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Ihis Is Not.Our.Ideal of a Ncwspapef and Probably It is Not Yours, ,But if the Public .Helps the Infant Along Cordially It Will Improve Somewhatl
Bennington Counly
Capltal $100,000.
' 'v
Omcrs, JOIIN 8. HOLDEK. Prcsldent.
A. K. KITCHIE. Vlce I'resldcnt.
Bennington, Vt.
Transac-t a gei&rai banking
Tasiness, pays iriterest on eerti
iicates of deposit ut the rate of
8 per cent if allowed to tt'inam
ttliree inonths.-. v
I. E. Gibson, J. S. Holden, Wm. E.
Hawks, N. M. PulTer, A. K. Ritchlc,
3. T. SliurtlolVC. W. Thtltcher.
OAPITAL $150,000
PROF1TS $75,000
KESOUKCES, $500,000
Most entrally located for
country 'business and is always
ready t receive new accouuts.
It is one of the oldest aud
strongest Banks iu Vermont,
aud tr&tisnets a gcueral bauk-
ing buwness.
J. G. McCULLOUGH, President
- S. B. HALL, Cashitf.
rno HKAT-Warm
(urnlshcd slngle roonw
X o
Ar mnnia fnr lluht lintlAAkeetmiif.
C K. DVKU. Hank St.. N6 DennUtRtoD. Vt.
riMi ItKNT -KlKhtroom teneuent ou Scralli
horsebKniutlicrear. KlQier F. ltoekwood.
1. st. wiui au mociurn lmprovemems. ajji'uu
rno liKXT
-IlMlralileteiiements. offlcen Mhl
.L 9
atorev i"oHne-.sIoii clven imiixwJateiiy. Vi
E. Ilawlcs, 2u5 North St.
rno HK ST Elve roomi on nW toor. new
X ern iniproyemeiits. alo a furtilshed i-oom-
rorlaflyorsenooigin. Appiy 10 xn ju.,.v.
Moorc, zsi rarK ni.
TTIOIt ltliXT -Home. Wlllow 8t, ls-
i.' cupleJ ly w. w. uurice. uauirstftn. moo.
ern couventeuces. Jnquire Alrs Edw. Norton,
TO ltK.'T.-Cotft(!e2ni) Orore St,rooms
JL U..IU AUU ttMltlb, HW. ........ W" "
rbonn. bath, toUet. hot wter boller aad steara
heat. W B.Sheld n. -Ott
rno ItniVT. Sevenroom tenementon UnJon
X st. ; slngle houe.; possesMnn glven atoucc,
Alan six rixirn teiiement wltli all modrru ta-
provements, cJectric llghts on Maiu ht now,
occupica ny miso ii. juurKHu, iuo iuuuim:!
Iosses9ion gtveuoepi;a. a. 11. hockv.uu. z
rno IIK.VT DiulilR tenetnenU cotoer Mo-
I fall nmt 1 jin Itpnt 18 aiul f9 r
specllve'r.- Modern eonvenlences Appljr
rjK!r&I)arliiienlo' "
-lllTAIVTKW.-Woman rfor general uHise.
W work, fiood cosK. cail
West Maln strccL
or addre. 220
WANTKn.-Miu to do.chore work on larm
aud cut wood Uitougk wlnter Jesse
Utoblnson. l
WANTI'.n.-Olrl todO'ien ral fcotiscworb.
Appiy to Mr E. J. TTaany , 409 Qae St.
WANTKD Orderi for Irult treos, orna
mcntal trees and sbrubcry (or nprtn( de
aiTerlng. Allen Nuraery. Kocbeater, w. Y.
. Alnaworth, Agent, 311 West Slaln St. 4)tf
WAKTKI I'oslUon as lereman In jiaper
box shcp, 12 years ezperience. Xddress
,J H. 8 , Box 183, Ftiilmont, N. V. 3w4
VVASTKD FaUhful person to call on retal
,trle and agents for manatacturlng Uau.sc
.having welCjbstabllshed buslnes; local terxl.
tdry Btralght saliiry $20 paid weekly and ex
poose tnpney .adTnee(! prevlous eiperleuee
unnoe5ary: ' poslUon permanenti buslneis
juccesstul, Encloje self-addreaied wnvflope.
8uperlntndent Trarelers, 605 Monon Illd
CblMgo. 111. 41w
WANTnn Posltion by an experlenced
trotoan nurse. Best of relereuces Klven.
Juciulre 442 Malo 8L 36W12
WANTEJ A canvosslng acent wlth imall
amount of money may becure the
airency of a Callfornla protluct tbat can bc sold
-to erery famliy of UennlnKton and surroundlng
.country. sac seller for a houie to houso
.canrasser to bandle wlili other goods. It 1 an
artloleof dally consumpUon, and where once
sold Is a ureepeater. Tbe product 1h not as
yet Introduced ln Vermont but hundreds of ap
plicatloiu liave been lecelved from there.
Kor partlculari. prlces and sample, address
MAN'AO EK, P. O. Hox 587
San Jose.Californla.
Por SaTe.
Farm of 275 acrej, well watered, buildlngs In
fiooj condl'lon, land In ftood state of cultlv.'itlon,
pple orchard of ino to 200 barrels of f rnlt. migar
orchard of soo trees. coo corUs of npod, loo.oo
f't!t ot tlmlier , ciim ino tnns of hay Tcrms
p;ny. Knqiilre ofc 11 .Mjers, Pownal cemro,
TT'on NAcn -to wail
lall descrlptlous.
l ' 3 seu oi narnes'jj
He and douMe. 20
ikhoree. Jnquire
llnrses, j;ood anver :
Knllnn Mlnrrs 5Inlc Sfrlonii Trotilil
n ( SiiKUiulo,
T1UNIDAD, Colo., Dpc. 0. A pitch
cA battlo has oecurred at SiiKiimlo, a
Colontilo Fupl and Iron cnnip, lii'twoen
thlrty strlklng Itallan nilncM and scv-on-of
the'coinpany's Kanls.NI'oiif of
the strlkora wcro sliot, nnd two of
Uiem ivill rTWbably dle. Tlie strlUors
wcnt lo the ovens, but werc ordered to
fitop by the guaitls. Tho shootlnR be
Kan. each side assertlng that tlie otber
flrcd flrst.
An attack on tlie new part of the
settlement Is expected from the Itallan
Btrlkers ln the old town, nnd a bloody
flght may be lookcd for. Nearly every
m'au ln New' Sagundo lsaniicd and
wlll shoot at flrst slgn of an assnult.
Ail dny the itrikers are sakl to have
becn drlnklng aud have matle thrents
that they wlll clenn out Sagundo ufter
dark. The sltuntlon!'ln tho tfauip Is
most crltlcal. At all the canips nnd ln
thla town the ItnllatiR ure worked up to
a pltch of frcnzy.
McGrrKor and Upton I'ound e:ullly
Iy Ilnlllmorc Jurr.
IJAIrOIOnK, Dec. O.-Kormer lost
nl Clerks Tliomna W. M:C3regor and
Columbus Kllsworth Upton werc con
vleted ln the United States dlstrlct
court here of consplraOy to defrniid the
govcmment ln connectlon wlth the pmv
clmse of 0,000 leathcr pom-hcs for us
In the free ilellvery Bervlce, Clinrlos
13. Snilth, -wlio recelrotl the wder tm
the pnuches throu'gU the iTitluenc! of
Upton and MeOregor, wns the pilnwpal
Tvlrnoss ngalnst the accuscd. The Jury
after belnR out forty-Uve mlnntes re
turned n verdlet ot gn'lty. Coiinsel
Cor the eonviutwl men Iinineillately
innde Tuotlon for a new 17431, and .Ttidgo
Morrls greed t hear ttrsummts on
the motlon nert SatunJny. Uond lit
f5,00J "cns furnlshcd liy the frlends of
Upton, and he was released. HeOregor
is ln cliarge of United States Mnrshal
LanfrlKttnmer endlng the arrlvnl ot
frlends from AVnshlneton to 1'urnUli a
slmllar aniouut of bafl for hhn.
inljnh Akii1i 1" Cniitrol-nr 7.lin 'Cttr
-ftutl 1(m IdimtrlrK.
QHIOAGtJ. Dec. O.-Joliil AlexH'tnder
Dowle ls nsaln in control of Zlon Clty
nnd all its JndtiKtrlon. TIiIk turn ln the
affalrs or the hc.td of the Curlstlan
Catholle cliurch Jfolloweil a fluuuciill
showlng whlch sntUtled all the credlt--ors,
who linmedlately ninde a formal
motlon beforo Juige KoliIsaKt to have
tho recelvershlp appolnted by tlie Uhlt
ed States 'dlstrict rourt a woek ngo dis
.solved. As no objectlon was offered to the
Tiiotlon iy nity f the cwlltors Judge
Kohlsnnt granted the rpqWNt. and He
culvers Kloinit .nnd Currier weix; dls
ehargcd. Vlillft1heTecelver have been
Telleved from fnrther dutles at Zlon
Clry, the bnnkrupti.'y proct'edlnp;s are
stlll mnrntalned.
IVortlMrrii Sicr1tlc t Al, C'n-.
WASHINGTON, Dec. i). - Hrlefs Iu
"boliaLf at 1hc Northern Styurltles eom-
pany nuil the NorUiern I'nclllc Hallway
eonipatiy ln the case of the I'nlted
;States Versus thof.e two'ctmipanlert and
1he Great Nqrthern conipany werc fllwl
ln tlie supreme -tirmrt here. The brlef
of the scciirltleB eompanj' Js by George
Ii. Tonnt and tltatof tlie Northern Ia
clfle by C. WL Uunn. Mr. Voung's brlef
tTnee mlntitely the orlln of tlie nier
cor. The movement for thl cmisollda-
tion l attrlbutnf larKcly l the raldyif
Jlay, WOt, liy hostlle Interests on
NorUiern Iacllle stock. whieli lt wna
c-oiislxlerori most Imiortant to prcvont,
and sajs llie Unlwt PnclQo Jnteresls
till hcld S7,000,(XI0 of th Northern
l'ariilc conimon sloek."
All llnnovrr S(ndrn(illlwtl.
HANOVKU, lnd., Dre. O.-l'resUIent
Flsher of Hanover t-ollege has expelled
ten studeutti nnd suspended flfy oth
ers from the various clawcs ua the. re
sult of u vlass closh. The entlr ntti
dont body hoji left the college nnd at a
iucetlng held on the campus has ifeeid
,ed not to return tlll the nieu'qrc relu
.eUted. The sophomore clnss banicad
d itself In the bclfr?of the college,
Aad not oren the profcssors .and stu
(dents' wlth axes conld dUlodge them.
SJliotKana Ilnle JDerklvr.
NOBFOLK, Vn., Dec, . Deiiiocrats
la the iown of Berkley have driven
Connt Treasurer Lyous from hls of
flcc, where, lt Is charged, he wns regls
terlng. negro voters, and have tbe nc
groeg penned up In one scctlon of the
town. The atrects are fllled wlth men
armed with shotguns, and a request
will be made for a company bf mllltary
from Norfolk or Portsmouth at once.
crIous trouble ls fcared.
llntlroad Totrer Ontrnire.
PITTSBURG, O.-SIngle hauded
and wlth no chancfe to summonsaId,
Operator J. II. LarfiVmot, stntlone'd ln
the Plttsburg and LaTw Erle fallroad
telegraph tower nt Allftulppa Purk, a
mlle dlstant from any IjQbltatlon, bat
tled wlth three negrocB until he was
overcome. He was befin lnto Insensl-
blllty and robbcd of nMt 850, HJs &
Mrs. Hattie Stevcns Pratt Ar-
restcd Last Ni,ght.
Of Ensign W. G. Ricdardsdn Is the
Chargc Against Hcr, On
July 25 Last. ' ,
Mrs Hattie Stovens Pratt was avrest
ed lust night by Olllcer Kelksy on a
warrent Issued by States Attornoy
Shakshobor, fharIng hor with break
injj lnto Knsijjn W. G. llicharuson's
houso on tlie Huts, Jnly 2i last.
She spenttho night injail. It ls al
leged that-ho entered tho houso and
carrled away sevoral-artlcles of valuo.
She has been wanted for sorao timo
but has kept out bf tJie way of the
Mrs Pratt wus one of tho wltnessos
in Ure Warren Dowooy murder cas at
Ilooslck Junction and is woll knomti
here and at Iloosick Falls.
Sho was lxsfore S udge Bates today
who flxed her bail-at$500 und scrrt'kor
bnck to joll forhoaring Saturday.
Freight Bro'Kc in Two anil An
other Fjjc) ghl Coroes .Along.
Tho- rssr eod colltfioo whrch tooK
r.t tbo Drst Dnpn bridRO'Ccar th
'dtiwiy'Mrriday ooon ras one 61 tlie
worfst pllo ups eve badon tbis divis
ion. Tbe'Uannor corrwoondont hap
pnd to 'be oo the nooa mail traia
which was the next ttiin -cilDng after
tho nccidont So it was -ibat h,
in corapany with everl'Other J'ownal
people, faad the pVasuiA'of o ciilo acd
u hnlf 'tramp' hotse.
It-eooma that the tlrst froiqht .broke
in two and tliose ',10 tbe Toar -section
did'DCt nnke up to Uiooccasion quick
ly eoough to llag tbe frclgbt wbich was
folIOKin" closoly and MH) ruix up rcv
sulted. "
The cngineeraDd Sremui juuped in
ti ao.and escaped injurj. Ttfeiatbooae
of tbe tirnt train cas js-Disbed ito ltind
liog wood and the eagine wus itorribly
dencfisliwl aud tbrowji ovnr on Uh
sido, acar of furniture oding itsolf
percbed bib io. aironNthe .ditimantleii
locanHrtito. Beveral other .cars woro
throvrn arqund in various s&apes.
Tb-a nricking train was numraDnetl
from MnohnniL'ville, but lt was not
until -1 p m. tbat one taiult was
clHared ifor'trafllc lt was nnt tmtil
Sunday nigbt that all tbe clttjrid nas
dlsi:oeid at.
Givtn By Mm .Agno Morriitey la hnor .dlj
,Her GuesL
MissAtfooH Morrlssoy garu a
urpriso party Monday eveninj; to 1ier
friend MiseThoresa Phalen of Ctica
who is vieitin? her. Fifty yovuig
ladles and geat-s were present. Whfjit
was the Ieadin iittractioit, eight tables
being providcd,
The prizes weat to Miss Kathkcn
Quininn, Hnd Alfred Dwyer, the co
solations to Mlss Margarot Uayes, and
Roy Brant. Kefrethments woVo servod
at midnight. Duriig the evenin
Harry McKean gave-somo vocal solop.
South Shifbbury to Joln Wircs Wlih the Reit
of the world, .
Au ageiit visited Soutit Shaftsbury
last Saturday and placed telephones
with tho following:
Dr F. E. Doan, F. Eddy, C. R. and
A. B. Hawklns, Grant lfrowason and
tlie Eagle Squaro Companys. A long
felt want at the latter's ofllce.
Nelson Gower, propriotor Amertcan
House stables, and lirst class blacfe
smithlng and wagon making, opposlte
iUe stablos on River streot.
Tlio T)ouclas fihoe is tlie bestfoi-. '
alo only b.v M.J. Schwab, corner
After Many Monlhs of Actlve Strvice He
Thlnks of Old Frlends.
Tho many friends of John W. Pago
may beploasedto learn something of
hls whore abouts nnd know that old
associations aro not forgotten in now
Early last spring lio enllstcd as a
prlvateand hasrapidly advanccduntll
ho now holds the ofllco of sergeaht' in
Co. I 2nd Colorado regiment, and is.
a,tpresent in oommand of tho dctacL-
ment at tho Midland Sampler, whloh
guartis tho A Lincoln mlno at Cripplo
The troops havo seon milch active
servico sinco the latter part of August
and oxpect to be out all wintor at var
ious places, but now have comfort
ablo quartcrs insldo the Sampler.
A short tlrno agb Sergeant Pago was
one of threo candidatos runnlng for
sccond lreutenant passlpg a success
ful examlnation but both ho nnd Ser
goant Holman wlthdrow leavlng Scr
geant Greenwood ln po'ssossipn of Uie
Sitlwt of tlie Toirn and 111af;e fold
ltrlaftv ror lluiy Tlcateri.
Therowlllboa district meetinj? of
tho Odd Follows of the 1st dlstrlct on
Wednesday Dec 16th nt I. O. O. F.
Hall. All members arcinvited to bo
present. A cordial invltatioo Is ex
tonded by Stark liO(le'to all brothers
from otbec juriiictlons, ln town at that
date, to meot vith us.
A mustcal will bo given in St Peter's
Parish houso thls eToning at8o'clock.
Mrs Oias WIlcox -of Hoosick Falls
will render soveral ohoioe selectlons.
Mrs B. 'G. Slndo roturned last
Thursday Troin Jorsey Clty, N. J.,
after a fouv weets' visbt wlth Mrs A.
W. Von Maack.
Mlss Lena J.5olds3uIth has returned
frora a foir weelcs' rslt with Mrs Ed
ward Wintersteon -of Newark, X J.,
waeforraerly of thls lc.
TtieKnights of Tj'thias will work
the uecond depree n two aiKUdate8
thiscvoaing. '
Tho New EnLlatid TelecTnh and
"THcplwuo 0., has a larce ijanr of
un,')uttlngthetrijk lioos in order
ioc tbe wlnter. '
Miss Elizaljeth Tteed las rftturtwd o
liar hotno In Troy f ter , risit to tho
Mdsbes O'De-nnell -on Saflord streot.
Thore wlH be a ocial datico 'at tJie
S- of V. 7211, Fridny ovnlog, Dec 11
iromi9to2. Adnxsion25conts.
Tho .B. B. II. inum goes to Oani
lirldfiie thls afternoon to pUy Uie
stronff teaui thero.
Mrand Ure N. JV. Keuoon of NortJi
Wenntogtdit will tond the wlnter with
Klioir dauiter Xrs Fred rjyons of
Gfttttcfleld, AIuss
A3fH.B. NL Estakronk sjMrn t last veek
jrith iier nwther, Wrs Gonrgo Nileiin
Bafath jbiiisbuTj-, returoicR feuinfay
Ja nes Jircos unf ilueortie Mahon htv
in Troy ood Albaqynfor a lurtloo o'(
tho wtuk.
Henry E. Stocknieilof IJallstoo, X
1'. is riaittxg reJatiPba.hoie.
ilissNorAli AIcDuBwiEh 0 Hoosick
Falls has lAa-risitii iier brottier iar
U0ver.1l daja
Mta inellio Alorrissef.is viaitingfa
XI roy and Alb&ny.
MIsm Norah Drlsjoll ,of Hoosick
iCalls has bcon ejrjndinj; oeral day
.4tb.frioads here.
AflJss Mary Corbett is rkuting her
trcthor, FredvCorbett
tfjiOwnrunOfTfie Republlcto Jtate Com.
nlttee-And WeJI KnoWn.
Fuir Haven, Dec. 0:Ira R. .Allem
who has beon 111 with pnoumona for
Uie post jw:ek, dled at 2:10 o'tfjock
thls tuorning.
Mr Allen was a republican and
prominent la uolitics, havinir baen
chairman of tho republican stato coa-
mittee for a number of yeary.
Bartly Durant, PaU-lck Collins jind
Edward FltzsimmOLa. three boys, we
arrested at Burlington Frlday, charc-
ed wlth burglarilng II. J, Daley's
storo on Battery street, whlch thev on-
torcd by btoaklng a pano of glass
from a rear windowr. They rlfled tho
money drawer and stplo clgars, tobuc-
co, pipos routitain peds, starang and
other artlclcs. Sorne ofi tho nlundpr
was discovered ir the swamp north o
tha drawftriagq on fo ullaud raiif
Marincs From the Dixie Now
at Panama.
Unitcd States Will Prescrve Peace
There IfShe HasToFight
For It
Washington, Dec. '9 : Navy depart
mt)t.t o'flioinls ((dmlttod this morning
tbe landiog of, United States raarlnos
from tbo Dixie on tbo Isthmcs of Pan-
lt is justified by orders cablcd Rear
Admiral HOory Glasj lhst Thursday to
take overy n eans to prevent invastoti
'of tbo istbraua by Colun,bia. It will
be expocted of Admiral Glasa that ho
will provent invnsion of tbo istbmus
by land as, woll as by wator, nd if
nccessary, relnforcoment wHl voo sent
in tho way of additionnl mannes.
At present, tbo United Btattacruigor
Prairio is lying oil Guantanano, Ouba,
with 300 marines aboard, which can bo
sedt to Coloo in caaoit istbougbt nec
AndFaUlly Wouodtd By An Itallan In
Clovolahd, Dec. 9: PatmlmanLiOuls
D. Wclck wns shot and fatally wound
e by Tony Dlstollo whom ho trled to
arrest at 5:30 thls morntng. TheOlllccr
was takcn to the gerjeral hospital ln a
vory crltlcal conditlon. Tha Italion
Is at tho Central Police Statlon at
presont charged with intent to klll.
Docter lleidel of Rutland Dld Not Report A
Cut of Small Pox.
Rutland, Dec 9:A warrent was is
sued yosterday for the arrest of D. L.
V. Helldel a well known local physic
lan for falure to roport to the Board
of llealth a case of small pox that he
attenoed lasl weok. Compla'nt was
made by health olllcer, E. B". Jioore.
Wfll Cve Musical Next Salurdiy Afternoon tl
Tho regular meetlngof tho Fortnigh
tly to be held Saturday aft?moon,
December 12, will tako tlio form of a
muslcal. Tho subjcct of tho afternoon.
is -"Music iu Amorica "
Tho program will consist larclv of
inusic by contemporary Amorican coro-
Iho nutnlwrs will bo rondered by
aiembers and ifrieiids of thoclub. 1
ifrs JessleSJieridanof Troy is vist
10 hir sUur, f Willtan Voiy.n y
ou Grand View Street,
Oo and Mrs Hannon pleasontly
entetitained a cumbbr of friends Sat
urday evoninjf.
JLne Phlllip Eodtxs gave a taa last
weolc in honor ot Mrs Stehemao the
brdde of Uie Y. M. G. A. secretary.
Tb is DQt a eontlo wnnl hnt wlmn
you itbink how liablo u aro not to
purchaso tbo only remedy uoirersally
koowc and a retuedy tlat bas bad tbe
nvTi af ronfliimnflnn .ird rhrnf
laog ta-oablee withoot laskg ita croat
tinnnlnrlatv all fhnaA tmrii ntiTl Im
thankul wb callort yaur attention to
IsiwhAii'i (unnin Rvrun Tha
au many ordmnrycough romedies made
by drugciets and others that are cbeap
nnd good for lieht colds perfatpg, but
and egpodally for consumptton, whsre
inure ia uuucuii expictoration ontl
cougbing durin the oighis and morn
lonfl. tberi ia nnthine llkn naimnn
Syrup. The 25 cont size bas iust boen
Introduced tbis year. Regular aizp,
75 cents. At all druggists.
Malone, Dec. 8; Mrs Hannah Gal
now, 83 years old dled here last night.
She was the mothor of thlrteon
childrcn. among her de&cendants aro
eighty flvo grand chlldren, thlrty tw"o
gnjat grand childron, foup groat.roat
i raid child 0 1.
. st i- r
Was One Of the Well Known Old ResldenU
of Bennington.
CKarles Kldsley, ono of the old ro
sidonts dled at midnight, Tuosday
night. He was 82 years of ago, born
ln tho w,est part of tho lowp, whero hp
Jlvcd mpst Of hls Hfe on a farm that
Was 6pened upby ono of'hisincestors
Ho had resldcd in tho village about Jti
yearsr twenty of them boardlug wlth
ono "famliy. He nevcr marrled. Hls
father llved to bo 90, dnd hls raothet'
Lover 00. Ho was woll known tihd hlgh-
ly osteemod. Death Was the rttsultof a
shock sustained soVeral weeks ago.
He was an uncle of MrsiJTohnH. Kel
so and broth'CT' of llon. Edward
Klnsley of Hoo"s!ck. The hineral will
bo Frlday afttrnoon
Speclal tiil 'introducted . By CtnJ-tssman
dlE'trlct has Introduced in the natlonal
trnnsn nf rpnresentatives a PrlvaW
penslon blll for the beneflt of 5, G.
Camp of thls village.
Mr Camp nowdraWs a penslon but
on accouht 01 the specially severo
hardshlps ho suffered whllo aprlsoner
nt Andorsonville and durlng the ser
vico hls physlcal conditlon warrants
moro cenerous treatment than ho can
get under tho genoral law.
Three Trading Stamp Gompan
ics Already ln Towni
Tho town appcnrs to have no crazy
on tbts trading et&mp quosttoti. Three
cooipanies aro already located hero and
one of tbom has bcgun busiaess,
Tho iirst one arrivcd Iroro two wcebs
ago and ia doing bcsioesa on upper
Main street. Tbo socond and tbird nro
ootyot under way.
Tbo bait usod by tbo companies io
do busineTO Is to soll starops to tbo
morchants who gito them away tooasb
When tbo custoaoer bas bought $100
Tforth of goodsof the merchants who
Sivo away tho stainps, bo bas enough
of tbq stamps toIll a little book pro
vided tim nnd fco or abo caa tako tbe
book to tho trallng stamp storo and
get an artaolo wortb $1.
After two out tf town companios bad
Sot footbold berc, MerchantB E. E.
llart, R. S. Drysdale and II. J. Cole
took up tho tnatter nnd organized a
coenipAny of tboirown whicb will havo
tho julvautagft of being baudlod entlro
lj At bomo.
ff7. R. Randall is on tbe sick list
Uuelson,,Harrlneton, left last Sat-
xwlnv for Fforida, whero ho will snentl
wn a hursitay oveuinff of this weelc
Shere will be a donation at William.
.taunald's, and also on tbnt nlMit.
ihorewlll bo a salo of fanov aitlclos.
aud ll wishfn": to buv ChristmnR nr-
aotiw wui liave a erood otinortimltv
audEao heip thq church.
Scboole in town ononed Mnnilnv
morntagwlth the followlnir toaehors
MisseXIlla Galusha on Manle Hlll.
iilssKathorlno-Lamarro in tho Mont
Sromory.di8rict and Miss Mary Mcgrall
: in UlRtrJot.H.
Truraan Martin, of Arlington, was.
an uiwa unday.
Mrs J. W Bowcn was In Arlington
two daya iat week.
Mrs Lavina Elwell vlsitcd .7.
Bowen's necently.
Jary Returned A Vtrdlti, No Cuie For
Tho jury in the Mattison vs Tessler
caso recelved it from Judgo Watson
soon after four o'clock Tuesdav aftnr,
noon. They immediately rotlrod, and
in iwonty mmutos returned to conrt.
wlth thelr vordlct, "No cause for act
Tho jury was dlscharg-f d. The ter
dlct was generally antlcj)ated
Gcoe i. Cotton willF bo tbo new
sub-coiitractor of tboroail routo be-
1 twoi'n Woodford and Wnnington. Al-
bort Kulghts will drivfifgr Alr Cottoo
thla winter.
ManokJn River ovBfcrflat Pattersor
Plcads Not uuilty Io Uiargfc
of Murder.
,Jury Completed and the Work q
Taking Testimony Begur
This Afternoon.
xTbe Rogors' murtler cases are nol
on. Tbo caso against Mrs Mabel RoJ
ers was tbo flrst cnlled.
Mrs Rogers entered dressod In blac
ngcompanlcd by Deputy Sberill
Tho plea of "not Builty" bau airen
II Mts Rocers sat botwenn harcoual
u. A. uui iinan ana i. v. nreuiuui
Sho nnn verv tialo and sat wltb
eyes downcast and ber bands crosscl
i iJ n MO Waw I
belng intorrogatcd to deterrame the
capacity to stt on ine case, -ministered
tha witness oath.
Aithminh thn rnnrt room nas uearl
fliioH ln ihn rnomlntr. there was
such a crowd as has been aoticipatji
The prosecution is belng condu
by Statea Attqrney j. 0. D"a
nl n. M. HltM1r.
During tho oxatiitnatfon of tnel
urs. Judtre Watson was sevorar
obliged to call the couft room W(
Two of tho auaience wero
The history of thlS case is W
to most; boodIo Of tbis sectic
Worclia' iWers was founa ifl
Walioomsac iust ubove Safford
It wns at tlrst supposed to be ;
but at tboioquest, Leon Perbat
down andconfessed thatbe belpl
Rogers klll ber huaband. He 1
tbat Stella Bates was not prpse.i
Tbe day has been sient in try
secure a jury. At 3o'clcck thJ
was not completo. afl
feharles Wttlt and wife
derry and Mr and Ms Dc
ton and dauorhter Grnrn
Londonderry passed tho finj
woek with Mra R. Colvin.
Mrs Mary Green is vlsitingl
m Middlebury.
unanes Aloulton of North II
ton was tho guest of L. 13. C'oll
The ladies of tho MHtlmdlef.
will hold thelr bazaar on DpopJ
uuu 11, uotu aiiernoon and &
at tho church vestrv. Fnncv a J
uuuo uuuuies anu jejlles
on sale. Uot coffeo
wui oe served for a dlme.
,., ...
Miss Coelino Herbert of Danl
the guest of Miss Maudo FlsherJ
Mrs H. D. B. McNenl hna J
after a brlef absence.
J. w. Tbomnson has flnlsliml
for S. M. Warren at Glen Fart
. . " " W VH
ou ouu ia ui uis Donio m thls 7I
Herbert Coleman and dautrh J
irea uurbeo of Bondville cnl
. . o m
frlends here Monday.
lhe old Bonesteel storn
miss Allce Hherwin rBh.l
week from a threfimnntha tM
dlfferent parts of New York.
DrT. A. Flandreau nfk
ville, was in toWn Fridoy.
xnero wui bo a dnnr-n nt
houso Fridav eventncr
Mu8lc Will bo furnlshwl ho
Orcbestra asslsted by Granvll
f too T rni
iJiinuu. xnomnson ui
guest of rolatlves ln Sandy Hlll
uays last week.
Kennoth McAulov.
lnmber camp ln Landaff. N. rr
to Montpelier Monday, and k
Fred Colloy spent thodar tnrPth
inen ronted a room. Whnn ,rn
1 B-uv
awoKe iq ino morning Cellev d1
poarcd a roll containlng $39 was
ing irom racAulley's ,trousir0
vaiuaoio sllvor watch wn-
was fpund that Cellev bonr.i
train ror Whlto River
thatse dlsplaycd severri
watch whlch se trled

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