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Ij VSenator from Arizona Has a
Wagonload of Opposition
Served with Distinction
The following was published as a
telegram In the Baltimore Sun
Every democratic member of the
Smith family in the Senate will
retire from that body March 4 1915
unless re elected And the demo
cratic end of that famous group of
statesmen comprise about all of it
There is Senator John Walter
Smith of Maryland Senator Hoke
Smith of Georgia Senator Ellison
D Smith of South Carolina nnd
Marcus Aurelius Smith of Arizona
Only William Alden Smith of Mich
igan is a republican
And it happens too that all four
of the democratic Smiths have real
opposition in their states Smith
of Maryland has his Marbury
Smith of South Carolina ha3 his
Blease Smith of Georgia has his
Howell and Smith of Arizona has
aNJolb wagonful of people who are
csirer to take his seat
The case of the Arizonan is inter
esting just as he himself is one of
the most interesting characters in
the Senate His is a new state Its
people never until two years ago
enjoyed public honors They were
merely citizens of a territory dis
franchised except in local affairs
Therefore whfcn Arizona was ad
mitted tostatehood innumerable
party leaders aspired to office Thej
had bad only poor pickings in all
the years gone by and many there
were who were anxious to assume
portant official responsibilities and
incidentally to draw official balaries
But a state having only one con
gressman and two senators does nol
offer a great variety of places for
its ambitious citizens to pick from
Yet the people of Arizona could not
and did not fail to reward Mark
Smith with one of the thiee great
offices in their gift
This reward came as a result of
twenty years of hard fighting foi
statehood Smith had been a dele
gate to Congress from the territory
almost continuously for a decade
As delegate he had no vole but he
had a voice in debate the privilegt
of the House floor and an opportun
ity to reflect the demand of his peo
ple at home for recognition and en
jjlnd Smith voiced this demand li
steon and out He haunted corn-
- mittee rooms he laid siege to the
White House lie importuned House
and Senate leaders he made speech
upon speech he dickered he nego
tiated he maneuvered and he played
politics with republicans when they
were in power quite as persistcntlj
as with democrats when they con
trolled all to advance the cause oi
Btatehuod for Arizona
Finally a little more than two
years ago Congress and the presi
deijtrjTioved to admit Arizona to the
sisrwhood of states With this ac
complished Smith went back home
He was no longer a delegate He
was merely a private citizen who
served a constituency long and suc
But this veteran fighter was nol
to remain in retirement The peo
pie of the new state still needets
jiim in Washington They needeo
his experience in legislation Thev
needed his wide knowledge of pub
lie men and public measures The
needed his resourcefulness and hie
leadership in battles that were to
come involving the great vital in
terests of their state And rcaliz
ing all this they sent him back to the
United States Senate
Jt was necessary that there should
be a long term and a short term foi
the two senators from each of the
new states to prevent the two of
them being elected and re elected
at the same time By a mere chance
Smith drew the short term That
is how it happens that he is not in
the Bame class of the other demo
cratic Smiths of the Senate whose
terms of office expire in two more
Senator Smith was a great friend
of Speaker Reed They were of
different parties but they liked each
other and often talked people and
matters over In one of the manv
Congresses in which Smith served
there were two very talkative Con
gressmen from the same state
These two statesmen were on their
feet with something to say just as
often as they could get there
One day Smith said to Reed
Tom which of those two fellows
Is the biggest bore
There is no difference replied
Reed between them except one is
more general and the other more
Costly Treatment
I was troubled with constipa
tion and indigestion nnd spent hund
reds of dollars for medicine nnd
treatment writes C H Hines of
Whitlow Ark I went ton St
Louis hospital also to a hospital in
NewOrleansbutno cure was effected
On returning home I began taking
Chnmberlains Tablets and worked
right nlong I used them for some
time and am now nil right bold
by nil denlera
The Siege
of the
Seven Suitors
By i
Copyright NIC by Meredith Nlcbolioa
The Riddle of tho Sibyls Leaves
V question as to which Cecilia
I should find In the library
was quickly answered Her
frank smile the enndor of
her eyes confessed a new tlo between
us We vcrc becoming consplrntorB
within the main conspiracy whatever
Its character might be
As to Providence nnd the cook what
luck I nuked
Oh I innunged that very easily I
ran into some friends who were going
abroad for the winter They have a
staff of unusmil servants and were
anxious to keep them together until
their return I promptly engaged them
all nnd they are even now Installed
Well 1 have had an adventure of
my own 1 remarked after expressing
my relief that sho had solved the serv
ant dltllculty with so much case
Three gentlemen representing the
suitors trust now maintaining head
quarters at the Ircscott Arms warned
me solemnly to keep off the grass In
other words I am not to interfere with
their designs ipau the heart of Miss
Cecilia Holllster
She Hung open a fan held It at arms
length ami scrutinized the daffodils
that were traced upon It
So they dared you
So they dared me And 1 took the
Her eyes met mine gravely but be
hind her pretty pout a smile lurked
If I should tell you now It would b
tllrtlng which Is n sin
I had Imagined Mr Ames that sort
of thing came easy to you But if its
sinful of course
Hut you do iot rule me out You
give me n chance
My earnestness caused her manner
to change suddenly Her beautiful
gravity came like a swift falling of
starlit twilight I had never been so
happy as nt this moment Preposterous
as were the circumstances of my pres
ence in the bouse the Juxtaposition of
Cecilia Holllster gave me unalloyed de
l want to serve you now ncrcartcr
and always I added These men
can have no claim upon you greater
than that of any other man who dares
No none whatever she replied
And the mystery the whole story
Is In the little silver book
Sho started flushed nnd then laugh
tcr visited her lips nnd eyes The book
was not in her hands nor in sight nny
wherc hut I felt that I was on the
tight track nnd that the little trinket
had to do with her plight and her com
pact witli her aunt Best of all the
fact that I had chanced upon this clew
gnvo her happiness There was no de
bating that
You had best have a care Mr Ames
You have spoken words that would be
treasonable If they camo from me and
I must uot countenance them
But you will tolerate from me words
that you would not permit another tc
speak Do I go too far
She bent her head to one side with
tho slightest inclination as of a rose
touched by a vagrant wind
If I could only half believe In you
the said you might really serve me
m A
They dard me and I took tho dare
So those gentlemen warned you away I
Their presumption Is certainly astound
They know nothing of tho silver
They know less than you do and
you have a good deal to learn you
I am dull enough but I hnvc no
ambition but to rend the riddle of tho
sibyls leaves That and the laying of
the ghost are my Immediate uiiaIiu ms
As for the gentlemen at the Irescotl
including my old friend Hartley Wig
gins 1 am not in tho leant afraid of
them My baud is raised against them
If its a case of the test of UlyBses over
again Im as likely as any of them to
bond tho bow
y J i V t w
t V t
J f
v - - - AOStoWiKIjJ TMF
I thought this well spoken but she
seo mini u mused though without uu
kindness by the earnestness ot nu
If your wit Is equal to your vnloi
you may go far But -and she turned
her eyes full upon me we must phi
the game according to the rules
And as for Hartley
She sat up very straight and the
sudden disdain In hui face startled me
I had forguMeii my enVeMliopplim In
the clump of raspberriemi the da n
my arrival Certi inly Wiggins n itt
been deildedly In the race then and
my heart thiiniied In rcentnieiit as I
recalled her own inesnge or com net
of encouragement which I had burnetii
Wiggins at the lre ott Anns
I will tell you something Ml Aiiic
Thls afternoon as I dime from I lit
station I came round by the lake mere
ly to cool my eyes on the water aim
I saw Mr Wiggins and my sister seat
od on a wall In an old ouhard Tliet
were so busily engaged that thev did
not see me At least he did not hut
I think Hezeklah did
Hczeklah I answered relieved l
the nature of her disclosure which
could not but prejudice Wiggins case
Heeklah Is fond of orchards I dae
say this was the same one In which 1
had a charming talk with her myself
Doubtless she was amusing herself
with Wiggins Just as she did with me
She tlnds the genus homo entertnln
She Is the dearest girl In the world
-the sweetest the loveliest tile bright
est Mr Wiggins has treated her out
rageously He has taken advantage of
her youth and susceptible nature
His punishment Is sure I answer
ed complacently Hezeklab laughed
when I mentioned tils mum And you
frown today at the thought of him
Aunt Oetnvin is coming she re
marked feigning at once a cureless air
but 1 was content that she let my re
mark pass unchallenged
Miss Octavias entrances were always
effective She appeared tonight charm
Ingly gowned hut the bright twinkle In
her eyes made It clear that no matter
of dress could nffect her humor or
spirit She greeted me as she always
did as though our acquaintance wore
n matter of years rather than of days
I even Imagined that she seemed
pleased to find me back ngnln She
asked no questions as to my days oc
cupatlons but as we went In to dinner
snllied forth cheerfully upon n descrip
tion of her own activities
After 1 had baked my required
quota of pies this morning I sought
recreation at the traps Tho stable
boy who hos been pulling the strtug
for me having struck work it most
providentially happened that I espied
Lord Arrowood hanging on the edge of
the maple tangle beyond the barn I
summoned him nt once and put him
to wnrk managing the traps for me
finding him most efficient He seemed
extremely despondent nnd after I had
sadsfled myself that two out of three
was not an Impossible record for onn
f my years I brought him to the
Dtie and made tea for him I left the
room for a moment I had taken him
Into the kitchen where during the In
cumbency of the rcgulnr cook I hardly
dare venture myself and he modo
himself comfortable quite near the
rpnge The pies ou which I had been
engaged all morning lay cooling near
him I had composed twenty nine
pies I am an excellent mathematician
and I could not have been mistaken in
the count What was my amazement
to Bnd after his lordships departure
that one pie was missing
His lordship was doubtless hungry
I suggested Even nobility must eat
I passed Lord Arrowood In the high
way early this morning sitting upon
n stone with sundry Items of band
liaggage reposing beside lilui I have
rarely seen any one so depressed Now
that the little matter of the servants
has been adjusted we must have a
care lest the newly arrived phalanx
which Providence so kindly sent to
you today is not stampeded by nny fur
ther manifestations of the troubled
spirit of the unfortunate Briton who
was hanged on the site of this house
Mr Ames replied Miss Octavla
Impressively that matter Is entirely
In your bands
But if I could sec the plans of this
house I should be better able to grap
pie With his ghostshjp
I had thrown this out In the hope
of eliciting some remark from her
touching the Swedish maids visit to
Peppertons office but Miss Octavla
met my gaze unflinchingly
You arc a clever man Mr Ames
and I have every confidence that yon
will uot only solve the mystery of the
library chimney but And the ghost
that switched off the lights ou the stair
last night I prefer that you should ac
complish these feats without any help
from the plans I myself have no sug
gestions I am gratified that you are
meeting the emergencies that have aris
en here with so much determination
but U Is what I should expect of the
son of Arnold Ames of Hartford Op
portunity Is all that nuy of us need to
And ourselves truly great and If in the
ordinary course of our lives the gate
does not open freely we are Justified in
picking the lock When I determined
to seek adventures In my Old age I re
solved that I should miss no chance
and that I should be prepared for any
beckoning of the hand ef fate An
odd fancy struck me at the beginning
of my new life that Boston would some
day be the starting point of some in
j terestlng experience This has not yet
developed but In order Unit I may he
prepared for anything that may occur
f keep a blue silk umbrella constantly
checked nt the Parker House- The
presence of the little brass check In my
purse is a constant reminder that Bos
ton may one day call mo
A dismission of the Parker House
umbrella followed Cecilia and 1 Join
ing and It proved so fruitful a topic
that it carried us to our coffee
Three sailors were ilnnounced a little
later and 1 slipped away without ex
cuses while Miss Octavla and Cecilia
adjourned to the library
The ghost I had sworu should not
batlle me another night
As I crossed the second floor hall i
passed the Swedish maid walking to
ward Miss Oetuvlns room I was
somewhat uunoyed to find ou looking
over my shoulder to make sure of her
destination that she too had paused
her hand on Miss Octavias door and
was watching me with Interest She
vanished Immediately 5jitp throw
her off the track I wenfto my own
room closed the door noisily and then
ciiino out quickly nnd ran up to the
third floor
Bassfonl Uolllstcrs mysterious exit
had lingered in my mind as tho most
curious incident of the eventful Friday
night Having been bullied In my ef
fort to get hold of the architects
plans my thought uow was t await
In the upper part of the house a repe
tition of the various phenomena that
had so puzzled me By the process of
exclusion I had eliminated nearly ev
ery plausible theory hut If the ghost
manifested himself with nny sort of
periodicity and the hour of the chim
neys queer behavior had been mine I
was uow prepared to meet him in the
regions he had Chosen for his exploits
I had a pretty accurate knowledge
by this time of the position and func
tion of all the electric switches be
tween the lower hall and the fourth
floor but 1 tested them as I ascended
glancing down now and then to make
sure I was not observed From the
sound of voices In the library I fudged
that most of Cecilias suitors must now
have arrived and so much the better
I argued for with Miss Octavla and
ber niece fully occupied I could the
better carry ou my ghost hunt above
At a quarter before 9 I switched off
the lights on the third and fourth
floors and established myself at the
head of the stairway and quite near
the trunk room door This door I had
opened as I fancied that if Bassford
Holllster were at tho bottom of the
business he would probably wish to
And his wny to the roof again So far
as I was able to -manage it the stage
Was In readiness forthe entrance of
the goblin
The clock below struck 0 nnd nl
most upon the last stroke I heard a
sound that set my nerves jingling 1
crouched lu the dark waiting Some
one was coming toward mo but from
where The bottom of a well at mid
night was not blacker than tho fourth
floor but the switch lay ready to my
iKiuu mm in puukeis were siuueu wim
matches of the sort that light any
where The stnlrwnys were all carpet
ed as 1 have said and yet some one
was ascending bare treads lightly and
with delnys that suggested n furtive
purpose Meanwhile as a background
for this unreality murmurs of talk and
occasional laughter rose from the li
This concealed stairway wherever It
was could not be of interminable
length and I had counted I think flf
tccu steps of that strange ascent when
it ceased I heard a fumbling ns of
some ono seeking a latch and sudden
ly a light current of air swept by me
j uut us cican ucsu quality wan iii
i Itself disturbing I stooped and strm k
n mutch smaitly on the carpet and at
I 1 is tir Itlw1 1 atEfrl T
kUU sliliu lliiv iutu lilt p
should say that not more than ten sec
onds passed from the moment the soft
rush of air had first advertised the
opening of a passago near me until the
hall was flooded with the glow of the
electric lamps overheard My match
hod also performed its office but find
ing the electric current behaving Itself
normally I blew It out What I saw
now lutercsited mo immensely
In the solid wall near the stair and
almost directly opposite the trunk room
a narrow door had swung outwaid a
uent contrivance so light In Its con
struction that It still swayed on its
concealed hinges from the touch of the
hand Hint had released It How it bid
opened or what had become of the
To be Continued
For Sale
One four room brick house with
bath and mountain water near busi
ness district Inquire of Weaver
BniER 17 tf
Advertise in The Guardian
How Flood Wrecked Bridge at Columbus
1 i iBlMliiiiTWihMi UK tlMUmnmiimi null i i I iTi i iT
Photo copyright 1913 by American Tress Association
O Jm -V
No danger of mold or fermen
tation if your jellies and preserves
are sealed with
Pure Refined Paraffine
Seals air tight Easy to use
Absolutely pure Guaranteed
under the Pure Food and Drugs
Dealers Everywhere
Standard Oil Company
prowler who had unlatched It remain
ed to bo discovered It seemed Impos
Flble that whoever or whatever had
climbed the hidden stairway had de
scended nor had I been conscious of
a ghostly passing as on the previous
night I had only my senses to apply
to this problem nnd theh efficiency
was minimized for a momeni by fear
The opening In the wall engaged my
attention nt once and I was steadied by
the thought that here was a ptnctlcal
matter susceptible of Investigation I
stepped within the door and lighted a
candfe and Just ns the wicU caught
Are click went n switch somewhere and
out went the ball lamps Hut having
so to speak put my foot to the myste
rious stair I would not turn back and
I continued on down the steps
Great was my astonishment to find
that I had apparently stepped from a
new into an old house Tie stair
treads were worn by long use the
plaster walls that enclosed tbm were
battered and cracked and I seemed to
havo plunged from the gloy of Hope
Acid Into some dim lost passage of a
domicile of another era that lay within
or beneath the walls of the Manor As
I slowly descended holding high ray
candle I recalled not without a qualm
the story of the British soldier whom
tradition or superstition linked to the
site of Miss Hollisters property
At the foot of tho stair I found two
rooms one on either sldo of n small
hall and these also were clearly part
of an old house that seemed to be
somehow merged into the Holllster
mansion I remembered now that the
mansion stood wedged against a rough
spur of rock and that tho front and
rear entrances were upon different lev
els and it was conceivable that the
back part of the mansion might inclose
these rooms of an earlier bouse occu
pying the same site Why they should
have been retained was beyond me
Tbrougii the carefully preserved win
dows many paned and quaint of these
hidden rooms the infolding walls of
tho new house were blank nnd black
Ono door only remained In this shell
of the old bouse and I hastened to fling
It open still lighting my way with a
candle Before me lay the coal cellar
at which I had merely glanced on the
morning after my Installation nt Hope
field I now began to get my bearings
I remembered two iron lids in the ce
mented surface of on area on the cast
side of tho house where fuel was de
posited and mounting a few steps that
were of recent construction and had
evidently been built to afford communi
cation between the remnant of tho old
house and the subterranean portion of
the new I found to my relief nnd natls
fuciion beneath one of these openings
a short ladder through which the court
might be reached Here then the
manucr of ghostly ingress was illus
trated by perfectly plausible means
The lid of tho coal hole was entlrwMr
withdrawn nnd a bar of moonlight tar
brightening upon n pllo of antbraclu
at the foot of the ladder
Dark bay mare brand on left hip
Ten dollars reward Return to
Geo Frank Thatcher Meat Market
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tween depot and Jones Hotel
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Joseph Bingham Son
Prompt attention given
to orders to and from
depot Household goxls
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town Prices reasonable
left me with a frightful couch and
very wcaK l natt speus wncn icouiu
hardly broatho or sneak for 10 to 20
minutes My doctor could uot help
me out l was completely cureu oy
New Discovery
Mrs J E Cox Jolfet 111
Mrs Jay McGee of Steph
cnville Texas writes For
nine 9 years I suffered with
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Superior Court Notice
In the Superior Court of the
county of Graham state of Arizona
In the matter of the estate of
Perry Tucker deceased
Order to show cause why an or
der of sale of real estate should not
be made
It appearing to this court by the
petition this day presented and filed
by John F Greenword administra
tor of the estate of Perry Tucker
deceased that it is necessary to sell
the whole or some part of the real
estate of decedent to pay the debts
of the decedent the expenses and
charges of administration
It is therefore ordered that all
persons interested in the estate of
said deceased appear before the said
Superior Court on Tuesday the 2d
day of September A D 1913 at
the hour of 10 oclock a m of said
day at the court room of said court
at the court house in Solomonville
said county of GrahamT State of
Arizona to show cause why an or
der should not be granted to said
administrator to sell so much of the
real estate as shall be necessary and
that a copy of- this order 1 e pub
lished in The Graham Guardian a
newspaper printed and published in
said county for four successive
Dated July 19 1913
A G McAuster
Judge of the Superior Court
Attest R W Smith Clerk -
23 4t
First Publication JdlTll Et
In the SuDerior Court of Graham County Stile
of Aritona
Olney Hardware Comnanr ncorooratton nlain
Sarah EL McGowon John I Laisator Laura
Lassalor Sarah K McGowan executrix of the
last will and testament of James K Lasitor de
ceased J D Groesbeck and Sarah H McGowan
iruardians of the said Laura Lassator a minor
Uerry K Tascoe Jane Xoe 1ascoo wif e of Berrr
F Pajcce whose first name Is unknown and the
Unknown heirs ot Berry K Fascoo deceased de-
Action brought In the Superior Court of the
county of Graham State of Arbona
Tho State of Arizona aends erecting to Sarah
K McGowan John B Lassator Laura Lassator
Sarah E McGowan executrix of the last will and
testament of James It Lassator deceased J D
Groesbeck and Sarah K McGowan Kuardians of
the said Laura Lassator a minor Uerry F Pas-
Jane Doe iascoe wife ot Berry F Pascoe
whose first name is unknown and the unknown
heirs of Berry F Pascoe deceased
You are hereby summoned Tsnd required to ap
pear In an action brought against ou by the
above named plaintiff and answer the complaint
filed with the clerk of the above entitled Court at
Solomonville in the county of Graham State of
Arizona within twenty t2Q days exclusive of
the day of service after the service upon you of
this summons if served in this county In all
other cases within thirty days-
You are hereby notified that if you fail to ap
pear and answer tha complaint as required by
law Judgment by default will be taken against
Given under my hand and the seal of the
SEAL Superior Court affixed hereto at Solo
monville this 7th daybf July 1912
W It Chambers attorney for plalnlilf
First publication Aur I 3t
Under and by virtue of an execution and order
of sale Issued out of the Superior Court of Graham
County State of Arizona dated tho oth day of
June A 1 1313 In a certain action wherein
William It Bingham ctalaa plaintiff and Tho
Webster Bros Milling Company a Corporation
defendants for tho principal sum of Six Hundred
and Fitty hve and C7 1U0 dollars 65 67 100
with interest thereon at the rate of 6 per cent
per annum until paid together with 1073A 1Q0
costs and disbursements atthedsteof said judg
ment and accuring costs JJS0 I0U as appears of
record and which said judgment and said execu
tion and Order of Sale orders and directs me the
undersigned Sheriflof Graham County State of
Arizona to sell at public auction to tho highest
bidder firfashin hand and to apply the proceeds
ot such sale to the discharge of said judgment
the following described real estate to wit
All of that certain piece ot land situated In
Graham County State of Ariionaand more narU
culatly described as follows Beginning 879 feet
east of the northwest comer of lot Three 3 of
Block 12 of the Thatcher townslte survey as
the same Is recorded in tho office ot the County
recorder of Graham County state of Arizona
and running south 4092 feet thence running east
14 62 fret thence south 3163 feet thence east
23 4S feet thence south 706 feet thence east 135 SS
feet thence north 14322 feet thence west 1T35S
feet to said point ot beginning but excepting
therefrom a piece of land 60 feet east and west
by 14322 feet north and couth particularly de
scribed as follows beginning 1514 feet east of
the northwest corner of said Lot Three 3 Block
Twelve 12 and running south 14322 feet thence
east 60 foot thence north 143C feet thence west
60 feet to said last named point of beginning
Now Therefore Notice Is Hereby Given that
on Saturday the 16th day of August 1913 at
two oclock p m nf that day In front of the
County Court House in Solomonville Graham
County State of Arizona I said Sheriff will sell
all tho right title and Interest of The Webster
Bros Milling Company n Corporationdefcndrnta
in and to the above described real estate orso
much thereof as may be necessary to tattsfy
plalrtllTs judgment nd execution and Order ot
Sale with interest thereon and costs at public
auction to the highest and best bidder for cash
In law ful money of the United States of America
Dated July 1913 --
T S AtJKR Sheriff -
By W A Bbnnett Chief IJeputy
Subscrtba to Tun Guakiman
- - iK
- U k
Tir - -- TB oi S
v - i c i

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