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Bradner of Cochise Resigns
Speakership and Linney
Is Chosen
Although the lower house was a
few minutes behind schedule time
both branches of the legislature
were organized and in working con
dition by eleven oclock last Monday
morning In the Senate President
Cuniff called the body to order
pjromjttly to order at ten oclock
Jufare McCollum of Globe made a
brief speech in which he tendered
his resignation as secretary of the
Senate Con P Cronin acted as
secretary Monday morning and was
retajned in that capacity although
npt officially elected to that position
After notifying the governor and
the house of the fact that their
body had perfected its organization
the senate took a recess until two
oclock in the afternoon
The looked for fight between Sam
Bradner and Hartwell Linney for
the Speakership of the Houfg did
nc materialize At 1040 Mr
iradner called the House to order
The roll call showed all members
present expept Mr Cooks Maricopa
who is siok at his home in the Buck
eye country
After prayer by Rev Thornton
Mr Bradner called Captain Kelton
to the Pha Taking a position on
the floor of the House Mr Bradner
declared that for the sake of har
mony In the legislature and the
democratic party he wished to ten
der his resignation His remaiks
were greeted by applause not that
the members were glad he would no
longer be the presiding officer but
because they realized that by taking
this action he had eliminated all
possibility of party strife
VMy rahamoTVochise then
nominated H H Linney of Yavapai
for speaker while Frank Crofoot
placed Khk T Moore in nomina
tion as cue republican cmiuiuiuu
The state wide controversy over
Governor Hunts prison reform sys
tem was given additional fuel Wed
nesday when State Auditor J C
Qallaghan submitted to the gover
nor lis annual report in which lie
bitterly assajled the conduct of the
sjaj nenitentjary1 jiner the honor
yysterfj The report seeks to show
that prison reform practiced under
tlje direction of the governor has
A been ft failure The Ptate auditor
also complains thqt as a member of
the state board of oontrol ho was
pevpr consulted by the governor
concerning appointments The gov
ernor admits he never consulted
Mr Callaghan on appointments be
cause the law does not require that
ynney arid Moore echanpgJ onV
plfmentary yotes wlfh frc ipouTt
that Linney was chosen by a vote of
Mr Linney took w ctwir and
without dolay oajod for nominations
for chief cleik L F Sweeting of
Greenlee county was nominated and
elected unanimously Pete Munch
of Santa Cruz county was unani
mously elected assistant chief clerk
Rrawner of Maijpopa pounfy ya
-again chosen
Qp motion the phair appointed a
committee pf one member from each
county to eottle the quostlon of ad
ditional clerkships
At this juncture a message was
received from Governor Hunt stat
ing that inasmuch as his message
was extremely long and had already
been printed in pamphlet form and
The Jfouse then adjourned untjl
2 o clock
That fie currept apd contingent
xptmaea pf tic Ppsent session of
the lpgjalaturp wijl approximate
i00Q0 was the statement mado in
if report Tuesday morning by the
appropriation committee of the
According to this committee the
sum of 22680 for the actual legis
lative expenses while the salaries of
employees will amount to 16720
The mileage of members will reach
2800 while it is expected the con-
Jhat it will cost approximately ir8H3
-a day tp conduct thp legislature the
approximation haying been piade pp
thP ilWa flf ft Psfr cjw session
With thpjr report the committee
presented Senate BU No 1 which
makes an appropriation of the sum
mentioned for legislative expenses
Roy Scarlett of Lnyton has been
chosen for one of the clerks
he shall In reply to State Auditor
Callaghans criticism of his prison
policies the executive asserts that
Callaghan knows nothing of the
working of the system
Both houses of the legislature
met Tuesday and adjourned in order
f6valoV the standing committees IA
pcjfrtpleij tfieir puJifninary work
nw twwya
The jury wfls empanelled and the
trial of Perfeeto Alday charged
with the murder of Severo Sirrano
was begun yesterday
The indications are that court
will last fully two weeks longer
Judge Shute returned to Globe
The sis wgpk3 old baby girl of
M and Mrs Jodie Blngnam died
Sqnday evening after an Illness of
only a few hours Funeral services
were held Monday at the house and
were conducted by Bishop Welker
Interment was made in the Union
Here is a message of hope anj
good cheer from Mjs p J Martin
Boone Mjh V- who is the mother
of eighteen children Ms- MRUin
was cured of sjomah troubje and
constipation byChamherlaips Tablets
after five year of suffering and
nw recommends these tablets to
the public Sold by Saffood Drug
Go 51 4t
I i ling in i n
t apirt
Deputy Sheriff Frank McBride
who went to Texas on January 7th
to get R E Lee charged with com
pelling H E Smith to kill one of
Marshall Fosters cows and then
I nov Uim 19 101 ynHirnpH Vinma lonf
week without his prisoner
Lee had been arrested by Sheriff
Smith of Banderia county and the
requisition papers were forwarded
to Texas but did not reach there
untl the 18th In the mean time
Lee had been released on a writ of
habeas corpus and had gone ta Ker
rville where he was re arrested on
a fugitive warrant but as no papers
came he had to be released the sec
ond time
After Lee was turned loose he
went to cedar biakes and it was im
possible to again locate him Had
the papeas arrived in time McBride
would have returned with his man
Mr McBride states that Sheriff
Smith of Banderia county gave him
every assistance in his power to
secure his man
Billie Burkes clean cut comedy
success The Moon bin is an
nounced as the attraction At the
Opera House Safford Saturday
February 15
The Moon Girl unfolds a naive
little story coherent and cohesive
it abounds in wholesome situations
which givt ample scope to the his
trionic ability of the players
It is a rolicking piece of theatrical
property with laughter as the key
note Tickets on sale at the Opera
The Moon Girl the merry Billie
Burke farce will be the offering at
Opera House Safford Satutday
February 15 BUHe Burke never
wrote anything funnier than The
Moon Girl there is life and action
throughout the two acts The
Moon Girl takes on speed before
the fiist act is five minutes old and
never slacks up until the curtain
j falls There is plojt and continuity
to tne story tue wnoie entertain
ment was concocted for laughing
purposes with highly successful ie
suits The musieajf interuptions are
majiy and pleasing To those who
like to be amused the comedy should
make a direct appeal To those who
like to see clever men and women
who really can do something the
production is cheerfully recom
Aflthon Jaeobson left in his auto
mobile Saturday accompanied by
iW W Pace his daughter Miss
1 Marie and Miss Dejla QwenSt Mr
Jaeobson apd Mr Pace will attend
the special session of the legislature
The stork visited the home of Mr
and Mrs W V Thorpe last Satur
day leaving a fine baby boy
o c
3 C
rz rT gasayij
iroirew3injMM omauwiirw5waiw
Uii oat Tnr
rtcT rs
Voters of Saff ord for Second
Time Have Determined
To Be Dry
The second local option eleetion
closed in Safford at 6 oclock last
Wednesday evening when the vote
polled said the town must remain
dry The vote stood 79 to 77 two
majority in favor of prohibition
The election went off quietlywith
no arrests nor any particular dis
turbances but each side working
The polls opened early and sev
eral amusing things followed during
the day They closed at 6 in the
evening and the result was announ
ced in less than an hour
One thing that attracted a large
amount of good natured comment
and attention was when twenty
eight women marched from the
Jones Hotel to the polls and de
manded a vote This was refused
them by the board and they left
These ladies had no doubt been mis
led by the opinion of the county at
torney which was written and wrap
ped up in the package of supplies
together with nrintod affidavits for
them to swear in their votes and
which was opened by the election
board The opinion of the county
attorney was that women could vote
and the board bo ruled
This developed opposition and
County Attorney Crosby was sent
for He maintained that the wo
men had a light to vote but the
unanimous opinion of the other at
torneys present was that no one
could vote whose name did not ap
pear on the great register then the
board reversed its first decision and
decided that the name of all voters
must either appear op the regjatr
or thjtlie furnish satisfactory ovi
uuce that he had registered before
a compitent officer Sixteen votes
were sworn in
Some of the ladies felt very much
achieved when they were denied
the nrivelpge pf vpng heir
nainerf veje not on the register and
therefore hadnorjghtto vote Had
they been permitted to do so it
would have made the election illegal
for the purpose of the great register
Is to compel every vote to be cast
This election probably forever
closes the local option question in
afford and it will remain a closed
The Womans Home Missionary
Society of the M E Church South
will meet at the parsonage every
first and third Wednesday of
each month at 230 p m
Preaching Services every second
and fourth Sunday of each month
both morningand night at 1100 a
m and 73Q p m and prayer meqt
Kg efcrV first thirV ahTfifth Sun
day of each month at 730 p m
unday School every Sunday at 23Q
p Cqme qne come ajl
Barker prtiirup
40 tf fastqr
Mr and Mrs Adam Welker re
turned from Miami Saturday where
they had been for Mrs Welkers
health Monday morning as Mrs
Welker was no better they left for
Los Angeles where she will enter a
hospital They were accompanjefi
by their dpughtej jjlrs U Lay-
w iij
Will be frlnd to haye you present
at both Sunday 3chool and Church
nojt Sunday- You will receive a
friendly hand shake
Notice of Warning
Notice is hereby given that here
after any person flooding the streets
of Safford will be arrested and pros
Robt Morris
Street Supei visor
50 4t
Money to Loan
Mpay to lqan on land in the GHa
valley Inquire of H F Roggjb
49 tf
For Sale
One share Montezuma
Apply to W L Nelson
There Is no better medicine made
for colds than Chamberlains Cough
Kemedy it acts on nature s plan
relieves the lungs opens the secre
tions aids expectoration and re
stores the system to a healthy con
dition For sale by Safford Drug
Co 51 4t
Mrs Sally Blake is visiting rela
tives and friends in Globq
Wrs W A Wilson pf Soomon
yjlle wa8 in Afford Wedneday
Liquor Cases in Court Many
Months Finally Cleared
From Docket
After being in several courts for
about one half year the famous
boot legging cases were finally
disposed of Wednesday when a 20
fine on each offense was inposed by
Judge Shute in the Superior Court
on ten cases and the fines were
These cases will readily be recalled
from the fact that two detectives
from Los Angeles collected the evi
dence and caused the arrests to be
made All were first taken before
the Superior Court but dismissed
for want of jurisdiction New war
rants were immediately served and
all the defendants taken before the
justice of the peace at Central
where they were all excepting one
found guilty and fines imposed
ranging from 50 to 200 The
cases were all appealed and later
the case against Ed Branch was
tried in the Superior Court and a
verdict of guilty was returned and
a fine of 300 imposed An appeal
was taken and the other cases post
poned pending the decision of the
Supreme Court
The Los Angeles detectives were
present at each trial with the evi
dence they had collected and al
though the Supreme Court has not
yet handed down a decision in thee
cases they were finally dismissed on
Wednesday through a plea of guilty
and a fine of 20 each
On Wednesday a demurrer to the
indictments charging rout against
Jos H and Newt Hiiiton and the
five MoBuen boys was entered by
Attorneys Stratton and Jacobs The
motion was overruled the next
morning and the defendants plead
not guilty The trial was set for
the 18th
Not at All Anxious to Re
turn to the State of
Arizona Commission of Agri
culture and Horticulture
Order No 3
Since crown gall is common oc
currence in all parts of the country
occuring in practically all nurseries
particularly in the west since this
disease is already pervalent in Ari
zona and since it is impossible by
means of inspection to entirely pre
vent further introduction of the in
fection one per cent is hereby est
ablished as the maximum degree of
infection Jabajjasged by Arizona
Crop Pest Inspectors If morethan
one tree in a hundred of a kind
apple or peach for instance is
plainly infected with crown gall all
of that kind will be rejected and not
released Such other kinds of trees
or plants as may be in the same
shipment but do not show crown
gall infection to exceed one per cent
will be released Every tree or
plant showing crown gall will be dis
carded If the shipment or any
kind of plant or tree comprising
the shipment shows infection in ex
cess of one per centsamples selected
in the presence of the consignee or
some other person if possible will
be submitted to office of the State
Entomologist and the remainder of
the diseased stock held for advices
from the owner as to option specified
in Section 15 Crop Pest Law of 1912
If one per cent or less of the ship
ment or any kind of plant or tree
contained therein is found to show
crown gall infection all diseased
and suspected stock must be burned
as a condition of the issuance of
the release for the balance of the
For the protection of the con
signee trees that are strongly
I iJii jr 11
busptxitu ui uruwii kuii uuecuuu
will be discaided at the time of in
spection but in figuring the percen
tage of trees infected when the
amount is close to one per centnone
but well developed and characteristic
j infections will be counted Rough
jened graft unions should not be
counted as crown gall infections un
less the development of callus at
that point is excessive as illustrated
in Bui 186 Plate VIH fig 2 of the
Bureau of Plant Industry United
Statea Depaitment of Agriculture
When a shipment or any kind of
tree vine or plant in a shipment
shows well defined crown gall infec
tion in execess of one per cent of the
stock such stock will not be reship
ped or destroyed on account of
crown gair insedion bntil samples
have been passed upon by the State
Entomologist or Assistant State
A W Morrill
State Entomologist
Morrisons Home Restaurant
Adjoining Houcks Grocery Saf
Regular boarders 25 per month
Regular meals 35 cents
Special orders served to parties
Meals cooked and served to order
48 4t
That the proposition made by the
Bank of Safford in this space last week
proved a grand success in teaching chil
dren to save their money and do busi
ness in a business way and that The
Guardian is carefully read all the time
is proven by the fact that hundreds of
school children are saving their pennies
and nickles to deposit in the Bank and
that the first deposit on this plan was
2500 from Florence
Yours very truly
A4ni PrirciAn sut crrvr
vj pa - fciii jui
mI VnVuivVnWV
T T Hunter Pioneer and
- Ex soldier Gone to His
Final Rest
On Saturday February 1 1913
Thomas T Hunter died at his home
in Safford at the age of sixty nine
The funeral was held Wednesday
under the auspices of the Masonic
lodge and the body was interred in
the Union cemetery v
Thomas T Hunter was one of
our earliest pioneers having arrived
inWillcox in 1880 where he lived
for several years From there Ke
moved to the Aravaipa canyon and
engaged ih the cattle business
A number of years later he came
to Safford and has resided here ever
since He was elected justice of
the peace several times also a mem
ber of the city council and acted as
postmaster during President Cleve
lands administration
He was also a member of the 13th
Legislature which met in Prescott
He served with distinction and
valor in the Confederate army all
through the rebellion and was a
prominent member of the Confeder
ate Veterans
He was a Mason of high standing
having passed the 32d degree
Mr Hunter was one of the few
old timers who contributed valuable
writings from personal experience
to Arizonas history which was be
gun several years ago by Miss Char
lotte Hall
He leaves a wife and four daught
ers Mrs H L Castle Mrs Alice
Davis Mrs J N Stralton and Miss
Lee Hunter
The town council met in special
session rriday evening January 31
Present Mayor Prina Council
man Ridgway Jaeobson and Schrod
er Clerk Link
Absent Councilman Welker who
entered shortly befpre adjournment
The minutes of the meeting of
January 20th read and approved
The minutes of the meeting of
January 8th were amended to show
demand of SaffordIce and Creamery-
Co for wood purchased by Justice
W B Fonda disallowed
Demands of Eureka Fire Hose
Company for 8500 for hose cart
and of W H Dallas for 3771 for
freight on same allowed and ordered
paid also demand of Jesse Anglin
for 1650 for sprinkling
i On motion of Mr Ridgway sec
onded by Mr Jaeobson it was unan
imously carried that 200 feet more
of fire hose be ordered and the
clerk was instructed to order same
at same price formerly paid also
one 8 tip for hose nozzle was or
dered same being included in the
It was moved and carried that
Mr Schroeder be authorized to have
a small house built for hose cart on
lot 14 block 46 next to Chief
Schroders house
Superintendent C C Mallard of
the Arizona Eastern Railroad ap
peared before the council in regard
to building a new switching track
on the north side of the main line
He presented a blue print and or
dinance to the council who decided
to refer same to the city attorneys
before taking final action on same
although expressing themselves fav
orably as track will be laid on com
pany ground and only four or five
feet of the cars will be projecting
over the street
Nothing further appearing the
council adjourned
There will be a meeting of the
Civic Improvement League this eve
ning Friday at the Chamber of
Commerce Business of importance
to be transacted and all members
are requested to attend
Mrs Annie E Bourne left Mon
day for Tucson
S R McAlexander pays cash for
hay wheat corn and eggs 51 2t
Mrs John F Weber went to Tuc
son yesterday to meet her brothers
Joseph and Charles Qualey
Mrs Alice Davis arrived Tuesday
from Oakland Cal to be present
at the burial of her father T T
Mrs Ruth Anderson returned the
first of the week from Globe where
she had been on a visit to her sister
Mrs Gates
Mrs Calvin Clifford came down
from her home in Clifton last week
and is visiting her parents Mr and
Mrs George Jaeobson
Wra E Stephens has finished
overhauling and tighenting the floor
of the moving picture hall owned by
C S Gilpin The work has added
greatly to the looks and comfort of
the hall
i Vrfrt H -
iff ttai6iatt sfl
owcwna x HHot
3 til
Capital Punishment Necessary
for the Proper Protection
Among the subjects recommended
to the Arizona Legislature by Gov
Hunt is the abolition of capital pun
ishment For the benefit of our law
makers we reproduce an article
written for the New York American
by Walter No Thayer who was
warden of Dannemora penitentiary
for seven years
One of the questions now being
agjtated is whether capital punish
ment shall be abolished and life im
prisonment substituted As I have
had some experience with capital
punishment will you kindly permit
me to state my views
For seven years I was warden of
the State Prison at Dannemora and
during that period there were nine
executions Naturally my Dosition
brought me in contact with the
criminal classes of the professional
type as Dannemora is a orison for
men who have served at least wo
previous terms
Capital punishment is intented
as a deterrent of murder Would
life imprisonment have the same
deterrent effect I dont bfclieve it
would Let me try to Drove it
Michigan has abolished the death
penalty When I was attending the
National Prison Congress at Austin
Texas in 1897 I met General Cham
berlain the warden of the orison at
Jackson Michigan He told me of
a murderer sent to his prison for
life This man deliberately killed a
fellow convict before he had been a
a month in prison Shortly after
ward he killed one of the prison of
ficers As he was serving the high
est penalty known to the law noth
ing could be done to him
Kornell Loth of Schenectady
whose execution took place at Dan
nemora while I was in charge told
me that the husband of the women
whom he had murdered by chop
ping her to pieces with an axe gave
him 20 for the job I remarked
that that was a very low price to
receive for killing a person and he
replied that he would kill any one
f6r10 Washe fit to live
Charles N Davis was executed
during my time at Dannemora for
outraging and killing a six-year-old
girl at Cohoes Will any father or
mother say the punishment was too
I was once talking with a man
who was an ardent advocate of the
abolition of- the death penalty- and
neither was able to convince the
other Later during the conversa
tion I inquired after the health of
his son a fine young man He
answered me that he was well but
in business in a tough part of the
city I asked him if -some tough
should kill his son what punishment
should in his estimation be meted
out to him He replied The law
would never have a chance Id kill
him in court Still he would have
thought life imprisonment sufficient
for the murderer Are we not
prone to deal more leniently with a
man who murders some one elses
child or wife than we would be f it
was our own
I am not of a blood thirsty dis
position but 1 believe laws should
be passed making it a capital offense
to attempt to take the life of a
president governor or mayor
I believe the delay in trial con
viction and execution of a murderer
is encouragement to the criminal
Monday afternoon at half past
two oclock Mrs Ph Frudenthal
entertained at auction bridge at the
Jones Hotel in honor of her sisters
birthday Mrs Freda Mashbir
The afternoon was pleasantly
spent in playing auction bridge at
which Mrs C F Solomon won first
prize a beautiful china plate Miss
Alice Redewell received the special
guest prize a book Rubyat and
Miss Brownlee received second
guestprize a pillow cover
A dainty luncheon of pineapple
salad hot rolls olives deviled eggs
raspberry tarts angel and devil
food cake and cocoa was served
Mrs Mashbir was the recipient
of many beautiful presents
Mrs D T Adams entertained a
number of relatives and friends at
dinner Sunday the occasion being
her twentieth birthday
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lung medicine made Money re
funded if it fails to cure you Do
not hesitate take it at our risk
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