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The Case
the Girl
By Randall Parrish
Escaps From the Raft
The raft drifted aimlessly on the
tvnves lapning Us sldc and tossing It
about ns though In wanton piny Tho
girl Iny quiet her fnce unturned un
conscious now of her dread surround
ings and the man swnyed above hur
his hpnd bent upon his breast both
Bleeping the sleep of sheer exhaustion
It wns the startled cry of Natalie
that roused West and brought his
drooping head upright She wns sitting
up and pointing excitedly hehlnd hltn
Oh see there Look where I point
Isnt that land
The raft rocked as he swung his
body hastily about and gazed Intently
in the direction Indicated Ho rubbed
his eyes senrcely nble to crcdlt his
Bight hnlf believing It a mirage Yet
the view remained unchanged It wns
land a bit of tho west shore n short
promontory running out Into tlie lake
toward which the raft Impelled by
some hidden current wns steadily
drifting Ills arm clasped the girl lu
sudden ecstasy
Yes Its land thank Godl he ex
claimed thoughtfully Wo are ilont
log ashore Natalie saved In spile of
ourselves Why we could not have
been so far out In the lake after nil
I ought to have thought of thnt be
fore tho e villains would never hnve
deserted the yacht In mid lnke and
taken to the boat They must hnve
known they could miiko shore euMly
You dout suppose they landed here
An Vftll
iIjmji rnn I iiriinnrnninmmnii r
1 teller
ome people
ao e sAwms
broke because
ikey spchdToo
rjMjch tfme
vJot fjingf over
Rocker fukr
The mora money a man has tho
more careful he Is of how ho
oponds It
Because money spont through a
ayatenvatlc nccountlrfg system
always goes farther and allows
them possibility of a re chock
to cut down tho amount to bo
Know whero and how your money
goes by spending It through a
It is tho very best way to
ollmlnato unnecessary s ponding
and tho cancelled checks aro
rocolpts that savo money disputes
Noxt to Ford Gnrngo
Snffonl Arizona
Thq shadows of Hfd aro novor so
thick but what tho sun Is trying to
break through Help it along
Not very likely even If they die
they nro not here now Not one of
them has a thought but that wo went
down In the Seminole Now theyll
pull oIT their graft and pull It quick
They are not loitering around here
Natalie waiting for ghos ts to appear
they are back In town hours ngo
Hut whnt can we do
Get ashore flrst of course and dis
cover tlie quickest way to return to
tho city I figure we have a big ad
vantage Wo know their real game
now and they are so sure we are both
dead theyll opernto In the open
walk right Into u trap By this time
McAdams must have discovered some
cluo as to tho whereabouts of Hobart
With him under arrest and our story
told some of these fellows will con
fers and It will ull be over with
It Is twilight already the sun has
gone down behind tho blulT but it will
require an hour yet for this raft to
drift Into iduilluw waler You swim
you lold me
Yes Very well Indeed
Shall we risk it thwl together It
Is not far to tho end of the point yon
She looked whero he pointed and
smiled glnnclng buck Into his question
ing eyes
Why thnt Involves no danger at all
I will do anything to get oT this raft
The two slipped Mlently over the
edge of the dipping rnft and struck
out for tho nearest point of land The
distance was greater than It had
seemed the twilight deceiving their
eyes while their clothing had a ten
dency to retard progress Weakened
by iack of food and buffeted by cross
currents both were decidedly exhaust
ed by tho time their lowering feet fin
ally touched bottom
Oh Natalie exclaimed breathless
ly That was glorious but I hardly
Al ft
That Was Glorious
had enough strength left to make It
Why It is almost dark already I can
not see tho old raft at nil I I wish
It would como ashore It gave you to
me Matt
And you nro not sorry even now
safe hero on shore
Sorry I Why I am tho happiest girl
In all the world this minute I nm
here w 1th you nnd you love nit whnt
more can I ask Is that silly dear
He laughed nnd kled her neither
giving n thought to their dripping gar
ments or a regret for the hnrdshlps
they had passed through
Yes I love you Natnlle denr he
answered So It Is not silly nt all
Hut we must seek shelter and food
Are you strong enough now to climb
the bluff
She nodded her readiness to try too
happy for words and hand In hand
they toiled their way upward through
tho gloom
The House In the Bluffi
The cleft In the blutt was both nar
row and steep but It gave them pas
sage At the upper end Natalies re
serve strength suddenly deserted her
nnd she snnk down on the grass labor
ing for breath feeling unable to ad
vance a step farther The days nnd
nights of excitement coupled with lack
of food and sleep lind left her physi
cally weakened now suddenly even
her will nnd courage both gave wny
No It is nothing she explained In
a whisper I am Just completely tired
out I guess You go tin Matt nnd
find some place of shelter Ill just sit
whero 1 am now until you come back
only only dont go cry far away
She held out her hand and endeav
ored to smile
Desert mo I Of course you nre not
denr 1 am bidding you go I shall
not mind being left here nlone I nm
so tired
West felt the Importance of gaining
n view Inland before tho closing down
of night obscured everything nnd
therefore reluctantly left her nlouo
there while he mndo his wny to the top
of the ridge It wns n wild broken
country revealed to his gaze n Innd of
ridges nnd rnvlncs nigged and pictur
esque but exhibiting no evidence of
roud or Inhabitants Then his eye
caught a tldn spiral of smolco rMng
from out n narrow valley almost di
rectly beneath whero ho stood tho
depths of which weie totally con
cealed from sight Ah he stared nt
this uncertain of Its reality n single
spark of Hciit winked out nt him
through tiiu darkness There was cer
tainly n habitation of som kind hid
den away down there If he could only
leave Natalie there In safe hnnds In
tho security of u home however hum
ble food would give him strength to
push on alone West turned uud has
tened bnck through the woods clam
bering down the slope of the ridge In
darkness to- the spot where he hnd
left the gill For the moment he
could not distinguish her presence lu
the gloom nnd fearing he might have
gone astray called her name aloud
Yes she answered I am hero
to your right I am standing up Have
you discovered anything
There la n house of some kind over
yonder in n hollow Just bejoud the
ridge We will have to- stumble along
throngh tho dark Do you think you
can make It
Of courso I can and she placed
her hand confidingly in his I am nil
right now really I am I guess nil I
needed wns to get my breath
He grasped her arm helping her to
clamber up the steep bank suddenly
becoming aware thut the sleeve felt
Why Nntnlle your clothes seem to
hnve nil dried off already mine nrc
sonked through he cxclnlmed in sur
She laughed n faint tinge of mock
ery In the sound
No mystery whatever This lights
stuft dries quickly exposed to the air
Did you think you had hold of the
wrong girl
The tone of her voice stung slightly
causing him to make a sober answer
That would of course bo Improb
able but I have been so completely
deceived even by daylight that I dam
not affirm thnt It would prove Impos
sible Your counterfeit Is certainly a
She must bo But ns she Is miles
away from here you might let tho
suspicion rest Is this where we go
She led the way the action awaken
ing no question In his mind If he
thought nt all about her thus assum
ing the Initiative the suspicion wns
dismissed with the Idea thnt probably
her eyes were more keen to discover
the best path In this she wns cer
tnlnly successful nnd he contented
himself by following her closely but
vaguely he felt thnt In some nlmost
Imperceptible manner she bad changed
her mood Ho could not base his
thoughts on n single word or action
yet he felt the difference this was
not the Nntalle of the raft She was
too irritable too sharp of speech But
then no doubt she wns tired worn
out her nerves broken So he drove
the thought from him clinging close
to her arm nnd vnguely wondering
how she wns nble to trace the path so
easily By this time even West could
recognize that they were proceeding
along n well used path and he was
not surprised when she announced the
presenco of tho house before them
pointing out the dim shadow through
the gloom
Thnt Is no hut he exclaimed In
surprise It looks more like u man
And why not pleasantly enough
I have always heard these bluffs
were filled with summer homes Un
fortunately this one appears to be de
But there must be some one about
here West Insisted For this wns
the hodse I saw from the ridge and
there was a light burning then In one
of the windows and there wns a wiap
of smoke rising from n chimney
She stepped boldly forward and
placed her hand on the knob of the
Why Bhe whispered excitedly It
Is unlocked see I can open It Per
haps something Is wrong here Whnt
shall we do
Knock first then if there Is no re
sponse wo can feel our wny about In
side My mutches nre nil wet
She rnpped sharply ou the wood
waited for some rpply nnd then called
out Not n word reached them from
within West his teeth clinched
stepped In through the open door de
termined to lenrn the secret of that
mysterious interior With hands out
stretched he felt his way forwnrd by
sense of touch alone nssurlng himself
thnt he trnversed a hall carpeted his
extended arms barely reaching from
wall to wall He encountered no fur
niture and must have advanced some
two yards beforo his groping dis
closed the presence of a closed door
pn the left He hnd located the knob
when the outer door suddenly closed
us though blown shut by a draught of
wind nnd nt the snme Instant hjs
ejes were blinded by s dazzling out
burst of light
This came with such startling unex
pected brilliancy that West staggered
back as though struck For the In
stunt be wus positively blind then be
dimly perceived u man standing be
fore him n mnn who little by little
becume more clearly defined recog
nlzable suddenly exhibiting the fea
tures of Jim Hobnrt sarcastically grin
ning into his face
You nro evidently a cat of nine
lives West he said sneeringly But
this ought to bo the last of them
For u moment West lost nil control
over himself Ho wus too completely
dazed for either words or nction
could only stare Into thnt mocking
countenance confronting him en
deavoring to sense wiiat had really oc
curred He was undoubtedly trapped
again but how hud the trick been ac
complished What devilish freak of
luck had thus thrown them once more
Into the merciless hands of this ruf
fian Ho oven ventured to turn his
head and glance at the girl She
stood leaning back against the closed
door ns though on guard her uncov
ered hair milled a scornful defiant
look In her eyesi the smile on Itci lips
revealing the gleam of white teeth In
spite of a wonderful rescmbhinue a
mvslerlous counterfeit in both fea
tures nnd expression West knew now
this was not Natnlle Coolldge Ho had
permitted himself to be tricked again
by the Jade the smart of the wound
angeied him bevond control
You are not Miss Coolldge he In
sisted hotly Then who nre you
She laughed evidently enjoying th
Continued in tho Farmer
Nels Wilson came In Saturday from
the west end of tho 3C range and will
remain In town with his family until
after New Years Day
Mr Wilson has been trapping on
this range for tho last six weeks and
brought homo twenty one pelt which
Included coyotes coons and fox He
disposed of the skins to M Stowart
who represents tho Funston Fur Co
of St Louis Mo and the coyote
hides averaged him 537 each
Owing to tho prevalence of small
pox In different sections of tho state
nnd the liability of contracting tho
disease the physicians are advising
peoplo to bo vaccinated as the only
sure way to keep from having this
dread disease
To be inocculated against smallpox
is a duty ono owes not only to them
selves but to the people with whom
they associate every cay
According to a statement Juat re
ceived by W E Darnum Authorized
Ford Dealer from the Ford Motor
Company deliveries of Ford Cars and
Trucks to retail buyers during tho
month of November totalled 106327
This is a new high sales record that
has never before been approached by
the Company at this season of the
year and ono which stands out In
marked contrast to tho November 1921
retail delivery figures which totalled
slightly over 58000 cars and truck3
For eight consecutive months be
ginning with April 1st of this year re
tail deliveries have exceeded 10000
Foul Cars and Trucks each month
tho accumulated total for the first
eleven months of 1922 being approx
imately 1200000 While the Company
points out that It Is not unusual for
Ford retail sales to exceed tho 100000
mark during the spring and early sum
mer months when the demand is at
Its peak the manner In which busi
ness has held up throughout tho bal
ance of the year Is without precedent
Credit for this remarkable showing
is attributed by the Ford Motor Com
pany to tho majiy Improvements which
havq lately been made on Ford cars
and particularly to the now level of
Ford prices recently put into effect
These new low prices not only broaden
the field of prospective Ford purchas
ers but go still further In making tho
Ford Car the best valuo from tho
standpoint of tho retail buyer that
it has over been
Although tho Ford factories have
been operating at a capacity for tho
past eight months sales have equalled
production and Judging from tho jun
usual manner In which orders are com
ing In at this season of the year Ford
dealers will bo unable to accumulate
an adequate stock of cars during the
winter months for dollvery next
In the opinion of the Ford Motor
Company November sales are an In
dication that many prospective pur
chasers realizing tho exceptional val
ue now bolng offered In Ford Cars
are beginning to anticipate an unusu
al spring denand nnd are thcreforo
placing orders during the fall and will
continue to do so throughout tho win
ter to avoid disappointing dolays in
delivery later on While this will re
lievo tho situation to some extent it
In pointed out that tho steadily In
creasing demand for Ford Cars is nov
ortheloss suro to creato an acute
shortage as tho season advances
Accordingly W K Barnum is urg
ing prospective Ford purchasers to ar
rango for dellvory during tho winter
months In order thnt tho demand next
spring will bo relieved as far ns pos
Tomorrow ntght Wednesday the
comedy drama entitled That Stub
born Motor Car will be presented on
the stage at Layton Hall by tho Lay
ton Dramatic Club
This club is composed of local peo
ple and tho play promises to be ono
of tho very best ever put on by a
homo company Tho cast of charac
ters Includes the following
Jim Page a cowboy Hugh Foster
Mr Waring an Eastern capitalist
Fred Jacobson
Sir John Snlffln an Englishman
A V Tate
Otto a chauffeur Jodie Bingham
Red Leary a desperado
Clarence Nnylor
Hank Dilllon tho sheriff
t Floyd Scarlett
Sam Lo a Mongolian
Ralph Goodman
Ruth Waring an Eastern girl
Clara Goodman
Polly Forbes a product of the West
Lame Packer
Mrs Merrill Warlngs sister r
Luella Jacobson
Apatow an Indian maid
Marjorie Scarlett
Tuesday December 2G 1922
Safford Theatre
Rudolph Valentino In
Alio Two Reel Comedy
Admission 20c and 40c
Thomai Melahan In
And Two Reel Comedy
All owners of automobiles are re
quested to call at the office of the
county assessor and secure their 1923
auto license tags which nro nbw ready
for distribution
v County Assessor
Fire Automobile
The Valley Bank
By the Pound or Box
III ifflBitife HI
New Price
The world has never known
an enclosed car of this type
at a lower price No car at
any price has ever offered a
greater value
Place your order now to in
sure early delivery Terms
if desired
9 4
ilk 4fe

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