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DorTt Expect the Earth With a Hflgh Board Fence Around It All For One Cent But Sterling Articles Are Always Put Up In Small Packagesj
Bennington County
Capital $100,000.
Qfacers, JOHN S. HOLDEN. 1'restdcnt.
A. K. MTCIIH5. Vlce lTcsWnt.
Bennington, Vt.
Tnuwnct a general banking
business, pays interest on certi
ficates of deposit at the rate of
i per cent if allowed to reniaiii
three months.
I E. Gibson, J. S. Holden, Wm. E.
Hawks, N. M. Puller, A. K. Rltchie,
J T. Shurtleff, C. W. Thatcber.
PltOFITS $76,000
Most ceatrally located for
country business and is always
ready to receive new accounts.
fciB one of the oldest and
strongest Banks in Vermont,
and transaets a gcneral bank
ing business.
i, G. fkGuLLOUGII, Prasideal.
S. B. HALL, Cashier.
rpoSilKXT 'Warm furnlslicd nlngle rooms
I rooms for llcht housekeeping.
rIVEII, lSltank at.. No Bennington. Vu
mu KENT Klghtroom tenenent on South
1 St. wltli all modern Improvements. A good
horse barn In tlie rear. Elmer F. Uockwood. 39
f no KE.T. Deslrable tenements. ofllces anil
I store. Fonevilon gtven Immedlately. .
E-HawknS North St. ,
rno ItE 'C Flve rooms on Hr.U floor, tnod
1 ern fmproveinents. alo a lurnlRbeu room
forladyorwsbool Klrl. Apply to Mlss M.N.
Moore, 231 I'arW St.
Foit nnXT. ijome. Wlllow St.. now oc
cupie.l ly W. W. linrke. batliroom. mod
ern conveiileoces. Inqulre Mrs Kdw. Norton,
To UESlT.-CottagB2oa Orore St., 8 room?
bath and tollet: No. 3U9 Maln St., 1B
rbomi. bath, tollet. lmt w-itcr boller and steam
hc.it, W U.Sheld n. . 33tt
To IIEIVT. Seven room tenement on Union
Ht-i slngle house j poisesslon given atoncc.
Also six room tenement wlth all modern Im
nroveraents, electric lights on Maln tt now
occupledby Mlss II. J. Morgan, the milliner;
possessloa given SeptJ l, S. II. Itockwood. 27
TO KEST. Double tt;ncments corner Mc
Call and Maln streets. Kent 8 and $9 re
apeclWely. Modern conwiletiees. Apply
Darber & Warllng'M Offlce. 41
WA!VTEI. Woman for general house.
work, good cook. Call or addrcss 220
VTest'Mala street .
ANTK.-OlrI todoeen ril housowork.
Apply to Jirs is. j.xinauy, wj ou
WANTED Orders for frult trees, orna
mental trees and shrubery for sprlng de
lWerlng. Allen Nursery, ltoche.ittr. N. Y.
C, Alnswortb, Agent, 311 West Maln St. 4ltf
WANTKU-l'o'sltlon as loreman In paper
box Hni'0. 1! years' experlence. Address
J II. 8 , Box 13, Fhllmont, N. Y. 43w4
WAHTED Falthfutperspni to, call on rotal
trde and: agents. iot. manutacturlng iiouse
havlng well; eitabllsbed bustness; .looal terrl
toryjstralgiit salary .120 pald weekly and ex
pen.se mouey odTaneed; protlous eiperlence
unn'icesjaryi poaitlon permanent; buslness
RucceMfal, Enoloae self-addressed nnvflop?.
Supsrtntendent Travelers, C05 Monon niilg.,
Clikago, 111. 41W8
WANT1D Posltlon by an experieneed
woman tiurse. Best ot references gtren.
In4ulre42Mal 8t. aswia
"TT"AN1?EDA canvassfns B( ent wlth imall
W amount of money msy becure tbe
agfnoy of a Callfornla prodaet that can be sold
toprtry lamllr or Dennlngton and surroundlng
coantry. a. Une aeller for a bouie to house
cnhTaswT to handle wlth other goods. It ls an
articleof dally consumptlon, and wbere once
sold la a ure cepeater. Tba product ls not as
yet Introducad In Vermont but hundreds of ap
pUcatloM liave been lecclved trom there.
For particulars. prlces and sarnple, address
V MANAO Elt, P. O. Box i7
San Jose, CalUomla.
" For Salo.
Farm ol i acres, well watered, bulldlngs In
good eondltlon. land In good state of cultlratlon.
apple orehard of loo to 200 barrels of frult, sugar
orcltard ot 500 trees, C00 cords of wood, 100.0(0
feet of tlmben; cuts iw tons oi nay. lerms
easy. Enqulre of c. II. Mjers, Pownal centre,
FOIl'?AL,ri, 10 wagons 6f all desorlptlons.
3)seb otiftaruess. slntle and double. 20
at W. J FbaliM) Llrery. Htf
intcrcstin Dcvelopment In
Pawlet Cruelty Casc.
Latr Fads Indicate That There
Arc Two Sides To the Case
Aainst Mclntyre.
Tbe Banner and Hofortnor last week
publishod in advanoeof any other
paper the story of the arrest of Rev
Daniel Mclntjro of Pawlet or alleged
cruelty and tnaltreatinfr a clilld be
tween threo and four years of age.
To get more full particulars of tho
case a represontatlvo of this' paper in
the evcning called up states attorney
IL Preston of Fair Ilaven and
from hlm learned particulars as to
wbere tbe child was taken when it went
from Pawlet to Boston, wber it was
born and some otliere.
The entire story as far as could bo
learned was sent to tbe Boston Hcrald
by lts correspondent here. That paper
made investigations with tlio result
that the following story appoared in
it Friday afternoon:
Back of the arrest of the Rev Daniel
Mclntyre, Wednesday by States At
torney Preston on the coraplaint of
Humane Olllcer W. W. Tower for Ui
alleged abuso of a 3-year old chlld,
lies a pathetic story of humane inter
st. The little one cauw into the world
without a birthright. She was born
in a privato lyinfr-in hospital at 480
Brookline avenue. Longwood, , near
Boston, April 1900. Provious to
her birth a young, attractive woman
visited tho hospital and made ar
rangements 'vith Dr Laura Ilunter,
who conducts the institutlon, for treat
ment. Upon the books of Dr Ilunter
the mother's nnrao was given as Mary
Louiso Holland of Boston, and' that
of the father as Wright Mclntyre, pro
fession, a tcacher, born in Scotland.
Apart fronrthe entry made on tho
book Dr Hunter knew nothing of the
father. She had never seon him at the
hospital, but she said that while she
was absqnt one day, soon after the
chlld was born, aman askod to see the
little one, and havlng beeu escorted to
the crib whore the child lay, bent prer
tho cradlo and kissed her.
Dr Hunter states that she had under
stood that after the birth of the child
the tnan and woman niarrlod; She fur
thor said that she was told that the
raother of the child was a frlend of tho
wlfoof tho Pawlet minister, and it was
by reason of the friendship existing
between the two women that tho little
goldenhaired glrl, after it became a
year old, was taken from the Brook
line avenue hospital to Vermont. Dr
Hunter said that the Rev Mr Mclntyre
had never expressed a dcslre to adopt
the little one, but she (Dr Hunter) felt
contcjit that the baby was in proper
"Why didn't the mother of the child
takj her baby?" was asked, "She
would not keep it becauso of its birth,"
roplied the doctor. "Frequently she
called at my placo here, and would'
take the little one for a time and then
return U, but much of tho time the dear
little, glrl elther remalned here or with
my daughter, who was equally fond of
"Why, I thought so much of her
that I gave hcr my own 'nutno, and
hero sho ls called Mary Franles Hun
ter. She calls me 'granny.' "
" Whero Is the child now?" as ask
ed. "With Mr and Mrs Georgo Roso, a
most estimable famlly lllng in
SpringSeld, Mass. Ho is a c'ondu'c
tor on the Boston & Albany rairoad,
a gbod mdn, apd tils' wife is all'i tbat
could bedesired to lookafter the vell
being of such a little one."
"Have Mr and Mrs Rose adorited
"Well. nractically. The papfcrs
haven't passed yet, but thoy will sopn
be signed."
"Dld the child show any marks,
ill treatment when it was returned
vou by the Rev Mclntyre sev
weeks ago?"
"Absolutely none. ' She
tronir nnd hoalthy asJa
"Is thero any relationship botween
tho fnthor of tho chtld and the minister,
they both havlng tbe sumo lastname?"
she was asked.
"1 don't believo that thoro is."
A representative of this paper intor
vlowed Mr Mclntyre Saturday who
stuted emphatksally that ho never
heard of Wright Mclntyre or Miss
Mary Louiso Holland boforo. He al
so said that ho did not knowaqy Mary
Prances Holland but when asked If
that was not the nnme of tho child he
said he u1whv3 'knew it as Frances
He would say notbing about the
charges agalnst him only that he ex
HJcted to pro"vo hls innocence. Ho
would give no reason why he went and
got tho child from Dr Hunters last
Octobcr, 1001, orNwhv he took it back
thero when he learned that tho charges
of maltreating were to be investigated.
As to rnmors that hls wifo had left
him, he said they were ontirely falso.
She stood by him and would. Thero
had never been any difforoncos between.
them, and he thought the members of
the church would stahd -by him also.
He conductcd the regular services
In Pawlet there are two churches,
the Congrcgational and the Mothodist.
Some months ago thero was much talk
of uniting the two churches and at a
joint meetlng thoy came withln threo
votes of untting undcr 'the Mothodlst
From that a church war has grown
up and Mr Mclntyfo's Irlends allege
that persecution of him and falsehoods
about him have rcsulted.
Rev Mr Stona, father of Mrs A. P.
Childs was pastor of tho Congregat
ional church at Pawlet somo. .10 years
ago and in the church is a stained
glass.wlndow in his memory.
Patrick Cooney of Sandgate
Makes No End of Trouble.
Patrick Cooney, who rnn amuck in
Sandgats somo twojreoks ago and was
brought here to jall after cleanlog out
all tbe strong mon of Sandgate, is
mabiug things lively for Jailor Rus
soll. Connev is vinlontly insano and after-
he bnd heen In jall n few days, tbo
other prlsoncrs began tn get afraid of
Ile had n bnbit of altting glowerlne
tn)n corner for an hour or two and then
rushlng violontly at anything thnt ap
poared and if it chnnced toboa buman
being, tbe lunatic seemed to llke it
Uurt Willard was engagod to take
cbarge of hlm ai.d has been kopt ex
ceedlngly buay. Sone of the tlmodur
ing tbe ist fw days it has taken Mr
Willard and Jailor Kusspll and one nr
two of tho prifnners to bold Cooney.
Cooney is to bo taken to tbe state
asylum at Watorbury.
Another Good Game Suicdultd for Ntxt Fri
day Evnln.
Two games of Basket Ball are sohed
uled for Friday ovenlng, December 11,.
at Library ball. Tbo princiiil gamo
is botween the Unlted Five of Hoosick
Kalls and the loual V. M. C. A. The
preliminary eamo is betweon tbe Ben
nington llign school and the seoond
Y. M. C. A. toaras.
The U. B. B. won from tbe North
Hoosick Y. M. A. 0. team, Kriday
ovening. Tbe scoro was 31 to 5. Tbo
linoup was as follows:
Bonnlngton North Hoosick
Burt 0. Kolley
Plumb R. F. Cottrell
Casoy L. V. Delaney
Harbonr R. G.
Ayrcs, Gokay S. G. Falrburn
Carpontor umpire.
Small Pox Sure in Wilmington, and Schobli
Rcop'ea To-diy.
The small por icare in "Wilmington
has been declared off by tho selectmen
and tlio schools will resurae regular
sessions to day.
Tbe sohool sessions and all other
public gatherings were ordered discon
tinuod by the selectmen and board of
health of that town at the tlrfid a case
of small pox was dlscovered in tbe
town. A reasonaltle time havjng
elapsed and no new duses havlng been
discovered it has beep deemed safe to
re-npen the schoels.
imallpox Thrcatcns the Lum
ber Camps.
Two Cases In the Belknap Board
ins House on Dcerfield River
Co.'s Jobs.
Small pox bas brokon out in tbo
lumber camps in Glastenbury and Som
orset and practically all tbe men
on tbe Deerflold River uompany's jobs
1 and i have been oxposed and tbero is
a good deal of anxiety over tbo out
c'ome. Two men are sick with tbe disense nt
tbe so called Uelknap boardlng houio
in tbo town of Someraet but closo to
tbo Glastenbury line and most of tho
men oxposed are in Glastenbury.
William W. Mattison, healtb oflicer
of tho town of Glastenbury, who is
bere as a juryman in county court,
was notified Mon day afternoon by tel
ephono and icnt word to have tbe cascs
Isolated and none of tbo exposed per
mltted to leave, tospread the disease.
Dr W. II. Lane of Readsboro drove
tbrough tbo woods to tbo camps Mon
day night and is in chargo of tbe cases.
With the comlng on of cold weatber
and the isolated locatlon of tho camps,
thero is danger tbat tbe outbreak will
idterfcro serlously wlth tho lumber
business tbis wioter, but owing to tho
distance it is not prnbable tbat tho di
sease will spraad outeido tho camps..
Former Btnninglonlin u UabllitlM o( $16,100
nd no AjicIs.
John II. Savery of Petorsburgb Is in
bankruptcy, witb dobts of 810,100, nnd
no nssets. Tbo creditors are : Ben
nington, Jobn Robinson, $5,000; Nel
son W. Gowor, $2,000; Jobn Nasb,
$2,000; J. Ed. Walbridgo, 8100; Troy,
Lincoln Iron Works, 8000; Rusobsr
Brewing comtnny, 81,000; lloston, M.
A. Torrey, 85,000. Savory conducted
a livory stablo here, and lalor ran tbo
Amerlcan Iiouse for somo timo.
- -
Levi C. Sturtevant Withdraws His
Levi O. Sturtovan: of Woynri 'ge,
who brougbt suit. ngatnst Governor
McCullougb during the campaign a
year ago for nvmoy nlleged to bo duo
for political services, has ba ked down
am witbdrawn his suit.
At tbo raeeting of Addison county
court at Middlebury last oek, Sturto
vant'a attornoy asked tbat tbo caso ho
discontinued and it was stricken from
the docket.
Tbis provea the cnntentioa of tbe
governor's fnends tat tbere wa9
nothing to the caso but an attorapt to
injuro Gen MoCullough
Sturtevant also sued the Burlington
Free Press for libel after tho Free
Press showed him up and this case
will probably take tho snme coursn as
tbe Otber.
Well Known Pownal Mn Will Lost Sijht or
Ont Eye.
Pownal Dec. 7. Mark Burrington,
well known resldent was attacted by
partles, Saturday nlght. In the fracas
he wasklcked on tbe hoad, and one oye
so badly lacerated that the physlcians
say be will loso tbe slght. It is expoct
ed obat there will be arrests.
The robbing of hon-houses scem to
have becomo epidemic in cortaln lo
calitles in Middlebury and in parts of
Weybridge. No less than slx breaks
have been rejJorted withln a week and
in two instances tho thieves gatliered
up the family washing that had been
left out OTt night. One Weybridge
party whojBi) eleven turkoys roady
for ttie Tlftjlvlng and Christmus
An Enthuslastic Gtthtrlng In Romt- -Presldent
' RoosevtlLToasttd.
R une, Dnc. 8:- Tbe Amencnn col-
lege trday celcbrates tlie J9tb anni
veisary of Itsfoundntion, togetberwitb
the Feast of tho Immacnlate Cnneep
tion. Aft r mass a' grcat banquet was
givnn to l.r)0 gti'sts. Tho occasion was
one of great onthusinsm.
Arcbblshop Soton, formcrly pastor
of St Josepb's church in Jersey Oity,
proposed toasts tu President Rnosevelt,
Popo Pi'is and Mannger Konnedy, roc
tor of the college. He doclared Ken
nedy one tho grcatest rectors the col
lego evor hatl. Konnedy replying,
thanked tbe gatbering aud said ho
would devote all bls strngth to maki
xhe collego a conter bf Catbolcism.
Ttlli Whtrt Thtre Are Pilcs of Counterflct
Mls Six Fect Hlgh.
StLouis, Dec 8:Edward Rathcliffe
has been arrested on susplclan of be
ing a member of a counterfeitlng gang.
He confessed tbere were olles of .snur-
ous bllls, six feet hlgh in a room on
Ollvo street.
This money ho said was mado in
Chlcago, brought to St Louis by threo
men, two whotn have escaped with
counterfelt bills.
Furthcr Trouble at E. Parmalce Prcntiis'
Colorsdo Mlnci.
Trinidad Colorado Dec. 8: Word
reached here at midnlght of a pitcbed
battlo'at Sequndo, at the Colorado
fMel and iorn company's carap between
thirty strlking Italians miners and
seven of tbe companys guards. Three
strikcrs shot, and two will die.
This company is largoly tho pro
perty of John D. Rockefeller and E.
Parmalee Prentiss, Mr Rockefeller's
son-in-law is lts president.
And Then Savtd Tht State Furthtr Trouble
And Exptnse.
Pittsburg, Dec.8: Mrs Joseph Oind
man was shot in the head and Instant
ly kijled by hor husband at their homo
thts morning. After killlng hls wlfe
the husband walked into the kltchen
and sent a bullet through hls brain,
killlng himself instantly.
Arlington Atn Will, For Stillng Uquor With.
out A Llccnse.
Arlington, Dec. 8 J. H. Sentcr was
yesterday convicted bofore Justice
Oscar Tlfft of Selling liquor without a
Hcenso and sentenced to servc threo
months in tho house of corroction at
Rutland. Tho complalnt was entered
by the Hcenso commissioners, and is
the flrst one made here. ShorifT Nol
son took hlm up in the afternoon.
Eminent Pott and Essayiit Died Early This
Brighton, Eng., Dec, 8; Herbort
Spencer, the eminent nuthor and
philosopher, who has been soriously ill
for some timo past, died this morning.
Ho has been nnconsclous slnce 0:20
lastevenlng. He was born in Derby,
Aprll. 27, 1820
Maln Steam Pipe Burits in Bltachtrlts in
Pawtucket1 R. T., Dec, 8: By the
burstlng of tho maln steam pipo in the
Saylesvillo bleacberles this morning
Jns Allen, Michael F. Mitchel were
scalded to death. Robert Reed was
badly burned.
InttrtJting South Shiftibury CaJt In Cour
Court adjourncd Saturday noon un
tll Monday noon leavlng the above
caso with the examlnation Of several
wltneEses not yet concluded. It was
taken up Monday afternoon. Tbe case'
has been of much interest and thb aud
lence have been largo oVery day It
was brought by the plalntiff to recover
tho value of cash and .goods whlch
it waa' claimed were taken from his
store in South Shaftsbury wblle Toss
icr was a clerk there.
No given amount was specifled in the
accusotlon but when the papers were
served defendant had to furnlsh bail
to the amount ot $5000. The testimony
as a general thing waB qulto Interest
ing as illustratlng the mbthods of do
ing buslness. The casoiBM been stub
ornly fought on botliAHBand wil
probably go to the jurjMHfeernoon
Barber and Holden oJHSMartin
appoar for thojplain
When the Brlde Arrlved lle Had Wcddcd
Clara E. Burse of (Varaaw, N. Y.,
nrrivod in Montpelier last Wednesday
witb tbe intentious of meetlng ber fu
turo busbar.d, but on hor arrival sho
found be hd antiolpatecl her coming
by two or three weeks andmnrriod an
other woman. Sbe claims to bo with
out friends and money andiOverseor of
the Poor Calvin Parmenter has been
invesligating the case
The young man sbe told tbe ovcrseer
she was to inarry bas left the stato
with bis brlde and Lia whoreaboulsare
unknown. Sbe showed letters she said
were from hlm in wbicb ho prnmlsed
to marry bsr. Sbe told the overseer
sbo was soon to becomo a mother.
Annuals of 0. E. S. and Grand
Army Post.
At tbo nnnual communicntion of
Tucker cbapter, O. E. S., in North
Bennington Friday eveniDg, those ofH
cers wero elected : Miss Lottie E. Mat
tison, W. M ; James K. Allison, "W. P:
Miss Laura B. Mosber, A. M; Miss
Gertrudo Ashton, secretary; Mrs Kato
Mattison, treasurer; Mrs Rosella Wal
bridge, conductress; Miss Florence
Woodbull, associate conductress. The
appointed otllcers will be announced
The two Grand Army posts olected
offloere for tbe coraing year at tbo an
nual meeting held Saturday ovening.
Sixtb Corpspost elected these ofncers:
J. C. Clnrk, commander; Edward Kel
ley, S. V. OjPayson Hathaway, J. V.
C; C. D. Gibson, Q. M;C. H. Sibley,
surgeon; George Reynolds, clmplain;
O. M. Lambert, O. D ; O. K. Wyman,
0. G ; A. B. Valentine, N. .V. Puffer,
1, E. Gibson, trnstees; J. H. Evnns,
dolegate to tho dopartment encamp
ment; George Reynolds, alternate
G.A. Custer post elected theseofflcers:
E. B. Spear, commander; A. A. Col
lins, S. V. 0; Albert Dunn, J. V. C;
R. M. Houghton, chaplain; William
Haytree, Q. M ; William Woodward,
chaplain, J. H. Dennis, 0. D; Joe
Mattison, 0. G; M. V. B. Armstroog,
dolegate; William Woodward, alter
nato; R. M. Houghton, A. P. Cbilds,
M. V. B. Annstrong, trssteeB.
Annual Meetlng of One ol the Frattrnal
Bociety No 2, Bennington Council
.107 Knights of Columbus have elected
these ofllcers for the,coming year: Jas.
B. Lee, G. K : James Cone, D. G. K;
Itev Thoraas Sohaeffer, chancellor; M.
J. Schwab, recorder;.T. J. O'Donnell,
flnancial secrptary; J. P. Mornssey,
B. Dalov. locturer; Will
Glbney, lncal treasurer; W. .). Meaa-
ber, advucate; P. McGuire, wnrden;
Martin Keano, insido guard; E. J.
HacUott, O. C;trustees,Gibbons Eng
lish, 3years;D. A. Guiltinao, 2years,
J. J. McDermott, 1 yoar
E. J. Worthington's little daughter
is ill.
Mrs Edward Donvntre, who has been
the truest of her mother, Mrs. Adelaide
Fisk for a number of weeks, returned
to hor home In Now York clty, M6n-
The Mothodlst Social, which was
announced to bo bold in the church;
will bo at the residenc'e of Herbert
Whlto on Bank street, Tuesday, Dec
16. A voYy Intoresting entertammont
has boon prepared.
Mlss Nelllfl Cole haVretorned' to hef
sclidol duties in'Arlln'gtb'ri aftor a two
weeks' Tacation at her hpnro.
An operatto. .wigperto'rmea lasf
week on tho iofant 'oblld of Mrs Jobn
Dailoy by Dr Bartlett, asslsted by Dr
Gleason. '
Th alarm of Dre from box 27 F
i Bwfinllnnr waa cause'l by a ohtao,t
burnlnc dut. at the rosiuence ol uoorgc
F Heatbon Flm st. Tho damago was
- i ' . . .
!riacipay somo slnto on the roof be -
.itm" lir ra'V rPt'lnfir InSltie.
MurderTrial Wafts For Fini
of Mattison Case
Leon Perham Will Be ?ii
the Trio To Face Judgc
arid Jury.
Owing to tho MnttisoH casedraggil
so slowly, county couit did not got.
tbe Kogera' murder case yeBterda
tnis morning, as was exp9cted.
It is possible tbat tbe first o! thl
tbree may be reacned late tbis afterl
noon and if not it will come the first
tbing in tbe morning.
It is supposed that Leon Porbam
will be trietl flrst but States Attorney
Sbaksbober stated yesterday tbat be
mlgbt wish to try Mrs Rogers first.
All threo of the accused arein jaiL
here and are more or less nervous ovej
their coming ordeal: Stella Batea bfl
some new olothes and barring paloneJ
from long confinement, is looking well
Leon Perham seems to be more anx
ious to havo it over with tha.
troubled about tbooutcome, while Hi
Rogers maintains a noucbalant air ai
says little.
A big crowd gathered at the coi
houso Monday afternoon, expectingj
trial to begin but was disappolct
Ncarly balf tho erowd was compose
women and tbe gallcry waa packedJ
of them.
Pay Bil and Wipe Out a Uttle of tht ViJ
A iun Doara was present al
villago trusteo meetlng Monday
Ing. After reading the mlnutes.J
followlng bllls wero discussed
voted paid:
Bennington Water Powet
Co., mouth of Novemberj
J. S. Brant, Horseshoe
I. E. Gibson, Hay
Theo A. Carponter & Sl
ingmaterlal, 32.59.
Bennington Water Co.
namHoso Co., 8600..
H. M.Bassett, Oil tor
" j ,
Hcnry W. Putnam, Graln,
E. S. Chandler, Hardware
Dept., $2.75.
W. H. Nicholes, Care of ire .
Systera, .1 months, 850.00.
Fred E. Tifft, Police Duty, S ll
J. P. Murphy, PoliceDuty, 77 hVl
Bennington Water Power Sc4
Co., Installing Flre Alarra Bd
Chas A. Mauror, Attorney se
M. Y. atowart, btreet uon
lonfir, 0.02.
Wlnslow & Remlngton, forl Til
llose Co., Bradford H. & L.'Mi
W'ihslow & Remington, HBrdl
$2.15. j
Pay Rbll, November, Sewt r
Pay Roll, November,
Dnnt.. ci8R.nr.
Tne' flnancial showing in ii
fiind $4739:'59;'highway fund
It was voted to draw an
nay interest on villaAa notl
Natlonal Lifo InsiJlraEe
nolier. Interest duo Decl
3187.50. Duo on vlllaBre not
Savings bank du'd Dec 1 190
Due on Sower bonds, HHO,
to be dated J&nuarv 1 1D04J
ilso Yotod tb pay tw"o SeWen
91000 each, the order to bedn
Tbere is loft In the treasury.
generaHund$9C5'.l8'. Mtho b!
fund 3363.38.
' Tho fire cpmmltieo was autl
. . ...
and'directed to Inatall the hol
hoatcrnow'owned bv tho vllli
tfttltly tttkOn from tbo burnwl
Hoso Houso in the Stark Hoi
at a cost not to exceed 125.
( stark hose company i
i i -
roast pii? supper to mem
1 vlted jjuests on tlie nlght
linbofnn-thn fc of J

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