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The Case
The Girl
By Randall Parrish
But If Natalie Coolldce was also
prisoner on board what of her
Wasnt that the very thing most prob
able Of course It was how foolish
he hod been These men recklessly
criminal ns they were would never
sacrifice the yacht mid risk their own
lives merely to put hlni out ot the
way He was not Important enough
for that he was bin an incident
While this was must be a carefully
arranged plan The girl then must be
the real victim his own plight arose
merely because he chanced to be
there nnd the villains dare pot leave
blm alive to tell the story
The certainty of this acted like an
electric shock He must And the girl
and serve her Surely she must wel
come his coming to her assistance
now She would be alone free to re
veal the truth of all this strange mix
up of affairs perhaps the old trust
the old cpnDdence between them
woidd be renewed The hope Instant
ly Inspired action Ills eager eyes
searched the narrow confines of the
stateroom for some possible weapon
with which to assail the door The
stout stool alone seemed available
Swinging this over his shoulder ham
pered by the narrowness of space ie
struck again and ngalu with all his
strength until suddenly the lock gave
and tliu door burst open
He stepped cautiously forward nlth
hands outstretched and his groping
lingers came In sudden contact with
the cabin wall which he followed
circling to the left Jn this manner he
succeeded In finally locating the door
opening out on to the deck and
weaved his way across to the right
hand stateroom door It was locked
the key gone He must break a way
In but first he must explain to her
so as to spare her the sudden trlght
ofsuch an assault He rapped sharply
on the panel
Miss Cooltdge you are there are
you not
I Tes who is that almost n cry of
delight In the voice You you have a
voice I know
I I4am Matthew West but do not
ask questions now The yacht Is going
down and I must break this door In
to release yqu Stand back while1 1
smash the boards You hear and un
Yes yes I am safely away have
no fear
A lanterns flickering light revealed
the weapon he Required a henvy
hatchet and he snatched It up nnd
began to splinter the wood with well
directed blows He worked madly
feverishly swinging the sharp blade
with all 1iIb strength and skill goug
ing out great splinters of wood nnd
Anally forcing the lock to yield Jle
sprang eagerly through the opening
the hatchet still In his grasp and
faced her
An Instant both paused and then
she cried out In sudden relief Oh
it Is really yon Captain West I know
row What has hauiioried How did
yon come iu ue nemt
Not now ho Insisted Dont ask
me now Just come as quick as you
can There Is no time for anything
but action Quick let me take your
She permitted him to draw her
through the door on to the black de
serted deck West bracing himself
to -the sudden plunging managed to
reach1 the rail He drew back sick at
heart at the sight of the waes lap
ping the side almost on a level with
the sloping deck on which he stood
The sight brought him home ns never
before the drear deadly peril in which
they were He would Ond some means
of rescue he must He was back In
stantly grasping her arm
Quick he cried ou knew this
yacht what small bouts did she car
Only the ono the other was so
warped It had been taken ashore
Was there no life raft There must
surely be something of thnt klpd
iea there is I remember now It
Is forward there near tho engine room
The deck was already sloping to
port In a dangerous degree and West
was compelled to cling to the rail as
they slowly made passage forward
through tho darkness He located the
life raft at last securely fastened to
tne side of the deck bouse and leav
ing tho girl to hold herself upright
as best she could began to hack It
loose Working with feverish Impa
tience ho realized suddenly that his
companion had deserted the place
where he had left her and was also
tugging nnd slashing at the lashings
of tho raft These finally yielded to
their blind attack Without the ex
change of n word the two grasped the
sides and shoved the thing hard down
against tho port rail
Walt now ho cried exultantly
Stay behind and brace yourself
ngalnst the hatch cover Ill get under
nenth and lift Once on he rail the
two of us must shove It free over
7 fn
She understood Instantly and with
a single swift glance at her dimly re
ealed figure West straightened up
bearing the full weight on ids shoul
ders every niuscli strained to the ut
most as he thus piesscd It over Inch
by Inch actoss the wooden barrkr
Suddenly the great unwieldy mass slid
forward poised Itself an Instant on
the rounded rail The yacht rolled
sharply to port flinging both on to
the deck together but sending the
raft crunching overboard clear of thp
side West grasped Natalie and
dragged her to her feet but even as
he held her In his arms ready to leap
out into the black water the shudder
ing essel with n last despalrlng ef
fort partially righted herself and
staggered on
Can you Jump to the raft from the
rail he asked It Is either that or
the water Are jou afrnbl to try
Afraid no Hold me yes that
way but but what are you going to
Follow of course hut I shall take
to the water There are no oars here
Nothing to use as a substitute for
them Ill have to swim and pusli that
old ark ns far away as possible Are
you ready
She poised herself held steady by
the grip of his hands her eyes on the
dark outlne of the floating raft There
was no hesitancy no questioning
Suy when he said sharply
She sprang forward and came down
sinking to her knees and clinging
fast as the raft bobbed up and down
under her sudden weight dipping un
til the water rolled completely over it
The Coming of Dawn
West leaned far out and could per
ceive little except a hare shapeless
Did ypu make It Are you all
Yes Im safe enough But but
Captain West I want you to come
Im coming Watch out now goodl
Hero vgoes
He aiade the plunge coming up to
tho surface close 5eslde the raft the
edge of which he quickly grasped with
his hands He swam steadily urging
the unwieldy raft away from the
menacing side of the vessel driven by
the necessity of escaping the Inevit
able suction wfien she vent down
Gradually the distance widened until
there extended a considerable wasta
of water between the two Satisfied
She Went Down Bow First
that they were far enough away for
safety he clambored cautiously upon
the platform the girl as carefully
making room for him on the few dry
There was nothing to say nothing
to do for the moment at least they
were safe and perhaps morning would
bring rescue Suddenly West straight
ened up aroused by a new Interest
surely that last wave went entirely
over the yachts rail he could see the
white gleam of spray us It broke and
es theri wuji another Then almost
without warning the end came She
went down bow tint the stern lifting
until West could discern the dark
outlines of the screw and then
dropped like a stone vanishing almost
That Is the last of the Seminole
West sajd feeling the necessity of
strengthening her Hut it Is nothing
to frighten you We ar safe enough
here But you must keep your nerve
we maybe afloat for hours yet before
we are picked up
You are sure we will be
The probability is altogether in our
favor he insisted as mucii to en
courage himself as her This Is Lako
Michigan In summer time add boatu
are plying everywhere We shall sure
ly be sjghted by something when day
light returns
She wns silent a moment with head
again bent forward
What do you suppose became of
the men who deserted the yacht she
asked her voice natural and quiet
Ashore perhaps by this time They
were certain they had done n good
lob and eager to get away safely
Ilogan never deemed it possible for us
io get away alive As It was tho es
cape was almost a miracle
A miracle I softly Perhaps so
yet I know who accomplished it I
iwo my life to you Captain West
she paused doubtfully nnd then went
on lnipulshely Wont you explain to
mo now what It all means How you
came to be here and and why those
men sought ln this wavto kill mo
ion do not Kiwffr
Only In the vaguest way Is it my
fortune I have been held prisoner
lied to and yet nothing bus been mude
It Is a devilish conspiracy that has
been plotted for a long while There
must be a dozen Involved in it one
way or another but as near as I can
learn the chief devil the brains of the
gang Is the fellow named Hobart
Have you known hhn long
No she said doubtfully not un
less his other name was Jim There
was a fellow they called Jim Ha was
my Jailor after yiat woman locked
me Into n room
Where was this
Why surely you must know In that
cottage where we stopped with Per
cival Coolldge
He drew a deep breath more thor
oughly puzzled than ever What could
be her purpose to laake so bold an
effort to deceive Ills heart sank but
he determined to go on and learn how
far she would carry this strange tnle
Perhaps out of the welter he could
discern some truth
Tho fellows name Is Jim all right
Jim Hobart The woman passes as his
wife You knew nothing ot nil this
No I only saw the man twice he
was very rough then and swore when
I questioned him
And the woman
She would not talk either only
once she told me that Perclval Coo
lldge hnd committed suicide Thnt
made me wonder for I believed he
bad something to do with my being
held there What did he say when
he returned to the auto withouti me
What explanation did he mak for my
Explanation He needed none
you came out of the cottage with
I What do you mean
But I saw you with my own eyes
talked with you and all three of us
drove back to FalrlawntogetIier My
G d MIss Natalie have you lost your
mind Do ypu eveh deny dismissing
me from your service
She gazed at him through the
gloom utterly unable to comprehend
I must have ft what you say Is
true she admitted For I certajnly
have no such recollection
He stared off Into the bnrk night
his lips pressed closely together
Could this be false Could she sit
there calmly In the midst of such peril
as surrounded them and still de
liberately endeavor to deceive
And you knew nothing of the death
of Perclval Coolldge except what was
told you by that woman
She brought me a newspaper which
I read that was all I knew
And In that house on Wray street
where I met you again Inst night And
you talked with me tried to get me to
quit following you You surely havent
fQrgotten that already
She dropped her face wearily Info
her hands nnd her voice sounded list
less l
I I almost believe you are the
crazy one Captain West I swear I
have never know Ingly met or spoken
to you since wo drove to that cottage
on Sunday I cannot believe what you
Yet It Is true every word true
he nsserted stoutly Why else should
I be here You returned with us to
Fnlrlawn nnd we chatted together
plpasontly ell the way Later you
seemed to change nnd discharged me
rather rudely Then Perclval Coolldge
was killed shot down by an assassin
You were at the Inquest amhtestlfled
The next day you discharged tSexton
and later he learned anil reported to
me thnt -some one called you on the
phone fromWmy street nnd wanted
you to come oyer there nt once I
found you there nnd this fellow Ho
bar with jou
But Cuptnln West I never saw
ynu I never left the room In the third
story where I was locked hi except
when they took me nway lu a ma
chine to the yacht
Yon dropped a note In the alley
enclosed in a sliver knife
Yes I did Did you nnd It
Sexton did nnd that was what
brought me here
But It Is all so strange she ex
claimed despairingly How could I
have done all theso things been In all
these places nnd r f t poiliiis
shout It Could I haw heui drugged
or Influenced In some way by those
I do not believe you were either
hypnotized or drugged Good G d
why did I not think ot this solution
before I must hnve been blind thnt
was not you I can recall a hundred
little things now to convince me
What Is it you mean
Another woman played your part
r woman most wonderfully like you
even to the voice There Is no other
solution of the problem And that re
veals the plan of robbery to get you
out of tho way and then have her
take the fortune
She sat silent motionless apparent
ly unable at once to grasp all the
meaning in Ids words Then she point
ed away into the distance
See there is light over there she
exclaimed eagerly That must be tho
east and It Is morning
He lifted his head and looked where
she pointed A dull gray light topped
the waters and the sky nbove held a
faint tinge of crimson Tho wan glow
accented the loneliness and for tho
moment left him depressed Nothing
appeared within range of vision to
break the drear monotony of gray sea
and sky Neither felt nny desire to
spenk they could only stare out si
lently across the desolation of waters
feeling their helplessness and peril
Her head sank forward Into her
hands ns though she would thus shut
out tho whole weird picture and West
aroused by the slight movement
glanced quickly aside Hls hand
inmWAmziiimngBaiamteiBMtt i iii tllMllliaTWnirlWllilfcilll IWPI III1 Hi Ill llllil W Uli ll i lli IMI 1 1 WiMlllillllilfimi i
sought her own where It gripped for
support and closed over it warmly
It cannot be as bad as It seems
he Insisted trying to say the words
cheerfully I know these waters and
they are neer long deserted Lurk
will change surely perhaps within
the hour we shall be picked up and
can laugh at all this experience
She lifted her head and their eyes
met frankly
I am not afraid she protested
Npt physically at least Truly I have
not felt fear since you Joined me
Captain West
Butf you are very tired
Perhaps so yet I have not thought
about that There are other things
you do not believe In mo
Why say that he asked In aston
ishment There Is no question of the
khyl between us now
Truly Is there not What was It
you believed of me that thnt I was
part of this conspiracy
I do not know what I believed If
I actually believed anything Miss
Nntalle he explained rather lamely
I cannot make the situation alto
gether clear even to mlf Under
the circumstances you cannot con
demn me Justly
Condemn I I do not How could I
You must have kept faith In me never
theless or you would never be here
now That Is wiint seems marvelous to
me that you actually cared enough
to believe
I realize now that I have he said
gravely Through It all I have kept a
very large measure of faith In you
Why should that fnlth have sur
vived she questioned persistently as
though doubt woud not wholly leave
her mind Surely there was never a
madder story told than the one I fold
you and I couldnt have proven an
Item of It
Yet It has shown itself true he
You nctually believe then that
-there Is another woman a counter
felt of myself
It Is the only theory feasible you
have convinced me of that Will jou
believe what I say
Perhaps It sounds like a fairy tale
he spoke frankly his eyes seeking her
own all their surroundings forgotten
In the eagerness of the moment hut I
will tell you the exact truth Bcforo
this misunderstanding occurred you
had confided In me trusted me
though I was a stranger and I be
lieved absolutely in your story I had
that basis to rest on Then I got hold
of various odds and ends of evidence
which convinced me that something
was wrong that you wero actually
being conspired against I even gained
a suspicion that Perclval Coolldge was
the actual leader ot the conspiracy
You could never have been made pris
oner In that cottage without his eon
nlvaice be must have lured you there
for that particular purpose so that
fclis other girl could taku your place
w Ithoul danger of discovery The rea
son for Perclvals participation Is on
ly a guess but my theory is the fel
low had so Juggled your fortune and
the time for final accounting wns so
near he had to take a desperate
chance iu order to save himself
My own theory is that when Hobart
learned what Perclval Coolldge pro
posed doing his own criminal tenden
cies told him that hore was some easy
money The girl wns undoubtedly
wholly under his control some denizen
of the underworld probably She had
already played her part sufficiently
well to convince Hobart of success
Why then shouldnt he have Utls mon
ey Instead of Perclval There was no
reason except that Perclval was In the
way That was why he was killed
And she questioned breathlessly
the man meant to murder me talso
Not at that time In my Judgment
West answered thoughtfully Such an
additional crime was not a part of the
original plan Once the money uni
other property were delivered to tho
fake Natalie the cashing in and get
away would beensy even the Identi
ty of the thieves would be concealed
But they did try to kill me
Yes later by the sinking of the
yacht Probably I am largely responsi
ble for that My appearance In Wrny
street must have been qutte a shock
and when I succeeded in escaping
from their trap there Hobarjt very
evidently lost his head completely
The knowledge that I was free per
haps In communication with the police
led to your night trip to the Seminole
and the secret sinking of the yacht He
had gone too far by then to hesitate
at another murder
I I think I understand now she
admitted how all this occurred but
why why weru you so persistent
There there must huvo been arenson
more Impelling than a vague suspi
There wns the most compelling
Impulse In the world
You mean fnlth In me
Even more than that love for you
Natalie I love you lime loved you all
the time without fully realizing ex
actly what It mcuut There have been
times when I have doubted you when
I could not wholl escape the evidence
that you were iiImi concerned person
ally In this fraud I lme endeavored
to withdraw from the case to forget
and blot everything from memory But
something stronger than will prevent
ed I could not descit you could not
believe you wero wilfully wrong You
understand what I mean
Yes the words barely retching
him It was tho other girl she un
dermined your faith
That Is the truth yet how could
It be do you suppose My very loe
should have enabled me to detect the
She touched his arm with her hand
nnd under tlm slight pressure ha
looked abide at her-
You know uow she said softly
and I know All this Is past and
gone between us We nre here alone
the sport of the waves nnd I have no
reason to be other than frank I be
lieve In ou Matthew West In your
honesty and manhood You say you
love me
Wtth all my heart nnd soul it
seems to me now I have always loved
you you came to me 1he lady of my
Her eyes were wet with unshed
tears yet she Mulled back Into I1I3
face her voice trembling us she an
sw ered
And I she said slowly have had
no thought but of you since our morn
ing In the gnfden together How far
away that seems
You mean ypu love me
Xs I love you there is no word
stronger but I would speak It Is that
not enough
He leld her in his arms In spite of
the trembling raft tossed by the swell
of the sea nnd crushed her against
him In the ardent strain of passion
An Instant she held her head back
her eyes gazing straight Into his then
with sigh of content yielded and their
lips met and clung
Continued in tho Farmer
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Ula Van Gausig and Zona Scarlett
Reading Bernice Birdno
Violin solo Clarence Crandall
Scottish dance en costume
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