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ONLY PAPER, in the CITY, of more than 3.500. Peoples, anr) has the bigest circulation of any and all other papers, in the City, combind.
Aol. 10
Number (5
what is eeii
If! 0KL11
Hot Cinders From a Passing Train
Thought To Be Cause of $580,.
030 Fire at Oklahoma City
oior..ilon only- four weeks. ITonry
Byiids. manager, could not say wheth
er It wmld bo rebuilt.
Farmers Flooded from Homes
Okmulgee, Okla. Rising waters of
the Deep Fork river flooded the low
lands along Us course for a mile and
a half. Crops planted on river bot
, torn farma were ruined and the fann
ers and their families, the majority ol
' whom are negroes, were compelled to
i leave their homes and go to higher
ground. A portion 6r the Okmulgee
youngstown road west of Okmulgee
was ilooded and washed out.
Oklahoma City. The plant or the
Interstate Cotton Compress Company
was destroyed by fire thought to have
been caused by Hying red hot cinders
from a passing train falling among
bales of cotton on the plant platform.
The spreading blaze is said to have
caused $5S0,000 loss to the Interstate'
Cotton Compress Company and pri
vate concerns and farmers who had
10 000 bales of cotton stored here at
the time of the fire, nothing was saved
except the records from the oillce
which the plant superintendent's son
imperiled his life in saving by rush
ing into the blaze with another em
ployee who sustained very serious
burns and is in a critical condition.
Six box cars loaded with cotton
which the switchmen could not get to
weio also consumed by the blaze
which was whiped around over the
plant by a very high wind in less than
10 minutes lime.
The plant covered a space about
100 yards square at the intersection of
the Rock Island and M, K. & T. Rail
road tracks, which cc-.ved rb a barrier
to keep the fl-.m.s Jr " sprucing
New Pest Found at Bristow
Bristow, Okla. A new post about
which little is known has been discov
ered and according to .T. V. Riley, the
Creek county agent, Is ravaging the
alfalfa fields of Creek county. The
little bug is kin to the green bug that
Infests the wheat fields. It is about
the size of the ordinary pin head. The
body is green. One field of more than
twenty acres northeast of Bristow has
been nearly destroyed by the bugs.
The bugs work on the plant by cut
ting it off at the ton of the giound.
Donations sMade To Furdi Ucod At
Oklahoma Univcroi.y.
Norman, Okla- Ail is ,nol rcaes
With thfr,tyMlcao aludc:wjj0 rytt
earn his wwh way Willie stcrij .-;
education. But lucky is tho I'aU.r
sity of Oklahoma man or wojean .,.o
lrko to be independent; tor thtxe .t
fetn.'ijp', hand to tido him over whoa
the f,oing & Lard.
More than $1,51)0 has been loosed
to u.kiir; st.alent. Lere by th) Ok
lahoma University titud.nt Loin .
toi.. lion, nccotding to figures j.vca
out this week by J. L. Linidjy, urn
ver jty treasurer.
I o.ty-five loans, awragius J15J eat'i
ha"e been j. ..tie to woithy siud n
at the unhe.city sine the fund wa
ibUbUshed July 5, 1917, uccoidhv? to
records in the uvnurnu's ohiefc. Some
of the be.it siude.rs evr g.ftd avl
Ly the univetsity . ic able to f.alu
(heir counts b. cause of the student
loan aid it is sail At pr ;, at, a b.l
: n ot $l,17i.of is un ha:' i -tidy .or
U,c use of other hi icent i ho.e who
must have flnanci I assi' tance.
Another May Dis as Hccult of Injuriea
Resulting From Car Crash,
Tioa, Okla. E. V. Vo.itch of Kan
eat. Oity, a travc'.'ng takbuian and C
If. Wuort'h, a Tulsa automobile sales
wan were killed outri.ht and two oth
er men wer Injured, one seriously,
when an automobile in which thty
we o riding turned over three times,
Vho four men we. e driving towai.1
th:v Lily and appatgntly lost control
of tho maohino at u point wher tho
loud narrows. Police Bay that the fa t
driven car swerved across the road,
back at-ain and then somersaulted
skihUng 30 feet after righting. Bath
Wue.tli and Voatch, who wore in the
fto:it seat, suffered broken necks.
VtatcrTs face was crusJicd beyond
Cleaning Plant One of Tvo Vest of
Mississippi Burns
Di.rant, Fire destroyed tho cotton
denning plant of the Oklahoma Cot
ton company hero. Loss to the bul'd
U$ and machinery was estimated nt
St'0.000. The origin of tho ilro has not
bon learned.
Tho cleaning plant is one of two
west of lite Mississippi river. The ea
polity (t the plant was twenty-five
bJ djtfy Tr- Plant had been In
Eight Cities Had a Total of 290,770.7
Square Yards of Pavement
Tulsa, Okla. Statistics compiled by
O. K. Griggs, city engineer ot Tulsa,
frhowed that eight cities of Oklahoma
had paving projects carried out in 120.
These wero Altus, Bartlesvllle, Durant
Enid, McAleetor, Miami, Oklahoma
City and Wagonor. The eight cities
had a total of 20.77C.7 square yards of
pavement laid,
i Only five types of paving were util
i ! -far macadam; brick or clay
b-..,.: concrete, no roinforced; cent
er.:. id, walks.
. Mluu:i led in paving improvement
, vo:k with in. 020 yards of Warrenife
i bl'hulic javin; Bartlosvillo was sec
, ond with 'iG.TSi) yards of concrete, not
rcinuced. tuU 18.C27 jwda- of tar
m-tca j.n; Enid thi:d with 17.278
.v rds of conorote nm reinforced; Ok
lahoma City fourth with 25.G05.9 yards
o. conciore, not re'nioicrd. and :i,717
yards of cement sidewalks; McAles
u r ia n-xt with 10 324.3 arris of brick
or city block, and bV. .' 3 yards of
cor.ee te. not reinfr.ccd; D.-nt had
"0 jajds of brick or ck.y Mock, and
X.axcner 2.000 feet of c m.nt side
,:'lJ:s while AItu hr.d one and half
inties of cement sidewalks
$00,000 Sewer QonJa l:ay Be Voted
In The Tcwn Soon
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Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
You can have a Business o
ur own by devoting a poi Un ol
your time each day to scllinj.; our
corsets, Liberal commissions ple
asant work.
Ad dress M & T Corset Co.
Jackson Michigan.
for elect i Ay. and it is ptopoBetl to
increase tho stee of the plant so that t
it will be able to develop 300 horso
Bids for tho installation of a munici
pal gas system have been advertised
and work on the ditching and gas-lino
laying in the city limits is expected to
start within thirty days.
Scouts To Have Summer Outing.
Enid. Okla. Enid boy scouts will
have ton days of iun and outing at
the annual summer camp to be hold
this year at 101 ranch, fifty-thtee
miles east of Enid, May 31 to June 11.
it has been announced. The camp
will bo conducted by the Enid council
of hoy scouts. Ehomas II. Nelson,
scout executive for Enid, will be with
the hoys the entire time. Besides teg
ular camping sports, a baseball tourn
ament will be held,
&.' J (??&" -L- fcv UlSiiSpi
i ..nd .t love ion iiorhnns most nf IhH)
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by local applications, na they cannot r. v Ii
tho diseased portion of the car Tim.. Ir
only one way to cure deafness, mid that is
uy consiuuiionai remedies Dcifiusi Is
caused hy an Inflamed condition or tin mu
cous linlnK of the Eustachian Tube Wh n
this tube Is Inflamed you have a ru s t
sound or imperfect hearing, nnd whrn It i
entirely closed. Deafness la the result I
unless the Inllc munition can bo i il i t
nnd this tube restored to Its nnrinii t
tlon, heailiiK will be destroyed f r .,i i
cases out of ton are caused by ( u ru
which Is nothing but an Inllamcd cos. Ii l
i of the mucous surfaces
i Wo will Rive One Hundred Dollars for nn
case of Deafness (cnuseil by ratnrrhi that
I cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure
ocnu lor circulars. Tree.
P. J. CIIENBY A CO . Toledo. Ohio
Sold by DniBRlsts, 7Bc
Tako Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
Duncr.n. Okla A ?l,ooo.(oo munici
pal improvement canrpai-n will bo un
der way heie within thiity clays, John
Ewell city manasor, annotuced.
i The cemmission at a meeting to be
held April 1 will c'oto the contract
iormally tor ?400.00O wj th of paving,
to include tlie remMiulor of Main
street nnd several important cross
Follo ing the paosr-e and approval
of a snecial snnitaj law for this city
an election will be called for voting
or not less than $000,000 In bonds lor
tho extension of tho sewer system to
rV partis of tho city, the improving of
the pre cut sewage f'tsposal plant and
iho building of another. There is no
opiosition to the bond Issue, it .was
In addition to the city's ?1.000 00U
building campaign at least as much
more is plnnnpd for this year by indi
viduals and coipoiations, in the way
of new residence and business
-houses. More tiia 200 residences aro
under conm ction.
1 Philippine Res. dent
Isauro Gabaldon
Kaw City Power Inadequate to Meet
Growth of City.
1 aw City, Okla A petition request
ing the cit council to hold a bond
election lor improvements in the elec
tric ljjht system has been circulated.
Practically every property owner ap
pioachid signed. It is expected that
the council will act upon tho matter
fit thoir next regular meeting.
The cause of tho rapid growth of
the city brought about by development
in the Hickman and Carter oil field
east of horo, tho fifty horso-power
unit s uniMo to supply th domand
"Must tho heart
of America beat
only for the free
dom of Ireland, of
Poland ami of the
Czeeho - Slovaks,
nnd not for the
indi'pciidi nee of
the Philippine Is
lands?" This was the
question Resident
Co in in I s s I oner
Isauro (ialnildiui
of the Philippines
ndreswd directly
to l he member
ship of the House
of Rome -entaives
In a speech whieh was given very
.close attention and was frequently ap-
I "At one time," said Commissioner
Gabaldon, "Congress had before It no
, le.-s than thirty resolutions epr sji,,'
, sympathy with the aspirations of the
! Irish people, If not netualy urging Eng
land to grant independence to Ireland.
At that time, also the Filipinos wero
knocking at your door. Out of the
womb of war, many European repub
lics wero hoi n, and America has re
joiced to uphold the same. And .et
the claim of the Filipinos Is still tin
hooded. .Must there be exceptions,
then, in International Justice?
"My plea, gentlemen of the Ameri
can Congress, is that you ignore no
longer th repented requests of a de
serving people for an independence
Hint rightfully belongs to them. Tim
granting of Independence now affords
tho United Stales a golden opportunity
to give to the world unanswerable
proof of Its sincerity, Its consistency
and its altruism. It will be tho great
est example of square dealing In the
history of the ages.
"Do not think we are not appre
ciative of all you have done for us.
Wo are. America has truly treated
the Filipino people as no other nation
has ever treated an alien race In all
history. Tho high points of the Amer
ican policy In the Philippines have
boon consistently Inspired by altruism.
Wo know that you wero actuated In
your labors by tho desire to contrib
ute to our own we' faro.
'..ud .e love jum perhaps most of
all for your solemn promise to grant
us (lint which wo hold dearer than life
itself -our freedom. Independence is
our naiional ideal. It Is our all ab
sorbing aim. It grows stronger every
hour. For tho spirit of nationalism
never dies. Much less can it he sub
dued. We believe that we can never
hope to bo a sturdy nation if wo are
to rely forever on the magnanimity of
tlie rnlted States.
"America's task In the Philippine
Islands is finished. What you have as
sumed as your sacred obligation in
that part of the world lias been ful
filled. A people with a medieval sys
tem of institutions lias been trans
forme.d into a conscious nation, iin
I bued with all that Is modern in tho
I activities of nations. And if you give
I us independence our gratitude to you
j will increase a thousand fold ; It will
last foroer if you keep faith with us.
"There Is but one issue In the Phil
ippine question, and that is: Is there
today a stable government on the Is-
lands? In the Jones law you promised
i independence upon tho establishment
of such a stable government. Your
own fiovernor-Ocnoral has officially
reported that there is a stable gov
ernment in existence today, and we
also have submitted plenty of evidence
to substantiate its existence. There-
i fore, wo hope and expect America will
. now carry out Its pledge."
Tio Notion's Hair
and Scalp notnerty I
IHIlLfinilH Knlrt etnna nl1X.. 1.-Z
W.l promotes luxuriant: r-rnr7hnl,laliit.
.ujf, iivkii.Ii y action iinmcatato ana
cerium, juoncyiuaclc Ciuarantco,
AtdruscUts and barbsrs.or sand 23o
tor Ecnsrous aamola.
MJCHY TIGER CO.. Kansas City. Mo.
Pioneer Lavmaker Buried.
Muskogee, Okla. Funeral renics
I for Dr F. J. Winkler. 70 years old. rc.il
estate and investment man who d on
, ped dead at his home here wero he'd
i Doctor Winkler, civil war veteran ar d
i loader in G. A. R. circles, was a men
her of the Oklahoma territorial WtI-.
( latino tor eleven years from Kinrfl h
er county. lie was president of tho
senate two years bofore the territor
ies wero merged into a state Doctor
(Winkler came to Muskogeo in 1900 to
practico medicine.
iT h M
Bond Vote For Bridge Carries.
Oklahoma City. Sequoyah co mty
cast an overwhelming vote for a $?02.-
000 bond issue to defray one-fourth of
the cost of a bridge over tho AMcn
sasrivor. connecting Muskoreo and So
quoyalt counties, and to build ronio
smallor bridges with'n the county, ac
cording to word received from Sail!-saw.
Woodmen to Meet at Shawnee.
Shawnee. The grand council of the
Woodmen circle will meet in Shawnee,
April 7 to 9, was announced. Five
hundred delegates aro expected.
This Filipina is making a Philippine
hat, which is becoming quite popular
with both men and women in the
United States, and is usually a source
of great pride to the wearer. '
(Chicago Tribune.)
Wo do not blame the Filipino people
for wanting their complete freedom. It
is the natural usplrution of mankind.
Kingfisher Wheat Damaged by Bugs
Kingfisher, Okla- Wheat of Altoona
and Park townships has been dam.T
ed by green bugs and Chinch bugs
more seriously than for many years,
William Mead, county assessor, main
tained following a visit through tho
All week representatives of the rail
way administration and officials of tho
railway unions endeavored to reach
an agreement on the wage demands
of the brotherhoods, but nt this writ
ing tlie results were nil. On Thurs
day the executive committee of tho
maintenance of way employees ami
railway shop laborers met In Detroit
to consider wage demands. Tho
grand president of the union predict
ed a general strike on the railways If
a satisfactory adjustment was not
reached at Washington. Some of thn
railway labor leaders aro sorlouslv
discussing the formation of a thini
big political pnrty with government
ownership and lowering of the cost of
living ns Its platform, and with a
showdown nt tho presidential elec
tion nat fall.

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