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Regular Business Transact
ed and Clean Up Day
The City Council convened in reg
ular session February 17 at the
couucil chamber Present Mayor
Prina Councilmen Jacobson Schrod
er and Ridgway Clerk Link and
Street Supt Robert MSrris Coun
cilman Welker and Marshal Paxton
entered later x
Minutes of special meeting of
JanJunfy 31st were read and ap
George Elledge B F Foster
Wm Kirtland and Wiley Jones ap
peared before the council in regard
to the auto licenses After some
diaauRslon the matter was left to be
decided later
W R Waddill appeared in legard
to complaint made against people
using one of his lots as a dumping
ground thee being a large hole
there made by a brick kiln- Mr
Waddill Stated that he purchased
the lot siniply to stop the brick
kiln work and desired to have same
filled up Council agreed that prop-
tvcould continue to be used
frlotiop made and unanimously
carried that ordinance No 62 grant
ing right of way for a switch to the
Arizona Eastern Kallroad on mn
street be passed o t
Kev C C Rickmap appeared be
fore the council advocating a special
clean up day It was moved and
seconded that the second Saturday
of each month be designated as a
general clean up day
Motion was made and carried that
the copy of the original map of Saf
ford obtained from Pima county be
placed on tile at the county seat
Motion made and unanimously
carried that the cky marshal be in
Dttwtiid tohaVe the propriptpis re
move all paint and other obstruc
tions from the windows of the pool
hall windows
James Thome appeared
the council in lefercnce to his con
tact removing trees on 8thN street
Jjs ppntracf gfice wag ordered paid
and his case ajipn runijer adjise
Thcfpllovringvdo nWpdsnvetevm
sentcd audited and ordered paid
Jas 1 hoi pe contract on 8th street
Geo P Jacobson lumber and sup
plies for streets 8908
L G Rowley work on streets
19 00
D L Rowley work on streets
t tin up
C W B Link Janpary salpry
clerk and collections and teleprahis
j p ogprogucr rupe uuukji yf
town 60 cents
Sam Paxtop cpmmissiop
censes 82660
Euieka Fire Hose Cp painting
chemical engine a per contraot
91000 -
Young Ridgway oil etc for
council 145
W H Dallas hauling trash etc
Cicero Morris wqik on streets
3460 -
Roman Suazo work on the park
JT D Morris repair work 865
pepnet Vright byildjhg jose
houpe 17 BO v
Robert Morri9 wprkon streets
44 25
- - - Sam Jensen work on streets 21
Jim Jensen work on streets
Huie Mori is work on stieets
Roy Farnsworth work on streets
4 80
W T Scarlett work on streets
2 40
Z C Prina work on streets 26
J 4 Harason repairs 5Q cents
Water Gp wntgr for fire plpgs fr
January and for sprinkler bill 15
allowed 883
Bill of water company for work
and fittings tabled until next meet-
The first number of the Arizona
RecoraYpublished at Globe reached
us last Sunday
The new cjaily is certainly
and brim full of live news every
ly n4 ftatoy DgnrB theer rnark
and brands pf jiaving Joe Hammu
for its editor
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for coJb than ChamberWns Cough
Remedy It net on natures plan
relieves the lungs opens the sew-
tionp aids expeptoratlon and v
stored the system to a healthy eon
ditlon For sale by Safford Drug
Co Bl 4t
Rev John M Barnhart pastor of
the M B Church of Globe will
nmnnh In thi Methodist Church
opposite the Olive Hotel Sunday
morning at 1100 oclock All are
cordially invited to attend
VM - Bv - A
4 mflBB
m JF i I I K
1 7
Endorsing the Efforts of the
Officers in Suppressing the
Liquor Traffic
The following res61utions were
passed unanimously by the officers
of the St Joseph Stake assembled
in meeting February 16 1913
Resolved that we the stake
presidency high council and stake
officers of the St Joseph Stake of
the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter
Day Saints in regular monthly meet
ing assembled do as a united body
uphold and sustain the action that
has been previously taken by the
presfdepcy of this staHeJnthefcop
position t6 the liqubr tr afhVthat has
been and now is being carried on
within local option territory of
Graham County and
Resolved That we do uphold the
officers of Graham County in their
endeavor to uphold and enforce the
law and that we commend their ef
forts and are willing to give them
our moral and our financial support
and that we believe that the needful
expenditure of our public funds for
thispurpose is legitimate and pro
per and
Resolved That we do up hold the
maintenance of and perpetuation of
the local option laws witmn our
county and within our state and that
We aesire lurwer iymiuwuw iui no
perfection arid enforcement and
that we especially endoise the
yon McCumber bill that is now
pending in the United btates senate
andthad we commend our senator
Henry F Ashurst for his manly
stand in favor of this measure and
Resolved That we approve of the
Irvine bill that is now pending be
fore the Arizona legislature to en
large the powers of officers in en
laws and ask that
this measure be made a law of our
state and that w6 ask request
hat they do all that they can
to enact laws that will pervent
intrnstate shinments of liauor into
dry territory within our own state
and llj
Mesoved That we feeltbat the
segregation law that allows all
municipalities Jn ourjtate regard
less of theirTsizerto votVseparately
and to act independently on local
option matters is unfair and an un
just piece of legislation which should
be repealed and
ResolvedThat we do not and will
not fellowship any member of our
own chuich who engages in the
illicit traffice of liquor and that we
pledge ou suportto tlie pubjic of
f jciats to prosecute him tq the full
extent of the law
H Larson
r tft
While driying homo from Solo-
monvUle lapt Tuepday C Prina
had a narrow escape in a mix up
with an automobile
He hacHurned out to pass a load
of wood when he was struck by
something that he thought was a
young earthquake but it proved to
berSam Abrahams automobile
When the auto neared the two
yehicles side-by-side the breaks
fajled tg hold apd the machine hjt
botji wagop and buggy Mr Prina
was alrpost thrown through the tqp
and his horse ran for about 200
yards befoie he again gained con
trol of it
The wagon tongue was broken
and one horse was knocked down
w nn vnrv serious damage was
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The most elegant and up todate
line of Millinery has just arrived
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v 1
Mrand Mr Anios Cook of Saty
Lae City nrrtyed Sunday on a
visit to relatives and friends Mrs
Cook is a sister of Mis J R Welker
and this j the fiist visit to Arizona
Mr and Mrs Cook are making quite
an extensive trip having visited
various ploes in California and
from here they go toNew York City
and then return homo
The Layton Choir will sing at the
Baptist Church Sunday night
Cut the old cottonwoods down
and plant new trees We take con
tracts for this work also plowing
and arranging new yarda See By
Smith 39 tf
1 lklr m
mil L iLl I yL I Jill i IhJl iiyi lllllJIua4ioipiMA
Transportation of Liquorfrom
Wet to Dry Territory to
he Prohibited
During the closing days of last
week two bills one in the United
States Senate and one in the House
of Representatives passed the res
pective bt anches of Congress These
bills prohibit the shipment of intoxi
cating liquor from wet to dry ter
ritory imposing a heavy penalty on
those who attempt to ship it and
also upon any common carrier who
knowingly transports from wet to
dry tenitory
Al thesebills need now tobecome
laws is the signature of the Presi
dent Should they receive this and
a bill now pending in the Arizona
legislature which prohibits the
same thing within the State be
comes t a law the wets of Graham
county will have a mighty hard row
to hoe to get a drink
A San Francibco dispatch of Feb
ruary 17th says that Joaauin Miller
the poet of the Sierras died at his
home in the Piedmont foothills
across the bay from San Francisco
last Monday His wife and daught
er Tuanita were with him at the
end He was nearly seventy years
of age at the time of his death
The famous old poet had been in
failing health for the last few years
and several times was reported to
be at deaths door Last week he
had a sinking spell and Thursday
sank into a state of coma He did
not recover consciousness up to the
time of his death
Joaquin Millery was one of tho
charapters in the west His fame
is spiead to the ends of the earth
and his rugged poetry will go down
through time among the classics
Dr Williams director of Relig
ious Education will hold a Sunday
School Institute here February 23 27
We hope you will attend and
celvo the valuable information that
will be given to us through this in
Dr Williams will preach to us
Sunday night He will visit both
departments of the Sunday School
and will conduct the officers and
teachers meeting in the afternoon
The young ladies did y well with
their sale last Saturday In the ex
perience social tat is tQ be held
soqp eacn qne will wive me pnv
Frank Walsh of Phoenix is
Seriously Injured as Ma
chine Hits Rocks
Dashing pilotless along the high
way beside the lake one mile south
of the Roosevelt Dam a touring car
suddenly swerved in its course says
the Arizona Recoid and plunged
over a fifty foot embankment with
Frank Walsh secretary of the Phoe
nix Chamber of Commerce making
a vain attempt to leap to safety as
two companions and the driver rol
led in the dust on the road above
where they jumped itf the nick of
time last Monday
The unconscious Phoenix man
was disentangled from the Wreck
age with an ugly wound on the
head and a broken nose
According to the story of Mr
Walsh whose condition was much
improved after the wounds were
dressed the driver of the livery car
became frightened and lost his head
when the brakes refused to respond
With Mr Walsh were two mov
ing picture men from Los Angeles
who were engaged in filming scenes
of the Roosevelt Dam and the neigh
boring lake
The occupants of the car were
scarcely aware that theie was some
trouble when suddenly the driver
gave a cry and leaped over the side
of the machine into the road Per-
ceiving the delimathe two picture
men chose the same escape as the
chauffer and Mr Walsh was stand
ing in the rear seat about tq follow
when the machine lunged over the
edge of the embankment and into a
pile of rocks below
That the Phoenix man was not
killed is remarkable
The Civic League of Safford will
hold its regular meeting for this
month tonight Friday one week
earlier than the regular meeting
night for the leason that the time
of the officers of the league for the
following week will be occupied by
other important business Every
resident of Safford is coidially in
vited to attend
B F Thum made a trip to Clifton
last week with one of his big Mich
igan cars and left it there in the
possession of Lew Mori is This is
the second car Mr Thum has sold
in the nast few days the fiist
ilege of telling how they made their ing been disposed of in Willcox
money Dont ie surprised if the Thum expects to -dispose of at least
boys and girls call on you for some- one car a week for the next six
thing to do In ojder to make their months
Mrs W T Lightle Worthy Ma
tron of White Mountain Chapter
Oi der of the Eastei n Star who at
tended the session of the Giand
Chapter held in Bisbee on February
13th as a delegate stopped off in
Safford on her return home and is a
guest of Mrs Ruth Anderson
0W Myers an oil and gas man
has been in the valley for seveial
davs from Beaumont Texas with
an eye to business He left for his
home this week but before gomg
made a careful investigation of
conditions here and will probably
return to remain permanently
Three Weeks of Continuous
Grind With the End
not in Sight
Tomorrow ends the third week of
the present jury term of the Superior
Court and unless cases terminate
more rapidly than is anticipated will
probably continue throughout the
coming week
On last Thursday evening the jury
in what is known as the Smith case
wherein the Everett brothers are
charged with compelling Mr Smith
to kill a cow and then held him up
for 2000 the jury returned into
court reporting that they could not
agree The jury was discharged
and the case re set for next Mon
On the same day Chas Brown
who had been indicted for pilfering
Chas Yetts tent in the San Simon
valley was apquitted
In the cattle stealing case against
Lester Boyle the jury returned a
verdict of not guilty oh Friday
On Monday sentence was passed
on Perfecto Alday of notless than
19 years in the penitentiary He
was convicted of second degree mui
der for killing Severo Sirrano
The suit of the Bingham Thresher
Co vs the Webster Milling Co was
begun Monday morning and was
given to the jury Tuesday night
The Threshing Co was represented
by S C Jacobs of Globe and John
McGowan of Safford th6 Milling
Co being leprfesented by Rawlins
Little of Globe On Wednesday
morning the jury returned a verdict
for full amount sued for by the
Thresher Co A motion- for a new
trial was made and thirty days
granted to prepare the pleadings
By agreement between council
the rout case against the Hintons
and McEuens was continued for the
term S O Jacobs is council for
the defense in this case
The Gardner case begun Wednes
day morning with an array of 52
witnesses 39 of whom had been
summoned by Mr Gardner
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Mrs W D French who attended
the annual meeting of the Grand
Chapter O E S held at Bisbee on
the 13th returned the fiist of the
week and reports having had a de
lightful time
Mrs Melviri Monteirth went to
Globe Saturday and will visit for
several weeks with her daughter
Mrs Dave Cheney
jjM 1 ym r -
W iff SIBn
This number begins The Guardians
19th year We have not many sub
scribers who would like to take the
paper 18 years more and pay nothing
for it but we have a few We desire
for the second time to give notice to
all who are as much as two years in
arrears and do not either pay or ar
range for a satisfactory settlement
that your paper will be discontinued
and the account placed with a collec
tion agency which will increase the
cost Payment Must be for March 1st
W irft o uoh iii Aolun oiiT
ilo Mr sniddoq ni ttffMog fcrtaiB h10
Three Presidents of a Re
public in One Day Is
Going Fast Enough
After being ruled by Porfiro Diaz
for more than thirty years the
Mexican republic has had the novel
experience of having three presi
dents in one day which is surely
swift enough to suit even Governor
Hunts progressive ideas
After nine days of terrific fight
ing in the heart of the City of Mex
ico President Madero was arrested
the palace captured and his brother
Gustavo Madero executed bv Felix
Diaz the rebel leader and nephew
6f the exiledpresident
President Madero and his family
are now exiled and cannot return to i
Mexico unless he returns with a
brand new revolution which he
probably will do or have some one
do it for him
President Madero was arrested
by one of his own generals on Tues
day and forced to Yesign and now
he and his family aie exiles As a
result of Madero being deposed
Mexico had three presidents in one
day winding un with General Huer
ta who was in command of the fed
eral troops but who after Maderos
resignation Was proclaimed pi evi
Huerta and the rebel commander
Diaz are said to be in accord with
each other
The banquet given by the Safford
Civic League in the Methodist
chuich last Friday night was a suc
cess from eveiy point of view
Eighty plates were served quite
a number being present from Solo
All the papers read were good
and will assist materially in civic
improvement The singing and musV
im uy tiie umiu was viy uiucu ap
preciated and favorably received
by all piesent
It was decided to organize a la
dies league and a committee was
appointed for the purpose of organ
The women of Safford who are
interested in the beautification of
Safford the advancment of the
children and the general improve
ment of themselves are requested
to meet at the school house on Sat
urday March 1 at 230 promptly
at which time the matter of forming
a Womans Civic Club will be dis
In Union there is strength
The invitation includes YOU
The Committee
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Heie is a message of hope and
good cheer from Mrs C J Martin
Boone Mill Va who is the mother
of eighteen childien Mrs Martin
was cured of stomach trouble and
constipation by Chamberlains Tablets
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now y recommends these tablets to
the public Sold by Saffood Drug
Co 51 4t
Laughs may come and laughs
may go but the laughs produced
by A Bachelors Honeymoon will
go on forever This was a New
York success for Vn consecutive
mnths and Gilson Bradfield are
presenting it here for the fust time
At the Opera House Marcn i
r A 4
1 lt
For Ladies Only
Have you seen those piettyhats
for Ladies Misses and children that
just arrived at
Morris Simon
Old Folks Day has been changed
to March 1st
Chas Solomon came home Friday
fiom an extented business trip to
Tucson returning to thatcity Sun
day accompanied by his little son
Mrs Ernest Westover and daugh
ter Miss Zelma of Gunnison Utah
arrived in Safford Sunday to visit
Mrs Westovers parents Mr and
Mrs Adam Welker
This js thq season of the year
when mothers feel very much con
cei ned over the f requant cold con
tracted by their children and have
abundant reason for it as evpiy cold
wenkens the lunirs lowers tho vital
ity and paves the way for the more
serious diseases that so otten touow
Chambei Iains Cough Remedy is
famous for Us cures and is pleasant
and safe to take For sale by Saf
ford Drug Co 5i 4t
oviama i whoi
nilU Wiillj jm aUMiqf -
fM mmtgz
1 fmsfnH
The Most Severe Punishment
is Deserved by this Kindj f
of a Scoundrel
Fire Chief Schroder is afterv the -scoundrel
who wantonly destroyed
100 feet or the large new fire hosej
last Tuesday and when he is
covered his punishment will be sure
and swift
After the fire boys had used the
hose for practice 100 feet of it had
been laid along the sidewalk in front
of the fire house to dry While it
was there some one cut it in half a s
dozen places some of the slits being
nearly a foot in length completely
ruining about 75 worth of newS
Anyone who will deliberately des-
troy valuable property like that
ought to be tied to a whipping pogt
and given 99 lashes three times a
day for for sixty years
At the home of Mr andiMrs W
L Nelson Friday evening the rela
tives and a few friends of Mrs M
E Nicholson met and gave her ar
genuine surprise The evening was
pleasantly spent with several piano
selections and many interesting and
exciting games At 11 oclock the
guests were invited into the dining
room where the tables were spread
with good things to eat which was
greatly enjoyed At 12 occlock the
guests--departed for their homes
wishing Mrs Nicholson a safe jour-
ney home
Mrs Nicholson who has been vis
iting her sister Mrs Nelson and
her brother W A Bennett for
several months returned to her
home in Farmington N M Satur
Misses Mildred and Blanche Bird
no entertained at their home Wed
nesday evenjng
The time was pleasantly spent in
playing games and dancingwhen
the guests went into the dining
room which was prettily decorated
with violets and lilies
Refreshments of ice cream cake
hatchet cookies and candies were
Those present were Misses Delia
Owens Josephine Simon Jessie
Birdno Ella Bassist Rosa Thorsten
sen and Mrs Anna McCollum and
Messrs Ferrin Houston Kirby
Johns Larson Watson Layton and
Wednesday evening at the con
clusion of the regular meeting of
theEastern Star a delicious lunch of
salad pickles cake and cocoa was
served and a pleasant time was
spent ip social conversation A con
test which consisted of guessing the
names of the different counties of
the state from outlines pinned upon
the wall affordedmuch amusement
There were no successful contestants
The affair was given in honor of the
visiting members Mrs Bauersfeld
of Kansas and Mrs Lightle of
Miss Josephine Simon charmingly
entertained at her home Thursday
evening in honor of Miss Ella Bassist
The evening was most pleasantly
spent in playing games and dancing
The dining room was prettily dec
orated with emblems of St Valen
tine A luncheon of cake and cocoa
tuti frutti marguerites and candy
Those present were Misses Delia
Owens Mildred and Blanche Birdno
Messrs Ferrin Larson Houston
Jpnes and Johns
Tuesday afternoon Mrs W D
French entertained the officers of
the Eastern Star lodge at her home
On Thatcher Drive in honor of Mrs
W T Lightle of Globe The after
noon was pleasantly spent in social
conversation during which a lunch
of brown and white bread sand
wiches salad cold boiled ham cream
puffs pickles coffee was Berved
Dont forget the Masquerade ball
tomorrow night to be given by tho
Eastern Star Good music and a
large crowd are assured and will be
the best dance of the season Re
freshments will be served in the hall
Mr and Mrs Geo H Crosby
entertained a party of friends Wed
nesday in honor of Mr and Mrs
Amo3 Cook of Salt Lake City
Safford school will conyene a
tion of Hommorow forenoon to
render a program commerative of
George Washington
The Valentine ball given by the
Layton choir last Friday night in
Briers hall was a grand success
For a sprain you will find Cham
berlains Liniment excellent It
allays the pain removes the soreness
and soon restores the parts to a
healthy condition 26 and 50 cent
bottles for sale by Safford Drug Co
51 lt
mmifMmmmwmm mjm mtmwmMm

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