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BnUrcd tn tho postofllce 3atTord Ariionu
Second Clan Mall Matter
Address all communications to
The Guardian Publishing Co
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President and Vice President
OCTOBER 11 1912
John 0 Gnngl
Wlllcox Arizona
Irrigation Land and Mining Law a Specialty
Stratton Lynch
Notary Public
Safford Arizona
W V Thorpo
Safford Arizona
Money Loaned on Farm security
Office Safford Drug Co-
Albert T Cotton
Safford Arizona
Thirty flvo years experience in Irrigation En
gineering Land and Mine Surveying
Representing Claimants Deforo tho Land OfllCe
in Land Entries Contests Patenting Mining
Claims Right of Way for Canals Reservoirs and
Other Purposes
Investigation and Kcixrts Made on Mines Reas
Kiilatc Irrigation Reservoirs and Water Iowerl
Roderick Williams
Safford - Arizona
If there is a man in the country
who has the confidence of the vast
majority of the people that man is
Dr Harvey W Wiley former chief
chemist of the U S department of
agriculture For several years he
fought against adulterated food
and he was partially successful be
cause he had succeeded in getting
some laws on his side which enabled
him to do good work providing the
laws were enforced and not handi
capped by executive ordvr
Dr Wiley received the support of
almost every reputable physician in
the country in his fight for pure
food but he found many men in
congress senators and representa
tives who were there to aid in look
ing after the interests of the j
facturers of adulterated foods Thej
maintained the adulterations did not
hurt tho people
Roosevelt and Taft both were
against the interests of the pure
food advocates and they virtually
annuled the law For this reason
Dr Wiley who always has been a
Republican now is opposed to both
of them and he gives his reason
He says
What two men are by environment
least likely to be swayed by special
interests and most likely to be
guided by devotion to public wel
fare Two of the candidates have
already been tried in the presiden
tial chair and we know by exper
ience what may be expected if either
of them resume his former seat on
March 4 1913 Mr Roosevelt by
reason of his attitude towards the
Food and Drug Act abandoned the
consumers of the country to the
rapacity of a few mercenary manu
facturers Under authority of
Congress I had carried on extensive
experiments with my so called poison
squad and found that certain sub
stances viz benzoic compounds
sulfurous compounds and sulphate
of copper blue stone were injuri
ous to health
The law conferred upon me as
chief of the Bureau of Chemistry
the duty of acting as a grand jury
and determining whether foods and
drugs were adulterated or misbrand
ed Instead of appealing from my
decision to the courts as the law
requires the users of these poisons
appealed to President Roosevelt
He not only listened to them but
he abrogated the plain provisions
of the law appointed a board not
contemplated by the law and direc
ted that these predatory interests
might continue their attacks on the
health of the people until this board
unknown to the law should decide
We can safely trust the campaign
for public health to Mr Roosevelt
I cannot believe that to be the prop
er course Mr Taft inherited this
exceedingly bad condition of affairs
from his predecessor and has not
only continued this illegal board
under whose patronage adulterators
are still poisoning the people but
he did worse In the matter of the
adulteration of distilled beverages in
which Roosevelt upheld the legally
constituted authorities Mr Taft
revised that policy and threw the
mighty weight of the executive of
fice to the support of the worst lot
of adulterators that ever disgraced
a country
Mr Wilson and Mr Marshall by
their strenuous efforts in behalf of
the food laws of their respective
states have given a positive promise
to end such a threatening state of
affairs They will support to the
utmost the officials under the law
who are trying to protect the public
health and will make short shift of
those who have brought about these
present unbearable conditions
Wilson and Marshall by their
education and environment are free
from bias in favor of predatory in
terests and are inspired bv ture
patriotic zeal in behalf of public
I support the Democratic nominee
in the full knowledge that many of
the prominent Democrats in con
gress have been in full sympathy
with the paralysis of the Food Law
in behalf of the unholy dollar But
when the Democratic president and
vice president lend the aid of their
their powerful sympathy in behalf
of the public health those oi their
own party not in sympathy with
them will be robbed of their power
for evil If Roosevelt or Taft be
chosen the soldiers of fraud and
adulteration will be impregnably
entrenched for another four years
and benzoates sulfites and adulter
ated alcoholic beverages will have a
new lease of life
I believe also that President Wil
son will renovate the Department
of Agriculture reeking as it has
been for the past twelve years with
scandals and favoritism He will
see to it that the Bureau of Ani
mal Industry will protect the public
health instead of the efforts of the
packers to sell diseased meats un
der the deceptive phrase U S In
spected and Passed Under Presi
dent Wilson no more Pinchots will
be kicked out of the service no
more unspeakable McCabes v ill ex
ercise dictatorial powers There
will be no more cotton leaks and
jungle atrocities no more Everglad
swindles Buccaneering boasting
and buncombe will give place to1
sane efforts for the promotion of
real agriculture and the public
I1U1 iinrilmtM rnt1nl r iifilr
UUlllll KMBWl tOlllttl III aiuun UJi
The Gila Valley Furniture and Hard
ware Storo tf
r i z m
Will You Spend ONE DOLLAR
to Elect Wilson President
How deep is your conviction that this government ought to be in new hands in
clean hands
How much are you in favor of a clean slate from Wilson and Marshall clear down
the line to the very smallest offices in your locality
The Democratic National Committee has every reason to believe that every pro
gressive voter is willing to spend a dollar to elect Wilson and Marshall and their ticket
And that thousands are anxious to contribute to the Wilson Campaign Fund in
amounts of 2 5 10 and 20
To such we make our appeal To such we must look for victory
Time An Important Factor
This is another case where time is money
The enemy have their funds supplied instantly by
the Interests
We have only a few days and contributions to be effec
tive must be received at once
There is no question of the money of the People being
able to defeat the money of the Trusts
Because it is greater even in volume and will be used in
straightforward telling ways
But to be effective it must be received and ucd within
the next few days
Quick action is absolutely necessary Let us have your
contribution or the list you make up from your friends and
co workers today If possible tomorrow sure
How Your Money Will Be Spent
Wood row Wilson our standard bearer has never had
the time or disposition to talk about himself
He has never used spectacular methods to place himself
in the spotlight
His greatest work has been done without ostentation in
the most expeditious dignified manner
The great mass of voters do not know what a really
great man Wilson is They do not know all he has done
They do not understand ell the features of his platform
We must tell them
To educate this great nation of voters especially the
clear thinking Independent Democrats Republicans and
Progressives who choose their leader on his merits means
the expenditure of a vast amount of money
We propose to use your dollars in just this way
judiciously and without a penny frittered away for an un
necessary item
We know you have confidence we will do this thing and
Why the Dollar Counts
In Uils campaign the issues lie between the forces of
Representative Government and Popular Government
In Representative Government only a part of the people
have influence those with no political faith who spend
fortunes in any direction where their own ends are fur
thered for money
In Popular Government all the people have influence
because their executives and legislators do not dare to
thwart the expressed will of the people
Representative Government as ever this year is being
supported by the money of the Interests It is being spent
lavishly to give the voters a wrong Impression of Wilson
Popular Government this year to win must depend on the
truth being told about Wilson We must publish his record
and platform broadcast so that no one can controvert it
Your 81 your 2 your 85 your 10 or 20 will count and
ount to win if spent in this work
Adopt Platform in Accord
with Arizonas Constitu
tion and the State
Following is the state democratic
platform adopted by the party
council this week in Phoenix
In both state and nation the great
democratic party rejoices in a re
cord of achievement in progressive
legislation and administration The
democratic fight for many years
against special privilege in all its
varied forms has at last brounght
national victory within its grasp
Under able leadership it has fought
insolent corporate power until an
awakened people is determined that
the people shall rule rule thru
the democratic party which has
fought the peoples fights won their
victories and earned their confidence
and support
We declare our unqualified and
enthusiastic indorsement of the na
tional democratic platform and its
standard bearers Woodrow Wilson
and Thos R Marshall heartily sub
scribe to their high ideals of Ameri
can patriotism and statesmanship
and pledge the democratic party of
Arizona reflecting the views and
jealous of the rights of the masses
to measure up to that exalted stan
dard The democratic party has
grown strong in the hearts of the
people in corresponding ratio as
bossism Jias been denounced and
the influence in the partys councils
of predatory wealth has been dis
By virtue of statehood Arizonas
progressive democracy as exempli
fied in the constitution of the state
and the faithful interpretation of its
principles into law has assumed a
leading place in the ranks of pro
gressive state Pointing to this
achievement as a notable instance
of progressive democratic triumph
we renew our pledge of allegiance
to the spirit and the letter of the
Constitution and confidently assert
that the assurance of popular gov
ernment provided thereby will final
ly result in driving from public
positions and party prominence the
time serving special interest politi
cals who have long been at once
the bulwark and the bane of practi
cal politics
Regretful tfiat insufficient interest
has thus far been taken by the
voters in the direct primary we
nevertheless reaffirm our belief in
the great principles involved and
pledged ourselves to labor for the
awakening which can only result in
the complete vindiction of the prin
ciple As eternal vigilance is the
price of liberty we call upon all
Head a List For the Fund
RF D State
Endorsed by
genuine democrats to actively par-
ticipate in the primaries to the end
that party government under the
law shall be truly expressive of
progressive democratic sentiment
Upon the purity of the ballot rests
the confidence of the people in gov
ernment and we heartily and with
pride approve the courage and hon
esty of the democratic governor and
the democratic Legislature through
which were enacted advanced laws
aimed to effect this end
In the vast constructive works re
quired by the change from a stand
pat territorial to a progressive state
government the democratic admin
istration has met every requirement
ably and fearlessly carrying out
every platform - pledge fulfilling
every pre election promise and
meeting every need of proper or
ganization and administration of
the affairs between producer and
consumer of the relations between
public service corporations and the
public of the respective rights of
labor and capital and of the general
development of all lines of legiti
mate industry in which the state is
rich beyond compare
We congratulate the democratic
Legislature upon its unexampled
record of remedial legislation direc
ted toward the proper protection of
those who labor and are heavy laden
a record of achievement which de
scribes more eloquently than any
words the attitude of the demo
cratic party in Arizona toward labor
The democratic majority of the
Legislature has wisely submitted
four amendments for adoption
First foremost and most vital in
principle and in effect is the pro
vision for the recall of the judiciary
of which a republican President
insolently compelled the elimination
from Arizonas Progressive Consti
tution as a condition precedent to
statehood No longer under this
tyrannous power we pledge the
party to tsupport the amendment
adopted ny a democratic Legisla
ture in fulfillment of the pledge to
the people replacing this provision
in the Constitution in its original
form and warning the people of the
activities of corporation interests in
the effort to defeat this measure of
popular government call upon all
patriotic citizens of Arizona to rally
to the vindication of the states
courage patriotism and independ
That taxation may be equalized
properly that the rich and power
ful may not longer avoid the pay
ment of their just proportion of the
expense of the government of the
state we favor the adoption of
amendments to the Constitution
giving wider latitude to the powers
of the State Tax Commission
We congratulate the people of
Arizona upon the privilege given
them by our Democratic State Con
stitution of a full and free vote up
on the question of Equal Suffrage
at the next election and while we
favor equal suffrage we recognize
that the question cannot be made a
test of party fealty
We indorse thr splendid service
to the state and the nationof United
States Senators Mark Smith and
Henry F Ashurst and Representa
tive in Congress Carl Hayden and
we particularly commend to the vot
ers of this state the Honorable Carl
Hayden for re election to Congress
and especially indorse the action
taken by our United States Senators
to prevent the confirmation of
Richard E Sloan as Federal Judge
of Arizona
We are in favor of amendments
to the National Reclamation Act
which will provide for extension of
time for the repayment of the cost
of the reclamation projects The
settlers should not be required to
bear the expense of mistakes made
by government officials and we fav
or a thorough investigation of the
expenditures under any project be
fore the cost of the same is finally
determined In keeping with ihe
democratic doctrine of local self
government we demand that the
management and operation of each
reclamation project be turned over
to the water users under it at the
earliest possible moment and dur
ing the period of construction the
water users should be consulted and
their approval obtained before any
contracts are made for the sale of
power or before any change is made
in the methods of distributing wat
er Each reclamation homestead
entryman should be permitted to
receive a patent for the full area
of his entry We pledge our
Senators and Congressman to use
all honorable means to secure the
passage of these necessary changes
in the reclamation law
Sick headache is caused by a dis
ordered stomach Take Chamber
lains Tablets and correct that and
the headaches will disappear For
sale by Safford Drug Co 33 4t
loft me with a fritrhtful couch and
very weak I had spells when 1 could
hardly breathe or speak for 10 to 20
minutes My doctor could not help
mo out i was completely cured by
New Oisesverir
Mrs J E Cox Jollet III
Safford Marble Works
Wo nro mnrblc cuttcra and use Kowlo marble
Wo irunranUu material ami workmanship to
ho of tho bent und prices tho lowest Let us
give you estimates-
We Are Here to Stay
If vou know several Wilson voters or work in a place
where there are Wilson voters take up a subscription from
oil of them
Place your name and the amount of your subscription at
the top of the list and get the others to join you
Mention the name of this paper on your list
Then mail the list and contributions to C R Crane Vico
Chairman Finance Committee Democratic National Com
mittee 900 Michigan Avenue Chicago III
This is the most helpful work you as an individual can
do for clean government next to casting your ballot for
Wilson and Marshall on November 5th
How to Contribute to the Wilson
Campaign Fund
Sign the Coupon in this corner and fill in the amount
you give Then attach your Money to this Coupon and mail
today to the address given on the Coupon
Issue all checks money orders and address all con
tributions to C R Crane Vice Chairman Finance
Committee Democratic National Committee 900 Mich
igan Avenue Chicago III
Then write a letter to this newspaper giving your name
as a contributor and stating your reasons why you believe
Woodrow Wilson should be elected President of the United
States In this wayou will be listed as a WilsTTh con
tributor A Souvenir Receipt handsomely lithographed
well worth framing will be sent to you Your lefter will
help the fight by encouraging your friends
Do everything you can to hold up Wilsons hands in his
clean campaign for the people who do the work and fight
ing of the country
Woodrow Wilson Campaign Fund
To C R CRANE VSca Chairman Flnane Commit
Tho Democratic National CommitU S00 Michigan AventM
Chicago Illinois
As a believer In tho progreMlv Ideals of government repre
sented In the candidacy of Woodrow Wilson for President of the
United States and to the end that he may tnke the office free
handed untrammeled and obligated to none but the people of the
country I wish to contribute through you the sum of
toward the expenses of Gov Wilsons campalcii
Only FIVE men out of every one hundred
who reach the age of 60 have a regular in
come The other 95 are dependent upon
either daily wage or their children for support
Why not start an account with us now and
prepare for old age it knocks at every door
One dollar or more will et you started at 1
THIS Bank add to it as you can
Protect your valuable papers Safety
Deposit Boxes for rent 150 and
200 per year
The Bank of Safford
A Home Institution
D W Wickersham President
I E Solomon Vice President
I R Welker Vice President
E W Clayton Cashier Q
J S Abbott A H Feerin Asst Cashier
l ll Trtl 1ri
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A J Siis
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S as
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Quicks Free Del yer
Phone Orders a Specialty
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Agents for De Laval Cream Separators
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TmimigiEiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiEiim iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinir
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