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Board of Supervisors Appoint
Members of the Fair
Fair Commissioners Will Hold
FSMeetingfcuSafford Next
Tuesday Afternoon
j J
Graham county will hold a fair
this year This has heen assured
by unanimous action of the board of
supervisois at Us meeting Monday
when they appointed the fair com
missioners under whose supervision
the fair will be held
The proposition to hold a county
fair this year was enthusiastically
discussed by the citizens and
S8 men generally throughout the
county and led to a committe ap
pearing before the board of super
visors Monday to urge speedy action
This committee consisted of Mit
films pf Solomonville W R Reed
and William Ellsworth of Layion
E W Clayton John F Weber J
M Wilson and W B Fonda of
Mr Weber Bctine as spokesman
for the committe presented tp th
board of pupervisors the reanonB
why a county fair should be held
this fall and the necessity for speedy
action by the board in the matter of
appointing the fair commissioners
ivjiQ would supervise all the details
in the woyU flf mskiflB th Graham
county fair for 1913 the most suc
cessful county fair fn the state
1 The board of supervisors were
as enthusiastic over the
as were the members of the
fmwittee and after a short discus
sion over available material for fair
commiisionersf -passed t0 motion
unanimously for holding the cqunty
fair pnd appointing the following
fair commissioners
W A Gillespie and Mit Sims
Solomonville ft G Layton and Cert
Hoopea Tlwtcherj Art Ljnes and
Haakon Anderson Pimai Frank
Webster Central James M Talley
Graham Dave Rogers Eden C D
Stephens Ft Thomas Miles Wood
BbUb J Greenwopd Klgndjkej
E W Clayton g C Pripa and W
B Fonda Safford and Byron Smith
The fnir eommlsMpnpnj wi be
notified of their anDQlnfnient by B
W Clayton and the first meeting of
the commission will oe peja next
Tuesday afternoon at two oclock
at the Bank of SafTord At tbi
meeting UlP pommtelop wil organize
and solont its officers and got busy
at once in starting the ball rolling
for the best county fair in Arizona
Graham CQunty is fortunate in
having a fair grounds that is only
eaualled bv the State Fair at
nbc The track is one of the bqat in
hi made the fastes track m
At the nreaent t mo thoro Is In
training at the fair grounds some of
the best pacing trotting and running
Btock in the country and nearly
every horse is entered in the big
stflho rnpe1 fit fee sws foir
Phopnix th year
The stables represented and horses
in training are
Yitor Holding Safford
Vjflaggie Berkley pacer Record
Lady Boydella trotter Record
Al Sfiir Ulobe
KfflnaB tfoter Itecord 315
Marq no nam trotter Recdrd
ggnatnF C frflher three year
pld No mordi
Mit Slm Solomonville
Kid S trotter No record
J D Butler SafTord
Dorothy B trotter Kecord
Belle V trotter No record
Mr Hobart SafTord
Walter Johnson trotter three-
Wyer oW ftftort l
fRamoripn fjVb ejghts mjle
tiea jusapp uuc
nan ba
I id Um
ifali ph the above mentioned
horses the most of whom arc entered
in stake events at Willcox Tucson
- and Phoenix there are some good
runners and trotters in the valley
Dave Felshaw of lima owns a
N --
President Wilson took the first
stvp3 Monday in the policy through
which he proposes to deal with the
Mexican situation He formally
accepted the resignation of Ambas
sador Henry Lane Wilson to take
effect on October 14th and sent1 to
Mexico his personal representative
but not accredited to the Huerta
government former Governor John
Lind of Minnesota a lie ong
friend of Secretary1 Brjan The
understanding is that when a stable
government is established in Mexico
Mr Lind will be named as ambassa
President Wilson and Secretary
Bryan had frequent conferences
Monday Ambassador Wilson had a
long talk With Mr Bryan and
Chairman Bacoh of the senate
foreign relations committee discus
sed the situation with the president
at the White House But except
for the announcement pf Mr Linda
mission no explanation of the policy
to be pursued by the Amorican gov
ernment was forthcoming
The statement of Secretary Bryan
Ex Governor John Lind of Min
nesota has been sent to Mexico as
the personal representative of the
president to act as advisor to the
embassy at present When the
president is ready to communicate
wTth the Mexican authorities a3 to
the restoratfon flf pegcer he wilj
make publjc his yiejyg fiovernnf
and Mrs Ljml dppqrtei for Meicp
Monday night by rail to proceed via
New Orleans or Galveston
Meanwhile arms and munitions
of war from the United States will
continue to be denied to the two
warring forces and unless it is ap
parent thjjt international efforts to
bring about peace have failed the
United States will not offer its ser
vices as a mediator Mr Lind un
doubtedly will act in that capacity
when the tinie come
peclarations from both Huerta
press rejecng meqlailfln pppqsals
but administration ofcias realjzq
tht bgti sides feaj theyrnay be
showing weakne in the flccpptapce
of such a proposal at this time and
are nqt cqnvjnped tpat frjendly Ef
forts to mediate wpild proye effec
tive Pfpcjals hgre hppft that thg
effort to put an eptj tR bloodied
apd property loss woijld appejd q
publjc opinio jn Mexico and unHe
the fracjoq op R peace program
Judge G W7Bartch of Wash
ington D C in Town
Judae Q Wt Birtph former
chief jpstige of the Suprerpj Coyrt
of tfip statp nf ytali accompanied
by A M Tenney of Thatcher was
a visitor in town Monday
Judge Bartch is looking after the
interests of the refugees from Mex
ico and stopped over on his way to
El Paso to gather somo data in regard
t6 fclultha aga isVfhe rfftMWfcief pt
Mexicp y his ljem pq acgqijnt Qf
losgof prQperfy m theMorwon settle
Since his retirement from the su
preme bench of Utah Judge Bartch
has been practicing law in Washing
ton D G where he ia connected
With ofleof thf nramneBtlBw
William apd jatpejfQ gHYQrtll
returned Friday from Los Angeles
Cal bringing back with them their
mother Mrs Eliza Ellsworth who
has been very sick in Los Angeles
bunch pt runocrs and there is a fine
lAtyrownLdrriThafeHer J
lWith thebestshtWing In years of
trotirig nd furitlingstock now iti
nmm mm h vr
pujled ojt and the RUbljg re assyre
pf RrpaMin every reesi
Our formers should now get busy
f r the fair for there will be prizes
f it best exhibits inarm products
ss well as for hogs dairy stock
I oultry ducks goats etc
For the ladies prizes will be given
for the best exhibits in the womans
for the sqhool chi dren theie w 1
crizbs W M iksl BcnoM eW
rIH fnvy nM ft PflHie snow
An exhibit 6f jajry stock wijl be n
hiittermadeat the ranch
lautofy Vmd m oowp yielui
ing fiigr
est percentage In butter fat
The program for each day will be
complete with races exhibitions and
sports of all kinds that will go in
the making of a successful holiday
week for the people of the county
v rffcff
nW1 -V
Wetgar4 Will log the Route
from San Diego for the
Southern Highway
g W Clayton is Jn receipt pf ad
vices from Pell AJ Pfltter through
Henry of Qlohp statjng that
j Wstggrf wjlj leave Uau Diego
August 5th to log the route of the
Southern National Highway and
requesting us to arrange for cars to
meet him at San Carlos and pilot
jj brpugji the yalley also to ar
range Pliftpp tr4nuru and
Dunoan to lake eare of him from
This log is of great importance
as Mr Westgard is traveling under
the auspices of the American Auto
mobile Association
The fiWfProposition waa to log
by way of Douglas over hc gordej
m rout nut UK- rttgr 8recera
nkvtoff tllta rolUinff obaned to
our route
The people of the valley should
take an interest in this Mr West
gard should reach tlg Yfel n
dJLafier SatVfl
T he success of Mr Rotter m
tin Wr We3tEavd te W the route
for tlle SlWtheMi National highway
through the Gila Valley will be mobt
pleasing to our people as it practi
cally places this valley on the na
tional highway and this meang a
great deal for tl Valley wa l
irwilV be1 yitLlaiv enervating
siglit lowitnessthe coming and go
ing of autombpiles some from CaJ
Jtlorth beMUes it places the valley
iip tni o r
tue ront anoj advertises the
route for all aytornobligg
I- AYUV R99 WM i niftney as
people lrYeintf by autos over the
country are good spenders and neod
Bupplles of all kinds as well as hotel
With a good road through from
Globe to Clifton and to Lordsburg
this will become a popular thorough-
Washington Aug 6 W A
Sawtelle of Tucson has been
iona He W9 rooomtnended by
both senators and the nomination
is expected to go to the senate to
Emert Kemplon is reported very
ill from typhoid fever at his home in
Graham u
- l1
The Increase Assessment for
1913 Over 1912 Amounts
7e Bqualtae Assessments and
Make the Final Changes
in the Rolls
Arizonas tatq ta ro113 PAe
Vp Jf th6 aesqrof w VAVioua
PftUnVieg list pioporty valued at
5100002132274 The rolls last year
totaled 14038819108 the increase
in valuation this year beinp
93313166 n
A tff assessment last year was
niaye on a 50 per cent basis and tfr3
year vfas ade m n flCUlftl Vlu
Won baya the hwroaso in property
valuw in the State is more than
eighty eight million dollars Doub
ling last years total property in
tne state having been shewed at
of property nrtbe staVe at that time
kA 207763821G The diqeree
between that sum and the total
valuation thlayear is 8854495058
following is a tabulated list show
ing the yaluation of the vrQijs
counties of the tqy i vualjed
sftowq by tho abstracts of the vari
ous counties in 1913 less exemptions
Siht Cnii
2369479 06
3670178 31
fSltHn J
IMiMS 89
1 n 4iHlil itB v t 4 pst
5968199 45
87344185 31
9091050 25
35632301 37
T052ft6 U
23732 I2T0t
irn33siyi03 309321322 74
foregoing figures are the re-
suit or the sessions Held at rhoenix
last week when all assessor
clerks ot supervisor n tuto
and a uumucr of tietwurers and
members of boards of supervisors
met and compared the rolls of the
various counties with n view of
equalizing the assessments Six
day meetings and two evening ses
sions weroheld and when the county
officials adjourned tho ptatu IdaroV
of equalization wentntoses8iaVltf
maim m uwroiis
Ambassador toMexico Friend
of Huerta Has Lost
His Job
High qp in the Sky City Flag
staff where the air ia always cool
and fresh and pure the stately pine
ever breathes forth its-health-giving
fragrance in the protecting shadow
of the majestic San Fi anclsco Peaks
lies the Northern Arizona Normal
School one of the youngest but one
of the most promising of all west
ern schools1 -
This institution has an enviable
reputation to look back upon In
the past four years under the ener
getic and efficient direction of Pres
jjlpp BJomej it hag rpgigtered the
phpnominal gnin of two hundred
per cent In attendance in the last
school year the increase was thirty
three and one third per cent and
the summer school just closing was
more than a third larger than that
of the year preceding
In these four years too its equip
mnnt has beenstedjly atjcjjTcj pto
so with Increased size has come in
creased efficiency The Northern
Arizona Normal School now offers
all the standard courses to be found
in any well appointed first class
school of its kind Agriculture
manual training and domestic science
are features recently added to the
curriculum These courses answer
the call for instruction in things
practical that is arising over the
In a region such as Arizona where
the problems of farming must be
reduced to a scientific basis agri
cultural studies are of especial bene
fit The result must he not qply
better farming but renewed and in
creased interest among young men
and women in Americas greatest
industry That there is real educa
tional development in working intel
ligently with the hand as well as
purely with the brain is no longer
denied by leading ectops and aj
nr agreecj tha Kq gr itily ei
GftHJQWh0 hi9 not acquired the arts
of cooking and housekeeping hence
manual training and domestic science
have come to be fixed courses iq oyr
best schools and along with agri
culture are no more to be dispensed
with in n live normal school than is
the training department
The training school of this insti
tution is one of the best of its kind
anywhere It is under expert man
agementandgiven the most careful
consideration It has more than
kept pace with the rest of the de
partment in growth an increase of
one hundred per cent jn enrqlnient
beipg t rgcgrd for flst yeaj
By n year alio the Northern Ari
zona Normal School had outgrown
her building equipment Students
were applying for entrance and there
was no place to put them The
dormitories were full and running
over New buildings were needed
badly a t owe the state legis
lature appropriated over 88000 for
new dormitories and a central heat
ing plant
Northern Arizona Normal is dis
tinctly a State school wjth statewide
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Huerta Issues a Defi to the
United States that May
Force Intervention
ttpxtco City Aug 6 John
Lind will be persona non grata to
this government unless he brings
with him to Mexico City credentials
in due form together yjth reeoglli
Wm vf the EQYernmont of Mexico
In this official statement issued
late tonight president Huerta is
sued a defi to the United Sj5td that
may force th American govern
ment intervene in this countrys
auairs it was a Hat threat that
vinless Presjdent Wiison Weogntzes
Huertaa reslnto which it is certain
hQ Will not do John Lind will be
expelled from Mexico when he
arrives here as the personal
sentative of the Washington admin-
The statement was issued by
Huerta following the receipt of
news here that Lind was coming
with Instructions not to treat with
the administration In putting forth
the defi the Mexican president ut
terly ignored a message from Secre
tary of Sttp IVyan urging that no
aenUon be paid to unauthorized
rumors regarding Linds mission
A G Smith Gives Up His Post
tioi vfitb WftUr Company
A G Smith has resigned his posi
tion as treasurer of the Gila Valley
Electric Gas and Water Co The
reason why Mr Smith is giving up
his office in the company is ill health
and he will seek a lower altitude
He has not decided as yet just
where he and Mrs Smith will locate
but they will go ty Qlqb thjs vv eek
wheyp they H vtsit with friends
tor several weeks
Mr and Mrs Smith have resided
hero nearly three years and have
made many friends who will regret
to henr of their departure While
here they have both taken an Utittve
interest town betterments and
Ihoji influence will be greatly missed
Den It Clark has been appointed
superintendent of the water caiu
pany and will havo eharge of the
olfico here as well as oversee the
work being done by the company at
its works in the Graham maUmum
ine company m m me
velociott more water and the
rtf primmetihir the reservoli
aJiMaMiiiiinwiw LTMhirs5rJgagigftsffiffia
WSir3SrSaWaH5iBaDnBK0 C MMlSlLMiifcKreHB5i
rin rve
canyon fs expected to bo finished
the end of tlii9 jje - -
W E Barnes Says the Cotton
Crop at Safford Finest
He Has Seen
d W Bv BarpMjtlie well known
reprcsentivg the Southern Pn
cific in this state was ii visitor in
Bisbee recently onono of his regular
business rips through that city
While he has shown no let up in the
securing or business for the S P
throughjthe usual channels that are
worked by all railroads as well as
somp original ones Mr Barnes has
taken up and is conducting a work
that is as important for the whole
state as for his road The develop
ment of Arizona pnd its resources
ThPFU 1P Jnigration commission
er in any county of the state and no
secretary of any commercial club
Wlio fi a better booster for any sec
tion of Arizona than is Mr Barnes
for rhs whole state
Mr Barhea does not minimize the
importance of the mining industry
in the state for that is pomething
he fully recognise but in conversa
tion With a newspaper representa
tive he dwelt on the growth of agri
culture The Salt River valley he
states will ship the largest crop of
cantaloupes it has ever produced
and a larger crop of alfalfa than
heretofore Relative to alfalfa the
same is true of the Gila valley which
is looking especially fine Yuma
will ship twenty five qr thirty cars
of alfalfa seed Qf exceptional quality
th8 yew Uvo largest shipment it
has ever known
Among the activities of Mr Barnes
within the past few months has been
the organization of cotton growers
associations and several of these
have organized and become strong
and useful Tho most acreage in
cotton is in the Salt River valley
but Yuma is also an important center
and Safford is to be He states
that there are about 200 acres in
Egyptian cotton near Safford and
that he never saw finer inEgypt
and has certainly found no finer in
Cotton growing in Arizona is only
the revival of on ancient industry
Spaniards Indians and probably
otner aoongmes oeiore thc m raised
jarge cotton crntjs said Mr Barnes
In manv of the sections where
atlon is possible and practiced
cotton can be successfully rrmwn
and I look for the cotton Industry
to becom0 one of the important
ones in the state
While the cotton cron about
Safford is the finest I have seen at
Yuma the showing is an excellent
one and in the Sacaton Indian re
servation it is also splendid Hore
cotton has been orrnwn tnr rpvpi h
yearg and much Improvement and
progress nas peen shown The largest
acreage is in the Salt River valley
where three associations of cotton
growers have been formed I proph
esy a continued and steady growth
in the large acreage employtl in cot
ton cultivation
Banquet Tendered John J Bird
no at Hotel Olive
A number of friends of John J
Birdno tendered him an informal
banquet at tho Hotel Olive Saturday
ovening previous to his departure
for Phoenix where he goes to take
up his duties as receiver of the
United States Land Office
The table was prettily decorated
with cut roses and plates were laid
for twenty five guests The ban
quet was served in courses and was
R very enjoyable affair
Mr Birdno wasthe recipient of
the felicitations of hi3 friends ex
pressed through R W Smith clerk
of the Superior Court and A G
Smith to which he feelingly re
Those present were Mr and
Mrs R W Smith of Solomonville
Mr and Mrs H J Dowdle Mr
aud Mrs Ezra Madsen Mr and
Mrs A G Smith Mr and Mrs
Thomas Bell Mr and Mrs H Hayes
Watson of Lynorne Scotland Mr
and Mrs John J Birdno Mrs R J
Young Missoa Delia Owens Jose
phine Simon Mildred Blanche and
Lorraine Birdno Messrs E W
Clayton Harry Solomon Arthur H
Ferrin E H Larson and John F
Mr Riydwo accompanied by Mrs
Birdno and their daughter Miss
Blanche left Sunday morning in his
auto for Phoenix by way of Ben
son and lucscvn and were accom
panied us far as Stockton Pass by
Mr and Mrs R W Smith nnd Mr
and Mrs Ezra Madsen n their autos
Mrs Birdn0 bid Mr Birdno and
Blanco good bye at Stockton Pass
and returned home with Mr and
Mrs Madsen
Buritd caVt carried in stock by
T Gila Valley Furniture and Hard
vae Slote tf
J eft
ffttn v
tfi yjs se
for mm
Plan Is Presented by Which
Higher Education May
Be Obtained s
Graham and Layton Opposed
to Union High- Schoolf i
Preposition v V
The mooting at Briers
day evening called for the purpose
of taking some act on relative to he
proposed unidn high school for Saf
ford Layton Graham and Lone
Star school districts was very poorly
Owing to the recent agitation for
a high school it was thought by
those who are really interested in
the establishment of higher educa
tion for the children of this vicinity
that there would be an overflow
meeting This was not the case
hardly a dozen being present
Graham was represented by one
taxpayer P O Peterson Layton
sent just one W R Reed Lone
Star was not interested enough to
send even one representative and
Safford where we hear so much
about the high school and the neces
sity for a higher education for the
children was represented by a dele
gation of just about the number
who always show by their attend
ance their interest in betterment for
school and town They were Mayor
Z C Prina W R Chambers W B
Fonda U 1 Paxton John J Birdno
and C C Rickman Besides thele
there were several ladies present
Just about a dozen in all
Now if- there is one thing more
than another that should interest
our citizenship itisthe higher-education
at hom of our children qf A
those who are to take our place
when we are gone and we should
be specially interested in higher ed
ucation for the reason that it is nec
essary in tho making of good citi
zens and patriots to continue our
country as a real republic
Securing for your boy or girl a
good education is better than leav
ing them money and you prepare
them to face the worlds battle fully
equipped to win success to make
good Therefore we should do
everythitijflpossible to secure the
means for the better education of
every boy and girl in Safford Lay
ton Graham and Lone Star and the
one best means to obtain thisiathru
the establishment of a high school
The discussion nt Fridays meet
ing resulted in just this Graham
did not want a union high school
Layton wasnotin favorof the prop
osition unless it meant the consoli
dation of Safford and Layton into
one school district Lone Star was
apparently opposed as it was not
interested enough to send even one
delegate Safford is in favor of a
high school nnd was represented by
a competent committee to back up
the proposition
As the matter stands how it looks
as if Safford would have to go it
alone and establish the first high
school under the public school sys
tem in Graham County
This can be accomplished very
easily and at less expense than by
consolidation or by a union high
school by building the addition to
the present school building which
really completes that edifice and had
been planned for by the trustees
under whose supervision the present
school building was erected
This addition of four rooms and
basement for manual training can
be built and fully equipped for high
school work for about 8000 which
sum can be raised by bonding the
The school trustees will start the
ninth grade this year which becomes
tho tenth grade next year and the
eleventh grade the year following
the high school reallybeginning with
the graduates of last years eighth
grade Thus it will be apparent to
everyone interested that at the end
qf the second year Safford will be
prepared to establish its high school
and by the time the third class ia
formed the addition would bo com
peted and fully equipped for the
work of higher education
The high school in Safford will be
open to pupils from Layton Lone
Star Graham Artesian Belt and
Solomonville so that every boy and
girl who graduates from the eighth
grade in tho several districts will
have the opportunty of attending
the high school
This plan is the best after all if
the people are really honest in their
expressions for higher education for
their boys and girls and will adort
iue means v secure 11

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