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vr,. ' . '' ' .. -.,.,,. ., . . ,
p ''VOL. 1. KO. 19.
7. 'Santa Fe Prescott a Phoenix
ft tifamtdiam
Official Directory Graliam County
Oeqislatuhi. Oco. SMnnor, Joseph Fish.
,NAkd or
Xllcnry Hill, Chairman. Clifton
PW. Hays, Member, ftirt Grant.
i,K ' AVII. Bennett, Member, Saflord
' H. I.. Smith, Clerk, Solomoin lllo.
" Biifmff Arthur A. Wight, SoloinonWlle
RFConDLr Manuel Leou, Solomomlllo.
Tlfasorer Frank Dyiart, Solomomlllo.
Distinct Cirri; I). 11, Ailams, Soloinomllle
i Dist Arrv lloy K. Jones, Solomomlllo
IT.onATE Jvdob Ceo tlnff, Solomom lllo.
Sun. kvor fcaimiel Logan, Solomon llle.
Assessor Pedro Mlehelena Solomomllle.
Ilctwcon liOIWUnud FOIST THOMAS.
vH Taking effect Mai Hit. at 1,00 p m.
2Sa. 1. No. S
Lv Fort Thomas " . Ar 5 40 pm
Lv Mathousvillo .. Lv 0 OJ pm
Ar Lv 4 M pm
Lv .Pima Ar t S3 pin
Si Cj .am Lv ..Central t., Lv 4 14 pm
18 03. a rn Lv Thatcher t Lv 4 01 pm
?8 10 a.m Ar SaOortl I Lv S 50 pm
i, 9 20. a m L Ar S SO pm
l8'4Sain Lv 0 10 pm
S38 61 am Lv So!oraon 2- ,Ar 2 W pm
CO 21. a.m .Lv Kail Kltancli t Lv 2 2i pm
WS&. am 1- llig Wind Mill r Lv 2 11 pm
SOW a.m Lv Uallsy'a Wells t Lv 2 00 pm
',10 67. a.m .L G. V. G.AN.ys I Lv 1 10 pm
'11 00 am Ar .. Uowlc i Lv 1 00 pm
Mountain Timo
Trains Nosvl and 2 run dally except Sunday,
connecting with Southern I'aclflo It.K atltowlo
forull points cast and et, and ttith Lnjton's
r stage lino ut" Fort Thomas for San Carlos, Globe
City and Tontpl'asin
"t Stations hac uo ageuts.
I Telegraph S'ltlmw
, The CompanjT reserve tho right to vary this
a1 schedule ds tlrcumstances may require
ill , TO, OAltLAM), l'rcslileut.
I l
! '
ktf v
Time Taljlc No. 11.
lnllffect JunolS, 1803.
Mountain Time is Standard Used.
fKbSl'No 3 STVTIONS. No. 4 I No 32
315p 1 d Ash Fork ar LM'ipl 740p
- U ltock llutte 11 M C40
4 2S Cedar Glade 11 30 BIO
4 53 Del Ulo 11 00 5 30
5 10 Jerome Junction 10 40 5 10
000 9 55 4 00
C 10 9 41 3 10
0 33 9 17 2 40
8 30 1 25
7 23
t fj U Skull Valley
7 41 8 10 lOOn
8 Oi Mttianu 7 50 12 40
823 Grand View 7 28 12 15
8 10 Illllsldo 7 10 11 53
0 00 Cottonii ood It 45 11 SO
0 15 Martinez C 30 11 10
9 33 Congress G 15 10 50
9 50 Harqua Ilala 5 65 10 10
E415 10 15 A Ickenbury 5 80 9 40
I 45 10 10 vuuure 5 05 9 10
HO 55 Hot bnrlngs Junction 160 8 60
8s?io (1120 . lleardslev . 122 8 13
S5t50 11 40 Marinette tai 7 55
Jcoo 11 17 l'corla 157 7 45
BGjlS 111 . Glendale 3 47 7 25
'30 1 Qfta .Alhambra 3sr 7 CO
12 20 phenis. 1 3 20a' G43
II. E. Brenner,
'Jairvnnri . . ATsiznNA
Has finished his cor oflieo and Is proparcd to
UUlwU ti1'1' .3w ii4auiut.vwu', .vviu
positively extraittd -without pain.
;Officu hours; to 12 a, m m.
1 i
m B. Fonda,
? ... .....
jusucooi mo
'Bpecial attcntlontdven t(tcollcctious
f 'Water rights MTTght and sold.
. Draws attCJs. contracts ana an kinnsoi icgai
vl'apors Titles examined and abstracts
iBarnes fi Martin i
Law O dices
tWiley E. Jones,
' '. District Attorney,
Sl'rairtlces In nil Federal and Territorial Courts
F. L B. Goodwin,
AltnrnAvnt I .a w .
'"oninunMl'IIXIf. . Al!I7fMA.
ll'ractlces In all Foderal and Territorial Courts,
I. J. Edwards,
Attorney nt law.
I:-Arizona and II. M. Railway,
s r w
Sif 5 Tlmotahlo ij
Going -o S Going
. a No.n S3
- "
Korth co South
- 50 0- Jan.l. lKtt gg
f gl l5i
MP 2 I I No 1
S5jl2r0U m 3! tl.ds'burgl lb 20 a m
1 00 v m 20 2 t&ummlt f 20 9 20 a m
00pm 40 3 Ar Duncan 20 8 20am
iwSlopm Lv Duncan: 8 ID am
S3 p m 47 4 t Bhcld'n 7 7 43 a m
48 p m 50 5 t Yorks S 7 33 a m
3 03 ti m 53 0 t Coronado 5 7 25 a m
2$pm 59 7 tUuthrlo 4 7 10am
SMiim T.t 8 ts hiding 5 043 am
4 00 p in Gfl 9 t n Siding 2 fi 40 a m
4 80 p m 71 10 Ar Cllftont 6 0 15 a m
Trains run dally
v H'P 0" signal
except Sunday
t Leao 1 Arrho.
Attends Hie District Court of Graham County
ana practices mail iue wimi . rtiiva,
I. J. Egan,
Attorney nt iMVt,
Offlco In tlio Arlrona Copper Co'e Building west
lde of tho river.
Jos. H. Lines,
; Jusllco of the Venco,
ConvoynuctngiikiBC and nil kinds of legal pa
pers tiram..
Items of Local Interest Gathered by
Reporters on their Rounds.
Ilreciy Little Notes of General Interest
l'lekod up Hero nnd There.
J. II. of Thomtfs tvas in
tho city this wcok.
Wo nro informed that Mrs. Geo.
duff is quite ill, at Solomonville.
J. T. Owons kcons tho finest line
of shoos in town. 4-20 tf
Miko Ohl, of San Carlos, passed
through town Inst Monday on his
way to Wilcox.
A full lino of Millinery Stock at
T. 1 Ilunter.s.
Tho building for tho now flour
mill hero is about ready to receive
tho machinery.
James T. Owens left last Wednesday
on a business trip to El
Paso, and Kansas
Mrs. Mason, wifo of Agent Mason,
of Pima, spent sovcral days in
tho city this wcok.
W. A. Posoy and family, of Thatcher,
who havo been visiting in
Utah for sovoral months returned
homo this week.
District Clerk Adams spent a
day and night in tho city this wcok
and, of course, had to "sot 'cm up"
to tlio Guardian force
Tho recent rains caused such delays
in tho mails this wook that
most of our correspondence failed
to reach us in timo for publication.
Guy W. Rollins, spending
sovoral days in tho valley with relatives
and friends, left for Mogol
Ion N. M., whoro ho has charge of
an amalgamator for a mining company.
Elsowhoro will bo found notico
of delinquent school tax for tho
Saflord district. Thoso wihing to
avoid the extra oxpenso of having
their property advertised should
sottlo boforo Juno 20th.
Tho rains last Tuesday nieht
washed awav ouito a stretch of tho
railroad track just bolow
villo, anu tho company placed a
forco of mon at work repairing tho
breaks immediately and yesterday
managed to run a train through to
Mr. G. W. Williams of Pima was
in town this week, and informed
us that our informant was mistaken
when ho said Frank Drollinger got
out of bed a few days boforo his
death; that it was nearly a month
boforo his death when ho left his
bed, and that tho immediato cause
of death was a conjestivo chill.
Wo are in receipt of the Arizona
Educatory. monthly educational
published at Prescott, with A.
J3. Joscolyn as editor. It is a well
written paper, treating principally
on educational subjeots, and all
thoso who feel an interest in educational
matters should subscribe
for the Educator.
I can euro you of tho tobacct
habit for $2.50. I guarantco No-To-Bac
to euro you. Call at mj'
storo and buy 2.50 worth and if it
docs not euro you I will refund tho
money, if you follow my directions.
J. T. Owens.
A brother editor has como to
griof. IIo wroto a puff for a milliner,
congratulating hor on her
succoss and said ho was glad to see
hor stocking up. Whon his paper
cam out, instoad of appreciating
tho puff, Mrs. Milliner cracked him
over tho head with an umbrella.
Hon. Port Dunlap passod through
tho city last Monday on his Avaj'
homo fiom Proscott. Bert had
been to tho mountain city to represent
Graham county at tho "Fourth
of July celebration there, and says
it was one of tho most patriotic
and enjoyable celebrations ho had
over witnessed.
Joromo II, Vaughn informs us
that it is his intention to mako a
public speech at Pima in tho near
futuro on tho workings of tho now
school law and other mattors. Mr.
Vaughn has realized tor years that
tho old law was not what Graham
county wanted and has devoted
considerable time and stud' to tho
subject. Thoso wishing to hear a
thorough explanation of tho subject
should hear Mr. Vaughn speak.
Tho bridge over tho Central
canal on tho Graham street just
north of town, was almost impassable
for sovoral days after tho 4th.
On tho morning of tho ith Ficd
Thorstonson with his family in tho
wagon attempted to cross it but
found one of tho largo planks
DroKcn in two, ana ho was com
pciiou xo roiuin noino. Ana ono
day sincQ then John Madson got
ono of his horses in tho bridge.
This is not a safo bridgo oven when
it is in good condition. Tho ditch
isttboxttlO feqt deep and wo would
su ggost vtnat tnoro oo ,rta railing
tA60iiaonoitiior Bide tormrotoet
aMya.toi cr ossitrHfiBiH
Moro About That Secret Older AVlilch
Senator Stownrt Hcnils.
A special from Washington says
that another secret organization
has been formed in this country
for political purposes. It is called
tho Order of the Sapromo Temple,
Silver Knights of America, and its
headquarters are No. 142 New
York avcnue,in Chicago. Tho indicated
purposo of tho society is to
advanco tlio cause of free coinage
of silver. Tho knighfs arc chartered
in Virginia as a corpoiation.
Tho charter namos William M.
Stowart of Carson City, Nov., as
president of tho corporation, and
among the other officers and directors
aio tho names of two
of Congress. It is claimed
that tho loadors of tho movement
aro prominent in all parts of tho
country and that a great number
of Representatives and Senators aro
included among them.
At tho genoral ofllco in Chicago
a number of clerks arc engaged in
sending out free-silver literature.
It is claimed that temples aro now
boing foimed throughout tho
country and that th'o Silver Knights
of America already show a very
considerable organization. It is
expected by tho promoters that by
tho timo tho noxt campaign is
actively cntorcu upon mere win no
lodges of Silvor Knights in every
town and hamlot of "United
States. Access to tho lodger ooms
can only bo obtained by means of
pass-words and signs, and discussions
that occur thero will bo guarded
with tho utmost secrecy.
Ton lllo Storms.
Dispatches state that the cntiro
eastern water shed to tho Nobraska
and Iowa lines and to the Toxas
was swopt last Sunday night by
terriblo storms. Fields of grain
that promised tho most bountiful
jMcldfor many years wore swopt bai o
ot vegetation. The sea ot rain was
abottcd in its work of destruction
by tornadoes. It is too early yet
to sum up tho loss but tho total is
appalling.and thoso to whom tho
angry elements 3pared life havo
littlo lett to sustain them. The
storm ombraccd an area of two
hundred squaro miles.
Tho groatcst loss of life is reported
from Winona, Minnesota, whoro
oloven corps havo boon found with
as many moro missing. Tho known
and probable- loss will reach
lives which will bo increased
when tho recoding water permits
a thorough soarch. Tho loss
to property can be placed in tho
K crj Town lias
A liar.
A bilk.
A sponger.
A dcadbeat.
A smart Alex.
A girl that giggles.
A weather prophot.
A neighborhood feud.
A woman that tattles.
A man that knows it all.
Moro loafers than it needs.
A fow meddlesome old women.
A "thing" that stares at women.
Men that mako remarks about
A girl that goes to tho postoftico
every timo tho train comes in.
Scores of men with tho caboose
of thoir pants worn out.
A fussy, suporanuated old crank
who is forovcr and eternally blowing
and bellyaching about his
A man who don't tako tho papor
but who breaks his neck trying to
got a chanco to read the news first.
Williams JSrews.
A Treacher Lynched.
On the night of July 4th atllopo
Honey, at a colored church, fivo
miles west of Lako City, Fla. a
party of mon took Pobort Bonnott
a colored preacher, from tho pulpit,
carried him a &hort distanco
and lynched him. Whon tho body
was found by tho roadsido noxt
morning tho brains woro shot out,
tho throat cut from ear to ear and
both oars cut off.
A protracotd mooting was in
progress at tho church. Ilisoflbnse
it is said, was an assault upon a
whito woman in Sowoneo county
locontlv, and from thero tho lynching
party is said to havo como.
itAcn ron SAtt:.
Eighty acres of improved land
two miles from Safford, patented
thirty acres in alfalfa,
acres planted in corn, comfortable
adobo dwelling, best well of water
in the valley, iriigation facilities
unsurpassed, water cannot fail un
til the Gila river goes dry. Tho
ranch will pay tho purchasomonoy
in two years from tho alfalfa alone.
Apply to
F. L. B. GooDWiN.Solomonvillo
Ono Lyon & Hcaly Piano for
sale cheap for cash. For further.
particulars apply at tho Guardian
.i'SIf vou.Avant'a'cood suit of. cloth
imriko . . to.'JivT&hvens. iwd
U.Hi j. .ut ..ik li.iw re fi jtoawitoiB
Sco the M Is koaiade In the Ohio Convention
and Now Propose to do Something!
A special to tho Daily JSTcws from
Washington says: Westorn silver
Eucpbhcans havo outlined uninteresting
program to bo pursued in
tho noxt National Republican convention.
Today a western Republican
of National prominence disclosed
tho progiam of silver
men in all its details and it is so
audacious as to startle political
managers here.
"Tho plan," he says, "was agreed
upon at acoufeienec o? senators
held last month. The spates
are Montana, Idaho, "Wyoming,
Washington, Oregon, Colorado,
Nevada, Utah, California
aiid South Dakota. These states
aio claimed solidly for agreement
and the states of North Dakota and
Nebraska maj" yet join in tho
"It is tho purposo of tho west
ern silver Republicans to meet and
choose delegates to tho National
Republican convention in regular
form and when tho convention
moots, to present tho name of senator
Cameron, of Pennsylvania for
"If Cameron is not acceptable
tho convention will bo asked to-agree
upon some other frco silver
Republican. If it refuses to act
upon tho suggestion, tho delegates
from these western states say they
will inarch out of tho convention
in a body carrying with thorn as
many free silver dclogatcs from
other states as they can command.
'They will wait upon tho Democratic
convention, not as dologates,
because thoy cannot bo admitted
as such, but as a commission knocking
at tho doors and asking for
tho nomination of a free silver
Democrat, Sonator Morgan of Alabama,
preferred. If the Democratic
convention fails to act upon the
demand, tho silver men will abandon
both old parties.
V Ileal d of Supei ilsors.
The meeting of tho Board of Supervisors
at Solomonville on the
1st instant was watched with dcop
attention by every ono who felt
great intorost in tho notv Classification
Law, Tlio District Attor
ney had prepaicd full papers for
injunction against tho Board, to
provont the payment of county
under tho old law, and to
compel the observance of the now
law. Judge Hyatt tho Court Commissioner
was on hand so that tho
papers could bo signed, sworn to,
filed, and an injunction issued at a
moments notice, if it became necessary
when tho Board mot.
Tho District Attorney had fust observed
tho now law by
tho County Recorder as Clerk
of the Board, and filing with that
officer tho claim for compensation
undor tho now law, and ontircly
ignoring tho old law from and after
tho 22d of April last.
After a short conference outside,
tho Boai'd mot with quito a number
of spectators present, and after
being called to order recognized
Recorder Leon as Clerk of tho
Board, requesting that ho appoint
Mr. Harry Smith as Deputy Clerk,
which was done. This recognition
of tho now law was satisfactory to
tho District Attorney and tho in
junction papers woro withhold.
This was tho second meeting ot tlio
Board since tho now law went into
effect, and tho failuro or neglect
of tho Board at its last special
meeting to observe tho now law,
and recognize Recorder Leon as
Clerk, caused the steps to be taken
for injunction proceedings, but
now harmony apparently prevails
again botween the Board and tho
District Atlornoy.
Tho Board shortly after its meeting
sottled down to business auditing
demands 'and attending to
routine matters. On Tuesday
Dr. J. A. Lacoy was permitted to
tako tho hospital contract at tho
same figures under which it was accepted
by tho lato Dr. Coffman.
Most of tho week was spent as a
Board of Equalization, working
The New County Fhyslclau.
Dr. J. II. Lacy, of Solomonvillo,
and who has been appointed to the
position of County physician was
in town last Saturday.
Dr. Lacy is an old resident of
Graham county, having located at
Clifton about cloven years ago
where ho practiced his profession
for several years. After leaving
tho Copper Company ho traveled
and practiced in different states,
and at ono timo had ohargo of ono
of tho largest hospitals in Old
but was obliged to abandon
that position on account of poor
health, and scok a moro healthy
climate. Dr. Lacyjis a first-class
physician and is welcomed backby
tho pooplo of Graham. .
I havo an excellent pasture tq
rent at Graham. Plenty of grass
plenty of water, Terms 1.50 nor
headjper month.- . itAS
. ,.,
7 rA r new m
ITU-LI." ? .t?TO3MBi&t. IJ:V
i it JLZT'ftWi a- vvtia
pi ffiKPimr v immmm t; , n
Solomonvillo IIiiiiiijIIiihh.
County Surveyor Samuel Logan,
who has been in the employ of tho
G. V. & & N. R. R. for some timo
roturned to Solomonville last week
and found immediate employment
by Justice W. J. Parks.
Ho is surveying and ploting
seven acres of land which Mr. Parks
recently purchased oast of and adjoining
tho town-site of
and which will bo sub-divided
and sold in small tracts to thoso
who desire to secure homes near
tho county seat.
It has been ascertained by tho
surveyor Mr. Logan, that a part of
the Mexican addition to
is on tho land of Mr. Parks
and a number of persons who sup
posed thoy had secured titles to
their lots under the town-site act
now find that their holdings aro
not within tho limits.
Mr. Parks proposes to make easy
teims with them and all difficulties,
as to tho titles, can bo obviated.
It is gratifying to tho people of the
county seat to know that there is
a demand for homo locations near
Mr. Parka has already
sold some lots in his, recent
purchaso and as the locality is ono
of tho most desirable in tho valley,
thero will sOon be a demand for
tho whole tract. Tho terms on
which ho proposes to disposo of his
lots aro extremely favorablo and
prove that ho is deeply interested
in tho growth and prosperity of
tho county seat.
Tho Board of Equalization havo
been in session most of tho timo
during tho past week.
Andy Alexander and Miko Leahy
were in town this week.
.The 4th of Jul as Spent nt Camp Col
umbine, Gialiam Mountains
Tho glorious hundred and nineteenth
birthtof oungieat nation was
ushered ii by the firing of thirteen
guns at tho break of day. Tho
echoes lingered loud and long.
The good old flag tho banner of
our nation, floated from a lofty
pino of GO feet. Tho birds wore
singing sweotly and tho lovely
flowers shedding their sweet odor
in tho pure air seemed to join tho
babbling brook in celebrating the
glorious day.
At 10 a. in. tho joyous band of
G8 souls congregated together with
Hyrum Weech as marshal of tho
day. Aftor singing our national
hymn, "Our God we raise to Theo"
Prayer was offered by tho Chaplain
O. N. Birdno. Tho Choir Sang,"In
tho mountains high" Tho orator
of the day John Sahno Sen. delivered
his oration consisting of a
brief history of how our nation
gained independence. Cheers for
tho Stars and Stripes rang from the
crowd. Tho Star Spanclo Banner
was'sung by Emma Weech and company
Miss EvaMontierth delivered
a recitation with eloquence, music
filled tho air from tho Camp Columbine
Orchestra. Nino other
pieces consisting of music, recitations
aud songs woro rendorcd from
members of tho crowd.
Tho forenoon exercises were
closed by tho singiug of "We're a
Band of Union Brothers." Prayer
was offered by tho Chaplain, after
which wo surioundcd tho table and
satisfied our appetites with tho good
things of life.
At 2 p. in. we galhored at tho
base ball ground. Sides wcro
chosen botween Captain Holiday
of tho "Tenberfoot's" and Captain
Taylor of tho "Sonsheads." Tho
struggle began with tho "Soreheads"
at tho bat. Six scores
wore' made by the "Soreheads"
in tho first inning. Tho second
ended with 15 to 5 in favor of tho
"Soreheads. Unfortunately tho
ball gave out at the end of the third
inning, scores standing 17 to 17 tho
game was decided a tie .Both sides
claiming the championship of
tho territory for making scores.
Aftor the ball game foot races
and horse races woro run both fast
and slow.
Tho program was ended with a
grand ball in tho cool pure air of
tho mountain tops. A largct
sorved as apavillion. Music
was furnished by the Camp
orchestra and not until tho
twinkling stars begun to fade
did tho dancers retire.
Tho 5th of July was spent in
journoying to tho highest peak of
Mt. Graham, among tho lolty pines
and by tho cool springs wo ate
our lunch, after viewing tho beautiful
scenery and valleys on tho
north and south wo returned to
camp and again tripped the fantas
tic too until tho break of day on
tho morning of tho Oth.
All felt thoy never had spent such
an enjoyable 4th of July as they
had among tho rocks and lofty
pines of old Grahrm whoro water
shade and amusement is free to all
who will only come and partako of
Prcst. Layton loft last Monday
for Tucson,,in search of a boilor
largo,crioughtto'iurhish stecin.to
run hisTipn ffip.r.orvAtho T)rftsnntoiin
tffa., VX.KJViifn
ii rm m ill ilia mi in ?wiJbi -
ON MAY 24TH, 1895.
After an Illness of Twenty-One Dajs In a
Strange Land.
One of tho most melancholy
events that wo havo yot been called
upon to chronicle is tho death
of Ella Adclia Williams Moody,
wifo of Wm. A. Moody, at Fagali ,
About tho 20th of last October
Wm. A. Moody, of Thatcher, left
for Samoa to perform a mission
thero, accompanied by his wifo.
Mrs. Moody was well and stiong
when she left home, but the sea
voyage did not agree with her, and
sinco her arrival at tho Islands has
not been in robust health, and on
tho 3d of May gave birth to a
daughter. After she had been confined
her friends and tho attonding
physician wcro greatly encouraged
ana nad no tears for hor ultimate
recovery. But she remained some
what foverish and about May 8th
commencsd to get worse until about
tho middle of tho month sho rallied
and it was thought tho danger
point had been passed. She improved
steadily until tho 21st when
she was well enough to sit up and
talk to hor husband and friends
who were constant watchers at her
bedside, and asked to have hor
mail read. Tho doctor was in
daily attendance, and did everything
in his power to break tho fever
which ho accomplished by the
morning of tho 24th, and said if it
did not return sho would recover.
Aftor the fever had beon subdued
tho doctor gave medicine to
strengthen hor heart, after which
ho was accompanied to his ofllco
by Mr. Moody, about two miles
distant. Will was greatly encouraged
by tho doctor's reassuring
words, but when ho returned homo
he saw his wifo was dying.
A few hours before her death her
mind seomed to wander, as sho
asked several times if her parents
had como yet, stating that thoy
wero very slow in coming. Everything
was dono that a loving
Dana and laithful friends could do
to save her, but to no purpose, and
to tho hour of 7 o'clock p. m. May
21th, 1895, God called her spirit
homo, and sho died in the arms of
her husband.
Mrs. May Bell, a white lady, who
is a teacher among the natives, was
untiring in her efforts at tho bedside
of Mrs. Moody until with constant
watching at night and teaching
in the day sho was completely
worn out, but her warm heart told
her that tho baby must bo cared
for, and'on tho 19th of May, by tho
consent of Mr. and Mrs. Moody
took tho littlo ono homo and eared
for it thero. Sinco tho death of its
mother tho littlo orphan has been
placed in the permanent caro of
Mkj. Bell until Mr. Moody returns
home. Tho U. S. Consul to Samoa
who is a friend of tho Bell family
has interested himself in tho littlo
one's welfare and has expressed
great sympathy for Mr. Moody in
his torriblo loss.
Tho natives did all they could
in thoir simple way to render assistance
during Mrs. Moody's sickness,
and when sho was buried,
completely covered tho caskot and
gravo with wreaths of flowers.
Mrs. Moody had been married a
little less than a year at tho timo
of her demise, and was well known
as a bright intelligent girl, with a
loving and sympathetic disposition
throughout tho entire community.
When the news of her death arrived
hero, it was a terrible blow-to
her parents and friends, but we
must yield to Him who docs all
things well.
The special school tax levied in
Safford School Dist. No. 1 is now
delinquent. Those who havo not
paid said special tax aro 'notified
that if tho same is not paid to E
D. Tuttlo Collector, on or before
tho 20th of July 1895 tho list will
bo published and tho property delinquent
will bo sold as provided
by law.
This notico is given to enable
those ojving tho tax to pay same
without further expense.
E. D. Tutilk
M. E. Church, Rev. D. Roberts,
Pastor Servico held overy
morning and evening. Sabbath
school at 10 a. m. Class
meeting after morning's service
every other Sunda'. Weekly
prayer meeting on Thursday at 7
p. m. C
Notico is heroby given that I
havo withdrawryfrom tho Grm of
Rollins Brothers. ofPima.anchwill
-" '- "' 5- '"?
J -- jr .
Clipped and Condensed From Late
Happenings Throughout the,
With the Scissors.
Criminals from a distanco think
that if they get into Arizona ' thoy
will be coraparitvoly safe. Never
was a greater error of judgmcnU
committed. In probably no other;
region of tho Union aro people so
well acquainted personally with
ono another over so largo, an area1
of country as in Arizona. The
reason is that thero arc
tively few centers of population,
our people aro largely made up of
bright, intelligent stockmen, mining
men and business men who aro
continually moving from ono point,
to another about tho Territory; and
then again there is little chanco to
go anywhere or get into or out of
tho Territory Except over established
routes. It is rare that a
criminal escapes for any length of?
timo in Arizona. Herald. " T
Oh what a rain, wo were moved
thereto, by looking out of tho window,
this the 2d day of July, A. D.
1895, and seeing tho ram and hail
pouring down. The front porchr
of the building opposito our office
is white with hail, and a torrent of
water pours along tho main thoroughfare,
in resemblance, a rivnr.
St Johns Herald. SP
' -M- .
A Kingman lawyer undertook,
to lick Arson Smith, editor of"tho
Mohave Miner. Tho agilo editor, t'
filed a demurrer so promptlythat " -had
it not been for timely succor
by tho sheriff thero would not have
been enough c f ,ho lawyer left to got
his case into court. PiosjKdor
-)o(- l
Tho City of Ogdcn has pledged"
tho San Diego & Eastern Railways
grounds for terminal facilities in
that city and a cash consideration!
of25,000, tho road to build itsv,
shops and mako its eastern termin
al in that city. It is said the road"
ty days. This is the road it is proposed
to bring down the west side
of tho Colorado to near Yuma and
across the desert to San Diego.
boys played rather a mean
trick on Editor Wolfloy this afternoon
for which they should be
ashamdd. Thoy saw him coming
down tho street and taking a great
big silver dollar fastened a string
to it and threw it down on tho
walk. As Mr. Wolfloy came along
ho saw tho money and made a quick
dive for it but not quick enough to-catch
it, as tho boys had pulled the
string and whoro the dollar had reposed
so innocently there 'was
nothing but bare sidewalk. Tho
boys will never forget the look of ;
withering scorn which tho editor
turned upon them when their jeering
laugh reached " his ears. Her-
E. F. Kcllnev arrived hero on
Thursday from Washington whoro,
ho had been for several weeks urging
his claims as a gubernatorial
candidate, Mr. Kellner states that
while no decided action has yot
been taken in tho matter, and probably
will not bo for a month, ho
had assurances before leaving Washington
that tho President was
favorably disposed towards him,
and ho is confident that if a resident
of the Territory is appointed
it will bo ho. Theie is a possibility,
however, that owing to tho
very bit' or fractional fight in tho
Arizona Democracy, that an outsider
may bo appointed. Belt.
Washington, D. C, hotel keepers
are said to bo very much interested
in tho removal of Gov. Hughes as
on tho consummation of that event
rests the settlement of numerous
board bills contracted by applicants
for his place and their possidle ap
pointees. When the report got
out that a man down in Georgia
was to bo appointed, tho hotel
keepers aro said to havo been much
alarmed. Of course, as long as tho
governor stays in thero is hope
for each one of theso applicants
and there may bo hotel credit for
thein to tho end of his term Courier.
Mrs. A. M. Dunn and her
tcr Jessio, left last Saturday for a
visit to Los Angeles.
Thero was shipped over tho
loy railroad, tho machinery tor
roller flouring mill at San Carlol f
last Saturday.
" Tho infant child of Mr. and Mrs.
Wm.- Kirtland,, that, has vbeen
dangerously .ill forthejastlrnonthj;
iiil. i.iJi; "'! a.

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