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Devoted to the
Undivided Interests
of the Gilo
Pioneers Day will be observed
with a big celebration at Thatch
er Monday July 25th Every
body in the valley is invited to
come and have a good time
Every effort is being put forth
by the committees in charge to
make this one of the biggest and
best celebrations ever held in
Graham county
The opening event of the day
will be the pioneer parade which
will take place at 1000 oclock in
the morning The Pima Brass
Band will furnish the music
After the parade a literary
program will be given in the
grove This program will be
composed of music singing and
addresses in keeping with the
At noon the crowd will have
lunch on the grass There will
be plenty of shade and ice water
will be furnished free
The sports will begin at 200
oclock p m and handsome cash
prizes will be offered Some
thing interesting will be provided
for both old and young
There will be a championship
baseball game during the after
noon with a big purse to the
winning team
After the ball game there will
be broncho riding and horse
There will be a boxing contest
immediately after the races
Mullenax and Norton wiil box
ten rounds E Carnes and Young
Norton four rounds and Al
Mullenax and Damico Juarez
six rounds
In the evening there will be a
big dance and the music will be
furnished by the Happy Jack
No pains will be spared to
make the day an enjoyable one
and a fine time is assured to all
who attend
Drive for Membership
Auto Club of Arizona
Are you a member of the
Automobile Club of Arizona
This is the question put to 35000
car owners in this State by the
State wide organization which is
endeavoring to put Arizona on
the map as a good roads State
The drive for membership is
now on Each of the thirty rep
resentatives of the club have
been furnished membership ap
plicant blanks and these are now
ready for all comers on payment
of the annual dues of 1200
No entrance fee is required on
the first 1000 applications
Southern California has be
come justly famous throughout
the world for its wonderful sys
tem of highways and one of the
largest factors in developing this
system and calling attention to
it has been the automobile Club
of Southern California
Arizona can gain the same dis
tinction if the same boosting
methods are employed in this
State and hence the reason that
every progressive citizen of the
State is asked to get behind the
Automobile Club of Arizona by
taking out a membership
Information and service worth
many times the cost of member
ship will be tendered every mem
bor of the club In the first
place he will have at his com
mand the free advice of theclubs
legal department composed of
thirty leading attorney through
out the State in any matte
arising from the ownership of a
car In the second place he will
be provided with maps and toilr
ing information from time to
time bv the clubs local repre
sentatives upon application A
full supply of these maps have
been sent to the clubs represent
atives and are now ready for dis
One of these is a general road
map of the State another shows
the principal routes between Ari
zona points and Southern Cali
fornia together with tables of
distances another shows the
principal routes to El Paso and
points in Now Mexico Another
publication in loose leaf form
contains the maps of the main
routes in and out of the principal
cities of Arizona
In Phoenix membership cards
and full information may be ob
tained at the State headquarters
of the club located in the Cham
ber of Commerce building S
xnvl avenue and Adams street
Mr and Mrs Lester Boyle
Mr and Mrs W L Buffington
Mr and Mrs John Dodge Miss
Blanche Dodge and Miss Grace
Johnson left Sunday morning for
a few days outing at the 76
Ranch of Webb Boyle
Sunday afternoon little Eilaine
Crockett celebrated her fifth
birthday by entertaining about
twenty of her little girl friends
with a party The time was
spent in playing games and re
freshments of ice cream and
cake were served
Leslie Clawson of Tucson is
spending his vacation here vis
iting his brother Charles and
Tuesday the Bee Hive Girls
visited the homes of Mr and
Mrs Henry Lines Mr and Mrs
Joseph McFate Mr and Mrs
G B Maloy and Mrs Susan Sa
line carrying cheer to them and
also taking delicacies to these
G B Maloy and two children
Weldon and Hazel are slowly
recovering from severe cases of
typhoid fever
Pima will celebrate Pioneer
Day tonight by a free literary
and musical program in the pa
Sunday nicht about twenty
young people were entertained
at the home of Mr and Mrs
Sam Lines The evening was
spent in singing music and
games Refreshments of lemon
ade cookies ice cream and waf
ers were served
Little Katherine Cole returned
home Tuesday from Safford
a week at the home of her grand-
mutual itJia o r manguiii
Miss Edna Guff returnedhome
Wednesday from JMiami where
she spent the ppst ten days vis
iting her brother Leo and her
mother Mrs W D Cluff She
reports her mother slowly im
proving and able to be out of the
hospital again
Mrs J W Mattice and Mrs
Reece Green and children have
gone to the mountains for the
remainder of the summer
The friends of Mrs Ethel Cole
gave her a pleasant surprise
Tuesday evening the event be
ing her birthday The time was
spent playing games Refresh
ments of lemonade and cake
were served
Sam Echols and wife were
called to the bedside of their son
Ben Echols who is dangerously
ill at Safford
Ben Blake made a business trip
to Tucson and back this week
General School News
From the number of applica
tions coming into the office of
the county school superintendent
lately the trustees of the differ
ent districts need have no fear
of a teacher shortage this year
Most of the districts have em
ployed their teachers only about
one tenth of the teaching posi
tions now being vacant
The educational department of
the State has sent out a warning
to the employers of teachers to
be careful in the employment of
teachers as a number of teachers
are trying to secure positions in
Arizona whose past records are
not of a character to help build
up our school system
A large number of the clerks
of the boards of trustees have
brought their accounts and rec
ords to the county school super
intendent the past week to be
checked and balanced fpr the
year A great deal of credit is
due the clerks for the manner in
which they have kept their ac
counts and records during the
The trustees of Snfford district
after carefully studying the
financial condition of the school
have materially reduced the
amount of special tax to be levied
on the district for high school
purposes The special levy will
be about one half of the amount
asked for the previous year
During these times of financial
stress the taxpayers of the Saf
ford school district should give
their hearty support to the
trustees for their efforts
aider both the condition
school and to lighten the
of the taxpayer
to con
of the
F A Downs left Thursday for
Los Antreles Mrs Downs ex
pects to join him there in a short
Advertise jn Tub Guaudian
Little Baby Dies
from Skunk Bite
The little baby of Mr and Mrs
Ernest Shumway of Thatcher
who was so badly bitten by a
skunk about a month ago died
in El Paso Texas last Friday
The Shumways and a party of
friends were on their way to
St Johns Arizona and had
camped near Cooley for the
night The children had been
put to bed and the mother and
grandmother had been left with
them while the others went to
work on a car that had been
giving them trouble
Suddenly a scream was heard
from the baby and Mrs Morten
sen ran to it and saw a skunk
with its teeth and clawB sunk in
in the babys face and nose
Mrs Mortensen had to work for
several minutes before the skunk
was dragged off
The next morning the Shum
ways went to the nearest rail
road station and took the first
train for El Paso The baby
was given the Pasteur treatment
and was under the care of the
best physicians in that city but
did not respond to the treatment
The physicians were baffled as to
how to treat the child as they
had never given the treatment
to one so young On the 21st
day convulsions set in and death
came to relieve the little sufferer
The little body was brought to
Thatcher Saturday and funeral
services were held Sunday after
noon at 300 oclock in the
church Music was furnished
by the choirs from both the
Thatcher wards The speakers
were Professor Taylor President
John F Nash President Kim
ball and Professor Payne In
terment was made in the ceme
tery at Thatcher
Mr and Mrs Shumway have
the sympathy of everyone in
their bereavement
Come In The
Waters Fine
The use of water in the treat
ment of disease was well known
and practiced by the ancients
David speaks of the fountain of
life and Zaccharrias calls Christ
the healing founcain Four hun
dred years B C Hippocraes
who is called the Father of
Medicine employed it as did
most of the doctors Priessnitz
modernized the treatment in the
middle of the last century and
his patients from all over the
world became missionaries for
the method
Ordinary bath are very health
ful through their tonic and cir
culatory effect but medicated
waters are much more potent if
properly applied Probably the
most important element which
has been found in many hot
springs is radium lhiB rare
element has the unique faculty
of attacking diseased tissue three
times in preference to normal
tissue For this reason it is
successfully employed in the
treatment of gastric and intesti
nal troubles cataarh rheuma
tism and all kinds of inflamma
tions Its wonderful reconstruc
tive power is doubtless what led
one of the guests at the Indian
Hot Springs to call the Beauty
Springthe Fountain of Youth
Half the guests at the Indian
Hot Springs have been here be
fore Father Barette who has
probably built more churches
than any other priest in Arizona
was advised by his physician that
he give up the idea of being a
priest because he would never
live to practice his profession
He began treating himself in
natural hot springs and after
thirty three years of very active
life is building a new church at
Claypool Arizona and says he
is enjoying better health than
ever before He conjes to fhp
Springs fwice a year any js always
spirit shines through a wonqerr
fully kind face
Samuel Black more Is also a
frequent visitor He comes from
Tucson and says he is eighty
years young A blood pressure
of 118 rather refutes the rule of
the age plus 100 He could
easily pass for sixty five if he
cared to conceal his age which
he doesnt
We are gradually clearing the
pool of the moss which is no
small job If anyone will tell us
how to do it without injuring the
water we will call him blessed
Remember that hatha oro free
on Mondays nnd Fridays For a
suit and towel a charge of 25
cents will be made On other
days the bath alone is 25 cents
and suits also 25 cents It costs
25 cents to properly laundry and
disinfect a suit
Jerome Since his retirement
from the presidency Woodrow
Wilson is personally more popu
lar than he was at any time he
held that high office Wild dem
onstrations occur whenever he
appears in public
This isthe word brought direct
from Washington by Miss Dorothy
Averyt a clerk in the census
bureau who is spending a
months vacation at Clarksdale
Arizona with her parents Mr
and Mrs Flumerfelt after a
three years absence at the Na
tional capital
Grows More Popular
Mr Wilson is even more pop
ular today than he -was in the
early days of the war when he
was the idol of the American
people and the hope of the world
Miss Averyt stated to the Verde
Copper News He is again re
garded as one of the great men
of the age People in Washing
ton are amazed at the revulsion
of public sentiment from what it
was in tne final months of his
administration when he was the
object of so much criticism
Cannot Walk
Perhaps his physical condi
tion has something to do with
with winning him sympathy
He cannot walk and whenever
he appears he carries a cane and
is supported by an attendant
The people simply go wild at
the sight of him and the cheer
ing is deafening Policemen and
detectives have to protect Mr
Wilson from enthusiastic admir
ers who want to break in and
shake his hand
The budget for Graham county
for the fiscal year ending June
30 1922 has been completed
this week by Martin Layton
clerk of the board of supervisors
The general county fund levy
for last year was 61580 while
the levy for this year is 62585
showing an increase of 1000
Last years road fund levy
was 30000 and this yeaf3 levy
is 40000 but will probably be
reduced to 30000 the same as
last year
The estimated receipts of the
road fund for last year was 300
000 while this year the receipts
are 300300
The actual expenditures in the
school fund amounted to 132
10378 The estimated amount
for this year is 12536238 The
ampunt of estimated receipts is
48000 and the total amount to
be raised by direct taxation for
schools is 7036238
Lumber Cut for 1920
Same as in 1919
The 1920 lumber cut of the
United States varied little from
that of 1919 and the chances are
that it was less rather than great
er state officials of the Forest
Service United States Depart
ment of Agriculture This opin
ion is based gn reports received
from 927 large mills represent
Iflg abqut pne half of the annual
put of the Goiintry cpmpared
with reports from the same mills
In 1919 as reported to the Bu
reau of the Census The total
reported cut of these mills was
16709115 M feot in 1920 as
against 16254812 M feet during
1919 an increase of 34 per cent
A heavy increase in cut is re
ported from Washington Ore-
gon California Idaho and Mon
tana The New York cut also
t increased But there are indica
tions of a ten per cent decrease
jn the cut of the Lake States
nd npp a general falling off in
the production of southern pino
except In Georgia and South Car
lina On account of the unset
tled business conditions in 1920
it is impossible this year to draw
conclusions with confidence from
incomplete returns
Claimed by Death
After Long Illness
Mrs Helen Chapman died
Tuesday morning July 18th
after a lingering illness of more
than a year
She was forty nine years old
and came with her family from
Olvey Arkansas about two and
one half years ago She is sur
vived by six children who mourn
her loss They are Bert Ian
Willie Mrs Parley Stuart Miss
Opal and little Helen
Mrs Chapman was a Christian
woman and a kind and devoted
Her husband and a son have
passed away during the past two
years and it was their sickness
and grief for them that broke
her health
Funeral services were held at
the family home Tuesday after
noon at 600 oclock Bishop J
W Greenhalgh officiating and
the body was laid to rest beside
that of her husband and son in
Union cemetery
The family have the sympathy
of the community in their loss
Stan Curtis Presented
with 10 lb Baby Girl
Stanley Curtis assistant cash
ier of the Bank of Safford re
ceived a telegram Saturday an
nouncing the birth of a ten
pound baby daughter to him and
Mrs Curtis July 15th at San
Diego Cal
Mrs Curtis was formerly Miss
lone Layton daughter of Mr
and Mrs Chas M Layton who
have recently moved to San
Diego and at whose horqe she
now is visiting
The little one has been given
the name of Stana and mother
and daughter are doing nicely
but Stan is still up in the clouds
Leave for Grand Can
yon and California
Ray Foster and E E Cater
have given up their lease on the
auto repairing shop at the Chev
rolet garage and left Sunday
with their families for Los An
geles Cal The trip will be made
overland by way of Roosevelt
and the Grand Canyon and they
expect to be on the road about
two weeks Both families ex
pect to locate in Southern Cali
n i Mi
Birth Statistics for
Month of June
Following is the list of births
as reported to the State Board of
Health from Graham county
for the month of June 1921
Mobley boy James and
Mary L Jorden Mobley
Alviar girl Guallermo
and Menrietta Molina Alviar
Chestley boy E H
and Lucy Allen Chestley
Ortego girl J H and
A M Mantesen Ortego
Slawter girl J W
and Elenora Ruston Slawter
Allred girl N M and
Amanda Higgins Allred
Calvin girl Pablo and
Carolina Montez Calvin
Barney girl Arthur J
and Lucy A Jennings Barney
Packer Madena girl E H
and May B Brady Packer
Hernandep - boy Ar
neho and eun Borrega Hernan
Chlarson Marden Burns boy
Albert and Lucy Winson Chlar
Solinar Margarito girl George
and Carlota Cordero Solinar
Barney boy Geo D
and Delia Daley Barney
Layton boy Roy A
and Rebecca Claridge Layton
Richardspn boy Jasper
and Etta Gale Richardson
Eawen Clarence Lee boy
James W and Beulah Traylor
Blackburn Rulon Nathan boy
Nathan B and Lola Malice
Placencio girl Angel
and Crecencia VillalobeK Placen
Pollock -- boy Thos E
and Jennie M Bryce Pollock
Bryco -- Joseph w
and Nancy E Nelson Bryce
Allen uynel Eugene boy
John H and Rosetta Bledsoe
Denton girl Andrew
E and Creta Holcomb Denton
Jackson girl C B
and Ora Chamble Jackson
Dodge boy D A and
Alice Allred Dodge
Clawson Louiao girl Chas
M and Edna Allen Clawson
Allred girl Joseph W
and Maybell Hoopes Allred
Ochoba girl Frank
and Adcla Garcia Ochoda
Whitmer boy Elmer
stai Ubtm
rabam iuarratt
Mrs Lulu Damron is on the
sick list this week
Mrs Connie Matthews and
small daughter who have been
visiting in Miami for a month
returned home last Thursday
Mrs Christie Daugherty and
little son who have been visiting
in town for sometime returned
to their home in California last
Mrs Harry White and children
who have spent the past two
weeks in town visiting relatives
returned to their home in Clifton
Mr Chandler who has been
in Texas for sometime returned
home last week
Miss Margaret Kennett of
Globe is visiting at the home ef
her grandmother Mrs Knudson
Elzy Damron spent the week
end with his family in the Gra
ham mountains
Miss Eva Taylor of Virden is
visiting at the home of her par
ents Mr and Mrs Geo Hoopes
Truman Ferguson who has
been in the valley for sometime
left Wednesday morning for
Kentucky his former home
Mrs Alma Peterson and chil
dren who have been in Sholow
for two months returned home
Mrs Steve Campbell and baby
left Friday for Los Angeles Cal
to join Mr Campbell who is
employed there
Wayne Skousen spent the
week end with his family in the
Graham mountains
Orvil Allen who has been in
California for a month returned
home last week
Mrs Will Moody and family
who have been in Sholow for the
last two months returned home
last week
Mrs Blazzard is visiting rela
tives in Ashurst this week
A party was given at the home
of Mrs Hyrum Claridtre last
week by the West Ward Relief
Society The afternoon was
spent in games and other amuse
ments after which refreshments
of ice cream and cake were en
Regular Meeting of
American Legion
expect to attend the convention
and intend to boost for Safford
for the next convention
Pioneers Day at
Thatcher July 25th
Pioneers Day July 24th com
ing on Sunday will be celebrated
next Monday July 25th at
Thatcher A splendid literary
program parade athletic games
etc has been arranged by the
committee in charge
The people of Safford are cor
dially invited to participate in
the days festivities and everyone
assured a good time
K W Sloan
Picnic Party at
Flume Camp
A jolly picnic party motored to
the Flume Camp Sunday and
spent the day under the shade
Returning home in the late
afternoon the party decided to
finish up the days pleasure with
an evening picnic so they drove
to the foothills and spent a pleas
aht evening
Those enjoying the picnic were
C B Weaver Harry McCarroll
A E Denton Mr Oxnum E D
Householder and their families
Do You Need Glasses
If you do Ill be in Safford
Sunday and Monday July 24th
and 25th at the Hotel Olive
Come and see me have your
eyes tested and glasses fitted
Optomertrist and Optician
adv 24lt
Back the
Paper That Is
Backing You
The Swift Murphy Post of the
American Legion met in regular
A list of the most important
questions for immediate consid
eration concerning International
Relations prepared by a special
committee of the National Eco
nomic League was sent out on
Monday April 4th to be voted
upon by the members of its Na
tional Council The votes on
1003 of these ballots the returns
received to date from 48 States
are as follows
1 Should the United States
refrain from joining any associa
tion of nations
Yes 149 15 per cent No
823 82 per cent
2 Should the United States
enter the existing League of Na
tions with modifications in gen
eral such as were acceptable to
the Senate of the United States
Yes 657 65 per cent No
298 30 per cent
3 Should the United States
become a party to the Root
Phillimore permanent court of
international justice adopted by
the Assembly of the League at
Geneva and already referred to
member nations for ratification
The United States as one of
the States mentioned in the
annex to the Covenant of the
League is entitled to become a
party to the Court without being
a member of the League
Yes 840 84 per cent No 61
6 per cent
4 Should the United States
ratify the Versailles Treaty of
Peace with reservations
Yes 710 70 per cent No
227 23 per cent
business session Tuesday eve iioii 858 JLl
0TnmHoll o i UCI KCIIl
Town Hall
ning at the
Delegates were elected to at
tend the State convention of the
American Legion which meets
on the 8th 9th arid 10th of Au
gust at Prescott
The delegates elected are R
P Brooks Alex Bellman and
Bernard Fruedenthal The alter
nates elected are Graham
French Donald Swift and Max
Brenner All six of these men
If your answer is no
Should the United States
ceed independently to negotiate
a treaty of peace With Germany
Yes 177 No 41
5 Should the United States
repeal its war legislation
Yes 858 85 per cent No 38
4 per cent
6 Should the United States
take the initiative in summoning
a conference with Great Britain
and Japan for the limitation or
reduction of naval armaments
Both Houses of Congress in
the last session passed amend
ments to the Naval Appropria
tion Bill making such provision
but they did not become effective
owing to the failure of the bill
to become law
Yes per cent No
7 Should the United States
take the initiative in summoning
a general conference for the
limitation or reduction of land
Yes 836 83 per cent No
123 12 per cent
8 Should the United States
cancel the 10000000000 indebt
edness of the Allies to the United
Yes96 10 per cent No 853
85 per cent
a Should the United States
accept in payment of Belgiums
indebtedness to it Reparation
Bonds issued by Germany to
This proposal was transmit
ed to Congress on February 21
1921 in ordtr that suitable ac
tion may be taken at an appro
priate time as the result of an
agreement reached at the Paris
Conference in 1919
Yes 351 No 423
b Should the United States
make like provision for the in
debtedness of the other Allies
Yes 154 No 604
mi ww -
Haydn Music Club
Met Last Thursday
The Haydn Music Club com
posed of the music pupils of Mrs
E D Householder met Thurs
day afternoon at the Householder
In the five week practicing
contest Ruth Ridgway won first
prize and LaVine and Thelma
Campbell won second prize
T G Denton and wife came
up from Globe this week to visit
for a few days with their son
Andrew Denton manager of the
Ford Motor Co They left today
for Butte Montana to make
their future home
Mining Location Lode Claim
Blanks for sale at this office
Write me about your land mat
ters State Leases Homestead
Entries Joe Phillies 1535 est
Jackson St J Phoenix Arizona
E and Mildred Bigler Whitmer
24 tf

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