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Graham guardian. (Safford, Ariz.) 1895-1923, August 09, 1895, Image 5

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fy C&taarftimn
If you want to invest your
money in a business investment
coino to Safford. You will not bo
Much pressure is boing brought
to -bear to causo the legislature now
in session at Honolulu to adopt a
joint resolution instructing President
Dolo to opon annexation
with tho United States.
The Tjos Angeles Express says:
Arizona has added to her minoral
productions lithographing stono,
tho first over produced in tho western
hemisphere. Tho futuro of
Arizona grows more promising
There is no plaeo in all creation
with brighter prospects for tho
than has Graham county. "Wo
havo a puio healthy climate, productive
soil and plenty of it; somo
tho richest mines on earth, and
an intelligent, progressive people
"What more can we ask.
If anybody thinks tho national
gamo is becoming a back number
let them go to Illinois and umpire
a gamo. At Quincy, 111., a few
days ago tho crowd attempted to
lynch the umpire, and would havo
surceoded but for tho interference
of the polico and sheriff, who wero
assisted by a posse.
IJnoTHEU Duniiak is again at tho
editorial holm of tho Gazette and
the wait is again staging forward
under a full head of steam. John
is a "hummer" and no mistako,and
his enemies might as well' try to
keen n. duck ncrnotually out of
water as to try to keop him out of
AiUona journalism. 0. P. Liotch
is said to bo tho present owner of
tho Gazitft ana we wish "Col." all
tho succors in tho world in his now
orfjulv 2Gth a meeting was
llr 1 ut Silver Oitv to determine
wWJlioi' or not tho ocoplo of that
oil) should accept tho aid
piIUiv cities on account of
disastcrcis floods which
damaged that citj and with truo
western i luck tho mooting voted
almost Unanimously that they
would not accept outside aid, but
that tho homo business mon
wm-n nhlo to nroncrlv tako caro of
those in destitute circumstances
Every timo tho train arrives in
Safford there is always a 'crowd of
boys iO'idy to board it sevoral hundred
yard's boforo it reaches tho
station; and every timo it moves
in tl yards thoy aro continually
hopping on and off tho train, and
sonic havo even been known to
iidt a quarter of a mile and leavo
tho when it is moving at full
. speed. This is veiy dangerous
pastime for hoys and should bo
stopped. P.irents ought to bo very
eaieful about allowing their boys
tp play near tho depot during the
timo tho train is there. Now is
thd time to tako warning and pre-
" vont your sons from being brought
home to you ' with their bodies
mangled from tho train passing
over them.
It is only through tho practical
onLTiition of bimetallism that a
stablo stand.ud of value can bo so-cured.
A standard constituted of
monoy constantly increasing in
valuo is not a sound, a single nor a
stablo standard, but a constantly
changing standard. Tho effect of
gqld monometallism is to establish
ono standard for tho creditor and
another for tho dcbtoi, and thcro
can bo no moro dishonest monetary
ystom than that which gives short
mcasuro to the borrower and long
moasuro to tho londor. Under tho
policy prevailing prior to 1873
thcro can bo no violent change in
tho rolativo valuo of tho two metals,
' for a raise in valuo of one mofal is
counteracted by a decreased demand,
and a fall in valuo by an increased
demand. Under tho opera-
''tionsof this benoficial law a t iblc
relation was maintained between
them in spito of tho most oxtremc
changes in relative productions.
From tho earliest poriod of our
history up to 1878 tho right of tho
debtor to choose whether ho should
pay his dobts in silvor or gold coin
was alwaysrecognizcd. Tho subsequent
policy has bon to' transfer
this right to tho creditor, thus
tending to constantly increase tho
V4.value of tho dearer motal
and do-
i.s . ,, r. ...,' i .. 1,,,
jh0iroyiiHV pancy iy uv wiv.
Tho Silver Belt lots forth tho following
in rogard to tho action of
Graham county officials in attempting
to collect tho tax of tho now
""Wo cannot question that tho
action of tho Board of Supervisors
of Graham county, in attempting
to reach Globo by rail, is tho
thulo of those for whom thoy
aro acting. Wagon transportation
is tho utmost boundary of their
as is ovidoncod by tho
voto of their representatives
Shannon, Brewer and Skinner
upon tho passago of tho bill exempting
all railroads from taxation
and their porsonal proporty used
in tho actual operation or construction
of such railroad, until tho
first day of March in tho year 1903."
Our voncrablo brother Ilacknoy
usually makes use of somo very
acnsiblo utterances, but now and
thon ho sloshes around likQahorso
with an acuto attack .prHlio "hots."
Tho Guardian is opposed to tho
Railroad Exemption Law, and
wishes its readers to know it, but
it appears that Bro. Hackney has
no uso for tho Guardian, never has
had, and looses no opportunity to
manifest opposition to this papor
and its policy. Brother Ilacknoy
docs not bchovo in two papers in
ono county. Ho loves tho field to
himsolf. Ho hates competition.
Ho hates to bo crowded. Ho believes
that public funds aro a "private
pudding," so far as tho official
paper is concerned. lie wishes
but ono paper in Gila county and
therefore has no lovo for tho
set by tho Guaudian in bobbing
up in his neighboring county
of Graham and sailing so majestically
boforo tho breeze.
Tho Guaiidian dctest3 monopoly
among newspapers, as well as all
othor monopoly. It bolioves in
fair play and no pots, applied to
railroads and nowspapcrs alike,
and approves the acts of our repre
sentatives. In this country wo
liovo in carrying nobody. Pay
your faro or else got out and walk
That is tho motto of tho Guaiidian.
Brother Ilacknoy, wo would kindly
and fiatcrnally suggest that you
tako a good, hot, red-popper foot
bath at night, with an intornal ap
plication to vour stomach of
pluugo into bod
with a horso blankot around your
head, and perhaps tho morning
may find your pulso moro regular,
your digestion improved and your
spirits moro congenial and somewhat
attuned to your surroundings.
Our prescription is gratuitous.
Two ballookists at Phonix aro
now laid up for repairs. Last week
thoy arranged for an ascention;
ono of them seated himsolf on tho
trapezo bar of tho parachuto, and
commenced tho journey skyward;
all went well until tho balloon had
reached a height of about 30 feot
when tho ropo gavo way and ho
camo to earth again with a thud
that caused him to sco stars for
soveral minutos. Tho crowd was
disappointed and his partner promised
that ho would mako an
himself tho samo evening.
At 8 o'clock, according to agreement,
ho commenced tho upward
journey. At tho height of soveral
hundred feet tho parachute was cut
loose, and ho shot towards tho
earth in safety until he was
over a hohso when tho
gavo a lurch to ono side,
mopping tho aeronaut acros tho
roof of tho house with terrible
force, which caused him to lot go
tho parachuto and drop to tho
ground insensiblo, and ho is now
wondering how it all happened.
Tho I. O. O. T.
Tho public installation of officors
of tho Good Templars took place
in tho Safford Drug Co's building
last Tuesday night as per previously
arranged program. The house
was crpwed with an attentivo au-
dience.tand Mrs. J. D. Hartzler ad
ministered tho oath and installed
tho officers after which the follow
ing program was rondorod:
by Liliio Morris, "Wilson Oio
and Ella Ore, and address by Judgo
McCollum, r c'tat'on by Josoph
Place, and address by Wm. Place,
recitation by Myrtle Hartzler, singing
of closing ode and prayer.
The lodgo people had provided
an ice cream supper in tho basement,
togother with cako and
the- proceedings of which
aro to bo used in tho purchaso of
an organ for tho lodgo which it is
bad.y in need of. After tho regular
program, different amusements
wore indulged in until about 11:30,
when the lodgo people turned tho
houo over to tho proprietors and
they in turn turned it over to tho
young people who procured music
and indulged in dancing until about
3 o clock, .hvcry body expressed
themselves as having passed an
enjoysblo and instructive evening
and the membprship of tho lodge
was increased to 70.
(The Phonix Republican is suffering
from an acuto attack of somo
sort which needs tho immodiato
of somo ono skilled in political
physics. Phcnix atmosphoro
seonis to havo inoculated its system
to such an cxtont that it snaps at
imaginary objects like a demented
canino in dog-days. Its quill driver
had bettor flco from that Babylon
of political dobauchory for a
while and como over into the pure
and wholesome atmosphere of Old
Graham, whero wo aro all at peace,
in lovo with each othor, don't poko
our noses into other people's affairs,
where Wo keep our heads cool,
our temperature normal and our
breath sweet, whero wo enjoy tho
unceasing odor of our countless al-
lalfa lielus, whoro tuoi'o is an apiary
near every doorstep to sweeten
our joys of life, whero tho perpetu
al gurglo of our irrigating canals
lulls us to slumber by its peaceful
music commingled with tho chorus
of nativo song-birds, and where wo
havo moro pretty girls to tho aero
than all tho rest of tho universe
combined from Kalamazoo to
Kingdom come. Como brother,
come at once.
The article written by Prof. Tally
on tho now School Law arrived
to lato for publication this week
but will appear in our next issue.
Dcnth of Judge Aloiinilor.
At 4 o'clock ono week ago to
day tho soul of Judgo II. N. Alexander,
of Phenix, passed from this
world to tho world boyond. His
death was sudden and unexpected,
caused by heart failure He was
born in ZancsvilloO., Oct 24th 1832
being 02 j'cars of ago at tho timo
of his death. He camo to tho Pacific
coast in 1851 and located at San
Francisco. From that timo ho
lived in various parts of California
until 180 1 whon ho came to Arizona
and located at Yuma, whero
ho acted as master of transportation
for tho government in Arizona
during wartimes. In 1883 ho locat
ed at Phonix whoro ho lias resided
over sinco as a succssful lawyor.
The deceased leaves a wife, threo
sons and two daughters. J. L. u.
Aloxandor, clerk of the supremo
court, is ono of tho sons, and Mrs.
A. C. Bake, wife of tho chief
is his daughter.
Santa Fe Prescott & Plioenix
Tiine Table ISo. 11.
In Effect June 13, 1803.
Mountain Time Is Standard Used.
No 31 No. 3 STITIOV8. No. 1 No 32
c..;ou 315p lvd....Ash rork....ar 1245p 740p
7.30 4 05 ..Rock liutte 11 53 G40
800 128 ... Cedar Olade 11 30 0 10
8 40 4 55 Del Ulo.. 11 00 530
9 20 5 10 Jerome Junction. 10 40 5 10
10 35 C 00 . 9 55 4 00
11 00 6 10 : ft. .l'rcscott 9 41 3 10
11 S3 6 38 iron springs.. 9 17 2 40
1235p 7 23 8 30 1 25
ft d Skull Valley
1 w 7 45 8 10 100l
1 20 8 02 . Klrtianu . . 7 50 12 40
1 50 825 ..Grand View . . 7 28 12 15
2 08 8 40 . . Hlllsldo. 7 10 11 55
2 33 9 00 Cottonwood fi 15 11 30
2 82 9 15 ...Martinez. 6 30 11 10
3 CO 935 . Congress . 0 15 10 50
3-17 ') 50 Harnua Hula. . 5 55 10 10
4 15 10 15 ...Wkkeubury 5 30 9 40
4 45 1010 Vulture 5 05 9 10
5 03 10 55 Hot Springs Junction 4 50 8 50
5 30 11 20 . lieardslcv.. 4 22 8 18
5 50 11 40 . Marinette . . 4 05 755
COO 11 47 . I'corla. 3 57 7 45
G15 11 55 . Olendalo. 3 17 7 23
G80 12 05a .Alhambra. 3 35 7 00
C50p 12 20 phenix. . lv 3 20a I 6 45
In the District Court. Second Judicial District.
Territory of Arizona, in and for tho County of
MILLARD F. McllRIDE, Plaintiff.
William M. Hurst, John W. Wiley. August
Kiehne. Emcllne Putnam, Metropolitan National
liankofKansas City Missouri, Fish and Keck
Company of Kansas City Missouri, and Henry
Kollar, to partners doing business under tho
firm name of Hurst, Black, Kiehne and Wiley
Action brought In tho District Court of the
Second Judicial Dlstridof tho Territory of Arizona
in and for the County of Uraham.
The Territory of Arizona sends greeting to the
abene named Defendants.
You are hereby summoned and required to
appear in an action brought against ou by the
aboc named plalnttll and answer the complaint
filed with tho Clerk of tho above entitled
eourt at Solomom 111c, in the County of Graham,
Territory of Arizona, within ten dij s (exclusive
nf the davof sericcl after tho serleourton on
of this summons if served in this countj. but If
served out ot ine county out wnnin tnis district
then witnin twenty dajs, in all other uses within
thirty days.
You aro hereby notified that if jou fall to appear
and answer the complaint as required Judgment
by default w 111 be taken against j on, as
prayed in said complaint, and cots and
in this behalf expended.
, " , Given under ray hand and tho seal of
the District uourl amxed hereto, at
SEAT.. Solomonvllle, this 20th day of June
' , ' IS'JS. JIUKVV FIL 11. ADAMS, uierk.
Wiley E. Jones, attorney for plalntifl
P. J Jacobson. Q. P. Jacobson.
Attir.wkfcE'a.;Yrr "
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all kinds of
SP&P49 0b
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i. - 'smk.
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1.1 l'USO, TOX.

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