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Wants To Be United States
Attorney General Under
President Wilson
A special from Tucson says Eu
gene S Ives counsel for the South
ern Pacific railroad company is an
avowed candidate for attorney gen
eral of the United States and in
furtherance of hia candidacy recent
yDald a visit to W J Bryan in
kjorida to secure the aid of the
gentleman from Nebraska in his ef
fort to secure that big position
The fact that Ives is a well known
friend and associate of corporate
power and trusts is militating against
him as President Wilson will not
appoint any corporation attornoy to
any important position in his admin
istration The friends of Corpora
tion Attorney Ives have about given
up hope of him landing in Wilsons
The ladies and young people of
thechurch are busy working up an
Experience social which they will
have about the last of this month
It will be interesting
A new bookcase has been placed
in the church Anyone wishing
reading matter can get it at the
church Strangers and all others
are invited to attend our services
Globe has a brand new daily pa
per The Arizona Record edited by
our old friend Jos H Hamill The
Record will carry a full press re
port and give the live mining and
local news The fact that Joe
Hamill is its editor is an assurance
that it will be a live wide awake
Mrs urover ueveianu ana rroi
Thomas Preston were married at
Princton New Jersey February 10
by President Hibben of Princeton
University only a few close friends
and relatives being permitted to be
The Eastern Star lodge wilt give
a masquerade ball on Washingtons
birthday Saturday evening Feb
ruary 22d in Briers Hall Refresh
ments will be served and the very
best music will be in attendance
rftll are invited
Checks and Bank Notes That
Making checks or bank notes that
are capable of speaking is one of
the latest precautions against for
gery that has been invented The
note is given the power of utterance
by applying to its edge a pictorial
record of perforations representing
some prearranged phrase -When
the prepared note is placed in a
phonograph the phrase is reproduced
in the presence of the person who
has questioned the genuiness of the
note From the February Popular
Mechanics Magazine
A Corn Cure
Moisten a small piece of cotton
in strong cider vinegar and place
over corn wearing stocking and shoe
as usual through the day and wrap
ping with cloth at night Jfiit on
fresh cotton and vinegar morning
and night until the corn softens
so it can be pressed out It will not
JSjjreturn Home Department in Na
tional Magizine for February
For Sale
Eggs for hatching from Barred
PlamouthRocks and Indian Runner
Ducks Dave Ridgway 52 tf
A little baby girl arrived at the
home of Mr and Mrs Anglin last
The funeral of S W Lard was
held last Friday and the body in
terred in the Union cemetery
Master Melburn -the little son of
Mr and Mrs Bub Tibbetts has
been quite ill the last week with
la grippe
Miss Alice Redewell who has been
visiting with fyra Charles Solomon
returned tg ier iorne in Phoenix
Wednesday morning
Wilbur Ijams and Mrs E- T
Jjams left for Florida on Monday
Wilbur expects to be ip Washington
On InVyguratjpn Day
Do you know that more rent
danger lurks in a common cold than
In any other of the minor ailments
The safe way la to take Chamber
lains Cough Remedy a thoroughly
reliable preparation and rid your
self of the cold as quickly as possible
This remedy is for sale by Safford
Drug Co - 6l 4t
Mexico City the Scene U S
Warships in Mexican
Dispatches of last Monday sum
marize he revolution in the City of
Mexico as follows
President Francisco I Madero has
resigned or fled thecapital accord
ing to the mostreliable reports
Gen Felix Diazi liberated from
prison yesterday by mutineers ap
pears in absolute control of the city
with the mutineers obeying Ids
every command
Two hundred have been killed and
several hundred injured in the riot
ing since Sunday morning Many
of the dead and wounded are women
and children All has been quiet
The rebels hold the arsenal the
city prison and practically every
point of vantage Gen Mondragon
inventor of the famous Mondragon
cannon commands the mutinous ar
tillerymen subject to the orders of
Diaz -on a hill overlooking the city
Troops suminonedvby Madero from
outside the city have arrived but
have refused to fight the rebels
Gen Blanquets command is one of
Bridges leading out of the city
have been destroyed to prevent the
arrival of reinforcements for Ma
dero in the event that any come
General Bernardo Reyes former
presidential candidate against Ma
dero ex minister of war also re
leased Sunday by the mutineers
was killed in leading an attack
upon the national palace in which
Pr sident Madero commanded those
place of the troops defending the
of who remained loyal The son
General Reyes committed suicide
following the deatli of his father
Gustavo Madero brother of the
president and most hated man in
Mexico is reported a rebel prisoner
Later in the day it was learned
that Madero nna neither tied nor
resigned as he sent the following
to the Mexican consul at El Paso
Early Sunday morning the gar
rison revolted and General Gregorio
Ruiz with about fifty students from
the School of Military Aspirants
and a equadron of the First regi
ment of artillery sought to liberate
the incarcerated revolutionists and
for a short time they were almost
in possession of the National palace
Generall Villar and General Garcia
Pena compelled a surrender and
they are prisoners Upon learning
the situation the president placed
himself at the head of a thousand
men and took charge of the National
palace amongst the spontaneous ap
plause of the public
Before Madero arrived at the
National palace General Bernardo
Reyes at the head of a force of men
demanded the surrender of the
troops guarding the palace but
their only concession was a volley of
shots which resulted in the death of
General Reyes and the capture of
General Gregorio Ruiz who was im
mediately executed
Felix Diaz is in possesion of the
city with three or four hundred
men but various forces of govern
ment troops are arriving and it is
probable that within 24 hours the
government will retake the suburbs
The dead and Wounded are less
than 200 and the president has the
entire confidence of the people and
of the populace and appears in
public without the least fear of any
untoward act on the part of the
general public
President Madero has turned
over the whole of the command of
the army to General Iluerta who is
faithfully performing his duties
A number of United States war
ships and other fighting craft have
been sentto different Mexican pons
to protect American lives and pro
This movement following the dis
patch of several war ships to South
American ports last yeek makes it
appear that ere long lively times
Vriaypceuiyin southern waters
At Safford Only
Dr Schell the well known optician
pf Tucson wil be at Jones Hotel
Safford jn his regular quarterly
Visit on Saturday February 16th
with a complete stock of glares
He will remain thee one day only
Anil on aoeount of lack of time will
be unable to make any other stops
in the valley on this trip If you
need his service call on Saturday
Your monoy back if you dont
like A Bachelors Honeymoon at
t Briers HaUjbff March 13th
10000000 IN ROADS
Associated Board of Super
visors of State Make
Supervisors Merrill and Nelson
went to Phoenix last Sunday to at
tend a meeting of the supervisors of
the State The most important
business to be transacted was the
adoption of the following resolution
which was submitted to the legisla
ture now in session
That it is the sense of this meet
nig that a bond issue of not to ex
ceed ten million dollars be advised
at a rate of not to exceed its pro
rata proportion of its assessed valu
ation that counties that do not wish
to draw that amount be allowed to
draw an amount suitable to its needs
that each county pay interest in the
amount drawn by them that seventy-five
per cent be spent in each
county under the control of the
board of supervisors of each county
and that twenty five per cent be al
lowed to the state engineering de
partment to be spent in said county
or others as may be necessary that
a system of state highways be laid
out from north to south and from
east to west to be selected by the
boards of supervisors and the state
engineer and to constitute a connec
ted system of highways
The concert given by the Safford
band assisted by iMiss Alice Rede
well and others was one of the best
musical events Saffoid has ever had
although not largely attended on
account of the stormy weather
The band was at its best as also
was Miss Redewell who i3 a finished
musician having received her musi
cal education from the best masters
in Europe Miss Redewell rendered
five or six selections on the piano
The others who assisted were the
Lnyton choir Mrs Fred Jacobson
Miss Jessie Birdno and Mr By
Smith accompanied by Miss Mildred
Mr and- Mrs Adam Welker re
turned from Los Angeles last Fri
day Mrs Welker who is very
sick was taken to a hospital but
received no benefit and returned
If you need glasses for weak eyes
headaches nervousness etc call on
Dr Schell the optician of Tucson at
Jones Hotel Safford on Saturday
February 15th one day only This
will be the doctors only stop in the
valley on this trip on account of
lack of time 52 lt
And Their Relations to the Farm
ers and Merchants of the
Great Gila Valley
The manufacturers of BELLE
and NEW BLEND flours the mil
ler the grain receiver the engineer
the office force and all help in and
around the warehouse all these
employes together with every
farmer in the GREAT GILA VAL
LEY are Citizens of this valley and
neighborhood and have the interests
of this country at Heart these men
One and All earn and spend their
money here the Milling Company
spends its money here and they
buy the wheat that make thes flours
they leave the money among the
farmers the farmers in turn leave
the money with the merchants and
we all help boost our valley and
towns in which we live but what
about the merchant that will not
sell the flours produced from the
wheat our farmt rs rase Are they
really caring for you s much or is
it that they an making greater
profiis fiom flours manufactured
elsewhere and are only looking to
their first profits and immediate re
turns to their own pocketbooks
flours are as good as can be made
then why not follow your logical
reasoning and insist that your
chant carry and sell you these
and if you aie anxipus to dp well and
see your country forge ahead
BOOST by insisting on getting
FLOURS which aro direqt products
from what you raise YOUR
In the GILA VALLEY carries and
Boost and Insist
S R McAlexander pays cash for
For the Jury in Pima County
to See They Were Not
After being out five minutes the
jury in the case oi we indicted
Greenlee supervisors late last Tues
day afternoon returned aerdict of
-not guilty County Attorney Horton
of Greenlee county moved that the
remaining indictment of the same
general nature be dismissed
Many citizens of- Greenlee county
testified late M6nday ftf tefnoon and
Tuesday morning indefense of Geo
Webster J H T Cosper and B F
Billingsley former supervisors of
that county who are oti trial in the
Pima county superior court on a
charge of abstracting a road map
from their office and secreting it
Judge Cooper Monday afternoon
overruled the motion of the defense
to dismiss because of the failure of
the proscution to make a case
J B Holeman the contractor who
built the road and who was in the
hack at the time Webster is said to
have thrown away the map testified
that he did not see- him throw it
away rJiiiingsley and Cosper both
testified that they did not see it
thrown away Cosper was sitting
on the second seat with Webster
Holman and Billingsley wjre in the
front seat S F Await who testi
fied that Webster threw away the
map sat in the rear facing back
wards and dangled his legs it was
asserted This drive was taken1 over
the Duncan Clifton road on January
16 1912 for its inspection
There is no corroborative evidence
that Webster threv away the map
The driver of the hack testified that
he saw Await stoop and pick up
something from the road Await
had said that- he picked up the map
when Webster threw it away
All of the men had been looking
at the map and passing it hack and
Await was recalled to the stand
Tuesday and admitted that he had
no particular love for Webster
No motive for the alleged act has
been shown by the prosecution it is
In his argument L Kearney of
Clifton for the defense declared
that Await was trving to get clear
of the law himself by giving the
paper to the grand jury He ad
mitted carrying it in his pocket from
January 16 until the grand jury met
in May
It was brought out by the defense
that a blue print of the map was on
file in the county surveyors office
and that there never had been any
need for the original until County
Attorney E V Horton inauired for
Charles F Solomon recently elec
ted president of the Arizona National
Bank testified as to the good refu
tation of the defendants
There is no animal so mean as
man said A A Worsley of Tucson
in closing for the defense He de
clared that the people of Greenlee
county were not prosecuting these
men which was taken as a reference
to the alleged fact that the Arizona
Copper company and tKe defendants
are political enemies
U A Chalker who is represting
The Sweetest Gill in Dixie was
in town Monday arranging for the
appearance of his attraction at
Briers Hall on next Tuesday tells
an amuhing incident that occurred
whiie he was in Chicago during the
summer He was stopped by an
old Irishman on the street one day
and the followjng conversation
ensued The Iiishman Sure Mr
will ye be afther givlh a poor mon
tin sints to get a bite to ate Mr
Chalker nothing doing today
The Irishman Sure ye look like
Ready Money Mr Chalker
Well Im The Only Son The
Irishman Ah now go tell that to
Officer 666 Mr Chalker
Heres ten cents go and get a
drink The Irishman Bedad
and Ill do that same
Mrs G F Solomon charmingly
entertained at her home Saturday
evening in honor of Miss Alice Red
The evening was pleasantly spent
with music dancing and games the
guests were then invited into the
dining room where a luncheon of
hot tamnles waffers cake and cocoa
was served
Those present wore Misses Alice
FLOUR GRAHAM Redewell Jessie Birdno Josephine
MEAL AND CEREALINE Simon Mildred and Blanche Birdno
factured from your products by the Messrs Johns Houston Larson
Gila Valley Milling Company then Jones and Ferrin
Misses Delia Owens and Marie
Jacobson returned from a short visit
hay wheat corn and eggs 61 2t in Phoenix last Saturday
Has Been in Session Two
Weeks and the End Not
Yet in Sight
After the settlement o the liquor
cases by Judge Shute last week
Judge McAlister resumed the bench
last Saturday
The trial of Perfecto Aldaycharged
with murdering Senero Serriauo
terminated Friday when the jury
returned a verdict of murder in the
second degree Sentence will be
passed next Monday
On Saturday the trial of John
Reynolds John Allen and Houston
Luster for robbery was begun On
Monday the juny found Reynolds
Kuiuy acquitting tne otner two
Reynolds was sentenced to not less
than 5 years in the pententiary yes
On Tuesday the Gardner case
was reset for the 19th
On the same day Bud Neal plead
guilty to selling beer and keeping a
disorderly house and was fined 25
on each count
The trial of Everett brothers be
gan Tuesday and given to the jury
Weaver Brier was fined 25 for
exploding his mouth too loud
The cattle stealing case against
Lester Boyle was begun Wednesday
The whiskey selling cases that it
was generally understood had been
settled for all up to the time of
the trial when Judge Shuteimposed
a fine in each count of 20 on Wed
nesday last was immediatly reopen
ed by information filed by County
Attorney Crosby with Justice Colton
against Tom Wanslee Ed Branch
and A C Alexander The defendants
waived examination and were held
in 50 bond on each count two each
against Branch and Alexander and
one against Wanslee
How frequently in the course of
conversarion relative to the success
of some person or firm you hear
the comment Gee but they are
lucky Should you care to analyze
i the causes of the person or firm
under discussion you would find the
so called luck totally eliminated by
by such qualities as honest methods
reliability and the desire o live and
let live Take for exampe the
theatrical business wherein the suc
cesses and failures are so pronounced
as to be particularly noticeable
Two men are discussing the wonder
ful success of Gilson Bradfield
One says Gee but they are lucky
And in reply receives the statement
of facts from the other man who
happens to know No not lucky
but wise in that they realize that
the public demand honest merit in
all productions not lucky but
square advertisers who fulfill all
promises and thereby have estab
lished -a reputation for reliability
so that to the people who attend
their productions it is not a gamble
but an absolute certainity that they
will obtain value received in the
evenings entertaiment This has
been the secret of the so called luck
of this firm for the past five years
and it is also assured for the pres
ent season because the same hon
esty in advertising the same high
merit in producing the same desire
to give vaiue received has prevailed
as in the past in the production of
that Great Hoyt Theatre success
A Bachelors Honeymoon to be
presented at Briers Hall March 13
The regular meeting of the Cham
be of Commerce was last Tuesday
night As only four or five were
present no meeting was held
Secretary Young handed in his
resignation to take effect at the
next meeting Mr Young has evi
dently tired of faithfully serving a
bunch of business men most of
whom show no interest in the Cham
ber of Commerce except on such
occasions as when they want that
body to back some selfish scheme
B F Thum is in receipt of the
following telegram from Reese M
A non partisan reception and ban
quet will be given in honor of Vice
President elect Marshall at Adams
Hotel Phoenix February 14th to
which all Arizonans are cordially
invited As the number of guests
ia limited to two hundred kindly
ndvise and wire number who will
attend so that reservations will be
E Clayton returned from
Tucson on Tuesday tie had been
in the hospital for nearly two weeks
where an operation was found nec
essary He is getting along all
right now -
Like Phineas Fogg W T
Webb Arrived Day Ahead
of Calendar
When Wilfred T Webb failed to
deliver Arizonas electoral vote at
Washington on time the eastern pa
pers had all kinds of fun with himi
t one failed to describe him as a
Sunburned westerner or some
itning like that And they all fea
tured that breakfast in New York
which was spoiled for Webb by the
neWs that he wjis late
The New York Times of January
29 has tlii following story
Washington January 28 Seated
in front of a bountiful breakfast in
New York this morning exact time
and pace unrevealed was one W
T Webb speciesranchman habitat
Arizona New York had extended
its hospitality theretofore to Mr
Webb and now and then the best
in the house was none too good
Quanity as well as quality figured
in the feast for before the day was
done he had various activities to ac
complish in the metropolis Also
although the sans of Arizona hod
tinted his face almost to a sunset
liue he was a cosmopolite and had
the morning papers served with his
It was this combination how
ever that suddenly look away the
appetite of Mr Webb He was
lifting a forkful of potato to his
mouth and mind you well cooked
potato is a delicacy to an Arizona
ranchman when his eye lighted on
his own name in the paper That
potato never reached deglutition
Mr Webbs mind was suddenly
shifted to this chain of events
When the electors of Arizona
met to cast their votes for the first
time for president and so proudly
added three to the aggregate of
Governor Wilson the electors of the
new state looked around for some
one whowould appreciate the journey
to the national capital Their eyes
fell upon Mr Webb Had he not
worked i nd contributed toward
democratic success He had So
although he did not need the money
involved he was told that he could
be the messenger who would deliver
the states first electoral returns to
Now not being versed in all the
things that go withsuch an errand
Mr Webb went to the highest au
thority in sight the chief justice of
Arizona He received from this
fountain head the information that
it was his duty to be in Washington
by February 1 and deliver his prec
ious papersand not get lost Get
lost Trust Mr Webb for that
He could sleep with one eye open
and his hand was quick with the gun
And starting out two weeks ago
he wandered on a crooked trati lead
ing to Washington and enjoyed him
self at every turn
Coming back to the bountiful
breakfast Mr Webb was thus
confronted in black and white with
the information that he should have
been in Washington last night for
that was the last day for the delivery
of electoral votes His senators had
been raking the west and middle
west with a fine tooth combof tele
grams and had not been able to
find him And because he had been
lost the electoral vote -of Arizona
could not be cast this year at all
Not only that but he was to loose
the 600 odd and was subject to a
fine of 1000 for his tardiness
Suffering snakes or words to
that effect Mr Webb leaped from
the table It was only by splendid
diplomacy that he was recalled to
the little formality of paying his
bill He dashed for the nearest
telegraph office and put a hot mes
sage on the wire telling Senators
Ashurst and Smith thdt he was on
the way On the way he went as
fast as a limited train could carry
At the union station when lie
arrived here his face outrivaled the
best sunset that the Arizona mesa
could afford A large delegation of
newspaper men and a crowd had
gathered to meet him It was the
first time he had been interviewed
in force and he felt worse than an
English nobleman under the same
circumstances However he had
faced hostile guns in his time and
he knew that the best thing to do
was to keep his teeth together and
he did it This gave time for the
Arizona senators to come up and
rescue him and tell him that it was
all right
You see senators are used to
turning back the clock every once
in a while when they want to do
something and this time the clock
had been turned back for Arizona
Officially Mr Webb found that he
had arrived yesterday and the bland
senate functionaries accepted his
precious package and
Territorial Library
Uhr W 11 lW wis -is
To Celebrate the Day on
Which Arizona Was AdS
mitted to Statehood
The Civic League of Safford will
give a banquet and program tonight
in the M E Church Plates are 75
cents each and ladies as welLas the
gentlemen are invited -Following
is the program
Mc Vi - Safford Band
Son Arirona
MU Jessie Birdno
Accompanied by Misi Mildred Birdno
Violin solo - Mr Wardner
AccomDanittl hv Ml mimi
1naf -- Toast mater C W B Link
rtrst Yearof StntninH Tn tu
Selection J Safford Band
i uman u iiace in me uivic league
x --vi- Mrs AJG Smith
A Cleaner Safford p L Gintcr
Saffords Public ScboolsMrs Chas Solomon
Select on Safford Band
Jractical bUffirestion on Beautifyintc our
Yarde and Town Park Byron Smith
Will be presented at Briers Hall
for one night on February 18th by
the Woods Chalker Co Thestory
deals with the romance of a beauti
ful southern girl and it gains inter
est with each act It is a departure
from ordinarylines of comedy drama
in its class and refinement The
company presenting the play is
Woods Chaucers best and has a
reputation for artistic ability and
achievement The story plays upon
ones sympathy but is interspersed
with bright comedy lines and start
ling climaxes whichtaken all to
gether make a good evenings enter
Preaching services everv
dayevening at 730 pm r
Sunday School every Sunday at
1000 a mv
Womans HomV
ciety will meet at the parsonage
every first and third Wednesday of
each month at 230 p m
You willalways find a welcome at
any and all of the services of this
We are journeying unto the
place where the Lord said Iwill
give it you Come then with us
and we will do you goodV Num
10 29
You are invited w
Rev Barker Northrup
49 tf Pastor
Cash For Poultry
Will pay cash for all your poul
try at any time If you have hogs
or beeves for sale see me Lam in
a position to buy them
H C White Safford
Morrisons Home Restaurant
Adjoining Houcks Grocery Saf
Regular boarders 25 per month
Regular meals 35 cents
Special orders served to parties
Meals cooked and served to order
48 4t
Notice of Warning
Notice is hereby given that here
after any person flooding the streets
of Safford will be arrested and pros
Robt Morris
f Street Supervisor
50 4t
For Rent
Four room houses all with water
in them also front and back porches
41 tf B F Foster
For Sale
One share Montezuma water
Apply to W L Nelson 51 2t
This is the season of the year
wlfen mothers feel very much con
cerned over the frequent cold con
tracted by their children and have
abundant reason for it as every cold
weakens the lungs lowers the vital
ity and paves the way for the more
serious diseases that so often follow
Chamberlains Cough Remedy is
famous for its cures and is pleasant
and safe to take For sale by Saf
ford Drug Co 51 4t
I didnt know anything about
the law he said so I got a lawyer
friend to draw me up a set of in
structions He told me I had to be
there by February 1 and I took my
time I went around by way of
Kansas City St Louis Chicago
Detroit and Buffalo to New York
and I wasnt going to leave there
today But it spoiled my appetite
when I saw how badly I was wanted
All theelectoral votes are now in
the hands Of SOnntf ntfioin pgnvaesom
gave him his in the joint session of the two houses
mileage under the date of January on February 12 Mr- Wilson will
27 probably be found to have been
Mr Webb s explanations were elected president
3- IJba Titt QUMfflVV j4W2BiBliXSaaMrc rinW3rMaU
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