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Semi Weekly
W M Moore and Clyde W IJaras
Published Every Tuesday and Friday
Entered in the Postoffice Safford Arizona as S ccond
Class Mail Matter
Year in Advance 200
Address all Communications to
Wc laugh at the millionaires when thcv waste their
time and energy gathering automobiles yachts diamonds
and other luxuries and then never use them They seem
to be satisfied because they have what they want As a
matter of fact they have what they dont want But they
find enjoyment in the battle for possession Come to
think of it were all about alike The greatest possession
of hunanity are high principle and ideals but there are
bunches of us that have both and never use either of them
Dormant aspirations have no more value than dead sea
fruit One kind act a day actually performed one thought
translated into accomplishment helps the world along
but unused principles just clog lip the wheels What
kindly act shall we do today
The old time way of regarding a fire was that the owner
of a burned building is tho victim of misfortune and if
entitled to public sympathy But many owners neglect
reasonable fire precaution so that a blaze may start
through their own carelessness In such cases t ey a it
not entitled to much pity
Many places are proving that the tremendous fire los
that helps waste the resources of the country can he
largely checked In Indianapolis for instance they
have had a fire prevention campaign and the fire los
was cut in 10 recent months from 1500000 to 900000
This was accomplished by securing the pledges of 40000
people to co operate in removing hazards also by speech
es delivered in civic meetings printing of fire prevention
literature in the newspapers etc The greater part of thr
fire loss of Safford could be wiped out if the public would
co operate heartily
A quite delicate community problem is created by nglj
buildings Most cities and towns have their share o
this type They often stand in conspicuous positions nen
motor routes or railroad lines They impress themselves
on visitors and give strangers the -idea that they are ei
tcring an ugly town
Some of these structures arc simply dingy and need
coat of paint An attractive color would work wonder
and would turn a decadent and dingy appearing neigh
borhood into one that looks alive and hopeful
In others the structure is rickety and tumble down and
needs either thoroughgoing repairs or else to be removed
altogether Yet the people who own such properties show
no sign of improving them and are not likely to do so of
their own accord
It seems as if the community had some rights in the
matter It is not fair that a pall of dinginess should be
thrown over a whole neighborhood and the appearance
of a whole town prejudiced by the lack of enterprise and
neatness of some person
Public sentiment has not yet reached the point vvlier
it would compel such an owner to improve his property
It may come to that some day But it would seem as if
some civic or business organizations shpuld remonstrate
with such a citizen and show him plainly that his neglect
ful sflirit is a damage to the entire community It should
be urged that an owner injures his own interest when he
allows run down buildings to stand unimproved and that
he could get a better return on them if he would brighten
them up or remove them and put up something worth
while jj
The most useful of all libraries is a mans thinkery
Forget it The other fellow can growl for both of you
Silence is golden when the other fellow has the longest
Keep a stiff upper lip Drooping ones are not becoming
We arise to remark that it is often safer to remain seat
ed AW
It is a waste of energy for some people to say they cant
It is a self evident fact
Keeping our best foot forward may be good advice
but it is a difficult method of progressing
We agree with the ministry thai jazz is immoral
Otherwise it would not be so popular
1 1 s a fact The more we do the more we can do and the
less Ave want to do
The thief in the night is becoming a back number
Most of them arc now pulled off in daylight
Now that Hollywood has itself on the map it
I has our permission to fumigate and take a bath
Asan evidence of our extreme courtesy we continue lo
call them courts of justice
The world is full of beautiful women but it is difficult
to get two of them to agree upon any one
And still the movie stars are not all bad Some of
them would just like to be
The only thing that is worse than a Hat joke is one thai
is flatter
At least one thing can be said in favor of bootleg
booze It is seldom found in dirty bootlegs
The Guardian Covers the Gila Valley Like the Sunshine
i i
Douglas Lamoroaux who has beon
in Miami for tho liast two weeks ro
turned homo Wednesday
Mrs Fay Wassem and children
loft Monday for Los Angeles Cal I
whoro they will Join Mr Wassem who
la employed thoro
Selman Chlarson who has been
very HI for tho past month Is able
to resume her school wqrk
Mr and Mrs J R Young made a
business trip to Olobo Monday re
turning homo Tuesday
Mr and Mrs J P Weathersby of
Klondyko wore visitors In town Mon
day and Tuesday
Mrs Claude Drown who has been
visiting her parents In Duncan tho
past threo weoks returned homo last
Mr James Young is on the sick list
this wook
Josoph Wolker who has been in
ovn the past month returned to
his homo in California ono day last
Tho faculty of the public school pre
sented the play The American Cltl
en at tho Amusemont Hall Tuos
lay night This play was enjoyed by
a largo crowd of town people
Founders Day at the College will
be observed March 10th the public
icing invited to attend
Tho basket ball team returned
ome from Tuison Sunday They
von second place In tho tournament
it Tucson although they did not win
the championship they did some ex
cellent playing and won second place
Llttlo Miss Jack Wassem enter
allied a number of her little friends
aturday with a party The afternoon
as spent In playing games Dainty
efresbments of cake and punch were
Goo Echols has a new lighting sys
em Installed In his confectionery
Mr and Mrs Reginald Drlmhall of
lesa were visitors In town last week
Mrs Edna Slsslons and children of
Usbee werevlsltors In own last week
Mrs Bailoy Woods and Mrs Ver
1011 McEuen left Wednesday for Los
ngeles California where they will
oln their husbands who are employ
d there
Mr Geo Echols and Pros Creer
vho attended the tournament at Tuc
lon returned home Sunday
Tho small son of Mr and Mrs Wal
ace Jenkins Is very ill with scarlet
Hugh Pace who is a member of tho
allege basket ball team was chosen
is a member of tho -State team
Mrs Rebecca Richardson left last
veek for Duncan to visit with her
daughter Mrs Carl Donaldson
FOR SALE Babys wicker sulkoy
-heap Mrs W L Stllos 8 2t
FOR KENT Housekeeping rboms
drs W D French 8 tf
If you want toTuy a goodfaFrn
close to town boo Austin Evans 1 Stp
KOil RENT Five room apartments
screen porches modorn conveniences
j2500 per month Also ono ten room
apartment modern 3000 per mouth
Rtcolleut shade and closo in For
particulars seo Mrs Alice Wordon
at tho olTlco of Tho Arizona Title and
Abstract Co or telephone 73 C tfc
For Sale Modern apartment house
cheap Ground worth tho money
Inquire at oftlco of Arizona Tltlo
Abstract Company tolophono 730tfc
FORSALR Alfalfaseedrcall at
Dr Williams Also 4 acros for rout
IVi miles west of town 6 4tp
UAROAINS In lumber mill wood and
edgings at Flume Camp Gila Lumb
or and Milling Co 45 tf
i loom adobo house good repair
host location closo In 260000
Good cow ranch 11500000 Terms
Ruslnoss lot 160000
Rosldont lots 10000 and up
Some good farms priced low easy
terms It will pay to seo us
Arizona Title and
Abstract Company
J M WILSON Manager
hogs of the same size and color In
George A Matthews and J E Follett
Under and by vlrtuo of an order
of sale and decreo of Hen issued out
of the Superior Court of the County
of Graham State of Arizona on the
16th day ot February 1322 in the
abovo entitled action wherolu tho
above named plaintiff Lee Aruott
obtained a judgment against tho
above named defendants Georgo A
Matthews and J K Follett for tho
sum ot 81248 and interest on said
sum at rato of 6 por cent per annum
from dato or said judgment and a
decree foreclosing an attachment
lien on tho premises hereinafter de
scribed which said judgment was on
tho 20th day of January 1922- record
ed in the Judgment Dook ot said
Court at pago 111 112 1 am command
ed to sell all thoso certain pieces lots
and parcels of land situate lylug
and being In tho county of Graham
State of Arlzoua bounded and do
scribed as follows to wlt
Tho Northeast one fourth i of
tho Northwest ono fourth U and
tho Northwest ono fourth M of tho
Northeast ouo fourth of Sec
tion twenty five 25 Township flvo
5 South Range twentythroo 23
East of tho Gila and Salt Rlvor Baso
and Morirlan in Graham County Ari
Also Tho East one half of tho
Southeast one fourth W of tho
Northeast one fourth 04 of Section
twonty flvo 25 Township flvo 5
South Rango twenty threo 23 East
of tho Gila and Salt River Daso and
Meridian in Graham County Arizona
Also Tho Southwest ono fourth
M of tho Northwest one fourth
vvfM m wwwwPjWHyyqf
Pretty Theresa Katona of Brooklyn N Y offers herself in mar
riage for 1000 the money to aid Jier father mother and six small
brothers and sisters the latter all under- 15 years of age The father
is ill and out of work Theresas only qualifications for a husband
other than the 1000 are that he be heaUhy and a Christian She
agrcesjto wed on her 19th birthday November 28 this year
l - - i i
rarm oureau news
Sometime ago the County Agricul
tural Agent attempted to lanuch a
campaign for the standardization of
breeds of live stock throughout the
county The great difficulty In secur
ing suitable dairy sires in securing
breed desired by majority 29 No of
farmers not willing to adopt breed
desired by majority 7 No farm
ers falling to answer questions 11
No farmers who prefer Jersey breed
16 No of farmers who prefer Hoi
stein breed 19 No of farmers who
prefer Gueensoy breed 7 No of
farmers who prefer Durham breed 2
No of farmers reporting 41 No
car lots for advantageous marketing 1 0f chickens owned by farmers report
and In securing uniform eggs In suf
ficient quantities to be a factor on the
market Influenced the County Agri
cultural Agent to Initiate this cam
paign for the adoption of domlnent
breeders of dairy cattle hogs and
poultry Accordingly a questionalre
with explanatory lettor was sent o
all farmers In tho county Tho In
formation sought was the number of
live stock owned by each farmer by
breeds the farmers breed pret
ence and whether or not the farmer
would be willing to adopt this breed
perferred b ythe majority about
475 of these quostlonalres and letters
were sent to farmers In all parts of
tho county and only 47 replies have
been received which number natural
ly was not sufficient for arriving at
any general conclusion as to the breed
preference Tho summary of tho in
formation collected follows
No farmers reporting 47 No of
cows owned by fanners reporting
Jersoy 147 Holstein 220 Guernsey
31 Durhams 22 Total 420
No of farmers willing to adopt
i OricULuaUMt Or- lilm
In tho Court of tne Stato
of Arizona in una for tho county ot
neo Arnett Plaintiff
Ing White Leghorns 1835 Brown
Leghorns 362 Rhode Island Red 465
Barred Plymouth Rocks 220 Buff
Plymouth Rocks 00 White Plymouth
Ricks 00 White Wyondottes 12
Mlnorcas 100 Ttoal 2994
No of farmers willing to adopt
breed desired by majority 30 No
of Section thirty 30 Township flvo
5 South Itano twenty four East
Gila and Salt River Ba3o and Meri
dian in Graham County Arizona
Also Tho West one half of
the West one half V4 of tho North
west one fourth of the Northwest ono
fourth Vi of Section ton 10 Town
ship six 6 south Range twenty four
24 East of Gila and Salt River Base
and Meridian in Graham County Ari
Also Lot Six 6 and Sovon 7
and tho North one half of the
Southwest ono fourth 04 of Section
Four 4 Township Six 6 South
Rango Twenty four 21 East of Gila
and Salt River Baso and Meridian in
Graham County Arizona
Notice is horeby given that on
Thursday the 16th day of March 1922
at ten oclock A W or mat day I
will in obedience to said cTuor of salo
and decreo of foreclosure sell the
above described property or so much
thereof as may bo necessary to satis
fy plaintiffs judgment with interest
thereon and costs to tho highest and
best bidder for cash In lawful mon
oy of tho United States
Dated this 21st day of February
Sheriff ot Graham County Arizona
By J W Manfeun
First pnbllcatlon Feb 21 1922
Last publication March 7 1922
Notice is hereby glvon that tho
undersigned Assignee of Larson
Brothers will on the 18th day of
March A D 1922 offer for salo and
sell to the highest bidder for cash all
tho right title and Interest ot tho
said Larson Brothers a partnership
In and to that certain stock of
chamllso consisting principally of
dry goods and groceries togother
with any and all flxturesrns well as
any and all right tltlo and Interest
of tho said Larson Brothers In and
to all roal estato all of which prop
erty is located at Glenbar County of
Grithnm Stato of Arizona and all of
which property will bo sold in bulk
That bids upon said proporty will
bo accepted up to and Including two
oclock p m of said 18th day of
March A D 1922 and said salo will
bo mado at said timo at the front door
of tho store building of said Larson
Brothers at tho said town of Glen
bar County of Graham Stato of Ari
zona of which any and all persona
Interested will pleaso tako notlco
Dated thlstho 6th day of Mnrch A
D 1922
First publication March 7 1922
Last publication March 10 1922
Safford Arizona Friday March 10 1922
ot farmers not willing to adoDbreed
deslrod by majority 2 No of farm
ers falling to answer quesCloii 12
No of farmers who profer White Leg
horns 16 No of farmers who pre
fer Brown Leghorns 6 No of farm
ers who prefer Rhodo Island Reds
10 No of farmers who prefer Bar
red Plymouth Rocks 3 No of f arm
ors wro prefer Buff Plymouth Rocks
00 No of farmers who prefer White
Plymouth Rocks 1 No of farmers
who prefer White Wyandottes 1
No of farmers who prefer Mlnorcas
No of farmers reporting 36 No
hogs owned by these farmers
oc Jersey 275 Poland China 67
Chester White 4 Berkshire 00 Tot
al 346
No of farmers willing to adopt
breed desired by majority 32 No of
farmers not willing to adopt breed
desired by majority 2 No of farm
ers falling to answer question 2
No of farmers who prefer Duroc Jer
sey breed 17 No of farmers who pre
for Poland China breed 13 No of
farmers who prefer Berkshire breed
5 No of farmers who prefer Chester
White breed 3
It will bo noted In the case of dairy
cattle 16 farmers prefer the Jersey
while 19 prefer Holstein Practically
all farmers who expressed a prefer
ence for Jerseys are located in that
section of the valley abovo Thatcher
while practically all those who pre
fer Holstein live in that section of
the county below Thatcher
In tho case of hogs and poultry
thoro was great difference of opinion
In all sections of the county as to
what breeds are most desirable
It Is to be regretted that more farm
ers did not reply so that somp pro
gress could be made In this work
which is very essential if tho farm
livestock business of the valley Is to
bo put on a profitable basis
In tho Superior Court of Graham
County State ot Arizona
Tho Gila Valley Bank and TniBt
Company a Corporation Plaintiff
liWitifi fTJBJityCe
Action brought In the Superior
Court of the County ot Qrafiam State
of Arizona J
Tho State ot Arizona sends Greet
ings to Geo rA Matthews and X J
- k
You arc horeby summoned and requested-
to appparin an action
brought against you by tho above
named plaintiff and answer the com
plaint filed with the clerk of the
abovo cntitled Cuurt at Safford in
the County ot Graham State of Ari
zona within twenty 20 days ex
clusive of tho day of service after the
service upon you of this Summonsk If
served in this county la all other
cases twenty days
You are hereby notified that If you
fall to appear and answer the com
plaint as required by law Judgment
by default will be taken against you
Given under my hand and Seal of
the Superior Court affixed hereto at
Safford this 20th day of February
4 4t
16 Shares Con
solidated -Canal
Bank of Safford
Next Door Ford Garage
Safford Arizona
Thrift no less than earning nowar fs an imp6ffas
factor in these constructive times - - - s
Dont be miserly but avoid extra -above
all put your v
or invest it wisely keep it in circulation
- -X
By so doing 3ou stimulate business v
Thrift and persevering effort may be your partin
helping to build the PROSPERITY OF TODAY
Homo Burnt and
Cement Brick
Complete Mill and
Carpenter Shop
itimate Furnlthed on Electrical and Constructional Steel Work
By the Pound or Box

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