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1'RAIItIE CITY,K. T SEP. 16, 1651
tW No paper will Hio issued next
week, and possibly none riming tho
week following. Tho publisher id
compelled to bo absent on business
connected with the office.
Owing to somo unknown cause
the Prairie City Republican Club
failed to hear Hon. M. .J. Parrot and
Judge Brakscomu, who ha I been an
nounced to address them on last Sat
urday evening. This was a grevious
disappointment to the iiuny people
who had assomblod especially to hoar
ami greet Mr. Parrot?, and we have
been aiixiously waiting to receive u
lino expluning the cause of his ab-
enc9 that evjuiuj, but we hire' not
heard' from hiiri yet. Prior to the
announcement mado by us of Mr.
Pap.rott's coming to Prairie City,
we wore assured by him at Lavreuee
that ho would coino here at tho desig
nated time, "roads and Providence
permitting," and furthermore, to
mora surely convince us that we
might not be disappointed, he stated
tin t he had nover yet failed to fulfil
an appointment or engagement iu
Kanzus. We are left to beliavo there
fore that somo unusual occurrence
must have, taken place with him to
havo occasioned such a disappoint
ment to our citizoris,
Judge BitAxscoun also promisod
to he hero anil address tho Club, and
bin -absence undoubtedly was occa
sional by good roasoris.
Tho noxt regular meeting of the
Club will bo hold next Saturday eve
ning. Whether speakers have been
engaged to address the Club on that
o( casion, wo have not learned. There
ought to, bo a good -attendance of
iii embers at tho next meeting of the
C'lul as considerable bnsin"ss of a
political and local nature will then bo
introduced into the meeting.
Since writing the above we learned
tl e cause of Messrs. Parrott and
-iiASsco:iir's absence last Saturday
evening. They had been' in compa
ny to Manhattan, and wero returning
qn purpose to visit Prairie City,
vhen an accident occurred to their
carriage, rendering it unfit for service,
thus leaving thorn without any mod
of conveyance. Wo are informed
that Judge Buaxrcomu has promisod
to bo present at the noxt mooting of
the Club, on Saturday evening, 18th
Hint., and address them. It is to be
hoped that there will be a largo at.
tendauco present, as tho Judge, will
Advance sonn ido.is of interest to tho
inouibsrs aril all otlurs interested, in
the Froo State canso.
Mr.P.vuitorr will visit tho South
Boon, during which time he will ad
dress tho people of Prairie City ami
v icinity. Tho time of his appearance
hero will be annoimco I in due season.
Th.9 Pro-31avery Vot3. .
4 MM
Tho vote on tho 2d of August ox
Jdbits tho fact that tho pro-slavery
men voted in a body for tho. iufain
ouh English Bill. Notwithstanding
their loud protesiutiotH of iudilfer
Ciico, and their frequent declarations
that liny would'not attend at tho polls,
they wero there, and votod to, a man.
The total vote. for delegates to form
the Looomptoii Sarin lie (an election
in which the Free State men did not
participate) was 1,742. The total
Pro-Slavery vote on tho 2d day
August was 1,059. Thin shows a
gain of 217 votes instoud of a falling
olf, and provos that thoy voted for
Lecompton in a body.
, JfiTSumuel Morgan, under son
teude of death at Portsmouth, Ohio,
for tho brutal murder of his wife,
coinmittod suicido on Friday night
last, by hanging himself to tho bars
of his coll. When it was known,
that tho wretch was certainly dead,
one of his daughters ventured to re
veal what she 'hail never dared, to
ipeafc of lcforo--ili ut hhe and her
two suters had beau , repeatedly the
unwilling victims of their , unnatural
parent's lusaiid that the iufunt iu
her arms washi offspring". : 1 '
Hosn.lt of the Municipal Election
in Leavenworth A Leason to do
Learned Therefrom.
Leavenworth City ha9 gone Dem
ocratic, btraiffce as this news may
soon) to those of our readers who are
acquainted with tho political matters
of that city, it is, nevertheless, true.
II. 1!. Penman, a Democrat of the
Douglas stripe, has been elected May
or over Lyman Scott, Republican, by
a majority of about fifty votes. The
manner fu which this surprising state
of things has been brought about af
fords a most instructive lesson to
those members of tho Free State par
ty of Republican proclivities who are
no diffident about our immediate or
ganization of tho Republican party
in Kanzas, on account of jeopard
izing tho Ieo State cause, A prac
tical exemplification of tho reasons
they urge to keep the folds of tho Re
publican bm nor unfurled for a sea
son, has been made in Lo.ivenworth.
View tho merits of the case: The
issue was between II.' B. Duxman and
Lyman Soott, both claiming to be
Free Stale men. Democracy and
Uepublieuniiin were not made an open
issue. Tho honest masses were made
or led to believe that no issue was
involved in the election but that of
petsonal popularity between the two
men. One was us good a Froo State
man, they supposed, as tho othei ,
I'ho leaders in tho contest knew bet
ter. They made a direct issue bo
treen Democracy and Republicanism.
and tho-,e of both sides, to deceive
the musses, kept tho true issue a se
cret. An.! the result I Tho news is
being clironiclod throughout the conn
try mat Leavenworth City, thestrong
hold of Freedom for Ivunzas, has
gom Democratic, and tho Pro-SIa
very press, North and South, are ex
ultant in their rejoicings over tho re
suit, and profess to see in it omens
of good luck for their cause iu the
future. We have not the least doubt
if tho issue had been frankly made be
tween tho contending candidates for
tho mayoralty in Leavenworth, and
the Republican hauner bravely am
defiantly hoisted, its standard hear
i?rs would have been triumphantly
elected. Evasion, dodging, shifting
and distrusting won't do. People
admiro boldness and frankness, am
a cause, to succeed, must ho advocu
ted by men possessing tlieso attri
bates. It had been contemplated se
riously.for a long while, we believe,
by somo of the leaders of tho Free
Stato party of Leavenworth, to enter
into the last municipal election un
tier the Republican flag, hut some pi
their policy wise-acres shook their
hands and exclaimed, " It won't do ;
you'll distract tho party, Tho old
Free Statu ranks must be preserved
intact." And it seems that thoir
wise(?) counsolings prevailed. Tho
people were aware that an ell'ort had
been made to orgnnizo a Republican
party, and doubtless expected a tick
et to be hoisted of that color, And
when Lymvn Scott, a well known
Republican, was put at the head of a
ticket made by the Republicans of
Luuvouworth, which was lioaded
"Ficfl State Ticket," thnsj being
apparently ashamed of and fearful ol
the result would they assume their
proper name, many of them (the
poople) undoubtedly lost all conri
donee in the Republican cause, and
became disgustod with its managers.
Tho Republicans exhibited by their
conduct a lack of confidence in their
cause, though thoy presumed upon
the ignoranco of the masses and
thought that by docoption and wire
working thoy could gain the duy.
Alas I thoy did doceivo, but not to
their benefit. By thoir management
many were induced to vote for tho
Democratic candidate, supposing him
to bo as good a Free Slate man and
a Republican, perhaps, as Mr. Scott,
and no doubt many votes wero lost
to Mr. Scorr on account of the tim
idity and prevaricating operations of
his main suppprters. If the Repub
licans of Leavenworth had nomina
ted Mr. Soott frankly as a Republic
un, and boldy an I zealously support
uri him, Under that color, to our mind
there wojihl have been no doubt
about' the result.' The Freemen of
Loayouworth know' too well what
puitj and the only party it is oii
whom they can always depend, for
substantial material for standard
beirartf.' arid ' when' the question is
preference for Republicanism or
Democracy they will be found on
the right side.
Whilo Democracy is baldly and
undisguisedly raising its hideous front
in nearly every locality in tho Terri
tory, many good and true Republic
ans are found wavering and stand
undecided,, fearful of distracting the
Free Stojo, par:y should they yield
to the convictions of their hearts and
enlist in, really the only true Free
State ranks in the Territory. They
daily witness Democrats men who
profess to be Free State in principle
co-operating with the Democracy
and are told by these men that the
Republican party must not be oigau
ized in Kanzas, as it will be tho
means of jeopardizing tho cause of
Freedom 1 Down with this bullying,
dictatorial spirit! Whilo they are
making efforts to secure all the "loiwes
and dimes," either by Veal ing into
the Free Stvte caucuses and covertly
getting men of their stripe nomina
ted for offices, and threatening to
bolt, and setiing up lugubrious howls
about party-distracting if men of their
selection are not aj proved, or boldly
hoisting their candidates under their
true colors, they impudently tell tho
Republicans that they are not enti
tled to tho privileges the Democrats
are I .
If the Free State men of Kanzas
know when they aro well off they
will trust no one in office who is not
uu avowed Republican, and the only
way to determine who uro such is to
present issues iu Bitch a shape that
men aspiring for office will be com
pelled to take either a Republican or
Democratic horn. Whilo they are
sleeping and clinging to tho shuky
old Free State org nidation, tho old
Border Ruffians, through the guise
of " Free State Democracy," ure rap.
idly "stealing a march" on the Free
Statu men, and ere thoy hardly get
their eyes open, our Territorial gov
ernment will be iu the hands of such
men us had . ossession of il at first.
Does not the result of tho Leavolt
worth election conviuco us of this
Tho immigration into the Tcrrito
ry this fall is quite large heavier
now t.ian at any previous time this
season, Having occasion to travel
several miles on the Santa Fe road
recently, we met on our return home
several trains of emigrants pushing
on to tho Neosho and Cottonwood
country. Thy were well supplied
with horses, cattle, cows, hogs, poul
try and provisions, and appeared to
be ably qualified to endure pioneer
life. Now that the Into of Kanzas
has been decided by the recent vote
on the English concern, people in the
States who wero desirous of emigrat
ing hither, but desisted, owing to the
dubious future of Kauzas, no longer
hesitate to gratify their desires by
seeking a homo among us, and soon
they will bo coming on with a rush.
Wo predict that the immigration into
the Territory next spring will be be
yond all precedent.
President of Baker University.
We omitted to mention in our last
issue that the Directors of tho Baker
University at Baldwin City had elect
ed Prof. W. It. Davis, late of Mc
Kendree Collogo.at Lobanon.Illinois,
President of their institution, and
that the Prof, had accepted the posi
tion and entered upon his duties.
We learn that tho school will be open
for the admission of students about
the first of Octoler,and that increased
educational facilities will be added to
the institution from time to time
Baker University is locutol in one of
the most delightful regions of Kan
zas, and owned, as it is, by a large
association of heavy capitalists, it
must ultimately bo the leading edu
cational institution of the West. (
'3T Superior Flour is now selling
in Kanzas City a 62,75 per .100;
Molasses 50 cts per gallon ; Sugar
10 cts per lb) ColVoa 13 cts; Corn
Meal 81,60, per sack ; Bacon 10 cts ;
Hams 12 cts. ' 1 i'-.i , ..'
' In Lawrence extra superior Flour is
filing af $o50' ; Potatoes 00 to 40
cts; Sugar' 10 to 12 J cts; Cheese
U to 18 tn ;'IW50 16,001 cts.', 1
,!. ... , rT-
j3T Fluttering now ; constantly
roaches us fiom the gold mines in the
mountains. People JrouWvofy dit-
Gold! Gold I
The most intense excitement is
now prevailing throughout the Terri
tory and in "Western Missouri and
Iowa, about the result of the recent
gold discoveries at Pike's Peak. It
is now known for a certainty that
gold exists in abun lanes in the Rocky
Mountains, and it is now generally
believed by those acquainted with
the locality of tho mines that they
will yield us exuberantly as the Cal
ifornia mines. Tho Lawrence com
pany has been heard from recently.
They have abandoned the place they
were located at when last heard from
and gone to Cherry creek, where
they were scooping up the glittering
little ''roots of evil," with materials
totally inadequate for tin business
and vvere averaging from ehjkt to ten
dollars per day at that 1 This news
has fairly bet the Lawrence peop'e
crazy and will be the means probably
of hastening an. immediate emigra
tion from that and adjacent quarters
to the mines. Companies are leaving
Kanzas Cityda'ly for the mines and
wo h"ar of other companies forming
in Leavenworth, Lawrence, Topeka
and Prairie City, which design emi
grating this full. The climate in the
vicinity of the mines is said to be ex
ceedingly mild in winter, and abund
ance of food for stook is afforded du
ring the entire winter season. From
all we can learn, the seasons are as
mild as any in tha same latitude
east, and much more so, considering
its altitude. Every issue of the Kan
zas City LaUy Journal of Commerce
is filled with gold news, and every
day it furnishes more confirmatory
accounts about tho uuecess of the
miners already there.
As companies are constantly star
ting, we insert n table of urticles con
stituting a complete outfit for. a com
pany of lour persons, as we find it
given by an old California minor, iu
I he Journul of ''Cowmerce.
Provision outfit for joitr men six mo
. flour, bud ids., !M; ikcon, gjd, $ fin;
Coffee. ,$14: Sugar, till), .$11; .-alt, At),
'i5c, Oruuiiil pi-ppc-r, i lbs,, $1 ; 6'udn, A IIih,
5l'c; Ouu tun gin urn wnurke, I. '-5; Diicd
t'l-iiii, 2 bu, li dolla.; Ia-hiia, il liu. ,'i dolls.,
S klu crackers, 1 box, M Tta li lbs., -4 .till ;
Hice, 'Hi lbs., l.ti.t; l'imd' r,l fuse, 11 Julio;
Leud, His.. 2.'.'5; Coffee, mill, 50; Gun
cits 2,'lOt), 1.25. ItoMii, 10 ll)B.,75o; Match
es, 2 (Truss, l.uo; finkus, 1 bux, 4,jJ; Suujj
25 lbs., U dulls.
'1 otal, tl (ill.GJ. wVight,,2,3f lbs,
OU I' FIT of Tools, Camp Kquime, Ac.
i'ick, 9 dolls: 4 Sliovulx. 4 dulls; 4 Ax
es, 4 dulls; 4 gold (ibiis, 2 dulls; 1 Pit saw,
S) dollc; 2 Chisels, liic.: 2 hiiuui's, (iOc : 1
saw 2 v5; 1 Fruwer, 1 dull: Diawinis Kuilu
1 dollar.
Total. $33.45.
CAMF FIX1'URES-1 Skillet, 51c: 2
Coffee l'ut,$l; li Tin I'lates, Stic; 1 Fry
ing l'a.-., i)Uc ; 4 HmcJiiT Knives, 2 dolls.;
lb pairs lilankuis, 04 dulls.; Tent 15 dulls.
'1 otal, bl dollars.
TEAil-Oxi'ii, 2 yoke, 123 dolls.; Wag
on, &0 dulls.; Sheets, Chains, Yokes, Ac.,
IU dolls. Total, 210 dollars.
TOTAL. WtilOcir, 2.ttU0 lbs.
A Son Attempting to Murder His
- Father.
We learn that on Thursday after
noon last a Mr. Miller, living about
one mile south of town, was most
cruelly beaten on tho head An I left
for dea l by a fieu I of a son. It ap
pears that the parties had been on
unfriendly terms for some time past,
and on the day mentioned tho sou,
who is man-grown and married, con
cealei himsolf .near a corn-field in
which the old man was working, and
approaching him behind whilo en
gaged in a stooping posture, dealt
him a stunning blow, and then,
to fully carry out his murderous de
sign, dealt his father several blows on
tho head with a heavy club, breaking
the skull in several places and man
gling it most tdiockingly Suppo
sing he had murdered his father, the
inhuman monster fled, and the old
man lay iu an ihsensiblo stato for
somo time, when ho finally recovered
enough to enable him to grope his
way home, whoio related the par
ticulars of tho fiendish occurrence.
It was thought at one time that he
would not recover, but subsequently
he has improved, and hopes are now
entertained of his recovery. War
rants havo been issued for the arrest
of tho attempted tiiurdaror, but at the
last accounts he was still at, largo.
Desciui'i'ion or Calvinism. A
dissenter lroni Lorenzo JJow's Ar
miiiian doctrines, niter listening to
his huiTungue, asked him il he knew
what Calvinism wut? ",Ytis," he
I rompily replied ! 1 '' ' "
. ." Yon can mill you e in't, ' '.
' You will undyoti fron't,
' Yuii'U be daniovd If you do, ii 1
You'll uu damned If yoU donV
" "That, sir, is Calvinism,1 some1
At last.
. Lawrence has at last begun to take
steps to constiuct a passable road
across the VVakarujsa flats a matter
which she ought to have been en
gaged, in years ago.. , During the past
year the VVakarusa bottom, has been
in a condition totally unlit to admit
of the travel over it of tcuuis with re
spectable-sized loads, for more than
one-half the time, and the conse
quence is the buiiiess men of South
ern Kanzas havo been compelled to
abandon Lawrence and go to accessi
ble points to do their trading. Dyi
the mock independence and total in-
dill'ereuco with whica the Lawrence
business men appear to regard their
customers, they are fast obtaining the
reputation of being a "penny-wise
and pound-foolish " class of men, and
are rapidly consigning Lawrence to
i he late which awaits all finished
towns. ' We ure glad to see their men
at Just waking up to a proper sense
of their dutj. Our prelerences are,
and always hve been lor Lawrence,
but " lleavea helps tliem that help
themselves," and if Lawrence wants
io secure the support ot the people ot
Southern Katizus, she mu&i so muui
iest the desire and not obstruct her
avenues so as to render their approach
Progress is the great law of God.
We see Uiis iutuo pioduclious ol na
ture. Fust tne blude, tiieii the ear,
alter that, the lull grown corn, in tub
ear. lliese throe awtes have been
used to represeu , first the natural
elate, oecoiid ilie legal state, tlurd the
regeueiute stute. in I lie natural state,
men have lew laws, in tius legal tiiey
uro bound Oy laws, iu uie lueuura.u
state tney uro midcr vuo coutrul o,
principles. Sucu has been itu order
ui progress among uia-iiaiud.
Papkk Mills liioie are in the
United States 750 paper mills in ac
tuul operation, having iUNhJ engine-),
and producing iu the yeur25Q,0U0,UUU
pounds of pupor, which is worth say
ten per pound, or tf27,Udd,UJo To
produce this quantity of paper, over
4U0,U0D,0UD pounds of rugs are aoc
tisMiry. The value of these rugs, es
timating them at four cents per
pound, is over 10,000,000.
CiunLHS SuMNKit. Charles Sum
ner is reported as not improving as
rapidly iu health us could be wished.
The reccut severo treatment through
which ho has passed, has left him
physically roducod, and much suffer
ing is experienced from tho burns
along the spiiul chord. Ilia physi
cians entertain favorable opinion.-! ol
his case, but some time will elapse
before tho matter can bo fully deter
mined. 1
2rThe Directors of tho Hanni
bal and St. Joseph Railroad promise
to have the whole of their road com
pleted by April of next year. Tho
opening of tho road will mark a now
era for Ivunzus. Wo shall then bo
witnin forty-eight hours ol New York.
Our New York papers will then be
received the third day alter publica
tion instead of the sevetith or eighth
us now.
An liasr Indian lioiroa. During
the triul of the ex-King of Delhi, a
person uamedChunce was examined,
who had been tho editor, of a daily
Liaper called the Delhi News. It was
conducted on a novel principle, the
editor's'duty'being to write his paper
full, and thon carry it around and
read it to his subscribers.
jtSTTho Now Bridge across the
Kanzas River on the new Southern
road is progressing finely. A span
is .Inudy up, and within a few days
and addition of about Lilly hands has
liceu put oil the works, so that m a
few months, at the longest, this great
undertaking will be completed.
Wyundottt (Jazette. , 1 . ,
WYANDoTi'ii.-i-i'iid lust puymoiit
which the VVyaudotto ti'lbe' were o
receive, according to tho stipulations
of tiie treaty of January U 1865,
will bo made thin fall. ThoTiibo now
numbers about live hundred, ,pnly
three hundred of whom a'0 now liv
ing in tli" reservation. ' j
'JC.W A correspondent ol the Waooo
(Texas) .Dy'mocrtit legrots that the
L 1 1 it u Honored expression, " bobr as
a Judge," is about to become obso-
lute at least ns far as the Supreme
Uetioti in lexis is onwrnml, 1
' 'jtlTlt lias been wittily roinarkid
that Cyrus AV.' Fdcld is talk4"pf for
ilia Presidency bi)eau ,he i,.,tlia
Editorial Brevities.
Gov. Runnels 6f .Texas ha
appointed Col, Mitt Ward IT. S
Senator, to. fill- tho- vacancy occa
sioned by. the. death, of Senator Ilea
derson. - vf;";.
Th? Chicago. Tribune says that
Judge Douglas carries with li.'m on
his political tour, a cannon to fire hW
own salutes.
John Ilutchinh(v been nom
inated for Congress by the llipublic
ana of tho :20ili District, Oaio, in.
place of Joshua 11. Giddings.,
Tho Illinois papurs speak.of
the large amount of sugar raised in
that State this year from the Sorghum
cane. So considerable U the amount,,
and s . general is tho cultivation ofi
the cane, that it may even now bo re
garded as one of the staple products
of the Statu. .' . ' , '' "
. -It is reported that th grass-
hoppers are eating tip the provisions,
on the Red river,
James i.ddy, Esq., General'
Superintendent of the American Tel
egraph Company, died at Darlington,
Vermont, Aug 22dof heart disuse.
Forty thousand bushels of
corn and fourteen hurt Ired tons of
hay,, have beeu contracted for by thot
Government, at Fort lliley. Tho hay
has- boen- let at $7,50 per ton. There
is a. "living profit," iu that item,
. The last steamer from Cali
fornia brought a million and a half
in specio, principally to parties in
New York.
A "working Democrat" is
defiued by a Minnesota paper as a,
Democrat who can poll the largest
number ol votes with the fewest raeu!"
which has the double merit of being;
both witty and true.
Tho Democracy of Doniphan
county are now fu ly organized, and
enter into tho canvass lor the election
of members to the Legislature, with
a determination to contest every foot
of ground with the Republicans.
Good- order does not yet pre
vail in Mexico; Late- accounts rep
resent the country us stiill in a-stat
o-f war.
JC3T i'ne road betiveeu this plaeol
and Miuueola is horridly bad. It
seems very strungt that the farmers
along this road ure so negligent about
bridging tho streams aud ravines.
Even if the road is but temporarily
located, the expeiflflof putting it in
a decent condition 1'or traveling would
be light, if equally shared in by all
concerned. Don't wait tor the towns,
gentleman fanners, to load off in the
road movement. Study your o An
convenience und have good roads.
Tub Cuors is iSuw Hampshire.
The Manchester, N. II., Aftrror, says
that the best of the crops in that,
state are beyond Contingencies, and
aro good enough to (ratify the far
mer. Hay crop good; oats well till
ed out, rye looks well; wheat untouch
ed by rust or wejvil ; potatoes never
loaked better ; Iruitcrop liglitj ber
ries pleuty: corn looks splendid, but
depends upon the weather to come.
Caituubof a Suvcu. The Unitod
States brig Dolphin captured a brig
off Sugna la Grande on the 22d Aug.,
with iilS slaves on borrd. Sin is
said to be the brig Putnam, former
ly tiio Echo of Boston, i The Dolph
in, with the ollicors of the. slave vos
sol on board,' had sailed for Boston.
Tho slave vossel has been seat to
Charleston, . ' ' ',
Hansidal die St. Josbpii Railroad.,
Tho cars aro how running forty
miles on the west ond of this road,
and eighty on the east, leaving a bal
ance of eighty miles yet to be built.
i.iST, The agents of tho Prairie City
town company now bind all persons
to whom thoy donate lots to secure-
improvements, to paint their houses
before thoy gtv waranty dedds.
' jtiT A lawyer asked a Dutchman
in' court what eai -marks' pig' had
that was in dispute.' ; '
" Veil, he has no ear-mark except '
a very short tall." 11 " (-
- , i'ii' . 1 1 ,,-
JiTTnere is an old follow iu Nash
ville who snoros so loud that' he is
obliged to sleep at a house in thd next
street to av id, m wakening hiiusvir.
lf Due ullowuiicu must be tuade
for the lateness of this iiuniblr If our
psper. Five day absence lroni our
post is tho causa of it. ',. u,,f
JtWinUiuk, whuro is JJnidyot J ,
Indado, ma'ui, (h,V fl !ap
4 'o
Ka Tur .)-i,HMti., rwv, RKVCLKlM, OTom,

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