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pe Kinu ipuy u
Alive Bunch Who Enjoyed
Every Minute of the Time
in Graham County
The El Paso bunch 9f boosters
found in Salford and the Gjla valley
a reception awaiting them when thev
arrived Tuesday night fully up to
every expectation
Fully 2000 people greeted them
headed by the Safford band and a
yelling chorus for El Paso
v At the nark El Pasos militaty
band gave a two hours concert that
jMjwili always uv iemanuccu
- Later Briers Hall was packed
The ladies had decorated the hall so
that it appeared as a flower garden
Dr C C Rickman delivered the ad
dress of welcome and gave the
bunch from El Paso to understand
that as long as they were here they
wei e welcome to everything except
the ocean-to-ocean highway This
they must leave here
The response made by the El
Paso clown Eugene Harris dove
tailed in to a nicety He agreed
to everythingthatDr Rickniansaid
excepting to roast a few newspaper
O w
men who were posing as single
men while they had just left their
wives at home
R VV Smith was tho versatile
toastmaster who jdid the occasion
honor apd kept the crowd amused
Editor Slater of the 21 Paso Her
aid made a splendid talk on the fer
tile soil and sunshine of EJ Paso
followed by Hon- W W Pace tell
fop llG El Pnso crowd lhgt vn have
soil and sunshine in the Uila valley
On the return trip from Globe
apd Miami the trajn Vvas met at
Pima h twanty two autps After
runnillK thpugh Pima and meeting
heicitienB and getting acquainted
the run vvas made up the valley to
At Thatcher the Academy and dis
trict schools were out op parade
with bappers lying tp meet them
rru An oc n WnnlTlnnfT ThflV
broke ranks on Depotstieetnnd the
automobile party pacsd thiough
The party stopped on the Academy
groifnds for a brief time wheie
they viewed splendid ex
hibit of fruits flowers vcgelabUs
hav corn afod live stock
- FVom Thatcher the i yn was made
ueopie again took the IrnlH
figtures werp WH jn every
town and all along the road whieh
will be used in newspapers and
The trip from Pima to Solomon
f means that never again will EIAPao
Hdittto change the
highway from this valley v
Business Men of the County to
Build One Near Safford
That Graham county will have a
a sanitarium that will draw thou
sands of people to our beautiful
eWee for ie s npw assure
M Whole cost wil bg abpyt f gOt
mo Aid the sanitarium wiil be lo
cated just south of Safford in the
hot well district
Most of the money will be made
up in this county and the whole in
stitutipnwill be under the direct
supervision of Ir W J Galbrath
jar Mj9 reaoq that he lnouj uhnt
ur climate will do for the people
of the east apd north
Congressman Hay den and Wley
A popiopratic rally will he held
in Briers half Thufbdny Owtobcr
24th with Representative Carl Hay-
den and Wiley E Jones as the
These two gentlemen are making
n tour of the State speaking
every county v
All are invited
ye Up tR
plrPif iffeafent enhf tiHtf
jdtate It will do you good to lialen
to the proginm he will carry qut
after he is seated in the White House
for the benefit of the people
v Here is a woman who speaks from
iKjrsamu cnowieuge u iuhk wi
nronri there In nothipf
hr Sfaham Staaf Diari I
33 4t
A small pocket book- with some
cf1j in I- wpf fom p
Owner may iecoversnme by calling
at thTGila Valley Bank
You May go to the Fair
for One half the Regular
A special fare for the round trip
to the Arizona State Fair to be held
in Phoenix October 28th to Novem
ber 2d has just been announced by
the Southern Pacific Company find
Arizona Eastern Railroads Ihe
round trip fare for this occasion will
be the same as the one way fare at
oresent This rate is absolutely
unprofitable to the railroads but it
means for the development of the
state nnd the Aailroads are theJ
greatest boosters
The sale dates for -these special
tickets vill be opened on October
27th and will continue until the end
of the month the final return limit
of the tickets being November 4ih
that is the return from Phoenix
must be begun before midnight of
November 4th No stop over privi
leges wjll bo allowed on thesp spec
ial rate tickets
Special low rates will also be
granted from New Mexico points
and as far east as El Paso and from
Los Angeles These lates from
points outside of Arizona will bring
many string within the state and
will undoubtedly do much good to
ward showing the outsideis what
we have in Arizona
Robert S Fisher Addressed a
Good Audience in Safford
R S Fisher the Bull Moose can
didate for congress addressed a
gqod audience ipf Briers hall last
pjght aqd whilp nino tenths of
those presept will yote the Democ
ratic ticket the people of Qraham
county always give every speaker a
respectful hearing
Mr Fisher i a gentleman of high
Ptundintf and te earnest in his bo
liefgfthe only mistake he is making
is that he is mistaken in his beliefs
We believe however that in time
he will see his error and become a
Their Candidate fpr glejegate to
ongres o gpeafc Here
Hop T B- Campbell Republican
nominee for representative to Con
gress is schedueled to address the
people of Graham county tomorrow
Saturday night in Briers hall Saf
Tom is one of the best eljews
liyjng a eogg sheafcef vp ft aP9fi
ifou need not agree with his views
but you will enjoy hearing him talk
Three bodies have been found on
the rarich of
0 P Brown business
of the Mormon colonies
casethfiy werg epiploygd by tjie
Mprroif pjlipjals QnJ pf the
men was identiiied as Jose Hernan
dez Mr Browns ranch foreman at
the Pitichi ranch 12 miles north
east of Colonia Morelos The two
were Mexicans employed on the
Brown ranch They have been mis
sing since 4ugust when they Were
refyift ghaVfeebpteWh by
TFF fl8 aIPg tR fePB W AS
sist ip parlor fpr the ryfugeus rrom
the Chihuahua colonies It is sup
posed that the men were executed
by the rebels because they were em
ployed by the Mormons El Paso
Kvery pioe depicts chuiacter
Character js ltrgplY the rsHqf pp
vifonments Hnvirowmenta ruQ the
result of the business in -which we
are engaged
We live our business
J W Copeland of Dayton Ohio
purchased a bottle of himUorIiju
to attend and listen Upujjh eiruy lornurouywno nau
itratio werjhv1 acDld hnd before thebottle was all
FnP Demdcrhta bsed the boys c6W Viis gone U
1 Umt YfAf lllnt lVnn tn nhv n nvo
tohc te Mrs- PU rftganV of
WirScm qio wvVVvI know fronl
ctierience thftt pnibelflGoUKJ
hcmedyiH fnfhdiwnor toduy other
ft W ft MiaVV
ahJrd ffrulfl o3 4t
Mart Moore of old time freight
ing fame has bought It H Samuels
faim at Solomonville and will make
his home there
One 16 horse power gasoline en
gine and fiist class hiy buhir Will
trade IArhay or will sell on easy
Milwaukee Theo
dore Roosevelt was shot and slight
ly wounded last Monday night a3
he was leaving the Gilpatrick hotel
for the coliseum to make a speech
The vpund was superficial and
the colonel went on to the hall and
began his speech after he had seen
the assassin arrested and taken to
the police statjon
The assassin whose name is John
Schrank is small of stature admit
ted firing the shot and said that
any man looking for a thiid term
ought to be shot In notes found
in the mans pockets at the police
station were statements that the
man had been visited in a dream by
the spirit of William McKinley vvho
had said indicating RoWvelt this
is my murderer avenge my death
Colonel Roosevelts life probably
was saved by a manuscript of his
speech which he delivered tonight
The bullet struck the manuscript
whichVetarded its force as it passed
through into the fleh
The assassin was prevented from
firing a second shot bv Albert H
Martin one of Colonel Roosevelts
two secietaiies Colonel Ron eve t
had just stepped into an automobile
when the assassin pushed his way
throught the crowd to the street
and fired
Martin who was standing in the
car with the colonel leaped to the
mans shoulders and bore him to the
Captain A 0 Girard of Milwau
kee who was on the front seat
jumped almost at the same time
and in an instant the man was over
powered and disarmed
A wild cry of lynch him went
up fom the crowd Colonel Rosse
velt spoke to the people and told
them to spare the assassin The
man was taken into the hotel and
held there until he was removed to
the police station
In spite of the entraties of physi
cians Colonel Roosevelt insisted up
on delivering his address
I wU make thfs speech or die
oiiq pr the other
Colonel Roosevelt completed his
speech at 945 oclock and was taken
to the emergency hospital Six
physicians examined Colonel Roose
velts wound They found it im
possible to determine the depth to
which the bullet had penetrated
and wjis decided to turn tm X ifty
The prisoner told the police after
an hours examination that he was
John Schrank of 370 East Tent St
New York
Harry F Cochems one of the
Wisconsin Progressiva Iqadgrs told
the great crowlj wighh aeni
Itootgvejt hnd been hyt pnd asked
the penplo to bo calm The crowd
was panic stricken by the announce
ment but Colonel Rooslvelt calmed
them by rising and assuring them
that he was not badly injured Then
He began his address Several times
he seemed to be growing wpakantj
him He motioned them tO Sit
Let me alone Im all right
he said
The shooting took place in the
street in front of Hotel Gilpatrigjc
Colonel Roosevelt rMcha
kldrfryaftVrt v4M A
ipg hjs way tough the gjwd that
gtherd afc the SttUion entered an
automobile and wpa driven to the
hotel He took dinner in a private
dining room on the main floor with
the members of the party on his
private car
After dinner Colonel Rossevjejt
went to his room n the huconif floor
u ihe hotel and shortly before 8
lie started for the auditorium His
door ami about i wp a crow1
eyerar hundred perops WHO Were
With the colonel
Roosevelt a young
liochems iir Martin
r 1 ml ll
M i
i i
e par
waitmg to catch ft fflimnso of
oolonel ub he started off
were Phillip
cousin Mr
and Ounthin
tu erowu pressed close
about the colonel nnd gave a cheer
as he appeard As the party reached
terms bankable note accepted same te automobile Colonel Roospels
naWh WfrvViJfl IfolBfc lUf companions styod flsjde qijO gtpp
Mrnnd Mrs C KirsW aie nfe1
ri T1 Trfi 1 Vof PhTM WHVlvll uirwuuy
Htf1MuII ifHg WMiMH him and sat on the further
side of
JO 1KIIH1VW3 mm rneiiuH ivery uuu
in Graham county holds out the hand
Coonel Roosevelt stood wav
oi wccouo tu u jeR hs hat n nRSWer tQ lhc flheortl
Hand picked winter npples fop slo of tho erowd The aaanssln was
fine fruit also wind falls lj cents standing in Uhe crowd a few feet
W D French from the automobile He pushed
his way to the side of the car and
raising his gun fired
Martin caught the flash of the
revolver as the shot was fired and
leaped over the car a second after
the bullet sped on its way Colonel
Roosevelt barely moved as the shot
was fired Before th crowd knew
what had happened Martin who is
six feet tall and a farmer football
player had landed squarely pn the
assassins shoulders apd bore him to
the ground He threw his right
arm about Jhe mans feck with n
death like grip lef t
arm seized the held the
In -another second he had disarmed
Colonel Roosevelt stood calmly
looking on as though nothing had
Martin picked the man up as
though he were a child and carried
him the few feet which separted
them from the car almost to the
side of the colonel
Here he is said Martin look
at him colonel
All this happened within a few
seconds and Colonel Roosevelt stood
gazing rather curiously at the man
who had attempted his life before
the stunned crowed realized what
was going on Then a howl of rage
went up
lynch him
Lynch him kill him cried a
hundred throats The crowd pres
sed in on them and Martin and Cap
tain Gil ard caught with their prison
er in the midst ofa struggling throng
of maddened men It seemed for
the moment that the assassin would
be torn to pieces by the infuriated
crowd and it was Colonel Roosevelt
himself who interfered on behalf of
the man
dont hurt him
He raised his hand and motioned
imperiously to the crowd to fall
back stopgtop he cried v stand
bapkj dont hurt him
Tho crowd- at fiirst wasrnot dis
pofod to hoed his word but at
length fell back and permitted Mar
tin and Captain Girard to cairy the
man into the hotel After a short
struggle the assassin gave up and
was carried without lesistence out
of the i each of the crowd
fAre you hurt colonol a hun
dred voices called opt
fjh po he responded with a
pmilOt Missed me that time I
am not hurt a bit
I think we had better be going
on he said to the other members
of his party or we will be late
No one in the party including
the colonel entertained tt6 htet
P8tiR WBr ihe golqne hwtheen
shot e fglt no shook or pain at
io timo and it was asaumed the
bttilot wont wild As soon as Col
onel Roosevelt had assured himself
that the assissin was safe in the
hands of the police he gave orders
to drive on to the auditorium
They had driven hardly one of tjig
four blocks from the hte tQ the
auditoiTijtt whop John MoQrnth
another pf- Qolopel Roosevelts sec
rptaiipp utteted ft gharp exclama
tion and pointed to the colonels
Look colonej he said there is
a hole in your overcoat
stained wijUj Lqon
Colonel Roosevelt IBoked down
saw the hole then unbnttonod the
1 4
I I L f
pig army oom wiun tiPJwH wuui ihk
and thrust his hahd beneath it
When he withdrew it nis fingers
were stained with bloody
Colonel Roosevelt was not at all
It looks as though had ilpen
hit he said bnt dont think it Is
nytlMK sarious
Dr Scurry Terrill of DallnsTex
Colonel Roosevelts physican who
had entered the autongbije -
foe i hfld gtarUd off inised that
the COlonl rwtum to the hotel
Hq wouldSwt hear of it and the car
was driven to the auditorium
As soon as they reached the liulc
ing Colonel RjoeyeJtwaStakon in
to a djessiNiT room and his outer
garments were removed Dr Ter
rell with help of Dr John Stratton
of Milwuakee and Dr S S Sorreiy
sen of Itacine Wis who wero P
ihpvjdiecqand ape to tho
slPK loin 0ttl rom ie plnt
form made asupeificial examination
of the wound They agreed that it
was impossible to hazard a guess
as to the extent of the colonels
juries and tlpt ho Ghouhfby all
means go at once to a hospital
I will deliver this speech or die
one or the other was Colonel
Roosevelts reply
out on the stage
Despite the protests of his physi
cians the colonel strode out of the
dressing room and to the stage
Several thousand persons packed
into the big building cheered hmdly
as he entered and without a word
to indicate what had happened went
to his seat For several minutes the
crowd no hian of whom suspected
that the colonel bore a bullet in his
body kept up its cheering
Then Mr Cochems stepped to the
front of the platform and put his
hands up There was something in
his manner that had its effect upon
the crowd andthWeerirftrtiiedl
suddenly away
I have something to tell you
said Mr Cochems and I hope you
will receive the news with calmness
His voice shook as he spoke and a
death like stillness settled over the
Colonel Roosevelt hasbeen shot
He is wounded he said in a low
tone but such was the stillness that
everyone heard it
A cry of astonishment and horror
went up from the crowd which was
thrown into confusion in an instant
Mr Cochems turned and looked in
quiringly at the colonel
Tell us are you hurt
Men and women shouted wildly
Some of them rose from their seats
and rushed forward to look more
closely at the colonel
Colonel Roosevelt rose and walked
to the edge pf the platform to quiet
the crowd He raised his hand and
instantly there was silence
Its true he said Then slowly
he unbuttoned his coat and placed
his hand on his breast Those in
the front of the crowd could catch
sight of the bloodstained garment
Im going to ask you to be very
quiet said Colonel Rooeevelt and
please excuse me from making you
a very long speech Ill do the
best I can but you see theres a
bullet in my body But its noth
ing Im not badly hurt
A sigh of relief went Up from the
crowd sto
tumultuous- cheering Thoroughly
reassured by the colonels action
that he was in no serious danger
the people presently settled back
into their seats to hear his speech
Colonel Roosevelt began to speak
in firm voice somewhat lower
than its usual tone and except that
his characteristic gestures were less
emphatic than usual there was
nothing about the man to indicate
his condition After he had been
speaking a few moments however
his voice sank somewhat and he
seemed to stand rather unsteadily
Dr Teirell and Colonel Lyon step
ped up to him and the doator in
sisted that he atop
Im going to finish this speech
said the colonel emphatically Im
all right let me alone Dr Ter
rill and Colonel Lyon sat down
again The colonel continued hie
speech evidently with jpgroasng ef
forts but he suwepdod In making
hjmelf iVeaid and taked for more
than an hour Then he was rushed
to his automobile and flashed thru
the streets to the emergency hos
An examination of the wound
showed that it had bpen made by a
bulletof Ifirpe Bize It entered the
fleshy pait of the right breast half
way between the collar bono and
the lower The physicians found
that thoy knew no more after the
examination than before as to the
location of the bullet and it was de
cided to send for an X ray machine
to determine to what depth the mis
sile had penetrated
After a long cross examination
Colonel Roosevelts assailant talked
The shooting was UlQ result of a
lad plan by Schrenk
Which ohen was frustrated but in
which he finally succeeded according
to his story
The man talked freely after hi
first stubborn refusal o give his
name when he wanrreated by Ser
geant Mouoy at tho QilpMrick hotel
According to his story he former
ly ran a saloon at 370 East Tenth
street between Ave PUPa P and A
ew York City Ho was born in
rdlng Bavaria He is 39 years old
and came to this country with his
parents when he was nine years old
He had been engaged in the sajpn
business as proprietor a em
ployee of Jenb of lys family
ftaJjf all his life until he decided It
was His dusy to kill Colonel Roose
He said he had been personally
acquainted with Roosevelt since Ihe
v I
Continued mi ust page
A concert will be given bv David
Holguin and Prof W W Bond
violinsts assisted by Miss Ella Hey
wood accompanist inBriers Hall
Safford October 23d and sit Thatch
er in the Academy Chapel October
24th David Holguin is too well
known to the people of the Gila val
lev to need an introduction He
has just returned from Belgium
where he studied seven months un
der the worlds greatest master
His talents were praised by this
great master as something wonder
ful Every number that David will
play has been studied under this
great master who expressed himself
to the effect that they were ren
dered to perfection Two very ef
fective numbers will be rendered
for two violins and piano by Prof
Hey wood Master Paul Merrill of
Pima a twelve year old boy will
play a piano sofo showing the peo
ple of the vallev that we can pro
duce more than- one genius xThis
is the last time David Holguin and
Prof Bond will be heard before tak
ing a concert tour through the
The following program will be
rendered both here and at Thatcher
Selection from Gounods Opera
Romeo and Juliet
Prof Bond David Holguin and Miss
Ella Heywood
Violin Solo-
fa Gavotte Gossec
b Berceuse de Jocelyn Godard
David Holguin
Violin Solo
a Menuette No 2 Beethoven
b Menuette Mosart
David Holguin
Piano Solo Danae of the Imps
Master Paul Merrill
Spanische Tune Pablo do Sarsate
David Holoruin
Trio Selection from Verdis Opera
Prof Band David Holguin and Miss
Ella Heywood
Ave Maria Schubert
David Holguin
Schubert Serenade
Arranged by M Elman
David Holguin
Called on to arrest a Mexican in
Morencl who had previously shot an
officer who had tried to arrest him
deputies Sheriffs Huffman and
Cache went to the house where he
had gone fo something to eat last
Monday night
The Mexican attempted to shoot
Cache but Huffman was too quick
and killed the Mexican
Saves J egof Boy
It seemed that my 14 year old
boy would have to lose his leg on
account of an ugly ulcer caused hy
a bad bruise wrote D F Howard
Aquone N C AH remedies and
doctors treatment failed till we
txlfid Bucklens Arnica Salvo
and cured him with onu box
Cures bun9i bolls skirts eruptions
piles 2S cts at Salford Drug Co
Safford Ariz 33 4t
For Caeh Rent
Vov one year 200 acres of land
with 24 shares of water 75 acres in
cultivation more or less part In
alfalfa between Prjrt Thomas and
Indian Hot Springs and one mile of
Spring Station in Graham county
Apply to
J E McNeil
Box 217 Globe Arizona
Most wonderful eyo remedy in
the world J was blind with sqre
eyes for years Am now practically
well Try a bottle if you hayo sore
eyes Tjios SmvtHj Laytrw lVi
Their Standing at the End
of the Thirteenth Week
of the Great Contest
Following is the standing of the
candidates in the great Owens
Guardian Piano Contest at the end
of the fourteenth week t
Eunice Shaffer 4317674
Edna Allen 3505695
Dora Talley 2115550
Zola Webster 2025415
Lulu Piatt v 1736026
Violet Williams 1241220
Jennie Freestone 95560
Sarah vMarvjn -861525
Edna Smith 843390
Alcia Nelson 819500
Eda Alger 736850
Anna Nuttal - 6827085
Laura Follett 679900
Edith Echols 491170
Margaret Castro 373200
Versa Evans 355850
Mary Hubbard 34f200
Gladys Packer j 204000
Carrie Carnes 197350
Laura Fonda 165450
Eda Carter 164750
Stella Holguin 94000
Izabel Monguia
Eliza Aguerre
Mrs A E Welker
They are Little Late But
they Have Nominated
a Full Ticket
The prohibition party of Arizona
will be a little Into in shying their
castor into th political ring but
they will reach the arena just the
Agreement has been reached by -the
prohibitionists on a state ticket
and the required petitions are now
beingcirculated for signatures
The prohibition ticket as it will
appear on the official ballot will be
as follows
Presidential electors are General J
Thomas P Wilson of Tucson J
Stanley Howard of Phoenix Roy E
Sibley of Coppear Creek Pinal
Candidate for congress- O Gib
son of Tombstone
Mr Gibson the prohibition con
gressional candidate has carried the
banner for the prohibitionists in
Arizona for many years and this will
be His fifth race for congress
The name of Gen Thos H WH
son on the prohibition ticket this
year balls attention to the fact that
one of the republicans of this state
has cut loose from his political an
chorage and joined his influences to
the cause of prohibition General
Wilson has been identified with the
republican party in Arizona for 30
years vIn the year 1890 he was the
republican candidate for congress
being defeated by Mark Smith He
was United States attorney In Ari
zona during the latter part of Uie
administration of President Harri
The Socialist picnic atWickersham
Park Sunday was a great success
and was attended by quite a num
ber of people irl spite of the threat
ening weather There was plenty
to eat and everyone had an
abe time After lunchr the people
were treated to several roustajc talks
on Socialism by T C SchaefferrEd
Ralphs and W Smith i
Mfss Eudora Miller of Lay ton
standpoint of one who knew and
cussed the subject in a very admir
able manner
Music by the Safford Band wound
up onef the most enjoyable outings
ever held in the valley
The Socialist Red Special wil
arrive here at 730 Sunday night
with Charles W Smith Socialists
candidate for Congress and Walter
J Millard They will address the
people the Special on the
corner of Tenth and L streets
We have some of the finest bar
gains in real estate ever offeredin
Graham county Just a few of our
Thirty acres almost V in Safford
with 4 room frame house stable for
eight horses harness room wagon
shed hay shed that will hold 175
tons 1 acre orchard 5 acres alfalfa
balance grain land mowing ma
chine rake sulky plow walking
plow spring tooth harroW scraper
fruit tree sprayer all kinds of tools
hay derrick and fork complete 3
shares Union water all for 7100
You cant beat it in any country
In five years it will be city property
and worth five times its present
In the Artesian Belt we have the
best yet
Forty acres patented land 25
acres in alfalfa 12 acres grain land
I rake V mowei 1 sulky plow l
walking plow 1 3j new wagon 1
harrow 1 alfalfa cultivator 4 hand
cultivators 1 low wheeled wagon
and hay rack 1 spring wagon two
seated 1 single horse corn planter
50 turkeys 150 chickens 1 fine Jer
sey milch cow 2 mules weight 1100
each 1 harness 3 room lumber
house and lean to kitchen 3 shares
in Lebanon reservoir 1 four inch
artesian well flowing water enough
f6r 20 acres ahd good reservoir
You can have all of this for 4000
cash if you buy it in four days
Do you kn6w what this weans
Why it is just like finding- it We
have many bargains in real estate
both in Safford and outside property
Iet us show you what we have
We can fit ypu out in any kind of
property you may desire
We have 160 acres near Geronimo
that is a great snap and means a
fortune to some one
Masquerade ball in Briera Hall
Saturday October 19th - 84 2t
D Thompson tho Stafford jeweler
and optician will Jeave for Benson
Saturday wowing where hektwill
rncit drummers from the east and
buy hoirdayand optical goods which
be the best ever seen in Safford

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