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Christmas Parcels Can Be
Sent Through Mt Graham
Chapter A RC
No Parcel Will Be Accepted
Without Christmas
tBSS5 ii
The following communication
from T T Swift chairman Mt
Graham Chapter A R 0 gives
full instructions in regard to
ending Christmas parcels to
Our Boys in the army and
To Men in American Expedi
tionary Force Franca
1 Each soldier or other mem
ber of the American Expedition
ary Force in Europe will be al
lowed to receive ONE Christmas
Earcel for which purpose he will
e furnished through Army
channels a Christmas parcel
label bearing the correct name
and address of the soldier or
member and also the name of
the person designated to mail the
parcel The labels will be pre
pared to serve as address labels
for the parcels The label fur
nished each soldier or other
member of the American Ex
peditionary Force will be sent by
him to the person who is to mail
th a Christmas parcel No Christ
mas parcel for members of the
Expeditionary Forces in Europe
will be accepted for transmission
without such label
2- All Christmas parcels must
Se of standard size 8x4x9 inches
and ahall not exceed three pounds
-in weight when wrapped Car
tons of standard size will be fur-
nished by Mt Graham Chapter
and will be given out only upon
presentation of a Christmas par
cel label received from abroad
Friends and relatives should re
ceive these labels about Novem
ber 1st
3 The parcels must not con
tain prohibited or unbailable
articles Perishable food pro
ducts are not permitted
4 After the cartons have been
filled by the person who receives
them they should be returned to
the office of Theodore T Swift
Chairman Mt Graham Chapter
unwrapped where each parcel
will be carefully examined and
supervise its wrappings and the
affixing of the Christmas par
cel label and the necessary
postage stamps the latter to be
furnished by the sender of the
parcel When each parcel has
been examined and prepared for
transmission the Red Cross will
affix to each parcel a certificate
in the form of a seal showing
that the parcel had been inspect
ed and contains no prohibited or
unmailable matter
5 Parcels may bear inscrip
tions such as Please do not open
until Christmas Merry Christ
mas Happy New Year
With Best Wishes and the
like Put no writintr in the1
parcels -
6 Parcels must be mailed out
not later than November 20th to
insure arrival abroad
You will be fully advised as to
when cartons may be secured
and days packages will be re
ceived by the Chapter
To Officers and Men in the Navy
Parcels not exceeding twenty
pounds in weight for officers
and men in the United States
Naval Service in home waters or
abroad may be mailed at any
post office The parcel must bear
the name and address of the
sender in the upper left hand
corner of the address side and be
addressed in the following man
a Name of addressee in full
together with his rank or rating
b The designation of vessel
or station or naval base to which
addressee is attached
c Care of Supply Officer
Fleet Supply Base Twenty ninth
Street and Third Avenue Bush
Terminal Station Brooklyn New
d The words Christmas
Box or Christmas Present
Affix the required amount of
postage Each parcel must be
examined by the postmaster be
fore transmission
Thatcher People Oversub
scribe Their Allotment for
Liberty Bonds
Thatcher went over the top
in its subscription to the Fourth
Liberty Loan
The following list gives the
names of each persoh purchasing
bonds and the amount
Chloe C Luster 6000
Ed Carpenter 20000
Myrtle Cole 5000
Constance D Smith- 10000
T E Rose 6000
W A Posey 6000
Roy A Layton 10000
Nettie Phillips 10000
D D Phillips 10000
M Mickelson 10000
R W Fuller 10000
Andrew Kimball 10000
R G Layton 60000
Cleo Layton
Wm Olierton
Rudd Phillips
Orville Allen
P W Moody Jr
Mm Lottie Moody
D C Johnson
Chas A Boyle 10000
u r SKousen iuuuu
Fred Williams 20000
C A Allred 10000
Rube Fuller Jr 10000
J Hi Larson 26000
Ed C Dodge 6000
Velma Heywood 6000
Gila Academy 50000
Eugene Stowell 10000
Fletcher Tanner 100000
O M Allen 6000
A B Ballantyne -60000
J M Moody 5000
Mrs Willard Pace 10000
Bert Hoopes 75000
W W Pace 200000
Frank Tyler 100000
J D Lee
L R Pace
M Smith
Fitzhueh Lee Wells
Mrs Emma F Heywood
Albion Nutt
Dan Young
Mrs Cynthia Layton
Rosalyn Williams
Marion Lee
W E Posey
Sen Blake
ayola Nichols
A M farmer
Richard Layton Jr 50000
David P Kimball 5000
E J Allen 10000
H K Maxham - 6000
Mrs J M Talley 5000
Hyrum M Talley 5000
J H Porter 20000
E J Phillips 5000
Mrs Laura Daley 5000
J W Allred 10000
Chas A Seaman 6000
S B Curtis 10000
Mrs Arthusia Hoopes 6000
John M Allen 6000
Olive Nash 6000
Mrs J F Nash 6000
Erie Jacobson Hunt 5000
Percy Punt 6000
Herbert W John 5000
Mrs Wm John 5000
Seymour L John 5000
S J Sims 20000
Mrs Clara McBride 50000
T S Kimball 20000
Mrs F W Kimball 10000
Mrs S J Cheney 5000
Orhuido Jolley 10000
Thos Gardner 10000
W C Faulkner 5000
J A Wardlaw 20000
Mrs S J Sims 60000
Geo W Echols 10fc00
Emma Carpenter 10000
S V Pollock 5000
Elzy Damron 5000
Wm McRae 20000
Ross Fletcher 10000
Clyde Fletcher 10000
Mrs W H Claridge 10000
Wesley Taylor 10000
John Carpenter
John G Morris
Hebcr Maxham
W R Bingham
David S Jones
Spencer Kimball
H C Layton 10000
OscHr G Layton 10000
J D Sknggs 6000
C M Hendricks 10000
Nora Allen 5000
Mrs Augusta McRae 10000
Walter Layton 5000
Mrs S H Johnson 5000
Orson F Tyler 5000
D B Jones 6000
Macy Green 5l00
POPeterson 10000
Mrs Polley E Brown 5000
Geo H Killian 10000
C W Stone 10000
Mrs Jim Young 6000
F C Fisher Lumber Co 25000
Geo R Marteni Jr 5000
Wm Marteni 6000
Mathilda Mickelson 5000
Minnie Mickelson V 5000
Seth Hoopes 10000
RobertReed 5000
W Bill Moody 10000
JHmes Stowell 5000
Lorenzo Watson 5000
Orvill Larson 10000
Miles Reay 20000
C N Motes 10000
Roy Pace 5000
Anna Pace 5000
David T Hunt 5000
Nergo A Hunt 5000
Clark P Hunt 5000
Karl A Hunt 5000
Leu CHunt 6000
should be enclosed in Christmas
Parcels may bear inscription
such as Please do not open un
til Christmas Merry Christ
mas Happy Now Year With
Beat Wishes and the like also
the names and quantities of arti
W Mr yfjZsaitl JfcL 3
1 UK ty
11 n Ci
f 13 i 8 fe A
11 r bbbbbbbI
U bbbbbbbbV
fl it BflBIBflBflBflBflBflBa
BBBF ff fXVl
W mkffi fern
a bbbb
Gila Valley Bank and Trust Co
Safford Theatre
Morris Simon
Gila Valley Furniture Hardware Store
Safford Hay and Grain Co
Krupps Clothing Store
CrandalFs Pharmacy
Paul Brown
Safford Market
Pace Hardware Co
Solomon Commercial Co
Young and Ridgway
Wm C Faulkner
The Palms CafeMrs
Students Earn
Money for Bond
Thd 50000 Liberty Bond pur
chased by the Glia Academy at
Thatcher was bought with the
fundsarned and donated by the
studetjts These students have
their permanent residence in the
several communities of the coun
ty and the credit for the bond
should be given as follows
Thatcher 86 students 21600
Pima 40 students 10000
Central 19 students 4760
Glenbar 7 students 1750
Redland 2 students 500
Eden 12 students 3000
Bryce 4 students 1000
Hubbard 9 students 2250
Solomonville and Lone Star 13
students 3250
Safford 4 students 1000
Fort Thomas 4 students 1000
Total 50000
France is now a commissioned
officer having earned his com
mission at the Sammer Artillery
School Charles is a son of Mr
and Mrs Harry T Firth of Ara
vaipa and one of the popular
young men of Graham county
Erdine G Hunt
J A Duke
AlexC Hunt
Sarah A Hunt
Mrs Seth Fletcher
Frank Robinson
S C Bobinson
Frank V Beers i
J David Lee
Mrs H C Layton
Julio Ramiriz
Francisco Sninanjaga
Manuel SiimunioRO
Mrs J I Lee
A C Peterson
George Frank
Ed Hoopes
J W John
Ed John
J A Lowthinn
i Wallace Birham
cles unclosed tnornthir with such J D Younc Sr
Charles A Firth who entered it out drain and let it dry Do
service last spring and is now in not pile the wet wheat Stand
other marks or words as may be Hi ClaridKoj
necessary for purpose of de jinuTf Wanipier
dCriUtlOn Of the articles P U Sanchez
Christmas put eels for Naval Evans Coleman 10000
officers and men should be mailedi T- cie - gpo
as soon as possible so as to reach i Ahe7 l wloo
n IntnM - --
it out on a ooara wnere tne air
will circulate easily If desired
the dipped wheat can be planted
within thirty minutes
Be sure that you get 40 per
cent formalin do not let the
druggist pass anything else off
on you Measure your quantities
and do not guess at them if you
do you will either kill your wheat
or not kill the smut Put a
bushel in a sack and it will be
easily handled Use a burlap
Wheat dipped now and thor
oughly dried can be stored until
you are ready to plant
A B Ballantyne
County Agent
tt -
Major Sidney F Mashbir In
spector benerals Department
jt a
Does Such an
American Exist
Can there be any Ameri
can who is not doing all he
can to help win the war
Who pretends to believe
that we could have kept
Who whines or growls about the
little sacrifice he is asked to make
Who gets panicstricken and
thinks that it would be better to
compromise with the Hun and
listens to the serpent whisperings
of German propaganda
If such an American exists let
him realize what Germany has
done to Russia which gave in and
negotiated a cowardly peace
There is only one thing for us
all today and that is war to the
bitter endwar until the Hun is
utterly and completely destroyed
For those who cannot fight
LIBERTY BONDS are the best
possible weapons against the
Buy Liberty Bond Today
Any Bank WiU Htlp You
This Space ContribuUdto Winning th War by
Bank of Safford
Graham County Motor Co
Chas Byrsdorfer Jawelry Store
Safford Ice and Creamery Co
F B Jacobson
C 0 D Market
Whtye Cafe J Kajiwara Prop
American Billiard Parlor
F M Layton
The Palms
Citizens Bank Thatcher
Thatcher I and M Co Thatcher
Gila Valley Milling Company
J H Blair Mgr
Treat Your Wheat f or Smut
by Using Formula Given
by County Agent
Dont help the Germans by
planting wheat and harvesting
smut Dont proclaim to the
world that you are a lazy care
less farmer by planting untreated
wheat and getting as usual
The following is a sure pre
ventative Dissolve one pint of
40 per cent forrtialin in 40 gallons
of water best handled in a bar
rel Dip your wheat in this
completely covering it and let it
soak for two minutes Then take
Fire Works at the
Arizona State Fair
The glaring dazzling nights of
fireworks presenting the great
est show of its kind ever seen in
the southwest have been ar
ranged for the State Fair by Sec
retary Boyce of the Fair Commission-
Fair week is from No
vember 11th to 16th while Tues
day and Friday nights of that
week have been selected for the
fireworks display
The big event will be staged
by the Hitts Fireworks Company
of Seattle which is sufficient
proof that the show will be a
good one This concern had the
exclusive fireworks display for
the big San Francisco worlds
exposition and the program they
there presented is remembered
by all who saw it
Two separate and distinct pro
grams will be presented in Phoe
nix Tle first nights show will
be distinctly patriotic in its na
ture the unfurling of a gigantic
American flag of fireworks cov
ering 150 square feet being one
of the features that has brought
thousands of people to their feet
wherever the spectacle has been
presented A Message from
Mars is another big hit for the
first nights program this num
ber being dedicated to the late
Professor Lowell of the Flag
staff observatory
The second nights program
consists of a number of war
scenes the bombardment of Zee
brugge being the outstanding
feature This is said to be the
most spectacular pyrotechnic fea
ture ever presented in America
U S Army has been Dromoted Town Extension Canal Company
adjutant in addition to his are reminded that the assessment
ties as camp inspector Syracuse of 300 per share levied on Sep
Recruit Camp Syracuse N Y tember 20th will be delinquent
by order Lieut Col October 20th when penalty will
ter Effective October 8 1918 attach and water be withheld
major masiiDir is tne sonoi Mrs
Frieda Mashbir of Solomonville
No perishable food products i Bush Terminal Station not later Ijjpinley Sr sooo
Other than those in tin containers than November 15 1918 I E T Ulujn lWW I Buy War Savings Stamps
Extra Notice
The stockholders of the Layton
Rush payment
COCK Secretary
Buy War Savings Stamps
Territorial Library
Popular Arizona Congress
man Commissioned An
Honorable Carl Hayden mem
ber of concrress has been hon
ored with a commission of Major
jn the Uuited States Army Con
gressman Hayden applied to the
President a little over a year
ago for this commission and was
successful in securing it only a
few days ago
Copiei of Telegrams
Washington D C
October 8 1918
Hon Geo Babbitt
Chairman Democratic State
Central Committee
Phoenix Arizona
I regret intensely the unfair
and talse accusations that are
being made in the press and else
where against the patriotic rec
ord of Hon Carl Hayden This
wilful misrepresentation of his
record votes in congress is in
famous His specific answer to
every charge made by the Na
tional Security League of New
York will I trust be circulated
among the people of Arizona
and visit on this campaign of
misrepresentation the rebuke
that its gross slanders so richly
Hayden Has supported the
president in this war with fideli
ty and force This is no time to
elect a republican from Arizona
when democratic supremacy in
the House of Representatives is
seriously challenged especially
when a faithful and true repre
sentative must be sscrificed on
the altar of falsehood and deceit
Mark A -Smith
Washington D C
October 8 1918
Hon Geo Babbitt
Chairman Democratic State
Central Committee
Phoenix Arizona
I have known Carl Hayden in
timately during his six yearsk
service in congressr have served
on same committees with him
have lived in same hotels with
him He has honored Arizona
as Arizona has honored him
During this entire service Hay
den has been true to his presi
dent true to his State true to
his country true to his flag true
to the boys at the front He has
stood every test he has upheld
the hands of the President every
day President Wilson not only
desires but deserves the re-election
ef Hayden who will stand
by him who will sustain him
during the critical period after
the close of the worlds greatest
Scott Ferris
Chairman Democratic Con
gressional Committee
Washington D C
October 8 1918
Hon Geo Babbitt
Chairman Democratic State
Central Committee
Phoenix Arizona
Considering the immense bur
dens and enormous responsibili
ties resting upon the shoulders
of President Wilson a patriotic
citizenship should be willing that
the president should have mem
bers of congress in harmony and
sympathy with his views Rep
resentative Carl Hayden has been
a constant vigilant intelligent
and remarkably effective sup
porter of President Wilsons poli
cies Hayden has never flinched
or failed in any duty The next
House of Representatives may
have to do with the great task of
reconstruction and Haydens ex
perience is of immense value
not only to Arizona but to the
entire nation as well
Experience is all important
here in Washington Hayden
has membership on three of the
most important committees of
the House These valuable com
mittee assignments have placed
him in a stragetic position where
he is able to and does render ex
tremely valuable service to our
great Southwest Hayden has
superb moral courage is an able
resourceful industrious man and
no State has a more valuable
Henry F Ashurst
Apples for Sale
You can get fine apples at the
Fairview Fruit Farm 1J miles
west of Pima J H Mack
For Sale
Apple boxes at Faulkners
Lumber Yard
J G Morris
Thatcher See
Buy War Sayings Stamps
Nine Precincts In County
Have Reached Their
Drive Still On and Every Com
munity Is Urged To Go
Over the Top
Graliam county has not yet
reached itsquota of 15280000
Up to this morning 14670000
had been reported to Liberty
Loan Headquarters in Safford
It is hoped that by the close of
the drive on Saturday evening
the county will be entirely over
the top
We have partial reports from
every precinct in the county ex
cept Stanley and we have been
assured that the quota there will
be raised At least nine pre
cincts in the county hae reached
their allotment and of the five
that have not yet reported over
the top we feelkquite sure that
two and perhaps three will
make their quota It may be
that there will be two of the
precincts that will not quite
reach it though they are making
a strenuous effort Everyone in
terested in the drive throughout
the county is interested ip see
ing that the county as a whole
reaches its quota and it Is the
aim that those precincts which
reach their quota will have
enough over in order to make up
for any shortage that the other
precincts may have
This morning the standing of
the various precincts in the coun
ty was as follows
i - fr
Precinct Asaitmed
Safford 60300
Thatcher 20000
Pima 20000
ftolomonville 20000
Bonita Lompoc - Ga
lium 8000
Central 5000
Fort Thomas 4500
Klondyke 3500
Geronimo 3600
Eden 2500
Bryce 2000
Hubbard 1500
Lebanon Artesia 1000
Redland 500
Stanley 600
To Date
No report
Totals 152800 146350 -
They Grew Whiskers
and Hunted Turkeys
The merry bunch of nimrods
who left here several weeks ago
lor a two weeks outing on
Black river returned to their re
spective homes Friday
They report good sport fishing
for the festive trout and shooting
wild turkeys and were kept so
busy they did not take time to
shave as was evidenced by the
be whiskered face of our hon
orable mayor E W Clayton
when he arrived in town Friday
afternoon punching a pack horse
and not recognized by the citizens
Those in the party were Mayor
E W Clayton Ed Claridge
Edwin Moody Don Curtis Willis
Daly Dave Johnson Rube Fuller
and Alvin Bingham
7 7 Owens for
Supervisor Dist No 1
I have lived in Graham county
for thirty one years
I have been in business for
thirty years in Safford
I have been fairly successful
in business
I think I know what the peo
ple want in the way of Good
Roads and Economy so if you
want an Economical and Busi
ness Administration vote for
me Jh the 5th day of November
J T Owens
Phoenix Oct 1 At a meet
ing held Wednesday of the State
Fair Commission the Maricopa
County Medical Association and
representatives of twelve local
civic and commercial associations
it was unanimously decided to
postpone the State Fair from
November 11th to 16th to Decent
ber 2d to 9th This action was
taken because of prevalence
throughout the State of Spanish
Bar n Barbarism
by Buyi n g

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