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To Commemorate Comple
tion of the Consoli
dated Canal
Barbecue Finest Ever Given and
Greatly Enjoyed by Large
Crowd of Valley People
Saturday November 6th was a
red letter day for Ft Thomas The
citizens of our vicinity huve learned
a great lesson in cooperation Two
months ago things looked dour
glum and dubious The trouble
was in the Consolidated Canal Meet
ing after meeting had been held to
debate conditions and get efficiency
in the personnel of a hoard of di
rectors It was finally decided to get
under harness together double
up bow our backs Results
twenty thousand dollars worth of
work and one of the best canals on
the river Isnt that enough to
jubilate over
Invitations svere sent out to every
body to come in and eat piny ball
and dance their fill Beeves mut
ton pigs and all the good things
that go with a big feed were pro
vidtd The barbecue was done to
a nut brown in suite of the fact
that the day was the very most un
favorable one of the entire season
President Kimball was invited to
deliver an address He said in
I am to tnk on Home Industries
and better and more intensive farm
ing We need to emphasize co
operation conservation of effort and
means We muat make our farms
smaller better stocked and tilled
We want greater diversity of crops
and more careful marketing
The speakers logic was good If
we follow it this section will develop
rapidly The speaker touched upon
reciprocity as a principle by which
we must hope to succeed He said
We have a fine market right at
our doors The farmer must be
loyal to his own The Gila Valley
Milling Company at Safford paid
the farmers this harvest over 200
000 for their grain They gave
them the highest market price
They furnished them the best seed
for planting When they had filled
every nook and cranny of their
warehouses they shipped out wheat
to Tucson They were loyal and
beneficial to the farmers On the
other hand in the place of this
splendid service which we expect
next year to again court we will
walk into a valley store and buy im
ported flour with the cash received
of our home industry The mer
chants who by reason of the money
put in circulation have paid their
long due accounts deliberately en
courage the buying of imported
Stop and calculate what recip
rocity means in this case The mill
ing company pays out 20000000 to
the farmers If the farmers were to
buy the home flourover a half tnilhon
dollars would change hands at home
The result would be stability of the
merchant prosperity for the farmer
improved conditions everywhere
about us In fact we cuuld easily
keep this half million rolling and
rolling until it became a million
dollars in its capacity to liquidate
Wo love our neighbors It is
true real charity begins at home
Kansns sells us wheat and flour She
buys back nothing Kansas is well
able and has the good sense to
care for herself and her own Let
us also do this Weve got the tin
can habit We have inherited the
frailities of the mining camps and
old time freighters We live from
hand to mouth We have the capa
city to produce and prepaie nearly
all that we consume We could
even export We could become
self sustaining isnt that a grand
sweet word
Why not cure our bacon and get
it for a trifle more than we sell our
live hogs for Thirty live cents a
pound is not what we get for our
hogs Such a method is the anti
thesis of 100 per cent thrift Our
valley abounds with forage It teems
with plnnt life The bowels of
mother earth is pregnant with the
component parts of cheese butter
eggs and fruits Hut we the mis
guided ones buy many of these
Body of Mrs Leah Kerby
Found in the Patterson
Ditch Wednesday
Women Preparing Body for
Burial Discover That Murder
Had Been Committed
The body of Mrs Leah Kerby
wife of Frank Kerby was found in
the Patterson ditch west of Pima
which runs near her home situated
north of the Anderson ranch where
she liyed with her son George
The woman was dead and the
body had been in the water for sev
eral hours The body was removed
to the Kerby home where several
women neighbors began to prepare
it for burial when they discovered
a fearful wound in the left shoulder
caused by shot from a shot gun fired
from close quarters
Death must have been instantan
eous The murderer dragged the
body to the ditch and threw it into
the water where it was found later
by a searching party
George Kerby who had been
working in the field north of his
home Tuesday afternoon returned
home about dusk and not finding
his mother there he went on to
He returned home from Pima
about 900 oclock and finding his
mother still absent he went to his
fathers place and told him that his
mother was missing and that he
had been unal le to find her
The father Frank Kerby and sev
eral neighbors accompanied George
back to his home from which place
he begun n systematic search until
about 200 oclock Wednesday morn
ing but found no trace of the miss
ing woman They decided to wait
until daylight and renew the search
They started out again about 500
oclock and about 800 oclock her
body was found in the Patterson
ditch near Macks ranch by Mr
Kerby and Sam Lines
It was thought that the woman
had fell in the ditch and drowned
That a murder had been committed
was not discovered until the women
at the house began to prepare the
body for burial when the gun shot
wound in the left shoulder was dis
A coroners jury was summoned
Wednesday afternoon but had ar
rived at no conclusion at the time
The Guahdian went to press
Mrs Kerbya funeral will take
place in Pima this morning at 1000
oclock The interment will be
made in Pima cemetery
Sheriff Alger left here yesterday
morning for the scene of the murder
and as a result of his investigation
of the crime he arrested the son
George Kerby twenty years old
and brought him to Solomonville
last night and lodged him in jail
The boy confessed that he killed
his mother as the result of a quarrel
thy had a week ago He appears
to he weak minded and does not
realize the serious position he is in
The public schools of Graham
county will be closed from Monday
November 15th to 19th on account
of the joint teachers institute which
will be held at Phoenix this year
commencing next Monday All
teachers will attend the institute
fruit put up as canned and dried
bi products
What we need is the get-together
habit We must talk cooper
ation We must learn better farm
ing and better marketing There
is nu reason why we should not be
the most wealthy and successful
farming community in the south
west Lets pull up strong and all
President Kimball saw an intelli
gent husky crowd He saw a good
canal and plenty of water He spoke
of the location
Splendidly situated on gently
rolling land with perfect drainage
fine water friable soil Fort Thomas
has a splendid future Team work
counts Make reasonable terms and
generous advances to prospective
Returns to Briers Kail for
Two Nights November
17th and 18th
The Jus P Lee Musical Comedy
Co which delighted the large crowd
which attended their performance
at Briers Hall on the night of Oc
tober 18th when Mr Lee pesented
one of the funniest musical come
dies ever seen here the Funny
Moon with a company of twenty
people has been playing to crowded
houses in Miami and Globe
The company will return to Briers
Hall for a two nights engagement
November 17th and 18th present
ing a complete change of program
each night It is the policy of the
Lee Company to give the people the
best that can be had in musical
comsdy lay and on the return en
gagement here the company will
present a bill each night that has
never before been seen here The
productions will be of Broadway
fame and will run a full evenings
performance lasting over two hours
On account of the Lee Company
being here only one night on their
first engagement they were not
able to display their beautiful ward
robe which they carry for these
special productions Miss Madeline
Lee the beautiful charming nrimu
dona with the personality and the
everlasting smile will wear a num
ber of gowns which she has just re
ceived from New York where they
were imported from Paris Miss
Phvllis Eltis will also display some
of the late creations in evening
Among the principals who will
appear here with Mr Lee are Miss
Madeline Lee Tommy Burns Marie
Barbier Lew Mathews Phyllis Eltis
and Frank Vack and a beauty
chorus of dancing and singing Baby
The stage at Briers Hall is being
remodeled so as to give the com
pany ample room to stage their pro
ductions on their return Several
hundred new seats will be installed
so as to give the people of this sec
tion of the country a chance to see
the company while here
The company will appear at
Briers Hall only two nights No
vember 17th and 18th and this will
be the only big atti action this sea
son Those who are fond of good
music and clever comedy should not
miss seeing both pei formances
Admission ground floor reserved
50 cents balcony adults 35 cents
children in balcony only 25 cents
Reserved seats will be on sale at
The Palms
Arizona Record
Editor a Visitor
C E Hogue editor of the Ari
zona Record of Globe was a visitor
in town and valley Tuesday and
Wednesday Mr Hogue was here
in the interest of the new circulation
campaign of his paper and reports
successful business
The Arizona iccord under Mr
Hogues management has become
one of Arizonas leading daily papers
and has many subset ibcts in the
While heie Mr Hogue was a
pleasant caller at Tiik Guahdian
settlers for the many acres that are office and received our best wishes
fallow Be tactful and not for the success of his paper He
onize interests that can help Hold returned to Globe on Wednesdays
things paying two and three prices i your home market above everything evening train
for the canned product that may else He conservative Protect I
at any time hold the deadly germs yourselves Join hands and shoulder Get reserved seats for Red-
of ptomaine Fruit we could not to shoulder looking out and on and path Lyceum Course at The
VVfe ffeWVfeVWI
The program for the Red
path Lyceum Course this sea
son is an unusually interesting
one and is bound ta please the
general public i t
Season tickets are on sale at
The Palms at 2 50 for the
course of four entertainments
Rich Gold Claims
Near Oatman
The Tom Reed Gold Road Mining
District Mohave county is coming
to the front rapidly as a gold coun
try The recent discovery of gold
at Oatman has brought the district
into great prominence in the min
ing world
The Oatman Consolidated Mines
Company has two line groups of
claims eight in all three of which
Laroorftho fnraouGedVAwrPfvry vein
This is a very valuable property and
promises to be a gold producer
Average samples assay 2 40 in gold
and it is expected tha the gold
values will increase at depth
The Oatman Consolidated Mines
property is situated three miles
north of three of the most important
gold producing mines of the district
the Gold Road Rom Reed and
United Eastern There are many
other good prospects in the vicinity
which are being opened up by prom
inent mining men
Womans Club
Social Meeting
The regular social meeting of the
Womans Club was held at the home
of Mrs Clarence Ellsworth Friday
afternoon November 5th
Mrs G S Martin gave a vocal
solo which opened one of the most
interesting programs of the season
rendered by the club members re
porting in rhyme how they earned
their dollar for the club during the
Miss La Vaque favored the club
with vocal selections while refresh
ments were served The hostesses
assisting Mrs Ellsworth were Mes
dames D M Hibner G L Horene
and Harry Solomon
The next business meeting of the
club will be held November 19th at
300 oclock at the M E Church
Aside from the special program
business of importance will be trans
acted and every member is requested
to attend
An Enjoyable
Church Social
A very enjoyable social took place
Wednesday night at the M E
Church A large number of people
attended and a fine program of
music songs and readings was
The program was as folhws
Piano Solo Mrs E S Wickersham
Reading Mrs F H John
Vocal Solo Mrs G S Martin
Piano Solo Miss Alline Foster
Mrb E W Clayton and It W Fisher
Accompanied by Mrs R W Fisher
Vocal Solo Miss Turney
Piano Solo Mrs R W Fisher
Vocal Solo Mrs J A McNeil
Reading Prof D M Hibner
Song The Worden Hoys
Vocal Solo Miss LaVaque
After the program social conver
sation was indulged in followed by
refreshments of ice cream and cake
For Sale or Trade
Alfalfa Sulky Plow practically
new alsoBeveral milch cows
J M Wl
Yflttand wHnhJlrrjJbc7J3n
v - j f 1 i V
V f Ql
1 Bym
Af v Jsf
Photo copyriitht International News Service
taken the actual field of battle shows Serbian
This remarkable photograph upon infantry charging acrosb an open
field in the face of a heavy fire
San Diego Party Will Gather
Data for Southern Na
tional Highway
The party of San Diego Cal
boosters headed by B H Burrell
senior highway engineer in the
United States Office of Public Roads
arrived here about 300 oclock Fri
day afternoon from Globe They
were met by a delegation of citi
zens consisting of Geo A Foote
J J Quinn E W Clayton W R
Smith Judge A G McAlister Benj
Blake and John F Weber and es
corted to the Nonpareil Restaurant
where luncheon had beep prepared
The members of the uartv be
sides Mr Burrell were William
B Grosss manager of the trip
Wilbur Hall magazine writer Harry
Tayort exRgrJ road driyQrrtsl
Dell M Potter president of the
Southern National Highway Associa
tion who met the partv in Phoenix
and will accompany them to Wash
ington D C
The party is making the trip from
San Diego Cal to Washington D
C over the Southern National
Highway which passes through the
Gila valley for the purpose of gath
ering official data for this route as
an ocean to ocean highway with the
view of securing federal aid for the
upkeep of the route
The funds for defraying the ex
penses of the trip were raised by
the Cabiillo Commercial Club of
San Diego Cal of which Col Ed
Fletcher is chairman
William B Gross the manager of
the trip is one of the best known
good roads boosters of the West
and on account of his remarkable
likeness to King Edward of England
is familiarly called by his ft lends
King Edward
The trip across the continent will
take about thirty days Pictures
will be taken of the scenic features
along the route besides other data
which will show that the Southern
National Highway to be the only
and best all-the-year ocean to ocean
The party left heie shortly after
400 oclock for Duncan from which
place they went to Clifton From
Clifton they went to Loidsbuig
N M and on through New Mex
ico to El Paso Texas
The work on the State highway
from Gerpnimo to Ft Thomas will
be started at once according to a
statement of Assistant State En
gineer F G Twitchell who arnved
at Globe Tuesday
Denver Firm Buys
Court House Bonds
The board of supervisors met Sat
urday afternoon to approve the sale
of the court house and jail bonds
which were sold by County Treas
urer Frank M Layton
Bids were leceived from Weil
Roth Co Cincinnati Ohio James
M Write Co Denver Colo R
M Grant Co Chicago III C H
Coffin Chicago III and Sweet
Causev Foster Co Denver Colo
The bid of Sweet Causev Foster
Co made through the Bank of
Safford was accepted This firm
bid par and accrued interest with
an allowance of 73100 to cover
legal expenses
Subscribe for TlIE GlAKDIAN
Get reserved seats for Red
tth Lvceum Course ab The
WILSON or Olney Hardware I path
The Recently Constructed
Works at Clifton Go Up
in Flames Friday Night
Defective Electrical Wiring
Caused Conflagration Dam
ages About 150000
One of the most serious and costly
oonflagtations in the history of Clif
ton started in the roof of Concen
trator No 2 of the Arizona Copper
Company Ltd located in North
Clifton at seven oclock Friday
Before finally extinguished by
heioic efforts of fire department
citizens and iormer employees at
the west end of the ore and coke
bins and railroad and tressel within
a few feet of the old acid plant
Arizona Copper Company property
estimated at 150000 00 had been
The property consumed consisted
of Concentrator No 2 Concentrator
No 3 the new conveyor system
which had recently been constructed
and the ore bins and railway tiessel
The oortion of the works destroyed
had recently been reconstructed pre
paratory to a long shut down and
would have been in operation now
had not the strike interferred How
ever the major portion of the con
centrator plant and the most costly
was saved
It is the general belief that the
flames were caused by defective
electrical wiring However coming
as it did during the strike the oc
currence gives rise to the belief in
some quarters that the fire might
have been of incendiary orgin and
the miners who are on strike have
matte every eTfort to prove to the
satisfaction of everybody concerned
that their organization had abso
lutely nothing whatever to do with
the destruction of the old concen
trator and its adjacent pioperty
even citing the act that thev had
provided a large picketing force to
guard the property of the mining
companies from just such destruc
tion as has occurred And on the
strength of these facts there is a
general disposition on the part of
the public to refuse to believe that
the strikers had anything to do with
the burning of the property
J G Cooper purchasing agent
and cashiei and the ranking Ari
zona Copper Company official in the
district stated Saturday morning
that he had conducted a careful in
vestigation among former employees
of the company men who were
familiar with every inch of the
building where the fire started and
that each and everyone of them to
gether with himself were positive
that the origin of the fire could not
be traced to crossed wites
The Womans Club will give a
Thanksgiving dance at Briers Hall
Thursday night November 25 1915
Music by the Safford Orchestra A
good time is assured to all Dance
tickets 100 Ladies free
Rev P F McCourtney will preach
next Sunday at the Baptist Chuich
at the morning services 1100
oclock and at the evening services
700 oclock
G M Rulf announces that he
will lemove from Ins present quar
tets in the building corner of Tenth
and K sit eels to his new place of
business in the building recently
elected next to the Hotel Olne
Annex formeily Jones Hotel
wheie he will be pleased to see hit
patients and attend to their dental
How to Prevent Croup
It mav be h surprise to you to
learn that in many cases croup can
be pi evented Mis II M Johns
Elida Ohio i elates her expenence
as follows Mv little boy is sub
ject to croup During the past
winter I kept n bottle of Chambet
lains Cough Remedy in the house
and when he began having that
croupy cough I would give him one
or two doses of it and it would bieak
the attack I like it better for
children than anv othet cough medi
cine because children take it will
ingly anu ii is sate anu rename
niy3ftjtPnlmLHeffinnijgL tl fylUff flalftuaLawP O
Foict Entrance in the Lines
Bros Store Pima and
Blow off Doors of Safe
Running Gun Fight with the
Robbers Who Make Good
Their Escape
The persistent efforts of the bur
glars who have made Pima the scene
of their labors the past few months
was rewarded in their latest attempt
to get rich quick early Saturday
morning when they forced an en
trance into the Lines Bros Store
and blew off the two doors of the
safe and made their escape accom
panied by a fusilade of shots from
citizens who were aroused from their
slumbers by the noise of the explo
The burglars secured about 6U50
in money and carried off several
checks and other papers which they
grabbed in their hurry Thev
dropped two twenty dollar bills and
a ten dollar bill several smaller bills
and some silver amounting to
G500 in their flight which was
picked up on the street by Art Lines
and Deputy SherifT McBride and
several other citizens
The noise of the first expjosion
which occurred about 140 a m
awakened Sam Echols who lives in
the first house north of Lines Bros
Store Mr Echols got up and
hurridly dressed and ran to the
home of Art Line and his wife who
live in the next house north of Mr
Echols and Lines then woke up
Dave Weech The three men secured
guns and went over to the store and
saw the robbers at work on the safe
but astlrcy -were only using a flash
light they were unable to identify
them Lines then woke up Moses
ClufF at the Pima Hotel and secured
a 32 20 rifle He returned to the
store where he found Weech
stationed at a pillar in front and
Echols on the south side of building
Iving on the ground with a 30 30
rifle Lines went to the rear of the
About this time there was a third
explosion which was followed by a
shot shortly afterward fired by
Weech as he saw the men coming
out of the door The burglars were
out of the building by this time and
ran around the southeast corner
As they passed Sam Echols he fired
a shot from his 30 30 but failed to
get his man The burglars returned
the fire When they passed Lines
who was on the south of the build
ing he fired a shot and one of the
burglars returned the fire shooting
directly at Lines
The burglars continued on the
run up the street east of the store
and made good their escapo At
this time it was very dark and
stormy and later the rain came down
in torrents completely obliterating
the tracks of the men
Returning to the store an investi
gation revealed the fact that the
burglars had blown off the outer
and inner doors of the safe making
three explosions to accomplish the
opening of the safe
News of the robbery was phoned
to Sheriff Alger about 220 a m
The sheriff called up Deputies Lan
caster and McBride and Inspector
Nelse Wilson They started out
for Pima on horseback reaching
there about 500 a m They did
not meet anyone on the road to
The burglars left beh nd in the
store a small bottle of
also an empty phial which had
contained nitroglycerine a brace
and one bit was found on the out
side of the store near the door
which was evidently used to force
an entrance Another bit two wood
chisels a 12 inch pipe wrench and a
punch were found under the outer
door of the safe on the floor
The woik of the burglars was
very amateuiish and cannot be laid
to professional yeggman The of
ficers ate following up several clues
but so far no arrests have been
The Ladies Aid Society of the
Baptist Church held a business meet
ing at the home of Mrs J E Car
penter Wednesday afternoon There
were fourteen ladies present After
the business of the meeting was
transacted light refreshments vvere
served usuU
Judge W C McFarlanloFciif

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