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Jaa much taxes d as we shout
There Is great need of collecting
money from estates from thoso poo
pie now absent from the stato or hore
who have been blessod and havo
amassed fortunes In Arizona I trust
this bill will not be destroyed
noprcsentlve Kimball Pima coun
ty made a motion that carried to
I amend so that the Hen aftor death
Republicans ropullatod Campboll shall be one year Instead of six years
supportors In the sonate committee of
the whole today and assisted by a
solid line of democrats voted down
two motions to amend the bank code
bill Both motions wore put by Presl
dent Wilkinson
The first motion was to strlko a re
cently Included amendment to the bill
providing that the superintendent of
banks shall be appointed to hold omco
only until January 15 1923 or when
a new governor probably jrould be in
omce The original bill drawn by
Auditor Fairfield republican read that
the superintendent should be appoint
ed tor four years beginning July 1
1922 It was stated on the floor that
insofar as the term was for four years
It was only right that the first super
intendent hold office for a short time
that in Justice to all parties tho four
year term should begin January IS
President Wilkinson charged that
the amendment was purely political
and that he would take his stand for
the governor and administration Ho
Is Voted Down
After his motion to strike was lost
he moved for the removal of the emer
gency clause from the bill This mo
tion was lost by the same vote as the
first one Tho voto on each motion
was 8 yes 10 no as follows Yes
Goodell Hedrlck Larson Saundors
Scott Stoddard Woodward Wilkin
son all republicans No Burton re
publican Claypool Cull Curtln Eddy
Elliott Linos McMlllin all democrats
Morgan republican Sims democrat
Burton and Morgau both are from
Yavapai the governors home county
The bill went over for consideration
inthoi commlttee of tho whole later
The bill has been amended and re
turned from the style and revision
committee many times The bill is
said to contain little of its original
except that a superintendent at 5000
a year shall bo appointed
Memorial Adopted
The senate adopted a memorial to
congress asking passage of tho
education bill providing
100000000 to be used In the states
for tho education of Illiterates The
house later adopted the memorial
The governor sent notice that he
had signed H B No 17 to transfer
from the Maricopa county road fund
125000 to the Cave Creek control
The general meeting of the
Womans Club was held In tho club
room at the court house Frimy ift
ernoon with tho president Mis D
Scott Schenck presiding
The pppolntment of the dele jutMf
to tho State Federation of Womans
Cl which will be hold at K uman
AiJona on April Gth 7th anl Sth
wa the only business of import wc
to Cive before the meeting
Those appointed as deloatof aie
Mrs F L Ginter Dr Maud Caillon
Mrs Joo Dial Mrs Ph Freudenthal
and Mrs E S Wlckersham who lici
in Needles California but whoso
membership Is still with the Safford
club Tho president Mrs Schenck
will also attend
Aftor tho close of the business scs
slon the meeting was given over to
the economic department with tho
chairman Mrs C F Brandt Jn
charge An Interesting program of
Irish songs and stories was given
Several Irish solos were sung by Mrs
J A McNeil and H L Payne and C
LS Mclllwaine gave soveral Irish leg-
onds Including that of tho Blarney
At tho conclusion of the program a
light lunch of greon and white sand
wiches and tea was served by the
mombers of the oconomic department
Tho following letter received from
Mayor K W Sloan will bo of Interest
toour readers
Tho Graham Guardian
Safford Arizona
You will bo called upon to print tho
ballots or ticket for the primary elec
tion to be held in the town of Safford
on tho 11th day of April 1922
In case my name is handed in as
one of the nominees I will ask that
you kindly ignore nnd do not put it
on tho ticket as I marked across the
paper that was filed nominating mo
Thanking the signers of this nomin
ating paper but must respectfully de
cline the nomination
Yesterday tho 20th I believe was the
last dny In which nominations for tho
primary could bo made and I thank
The sonate killed Senate Bill No 23 tho following havo been properly nom-
1 fltmllcntft nf nlil Tlnnno Will M fit lliated
by postponing It indefinitely Hi com
panion S B No 31 died today bo
Ctrs the time limit for reconsidera
tion of avote taken two days ago ex
pired When the bill was voted dewn
Sonator Eddy changed his voto fov the
purpose of re consideration Jut he let
the bill go
In the House
The house unanimously concurred In
slight senate amendments to II B No
- 2 restoring competitive bidding in
paving and transmitted the bill to the
The house committee of the wholo
considered tho Larson inheritance tax
bill 9 B No 8 as amended Judgo
Phillips representative from Maricopa
county championed the bill saying
This bill Is patterned aftor the Wis
consin law Arizona collects the small
est amount of Inheritance tax of tho
states of the nation Herbert Hoover
said the other night he saw no relief
from hoavy taxation for years to come
Wo nre greatly In ncod of money and
should gather taxes from every possi
ble source Arizona Is one of tho rich
est states in tho nation It only nf
focts thoso who lmvo a consldernblo
amount of money Forty per cent of
tho taxes of Maricopa county havo not
been paid Many farmors lost all tlioy
had We have been trying to run tho
stato government without collecting
OBryan Ginter Traynor Du Bois
Lansdon Waughtol McCarroll Stan
Crandnll Eaklu
Vory respectfully
K AV Sloan
Tho regular meeting of tho Baptist
Ladles Aid Society will be hold at the
church tomorrow nfternoon All
members are urged to be present
fMM tfw -
Mr and Mrs H J Dow die and Mr
nnd Mrs Clarence Dowdlc camo over
last evening from Klondyke to visit
relatives and attend the luncheon
given today by Mosdames Prina and
New Head of Government Saving System
A parents and teachers meeting of
the Redland school district was held
In that place Thursday evenlug and
was well attended An interesting
program wsa given Dr Haines and
Prof Croor of the Gila NormnT Col
lege were tho principal speakers
r ismmiWKWwm - paiM m
ymmwum3imtZwMmni i
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fi MSxt t ft JbS T m F
- --1-
First Picture of Princess Marys Wedding
Shown above is the first photograph to reach the United States picturing the wedding of Princes
Mary to Lord Lascclles in Westminster Abbey London Members of the Royal family arc shown at the right
Arrow indicates Lord Lascelles and Princess Mary taking the wedding vows
Tho town council met in regular
session last night with the following
members present Mayor K W
Sloan F L Ginier ana D L Ridgway
mombers and B F Foster town
Petitions for nominations of can
didates for election nt the primary
lor members of the common council
to be held ou Tuesday April 11th
were filed by the following persons
Stan Cradall Fied Waughtol M E
OBryan F L Ginter It D LanBden
II D Du Bois Jim Traynor Harry Mc
Carroll F L Eakln aud K W Sloan
K W Sloan has declined to accept
the nomination but thanks his many
friends for their appreciation of his
The printing of tho ballots notices
and other election supplies were order
ed done by The Guardian
Street Superintendent B F Foster
was ordered to grade nnd gravel tho
stieet passing by tho Jack Freeman
rosidenco aud tho property recently
purchased by F L John near the Free
man property and work will begin im
Building permits wcro granted to
C M Dinkworth to rebuild and repair
tho pioporty recently vacated by the
Gila Valley Bakery Clarence Foote
to erect abulldlng 22x24 feet near tho
town hall the building to be construct
ed of steel lath and cement to George
Marshall to place a bill board 9x27
feet on tho Ijams property opposite
the town hall
Thoro being no further business to
come before tho council it adjourned
until tho noxf regularmoetlng which
will bo In April
A meeting of the business men of
the town was called yesterday morn
ing by R A Armstrong president of
the Chamber of Commerce for the
purpose of appointing a committee to
attend a meeting of the corporation
commission being hold at Pima today
and enter protest against a toll charge 0n Thursdy last week there
being mado by die Mt States arrved n Clifton a corps of Forest
phone Co for service between Pima HShway Engineers under the Fed
and Safford Some time ago the oral Department of Public Roads
pie or Pima asked for a twenty four from tho Albuquerque offlce who
hour telephone service which the wl havo chnre of the engineering
company cannot give with out work on tho flnal link ln the Clifton
ing a charge Heretofore no charge Springerville Highway through the
has been made for service between Anacne National Forest a distance of
these two towns forty miles
R S Black of tho contracting firm
will bo in charge of the construction
nnd the time limit for the completl6n
of tho forty four miles Is four hun
dred working days Mr Black Is
confident that the highway will be
completed within the specified time
and it is the present plan tp begin
construction at both ends of the link
The first part of the construction In
Prof Doan rendered several selpc ltho vicinity pf Rose Peak will be
tions on tho violin and Mrs Dean sang heavy rock work but tho work on the
a number of beautiful solos Supt major portion of the new link will bo
Heywood states that the Redland done with teams Approximately forty
trict has dono a great amount of com- men will be employed in the begin-
munlty work this year
Superior couit convened Monday
moining at 900 oclock with Judge
Fianklln B Lainc of Clifton presiding
and the jury in attendance Tho Fra
lick case was the first ono called and
after tho argument of soveral legal
points the list of jurymen was ex
hausted and tho court issued n spe
cial venire to secure jurymen for this
At eleven oclock court adjourned
until late in the afternoon and at that
time a now jury was secured after
nlng and the wages paid will bo the
prevailing industrial wages of the
district for similar work
The Cllfton Springerville Forest
Highway upon which construction of
tho last link is about to be started
had Its inception about six years ago
following tho passage of a law through
Congress providing for co operative
construction between communities
and tho forestry department Tho
Clifton Springorville Highway was
tho first project authorised under
this bill and the first survey of the
route was made five years ngo
road has been completed a distance of
forty miles from Clifton Into tho
forest nnd the present link about to
bo started will complete it to a con
nection with Springerville
Leaving Clifton tho highway winds
its way through Chaso Creok Canyon
with scenery unsurpassed in the state
outside of tho Grand Canyon The
pino belt is reached at Pino Flat and
which the court adjourned until 000 from then on tho road traverses the
oclock this morning beautiful and picturesque Apache
Tho first matter taken up this morn- National forest Tho Clifton Spring
ing was tho caso in which Webb and ervllle Highway will prove nn
Boylo Issued an injunction against tlve route to tourist and In addition
Follett rognrdlug somo cattle This will nrovMo tho socond north and
case was continued until tomorrow en tb Intrastate highway
morning and tho Fralick case was re-
stimcd The jury was called and six MAKES INSPECTION OF COTTON
or seven witnesses from Ft Grant Dr Thos H Haines inspector of
wore sworn in and tho taking of mental hygolne In tho public schools
niony began which will occupy the re- of Arizona was In tho valloy tho lat-
malnder of tho day Tho defendant ter part of last week and ln company
Is represented by Attorneys W K JDial with County School Superintendent
and W L Johnson
I Thlscaso Is ono In which George
Fralick an luniato of tho Industrial
school at Ft Grant is chnrged with
of tho head with an ax which restated
In his death
Heywood made a mental hygelno
voy of tho school children of Graham
county Dr Haines a working under
an act of tho legislature of 1921 which
tho miirdur of Waller Layton an of- provides for intelligence tests being
fleer of tho institution The crime mndo In tho public schools tho coin-
was committed on the 27th of hist Dc
combor and was dono by young
ponsation for which Is provided by tho
Rockefellow foundation fund Dr
llrlt who la n boy n1out 18 years of HiUnoB accompanied by Mrs Haines I
hko striking Mr I aton on tho back left on tho afternoon train for Globe
wtiere he wilt make an examination
of the schools of Gila county
wtuwiiMwwpi ijiiothi m t
The largest audience that has been
in attendance at any of the evange
listic services that have been held in
the Methodist church during the last
two weeks was present Sunday even
ing when W E Hawkins who has
been conducting the meetings preach
ed his farewell sermon the subject
being Where Do We Go from Here
An alt day service was held Sunday
and at noon time lunch was served in
tho basement of the church to all
those who desired to remain for the
afternoon meeting which began at
At the morning service Rev Hawk
Ins spoke on the subject of Deng a
Giant for God and at the afternoon
meeting his subject was How to
Know Gods Will which was follow
ed by a praise service
Upon the conclusion of the services
in the morning twenty two new mem
bers were reclved Into the church
aome by baptism and othcrsby letters
from different churches Three of the
applicants desired to be baptised by
ommersion and Immediately follow
ing ftio afternoon meeting the con
gregation went to the Baptist church
where tho ordnance was conferred
upon them
Throughout tho entire series of
meetings tho services have been well
attended and deeply interesting The
singing by the congregation and the
two choirs during the first part of each
meeting was an enjoyable feature
Much of tho success of the revival
has been due to the hearty coopera
tion of Rev L R Carter pastor of the
Baptist church and the members of
his congregation who dispensed with
all services at his church in order that
they might attend and assist in the
The final rehearsal for the big cir
cus that is to be given In Briers Hall
Friday night was held last evening
and It was found that all the actresses
aud wild animals were In fine trim
for the big performance which will
bo nnder the general supervision of
the manager Mrs F L Ginter and
the ringmistress Mrs D Scott
Schenck who will head the prade
with tho Prima donna Mrs J A Mc-
Ncal The Rube band will render the
music for tho diffrent wild animal
stunts which will Include dances by
the elephants bears and other beasts
from the Jungles and tho dcop blue
sea Some of the special features will
includo a special stunt by the tame
seal and two beautiful solo dances
by litte Josephine Dial and Evelyn
Tlj tVta fnia t V i anin nf Inst tvA
The Ul
cako pie red lemonade craccrjack
and noveltlos will be provided
This performance is being given
for the benefit of tho womans Club
and should bo well patronized by
the people Admission will bo 25
cents to both old and young
New Portrait of
John D
is V Ji C v si
This is ft new exclusive and one
of the few poied portraits of John
D Rockefeller reputed the worlds
richest man and founder of the
Standard Oil Company
Wiar v
At the Illiteracy Conference of the
Western States held under the auB
pices of the Illiteracy Commission ot
the National Education Association at
the Fairmont Hotel In San Francisco
February 3 and i 12 Mrs Cora
Wilson Stewart Chairman preeidod
About three hundred delegates were
in attendance representing the eleven
Western States These delegates
were representative leaders and ad
ministrators In education and in civ
ic political and welfare organiza
tions An Interesting feature of the
meeting was the interest manifested
in the organizations for a complete
elimination of Illiteracy not only ln
the States represented at this confer
ence but In every section of the
United States Apparently without
any desire to assign special tasks to
the educators and separate tasks to
the wonmans clubs fraternal nnd oth
er organizations it seemed that each
organization had this work bo well In
hand that each was vying with the
other to do more for tho elimination
ot illiteracy in its district than any
other organization could do Mrs
Cora Wilson Stewart chairman ot tho
convention is the originator of the
idea for a complete elimination ot il
literacy In this country having In
stituted her great work in the moun
tains of Kentucky in 1911 and later
having carried this campaign into ev
ery school district in the Blue Grass
stato in the form ot Moonlight
schools Her work had taken such
hold that during the draft in the re
cent world war our country was as-
founded at the percentage of illiter
acy In our army that was organized
and Bent overseas Through the ef
forts ot Mrs Stewart after this dis
covery was made in tho army the
National Education -Association vtui
interested in her work and today an
organization is being effected through
out the United States for a fight on
Illiteracy The confereuco in San
Francisco was tlnj first great meet
ing to be held and Mrs Stewart is
to carry her work In this line Into
every section of the country 1n a
similar manner to the conference of
the eleven Western States Just closed
Mrs Stewart has made some State
campaigns for the elimination ot Il
literacy and she has promised to come
Continued on page -three
The civics department ot the
Womans Club will meet at tho club
rooms In the court house Thursday
afternoon nt 300 oclock Members
of tho club nnd all tho women of tho
community are especially urged to bo
present at this meeting as matters ot
importance to the town will bo con
sidered C S Mcllwalno will speak
on registration and rights ot voters
Attorneys Partridge and Jacobs of
Globe are in town this week on busi
ness In tho superior court
Wc are agents for the
Also Rodcriclv Lein
T a n d e m
Cut more mow
ing machine attach
ment Feed Grinders In
silage Cutters Seed
We arc prepared to
service Fordson Trac
tors on short notice
We carry a full line of
tractor parts
Authorized Ford
r I

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