received
from tho diffoient metropolitan
pupeis, east and west; but, upon
heme nuo'tioned closer, could not
swear that ho averaged moro than
SI 0,000 a yeai out of tho newspaper
On account of "several of tho towns
in which tho Guardian lias a large
circulation having no exchange
mail bac with Safford wo hao
found it necessary to chungo our
date of issuo toFriday. After this
issuo subscribers can. lopk for tho
GifARuiANon thatdato. ,
' lh:AIlIFGLmTyANSirf3,
The Bulletin in its issuo of 14th
says "water is scarco down tho
particularly at, Safford."
Wo would add it is more particularly
so at Thatcher, and more particularly
so at Central and Pima.
Tho ditches above tho Montezuma
Canal havo gobbled the water,
about 1G irrigatinc heads and aro
now running it to waste to tho
uoircniont 01 tno stocimoiders in
tho Montzuma, Central Sunflower
andUnion Canals which aro respectively
in tho order named tho prior
appropriators. Whilo Safford is
not now particularly sufforing for
water as stated in the Bulletin, tbo
land owners bore will bo much
better fixed for water when their
rights aro adjudicated and it would
only bo proper now to criminally
proceed against somo of tho users
of water in tho San Jose country
for tho wasteful manner of using
water there. Wo think if thoso in
"power" at Solomonvillc will only
exert their influence with tho
natives, tho water now in tho river
propoi ly and oqualy distributed
will go a great way toward stopping
tho cry of scarcity of water.
'Live ann lot livo.
lTotics for Publication.
IIomoHtonillNro. laoi
L vnd Office at Tucov Amr 1
.... June 13. 1895. f
Notlco Is hereby gh en that the following named
settler has filed notice of her Intention to
male final proof in support of her claim, and
that said proof will be mado before tho Judge of
the 1'robato Court at Solomonvllle, Arizona, on
July 20. lSDj h
Margaret R.Jean, widow of William L Jean of
uemrai, uranam county Ariz, lor the S J4 of N
W See281p6SIl25E.
Bhe names the folllowlng witnesses to provo
her continuous resldenco upon and cultivation
of, said land,
Thomas O. cbster, Jacob a. Blglcr, A 1111am
G, Clemens and Oscar Tj ler, all of Central,
county, Arizona.
STotico 'for Publication.
noincHU'tul No.JICO.
Iand Office at Ariz ,
Juno 8, 1803. J
Notice is hereby glvcu that the following
named settler has filed notlco of her intention
to make final nroof insunportof her claim, and
that said proof will bo made before the Clerk of
mo .uisiriri uourt, ai boiomou; we, Arizona, on
July 22, 1893, Uz Mary Blair, widow of Carleton
J. Blair, deceased, of 1 hatcher, Arl7ona, for tho
W H and S E i of S E X See 2-.'. nndJjoiTfUlf
- fy cvu , i w 1 w a, x&n '
She witnesses to provo
her COlltlrttftms resi Igtipo unnn and miHKnHnn
land, vb N illlam R. Waddlo, David V.
,. Tauey.ucorge aunner ana I'cxcr o l'eterson,
all of Graham, Graham countv, Arizona
6-15 Ct ' Register.
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Action brought in the District Court ol tho
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zona In and for the County of Graham
Tho Territory of Arizona sends greeting to the
nbo o named Defendants
You aro hereby summoned and required to
appear In an action brought against you by the
aWo named plaintiff and answer the complaint
filed with tho Clerkof the nove entitled
court nt Holoraonvllle, In the Comity of Qraham,
Tcrrltorj of Arizona, within ten daB(exelusIe
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ment by default will bo taken against you, as
prajed in said complaint, and costs cud
111 this behalf ex ptndcd. j
. ; . ,, C1 en under my tho seal of
l'o UMrirt Cirrft affixed hereto, at
rKAvfi!olemoiilUe, this 20th day of June
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