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VOL.-1. NO. 38.
tf gfaardian
Official DirectoryGraEam County
Council Burt Duulap
MoisnTor.E Geo. Skinner, Joseph Fish.
Henry 11111. Chairman, Clifton
F. W. Hays, Member, Fort Grant.
A. 11. Ilonnctt, Member, Safford.
II. L. Smith, Clerk, SolomonUUc.
A. Wight, Solomomllle
Recorder Manuel Leon, Solomonvllle.
Treasurer Frank Dysart, Solomonvllle.
District Clerk U. B. Adams, Solomonvllle
Dist. AttY. Wiley E. Jones, SolomonUllo
Probate Jodoe Geo. Cluff, Solomonvllle.
Surveyor Samuel I.ogan, Solomomlllo.
Assessor redro Mlchelena. Solomonvllle.
6. Y. 6. & N. RAILROAD,
Taklrns effect Mondaj , Nov. Hh, at 1.00 p. m.
No. 1.
9 O0..a.m .Lv ..Fort Thomas ?.. .Ar.7 15. pm
3 33..a.m..liY i.Mathowsvlllo J....LV.6 42.rm
9 45.. a.m. Ar
...rima J..
,10 0O..a.m..IiV, Ar.G 10. pm
10 10.. am .Lv ....Central! I.v 6 CO.pm
10 20.. am. Lv ...Thatcher t Lv.6 liO.pm
10 St am .Ar . f iBaffi)rd j ...1 Lv 5 35, pm
Ar.5 'Jl.pm
10 44..am..Lv.. I J
11 2S..am..Lv...Kall N Kauch 1 ...Lv.4 32.pm
11 42..am..Lv . .Big Wind Mllll... Lv.4 l.pm
ii SB .a.m. t ...Lv.4 08.pm
12S7..D.m..Lv. Q.V.G.&N.ys. J..Lv.3 18.rm
1 no..i).m..Ar.. . . Bowie J Lv.3 15.pm
Mountain TImo
Trains Nos. 1 and 2 run dally except Sunday,
connecting with Southern Pacific U.K. at Bowie
for all nolnts cast and west, and with La) ton's
stage line at Fort Thomas for San Carlos, Globe
City and Tonto Basin.
Stations hate no agents.
2 Telegraph Stations.
Tho Company reserves the right to vary this
schedule as circumstances may require.
WM. OAKLAND. President.
Arizona and N, M, Railway,
in Time table in
Going gS Going
No. 11
North a " South
Jan. 1. 1893
.3 8
No 2 I No.l
12 00 m tLds'burg! 10 20 am
1 00 pm TSummii 9 20am
2 00 pm A r Duncan 8 20am
2 10 pm Lv Duncan 8 10 am
2 35 pm t Sheld'n 7 45 am
2 48 pm tYorks 7 38 am
3 05 pm t Coronado 7 25am
3 25 pm t Guthrie 7 10 am
3 65 pm tsSldlngf C 45 am
4 00 pm tn bldlngt G 40 am
4 30 pm Ar Cllftont G 15 am
Trains run dally excopt Sunday
Stop on Signal f Leave t Arrh e.
Dr. H. E. Brenner,
T tirenArpri tn make pond false plates from
.-,..,, -- .-. -7 - --- - ,
810 00 up. leem positively tiiirnuieu iviiuuuk
i- pain.
Office Hours 9 to 12 a. m. 2 to 4 p, m.
W. B. Fonaa.
Justice of the Peace,
VMBpeclal attention given to collections
WntAr Tltrhta nnntrht and sold.
Draws deed, coutracts and all kinds of legal
papers. Titles examined and abstracts fur
Barnes & Martin, . -
Law Offices
Wiley E. Jones,
District Attorney,
Practices In all Foderal and Territorial Courts
F. L B. Goodwin,
Attorney at Lair.
Practice In all Federal and Territorial Courts,
M. McCollnm
Attorney at Law.
Practices in U. 8. and Territorial Courts.
H. J.
j JVVttorney at Law.
Office in the Arlaona Copper Co' Building west
sldoottne river.
E. J. Edwards,
Attorney at Law,
Attends the District Court of Graham County
and practices In all tho Courts In Arizona.
William Place,
Attorney at Law.
Notary Public and Conveyancer
B. S. Patterson,
practice in all Court.
John McGowan,
Attorney at Law. Notary Publlo
Graham County, Arizona.
Will practlco In all Federal and Territorial
Dr.;L, E. Wigbtman v
Physician and Surgeon,
CjJS answered promptly day and night,
7,n fain Street,
wman.jix .n . v3
Items of Local Interest Gathered by
Reporters on their Rounds.
llreezy Little Notes of General Interest
Picked up Hero nnd There.
Advertise in the Guardian.
Jrts. T. Owens is building an ad-
diton to his store.
Blank promisory notes for salo
at tho Guardian office.
Blucstono at tho Safford Drug
Store. .
J. T. Owens has received a lot
offino cook stoves, and soveral
dozen chairs.
Vork has boon resumed on tho
Jefferson & Smith building, just
cast of tho drug store and thoy expect
to complete it next month.
Those wishing to pay their sub
scription to tho Guardian in wood
can do so, and it will bo
An assessment of 15 per cent,
has been levied on tho capital
stock of the co-op mill, to bo paid
on or beforo Dec. 15th.
Tho Kickors Klub, of
will hold a dance in tho Court
houso on Thanksgiving ovo. Invitations
havo been issued and no
pains or expense will bo spared to
havo an enjoyable time.
After Sunday next tho Safford
meat market will close. Mr. Las-
ator, however, will continue to run
a meet wagon and delivor meat to
his customers each Tuesday and
Dr. Porter roports two now
cases of dipththeria, Miss Laura
Kemp, of Safford, and Willie Hill,
of Thatcher. Both aro doing nice-
Next Sunday morning Eov. F.
W. Downs will preach on "Charity."
In tho evening a special discourse
will bo dolivered on "Christianity
a Failure" All aro invited
to attend.
Violin and Guitar strings at tho
Safford Drug Store.
Twenty new school desks woro
unloaded at tho depot last Saturday,
ton for tho Thatcher district
and ten for tho Matthowsvillo district.
This addition will fill the
now houses in both districts with
good desks.
In another column will bo found
a now advertisement of I. E. Solomon.
Ho advertises for tho largest
assortment of Christmas goods
over displayed in tho valloy. It
will pay you to inspoct Mr. Solomon's
mammoth stock of goods.
A Mr. Mulligan, who has been
omployod in constructing canals at
Eddy, N. M., is encamped in town
with a largo outfit of mules. Wo
havo not learned Mr. Mulligan's
object here, but it is thought ho
intends engaging in hauling coko
from Thomas to Gloho.
Judge Blako has given tho old
adobo building near the Blako &
Co's. grist mill, and in which their
store is located, a hard finish,
blocked it off in squaro blocks and
painted it to resemble brown and
gray stono, It presents a handsome
J. E. Breathitt, special cxaTninor4
lor tho Intorior department, with
headquarters at Tucson, spont several
days in our town this week.
Mr. Breathitt speaks vory highly
of our valloy and expressed great
surprise whon informed of its wonderful
Faints, oils and brushes at tho
Safford Drug Store.
Tho Eopublicans already announce
that with a two-thirds majority
in tho lower houso of Congress
thoy will do nothing on financial
legislation or any other
important measure. This puerial
course will strengthen the ranks of
tho trco silver mon of this country.
Mr. Clurson, ofEoswoll, N. M.
has opened a general harness and
saddlo shop in ono of tho rooms of
the John Blako & Co. storo. Ho is
a thorough workman, and will
manufacture all kinds of harness,
saddles, bridles, etc. Repairing
will also bo done. Anyono desir
ing good reliable harness and sad
dies will do well to call on Mr.
Clurson at hia place of business.
If you want good reliable boots
and shoos go to Zundol & Fullor, at
Thatcher. Thoy havo just recoived
a mammoth stock of tho host quality
of boots and shoes, which thoy
aro selling at pricos for
According to tho -new fraud
ordor issued by Postmaster General
Wilson this week, postmasters
aro requirod to mark as "fraudulent"
all mail sont to lottory companies
to this or any other country
and return such mail to tho sender.
This order forces all lottery agents
to patronizo tho express companies.
r II . - I .mmn..WMHH
The Mathewt School Will Open Noxt Monday
Without n Lawsuit.
School district No. 15,
has for tho past three months
been in hot wator over tho location
of their school houso. It seems
that in last August tho people in
this end of Matthowsvillo commenced
erecting a now school
house. Ever sinco tho organization
of tho district was hold in tho
old houso about a milo bolow tho
present ono. When tho moveraont
was inaguarated to build tho now
houso, tho people of tho lower part
of tho district objected to its location,
but tho people in this end
wont ahead and built tho house on
donation, thinking thoy could deed
it to tho district and it would
school property. After tho
houso was completed two of tho
trustees A. O. Lamorcaux and
Lohi Larson had tho furniture removed
from tho old to tho now
building S. F. Matthews boing
the third momber of tho board, and
living in tho lower part of tho district
objected to tho location, and
when ho found tho furniture had
been moved and that school was to
bo opened on tho 4th of November,
ho went to Solomonvillo to ascertain
what stops to pursue to pro-vent
tho opening of school in tho
now building. Ho discovered that
tho law for locating school buildings
had not been followed and he
obtained an injunction restraining
tho other members of tho board
from opening school, and tho case
sot for last Saturday.
Accordingly all parties concerned
woro on hand last Saturday at
Solomonvillo and wo aro informed
by A. O. Lamoraux, that by tho
assistance of District Attorney
Jones tho thing was fixed up satisfactory,
tho injunction dismissed
by Lamoreaux and Larson paying
tho costs and tho following compromise
effected: School is to bo
held in the now houso for tho first
three months of tho present year
and in tho old houso tho other
three months, and noxt year tho
people will work in harmony for
a division of tho district as it is
now several miles squaro. School
will open in tho new building next
Monday morning, and it is to bo
hoped that another such a squabble
will be avoided as it is a drawback
to tho district and to tho people
in general.
Safford Improvement and Social Olub.
Quito a number of persons who
aro interested in the Improvement
of Safford, mot at tho residenso of
Mrs. Sullivans on Tuesday night
lor tho purpose of offocting a permanent
organization. Many interesting
talks on tho subject was
listened to and tho club with tho
following officers was organized:
President E. D. Tuttlo, Vice-President,
Mrs. Sullivan, Secretary, Ii-S.
Patterson. There will bo an.
other meeting in tho Grammar
school houso noxt Tuesday evening
at soven o'clock. All those
who are intorcsted in tho improvement
of our town should attond
tho meeting and become members of
tho Safford Improvement and
Social Club.
Cat Prices In Tooth Pulling, Only
Cents per Tooth.
r. m. i!i. Jbrennor, tne popular
ontist of tho Gila valley, will ox-
tract tooth at his offico, located in
Safford, for 25 cents per tooth and
if any person has not the money,
credit will bo given thorn for same.
Ho has cut all dental work to tho
lowest price. 11-22 2t
I havo opened a night school in
tho primary school houso, in which
tho branches of Elocution, U. S.
History, Civil Government and
Arithmetic aro taught. Sessions
each Monday, Wednesday and
Thursday nights. Torms $1.00 per
month. R. S. Patterson,
Safford, Ariz.
Fivo acres of land with a good
young orchard and vineyard. A
brick houso, with four rooms, good
well of wator, collar, stables, and
all other necossary out houses.
Also a farm of 14 acres, 10 acres or
morg in alfalfa. For particulars
and torms apply to
W. A. Bennett, Sffaord.
Do You AVuut Your Own Wheat Ground.
If you will bring 1200 pounds or
more I will grind it for 18 conts
per 100 pounds. Will give bost
patent roller flour xxxx and xxx,
also all tho bran and Bhorts. No
dooking. I. F. Campbell
Houso and lot for salo in Thatcher,
located on Main street. Good
location for either business or
dwelling purposes. Inquire at this
A full lino of Fall and Winter
Millinery goods just recoivod at T.
T. Hunter's.
Finest flavoring extracts at tho
Safford Drug Store.
Elcetrie Car Drops a Hundred
Feet to Murky Waters That
Lay Below.
The Night Was Dark and the Draw llrldge
Open When the; Terriblo DIstaster
At Cleveland, Ohio, a heavy
electric motor car, containing between
twonty and thirty passengers
went through tho draw of the
Central viaduct last Saturday
evening and dropped 100 feet into
tho river below.
It was a horror, tho liko of
which never was seen before.
Tho Central viaduct is a hugh
stilt bridge, 3,000 feet long, mado
of iron. It connects tho Heights
and prosperous rcsidenco sections
on both sides with the business
center of tho city.
Directly over tho river is a draw
bridgo of the pivot, swinging pat-torn,
and this 100 feet above tho
surface of tho water. Tho ill-fated
motor can, with its twenty or
thirty peoplo, approached tho
bridgo just as a vessel was nearing
Tho bridgo attendants had closed
tho big iron gates and were
to swing tho draw.
As is tho rulo, tho car stopped
and tho conductor wont forward to
release a switch in caso tho way
was clear. Ho must havo been
blinded by tho electric lights, for,
although tho gates were closed and
tho draw in motion, tho conductor
raised tho switch handle.
Tho motorman applied the current
and tho car shot forward and
struck the gates with a crash.
Thero was only a moment's
pauso and thon tho heavy car
ground its way through the wreck-ago
and plunged into tho black
abyss amid tho screams and frantic
struggles of the passengers, who at
tho first intimation of danger, rushed
for tho rear door.
Tho car struck tho wator with a
great splash and thcro was silence.
In an mcrediblo short space of
time tho work of rescue begun.
All tho occupants of tho car,
with tho exception of ono, who
managed to jump to tho ground as
it toppled over, went down to certain
Tho car disappeared from sight
as soon as it struck tho water and
overy ono of tho passengers was
drowned. Within fivo minutes after
the accident tho rivor flowed
peacefully on, its surfaco
nothing of tho terriblo
tragedy that lay boneath.
An Enthusiastic Meeting of tho Teachers
of Graham County.
According to program tho
met in tho Academy at Thatcher
at 10 o'clock Wednesday morning,
and was opened by tho
Thatcher choir and prayer by
Bishop Samuel Claridgo. All the
teachers woro not present at the
opening, but asido from tho teach-ors
thcro was a largo number of
peoplo in tho houso anxious to ascertain
tho progress being made in
our public schools.
After tho organization and election
of Hifs Harriet Gillispia as
secretary, Governor Hughes, Mrs.
Hughes, and Supt. Netherton made
brief addresses. Before the noon
adjournment committees on school
laws and resolutions wero appointed,
tho report of which will appear
in our noxt issue.
In tho afternoon tho teachers got
down to work and tho pre-arranged
program was carried out from then
until tho timo of our going to
pross. Besides tho regular school
work literary oxcrcises wero indulged
in, so that altogether tho
instituto is not only very instructive
but also entertaining. Gra
ham county can woll bo proud of
corps of teachers, as they aro all
earnest workors and present an
appearance of intelligence that is
rarely met with.
Great praise is due Supt. Cluff
and his committeo for tho work
thoy havo dono in arranging and
decorating so tastily, and in making
tho instituto such a success.
So much iuthusiasm was displayed
that at tho ovening session tho
houso was not moro half largo
Tho singing furnished by tho
Thatcher choir was greatly appreciated
by tho teachers, and in fact
by all in attendance.
Wo want a limited number of
good teams to haul coko to Globe
Will pay 50 conts cash and 25 conts
for copper back. Hay 50 cts.
barley S1.25, all supplies at living
Alexander Bros.
Fort Thomas.
Governor and Mrs. Hughes and Superin
tendent Netherton Rreakfust at Safford.
Tuesday night's train brought to
our valloy Gov. and Mrs. Hughes
and Superintendent Netherton,
who will be present at the Instituto
at Thatcher. Quito an oxtonsivo
program was proparcd for their entertainment
which in substance is
as follows: On Tuesday night,
upon arriving at Thatcher, the
party was mot by a delegation and
escorted to Mrs. Moody's where
supper was had. Wednesday morning
tho party including tho Gov.
and Mrs. Hughes, Supt. Netherton,
Pres. C. Layton and wife, Supt.
Cluff, W. D. Johnson and Thomas
E. Williams drove to Safford. Tho
visitors wore met by a committeo
and escorted to tho rcsidenco of
Mrs. Sullivan whore after spending
about half an hour in tho parlor in
social conversation, breakfast was
announced. Tho Governor's party
and tho committeo from Safford,
amounting to 10 in all repaired to
tho dining room, Mrs. Sullivan
presiding. Those in attendanco
upon tho table wero Mrs. W. D.
French, Mrs. Potor Anderson, Mrs.
Dortha Rollins and Miss Lizzie
Perkins. After tho breakfast,
which lasted about an hour, tho
party visited the Guardian offico
and from thero was driven around
Safford. At 10:30 they returned to
Thatcher to attend tho days exercises
at tho instituto in tho Academy
building. In tho afternoon,
after adjournment, tho party was
taken to Pima. Here thoy
wero again met by a number of
representative citizons and escorted
to tho mooting house, where tho
Governor mado an interesting address
of about 30 minutes. From
the meeting house tho party proceeded
to tho residence of Mr.
Hyrum Wecch, where supper was
served, after which thoy returned
to Thatcher.
When the party entered tho
Academy thoy wero greeted by a
houso full of people eager to hear
tho visitors speak. After the opening
chorus and prayer Judge Cluff
introduced Supt. Netherton who
delivered a stirring and patriotic
address, containing numerous statistics
on school affairs. Ho demonstrated
the fact that the average
salary paid to teachers is very low.
Ho urged the segregation of School
Superintendent from that of
Judge, bringing forth facts to
sustain his position. In alluding
to tho now apportionment law ho
said ho was sure it was tho correct
system, and mado comparisons in
a clear logical way to carry out
his ideas. Before closing ho paid
a high tribute to tho integrity, intelligence
and faithfulness of our
teachois. His whole address was
a masterly effort in the causo of
education and was greatly appreciated
by his hearers.
Gov. Hughes was next introduced.
Ho alluded with much feeling, to
tho wounderful development of
Graham county, in every ono of
her industries, tho high moral
character and steadfastness of her
people and tho wonderful richness
of her mineral and agricultural
lands. He dwelt briefly on territorial
affairs in general, and
laws passed by tho last legislature
and to those which found their
birth in Graham county in particular.
His remarks from beginning
to end woro listened to with tho
utmost attention, and tho audience
showed cleary that they woro deeply
interested in his address, which
was highly instructive and beneficial.
Itlo Grande) Rio Grande!
Don't forget tho frontier drama
to be presented by tho Safford
Dramatic Co. in tho Academy hall
at Thatcher to night.
Tho grand jury of Gila county
has somo original ideas. Tho
grand jury of that county claim
that tho tax levy for tho Territorial
Normal school, tho Territorial University
and tho Territorial Reform
school is an illegal tax so far as
that county is concerned, for tho
reason that tho county is in debt
above 4 per cent of tho valuo of
tho taxable property. This will
probably crcato another muddlo in
territorial financial affairs.
Mrs. DoVoo, who is traveling
through tho United States lectur
ing on woman suffcrago and effecting
organizations at tho oxpense
of the national committee, will ar-
rivo in Graham county in about
two weeks and dolivcr a lccluro in
tho Academy at Thatcher.
Miko Ohl, of San Carlos, was in
town Wednesday.
1000 teams wanted to haul coke
from Fort Thomas to tho town of
Globe, Ariz., and coppor back
from Globo to Fort Thomas.
Gila Valley, Globo & Northern Ry,
Co., By Wm. Garland, Prest.
tf. Bowie Station Ariz.
A Thrilling Duel on the Boundary
Wealthy Cattlemen Fight With Spanish
The Latter Then Stabbed In the Hack by
One of the 1'ormer's
Prompted the Meeting.
At a lonely spot on the lino between
Mexico and tho United
States, seven miles below Bisbee,
two cattlemen, who count their
money by tho hundreds of thousands,
and, until a recent dato old-
time friends, fought a duel. Ono
is dying, tho other seriously if not
fatally, wouhded.
Fred Romero, ono of the best-known
cattlemen in Sonora, and
who has immense hoards grazing
upon tho plains of Arizona, became
jealous of his old-time friend
and late partner in the cattle business,
Jim Montague, who, ho
though, had alicnted his wife's
and challenged him to a
duel, to be fought on the boundary
lino at an early hour, last week.
Montaguo is a nativo of California,
and is considered ono of tho bravest
men in these parts, consequently
ho immediately accepted Romero's
challenge. The seconds were
chosen, the toss mado for tho weapons,
and Romero won and chose
tho Spanish dagger.
When tho sun peeped over tho
mountains at 0 o'clock the two lato
partners, whose business in the
lino was at ono timo tho most
oxtonsivo in Arizona and Sonora,
faced each other and stood with
daggers uplifted, ready to begin
tho battlo for life or death. G.
Galmatti, foreman of Montague's
ranch, and a bosom friend of both
parties, fired tho gun, the signal
when tho fray should begin. Quick
as lightning, and true to his native
custom, Romero bounded in tho
air and mado a fearful thrust for
Montague, which was neatly parried.
Both sparred and fell back,
looking for an opening.
Finally Montague cut Romero
through tho groin, Romero staggered
and almost fell. Blood flow
ed freely from his wound and dyed
tho sou which marks tho boundary
lino a crimson hue. At this timo
tho second interferred, but while
Montague's back was turned and ho
was being rushed away to his horse
which was picketed in tho chaparral
close by, an employee of
Romeroo's rushed upon Montaguo
and stabbed him in tho back,
wounding him fatally.
Tho small colony of American
are at this timo scouring
the country for tho cowardly
scoundrel, ,and, if captured, tho
fato of tho rapist at Tylor, Tex.,
will not bo a marker to tho Indian
torture that they say tho will mote
out to him.
School Electors Meeting y
Last Saturday ovening a meeting
of tho electors of tho Safford and
Layton School Districts, Nos. 1
and 14, was held in the Layton
meotine houso for tho purpose of
hearing suggestions on tho movement
now being agitated as to the
advisability of consolidating tho
two districts, buying a plot of
ground and erecting thereon a two
story brick school houso and organizing
a thoroughly graded
school system. Quite a number of
representatives wero present from
each district and many able talks
on the question wero mado. Superintendent
Cluff mado un interesting
talk on the subject and
showed the advantages of graded
schools in our midst. Thero seems
to bo littlo opposition to tho movement,
and those who do not understand
the matter thoroughly
should attend tho next meeting,
which will bo held at the same
place, on Saturday ovening, Nov.
30th. John J. Birdno and Harry
B. Fox wero elected chairman and
secretary respectively. A. H. Bennett
and R. A. Smith, of Layton;
T. T. Hunter and E. D. Tuttlo, of
Safford and Superintendent Cluff
wero appointed to find a snitablo
tract of land, tho cost of same and
roport at tho noxt meeting. After
a littlo moro preliminary work the
mooting adjourned.
On tho 16th inst., to tho wifo of
C. V. White, of Safford, a 12-pound
On tho 17th inst.. to tho wifo of
George Coombs, of Central, a boy,
Get your flour at J. T. Owen's
for $2.50 per hundred pounds.
Some Unknown Persons Attempt to Enter
the Post Office at this Place Last
Wednesday Ight.
Thcro was an attempt mado to
rob the Safford post-office lasfc
Wednesday night by somo unknown
persons, who woro evidently
familiar with tho surroundings,
as the putty was cut from tho two-out
sido panes of the window in tho
rear of the offico and next to tho
iron safe so as to easily enable the
thieves to open tho clasps on
and raise tho window, thus
making the entranco easy. During
tho day, postmaster Hunter
had taken in an unusually largo
amount of cash, which, of course,
was put in the safe for tho night,
Tho amount being largo, and
being at hand for his quarterly
remittance to tho department at-Washington,
Mr. Hunter did not
sleep well and during the night-,
imagined ho heard a peculiar noiso
about tho houso. Thinking it was
only tho wind ho paid no attention
to it. About 2:30, feeling rather
uncomfortable from some cause or
other, he arose and built a a fire in
tho stovo, this act is supposed to
have frightened tho thieves away.
Mr. Iluntcr now has a
shot-gun loaded with bullets
and says that if the parties return
thoy vill receive a warm reception.
The Montana Supreme Court Decides (
Caso InvoU lug the Apex of a Mine.
A special to tho Tribune from
Helena Mont., says: Tho
handed down a decision last
week in a mining case in which
Hon. W. A. Clark, chairman of tho
National Bimetallic committee, was
dofendant. The decision of tho
third judicial district couit in Butte
was affirmcd,which was against
Clark, compelling him to pay $40,-000.
Tho decision decides tho
ownership of a vein which dips under
an adjoining claim. Tho Niag
ara and mack Rock claims adirN
cd, running east and west, ihiioTF $
racr on tho south. Tho apox of
tho vein in controversy passed
through the west end line of
Rock and crossed tho common
sido lino westerly from the
east end lino of tho Black Rock
and continues across tho Niagara,
passing out of tho east end line-thereof.
Tho vein dipped to tho
south. Tho Black Rock extracted
ore from that vein on Jho dip at appoint
under tho apox which was on
tho Niagara and south of a perpendicular
plane sunk into tho earth
at tho common sido lino. Tho
lower court decided that tho Niagara
people were entitled to an ore
accrunting against tho Black Rock,
for ore taken from tho dip of tho
vein under tho apox, which was
on the Niagara ground and east of
tho point where tho apox passed
wholly within the Niagara premises.
"'Tis 10 p. m. the maid oxclaimcd
"Rllf IIOAlnOa At A If TrtHAWAi
Ho didn't seem to understand
That p. m. meant pleaso
Truth. ,
Littlo Willie's goat on cans
And bricks and nails would sup,
Found a campaign promise onco
And had to give it up.
Washington Star.
How pleasant it is in tho morning
To notice the frost on your
To sleepily gaze at tho ceiling
And find all tho flics froze to
One Year in the Pen.
Isabello Washington, colored,
who, it will bo remembered, drowned
her illigitimato infant in the
Haydcn canal at Tempo last September
was sentenced to ono year
in tho penitentiary for manslaughter,
last Friday morning by Judgo
Baker at Phenix
This light sentence was given on
account of it being shown that she
was simplo minded and did not
realizo the greatness of her crime.
The reason given by her for murdering
the child was to concealjtrTe
identity of the father. ' y "
Tho committe on school consolidation
will receive proposals for
furnishing land for a site for a new-union
school building, proposed to
bo built for tho Safford and Layton
school districts, should tho people
vote for bonds and consolidation of
said districts.
Proposals must state price per
aero, the number of acres, (not to
exceed fivo) thoy will furnish, and
tho shape, location and description
of said land, and whether a water-right
will go with tho land or noL.
Bids to bo addressed to T. T. Hun- '
ter, Safford. Bids opened at oneV
o'clock p. m. Monday, Nov. 25tb,
at which time bidders are request-1 C'
I ed to bo present. ;
V '
t V
y' .'$&
,.- a'iti, w
f )j.
1IW .

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